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Vära Chakra

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Destructive yoga (sixth vära) Grahaëa vära (eighth vära) Upäya Graha (remedy planet) Case studies

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CHARTS Chart 121: Female - lack of progeny ...................... 4 Chart 122: Male – fifth house issues ...................... 5 Chart 123: Male - problems in friendship circle .. 6 Chart 124: Female - Disturbance in friendship circle ................................................................... 7 TABLES Table 1: Shatru Vara ................................................. 2 Table 2: Numerological Chakra.............................. 3 Table 1: Grahana Vara.............................................. 2

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Vära or weekdays have to do with the fire element or agni tattva, and yoga’s formed on this basis can show the extinction or increase of agni. As agni has to do with energy and life, the life of a bhäva can be affected through specific combinations of planets. The parampara teaches that one should base these yogas on the vära Chakra. The vära is a day, and the vära chakra is the compiling of the grahas lording the various weekdays, with the nodes (Rähu and Ketu) ending the sequence. The väras or weekdays are said to belong to the element of agni (fire) which is lorded by mars; hence, the weekday one is born in is used to see the energy level and life-force of the native. Similarly grahas, whose fire or life-force is inimical towards each other, will cause the destruction of life for that specific sign/house, in which it sits. The sequence is as follows; Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rähu and Ketu.


Destructive yoga (sixth vära)

The vära Chakra has various uses. For this purpose of finding the inimical grahas, the graha in the sixth from any graha will cause the destruction of that graha. I.e. for Sun the sixth graha is Venus, hence Sun-Venus combinations are highly destructive and can ruin the house in which it is placed. The sixth graha from Saturn is Mars; hence Saturn-Mars combinations are said to be equally destructive, however being more malefic, makes the experience of this destruction quite terrible. Table 1: Shatru Vara Graha Sun Moon 6th Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rähu Sun Moon Mars Ketu

Venus Saturn Rähu Ketu

Mercury Jupiter


Grahaëa vära (eighth vära)

The sixth vära is not the only evil among the vära. Equally destructive is the eighth vära, which has the power to cause the eclipse of graha, and make the graha forget or deny its inherent traits. Table 2: Grahana Vara Graha Sun Moon 8th Rähu Ketu Mars Sun Mercury Jupiter Venus Moon Mars Saturn Rähu Ketu Saturn

Mercury Jupiter Venus

The 8th graha from Jupiter is Mars, and it’s when mars becomes prominent that one forgets all about peace and harmony – non-violence becomes violence instead. Similarly

om namo rudräya|| Ketu gets eclipsed by Saturn, and as a result spirituality becomes non-belief and one rejects the guru. In this manner understand the eclipse of the grahas.


Upäya Graha (remedy planet)

After having ascertained the destructive combination in a bhäva, and neither the bhäva neither lord, nor the käraka are supporting the bhäva, it becomes pertinent to identify the remedy-graha. This graha if well placed can be worshipped to pacify and remove the evil effects of grahas. This remedy graha is found using numerological steps of interpretation. First the numerology of the grahas is given: Table 3: Numerological Chakra # 1 2 3 Graha: Sun Moon Jupiter 4 Rähu 5 6 7 Ketu 8 Saturn 9 Mars

Mercury Venus

i) ii) iii) iv)

Add up the numbers of the two grahas ascertained in step 3. If the number is higher than 9, remove multiples of 9 until the remainder is 9 or less. If there are more grahas in the bhäva housing the destructive yoga, then add their numbers as well. After having ascertained a remainder, deduct the same remainder from 9 and find the result. The resultant number must be referred from the same numerological list as above. That resultant graha will be the remedy graha whose placement must be referred to. If this placement is auspicious the native can worship that graha to appease the bhäva of its afflictions.

om namo rudräya||


Case studies

Chart 1: Female - lack of progeny

In the given chart, seven grahas are joined in the fifth house. Among them: Sun & Venus, Saturn & Mars, Ketu & Mercury, Jupiter & Sun and Ketu & Jupiter are the destructive yogas – five in number. As this happens in the fifth house the possibility of having children seems quite distant. As the fifth lord and käraka for children – Jupiter is in the fifth house under the destructive yoga, this is not helping the situation. The next step is finding the upäya graha. Sun (1) + Mars (9) + Mercury (5) + Jupiter (3) + Venus (6) + Saturn (8) + Ketu (7) = 39. An easy way to find the remainder is by adding the numbers attained with each other; 3+9=12, 1+2=3. So the remainder is 3. This should be deducted from nine i.e. 9-3=6, hence the Upäya graha will be the equivalent of 6, namely Venus. In the given chart, Venus is placed in the 5th house itself, again contributing to the destructive yoga. We must advise the native that the prospect of having children is very weak. The native does not have any offspring.

om namo rudräya|| Chart 2: Male – fifth house issues

In the given chart, the Sun and Venus join in the fifth house, causing a destructive yoga. The fifth house is however aspected by the fifth lord, ensuring the strength of the bhäva, however doing so from the twelfth house – a dusthäna. The käraka for children – Jupiter is well placed in the lagna, and the native has 2 children. The native is also a teacher; hence the käraka for students – mercury, must be examined. Mercury is in the 6th house and is bädhakeña which is a placement promising enmity with students, and great obstacles. The native has been through a rough phase with his students, culminating with court cases launched by some of them at the advent of Mercury – Venus daçä.

om namo rudräya|| Chart 3: Male - problems in friendship circle

Saturn and moon form the destructive yoga in the eleventh house of friends. As a result of this yoga the native has seen depressing times in his friendship circle. Moon is the one suffering destruction and is lord of ninth house and därapada, indicating that these evil tides would arise as a result of relationship (A7) within the friendship circle and different world view/spiritual convictions (ninth house). Käraka and eleventh lord Mercury is placed in the twelfth, showing the way out of these problems through foreign residence. As Mercury is joined Jupiter this will be through a place/organization which focuses on the relationship between guru and çiñya.

om namo rudräya|| Chart 4: Female - Disturbance in friendship circle

The native of the given chart has Mars and Rähu in the eleventh house, causing a destructive yoga in her friendship circle. Moon is involved which is lord of varëada lagna; hence these troubles come to light through her work. The native sings in a band, and the members of the band tend to become overly aggressive towards each other causing problems in their relations, often leading to rupture in the bands training and rehearsals. Mars is the one suffering from the destruction of Rähu, hence the native was advised to moderate the bands eating habits as the yoga indicates problems arising after the digestion of food (mars rules the digestive fire).

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