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Teaching with the brain in mind

Author: Eric Jensen
1. Delving deep into the intricacies of the brain is a challenge for the world’s top-most
scientists much less a humble computer engineer.
1.1. ecause of the depth at which brain based topics tend to reach ! have focused m"
anal"sis on the health of the brain and the importance of helping the students
create for themselves an effectual environment for them to learn.
1.1.1. There are a number of ideas and protocols we can learn from which will
aid our students in ma#imi$ing their learning capacit" through nutrition%
sleep% rest% and man" other brain enhancement activities.
&. rain Enrichment at the cellular level is derived from the differences between an
impoverished neuron and an enriched neuron.
&.1. 'tudies have shown that a student% when properl" stimulated% can improve their
intellectual (uotient b" as much as twent" points in a proper learning
&.&. 'o% "ou ma" be thin)ing% what environmental and emotional factors affect such
&.&.1. +from m" s"nthesis paper,After e#cluding genetics% as it is not an
environmental factor% we can narrow the list down to stress% along with
learning in a threatening environment. Although we provide a structurall"
and ph"sicall" secure environment for students to learn we need to ensure
that we are helping them to deal with the pressures of the fast-paced and
high-tech computer world. -e occasionall" have a student fail because the"
are not successful in creating an opportunit" for themselves to succeed. The
e#am becoming longer and more difficult has man" students stressed out and
frea)ed out before the" even arrive at class. ! have increased m" awareness
of this matter and in response provided a great deal more support for the
students throughout the course. eing direct with the students who are .not
getting it/ and as)ing them to sta" for a few minutes after class to discuss
topics the" are having trouble with. ! have also been more insistent on the
students forming evening stud" groups so the" ma" engage in peer review of
the topics. 0ne of the final notable encouragements ! pass on to the students
is to follow the militar" credo of .no one gets left behind/. !f there is a
student who is having trouble with the class% offer "our services to help them
learn and understand the material. 1lasses that attend the 2TA as a
communit" are much more li)el" to be successful% compared to those who
attempt to run the gauntlet of !T securit" training as an individual 2esources
and 2eferences
3. 2esources on the -eb4 source% 5aela 6ar)s
3.1.1. 6' offers a three dimensional tour of the brain% historical information%
e#planations of brain scanning technolog"% episodes on the infant% child%
adolescent% adult% and aging brain and more. http:77www.pbs.org7wnet7brain
3.1.&. The 'ociet" for 8euroscience offers rain 9acts: A primer on the rain
and 8ervous '"stem as well as news briefings and lin)s to brain research
related :ournals and publications.
3.&. education is a website devoted to practical classroom applications for
current brain research findings. Educational settings that ta)e brain functioning
and neurobiological development into account could constitute an additional t"pe
of intervention% a wa" to promote full and health" development through a use of
activities that stimulate the developing brain.
3.&.1.1. http:77www.brains.org7
3.3. The 1enter for Applied 'pecial Technolog" 1A'T offers man" resources.
3.;. <our Ama$ing rain includes information on topics including rain and od"%
'uper 'enses% !nside "our rain% =ove and 'e#% <our >emor"% and Test <ourself.
3.;.1.1. www."ourama$
3.?. rain 1onnection features an image galler" as well as lin)s to articles and much
3.@. The Dana 9oundation is a private philanthropic organi$ation with interests in
science% health% and education. !t was founded in 1A?B. 9ocuses include Arts
Education% !mmunolog"% and a rain 1enter that serves as a gatewa" to brain
information and resources.
3.@.1.1. http:77www.dana.org7braincenter.cfm
3.C. 8euroscience for 5ids is one of m" favorite sites. !t was started in 1AA@ b" Eric
D. 1hudler% 6h.D. who received a 'cience Education 6artnership Award from the
8ational 1enter for 2esearch 2esources to wor) with science teachers to create
the materials on 8euroscience for 5ids.
3.C.1.1. http:77facult".washington.edu7chudler7neuro).html
;. Does time of da" affect the learning process*
;.1. ! am an evening person. A:BBam is a good time to wa)e up and &:BBam is a good
time to go to sleep. ! grew up on a farm wa)ing up the first 1E-"ears of m" life
+o)% ! guess m" parents let me sleep in as an infant, at ?:BBam. ! DATED itF ! was
brainwashed b" the age of eight so ! never reall" fought wa)ing up earl" and :ust
lived in miser" throughout m" childhood% alwa"s tired% difficult" with sleeping
and difficult" wa)ing up. -hen ! started college and moved awa" from home all
m" classes started after A:BBam. -ow% what a differenceF ! was on a comfortable
sleeping schedule% ! did not have to wa)e up and mil) the cows ever" morning%
and ! had all evening to fall asleep naturall" doing m" homewor)% ! can onl"
begin to e#plain the positive effects m" new schedule had on m" academic
?. Dow does persistence var" among students*
?.1. This variance drives me nuts. Dere is the all-to-common stor": ! had a student
who was appl"ing ver" little effort and "et was maintaining a 71 average
throughout the entire semester. 'uddenl" the last three wee)s of class the" :ust
stopped coming. During this period the" missed a final e#am +worth a significant
portion of their grade, that dropped their grade below a D. ! sent them several e-
mails re(uesting their status and encouraging them to get in touch with me to
arrange an alternate testing method. ! did finall" hear bac) from the student
+several months after the course ended,% the" than)ed me for ever"thing and
informed me .school :ust wasn’t right for them/. !t troubles me when the ones
who have natural talent become bored with learning and throw in the towel so
easil". 0n a positive note% at the other end of the perseverance scale% ! trul" en:o"
seeing the ones who have ever"thing wor)ing against them pound through the
semester and successfull" complete the course. Although ! tell them in words%
the" have no idea how much ! sincerel" admire them for their efforts.