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Control week

I know I wrote this when Bella is human but I'm changing this so that it’s when Bella is a vampire, and Nessie is involved so she also has control BPOV Well, what are we going to do first, “I know what we’re going to do” Alice chirped, Rosalie, Nessie and I nodded are heads for her to continue, “well, this is for us and not Nessie, but they’re not aloud to touch us for the whole week, but we’re aloud to touch them, so that means we can tease them all we like and will make sex interesting, but we will be nice and say they’re allowed to kiss us back just not allowed to touch us” Alice said not sure if we would like her idea, I looked at Rosalie then we both said in unison “we love it” it was true we did love teasing our husbands but we never got to have any fun cos usually they would stop us. We ended up deciding they weren’t aloud to touch us, and Rosalie was going to teach me how to break dance and lap dance, and Alice was going to teach me how to ball room dance for Edwards treat at the end of the week, Nessie decided that Emmett would have to be her slave for the week, Rosalie said Jasper had to go to the spa with her, and Alice said that Edward had to carry hers and mine shopping bags, which I was coming to like. We went down stairs to explain to the boys what the rules were, “ok we have decided you’re NOT allowed to touch us for the whole week but your aloud to kiss us back or that wouldn’t be any fun for us” Alice started with a mischievous grin “also we will be giving Bella

dance lessons” Rosalie added, “what kind of dance?” Edward asked, “you’re first to find that one out, but not now” Rosalie smirked, “and Emmett will have to be my slave for the week” Nessie chirped, “awww man” Emmett murmured, “Jasper will have to go to the spa with Rosalie every day” I said, “and Edward will have to carry our shopping bags well mine and Bella’s” Alice chirped, the boys all let out a groan, “and what if we don’t oblige to these rules” Emmett asked, and everyone gasped, “what!?” he said, “you used a big word, any way if you don’t oblige then all of us girls will go somewhere for a month and your not aloud to come” Alice stated, “now sex wont be fun anymore” Emmett complained, “it will be for me” Rosalie teased, “this all starts in 10 minutes so enjoy us while you can, and Nessie you might want to use your speed to go to the cottage right now” Alice chirped, just then Nessie ran and Edward quite literally pounced on me, but since I was stronger I managed to get us up to his old room in record time. Yes I know I'm an evil author XD but I will hopefully get the second bit out before new years eve ENJOY XD and merry Christmas everyone.

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