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Apis mellifca

Honey-bee poison
Acts on cellular tissues [2 esp. of eyes, face, throat, ovaries] causing oedema of
skin and mucous membranes. he very characteristic effects of the sting of the bee
furnish unerring indications for its employment in disease. !"elling or puffing up of
various parts, oedema, red rosy hue, stinging pains, soreness, intolerance of heat,
and slightest touch, and afternoon aggravation are some of the general guiding
symptoms. #rysipelatous inflammations, dropsical effusion and anasarca, acute
inflammation of kidneys, and other parenchymatous tissues are characteristic
pathological states corresponding to Apis. Apis acts esp. on outer parts, skin,
coatings of inner organs, serous membranes. $t produces serous inflammation "ith
effusion, membranes of brain, heart, pleuritic effusion, etc. #%treme sensitiveness
to touch and general [2 bruised] soreness is marked& 2 of brain, A'()*#+,
ovaries, bladder. Constricted sensations. !ensation of stiffness and of something
torn off in the interior of the body. *uch prostration. 2 he "ell-kno"n effects of a
bee sting, burning, stinging, prickling, lancinating pain, , e%cessive s"elling, are
the leading symptoms for the selection of this remedy. !hiny, red-rosy colour of the
skin. he burning is like hot needles. here is great debility, as if he had "orked
hard& is compelled to lie do"n - on the ground. !ymptoms develop rapidly. he
pains are sudden, e%tort cries& .. sudden sharp paro%ysms of pain. !/((#+
!H0$11 C0$#! in hydrocephalus and meningitis. 2reat restlessness and
fidgetiness. rembling, 3erking and t"itching. )ne half of the body t"itching, the
other lame or paralysed. +euralgia of lips, tongue, gums. 2reat prostration, even to
faintness. $nfections. $ll-effects of grief& fright& rage& 3ealousy& hearing bad ne"s&
mental shock& suppressed eruptions. 0ight side is affected more. !ymptoms go
from right to left. +umbness& .. of e%ternal parts. hrombosis. 1ymphangitis.
)edema& of eyelids& of lips& red, saccular. '/0+$+2& itching. 4aralysis after
diphtheria and other severe diseases. - A most important remedy in hydrothora%
and also in basilar meningitis of children, after effusion. 5 All the complaints come
on "ith violence and a rush, like Acon. and 'ell. 2reat keynote6 oedema , "hitish,
"a%y, transparent appearance of skin, absence of thirst and scanty urine. (ropsy
comes on rapidly and predominates in upper part of the body and face. 7 ired, as
if bruised in every limb, and esp. in the back, as after e%ertion& agg. rising after
sitting. 2eneral feeling of lassitude , trembling. !udden "eakness , coldness.
0edness and s"elling, , stinging and burning pain in eyes, eyelids, ears, face, lips,
tongue, throat, anus, testicles. 2reat sensitiveness to pressure. .8 2#+#0A1 agg.
9A0* A+( C1)!#( 0))*!& local complaints almost al"ays agg. heat.
A$1*#+! :0)* !/440#!!$)+ ): !#;/A1 (#!$0#. .. 'etter by changing
position of painful parts, "hich "ere agg. lying do"n. 4ains amel. "hile moving or
"alking. Cold "eather agg. "eakness and chest troubles. 9orse getting "et
through, but amel. "ashing or moistening the part in cold "ater. 4ains suddenly
migrating from one part to another. 'urning, stinging like bee-stings and soreness
seem to be the predominating painful sensations, "hile itching, tension and
throbbing may or may not be painful. Affections of circulatory apparatus and fluid,
dropsies, phlebitis, varicose veins, ecchymosed spots, gangrene, unhealthy
suppuration. 4eriosteum inflamed. 2lands enlarged, inflamed. *uscles stiff, tender
on pressure, some"hat s"ollen& rigid& rheumatic inflammation.
Apathy, indifference and unconsciousness. !tupor, , sudden sharp cries and
starting. !tupor < erotic mania [2 in "omen]. A"k"ard& drops things readily& 2 and
laughs either due to nervousness or absent-mindedness. !ensation of dying.
1istless& can=t think clearly. >ealous, fidgety, hard to please. earfulness& 2 can=t
help crying, "eeps day and night "ithout any cause. 9hining. >ealousy, fright,
rage, ve%ation, grief. Can=t concentrate mind "hen attempting to read or study [2
hysterical girls at puberty]. 2 >ealous, , le"d talk. :ussy and fidgety. :oolishly
suspicious. Childish, silly behaviour in "omen, after delivery. $rritable, e%citable.
:ruitless activity. :rivolous, cheerful. $ndifference, says nothing ails him. Can=t bear
to be left alone. +othing seems to satisfy& all "rong and out of place. 'orro"s
trouble about everything. :ear of being poisoned. - ?#0@ '/!@& 0#!1#!!&
CHA+2$+2 )CC/4A$)+, , A9A9A0(+#!!& '0#AA$+2 H$+2!. 5 2irls at
puberty, hysterical, dysmenorrhoea, a"k"ard, drop things and laugh about it, face
flushed. (eclares she is "ell, during delirium. 7 *ania from se%ual irritation. ..
Absent-mindedness , impaired memory. $ndifference , dulness of head. Couldn=t
bring his thoughts to bear on anything. (elusion that he must run or hop, that he
can=t "alk. (elusion that a strange boy is lying in bed "ith him, preventing sleep.
?iolence, amounting to frenBy. *uttering delirium < stupor. $nsanity, esp.
nymphomania and apathy depending on or < sore throat, indigestion or bladder
affections. 'usy, cheerful, disposed to laugh, e%cessively cheerful. 2reat
tearfulness& can=t help crying. :eels too laBy to get "ater, but thirsty. (read of
apople%y. :ickle and inconsistent behaviour. All her ideas turn around 3ealousy,
very talkative, sometimes disgusting salacity. Ailments from hearing bad ne"s.
9ith sneeBing, agg. lying or closing eyes. 7 Confusion and diBBiness, , constant
pressive pain above and around eyes& some"hat amel. pressure of hands&
confusion agg. "hen sitting than "hen "alking, e%treme "hen lying and closing
eyes& .. , nausea and headache. .. )n closing eyes, amel. opening them.
4aro%ysmal, in spring, after least effort. As if she "ould fall, , obscuration of sight,
nausea and disgust for food.
!# 9hole brain feels very tired& .. as if Cgone to sleep,C tingling. (ull, heavy, in
occiput, as from a blo", e%tending to neck& amel. pressure, , se%ual e%citement. -
ension over eyes, behind ears, in neck, and a tension involving l. side of head. ..
Head feels s"ollen& skin feels s"ollen and stiff. An%ious feeling in head. :orehead,
verte% or occiput as if heavy and full. 4A !udden stabbing. 2 9ith lachrymation. 7
9ith vertigo. (ull, heavy, from rising until D p.m. Aching over r. eye e%tending to r.
eyeball. Aching in forehead and temples& in l. temple. .8 Heat agg., open air amel..
.. 'urning, throbbing, distensive, temporarily amel. firm pressure "ith hands and
agg. motion and stooping. Chronic, violent, in forehead and temples, at times
involving eyes, , vertigo, nausea and vomiting, must hold head and eyes do"n.
?iolent dra"ing from back of neck e%tending to behind l. ear, spreading over l. half
of head. +euralgic, like a bee sting, in and about l. temple. >erking. 4eriodical.
!harp shooting in temples. Aching, heaviness and pressure, esp. on rising from
sitting or lying posture, agg. "arm room, amel. compression "ith hands.
Headaches amel. e%ercise in open air, looking up and bending head back"ard,
pressing head bet"een hands& agg. reading, in "arm room, motion, stooping.
Aching, from e%ertion of coughing. (ull, in occiput, agg. shaking head. ?iolent, ,
rush of blood to head. +ervous, , indigestion. Chronic sick headache. 'urning in
back of head and neck, , nausea. *ostly on r. side. )n r. side, e%tending to into
eye, must keep it closed. )' 'ores head into pillo" and screams out. 2 0)11$+2
): H#A( from side to side in hydrocephalus& boring of head back"ard in pillo" in
meningitis. :ontanels sunken. 4ainful hair. $nability to hold up head, in meningitis.
*usty [.. musklike] head s"eat. Hair falls out& bald spots. E Hot s"eat of head. ..
Congestion to head and face& fulness in head. Child lies in torpor& delirium, sudden
shrieking cries, sFuinting, grinding teeth, boring head in pillo"& one side t"itching,
the other paralyBed& head "et from s"eating& urine scanty, milky& big toe turns up&
nausea "hile lying& breath offensive& tongue sore& in acute hydrocephalus& after
erysipelatous eruptions. Hydrocephalic enlargement of head. Hydrocephaloid&
stupor& eyes red, head hot, shrill shrieks& tongue dry, skin dry, hands cold and blue&
urine suppressed, abdomen tender& diarrhoea mucous, offensive, involuntary,
containing flakes of pus. 4uffiness of scalp, forehead and around eyes. Apople%y in
old persons. 1arge head , large prominent eyes& incipient hydrocephalus.
:ontanels reopen at from si% to ten months, , great restlessness and putting hand
to head. !calp very sensitive. $tching prickling in scalp. #rysipelas of scalp
spreading to face. #rysipelas follo"ed by staphyloma.
!# .. #yes feel stiff. #yes feel sore or irritated on using them. #yelids and eyes as
if heavy. As of sand in eyes. 4A !udden piercing. Around orbits& E amel. pressure.
7 'urning in margins of lids, G lachrymation. .. 1ight hurts eyes during headache.
?iolent stitches in eye and around it, agg. at night. (readful darting, through eyes.
!evere darting, lancinating, in eyes. 'urning, stinging, shooting. 4ressing, in lo"er
part of eyeball. #yes painful "hen looking at anything light. )' 1ids s"ollen, red,
oedematous, everted, inflamed& burn and sting& 2 shooting pain. Con3unctiva bright
red, puffy. 1achrymation hot& .. scalding tears, profuse, , great sensitiveness to
light. 4hotophobia& 2 yet covering intolerable. !erous e%udation, oedema and
sharp pains. !uppurative inflammation of eyes. Aeratitis , intense chemosis of
ocular con3unctiva. !taphyloma of cornea follo"ing suppurative inflammation.
!tyes [- esp. on l. lid], also prevents their recurrence. 2 #yes brilliant. 'aglike
s"elling under eyes. !Fuinting& .. trembling of eyeball, agg. at night. 0edness
about eyes. Can=t look fi%edly at any ob3ect& or can=t read in artificial light. Cornea
opaFue& 7 thick, "ith dark, smoky spots& greyish, smoky opaFue. 4erforating
corneal ulcer. - )edematous s"elling of eyelids , stinging and burning pains& lids
turned inside out, , granulations on their edges& cornea esp. involved& falling out of
eyelashes. 5 Asthenopia during eruptive fevers or diseases. 7 Con3unctiva in3ected&
full of dark vessels. 9eakness of eyes, , pain, photophobia and lachrymation.
Agglutination of lids. .. 0olling of eyeballs, in sleep "ithout "aking. #yes s"ollen
and very sensitive. 4hotophobia during headache. 4upil can=t be distinctly seen,
but appears to be dra"n laterally into an oblong shape. 4upil in l. eye some"hat
dra"n to"ards outer side. !hunning light, constant "inking. 9eakness of eyes, ,
dread of straining sight. Asthenopic troubles, esp. affections from using eyes at
night, G redness of eyes, lachrymation and sticking pains. 1ooking at something
"hite agg.. *ust remove spectacles "hile reading and "riting, from piercing in
eyes [in a nearsighted "oman]. )phthalmia going from l. e%tending to r. )pacity of
upper half of cornea& opaFue and "hite. Cicatrices of cornea. )phthalmia follo"ing
eruptive diseases. )phthalmia neonatorum. #rysipelatous inflammation of lids, ,
ad3acent smooth s"elling of face, esp. , chemosed con3unctiva, etc. Copious
mucous secretion. :istula lachrymalis. #yes "ide open. #yelids half open, pupils
turned up. 9itches= sore eyes. 1ids dark bluish-red. !oreness of canthi. #%coriation
of canthi and edges of lids. :alling out of eyelashes.
2 'lindness amel. stool. *yopia. .. )b3ects appear too large. Could see better at
night than in daytime. (iplopia& after meningitis. 9hirling. $ndistinct& as if a skin
"ere dra"n over eye. )bscured, in meningitis cerebrospinalis. Could only observe
light coming in at "indo" "hen turning herself to"ards it. 9hitish grey mist. 9eak,
, feeling of fulness in eyes.
!# .. ension about ears. 4A .. ?iolent, in l. ear, "hen che"ing. !hooting,
burning. $n ears, "hen s"allo"ing. )' #%ternal ear red, inflamed, sore& stinging
pains. 2 0aises hand to back of ear "ith each scream. !carlatina otitis. 7 0edness
and s"elling of both ears.
Hearing - .. $mpaired. (eafness.
!# 2 )f s"elling in nose, during coryBa. .. Creeping in nose, follo"ed by
pressure in forehead and vertigo. )' Coldness of tip of nose& E preceding a sore
throat. 0ed, s"ollen, inflamed, , sharp pains. 2 'oils in nostril amel. cold. 7
CoryBa, agg. "armth. .. hick, "hite, fetid, mucous discharge, mi%ed "ith blood.
Copious epista%is to"ards morning. CoryBa, dry in morning, fluent in evening.
!udden coryBa, , dryness of nose, then burning of lips and sensation as if they
"ould chap. Chronic coryBa , increased discharge and crusty nostrils. +ostrils red
and burning. 'ridge of nose puffy.
!# .. 0oughness and tension in lips, esp. upper. :ace as if stiff. 1ips as if bruised.
4A .. !tinging, in l. malar bone. 0aging, violent, in lips, e%tending to gums and
head, finally to "hole body. 'urning in lips& on chin. 4rosopalgia , or follo"ed by
impaired memory. )' !"ollen, red, , piercing pain& .. more r. side. 9a%y, pale,
oedematous& E , dropsical troubles. #rysipelas , stinging burning oedema& r.
e%tending to l. 1ips s"ollen [.. and hot and red], esp. upper. 2 #%pression6 happy,
terror stricken or apathetic& .. features distorted, face dark and much s"ollen.
1ips6 bluish, oedematous, upper. >a"s stiff, , stiffness of tongue. 4aralysis of r.
side, , r. eye closed. (esire for "ashing face "ith cold "ater. :ormication and
prickling in face. 7 #rysipelas of face, , fever, coated tongue and thirst. .. :ace
sunken, pale, sickly. 'urning cheeks , cold feet. 1o"er lip chapped. 'luish lips
from asphy%ia& constriction of throat. 4itiful e%pression. 4ale redness of face.
0edness and puffiness of l. cheek& during hemicrania. $tching smarting blotches of
urticaria coming and going upon face. 4hlegmonous erysipelas going from r.
e%tending to l. (esFuamation of skin of face. !pasmodic snapping of lo"er 3a".
1ips dry and covered "ith a bro"n crust. 1ips dry, "ith a black streak in red portion.
!# *outh and throat as if scalded. ongue as if scalded, red hot, trembling. 2
ongue as if "ooden. .. 'itter taste. )' ongue fiery red, s"ollen, sore and ra", ,
vesicles. *embrane of mouth and throat glossy, as if varnished. 0ed, shining and
puffy, like erysipelas. Cancer of tongue. 2 ?esicles [7 ra"ness, burning and painful
stinging blisters] along edge of tongue. ongue hangs out& or can=t be protruded. 7
(ryness of tongue, mouth and throat& fiery redness of buccal cavity, , painful
tenderness. .. $nability to talk. ongue6 red at tip& s"ollen, looks dry, glossy&
cracked, sore, ulcerated, or covered "ith vesicles& coated "hite. :etid breath.
?iscid, tough, frothy saliva. ongue trembles, catches in teeth. ongue first covered
thickly "hite, later covered "ith a bro"n crust.
!# .. 2ums as if numb. 4A .. >umping, in l. upper molars. oothache e%tending
to head. >erks and throbbing in molars. )' 2ums s"ollen. 2 2rinding of teeth.
!udden involuntary biting together of teeth. .. 2ums bleed easily. !"elling and
redness of gums and cheek, , sore pain and stinging in teeth. (entition6 gums
sacculated, look "atery, child a"akens "ith screams& red spots here and there on
the skin. eeth covered "ith yello" mucus or bro"n sordes.
!# As of fishbone in throat. .. As if ra", , tough saliva and ha"king. As if
narro"ed. As if a foreign body "ere lodged in it. 4A Constricted& stinging. ..
hrobbing, in dark, enlarged tonsils. !marting, in angina or tonsillitis. !tinging, in
throat, bet"een intervals of s"allo"ing. )' /vula s"ollen, sac-like. hroat
s"ollen, inside and outside [7 hoarse, sensation of constriction& breathing and
s"allo"ing difficult]& tonsils s"ollen, puffy, fiery red. /lcers on tonsils. :iery red
margin around leathery membrane. 2 !andy, glossy or translucent amel. cold.
hroat purple. Angina. (iphtheria "ith early prostration& dirty membrane, oedema
of uvula. ?ascular goitre. 7 (ryness in throat , heat, "ithout thirst. .. onsils
s"ollen, bright red, stinging "hen s"allo"ing. (eep ulcers on tonsils or palate&
erysipelatous and oedematous appearance around ulcers. *ucous membrane
covered "ith dirty, greyish deposit. enacious mucus in throat. !mall vesicles filled
"ith clear lymph, in clusters, on back part of throat. Continued s"allo"ing amel.
soreness and cough. Ha"king and clearing throat every morning. 4alate looks as if
filled "ith "ater. onsillitis , skin eruptions. (ifficult s"allo"ing, from absence of
po"er in muscles.
:ood , drink
hirstless& .. in cerebrospinal meningitis, ovarian dropsy, ascites and pregnancy.
2 H$0!1#!!, , dropsy. Craving& for sour things, for milk, "hich amel.. Child
nurses by day, refuses at night& .. after vaccination. +either eats nor drinks& for
"eeks. !tinging pain in tonsils "hile s"allo"ing, amel. cold drinks. hroat sore,
s"allo"ing painful, agg. solids, sour or hot substances. .. $nsatiable thirst& drinks
often, but little at a time& in catarrh of chest, diarrhoea, diphtheria and some
dropsies. +o appetite, but much thirst. +o thirst, , dryness of throat and heat.
Absence of thirst and scanty urination. +o thirst during heat. +o thirst during s"eat.
?omits food as soon as taken, follo"ed by retching. Can s"allo" only a single
drop, from s"elling of tongue. Can=t s"allo" solid food. 4ure "ater doesn=t taste
good, "ants vinegar mi%ed "ith it. Heaviness at stomach after eating. !trong
craving for food or drink, but nausea, belching, heat and burning therefrom.
0etching and vomiting after "arm sugar-"ater. (iarrhoea agg. food or drink.
!leepiness after meals.
!# !ore feeling. .. 4it burning as from acidity. 9eak, faint sensation in pit, , loss
of appetite. 4A 2 !ore, in pit "hen touched. .. !hooting, in cardiac region,
obstructing breath. !harp, crampy, in stomach and abdomen, follo"ed by vomiting
and diarrhoea at intervals. Aching and pressure& pricking, sore. )' 2 +ausea& .. ,
inclination to vomit. #ructations& tasting of ingesta, agg. drinking "ater& flo" of
"ater. 7 ?omiting , diarrhoea. .. 'itter or acrid belching& heartburn up into throat&
"aterbrash. ?omiting6 of bile& of mucus, "ith red specks& of ingesta and slime& ,
diarrhoea. 'urning heat in stomach& irritability of stomach& fulness& pains agg.
pressure. ?omiting of frothy mucus. ?omiting in beginning of gastroenteritis. 4it
sensitive to pressure, during pregnancy. (istension of stomach, , burning in pit.
!# !ore, bruised [7 bo"els and abdominal "alls] on pressure, "hen sneeBing& 7
morning. 7 *elting heat in region of diaphragm, as from running violently. .. !ickly
feeling in abdomen, inclines him to sit Fuiet. 0ight side as if numb. !ore and
bruised feeling, as after a contusion, most about last ribs, l. side. 4ricking, tensive
over hypochondria. As if something tight "ould break if too much effort "ere made
at stool. 'o"els as if full and tight. As if bo"els "ere sFueeBed to pieces, ,
mucous stools. 4A 2 :rom belo" ribs going up"ards. 'urning and soreness belo"
ribs. 7 )n pressure, touch and horiBontal position, , sensitiveness. .. ?iolent
cutting, in abdomen. Aching, pressive, in hypogastrium , bearing do"n in uterus.
!ore, at insertion of diaphragm and in back. !evere burning, under short ribs, on
both sides& depriving of sleep. Aching at umbilicus, agg. mornings. ?iolent, "hen
lying, amel. sitting up. 9hen "alking. Cutting, in abdominal "alls. (ull, , sensation
of fulness, agg. motion and pressure. )' #%tremely tender& .. even to touch of
bedclothes. (ropsy of abdomen. 4eritonitis& .. , e%udation& often "ith metritis&
urine scanty, dark. !"elling in r. groin. 2 /lceration of navel in ne"born. .. )bliged
to bend for"ard from a painful contractive feeling in hypochondria. :ulness and
enlargement of abdomen. 0umbling in abdomen. !ensitiveness of ileocecal region.
)n pressing on ileocecal region a gurgling like from fluid is heard. $nflammation of
spleen. Abdomen contracted. enderness of entire peritoneum on turning in bed.
1ong-standing inguinal hernia.
!# 2 #lectric shocks in rectum before urging to stool. 7 Anus as if ra" , diarrhoea.
.. Anus as if stuffed full& , throbbing in rectum and tenesmus. As if anus "ere
constantly open. 4A .. $ntolerable, shooting, burning, in haemorrhoids. )'
$nvoluntary stool on every motion& anus seems open. 'loody, painless stool.
Haemorrhoids, , stinging pain, after confinement. (iarrhoea "atery, yello" [.. ,
griping]& cholera infantum type& 2 orange yello" or tomato-sauce& 7 blackish-bro"n,
green or "hitish& .. "atery, copious, black& greenish-yello" mucus, agg. morning&
freFuent, bloody, painless& olive-green, slimy, profuse, full of bright red lumps& thin,
yello", , e%treme "eakness, stool "ith every motion of body, as if anus "ere
constantly open. Can=t urinate "ithout a stool. (ark, fetid, agg. after eating.
Constipation& feels as if something "ould break on straining. 2 !tools odourless.
4rolapsus ani. 4rofuse haemorrhage from anus. - (iarrhoea& of drunkards& in
eruptive diseases, esp. if eruption be suppressed. 7 (ischarge of flatus before
stool. .8 Constipation (/0$+2 *#+!#!& during pregnancy. .. 4ainless morning
diarrhoea. (iarrhoea ["ith the e%ception of dysentery] predominantly painless.
4rolonged constipation, but more freFuently diarrhoea& during dentition. $ntolerable
itching, , s"elling in anus. Haemorrhoids& small, protruding& stinging, burning and
smarting intolerably.
!# E !oreness or bruised feeling over region of kidneys. .. /rethra as if scalded&
before urination. 4A 'urning and soreness "hen urinating. 1ast drops burn and
smart. 7 'urning and stinging in urethra. .. 0enal pains, soreness on pressure or
"hen stooping. :reFuent sudden attacks of pain along ureters. 'earing do"n in
region of sphincter. !titching, in urethra, , enuresis. !harp cutting along ureters
to"ards kidneys, after urination. )' /rine suppressed, loaded "ith casts& freFuent
and involuntary& stinging pain and strangury& scanty, high-coloured. $ncontinence
[.. , great irritation of parts]& 2 agg. night, coughing. 2 /rine milky in
hydrocephalus. Albuminuria. /rine profuse, more than he drinks. +ephritis. Cystitis&
.8 burning pain during urination. 0etention of urine in ne"born. (ifficult, freFuent
or slo" urination, must press to pass urine, in prostatic affections. E Acute
nephritis, urine scanty or suppressed, , general oedema, sleepiness, lack of thirst,
dry irritable skin, suffocation on lying do"n, etc. 5 $nfants go a long time "ithout
passing urine, screech and carry hand to head, cry out in sleep and kick the covers
off. .. 2reat irritation at neck of bladder , freFuent and burning urination. :reFuent
desire , passage of only a fe" drops. /rine turbid after standing. /rine scanty,
milky, albuminous& dark, "ith sediment like coffee grounds& containing uriniferous
tubules and epithelium. Hyperaemic state of kidneys& in organic heart diseases.
enesmus during and after urination. :lo" of urine unconscious. $tching in urethra,
, enuresis. !trangury caused by mechanical in3ury. /rine suppressed, , diarrhoea.
/rine clear and colourless during dentition. /rine of greenish hue. :reFuent
micturition during menses. 'loody urine& blood corpuscles in rings. (ischarge of
mucus after urination.
!# .. /neasiness in spermatic cords. 4A .. esticles pain "hen touched. )' 2
(ropsy of scrotum. Hydrocele, in multilocular cysts. .. :reFuent and long-lasting
erections. !"elling of testicles, agg. r.& violent itching and redness of scrotum, sore
to touch. Affections of prostate gland, , freFuent urination day and night. !e%ual
desire increased or diminished. (ischarge of prostatic fluid. 2onorrhoea& copious
secretion of thin, ichorous discharge, , burning, stinging pain. 1arge boils on
pubes. !"elling of foreskin.
!# )f tightness. 'earing-do"n, as if menses "ere to appear. E Heaviness in
uterus, , faintness, etc. .. :eeling of "eight, heaviness in ovarian region. Heat
and fulness in uterine region. ightness in ovarian region, agg. raising arm.
)varian regions as if sprained. +umbness and dulness, beginning in r. ovarian
region, e%tending to hip and ribs and do"n over "hole thigh& amel. lying upon it. 4A
!oreness and stinging pains& ovaritis& agg. r. ovary. (ysmenorrhoea, , severe
ovarian pains& 2 , scanty discharge of slimy blood& E , tenderness, puffy face. 2
'urning, stinging, in ovaries or uterus. !tinging, burning, in mammae. $n ovaries
agg. coition. 7 4ain and sensitiveness in r. ovarian region [.. before and] during
menses. !harp, cutting, stinging, in s"ollen ovary& agg. during menses. .. !harp,
cutting, lancinating, in ovarian region, e%tending to do"n thigh& agg. r. side&
numbness in side and limb. !harp, cutting, in ovarian region, , scanty urine and
constipation. !tinging, burning in ovarian regions, alternating sides, before labour
pains& in abortion. Cutting in l. then in r. ovary. :ine cutting in l. ovarian region,
e%tending to r., agg. stretching in bed. $n ovaries, least felt "hen lying on r. side.
!tinging, cutting and throbbing, in ovarian tumour, r. side, agg. standing, "alking
and palpitation& pain often e%tending to into r. breast. )' )edema of labia& amel.
cold "ater. *enses suppressed, , cerebral and head symptoms, esp. in young
girls. *etrorrhagia profuse [.. menorrhagia], , heavy abdomen, faintness, stinging
pain& .. uneasiness, restlessness, ya"ning& may have red spots on body, stinging
like bee-stings. )varian tumours, metritis , stinging pains. 2reat tenderness over
abdomen and uterine region. 2 Amenorrhoea of puberty. )varies& numb, or
congested, , suppressed menses. *enorrhagia, , abortion. 1eucorrhoea& profuse,
acrid, green. umour or open cancer of mammae. Abortion, during early months.
(ropsy in later parts of pregnancy, , puerperal convulsions. *ania in "omen from
se%ual e%cesses or suppressed menses. *enses last a day or appear at intervals
of one day. E /terine haemorrhage during pregnancy. 7 #nlargement of r. ovary, ,
pain in l. pectoral region, and cough. .. *ammae6 burning, stinging, s"elling,
hardness and suppuration. #rysipelas of mammae. 4rolapsus uteri , scanty, dark,
often burning and smarting urine. !e%ual desire increased. !oft encysted tumours
of ovaries. *ucous menses& , prolapsus uteri. $nterrupted menses. *ilk
diminished. *ammae s"ollen and hard.
!# .. 9eak feeling in laryn%. As if cords from suprasternal fossa "ere pulled
do"n"ard and side"ays. rachea as if stopped up. )' Hoarseness& .. in
morning, , dryness, burning of laryn%. )edema of laryn%. 2 1aryn% dra"n in. ..
!peaking is painful& feels as if it "earied pharyn%, in "hich there is dra"ing pain.
)edema glottidis. Hoarseness , soreness in suprasternal fossa and above
(yspnoea& breathing hurried and difficult [.. , fever and headache]& 7 oedema
glottidis. :eels as if he could not dra" another breath. !uffocation& short, dry
cough, suprasternal. 2 4anting, feels every breath "ould be his last. Hungry for air.
Asthma, from hives, amel. small Fuantity of e%pectoration. 7 2reat feeling of
suffocation& can=t bear anything around throat. .. (ifficult, agg. bending for"ards or
back"ards& agg. lying on l. side. Accelerated, esp. on moving, going up stairs or
"alking. 0apid, painful, spasmodic, agg. lying do"n, amel. fresh air, upright
position. (ifficult, must forcibly e%ert abdominal muscles. (ifficult, , contraction in
throat. A"akens at night "ith a strangling sensation. (yspnoea, during eruptive
diseases. (yspnoea& it seemed impossible to breathe& had to fan him to keep him
7 !evere, before midnight& agg. after lying and sleeping. .. Croupy& "ith ringing
sound& dry , gagging& , soreness of upper part of chest& , painful concussion of
head. ?ery dry, spasmodic, morning and evening, but most at night. (ry, ,
gagging, agg. lying on l. side. 9ith tickling behind pit of throat& in morning& before
midnight& amel. least e%pectoration.
2 !"eetish. 7 Copious, transparent, frothy, bloody mucus. .. asteless. Can raise
sputa only to tongue, "hence it has to be removed by "iping.
!# 2 Chest feels as if beaten or bruised. .. )f fulness, constriction or suffocation
in chest. Chest as if ra" or inflamed from inhaling frosty air. )f heat, in asthma. )f
coldness, in middle of sternum. )ppression on taking an inspiration. )ppression
agg. ascending, agg. "arm room. 4A 2 'urning stinging, throughout entire front of
chest. 4ainful shock in head and chest from every cough. E )ccasional sharp
stitches through chest. 7 (ull aching, in l. side of chest, near middle of sternum, ,
sensation of fulness in chest, and short breath. !titches in l. side of chest, and
through back. .. !ometimes dull, sometimes sharp, in chest. (arting. )'
Hydrothora%& 2 after pleurisy. 7 $rritation in suprasternal fossa G cough.
!# .. As if something "as breaking a"ay about heart. !ense of fluctuation about
heart "hen turning on side. 4A 2 !titches back"ard from ape%. 7 !udden, 3ust
belo" heart, soon e%tending to r. chest, , suffocation. )' 2 ?iolent palpitations,
shake the "hole body. 4alpitation from scanty secretion of urine. 4ulse& hard,
small, intermittent and Fuick, "eak. $nsufficiency of mitral valves. )rganic heart
disease. - Heart troubles , great feeling of suffocation, as if he could never
breathe again. .. 'lo"ing sound "ith the diastole. Cardiac region sensitive to
slight pressure. 4ericarditis. Hydropericard. 4ulse feels under finger like shot
gliding along. 4ulse unsteady, irregular, intermitting every third or fourth beat.
!# 2 'ack as if tired and bruised. .. 1o"er posterior dorsal region, esp. left, feels
as if bruised. !capulae as if lame. #%hausted, as after hard "ork, esp. in back. )f
great "eakness on both sides of spinal column& could not lie on back. 4A 2
0heumatic. 'urning pressing in coccy% agg. "hen sitting do"n. E (ragging in
lumbar region , ovarian and uterine diseases. .. 0heumatic stitches in r. side of
neck. ensive, from l. shoulder to nape. 'urning and heat, like Cprickly heat,C on
back. 4ressure under scapulae, painful "hen moving. hrobbing, in nape to l. of
shoulder, e%tending to over head& shoots to r. "ith motion of head to"ards same
side. 'earing do"n in lumbar region, as if menses "ould come on. ?iolent, in
sacrum& could not sit. )' 2 +ape stiff. E Cervical glands s"ollen.
!# ired, bruised feeling. 2 +ails feel loose. .. 2eneral paralytic feeling. 4A
0heumatic, in back and limbs. )' )edematous. !ynovitis. Hives , intolerable
itching. 2 1imbs immovable, heavy, numb. rembling of hands and feet. Hemiplegia
from severe mental shock. .. 1imbs cold, numb and bluish. Cold limbs& blood
settled under finger and toe nails. 'right red s"elling, , red stripes along limbs.
!# +umbness of hands and fingertips [.. esp. about roots of nails]. .. 1eft arm as
if gone to sleep. 0ight forearm as if paralyBed, , sticking pain. :ingers as of foreign
bodies covered "ith velvet. 4A .. ?iolent rheumatism in r., later in l. shoulder.
!ticking, in r. deltoid muscle, e%tending to scapula and elbo"-3oint, agg. lifting and
motion. (ra"ing, beginning in shoulders and e%tending to fingertips. 4ricking and
smarting, in hands and arms& after"ards affecting entire body slightly. )' :elon in
beginning& 2 , burning, stinging, throbbing pains& 7 very sensitive to touch. 2
4alms hot. )edema of hands. .. 0ed and "hite spots on arms. $tching, burning
and chapping of hands. Hands bluish and cold& in diarrhoea. 0edness, heat and
s"elling of hands. !ore and red spots in palms.
!# .. oes and "hole feet as if too large, s"ollen and stiff& also at night on
removing boots. 1eft lo"er limb, after unusual muscular e%ertion, heavy as lead. As
if paralyBed. 4A 7 'urning in toes, , redness& feet cold. .. !ore, about l. hip-3oint&
later, "eakness, unsteadiness, trembling in the 3oint. (ra"ing through thighs
e%tending to end of toes. 'urning of feet and toes. )' Anee s"ollen, shiny,
sensitive, sore, , stinging pain. :eet s"ollen and stiff& 2 numb. 2 1egs and feet
"a%y, pale. !taggers "hen eyes are shut. E 4hlebitis. .. 0ela%ation in hip-3oints.
hrombosis. Cold and dead, agg. cold "eather. >oints of knee, feet and big toes
s"ollen, painful "hen pressed or lifted. #cBema of legs. !uppressed foot s"eat& by
cold. !"ollen feet and scanty urine during apyre%ia. 4ainful turning up of big toe.
4ainful turning in"ard of big toes, e%torting cries from child.
?ery dro"sy. !creams and sudden starting during sleep. !leeps after the fever
paro%ysm. 2 20#A $+C1$+A$)+ ) !1##4& but can=t sleep from nervous
restlessness. (ro"siness during fever. Aicks off covers during sleep. - @a"ning,
after coughing. 7 !leeps late in morning. .. @a"ning. 0estless sleep and incessant
dreaming. Continuous deep sleep. !tarting from sleep from noise. 9akes from
sleep in morning "eary and unrefreshed.
.. :ull of care and toil. ravelling. :lying. 9alking on a hot floor. Assembled
people. /npleasant.
2 hirstless during fever. 7 hirst "anting during s"eat& may or may not be
present during heat& al"ays thirst during chill. Apyre%ia& pain under short ribs, l.
side& feet s"ollen, urine scanty& limbs and 3oints sore. .. :ever rises continually.
:ever and chill in seasons "hen flies sting "ith unusual vigour. ertian intermittent.
yphoid forms of fever, esp. enteric, cerebral, e%anthematic forms. $ntermittent.
$n afternoon, , thirst& agg. motion and heat. 2 Anticipating, , dyspnoea, urticaria,
desire to uncover& < heat. - 'egins in front of chest, abdomen and knees& sleep
and urticaria as chill passes off& heat "ithout thirst, , inclination to uncover. 7
About D p.m. & agg. "armth& from slightest motion, , heat of face and hands& chill
runs do"n back, , great prostration. .. !ensation of coldness "ithout coldness of
skin. )n suffering part.
#%ternal, , smothering feeling. 2 '/0+$+2, but chilly "hen moved. )f one part ,
coldness of another. 7 (uring hot stage more or less violent headache& generally a
continuous deep sleep. .. !kin burning hot all over, or gradually gro"s cool in
some places, hot in others. 4ungent heat of body "hile feet and hands are cold.
!light, , sleepiness. 'reaks out and dries up freFuently. :ollo"ed by nettle-rash,
also , shuddering. 2 $n gushes, partial. 7 !"eating stage either absent or of a very
light grade. After trembling and fainting, then nettle-rash. .. Cold. 4artial and
!"ellings after bites& sore, sensitive. !tinging. #rysipelas, , sensitiveness and
s"elling, rosy hue. Carbuncles, , burning, stinging pains [Ars.& Anthr.]. !udden
puffing up of "hole body. 2 0ough eruption or stinging-like spots on skin. 1arge
urticaria. !kin dry& hot, < gushes of s"eat. !carlatina. - !carlatina, dry nose and
throat, , hydrocephalic symptoms. 5 Hives, burning, stinging and itching, esp. in
the autumn. 7 !kin usually "hite, almost transparent [ovarian dropsy]. !tinging,
burning, prickling, smarting or itching of skin& sensitiveness to slightest touch.
/rticaria like bee stings, or stings from other insects, , intolerable itching at night.
$ntensely deep red rash. 'ody covered "ith large, elevated "hite "eals& .. deep
scarlet interspaces. .8 Angioneurotic oedema , oedematous s"elling of face, lips,
tongue and laryn%. .. !kin very hot and red. *easle-like eruption. !mall pustules ,
burning, smarting, stinging& forming dry, scaly, laminated, bro"nish scabs. 9hite
miliary eruption on chest and abdomen. +ettle-rash in "arm "eather, "hen one
can=t s"eat.
9orse6 H#A of room& of "eather& of fire& hot drinks& bath& bed. ouch, even of
hair. 4ressure. After sleep. 1ying do"n. !uppressed eruptions. - p.m. . Closed
rooms. 7 $n morning [aching& diarrhoea& hoarseness& sleepiness]. Afternoon
[intermittent]. +ight [headache& pain in eyes and chest]. #%ercise. 2eneral
aggravation of all symptoms about E p.m. - 2etting "et. 'etter6 C))1 A$0& cold
bathing& uncovering. !light e%pectoration. *otion. !itting erect. 7 Cold "ater [pain&
s"elling and burning]. 4ressure [headache].
H he burning pains of Apis are distinguished from those of Ars. in being agg.
heat. Apis has slo" action and must not be changed too soon. $ncreased flo" of
urine sho"s it is having a favourable effect. Aversion to tight things like 1ach. agg.
ouch or pressure [though the head is amel. pressure]. $n this Apis resembles the
Antimonies, and it is like them in sensitiveness to heat, esp. to heated rooms
[4uls.& $od.& Aali-i.& Camph.& !ec.& !ulph.]. agg. 9armth of bed. Cold "ater amel..
*any symptoms [eyes and chest] are agg. night, and sleep is disturbed by piercing
cries, or else by moaning and "hining. agg. *orning6 mucus in mouth,
restlessness, diarrhoea. agg. #vening6 erysipelas, giddiness, headache, chills,
fever. *any symptoms are agg. lying do"n, and amel. sitting.
.. !crofulous diathesis. 'ilious, nervous temperament& "omen and children& esp.
"ido"s& girls, "ho though generally careful, become a"k"ard, and let things fall
"hile handling them. )ld people, asthma. hose predisposed to miscarry should
not receive Apis e%cept in high potencies. Hydrogenoid constitution. $rritable people
dissatisfied "ith everything.
Compare6 Acet-ac. [dropsy]& Acon.& Anac. [urticaria]& Apoc. [dropsy]& Arn. [bruised,
sore sensations]& Ars. [typhoid& gangrene& dropsy& scarlatina& urticaria& chills]& 'ell.
[meningitis& sore throat& erysipelas& scarlatina]& 'rom. [s"elling of ovary during
menses]& 'ry. [meningitis& rheumatism]& Canth. [burns& erysipelas& urinary
symptoms]& Chin.& Colch.& Crot-t. [urticaria]& #uphr. [con3unctiva]& :err.& 2raph.&
Hep.& Hyos.& $od. [synovitis]& 1ach. [.. typhoid states& gangrene]& 1yc.& *erc.& +at-
ar.& +at-m. [chills& urticaria& tension in ovarian region]& 4uls. [.. cases in "hich
4uls., seemingly indicated, failed, esp. in uterine complaints]& 0hus-t. [eyes& but
Apis has less tendency to suppuration& vesicular erysipelas, but darker than in Apis
and spreading from left to right& Apis right to left& typhoid& restlessness, but in Apis
more fidgetiness]& 0um%. [painless, greenish-yello" morning diarrhoea]& !abin. [..
ovarian and uterine symptoms]& !ep.& !il. [ovarian affections , inverted nipples&
ulcer on tongue& vaccination effects]& !ulph. [.. tubercular meningitis& checked
eruptions, esp. urticaria& asthma& hydrothora%]& /rt-u.& ?esp. and serpent poisons&
Iinc.& 2 !tram.& 7 2els.& 1ed.& *ag-m.& *erc.& 4hos.& !ec.& . Ap-v. [auto-to%aemia,
, pus products]& 5 'apt. [painless throat affections& Apis more oedema]& .. her.
[vertigo]& hu3. [sycosis, evils of vaccination]. :ollo"s "ell6 'ry. ["hen brain cry
appears]& Hell. ["hen torpor sets in]& Hep.& $od.& 1yc.& *erc.& !ulph. [.. panaritium].
:ollo"ed "ell by6 Ars. [hydrothora%]& 2raph. [tetter on ear lobe]& $od. [s"ollen
knee]& Aali-bi. [scrofulous ophthalmia]& 1yc. [staphyloma]& 4hos. [diphtheria]& !tram.
[mania& .. after Apis has removed the 3ealousy in mania]& !ulph. [hydrothora%&
pleurisy& hydrocephalus]. Complementary6 +at-m. [the CchronicC of Apis]& 2 Arn.&
Ars.& Hell.& *erc-cy.& 4uls.& . 'ar-c. [if lymphatics are involved]. Antidote to6 Canth.
[.. ischuria, inflammation of bladder, acute 'right=s disease]& [.. abuse of] Chin.,
(ig. and $od. Antidotes6 +at-m. [or common salt]& $p.& 1ach.& 1ed.& s"eet oil& onions&
ammonia& .. to drink coffee, seems indifferent. $nimical6 0hus-t. [in eruptive
diseases& - disagrees "hen used either before or after 0hus-t.].
.. $t follo"s "ell after vaccination [erysipelas, painless diarrhoea].
:right. 2rief. >ealousy. 0age. ?e%ation. Hearing bad ne"s, mental shock.
!uppressed eruptions.
Apium graveolens
Contains a soporific active principle. 0heumatic pains in muscles of neck, also in
sacrum. (ysmenorrhoea, , sharp, short pains, amel. fle%ing legs. )bstinate
retention of urine, throbbing headaches and heartburn, have been produced by
celery. !"elling [5 s"ollen sensation] of throat, face and hands. 2ro"ing pains.
Craving for apples.
(epressed. #nergetic. :idgety feeling& 5 can=t sit or lie still. H Can=t keep mind from
4A H hrobbing, agg. slightest motion& amel. rest, mostly left-sided.
!# #yeballs feel sunken. )' $tching in eyes. $tching and smarting in inner canthus
of l. eye. 5 #yeballs look as if sunken in their sockets
)' !"ollen.
:ood , drink
Headache amel. eating. 5 Craving for apples. Heartburn and empty sensation in
stomach, amel. eating.
)' +ausea increases "ith pain.
4A !ore& sharp sticking, as if stool "as coming on.
)' (iarrhoea, sharp pain in l. iliac region e%tending to r.
)' 5 0etention of urine& needing the use of a catheter.
4A !harp sticking, in both ovarian regions, l. [5 e%tending to r.], amel. bending
over, lying on l. side, "ith legs fle%ed. )' +ipples tender.
ickling, dry.
!# $ntense constriction over sternum, , dra"ing feeling through to back on lying
4A 5 (ull ache in sacrum, agg. lying, amel. motion.
/nrefreshed& sleepless. 9akes from . to D a.m. #ating doesn=t help sleep. +ot
fatigued from loss of sleep. Can=t sleep from thinking.
$tching blotches& burning, creeping sensation. 4rofuse discharge from granulating
ulcers. /rticaria , shuddering. 5 /rticaria preceded by pressure in stomach&
pressure amel. as soon as urticaria appears.
5 9orse6 1ying on l. side. 'etter6 0est. #ating.
H A dull ache in sacrum agg. lying do"n, amel. moving about. oothache in l.
molars amel. holding cold "ater in the mouth.
Apocynum androsaemifolium
he rheumatic symptoms of this remedy promise most curative results. $ts pains
are of a "andering nature, , much stiffness and dra"ing. #verything smells and
tastes like honey. 9orms. rembling and prostration. !"ollen sensation& 5 body
and face. 5 :lying pains in teeth, "andering, in limbs.
4A $n all 3oints. )' !"elling of hands and feet.
4A $n toes and soles. ingling pain in toes. Cramps in soles. 5 $n 3oint of big toe, r.
shoulder and knee, agg. breathing or turning to l. side. )' 4rofuse s"eat, , much
heat in soles. ?iolent heat in soles [!ulph.]& 5 agg. r. sole.
Compare6 'enB-ac.& 'ry.& Colch.& $ris& also Apoc., Alst. and !troph. [botanical].
Apocynum cannabinum
$ndian hemp
$ncreases secretions of mucus and serous membranes and acts on cellular tissue,
producing oedema and dropsy, and on skin causing diaphoresis. Acute
hydrocephalus [2 the child lies in stupor, "ith automatic motion of one arm and
leg]. A diminished freFuency of the pulse is a prime indication. his is one of our
most efficient remedies in dropsy, ascites, anasarca and hydrothora%, and urinary
troubles, esp. suppression and strangury. $n the digestive complaints of 'right=s
disease, , the nausea, vomiting, dro"siness, difficult breathing, it "ill be found of
freFuent service. he dropsy is characterised by great thirst and gastric irritability.
0ela%ation of sphincters. Arrhythmia. *itral and tricuspid regurgitation. Acute
alcoholism. 2 2eneral dropsy, , or "ithout organic disease. !"elling of every part
of the body, , scanty urine and s"eat, feels as if he could only s"eat he "ould get
"ell. 4aralysis of left side& one eye motionless, other rolling. *arked "eakness.
/terine haemorrhage. (ropsy& after haemorrhage& Fuinine. - All kinds of dropsy, ,
sinking feeling at pit of stomach. (ropsy of serous membranes& acute,
inflammatory. 7 2eneral restlessness , debility. .8 !imilar to Apis but CH$11@. ..
#%cretions diminished, esp. urine, s"eat. (ropsy mostly uncomplicated "ith
organic disease.
'e"ildered. 1o" spirited& 2 nervous. 2 Can=t think. :aints "hen raised from pillo".
J Confusion of mind& during fit of pain. 0estlessness, nervousness at night.
E )n suddenly rising after stooping. 7 !uddenly appearing and disappearing.
4A (ull. .. $n forehead, in morning. Heaviness of head evenings& , aching in
lumbar region and limbs. )' 2 Hydrocephalus, , loss of vision [7 sight of one eye
totally lost, the other slightly sensitive] and pro3ecting forehead& 7 , stupor&
constant involuntary motion of one arm and leg& sutures open& stage of e%udation.
!# 2 As of sand in eyes. .. 0ight eye as if pressed out"ard. 4A .. :ine stitches in
r. eye. )' 2 Hot and red [.. left eye]& .. in early morning. )ne eye motionless and
other rolling.
)' 1ong-continued sneeBing. !nuffles of children [!amb.]& 2 filled "ith thick
yello" mucus in morning. Chronic nasal catarrh , tendency to acute stuffiness "ith
dull, sluggish memory. akes cold easily, nostrils become congested and blocked
up easily.
)' 2 'loated agg. lying do"n, passes off after sitting up. :ace pale, covered "ith
cold s"eat, , diarrhoea. (ry lips& mouth. .. :ace e%pressive of much anguish.
!# .. aste6 bitter, sub-acrid, in fauces.
:ood , drink
hirst on "aking. :ood and "ater is immediately e3ected& 2 dropsy. 9atery stools,
flatulent, , soreness in anus& agg. after eating. 5 2reat thirst, drinks lots of "ater
and seems to retain it all. !tomach amel. "arm drinks. 7 2reat thirst, but "ater
disagrees, G pain, or is immediately vomited. .. (istension about stomach and
hypochondria after a light meal. :eels as if she "as hungry, and "hen she tries to
eat, it settles in epigastrium, turns sour and hurts her.
!# (ull, heavy, sick feeling. )ppression in pit and chest, impeding breathing
[1ob.]. )f sinking in stomach& 2 after profuse urination [diabetes insipidus]& .. on
"aking. )' +ausea, , dro"siness. #%cessive vomiting. 2 /raemic vomiting. 7
(istressing vomiting at intervals. 2reat irritability of stomach and vomiting. .8
?)*$$+2 (/0$+2 *#+!#!.
!# - Ascites, , bruised feeling in abdomen. )' 'loated. 7 (istended and painful.
.. Congestion of liver& of portal system& follo"ed by ascites. Ascites , chronic
!# As if sphincter "ere open and stools ran right out. E As if a "edge "ere being
hammered into anus, , "atery diarrhoea or haemorrhoids. 4A 7 'earing do"n, in
anus. )' 2 (iarrhoea, , dropsy& yello", painless& noisy, gushing stools. E 1oose,
undigested, frothy, involuntary. 5 (iarrhoea < dropsy. 7 enesmus of rectum.
#vacuations very scanty. .. 'ilious stool& loose, but not very copious. 'o"els
sluggish, but faeces not hard or costive.
4A 7 !light soreness in region of kidneys "hen bringing muscles into action. ..
(ull aching in kidneys, , increased secretion of stra"-coloured urine, sinking at
stomach, dry mouth, sighing. )' 'ladder much distended. urbid, hot urine, ,
thick mucus and burning in urethra, after urinating. 1ittle e%pulsive po"er.
(ribbling. !trangury. 0enal dropsy. 2 0etention of urine, , paralysis of lo"er limbs.
#nuresis nocturna in old men. 7 4rofuse light-coloured urine [.. or sherry-yello"]&
no sediment [.. on cooling]. !canty urine& no uneasiness.
)' 2 4enis and scrotum dropsical. 4rostate gland enlarged.
)' *etrorrhagia , nausea& fainting, vital depression. Haemorrhages at clima%is.
'lood e%pelled in large clots. 2 Amenorrhoea of young girls, , bloating of abdomen
and legs. )varian tumour. Cough during pregnancy. D /terine haemorrhage, then
dropsy. 7 *enorrhagia continuous or paro%ysmal& fluid or clotted& nausea& vomiting,
palpitation& pulse Fuick, feeble "hen moved& fainting "hen raising head from pillo".
!hort and unsatisfactory. - )bliged to sit up& lying do"n G violent dyspnoea. ..
$rresistible disposition to sigh. Could only breathe in a sitting posture, "ith head
thro"n for"ard& hydrothora%. 2asping. 9heeBing.
!hort, dry. 7 1oose and rattling, , oppression. .. At night agg.. (ry, hacking,
suffocative and incessant. Hoarse, at night, , vomiting.
.. !canty, of "hite mucus.
!# .. )ppression on a"aking. )ppression on l. chest. 4A .. !titches in r. chest.
)' 2 Hydrothora%& .. depending on organic disease of heart.
!# E )f sinking at heart. )' ricuspid [2 and mitral] regurgitation& rapid and
feeble, irregular cardiac action, lo" arterial tension, pulsating 3ugulars, general
cyanosis and general dropsy. 2 4ulse slo", fluttering, irregular or intermittent. -
!hould be remembered in dropsy, that is dependent upon a feeble heart, "hen the
blood pressure is lo"ered, also in the later stage of heart disease, "hen a general
anasarca is present. .. 4ulse -E bet"een attacks of vomiting& feeble.
1imbs -)' .. $tching in limbs& "eakness.
)' .. :ingernails of bluish lead colour.
4A .. Hard aching in both knees. $n ball of r. big toe. )' .. )edema of feet and
ankles. !tiff knees. 9hole left leg contracted.
2reat restlessness and little sleep. 2 !leepiness. .. )n going to bed desire for
sleep, yet unable to sleep.
.. 9hen the skin moistens, the dropsy improves. Clammy. 'ody covered "ith
large drops of cold s"eat.
D 0ough, dry skin. Can=t s"eat. 5 (ropsy < rheumatism. .. Heat of skin on going
to bed. Cold skin during vomiting.
9orse6 C)1(& "eather& drinks. /ncovering. 1ying. After sleep. 'etter6 9armth. -
!itting up. 5 After stool.
Compare6 Apoc-a.& Acet-ac.& Alst.& Apis [thirstless in dropsy]& Ars.& 'ell.& 'ry.& Chin.&
Colch.& Cur.& (ig. [dropsy& slo" pulse]& #lat.& Hell. [hydrocephalus& ascites]& $gn.&
Aloe, 2amb. and rom. [diarrhoea]& Aali-c.& 1yc.& *erc.& *erc-sul.& +u%-v.& !pig.&
!Fuil.& !ulph.& ?erat.& 2 Chin-ar.& 7 Asc-t.& )lnd.& 4odo.& . Aral-h. [valuable diuretic,
useful in dropsy of the cavities, either due to hepatic or renal disease ,
constipation& urinary disorders, esp. , dropsy& !cudder advises doses of E to D8
drops in s"eetened cream of tartar]& !troph. [e%treme cardiac depression , intense
gastric disturbance& dropsy]. Cymarin is the active principle of Apoc.& it lo"ers the
pulse rate and increases blood pressure.
Apomorphinum hydrochloricum
Apomorphine- an alkaloid from the decomposition of morphine by hydrochloric
he chief po"er of this drug lies in the speedy and effective vomiting that it
produces, "hich becomes a strong guiding symptom to its homKopathic use. he
vomiting is preceded by nausea, lassitude and increased secretion of s"eat,
saliva, mucus and tears. 4neumonia , vomiting. Combined alcoholism [H and
opium addiction], , constant nausea, constipation, insomnia. ?ertigo. 5 ?omiting
related to brain troubles or tumour. H he peculiarity of the vomiting is its
suddenness, completeness, and the absence of pain or continued nausea.
!# Hot feeling all over body, esp. head.
)' (ilated pupils.
:ood , drink
7 #asy vomiting of "ater as soon as drunk& of milk. ?omiting of food "ith or
"ithout organic disease.
)' !easickness. +ausea and vomiting. ?iolent inclination to vomit. #mpty
retching , headache. Heartburn& , pain bet"een scapulae. 7 $nclination to vomit.
?omiting "ithout previous nausea. ?omiting during pregnancy, from uterine
displacements, or other uterine or ovarian irritation.
Compare6 Ant-t.& Cer-o%.& $p.& )p.& 7 Cupr.& !ang.& ?erat.& Iinc.
AFua marina
!ea "ater taken some miles from shore and some depth belo" surface, filtered
and diluted "ith t"ice as much pure fresh "ater. $t acts primarily on the blood, as in
into%ications, scrofulous conditions, enteritis. $t disinto%icates in cancer.
Administered subcutaneously in the treatment of diseases of skin, kidneys and
intestines, gastroenteritis and tuberculosis. !crofulous affections of children.
1ymphadenitis. 1upus, ecBema, varicose ulcers. A great Cblood-purifier and
vitaliser.C 4otentiBed sea"ater in "eakness, lack of reaction. !ymptoms agg.
seaside. 2oitre. 5 +euralgic pain do"n r. temple and forehead, and pain in l. side
of face. Cold "ater intolerable. :eeling of a hair or fishbone in throat, , tickling and
urging to s"allo", causing one to cough but the cough doesn=t amel.. Constantly
ha"ks a cotton-like phlegm. 4ain on s"allo"ing e%tending to ears and temples.
+ausea and constipation.
H he leading indication for it is6 agg. seaside& or on the sea.
Compare6 Chlor.& +at-m.& !il-mar.
AFua petra
0ock "ater
5 Headache in afternoon, , fever. #yes burning, smarting, esp. margins of lids.
$tching in ears& snapping in r. ear on che"ing. hroat rough and scrapy. 4assing of
much flatus to"ards morning. Aching and faint sensation in abdomen e%tending to
throat. /rine pale, "atery, scalding, little odour, , burning in urethra during and
after micturition. Cough around .8 a.m. and 2 p.m. & e%pectoration at first "hite,
later yello" and tenacious. Asthmatic breathing. Aching in lumbar region ,
"eakness and lassitude. 4ulse full, rapid.
AFuilegia vulgaris
2arden columbine
A remedy for hysteria. 2lobus and clavus hystericus [5 at clima%is]. 9omen at
climacteric, , vomiting of green substance, esp. in morning. (ysmenorrhoea of
young girls. +ervous trembling of body& sensitive to light and noise. !leeplessness.
5 +ightly increasing pressure in r. lo"er lumbar region.
)' *enses scanty, , dull, painful, nightly increasing pressure in r. lumbar region.
Compare6 Acon., Cimic. and other 0anunculaceae.
Aragallus lamberti
9hite loco "eed - rattle "eed
Acts principally on nervous system, producing a be"ildered, confused state.
!ymptoms of inco-ordination and paralysis. 1ocomotor ata%ia. ired in morning.
2reat depression& agg. morning or evening. Can=t study. Cross, irritable, restless.
'e"ildered. *ental confusion and apathy. (esires to be alone. (ifficulty in
concentrating mind, absent-minded. 1ack of ambition. (efective e%pression in
"riting. 0estlessness and aimless "andering. *ust concentrate his mind on
4A 'urning in eyes.
)' Cracking of lo"er lip.
!# :eels full. )' !ore throat , nausea. 4haryn% dark, s"ollen, glaBed.
!# 9eight on chest in region of ensiform cartilage. Constriction as of a "ide band.
)ppression. 4A !oreness of chest under sternum.
9eakness of limbs.
4A $n l. sciatic nerve. Cramps of anterior muscles of [5 right] leg "hile "alking.
Compare6 . Astragallus and )%ytropis [t"o varieties of 1oco 9eed]& 'ar-c.
Aralia racemosa
American spikenard
his is a remedy for asthmatic conditions, , cough agg. lying do"n. (renching
s"eat during sleep. #%treme sensitivity to draughts. (iarrhoea, prolapse of rectum.
Aching in rectum e%tending to up"ards& agg. on side lain upon. 2 4atient is "eak,
rela%ed and e%hausted. 'iliousness. *ucous secretions acrid. 5 Affections go to
the side lain on, leaving the affected side free.
2 :ear of lung disease& can=t be shaken off.
4A 7 !marting soreness of posterior nares, caused by passage of acrid mucus, ,
peculiar soreness of alae nasi, as if fissured. )' )bstruction, agg. spring. Hay
fever& freFuent sneeBing. 1east current of air G sneeBing, , copious "atery,
e%coriating nasal discharge, of salty acrid taste.
)' 2 Aphthae.
!# 2 As if foreign body in throat. +ausea in throat.
4A 2 :rom liver e%tending to r. scapula.
)' *enses suppressed. 1eucorrhoea foul smelling, acrid, , pressing-do"n pain.
1ochia suppressed, , tympanites.
Asthmatic, on lying do"n at night, , spasmodic cough& agg. after first sleep, ,
tickling in throat. 7 (ry, "heeBing& sense of impending suffocation& "histling agg.
inspiration& must sit up& hay asthma.
(ry, coming on after first sleep, about middle of night& 2 amel. slight e%pectoration&
E of tough mucus. 7 !pasmodic, at night, a"akens after first sleep and can=t sleep
again on account of it& caused by tickling in throat, , constriction of chest& has to sit
up and cough violently& sometimes caused by a feeling of a foreign body in the
throat& ra", burning, sore feeling behind "hole length of sternum and in each lung.
7 !canty at acme of asthma& then increased, "arm and saltish.
!# Constriction of chest& feels as if a foreign body "ere in throat. 4A 0a"ness and
burning behind [.. "hole length of] sternum, .. and in each lung. )' 5 Affects
mostly r. lung.
9orse6 After short nap. (rafts. .. p.m. [cough].
'etter6 1ying "ith head high.
Compare6 Calc. [turning on one side, symptoms go to that side, relieving opposite
side]& Chlor. [opposite of Aral.& inspiration easy, e%piration difficult]& 2ins. and
Hedera heli% [botanical]& 0um%. [cough at .. p.m. ]& 7 Ant-t.& Ars.& $od.& $p.& !amb.&
. All-c.& Ars-i.& +aph.& 4ect.& 0os-d.& !abad.& !in-n
2 Complementary6 1ob.
Aranea diadema
Cross spider
All spider poisons po"erfully affect the nervous system [*yg., arent., etc.]. All
symptoms of Aran. are characterised by periodicity and coldness and great
susceptibility to dampness. $t is the remedy for the constitution favorable to malarial
poisoning, "here every damp day or place favours chilliness. 4atient feels cold to
the very bones& 2 can=t get "arm enough. Coldness not amel. by anything. :eeling
as if parts "ere enlarged and heavier& 2 !#+!A$)+ ): #+)0*)/!
#+1A02#*#+& or numbness of parts, agg. "aking or he "akes "ith such a
feeling. 9akes up at night "ith hands feeling t"ice their natural siBe& 5 often has to
s"itch on the light to convince himself. Hydrogenoid constitution, i.e. abnormal
sensitiveness to damp and cold, inability to live near fresh "ater, lakes, rivers, etc.,
or in damp, chilly places [+at-s.& hu3.]. !pleen s"ollen. 2 $t is a haemorrhagic
remedy. $t affects bones, causing periostitis. 4unctured "ounds. *any symptoms
appear on right side. 4ains are like electric shocks. 2reat desire to lie do"n.
Creeping as of ants all over body. 5 :eels most comfortable on sunny days. 7
!ymptoms return periodically at precisely the same hour.
Confusion& amel. smoking in open air. 2 +ervous. (espondent& longs for death. J
Confusion& evenings& from mental e%ertion& .. , lassitude& "hen studying, ,
pressive pains, as if in bones of r. temple& amel. "hile resting head on hand.
$rritability during menses. *orose. .. (eep melancholy in dysmenorrhoea.
*elancholy, "ill not leave bed& , de3ected, pale face and dark circles under eyes.
2 9ith flickering before eyes. .. 'efore headache& "hen sitting up& must lie do"n.
!# .. Head and hands as if s"ollen, , pressing in temples. Heat in forehead and
eyes. 4A 2 !moking and going out in open air amel.. 7 Continues till evening&
becomes milder, ho"ever, after a fe" hours and ceases entirely in open air. 9ith
burning in eyes and heat in face, also flickering before eyes on reading and "riting,
"hich agg. headache. .. (ulness and pressure, amel. pillo"ing head. 4ressing, in
forehead and temples, , long-lasting confusion of head, amel. pressure of hand.
4ressing in temples& vertigo on rising from recumbent position. Continued,
spreading from forehead e%tending to verte% and occiput, only at times agg. on
verte%& can=t receive company because talking or listening G vomiting& must lie
Fuietly in bed for three or four days. 9ith dulness, can=t think "ell& "eariness, loss
of strength. Coming on at regular hours& agg. speaking or "hen others speak&
amel. smoking or going out into open air. !titching and shooting, during chill.
(ra"ing, e%tending to lo"er 3a".
!# Heat, agg. damp "eather. 4A .. 'urning, , heat in face and headache.
!tinging, after heat& in intermittent. !hooting. )' .. 1arge black circles under
eyes. (isagreeable trembling in eyes.
:lickering, agg. damp "eather. 2 :lickering before headache. 7 :lickering, on
reading and "riting, "hich agg. headache. .. hick mist before eyes& so tired she
thought she "ould fall.
4A .. 4inching pressure in r. ear and parotid gland, e%tending to r. side, from up
)' .. #pista%is.
!# .. Cheeks as if s"ollen& during toothache. 4A $n r. trifacial nerve from
periphery in"ards. )' .. (e3ected countenance, pale face and dark circles under
eyes, dull e%pression of eyes& from spasmodic pains in stomach. :ace pale and
sunken& in dysmenorrhoea. 1ips colourless.
!# .. aste6 nauseous, bitter, , coated tongue. 4A .. !titches in palate and
laryn%. )' .. ip of tongue slightly red.
!# .. 0ight lo"er incisors feel cold and are sensitive, esp. on dra"ing in air&
returns each day at same hour. 4A !udden violent, at night immediately after lying
do"n. 7 (amp "eather agg..
:ood , drink
Confusion& amel. smoking in open air. Cramps in stomach after eating a little. 2
'itter taste amel. smoking. J Confusion after eating. .. Anore%ia during
intermittent. +o appetite and fear to eat, as it agg. nocturnal complaints. hirst
during fever and all other symptoms. hirst during coryBa. Headache in forehead
amel. smoking. /npleasant taste in mouth after milk. Cra"ling sensation over
"hole body after eating a fe" spoonfuls of soup.
4A .. Cutting in stomach, and spasmodic pain, , vomiting before chill. 'urning in
stomach during chill. ?iolent spasmodic, in stomach, nausea, oppression of chest
and repeated ya"ning, after eating a very little food. Cramps at first confined to
stomach, gradually becoming general, , trembling of "hole body, spasmodic
motions and desire to keep constantly moving "hen sitting. )' 4it painful to
pressure. .. ?omits everything. ?omiting after chill and after heat.
!# 7 )f heaviness and fulness in lo"er bo"els& it seems as if a stone lay there, ,
unpleasant feeling of faintness in pit of stomach, together "ith griping in abdomen&
sensation of heaviness in thighs, so that they can scarcely be carried for"ard, ,
confusion of head& returns the ne%t day at the same hour& lasts half an hour [E p.m.
]. .. !napping sensation in belly. 4A Colic returns [.. daily] at same hour& .. ,
feeling as if arms and legs "ere asleep. 2 0ubbing amel.. .. ?iolent, , great
rumbling. )' #nlarged spleen& .. after checked intermittent "ith Fuinine& agg.
damp "eather and e%posure to damp "alls. (istension of abdomen. .. Abdominal
complaints , shuddering. :latulence , heaviness in thighs.
)' (iarrhoea& .. stools occur "ith great violence. 7 hin, fluid stool, , pain in
abdomen& .. amel. rubbing "ith hand& stool passed only partly "ith straining, and
a half hour later, fermentation in abdomen. .. (iarrhoea , numb sensation in arms
and legs.
)' .. 9aits long to urinate& no energy& sore on either side of bladder. A"akens
"ith desire to urinate, but nothing passes& no burning or urging, but sometimes
severe pain from perineum e%tending to glans penis. Constant desire to pass
"ater, but can=t& fearful pain along urethra from glans. /rine dark coloured.
4A 1umbo-abdominal neuralgia [7 agg. damp "eather]& 2 , vomiting and ya"ning&
during menstrual cycle. .. (ysmenorrhoea& spasms commencing in stomach.
)' *enses too early, too copious& .. and too long-lasting. .. $rregular menses&
too often& too profuse, , colic. !limy mucus from vagina& viscous leucorrhoea.
7 Asthma and bronchitis, al"ays agg. at night on lying do"n. .. ?ery short, raised
r. side of thora% only, D8 in minute, could be heard at the very ape% of lung only.
.. 9ith bloody sputa.
.. 'loody& haemoptysis among sub3ects "eak and anaemic through privation of
all kinds, and dyspeptics.
4A 2 $ntercostal neuralgia e%tending to spine. )' .. Chest constantly so
oppressed that a "alk across room puts him out of breath& , enlarged spleen.
?iolent haemorrhage from lungs.
4A .. 'efore and after chill. #%cruciating neuralgia along spinal nerves. 'ack so
painful she can=t sleep& passes no urine. )' .. >erking in back and l. arm ,
vertigo, blackness before eyes and falling do"n.
!# Arms and legs feel as if asleep. 2 'ones cold as if made of ice. 4A 'one-pains
in limbs& 7 of a boring, digging character, esp. in r. tibia and os calcis, and in r.
upper and forearm bones. )' .. Caries or gangrene& pains agg. and amel.
periodically. Cold hands and feet, even in a "arm room.
!# )f s"elling [.. of hands and arms& apprehension so strong that she often
struck a light to ascertain "hether it "as so or not] and of parts going to sleep. 2 )f
heaviness& .. forearms and hands so heavy that he imagines he can=t lift them. 7
:ormication [.. and sensation as if gone to sleep] in ring and little fingers. )' ..
:ibrillar t"itching in muscles of l. upper arm.
!# .. Heavy feeling in thighs, they can hardly be carried for"ard. :eet feel heavy,
, "eariness. 4A .. !titches through knee during chill, coming and going suddenly.
'oring in r. os calcis "hen first moving foot& disappears from continued motion. )'
2 /lcer on heel.
0estless and "aking, as if hands and forearms "ere s"ollen and heavy. 7
0estless sleep, , freFuent "aking. .. (eep sleep during heat.
.. :rightful, screams out and can=t sleep again.
.. $ntermittent, from sleeping on a cold floor.
9ith pain in long bones, and feeling of stone in abdomen at same hour daily.
Chilly day and night& al"ays agg. during rain. 7 Chilliness predominates& no heat.
.. Cold all the time, can=t get "arm& chilly as if bones "ere made of ice, even
during summer& agg. during rain. CH$11 0#/0+! (A$1@ A !A*# H)/0 )0
#?#0@ )H#0 (A@ , !1##41#!!+#!!, '/ +#$H#0 H#A +)0 !9#A.
Chill returns after each cold or in rough "eather. Constant chilliness from being on
the "ater. Chill, preceded by stretching and ya"ning.
.. 1asting t"o hours. 4receded by vomiting. :ollo"ed by vomiting and great
prostration& lies as if dead& stinging in eyes.
.. +) !9#A.
9orse6 #;AC 4#0$)($C$@. (A*4+#!!. Cold. Cold bathing. (uring rains. .
1ate in afternoon. *idnight. 'etter6 !moking. )pen air. 4ressure. !ummer.
H *any symptoms amel. lying do"n. oothache agg. night after lying do"n. )n
lying in bed and touching bedclothes, "hether linen or "ool, has a chill. Chill not
amel. e%ternal "armth& no s"eat "ith fevers.
5 4ersons, hydrogenoid constitution, esp. the aged, "ho suffer from intermittents,
"here coldness prevails and "here neither heat nor s"eat follo"s, and "ho are
abnormally sensitive to rain, to cold and damp "eather and "ho dare not live near
"ater, lakes or rivers, or in damp chilly places.
Compare6 Ars., $p., *yg., +u%-v., arent. and her. [intermittents and bone
affections]& Cedr. [intermittents of hot climates& Aran. of cold climates chiefly]& 7
Arg-m.& Arn.& #ucal.& #up-p.& !ec.& . Aran-s.& Helo.& ela.
Antidote to6 Chin.& *erc.& Fuinine. Antidoted by6 smoking tobacco.
Aranea scinencia
A grey spider found in kentucky on old "alls. does not spin a "eb
Constant t"itching of lo"er eyelids. !leepiness. All symptoms agg. "arm room.
Compare6 !piders generally& Agar.& Apis, Carb-v., 4uls. and !ulph. [agg. "arm
Arbutus andrachne
!tra"berry tree
A remedy for ecBema , gouty and rheumatic symptoms. Arthritis& esp. larger
3oints. /rine rendered more clear. 1umbago. !ymptoms shift from skin to 3oints.
?esical symptoms.
Compare6 'ry.& Aalm.& 1ed.& . Arbin.
1appa arctium
[see lappa arctium]
Areca catechu
'etel nut
/seful in helminthiasis. $ts alkaloid, Areolin hydrobrom, contracts the pupils, acting
more promptly and energetically but of shorter duration than #serine. !erviceable
in glaucoma. Acts also as a salivatory like 4ilocarpin. Also increases the amplitude
of pulsations of the heart and promotes the contractibility of the intestines.
Argemone me%icana
4rickly poppy
Colicky cramp and spasm of bo"els. 4ainful neuromuscular conditions, preventing
sleep. 0heumatic disease , 'right=s disease.
4A hrobbing, in eyes and temples. )' Head hot.
)' hroat very dry, pain on s"allo"ing.
:ood , drink
+o appetite.
4A 2riping in pit. )' :eels sick, like vomiting. 'elching and passing gas.
)' 4asses less urine. Changing colour.
)' *enses suppressed. (iminished se%ual desire , "eakness.
)' 1eft knee stiff and painful. :eet s"ollen.
9orse6 . +oon ["eakness].
Argentum cyanatum
!ilver cyanide
Angina pectoris. Asthma. !pasm of oesophagus. 5 ?ery red face and tongue.
hroat burning, constricted and scraping. !uffocative attacks& short and difficult
breathing. Constant, dry, spasmodic cough& can articulate but one "ord at a time.
?iolent pain in suprasternal fossa and under manubrium sterni every time one
turns to one side. 9eakness. 4ainful cramps in feet.
Argentum metallicum
#maciation, a gradual drying up, desire for fresh air, dyspnoea, sensation of
e%pansion and left-sided pains are characteristic. he chief action is centred on the
articulations and their component elements, bones, cartilages, and ligaments. Here
the small bloodvessels become closed up or "ithered and carious affections result.
hey come on insidiously, lingering, but progress. he laryn% is also a special
centre for this drug. 2 Convulsive and spasmodic effects due to affection of
+#0?#!. !ecretions of mucous membranes are H$CA, grey or tenacious& or like
boiled starch. $t H$CA#+! the tissues, esp. cartilages, tarsi. 4ains gradually
increase, become violent then suddenly cease, agg. touch. 4ains , polyuria.
4ainless t"itching or electric shocks. 1oss of control over *$+( and body. Cramps
in muscles& limbs feel po"erless. 4ain in 3oints. 'ones& painful, tender. #%ostosis of
skull. $ll-effects of onanism and sunstroke. !ore ra"ness& 7 in internal organs. 1ies
do"n on account of ra"ness and "eakness. 7 1oss of po"er& unusual fatigue after
"alking. 9eakness in morning on "aking. he attacks recur every day at noon.
0estlessness at night. .8 4ains appear suddenly. .. !pasmodic, painful t"itching
of muscles on temple, forehead and throat, near thyroid cartilage. Convulsive
shocks of "hole body& after previous vertigo& mostly "hen dropping off to sleep,
preventing sleep. 9eary, forced to lie do"n and sleep. 4aralytic "eakness on
motion& bruised feeling. 1ame, "eakness "ith all pains.
Hurried feeling& times passes slo"ly& melancholy. 2 1oss of mental po"er.
:orgetful. Hasty& deceitful. alkative, or disinclined to talk in society [.. from ill-
humour]& changes sub3ects. 0estless an%iety, driving him from place to place. 'ars
out all sympathy for friends. akes on all sorts of "hims, often does strange and
unaccountable things. An%iety about health. 7 $ncreased cheerfulness and
disposition to talk the "hole time. J :ear of apople%y during palpitation. (elirium
after epilepsy. *#+A1 #;#0$)+ agg.. !tarting as if electric shocks through
body during sleep& "akening her. (esire to talk to someone. 1oFuacity in daytime.
Cheerful in daytime. .. (elusion as if head "ere falling out of bed, "hile
slumbering in bed, before midnight& follo"ed by a violent convulsive starting of
body. (elirious rage , 3umping about and striking those near, after epileptic attack.
Can=t occupy mind regularly, as imagination reproduces former e%citing events.
$magines things about the military "hich he never liked& long-forgotten old songs
come into his mind. 2reat inclination to talk& his mind is very clear and he argues
"ith great facility. $nclined to laughter and 3oking. 9hen contented, very merry& but
any trifle sets her to cry a long "hile. 2reat serenity, a heavenly sensation of
peace. An%iety, as if clothing got too tight, , feverish heat and languor, "hen
"alking in open air. *ental agitation G headache and indigestion.
9ith into%icated feeling, on looking at running "ater& 2 or entering "arm room [..
after a "alk]. 2 9hirling. E !udden, , misty vision. 7 9ith difficulty controlling his
senses. Cra"ling and "hirling in head, as if drunk. .. 4aro%ysmal& can=t think
rightly. 9hen reading.
!# Head feels empty, hollo"& .. , aching of "hole brain. 4A 'et"een l. eye and
frontal eminence. 7 4ressing, , dulness in forehead, "ith dra"ing pressure in
occiput and stupor. 4ressive, tearing, at temporal bones, agg. touch and pressure,
.. amel. open air. Aching, dra"ing, in l. temple. E Aching or pinching in temples. ..
1eft-sided, as if in brain substance& at first only slight dra"ing, gradually becoming
more violent& at its cumulation raging as if a nerve "as being torn, ceasing
suddenly. Aching of e%ternal parts of head. :rontal, of business men. (ull,
pressive, persistent, encircling calvarium like a "reath. )' !calp [.. at verte%] very
tender to touch. .. Congestion to head, follo"ed by redness of cheeks. 'ad effects
of sunstroke.
)' #yelids red and thick. 2 $tching in eyelids and canthi. Abundant purulent
discharge. 1achrymal stricture. #yelids and tarsi become thick. .. 1ids greatly
s"ollen. 4ustules along edges of lids. Any effort to separate lids G edges being
dra"n in. 1ids ra", sore, red, smarting. $tching in outer canthi.
.. ?anishing. Amaurosis of l. eye, contracted pupil, insensible to light.
!# .. 'uBBing, , ebullitions, heat and palpitation. 9hen che"ing, a cutting
sensation into eustachian tube to"ards parotid, as from a sharp acid. 4A 7
!titching, tearing, dra"ing. .. Cutting stitches from l. ear e%tending to brain. )' 2
$tching of ear lobes. $tching& has to scratch until it bleeds. E $tching in meatus.
!# .. hrobbing in l. nostril, tension in e%ternal skin, as if nasal bones "ere
compressed. )' #%hausting [2 fluent] coryBa, , sneeBing& 7 mornings. 2 #pista%is,
, [.. preceded by] tickling& agg. blo"ing nose. 7 ingling and itching in nose, then
bleeding. .. Affections of nasal cartilages.
!# .. As if l. cheek "ere larger. 4A 7 4ressing and tearing in facial bones&
dra"ing, tearing in r. Bygoma. )' 2 4ale, sallo", , "eakness. 0ed. !udden heat,
, palpitation. 7 !"elling of upper lip& .. close under nose. .. :ace stra"-coloured,
including lips. 4erceptible throbbing over "hole l. cheek, as if muscles "ould be
raised from mucous membrane, , feeling as if cheek "ere larger. 'urning itching
of face.
!# .. !cratching, in soft palate, as from something rough sticking there& felt most
during empty s"allo"ing, forcing him to s"allo" saliva. )' 7 (ryness in mouth&
fetid breath. ongue sore and burning vesicles. !ticky, tough saliva on palate G
scratching. .. !peech impeded by much viscid saliva in mouth.
)' .. eeth adhere together like from glue.
!# 2 :eels ra" and sore, during e%piration or "hen s"allo"ing or coughing& 7 not
on s"allo"ing& E more soreness on coughing than on s"allo"ing. ension in throat
agg. ya"ning& 7 painful tension in fauces [.. on r. side] as from s"elling "hen
ya"ning. :auces numb. )' 0a", ha"king grey, 3elly-like mucus, and throat sore
on coughing. 4rofuse and easy morning e%pectoration. 7 0egion of subma%illary
glands s"ollen& neck stiff& s"allo"ing difficult, as from internal s"elling& has to
force every mouthful do"n oesophagus. 9hen stooping or ascending stairs,
mucus rises in throat, "hich is e%pelled by a single cough. .. $tching cra"ling in
pharyngeal orifice of eustachian tube, e%tending to tympanum.
:ood , drink
2 Appetite increased or repugnance to all food. Hiccough on smoking. 1oud
croaking in abdomen, , hunger. E 2reat appetite or aversion to food, even thought
of it. 7 #%cessive appetite, even "hen stomach feels full. .. (esire for "ine. 1oss
of appetite , aversion to smoking. 9ant of thirst, even during hot stage of fever.
#pista%is after dinner. +auseous sensations , hunger. #%pansion and sensation of
fulness in epigastrium , hunger. #ating apples, small piece seemed to stick in
laryn%, leaving a spot "hich feels cool, irritates to cough, "hich doesn=t lessen the
sensation. !"eating during and after meals. (ry stool after dinner.
!# 2 An%iety and pressure in pit. 4A 2 'urning in stomach, e%tending to chest. )'
.. !Fueamish nausea in region of sternum , vertigo and burning in pit. 'itter, acrid
fluid rising up into throat& heartburn.
!# !ore feeling throughout abdomen [7 , uterine disease]& agg. 3arring. .. As of
pin-pricks in hypogastrium. 4A 2 4ainful soreness of abdomen agg. riding in a
carriage. E Cutting. 7 'ruised, over l. hip, and on "hole side of pelvis. .. Cutting
stitch under last l. ribs. 9ind colic. Cramps in groins. )' 2 ?omiting during stool. E
(istension& .. of hypogastrium, "hich "as e%ceedingly sensitive to touch.
Croaking like frogs, from flatulence. .. ympanitic s"elling of r. side of abdomen.
Abdomen sore to hard pressure& slo"ly amel. after passage of flatus. Contraction
and tension of abdominal muscles& has to "alk bent for"ard. ension in groins.
)' 7 :reFuent urging in lo"er part of rectum, , discharge of small Fuantities of
soft stool. .. Alvine evacuation irregular, often lienteric diarrhoea. (iarrhoea ,
constant pain in l. side of stomach. 4ainless stools of undigested food. !ore
bet"een nates, around anus and in groin, on moderate "alking.
)' (iuresis. /rine profuse, turbid, s"eetish odour. :reFuent urination , burning.
4olyuria. 2 (iabetes& if there is s"elling of ankles. Chronic urethritis. 7 /rine
profuse at night. .. Albuminuria.
4A Crushed, in testicles& 2 right testicle& clothing agg. pain "hen "alking& .. also
evenings in bed. )' !eminal emissions, "ithout se%ual e%citement, 2 and erection.
2 @ello"ish green discharge& 7 gonorrhoea, discharge of an indolent character from
the beginning. 7 !eminal emissions almost every night, "ithout erection, , atrophy
of penis& after onanism. Chronic gleet. .. 2reyish ulcers, "ith shaggy borders, at
prepuce& at same time in throat. $tching of scrotum.
!# )varies feel too large. 4A $n l. ovary. 'earing-do"n. )' 4rolapsus uteri& 2 ,
pain in l. ovary and lumbar region, e%tending to front and do"n"ards& 7 ,
leucorrhoea, yello", e%coriating, ichorous, of intolerable odour. #roded spongy
cervi%. 1eucorrhoea foul, e%coriating& 2 bloody "ater. 4alliative in scirrhus of
uterus. Climacteric haemorrhage& .. haemorrhages at approach of climacteric
period. /terine diseases , pain in 3oints and limbs. 2 )varian cysts, tumours.
4alpitation during pregnancy. H *etrorrhagia, large lumps "ith violent pains, agg.
every motion. .. *ucous membrane of vagina "rinkled by descent of uterus.
!# .. Cricoid cartilage as if bruised on slightest touch& feeling as if stopped up
"ith a foreign body. !mall piece seems to stick in laryn%, on eating apple. 4A 7
0a"ness and soreness in upper part of laryn%, "hen coughing, not "hen
s"allo"ing. .. (ull cutting rising in trachea, becomes shooting, G single coughs.
)' Hoarseness. Aphonia. otal loss of voice of professional singers, 7 speakers,
etc. )n reading aloud, must hem and ha"k. Alteration in timbre of voice. D
Hoarseness or aphonia, agg. using voice. .. Can=t speak a loud "ord& constant
tickling in throat, provoking cough. he sounds in singing came double.
.. 9ant of breath in diabetes.
:rom laughing& 7 laughing G mucus in laryn%, and e%cites cough. 7 A dull cutting
"hich becomes a stitch, in air-passages, from belo" up"ard, causing t"o or three
fits of coughing. !hort, rattling, in attacks, by day, not at night, nor in open air, ,
easy e%pectoration of "hite, thick mucus, like boiled starch.
#asy, looking like boiled starch& 2 grey and gelatinous. .. Almost constant, day
and evening. 9hite, thick, starchlike mucus, "ithout taste or smell.
!# )f ra" spot near suprasternal fossa& agg. use of voice. 4A $n l. lo"er ribs& 2
neuralgic pain along entire border of l. lo"er rib. E !titches in r. side [.. r. chest],
from "ithin out"ard, arresting breathing& .. can neither inhale nor e%hale "ithout
feeling it. .. 4ressing out, belo" second and third rib, on deep inhalation. Cutting,
l. side, in cartilages of false ribs. )' 2reat "eakness of chest& agg. l. side& stitches
in chest impeding breathing, "hile reading aloud or talking. 2 'oil near last rib. ..
Chest sore to touch. Affections of cartilages of ribs.
!# .. As if heart suddenly "ere standing still, follo"ed by a trembling at heart,
gradually passing into an irregular throbbing. :ull feeling in region of heart. 4A ..
)ppressive burning in region of heart. )' 2 4alpitation , cardiac unrest, amel.
lying on l. side. 4alpitation during pregnancy& amel. deep inhalations. 4ulse
intermittent and very irregular, during palpitation. 7 :reFuent, spasmodic, though
painless, t"itching of "hole cardiac muscle, esp. "hen lying on back& .. fears
apople%y. .8 4A14$A$)+, agg. sudden e%ertion, amel. !$2H$+2. .. 4alpitation
at night. :reFuent palpitation , or "ithout an%iety.
!# .. )n r. of pelvis, near sacrum, skin feels cold as if touched "ith ice& returns
after eating. As if lumbar region had been knocked a"ay. 4A !evere backache&
must "alk bent& , oppression of chest. .. !terno-cleido-mastoid muscles hurt
"hen stretched by turning of head. (ull stitches in second lumbar vertebra.
'ruised, in lumbar region, loins and neck, agg. motion& mornings on a"aking.
?iolent, deep in l. lumbo-sacral region, as if sprained& unendurable on adduction of
l. thigh, compelling to limp. )' .. $tching bet"een scapulae.
!# 2 1imbs feel numb or stiff. 7 )f soreness in 3oints, esp. of hands and feet,
fingers and toes. 4A - 'oring in 3oints. 5 0heumatic, in limbs and back, agg. sitting,
amel. lying do"n. 7 enderness& tearing pressure and pain in bones& .. gna"ing,
esp. in long bones and in those of face. )' 0heumatic affections of 3oints, esp.
elbo"s and knees& .. "ithout s"elling, , burning, lancinating pains, like from the
sting of a "asp.
!# 2 Arms [.. upper arms] feel po"erless& .. as after severe labour. 4A 7
(ra"ing in anterior surface of r. upper arm "hen at rest. 4aralytic dra"ing on
outside of l. arm, , bruised feeling on pressure. .. earing in bones of arms, esp.
of hands and fingers. )' $nvoluntary contractions of fingers, partial paralysis of
forearm& "riter=s cramp.
!# 2 Calves feel as if too short on going do"n stairs. 7 4ainful tension in
trochanters and buttocks, as if sprained, , bruised pain on pressure. .. 9eariness
about hip-3oints, agg. "alking& feel bruised on hard pressure after rising. 1eft knee
as if beaten and out of 3oint. 9hen stepping, feet feel sore, as if ulcerated. $nside of
thigh as if ulcerated. Heels as if numb. 4A 'urning in corns. E !titches in hips on
"alking. 'ruised, in knees "hile sitting. 7 'ruised, on l. internal malleolus. earing
in feet, at times in soles, dorsum, heels or toes& in tarsal and metatarsal bones. ..
:rom time to time crampy pain in thighs. 'urning of hands. )' 1egs "eak and
trembling, agg. descending stairs& .. agg. in morning after rising. !"elling of
ankles& 2 , diabetes. .. Anees knock together "hile "alking. !tiffness in hips in
morning. 1oss of po"er& after "alking, unusual fatigue. 1eft leg stiff and
immovable, as if asleep& , palpitation. :eet oedematous, s"ollen.
2 #lectric shocks on dropping to sleep. E 0estless nights. .. @a"ning, dro"siness&
depressed in mind. )n a"aking6 fatigue& upper arms "eak, legs po"erless.
2 +ausea in dreams. .. An%ious, frightful, on a"aking believes them true.
An%ious, , screaming, palpitation.
Hectic, at noon.
E $n bed, from slightest lifting of covers. .. !preading from back. Coldness on
small spots.
E 2eneral, e%cept of head.
2 )nly on abdomen and chest. .. (uring and after meals. After midnight.
2 +ervous itching, cra"ling, tickling on various parts. E !ore, burning, itching [..
as from fleas] here and there. .. $tching unchanged by scratching. !ore
e%anthemata, can=t bear to have them touched, even motion of skin is almost
9orse6 /sing voice. *ental strain. !peaking, singing. +oon. Cold damp. D to 5
p.m. ouch, pressure. 0iding in carriage. 1ying on back. !itting. !tooping. #ntering
"arm room. !un. 'etter6 *otion. Coffee. 9rapping up. . )pen air. At night "hen
lying do"n [cough& opposite Hyos.].
H *etrorrhagia, large lumps "ith violent pains, agg. every motion. Arg-m. acts
more on the left side than the right. !ymptoms agg. sleep& nausea in dreams&
seminal emissions. )n "aking, limbs po"erless. 4rofuse urine agg. night. Chills
before midnight agg. uncovering.
2 all, thin, irritable people. $n the mental sphere it affects the intellect more than
the affections. 5 9omen suffering from uterine affections, , pain in 3oints and
Compare6 4all. [ovaries& 4all. r. ovary, Arg-m. l.]& !tann. [cough e%cited by
laughing]& Iinc. [itching in canthi& Iinc. more in inner canthi and acts more on
muscular system and skin]& 2 Calc.& 4uls.& !ep.& 7 Agar.& Alum.& Asaf.& Chin.& Chin-
s.& :err.& 2els.& Hep.& 1yc.& *erc.& +it-ac.& 4lat.& - 4hos.& . Ampe-Fu. [chronic
hoarseness in scrofulous patients]& !el.& 5 4hyt. [Arg-m. cartilages& 4hyt. tendons
"here they attach to the bone]. :ollo"s "ell6 Alum.& 4lat. :ollo"ed "ell by6 Calc.&
4uls.& !ep. Antidoted by6 *erc.& 4uls. [an occasional dose of 4uls. favours action of
Arg-n. in ophthalmia]. Antidote to6 *ercury.
este classes Arg-m. "ith *erc. and "ith Ars.
)nanism. !unstroke.
Argentum muriaticum
Chloride of silver
Characteristics -5 4ressing pain in forehead, agg. stooping, amel. coughing.
(ra"ing pain in skin of l. temple as of contraction. earing in r. upper 3a" and r.
eyelid, , stitches. ?iolent urging to pass urine "hich must be attended to
immediately. (ra"ing in skin on outer side of l. thigh and inner condyle of r. elbo".
'oring in outside of r. ankle and side of r. foot. earing in l. thumb and hand.
Argentum nitricum
+itrate of silver
$n this drug the neurotic effects are very marked, many brain and spinal symptoms
presenting themselves that provide certain indications for its homKopathic
employment. !ymptoms of incoordination, loss of control and "ant of balance
every"here, mentally and physically& trembling in affected parts. $s an irritant of
mucous membranes, producing violent inflammations of the throat and a marked
gastroenteritis. ?ery characteristic is the great desire for s"eets, the splinter-like
pains and free muco-purulent discharge in the inflamed and ulcerated mucous
membranes. !ensation as if a part "ere e%panding and other errors of perception
are characteristic. 9ithered up and dried constitutions present a favourable field for
its action, esp. "hen associated "ith unusual or long-continued mental e%ertion.
Head symptoms often determine the choice of this remedy. 4ains increase and
decrease gradually& .. or increase and decrease Fuickly& moral and nervous
disturbances come on in Fuite regular paro%ysms. :latulent state and prematurely
aged look. #%plosive belching, esp. in neurotics. /pper abdominal affections
brought on by undue mental e%ertion. 4araplegia, myelitis and disseminated
sclerosis of brain and cord. $ntolerance of heat. !ensation of a sudden pinch.
[(udgeon]. (estroys red blood corpuscles, G anaemia. 2 Hysterical nervous
persons. #maciation is progressive& - progressing each year& most marked in the
lo"er limbs& marasmus. Ascending paralysis. 4arts seem #+1A02#( or bound
up. ?$)1#+ 4A$+! 1$A# (##41@ !$CA$+2 !41$+#0!& or sharp, shooting
like lightning, grinding or radiating& cause starting& e%tending do"n back or legs.
/lceration, , much bloody yello" pus. $t is a convulsive remedy& attacks of
epilepsy& from fright, agg. during menses, at night& pupils are al"ays dilated for a
day or t"o before the attack, and follo"ed by restlessness and trembling of hands.
4eriodical trembling of the body. 1oss of voluntary motion. !inking do"n"ard from
head. $ll-effects of eating ice cream, onanism and venery& tobacco. !ymptoms
appear on l. side. *ental symptoms , digestive symptoms. /nable to "alk "ith
closed eyes. #%amination funk. (esire to talk. 5 Head and nervous troubles ,
photophobia. 7 remulous "eakness , general debility& .. so "eak, must lie do"n&
then becomes apathetic, , ya"ning& cold shuddering. 4araplegia from debilitating
causes. .8 9A0*-'1))(#(& strong craving for fresh air. .. 'one affections& esp.
caries of little bones.
hinks that all his undertakings "ill and must fail. :aintish and tremulous. :earful
and nervous& impulse to 3ump out of "indo". *elancholic& apprehensive of serious
disease. ime passes too slo"ly [Cann-i.]. *emory "eak. #rrors of perception.
$mpulsive& "ants to do things in a hurry [1il-t.]. 4eculiar mental impulses. :ears and
an%ieties& hidden irrational motives for action. 2 ormented by strange ideas and
emotions. (reads ordeals& e%amination funk. :ear of impending evil, of cro"ds,
passing a certain point, of high buildings, of dark. Hesitates. :alters& in speech& in
gait& erections, etc. 1oss of ambition. $mpulse to 3ump "hen crossing a bridge.
'rain fag. ime seems short, "ants to do things in a hurry, must "alk fast, etc.
9eeps, says he is lost beyond hope& .. assures every one that no one can delude
him in that respect and that no one can reason him out of it. #verything seems
changed. $rrational& does strange things and comes to strange conclusions& does
foolish things. $ncoherence. Childish talk. alks about his suffering. 0emains in
bed, , trifling indisposition. D +ervous, impulsive and hurried, yet timid and
an%ious. - Apprehensive of some incurable disease. 5 +ervous, esp. around ..
a.m. 7 Apprehension "hen ready to go to church or opera, G diarrhoea. +ightly
nervousness, , heat and fulness in head. J )'!$+A#& A2A$+! 9HA#?#0
9A! 40)4)!#(, H# HA( H# L/##0#! )'>#C$)+. 9alks rapidly from
an%iety. (#1/!$)+ H# $! (#!4$!#(. :orsaken feeling& on "aking& sensation of
isolation. :ear of losing self-control. $+($::#0#+C# 9H$1# $+ C)*4A+@.
!peech& childish& incoherent& slo". (esire to talk to someone& .. often a"akes his
"ife or child to have some one to talk to. alks of one sub3ect. .8 1ot of 4H)'$A!&
fear in a cro"d& fear in the street& fear of narro" places& fear of heights& fear of
fainting& fear of being too late& fear of failing. .. 1oses his memory& freFuently can=t
find the right "ord, hence falters in speech& lies "ith closed eyes, shunning light
and conversation. hinks about killing himself. 0eserved& sad& taciturn, , dulness
of head and beating in "hole body. :eeling as if a cloud hung over him, , great
depression& usually , sighing respiration, agg. in a close room. $n conversation,
forgetting "hat he "anted to say, he looked around as if e%pecting some one to
help him out. A"ful faces appear on closing eyes. :reFuently settled upon time he
should die. $f a time is set, becomes uneasy the day before& is "orried and ready
long before the time. :reFuently remains in bed on slightest prete%t of being
Cindisposed.C ?ery irritable "hen nervous. !ometimes nerves got so unstrung that
he "as in a frenBy of e%citement& "hen seiBed "ith these attacks did not desire to
move or talk, but al"ays sought a chair and stubbornly stuck to it.
9ith buBBing in ears and nervous affections. 2 'efore epilepsy& agg. night, ,
transient blindness, agg. closing eyes. - As if turning in a circle, , headache. 7
9ith general debility of limbs and trembling. .. 9ith dulness of head, mental
confusion and tendency to fall side"ays. 9hen "alking "ith eyes closed, "hich
alarms him& staggers "hen "alking in the dark, has to seiBe hold of things. 9ith
cerebral congestion. At sight of high houses& feels as if they "ould fall on him.
!taggering on stooping "hile "alking.
!# As if e%panded. 'ones of head feel as if separated, during migraine. 2 Head as
if in a vice. E )ne side of head feels enlarged. 7 4ainful fulness and heaviness in
head , inability to recollect. $tching, creeping, cra"ling, as from vermin, roots of
hair feel as if pulled up"ard& .. has to scratch all the time. .. !calp as if dra"n
tight& , cold feeling in eyes. As if a small spot at forehead "ere daily contracting
and getting smaller& thinks as soon as it is dra"n together he "ill be craBy. 4A 9ith
coldness and trembling. #motional disturbances G appearance of migraine attacks.
:rom mental e%ertion, from dancing. Aching in frontal eminence, , enlarged feeling
in corresponding eye. 'oring, amel. tight bandaging and pressure& - even "earing
of tight hat amel.. 2 Compressive or deep, loses his senses. #nding in vomiting. )f
hysterical young "omen& of delicate literary persons. D 'oring in l. frontal
eminence& .. agg. at night in "arm bed. 7 )pen air agg.. (ra"ing in bands over
surface of brain, apparently in membranes or sinuses. (igging, cutting, through l.
hemisphere, occiput e%tending to frontal protuberance, recurs freFuently, agg. and
amel. rapidly. Almost constant boring, cutting in bones of forehead, verte%, temples
and face. .8 !udden. .. 4ressing, sometimes on verte%, sometimes l. frontal bone,
amel. pressure or tight bandaging& agg. any e%haustive mental labour& letters
"ould then run together. ?iolent pressure in forehead commencing over eyes,
e%tending to up"ards to coronal suture& in morning. *igraine& pressive, scre"ing,
throbbing, in one frontal protuberance, temple or into bones of face& at its height
trembling of "hole body, intense nausea, "hich ends in "atery, bilious vomit& lies
senseless, eyes closed, shuns light and conversation. 'urning in scalp. :rontal,
during indigestion. (ull, pressive, persistent, encircling calvarium like a "reath.
9henever rising early in morning. *igraine follo"ed by debility. Congestive, during
clima%is. )' 'rain fag, , general debility and trembling. $tching of scalp& 2
cra"ling. - #;C#!!$?# C)+2#!$)+ ) H#A(, , H0)''$+2 CA0)$(!,
)'1$2$+2 )+# ) 1))!#+ C0A?A. 7 Congestion , throbbing of carotids,
heaviness and stupefying dulness in head, melancholy, "eakness of mind and
inability to e%press himself suitably and coherently. .. Herpetic eruption on occiput.
Head symptoms are concomitant of all other diseases.
!# Aching, tired feeling in eyes, amel. closing or pressing upon them. 2 'alls feel
big. .. )f fulness, dryness and heat, esp. on moving eyeball, "hich is sensitive to
touch. )f coldness in eye. 1eft upper eyelid as if further over ball than right. 4A ..
!hooting, itching, biting, in r. eye. )' $nner canthi s"ollen and red. 4hotophobia in
"arm room. 4urulent ophthalmia& 7 esp. in ne"born infants. 2reat s"elling of
con3unctiva& discharge abundant and purulent. Chronic ulceration of margin of lids&
sore, thick, s"ollen. /nable to keep eyes fi%ed steadily. #ye-strain from se"ing&
agg. "arm room. /seful in restoring po"er to "eakened ciliary muscles. 4aretic
condition of ciliary muscle. Acute granular con3unctivitis. Cornea opaFue. /lcer of
cornea. Carunculae s"ollen& 7 standing out like a lump of red flesh& clusters of
intensely red vessels e%tend from inner canthus to cornea. 2 'lepharitis& thick
crusts on eyelids. 4upils dilated. Chemosis. #ye symptoms [5 sight] agg. "ith
abdominal symptoms. 4terygium of pink colour. E #yeballs unsteady from lack of
muscular tone. Asthenopia from muscular paresis, esp. from lack of po"er of
accommodation. 7 )phthalmia, intense pains& agg. "arm room, amel. cool open
air. Ciliary blepharitis from being over a fire& amel. cold air and cold applications&
ectropion. .. )edema of lids. +on-e%coriating lachrymation. 4rofuse mucous
discharge in morning on "aking, , dulness of head, esp. in forehead and root of
!pots. 'lurred. (istorted. 7 2rey spots and serpent-like bodies moving before
eyes. ?anishing& must constantly "ipe a"ay mucus. .. :arsighted. 4aralysis of
accommodation from errors of refraction& glasses failing. *isty, or diplopia, from
rush of blood to head. !ight agg. by candlelight than by daylight. A cloud
continually over l. eye in t"ilight and cloudy "eather. 'lack motes, esp. before r.
eye. (im, on thinking intently, , headache.
!# 2 'uBBing, , vertigo. 0inging, , deafness. 7 9hiBBing in l. ear, , feeling of
obstruction and hard hearing. .. :ulness and ringing. 4A .. earing in ears.
!titches from r. e%tending to l. ear, , congestion to head.
!# .. !mell as of pus before nose& small ulcers in nares. +asal bones painful as if
bruised. )' 1oss of smell. /lcers on septum. CoryBa, , chilliness, lachrymation
and headache. $tching. 2 ?iolent itching, rubs it. 7 (ischarge of "hitish pus, "ith
clots of blood. CoryBa, , stupefying headache over eyes& has to lie do"n&
sneeBing& sickly look. .. +asal discharge like boiled starch. #pista%is during
4A 7 $nfraorbital neuralgia, l. side& E boring pain [usually]. .. 4rosopalgia, almost
taking a"ay eyesight. )' !unken, old, pale and bluish. )ld man=s look& tight
dra"ing of skin over bones. 2 1ips tremble "hile speaking. 1ips blue. 7 :ace
yello", dirty looking. .. Circumscribed red cheeks. 1eft side s"ollen, , great heat
and burning& lips much s"ollen. Hard, pale blotches on vermillion border of upper
lip, sore to touch. (rops of s"eat on face. rismus& can only s"allo" liFuids. 1ips
dry and viscid, "ithout thirst.
!# aste coppery, like ink. 2 Astringent, sour or bitter-sour taste. .. !our taste
during attack of prosopalgia. )' ongue has prominent papillae& tip is red and
painful. Canker sores. 2 ongue furred , clean edges. Aphthae [D dry] on edges of
tongue. Can=t talk& spasm of muscles of tongue and throat. !tammering. 7 0ed
streak do"n middle of tongue. :oetor from mouth [.. morning]& ptyalism. ongue is
remarkably dry, , violent thirst. .. ongue dry, hard as a chip, and black like the
teeth. ongue coated "hite& yello" "hite. ough mucus in mouth.
4A $n sound teeth. .. 2rumbling, digging, as if becoming carious. )' 2ums
tender, bleed easily& 7 but neither painful nor s"ollen. .. Chronic irritation of gums.
!# As of a splinter in throat on s"allo"ing& 2 breathing or moving neck, amel. cool
drinks. !trangulated feeling. 4A 7 4aro%ysms of cramp in oesophagus. )' *uch
thick mucus in throat and mouth, G ha"king. 0a", rough and sore. (ark redness of
throat& 7 and uvula. 7 'urning and dryness in fauces and pharyn%. .. 9art-like
e%crescences feel like pointed bodies "hen s"allo"ing. !"allo"ing difficult.
Chronic induration of tonsils.
:ood , drink
2reat craving for s"eets& D craves sugar "hich agg.. (esire for cheese and salt&
.8 ice cream& fat and s"eets& ')H !A1 A+( !9##!. Catarrh of throat of
smokers, , tickling as of a hair in throat& 7 G cough, amel. again from smoking.
(iarrhoea immediately after eating or drinking. :luids go right through him& after
s"eets& .. diarrhoea as soon as he drinks. 2 1oss of appetite. Appetite good, but
every kind of food disagrees. oothache agg. che"ing& cold things& sour things.
:ood lodges in pharyn%. 4ain in stomach agg. cold food. #ating amel. nausea but
agg. stomach pain. !our things amel. nausea. (iarrhoea of children, after "eaning.
Cough agg. smoking. 7 +ausea after each meal, esp. after dinner. ?iolent pain in
stomach, griping and burning, after ice cream or food. .8 :latulence, agg. sugar.
.. 0efused food, saying one "ho doesn=t "ork should not eat& but driven by
hunger he tried to secretly procure it. Attacks of an%iety, , "eakness in legs,
commencing on about .. a.m. , amel. drinking a little "hiskey. *elancholia after a
hearty meal, esp. after liFuid food. 1oss of appetite from pain. 0efuses drink unless
it is s"eetened, yet thirsty. hirst, , dryness of tongue. Craves plum sauce. ?ertigo
agg. coffee, amel. dinner and "ine. :ood escapes from mouth during che"ing.
+ausea agg. smell of coffee. 4ains in stomach agg. cold drinks, amel. "arm drinks.
!tomach feels rela%ed, after "arm drinks, sour things, or smoking& amel. alcohol.
:latulence immediately after eating. (rinking G dyspnoea. (ead pain in lo"er part
of l. chest, l. side, coming on after eating& gastric ulcer. 4ain in chest and bet"een
scapulae, half an hour after eating, lasting t"o or three hours. ?ery heavy meals
bring on epileptiform convulsions.
!# 7 As if stomach "ould burst after ya"ning, , sensation of spasmodic closure
of oesophagus, hence ineffectual efforts to eructate& becomes strangulated, face
purple, almost unconscious, amel. empty eructations. A"akens at midnight "ith
oppression at stomach, as from a heavy lump, inducing vomiting& in morning
thro"s up glairy mucus, "hich can be dra"n into strings& during afternoon desire to
vomit, tremulous "eakness, and a sensation as if head "ere in a vice. .. As if
stomach "ould burst "ith "ind. As if stomach and oesophagus "ere filled "ith
food& food oppresses, like a "eight. 2na"ing at stomach& a sort of hunger "ith
nausea& like something pulling and as of a "eight. 0ela%ed feeling at pit, agg. "et
"eather. 4A 2astralgia at beginning [2 before] of menses. 4ainful spot over
stomach that radiates to all parts of abdomen& 2 agg. slightest pressure. 2na"ing,
ulcerating& burning and constriction. - !evere gastralgia, pains radiate from
stomach in all directions& amel. hard pressure and bending double& pains often
agg. gradually and amel. gradually, as under !tann.& vomiting of glairy mucus
amel.. E $n pit, e%tending to around sides or into chest. 'urning, in pit, amel.
eructations. 5 2astralgia that threatens to develop cancer. 7 !tinging, ulcerative, in
l. side of stomach, agg. touch and deep inspiration. .. 0egularly to"ards midnight,
attacks of pain preceded by vomiting of slimy and bilious fluid. Constant dra"ing
and gna"ing, increasing daily to violent attacks, ending in vomiting of clear, saltish
"ater. !titches in stomach , short breathing. 2astralgia, pain e%tending to sacrum.
)' 'elching accompanies most gastric ailments. +ausea, retching, vomiting of
glairy mucus. :latulence& painful s"elling of pit, 7 , great an%iety. $neffectual effort
at eructation. hrobbing and trembling in stomach& .. "eakness at pit. #normous
distension. /lceration of stomach, , radiating pain& 2 agg. cold food. 2 9ind
presses up"ard but oesophagus seems spasmodically closed. 1oud, e%plosive
belching discharged up"ard and do"n"ard. Astringent, sour or bitter-sour
vomiting. ?omited substances tinge bedding black. - ?omiting , diarrhoea and
violent colicky pains. 5 #ructations& paro%ysms preceded by ya"ning and follo"ed
by e%haustion and deep sleep. /nrivalled for the gastritis of drunkards. !tomach
troubles from prolonged mental e%ertion. !tomach ulcer, pain e%tending to chest
and shoulders and do"n to abdomen. 7 $nflammation of stomach& gastroenteritis.
.. 'elching difficult, finally air rushes out "ith great violence. asteless or sour
eructations. (eathly nausea during headache, not amel. after vomiting. #ructation
amel.. !tomach becomes s"ollen during pain in stomach.
!# 2 :1A/1#+C#& G bursting sensation in abdomen. .. ension as from a band,
in hypochondria. ension of abdomen, can=t bear to be touched. Constriction in
bo"els, as if tightly tied "ith a band. 4A Colic, , much flatulent distension.
!titching, ulcerative, belo" short ribs, l. side. E :latulent, often sharp, follo"ed by
evacuations of gas and green, fetid mucus. 7 !titches dart through abdomen like
electric shocks on l. side, esp. "hen changing from rest to motion. $n
hypochondria. .. 'earing do"n in hypogastrium. Cutting, , loud rumbling. )' 7
(istension, fulness and heaviness, , an%iety. $ntolerance of corset around
hypochondria. .8 :latulence, agg. morning on "aking. .. 0egion of liver sensitive
to pressure& periodic attacks of pain about liver and navel, , nausea, retching and
vomiting of tough phlegm. !pasms of diaphragm. 0umbling, gurgling& "ind can=t
pass. /pper abdominal "alls dra"n in during inspiration, e%pand during e%piration&
effort to breathe deeply takes a"ay breath at once. !"elling and distension pass
a"ay suddenly.
4A .. Haemorrhoidal colic in morning, during cold, misty "eather.
)' !tool "atery, noisy, flatulent& green, like chopped spinach, , shreddy mucus
and enormous distension of abdomen& very offensive. 1ooseness after any
emotion [.. after e%alted imagination], , flatulence. $tching of anus. 2 !hivering,
through bo"els& e%tending to up back. Constipation& agg. every complaint& <
diarrhoea& .. stools very dry. E (iarrhoea, chronic, resulting from emotional
disturbances. 7 !tools greenish, very fetid mucus, , noisy flatus, at night& green
mucus , retching and vomiting of mucus& scanty and "atery, , flatulent colic at
night& , severe bearing do"n in hypogastrium& advanced dysentery [.. masses of
epithelium connected by muco-lymph], , suspected ulceration. .8 (iarrhoea from
anticipation. .. !tools6 green, bro"n, bloody, fetid mucus, agg. after midnight&
green, "atery, , sour taste in mouth& bright yello", thin, fetid. Croupous
inflammation of rectum& thin, unshapely strips pass in masses, , burning,
constriction and sore pain in l. side of abdomen. !tool and urine pass involuntary.
aenia or thread"orms& the latter, esp., , much itching at anus.
!# 2 /rethra as if put on stretch or sensitive at orifice, during coition. .. /rethra
feels as if s"ollen, , feeling as if last drops remain behind. /lcerative pain in
middle of urethra, as from a splinter. 4A 2 ?iolent, from kidney e%tending to
bladder, agg. touch, motion, deep inspiration. Cutting in urethra, , painful erection.
7 'urning during and after micturition& urethra feels sore, as if s"ollen [- "ith
difficulty in passing last part of urine]. !titches in e%tremity of urethra& cutting from
posterior part of urethra to anus, "hen emitting last drop of urine. )' /rine passes
unconsciously [.. and uninterruptedly], day and night. /rethra inflamed, , pain,
burning, itching& pain as from a splinter. /rine scanty and dark& 2 highly coloured,
dark red& "ith albumin. #mission of a fe" drops after having finished. (ivided
stream. #arly stage of gonorrhoea& profuse discharge and terrible cutting pains&
bloody urine. 2 /rging to urinate, urine passes less easily and freely. 0etention of
urine. - !ugar in urine. 7 $nability to pass urine in a pro3ecting stream. !canty
emission of concentrated urine, "ith disappearance of uric acid. )oBing of mucus
from urethra& thick, "hite at night. /rethritis , pain, increased gonorrhoea,
priapism, dysuria, bloody urine and fever. .. ouching region of kidneys increases
pain to highest degree. !tream of urine spreads asunder. /rging to urinate, agg.
obstruction of bo"els. 9hen going to have a stool, urine passes first, then faeces
4A 7 4ainful tension during erection, chordee, bleeding from urethra and shooting
in urethra from behind for"ard. .. Contusive, , enlargement and hardening of r.
testicle. )' $mpotence& .8 agg. thinking of it. #rection fails "hen coition is
attempted. Chancre-like ulcers& 2 on prepuce. (esire "anting& .. organs
shrivelled. Coition painful. 2 estes dra"n up high. 7 /lcers on prepuce& small,
covered "ith pus& later, spreading, bo"l-shaped, "ith tallo"-like coating.
)' )rgasms at night. 1eucorrhoea profuse, , erosion of cervi%, bleeding easily.
/terine haemorrhage, t"o "eeks after menses. 4ainful affections of l. ovary. 2
Coition painful, follo"ed by bleeding. 4rolapsus, , ulceration of os or cervi% uteri.
*etrorrhagia, , nervous erethism at change of life& also of young "ido"s and
childless "omen [- sterility]& .. returns in attacks& region of ovaries painful, , pain
radiating to sacrum and thighs. *enses& irregular, too soon, too late, [.. too
copious] or last one day only& .. but al"ays "ith thick, coagulated blood. *enses
scanty, , dyspnoea. $nfants die early after delivery& .. have marasmus. 7 (uring
pregnancy, stomach as if "ould burst "ith "ind& head feels e%panded& .. pain in
back and lo"er ribs. .8 *#0)00HA2$A A:#0 C)$$)+. .. 1eucorrhoea
mucous, bloody, corroding, yello" and profuse. *enses , headache, cutting in
lumbar region and groin& at night tormenting pressure in precordia& internal
trembling in epigastrium. (isposition to abortion. !ore nipples from nursing.
4uerperal convulsions& spasms preceded by a sensation of general e%pansion,
mostly of face and head. 'leeding ulcers, the haemorrhages being of short
duration. $tching of skin and flushes of heat during clima%is.
4A 2 0a"ness, soreness, high up in trachea agg. coughing. 7 $nternal soreness of
laryn% and pit of throat, agg. morning. )' Chronic hoarseness. 2 Chronic laryngitis
of singers, raising voice G cough. 1oss of voice. .. *ucus in laryn% G rattling,
"histling respiration until removed in small lumps by cough.
(yspnoea& D nervous or flatulent, agg. gastric pains. *any people in a room seem
to take a"ay his breath. 2 (esire to take deep breath "hich agg. dyspnoea.
Craves fresh air. Asthma& agg. summer, cold "eather or taking cold. .. Asthmatic
attacks from motion, going up stairs or bodily e%ertion& , congested face and
palpitation. Asthma , heaviness in occiput. !hort breathed, , deep sighs& much
oppression& violent attacks of dry, spasmodic asthma, forcing him to rise and "alk
about. $mpeded by even a handkerchief before nose& drinking suffocates& can=t talk&
agony, thinks of killing himself& from spasms of respiratory muscles in cholera.
Abdominal. Can breathe deeply, but can=t retain breath long. 4anting, Fuick,
High notes G cough. !uffocative, as if from a hair in throat. 2 agg. 1aughing,
stooping, ascending stairs, before menses. 7 !uffocative, at noon. $n evening, agg.
tobacco smoke. .. 9hen angered. $rritating, tormenting evening and night.
4aro%ysmal, brought on by mucus in laryn%& irritation under sternum. Catarrh at
first dry, later loose, , rattling cough, profuse s"eat, sickly look, hollo" eyes,
restless sleep& e%pectoration yello". 'elching or straining to vomit, during attack of
7 4urulent, mi%ed "ith light blood.
!# 2 As if "eight of stone in middle of sternum. .. )f "armth bet"een scapulae
and sternum, gradually changing into pressure in epigastric region. Chest as if
ligated "ith cords, in morning. As of a bar of iron around chest. As if something
must give "ay in chest. 4A 4ainful spots in chest. 2 4ain in chest on putting boots
on. 7 'urning in chest& heaviness. .. !titches in chest "hen angered. !titching, in
region of fifth rib, l. side, , freFuent blood spitting. 'ursting, after going up stairs&
has to press "ith both hands. Aching, tensive, in chest in various places of siBe of
half dollar. ?iolent, in muscles of chest. !evere cramps or spasms of chest, coming
"ith a sudden, violent piercing in chest, pulse stopped, hands and face icy cold& in
a fe" moments face pulse began to rise, face became red, she cried out violently
several times, and had such a "orking and rumbling in her chest as if something
must give "ay& tumult gradually subsided, a profuse, "arm s"eat set in, she fell
asleep, and nothing remained but great e%haustion.
!# 2 /npleasant sensation of fulness around heart amel. fresh open air. ..
'urning feeling in region of heart. As if heart "ould stop beating, "hen sitting
Fuietly. Heart beats like a sudden falling from above to"ards middle, , bursting
feeling in upper chest. 4A .. About heart, can hardly breathe& choking. )' Angina
pectoris, nightly aggravation. 4alpitation, pulse intermittent and irregular& agg. lying
on r. side [Alumn.]. 2 An%iety, , palpitation and throbbing throughout "hole body.
4alpitation& , nausea, agg. lying on r. side, riding in car& amel. pressing "ith hand&
.. must get out of "agon and "alk, and that really fast. 5 )rganic heart troubles of
business men, students and brain "orkers. 7 Heart=s action irregular, intermittent, ,
unpleasant sensation of fulness& agg. "hen noticing it, amel. motion in open air.
?iolent palpitation from sudden muscular e%ertion or [.. slightest] e%citement.
!# E Heaviness in sacrum, as before menses. 4aralytic& must stretch and "alk. 7
Heaviness in os sacrum, e%tending to along pelvis "ith painful dra"ing. Heaviness,
, paralytic sensation, preventing long sitting, and obliging him, "hen "alking, to
stretch the dorsal spine. .. 9eakness in sacro-iliac symphysis as if bones "ere
loose. )f "eight in lo"er part of sacrum and coccy%, amel. standing, agg. sitting
and "ith stool. 4A 2 $n lumbar region agg. rising from sitting, amel. standing or
"alking. hrobbing in spine or "eak spine. 7 4ressure in back at night. .. $n back
and lo"er ribs during pregnancy. At night, , great "eakness of legs. ensive,
sFueeBing. )' !pine sensitive , nocturnal pains [)%-ac.]& paraplegia& posterior
spinal sclerosis. 2 2lands of neck indurated.
)' rembling , general debility. 4aralysis, , mental and abdominal symptoms.
4ost-diphtheritic paralysis [after 2els.]. 2 Chorea-like convulsions& legs dra"n up,
arms 3erked out"ards and up"ards. 4eripheral neuralgias. .. (uring day,
tormented "ith formication of arms and legs.
!# +umbness of arms. 2 +umbness of fingertips& [.. left] ring and little fingers
insensible. 1assitude and "eariness in forearms and legs, , trembling. ..
Heaviness of l. arm. 4A .. 4aralytic dra"ing, in r. arm. +ightly boring, in ulna. )' 2
rembling of hands, can=t "rite. .. 4imple on hand near "rist, feels as if a splinter
"as in it. !pasmodic contraction of abductors of fingers, can hardly separate them&
fingers half clenched. +ails blue.
!# 2 1egs as if made of "ood or padded. 7 Calves "eary as after a long 3ourney.
4aralytic heaviness and debility, so that he did not kno" "here to put them. ..
+umbness of lo"er limbs , coldness. 4A .. $n calves, tormenting him all night. )'
Can=t "alk "ith eyes closed. 0igidity of calves& 2 "eakness or t"isting. 9eakness
in calves especially. 9alks and stands unsteadily [.. after hard mental labour],
esp. "hen [.. he thinks himself] unobserved. 2 )edema of legs. D $schias
antica. 7 (ebility and "eakness of lo"er limbs, , sick feeling and dread of "ork.
1imbs, esp. knees, start up at night, a"akening him. .. 9eakness of lo"er limbs,
, diBBiness as from into%ication. #maciation, esp. of legs. )edema of feet.
!leeplessness, from fancies before his imagination& horrible dreams of snakes [E
"akes in fright]. (ro"sy stupor& 5 , dilated pupils. .. @a"ning , chilliness&
soporous condition. *uch e%cited at night& murmured constantly& nothing but
shaking "ould arouse him& scarcely are his eyes open before he again closes
them. 0estless sleep, a"akes almost every hour, disturbed "ith many dreams.
Ailments from long, "earisome, fatiguing night "atching. !ees departed friends,
the dead, ghosts at night.
Horrible, of snakes. )f se%ual gratification. E !e%ual dreams and orgasms at night
[in an epileptic]. .. 4utrid "ater. (reams he is hungry, in morning& this a"akens
him and he finds he has a violent spasm of stomach, , hunger, nausea, flatulence.
.. $ntermittent, , haemorrhage from lungs& generally no thirst.
9ith nausea. 9hen uncovered, yet feels smothered if "rapped up. E Chilly&
feverish& no thirst. .. Chilly "ith many complaints. 9ith cold hands and feet.
Constant chilliness up back and over shoulders& agg. after meals& agg. coming into
room from open air.
E $n morning or at night. .. 4rofuse& it stands out on the face in beads. !"eat and
chilliness as soon as he gets "arm in bed.
'ro"n, tense and hard. (ra"ing in skin, as from a spider-"eb, or dried
albuminous substance, "ithered and dried up. $rregular blotches. 2 /lcers& angry,
deep, "ith hard edges. 9arty granulations. Adherent crusts. 7 'luish-black
eruption& scarlet fever. (iscolouration from blue, grey, violet or bronBe to black. ..
#rysipelatous bedsores, l. shoulder, sacrum, or both hips& centre covered "ith dry,
bloody incrustations& black, hard on sacrum. $tching, smarting, mostly of thighs and
a%illae, "hen "arm at night.
9orse6 #*)$)+. A+;$#@& apprehension, fear or fright, suspense. $n room& in
shut places. *ental strain and "orry. !ugar. 1ying on r. side. 1ooking do"n.
(rinking. Cro"ds. 9armth in any form. Cold food& ice creams. 'efore and during
menses. 0iding. hinking intently. 'etter6 C)1( A$0& open air. Cold bath. Hard
pressure. *otion. #ructations. 'ending double. - ight bandaging. 5 0iding in the
"ind. !timulants. 9arm drinks. H *ost symptoms agg. night& very nervous at night.
agg. At night or in morning on rising [epileptic attacks]. (uring day more cough, at
night more diarrhoea. At .. a.m. nervous attacks amel. stimulants. *otion
generally agg.& but "alking in open air amel. back pains, "hich are agg. sitting.
1ying on r. side G pains in abdomen& palpitation. Heat agg.& but there is also agg.
uncovering& aversion to uncovering. agg. ouching the parts. amel. ight bandage
[headache]. A large number of symptoms appear on the l. side.
2 !uitable to businessmen, students, brain "orkers. Hysterical nervous persons.
4ersons "ho are dried up, "ithered and prematurely old. .. 9omen "ith
menstrual disturbances.
Compare6 Arg-m. [Arg-m. acts on cartilages, Arg-n. more on mucous membranes,
skin, bone, and periosteum, and is suited to herpetic patients]& Aur.& 'ry., Calc.,
Caust., 1yc., !ars. and !tann. [complaints from pressure of clothes]& Cupr.& 2lon.,
+it-ac. and +it-ac. compounds [congestive headaches]& Hep. and +it-ac. [fish-bone
sensation in throat& Hep. agg. cold, Arg-n. agg. "arm room]& Aali-bi.& 1ach.& *erc.&
*erc-c.& *erc-i.& +at-m.& hu3.& 2 1yc.& 4uls. [nearest analogue& .8 agg. heat, amel.
cold and open air& craves s"eets and ice cream& fearful]& 7 Ars.& 2els.& Hydr.& Hydr-
ac.& 4hos. [.8 many fears& desires salt and ice cream& hoarseness& numbness]&
4ic-ac.& 4lb.& . Arg-cy.& Arg-i. [throat disorders& hoarseness& glands]& Arg-o.
[chlorosis , menorrhagia and diarrhoea]& Arg-p. [e%cellent diuretic in dropsy].
:ollo"s "ell6 'ry.& Caust. [urethral affections]& !pig. [dyspepsia]& !pong. [goitre]&
?erat. [flatus& .. "ind passing up"ards in great Fuantities, inducing faintness].
:ollo"ed "ell by6 1yc. [flatus]. Antidote to6 Am-caust.& effects of tobacco. Antidoted
by6 +at-m. [chemical and dynamic]& Ars.& *erc.& +it-ac.& 7 too large doses6 milk& salt
in "ater& mucilaginous drinks. $nimical6 Coff. [increases the nervous headache].
Complementary6 2 Calc.& +at-m.& 4uls.& !ep.
Apprehension, fear or fright. #ating ice cream. $ntemperate habits. *ental strain
and "orry. )nanism and venery. !ugar& s"eets. obacco [boys].
Aristolochia milhomens
'raBilian snake root
!titching pains in various parts. 4ain in heels, burning in anus and freFuent
urination. :latulence in stomach and abdomen. 4ain in back and limbs. !tiffness of
legs. 4ain in tendo-achillis. $tching and s"elling around malleoli. 5 Colic before
diarrhoea. (iabetes. #%coriated lips& pasty mouth& bitter taste& e%coriated gums.
1ancinating pain in ape% of heart, arresting respiration. (isturbed sleep, disgusting
. Compare6 !erp.
!erpentaria aristolochia
?irginia snake root
!ymptoms of intestinal tract. ColliFuative diarrhoea, meteorism. :latulent
dyspepsia. 'rain congestion. (istension and cutting pains in abdomen. !ymptoms
like those of 4oison oak. 5 Congestion to and heat of head. Copious saliva, spits
often. $ncreased appetite. :reFuent desire to urinate& irritable bladder and genitals.
(isturbed sleep.
Cochlearia armoracia
[see cochlearia armoracia]
Arnica montana
1eopard=s 'ane
4roduces conditions upon the system Fuite similar to those resulting from in3uries,
falls, blo"s, contusions. innitus. 4utrid phenomena. !eptic conditions&
prophylactic of pus infection. Apople%y, red, full face. $t is esp. suited to cases "hen
any in3ury, ho"ever remote, seems to have caused the present trouble. After
traumatic in3uries, overuse of any organ, strains. Arn. is disposed to cerebral
congestion. Acts best in plethoric patients, feebly in debilitated patients "ith
impoverished blood. Cardiac dropsy , dyspnoea. A muscular tonic. raumatism of
grief, remorse or sudden realisation of financial loss. 1imbs and body ache as if
beaten& 3oints as if sprained. *arked effect on the blood. Affects the venous system
inducing stasis. #cchymosis and haemorrhages. 0ela%ed bloodvessels, black and
blue spots. endency to haemorrhage and lo"-fever states. endency to tissue
degeneration, septic conditions, abscesses that do not mature. !ore, lame, bruised
feeling. +euralgias originating in disturbances of pneumogastric. 0heumatism of
muscular and tendinous tissue, esp. of back and shoulders. Aversion to tobacco.
$nfluenBa. hrombosis. Haematocele. 2 raumatic remedy par e%cellence& ..
mechanical in3uries6 concussion of brain "hile there are unconsciousness, pallor,
or dro"siness, "eak, intermittent pulse, cold surface, and other indications of
depressed vitality from shock. 4arts become sore, after pains, or after bleeding.
'urro"ing pus& .. not painful. Absorbent action. 4rogressive emaciation. 2reat
prostration& tired feeling. (ischarges are :)/1& breath, taste, flatus, stools, etc.& .8
putrid, odour of rotten eggs. Crushing pain. '#( :##1! HA0( or full of lumps& -
A##4! *)?$+2 :0)* 41AC# ) 41AC# $+ !#A0CH ): A !):#0 !4).
$nvoluntary evacuations. 4ains are paralytic& sudden, shifting pains from 3oint to
3oint. Compound fractures& .. and their profuse suppuration. "itching6 tendons,
muscles. ?aginitis in females and impotence in males from e%cessive se%ual
indulgence. *ind symptoms < uterine symptoms. Complaints "hen overhurried.
0ecurring boils& .. many small, painful boils, one after another& e%tremely sore.
!urgical operations. $nsect stings. !plinters. E 2eneral rheumatoid diathesis and
cutaneous manifestations. 7 :ormication or dull pain in contused parts. 1assitude
and sluggishness of "hole body& scarcely able to stand. *ust lie do"n, yet bed
feels too hard. 9hole body, esp. skin and 3oints, e%cessively painful and sensitive.
earing, tingling, dra"ing, etc. in outer parts. .. 2reat sinking of strength. 4artial
paralysis from concussion of spine. 2eneral agg. during increase of moon. 'ruised
parts tingle, feel numb, or as if dead. 4revents suppuration. Hyperinosemia is
rather a contra-indication for Arn. (ropsy of internal parts. )steomyelitis [in
beginning]. !prains , much s"elling, bluish redness, intense soreness. Contusions
"ithout laceration. $ndicated in ailments from spirituous liFuors or from charcoal
:ears touch, or approach of anyone [7 in gout]& .. fears even the possibility of
being struck. /nconscious& "hen spoken to ans"ers correctly, but relapses [7
unconsciousness and delirium return at once]. $ndifference& inability to perform
continuous active "ork& morose, delirious. +ervous& can=t bear pain& "hole body
oversensitive. !ays there is nothing the matter "ith him& J !#+(! H# ()C)0
H)*#. 9ants to be let alone. Agoraphobia [fear of space]. After mental strain or
shock. 2 :ear of sickness& of instant death, , cardiac distress at night& on a"aking&
of cro"ds, public places. *orose, repentant mood. *entally prostrate and
apathetic, but physically restless. 9hen spoken to, ans"ers slo"ly "ith effort.
:orgetful, "hat he reads Fuickly escapes his mind& 7 forgets the "ord he is about
to say. After rage sheds tears, and makes e%clamations. ?iolent attacks of anguish,
, angina pectoris. (elirium tremens. !udden fear that rouses one from sleep at
night, esp. after an accident. 2reat desire to scratch& scratches "all, bed, head,
etc. Coma. *uttering delirium. !ensation of being good for nothing. #asily
frightened, une%pected trifles cause him to start. !its as if in thought. 5 :ear
remains at night after fright [)p. during day]. 7 !tupor, , involuntary discharge of
faeces& typhoid. !ullen, morose, doesn=t speak a loud "ord. 1o" muttering delirium
or complete stupor in malarial or typhoid fevers. Hypochondriacal an%iety. J
Censorious, critical. (efiant. !adness from in3uries of the head. )versensitive to
noise. alking in sleep. 9eeping agg.. !ighing during heat. .8 :ear of heart
disease, esp. at night. .. !tupefaction, loss of sight and hearing& in concussion of
brain. Absentminded, thoughts "ander from their ob3ect and d"ell on images and
fancies. 4icks bedclothes. $ndisposed to think& after "alk in open air. (oesn=t speak
a "ord& declines ans"ering Fuestions, dislikes sympathy. Hopelessness&
indifference& after concussion. :rightened& une%pected trifles cause him to start.
Ailments from fright or anger. )versensitive mood, peevish, Fuarrelsome. 4ains
insufferable, drive him craBy& agg. every motion or noise& change Fuickly from part
to part& scratches at the "all or bed, apparently for relief. !its as if in thought, yet
thinks of nothing& a sort of "aking dream. hinking tardy. #%cessive inclination to
hard and long literary labours. 4rays Fuietly for her soul. houghtless gayety& great
frivolity and mischievousness.
Chronic& ob3ects "hirl about, esp. "hen "alking. )f the aged. 9ith nausea,
vomiting and diarrhoea. 9orse6 "alking, sitting erect, closing eyes. E )n rising and
on moving. 7 9ith nausea& amel. "hen sitting or bending head, but on righting or
moving the head a feeling as if everything turned "ith her [.. or "as falling on her].
.. 9hen closing eyes. (uring headache.
!# Confused& 2 brain feels tired, burning in. !calp feels contracted. 2 Headache
as from a nail& 7 in temple& .. , general s"eat about .2 p.m. , follo"ed by
faintness. E As if brain "ere shattered. 7 4ressive headache, as if distended from
"ithin out"ard. 4ain, as if a knife "ere dra"n through head transversely [.. from l.
side], follo"ed by [.. internal] coldness [.. of head]. As if skin of forehead "ere
spasmodically contracted. As if brain "ere rolled up in a lump. .. Heaviness in
middle of brain. Cold sensation at a small spot on forehead& as if some one
touched forehead "ith cold thumb. /nbearable feeling as from ice on verte%& after
breakfast. 'urning or hot spots on verte%. As of a heavy "eight in head. As if a
liFuid "as fluctuating in brain on day follo"ing attack of headache. 'rain as if sore
and tender at upper part of head. Head as if too large. 4ain in occiput as if hair "as
pulled out or as from severe electric shocks. As if forehead "ere crushed,
e%tending to over face into cheekbones. Head as if hot, body chilly and cold& agg.
bet"een freFuent attacks of convulsions. 4A E 4ressing, in forehead, agg. after
eating& .. agg. "alking, ascending stairs, reflecting or reading. 7 $n morning on
"aking, and later "hen "alking in open air, , vertigo. !titches in forehead ,
sensation of e%travasation of blood. Aching over eyes, e%tending to temples, ,
sensation as if skin of forehead "ere spasmodically contracted& as if brain "ere
rolled up in a lump, agg. near stove. !titches in temples& intermittent tearing in l.
temple. .. :rom mental emotions. )ver one eye , compression in forehead and
greenish vomiting. 'urning in brain , natural heat of body, night and morning& agg.
motion, amel. rest. 4eriodical attacks of migraine. Aching in forehead commencing
in morning, gradually e%tending to through temples to occiput& agg. afternoon.
4ressive, from D to J p.m. $n glabella over root of nose. Headache < prolapsus ani.
#arly after getting up, he dare not at once read or "ork mentally, "ithout getting a
spell of headache. )' Hot head, , cold body& .. in severe ciliary neuralgia.
!ensitiveness of brain, , sharp, pinching pains. 2 *eningitis from in3ury to head& ..
provided that there is no complete "ant of reaction. Head dra"n back"ards "hile
"alking. 5 'aldness& try the .% in olive oil. 7 Confusion of head, , [.. changing to]
pressure in r. half of head, esp. over r. bro". .. Apople%y, loss of consciousness, ,
involuntary evacuations from bo"els and bladder, paralysis [left-sided]& pulse full,
strong& stertor& sighing, muttering. #%udations in brain and spine. 0ecurring boils
on scalp.
!# 'ruised, sore feeling after close "ork. :eel tired and "eary after sight-seeing,
movies, etc. 7 *argin of upper lids as if dry and slightly sore "hen lids are moved.
.. )f great "eight and heaviness, during intense headache. )f pressure and
drooping in eyelids as if they could not be raised. 'alls as if e%coriated. 4A 7
4inching in inner half of r. eyeball. .. !titches. !hooting, tearing, in eyes and
surrounding parts, agg. in bed and "armth. 'urning. !harp fine stitches in inner
canthi. Cramplike pressive pricking under l. eye on nasal bone, e%tending to over
eyeball. )' *ust keep eyes open. 2 'alls bloodshot& .. congestion to eyes.
4hotophobia. 0ight eye protrudes, looks larger than left. E 1achrymation burning. 7
#yes sunken. 4upils contracted& dilated. #%pedites absorption of clots, in retinal
haemorrhage. .. 4upils dilated& sensitiveness to light. raumatic ulceration , much
haemorrhage into anterior chamber. )edema of dry, hot, inflamed lids , much
subcon3unctival suggillation. #yeball resembled a piece of ra" meat.
!ubcon3unctival ecchymosis from "hooping cough. 'ruised iris after cataract
(iplopia from traumatism, muscular paralysis, retinal haemorrhage. 2 High ob3ects
appear to lean for"ard and about to fall. .. :lickering, agg. reading or "riting& ,
headache. 1ost, after a violent blo". )n reading, print seems to dance in a fog and
vanish, must rub eyes. *uscae volitantes. )bscured, lost, during headache.
(iplopia, , vertigo, on looking do"n"ard.
!# Cartilages of ears as if bruised. 7 Humming. .. As if stopped up "hen
speaking& during vertigo. )f heat e%ternally in l. ear and cheek. 4A !hooting in and
around ears& .. , great sensitiveness to loud sounds& ears very dry. )' 'lood
from ears. .. !uppurating otitis , stupor.
Hearing - (ull, after concussion. 2 !ensitive to shrill noise. .. 2reat sensitiveness
to noise, , noises in ear& from rush of blood to head. (eafness after typhus.
!# +ose feels sore& cold [.. tip of nose]. 4A 2 'urning in typhoid fever. 'ruised,
from above do"n"ard. )' 'leeding after every fit of coughing, dark fluid blood& 2
after "ashing face. 2 ?iolent sneeBing from overlifting [.. the day before]. 4ost
nasal dropping. Catarrh of antrum& empyema of ma%illary sinus. :reFuent blo"ing
of nose "ith traces of blood. #pista%is during typhoid fever. .. #pista%is preceded
by tingling& copious after every e%ertion. !"elling of nose. +ose cold, but internally
hot& or , dry heat of face. /lcerated nostrils.
!# .. )f chilliness rather than of heat, during headache. 4A .. 'ruised, in [r.] 3oint
of 3a", from motion, early in morning. hrobbing and stinging, in s"ollen cheeks.
)' !unken& very red. Hot lips. Herpes in face. 2 0uddy, congested, bluish red& in
apople%y, fevers. 1ips& burn, s"ollen and cracked. 1o"er lip hangs do"n, paralysis.
4ainful acne. Cheeks puffed& red. 7 0ed s"elling of r. cheek, , throbbing and
pinching pain, s"ollen lip and great heat in head, , cold body. 0edness and
burning of one cheek. .. (ry heat in face to"ard evening, "ithout thirst& nose cold.
!"elling of parotid gland& during measles. 9hen breathing, cheek blo"n up,
e%panded. :ace hot and red, , cold legs.
!# 'itter taste [Coloc.]. aste as from bad eggs& 2 after operation, plugging, etc. 7
aste disgusting& putrid, slimy. 4A 7 'iting, burning and scraping at root of tongue
and in oesophagus. )' :etid breath. 2 ongue& dry, almost black. D 0ed stripe
do"n centre of tongue. 7 ongue coated "hite& .. yello". .. ongue dry , bro"n
streak do"n middle. !aliva diminished.
!# E As if roots "ere scraped [after filling]. .. As if forced out of sockets. As if
teeth had been bitten out, sprained, "ere "obbling, throbbing. As if pressed out by
blood rushing to"ards them. 4A !oreness of gums after teeth e%traction [!ep.]. ..
#%cruciating, cutting, tearing, in all teeth of r. upper 3a", e%tending to ear& agg.
e%ternal "armth or inhaling fresh air. 'eating and tingling in gums, during
toothache. )' .. 2ums sore, s"ollen& during dentition.
!# .. As if something hard had lodged in fauces. 4A .. !tinging in back of throat
bet"een acts of deglutition. Chronic, in fauces and laryn%, agg. for a long time after
an animated talk. ?iolent burning from fauces through oesophagus to stomach.
'urning, "hen s"allo"ing. )' Acute tonsillitis, s"elling of soft palate and uvula. 2
'right red, puffy fauces. !"allo"ing is prevented by a sort of nausea as if food
"ould not go do"n. E !"allo"ing noisy.
:ood , drink
1onging for vinegar& .8 sour& .. alcoholic drinks. Aversion to milk and meat.
Canine hunger. hirst, , dry mouth. 4ain in [pit of] stomach during eating. 2 1oss
of appetite by day, but canine hunger before midnight. Constant desire to drink, but
kno"s not "hat, as all drinks are offensive. hirst during chill. 1o"er lip trembles,
"hile eating. E 4ressing pain in forehead, agg. after eating. 7 Aversion to broth& ..
smoking tobacco. .. 1oss of appetite and sourness of stomach of brandy drinkers&
creates a disgust for brandy. 1oathing very sight of food. hirst for cold "ater,
"ithout fever. hirst before chill. hirst during heat. hirst during flushes of heat.
?ertigo from a too copious meal, , nausea and obscuration of sight. /nbearable
feeling as from ice on verte%& after breakfast. )ne cheek hot during dinner.
oothache after eating. (rinking G vomiting& drinks much and then vomits. ?omits
least food. $ndolent feeling in legs after eating. Chill agg. after drinking.
!# :eeling of repletion , loathing. 4ressure as from a stone. As if stomach "ere
pressing against spine& .. and as if spine "ould be made painful from that place
do"n"ard. 2 As of a lump in back of stomach. E Constriction e%tending to into
chest. .. :eels full during nausea and satiety. )f hunger in stomach. 4A D Cramp
from pit do"n over bo"els. 7 4inching, spasmodic griping in stomach& .. also ,
pulmonary and cardiac constriction, and "ith dysenteric stools. .. 4ressive,
cutting, in pit& , nausea and retching. )' ?omiting of blood& 2 dark red coagulated&
7 after in3uries& .. sore all over. )ppressive gasses pass up"ard and do"n"ard.
:etid vomiting. 2 #ructations& like rotten eggs [.. in morning]& after coughing. E
#ructations of bitter mucus. ?omiting of food, mi%ed "ith blood. 7 #mpty
eructations at night. +ausea& , general rela%ation& , burning and scratching in
throat. .. Hiccough& in meningitis. 0etching at night. Car-sickness. !tomach
distended "ith "ind& G pressure on precordia and oppression of chest.
!# .. !"ashing in abdomen as of "ater. 4A !titches under false ribs& [7 agg. l.&
"hen standing, intercepting breath]. !harp thrusts through abdomen. 2 !harp, from
side to side. E !titches in region of spleen, taking a"ay breath& .. , soreness on
pressure. 4ains [after lifting]. Colic, , retention of urine. 'ruised, in sides of
abdomen. 7 4ressure and constriction belo" last ribs. !titches and cutting in
abdomen& in sides during cough. Colic, resembling dysentery, a deep-seated
digging pain in hypogastrium on both sides, , nausea and dro"siness. $ntermittent
tearing in l. half of pubic eminence. .. !titches in region of liver& painful "hen
turning in bed. 4ressure in region of liver. Around navel "hen moving. :rom liver
through l. chest and do"n l. arm& veins on hands s"ollen, purplish& sudden pain, as
if heart "ere sFueeBed, or, as if it got a shock. )' (istended& offensive flatus. E
Hard distension. 7 ympanitic distension& freFuent urging to stool, though
constipated. .. Hard s"elling of r. side of abdomen, , severe pain "hen touched.
!# .. )f rumbling in rectum, "ithout stools. Anus as if bruised. 4A 2 Cramps in
rectum, "hile standing. .. 'urning along perineum during urination. )' *ust lie
do"n after every stool. !training of tenesmus in diarrhoea. !tools& offensive,
bro"n, bloody, putrid, involuntary [.. involuntary during sleep]. 1ooks like bro"n
yeast& 7 diarrhoea. (iarrhoea of consumption& agg. lying on l. side. (ysenteric
stools , muscular pains. 2 (ysentery, , dysuria, all summer and autumn. :latus
smelling of rotten eggs. 4rolapsus ani agg. after "alking for fe" minutes only,
amel. "ashing "hole body. - 'ro"n or "hite diarrhoea, , distension of abdomen
before and rumbling in abdomen during stool. (ysentery& long intervals bet"een
stools. 0ibbon-like stools, from enlarged prostrate or retroverted uterus. E
/ndigested stools. 7 (iarrhoea at night, , cutting in intestines. .. !tools consisting
of bloody, slimy mucus, , urging and violent bellyache& dark, bloody mucus , sore,
bruised feeling in abdomen. )bstinate constipation after a blo" on epigastrium.
/rging every half hour, nothing but slime being passed.
!# 2 'ladder feels full and sore& pressure of urine hurts him. 4A 2 Cutting in
kidneys& .. piercing, as from knives plunged into kidneys, , chilliness and
inclination to vomit. .. Cutting in orifice of urethra at end of urination. )' 0etention
from overe%ertion& 2 after labour. (ark brick-red sediment. ?esical tenesmus , very
painful micturition. 2 $nvoluntary dribbling, , constant urging. Has to "ait a long
time for urine to pass. E enesmus of bladder , diarrhoea. 7 'loody urine from
mechanical causes. /rine retained, , aching and pressing in bladder. $nvoluntary
urination at night during sleep& E or "hen running during day. .. 'ladder affections
after mechanical in3uries. /rine in small Fuantity, staining napkin yello"-bro"n.
!canty, red urine, very offensive. :reFuent discharge of pale urine. 0ed urine in
liver complaint. $nfants scream from pain in bladder. Constant dribbling of urine
after labour. 'ro"n clear urine "hich immediately becomes "hitish and turbid.
(ischarge of pus from urethra during urination.
!# .. )f "eakness, rela%ed testicles, as after an emission& early in bed. )' 2
$mpotence from e%cess or abuse. 4himosis, from friction& 7 parts bruised and much
s"ollen. !eminal emission during caress. Haematocele. E !"elling of penis and
scrotum, bluish-red. Hot s"elling of scrotum [after in3ury]. .. !permatic cords
painfully s"ollen, stitches in abdomen. #rysipelas of scrotum e%tending to anus.
Hydrocele caused by a bruise. ?iolent continued erections often "aking.
!# As if foetus "ere lying cross"ise. .. )varian region [groin] as if sprained,
obliging her to "alk bent. 4A 'ruised parts after labour& 7 soreness and lameness
of parts after delivery, esp. after instrumental delivery. 2 !oreness of "hole body
during pregnancy& 5 soreness of abdomen, causing the motion of the child to keep
her a"ake at night. )' ?iolent afterpains& 2 agg. breast-feeding. /terine
haemorrhages from mechanical in3ury& after coition. !ore nipples. *astitis from
in3ury. 2 Can=t bear foetal movements& G nausea and vomiting. hreatened abortion
from falls, etc. 1abour pains "eak and ceasing, .. "ants to change position often,
feels bruised& violent labour pains, yet they do but little good. *enses& early, hot,
profuse. umours of mammae from in3ury. 4uerperal fever. E 4rolonged afterpains.
$nflammation of vagina and uterus after severe labour. $nflammation of mammae
from sore nipples. .. /lcers of uterus "ith a tendency to bleed. 1abia painfully
s"ollen. 4rolapsus caused by concussion. Haemorrhages bright red or mi%ed "ith
clots& head hot, body cool. 'loody discharge bet"een menses.
!# 0a", sore feeling [.. along trachea and bronchia] in morning. .. Crackling in
trachea, evenings "hen lying do"n. )' Hoarseness from overuse of voice& - in
persons "ho constantly speak or sing. 2 Hoarseness& agg. e%ertion, colds or
getting "et. E ickling in trachea G dry cough, , stitches in head. .. ?oice deep& or
lo", muttering. Hoarseness early in morning. Constant insupportable tickling in
laryn% and trachea, G cough day and night.
(yspnoea , haemoptysis. 2 Children lose their breath "hen angry. 7 !hort,
panting. (yspnoea& Fuick inspirations and e%pirations. .. Asphy%ia neonatorum.
(yspnoea , head hot, face red, body cool. Asthma , inclination to move about& ,
sleeplessness before midnight& looks as if dying& , fatty heart. Cough - (epending
on cardiac lesion, paro%ysmal, at night, during sleep, agg. e%ercise. 4roduced by
"eeping and lamenting& 2 ya"ning. (ry [.. slight], from tickling lo" do"n in
trachea& .. every morning on rising. ?iolent spasmodic, , facial herpes. 9hooping
cough, child cries before coughing. 2 $n sleep "ithout "aking. Cough G bloodshot
eyes or epista%is. .. After measles.
E Can=t e%pectorate, but must s"allo" "hatever is loosened by coughing. 'loody,
blackish, in clots, even "ithout cough. .. !canty, difficult, of transparent, glairy
slime, mi%ed "ith black dots, or bloody. )ffensive, green, purulent, blood-streaked&
day and evening. :oaming blood.
!# 2 Heaviness in lo"er chest. .. As if all ribs "ere bruised, "hen coughing.
Articulations and cartilaginous connections of chest feel as if beaten, "hen moving,
breathing, or coughing. )f an oppressive "eight at upper part of chest, , feeling of
constriction in throat. 4A 2 !titching, in chest, taking breath a"ay& amel. pressure.
E !titches in r. ribs, e%tending to a%illa on breathing. 7 !titches in chest [l.], agg. dry
cough& agg. motion& amel. e%ternal pressure& , short cough, "hich agg. pain, and
, tightness of chest. ?iolent stitches in middle of l. chest. .. $n intercostal muscles.
'urning or ra"ness in chest. 4ressive, in [r.] chest, at a small spot, not increased
by motion, touch or inspiration. !titches in sides of chest during cough. )'
4neumonia& approaching paralysis. 4leurodynia [0an-b.& Cimic.]. .. 4leurisy after
mechanical in3uries& must continually change position, bed feels so hard.
Haemorrhage after mechanical in3uries& slight spitting of black, thick, viscid blood,
or bright red, frothy blood, mi%ed "ith mucus and coagula. 4neumothora% from
e%ternal in3uries. 0ed s"eat on chest.
!# 2 !udden pain as if heart is sFueeBed or had got a shock. .. 0egion of base
of heart as if bruised. 4A !titches in heart. 2 Heart pains& left to right. 7 4ressure
under sternum, anguish, collapse, small irregular pulse, dyspnoea& angina pectoris.
)' Angina pectoris& pain esp. severe in l. elbo". Cardiac dropsy , distressing
dyspnoea. :atty heart and hypertrophy. 2 'eats shake "hole body. !train of heart
from violent running. 9eakened heart muscle. Cardiac distress at night, , horror of
instant death. 4alpitation after any e%ertion& .. goes off by rest. 7 4ulse hurried. ..
4ulse Fuicker than beat of heart. :eeble fluttering of pulse.
!# 7 2reat soreness and pain in back, as if bruised or beaten. .. 0ight scapula
and lumbar region as if beaten. $nner portion of r. scapula as if bruised. !acrum as
if beaten. )f a great "eight across lo"er part of loins, and feeling of being dra"n
in, as if a cord "as tightly dra"n across. 4A 7 ?iolent, in spine, as after sudden
rising up after long stooping& in morning on rising. $n middle of spine "hen sitting&
in spine as if it could not carry body. $n lo"er cervical vertebrae on bending head, ,
tension& in spinal processes of lo"er cervical and upper dorsal vertebrae, ,
tension. 'et"een scapulae, , pressure near spine. !titches in r. side of back, from
last ribs to a%illa, at every inspiration. .. AgoniBing, in back and hips before
urination. )' 2 *uscles of neck "eak& head falls back"ards, or to any side.
Cervical vertebrae tender& .. great sensibility to pressure.
!# As if sprained and dislocated. !oreness after overe%ertion. #verything on
"hich he lies seems too hard. 7 Heaviness in all limbs. 4aralytic in all 3oints during
motion, as if bruised. 1imbs as if bruised, at rest or on motion& painful concussion
from 3ar of carriage, or stepping firmly, also tingling. .. :ormication& lame feeling&
must often change position, bed or chair seems so hard& after e%ertion, long
marches, etc. )' 2out& , fear of being touched or approached. 0heumatism
begins lo" do"n and spreads up"ard [1ed.]. - 0heumatism, resulting from
e%posure to dampness, cold and e%cessive muscular strain combined& parts sore
and bruised.
!# 7 As if 3oints of arms and "rists "ere sprained. !light cracking and sensation
of dislocation in r. "rist "hen moving hand. .. ingling in arms. Arms feel "eary, as
if bruised. 4A 2 $n arms amel. hanging do"n. 7 Acute bruised, in balls of thumbs.
?iolent t"itching, from shoulder-3oint e%tending to little finger. !harp dra"ing in
outer half of back of r. hand. earing, t"itching, dra"ing, in ulnar side of back of r.
hand. earing in tips of l. ring and little finger. (ra"ing in r. thumb. .. Cramps in
fingers of l. hand. )' (eathly coldness of forearm. 2 9ant of strength in hands on
grasping. Cramps in fingers [7 of l. hand]& "riter=s cramp. ?eins of hands distended.
.. /nable to bend fingers in"ard, from "eary, bruised feeling in arms. :ingertips
!# 2 :eet numb. E Hips feel sprained. 9eariness and tension in thighs. 7 highs
as if beaten or contused, "hen "alking. Calf of r. leg as if beaten, , lassitude of
legs. arsal 3oints as if sprained. .. ingling in legs. :eet feel tired or inflamed after
a "alk. As of a heavy "eight in each instep, , "ant of po"er in ankles. Cra"ling,
as if nerve "ere pulled on outer half of l. sole, "hen "alking, on raising l. foot and
bending l. ankle. 4A 7 (ra"ing, pressing, in l. hip-3oint, "hen sitting "ith thigh
e%tended. Arthritic, in foot, agg. to"ards evening& big toe 3oint red, feels sprained.
'urning spot on outside of l. tibia. earing, in r. outer malleolus, and on dorsum of
foot. (ra"ing in outer half of back of l. foot. earing in l. little toe. .. !titch, like from
a needle, "hen touching knee. ?iolent burning in feet. )' Can=t "alk erect, on
account of bruised pain in pelvic region. 2 Hygroma patellae. .. Abscess of psoas
muscle. highs livid, "ith blue yello" marks, as if black and blue. 'lue spots
appeared on thighs, "hich felt as if bruised "hen touched& these spots "ere more
numerous after mental emotion or e%ertion. Carbuncle on thigh. Anee-3oints
suddenly bending "hen standing, feet numb, insensible. Hot erysipelatous
inflammation and painfulness of foot.
!leepless and restless "hen overtired. Comatose dro"siness& a"akens "ith hot
head. Horrors in the night& 2 a"akes in terror, then sleepless. $nvoluntary stool
during sleep. 2 (rops to sleep as he ans"ers [.. before finishing]. 7 :reFuent
ya"ning in evening, "ithout sleepiness. .. 9hen getting a"ake, they stare and
look around an%iously, "ith small pupils& meningitis infantum. /nrefreshing sleep,
loud, blo"ing breathing. $s often kept a"ake until 2 to D a.m. from heat,
restlessness and constant desire to change position& or from prickling, stinging,
biting, no" here, no" there, on body. :alling asleep "hile lying on back. )n falling
asleep6 starts as in fright& is aroused by heat. 1ies preferably "ith head lo", or
horiBontally. 9orse after a long sleep, or on a"aking. @a"ning before chill. Can=t
fall asleep, fantastical illusions "hile lying a"ake.
)f death, mutilated bodies, an%ious and terrible. 7 )f graves& lightning striking,
etc. J 9hen dreaming sees black forms of spectres, ghosts, spirits& black animals.
.. A"ful, of robbers and murderers. )f being buried alive, suffocation, etc.
An%ious, , talking. 0epeating& had the very same dream often before. A"oke si% or
seven times, each time from dreaming that he "as dying, his bed surrounded by
friends, to take their last leave.
:ebrile symptoms closely related to typhoid. 2 :ever& intermittent& typhoid& septic&
traumatic. .. (uring apyre%ia in intermittent fever, headache, yello" face, bitter
taste, aversion to meat.
!hivering over "hole body. 2 Coldness of part lain on. *ust uncover but it chills
him. E !hivering, as if dashed "ith cold "ater. 7 $n morning in bed. 9ith heat and
redness of one cheek. )n moving in bed. .. :elt "orse in pit of stomach. *ost in
evening, , much thirst already before chill. After every sleep. $nternal, , e%ternal
Heat and redness of head, , coldness of rest of body. $nternal& feet and hands
cold. E $n evening, , pains in back and limbs. Heat of head and upper parts, ,
coldness of lo"er parts& .. head alone, or face alone hot, body cold. .. (ry,
general, after "aking& in early morning, , violent thirst. Continuous heat , such
"eakness, that "hen attempting to sit up he faints. :lushes, , thirst. $n often
repeated short attacks.
!our at night. .. !our or offensive& sometimes cold. !everal transitory s"eats all
over at night, , anguish. 9orse "hen s"eating& s"eat partial on front of body&
aversion to uncover. 2eneral, about midnight, follo"ed by faintness.
'lack and blue spots& 2 after every little hurt. $tching, burning, eruption of small
pimples. Crops of small boils [$chth.& !il.]. #cchymosis. 'edsores& .. esp. sacral
region and hips. Acne indurata, characterised by symmetry in distribution. 2 (usky,
mottled. ?ery sore acne. 4etechiae. #rysipelas& .. phlegmonous. ingling and
itching "hich moves from place to place& after scratching itching begins
some"here else. Carbuncle& of thigh. E $nflammations of a dark, bluish colour. 5
!carlet fever "hen the eruption doesn=t come out, in severe forms, body dusky,
mottled and covered "ith red spots& patient continually turning, becomes gradually
morose and stupid. 7 0ed, hot, oedematous. Hot, hard, shining s"elling, from
insect stings. .8 #ruptions after trauma. .. 0ed spots first on limb, then upon
trunk. #rythema nodosum. ?aricose ulcers6 torpid& dirty, bluish bottom& no pus, but
"atery, fetid secretion, half transparent crusts, like thick glue, fetid. Corns [pare
them and apply e%ternally].
9orse6 $+>/0$#!& falls, blo"s& '0/$!#!& shock& 3arring& after labour&
overe%ertion& sprains. )/CH. After sleep. *otion. )ld age. Alcohol [. "ine].
(amp cold. Coal gas. 1ying on l. side. . 0est. - #vening and night. +oise. 'etter6
1ying do"n and lying "ith head lo" or outstretched. - *otion. E Clear, cold,
stimulating "eather.
H here is agg. damp, cold "eather "ith Arn., "hich is included by 2rauvogl
among the remedies suited to the hydrogenoid constitution.
2 Acts best in plethoric, dark haired persons of rigid muscles, nervous sanguine
nature. .. +ervous "omen, sanguine plethoric persons, "ith red face. 1ight
comple%ion, sandy hair, sanguine& "hooping cough. +ervous, can=t stand pain.
#specially suitable to those "ho remain long impressed by even slight mechanical
in3uries. !anguine plethoric people "ith lively e%pression, very red face, disposed
to cerebral congestion. :ull-blooded, strong, old people.
Compare6 Abrot., Absin., Calen., Cham., Cina, 2naph. and other CompositM&
Acon.& Am-c.& Ars.& 'apt. [typhoid states& 'apt. Cfeels illC, Arn. Cfeels "ellC, resents
being thought ill]& 'ell.& 'ry.& Calen. [.. Calen. is preferable in "ounds "ith loss of
substance or "ith suppuration]& Cham.& Chin.& Crot-t. [s"ashing in abdomen]&
#uphr.& Ham.& Hep.& Hyper. [.. Hyper. is preferable in spinal concussions]& $p.&
*erc.& 4uls.& 0an-b.& 0hod.& 0uta& !il.& !taph.& !ulph. [.. traumatic pleurisy]& !ul-
ac.& !ymph.& ?erat.& 2 #chi.& 7 'ov.& Carb-v.& Cimic.& #laps& +it-ac.& 4hos.& 0hus-t.&
!ec.& !ep.& - #up-p.& Aali-p.& 4hyt.& 4yrog.& . 'ell-p. [.8 in3ury "hen s"elling
remains after Arn.& .. "ounds, boils, etc.& erysipelatous tendency]& ?ite% trifolia
[sprains and pains& headache in temples& pain in 3oints& pain in abdomen& pain in
testicles]& .. 0an-s. [pains in intercostal muscles]. :ollo"s "ell6 Acon.& Apis [..
hydrocephalus]& $p.& ?erat. :ollo"ed "ell by6 Acon.& Ars.& 'ry.& $p.& 0hus-t.& - Ham.
Action aided by6 Ars. [dysentery and varicose veins]. Complementary6 Acon.& 2
Calc.& +at-s.& 4sor.& 0hus-t.& !ul-ac.& . $p. Antidote to6 Am-c.& Chin.& Cic.& :err.& $gn.&
$p.& !eneg.& 7 alcohol& charcoal vapour. Antidoted by6 Camph. and $p. [massive
doses]& Acon., Ars., Chin., $gn. and $p. [to potencies]& coffee [headache]& "ine
increases unpleasant effect of Arn.& 7 vinegar. - +ot to be follo"ed by6 !ul-ac.
$n3urious in6 'ites of dogs or rabid or angry animals.
este takes Arn. as the type of his first group, "hich includes 1ed., Crot-t., :err-
magn., 0hus-t., !pig.
*echanical in3uries. :right or anger. #%cessive venery. . 2rief. 0emorse. !udden
financial loss.
Arsenicum album
Arsenic trio%ide
A profoundly acting remedy on every organ and tissue. $ts clear-cut characteristic
symptoms and correspondence to many severe types of disease make its
homKopathic employment constant and certain. $ts general symptoms alone often
lead to its successful application. Among these the all-prevailing debility,
e%haustion, and restlessness, "ith nightly aggravation, are most important. 2reat
e%haustion after the slightest e%ertion. his, "ith the peculiar irritability of fibre,
gives the characteristic irritable "eakness. 'urning pains. /nFuenchable thirst.
'urning amel. heat. !easide complaints [+at-m.& AF-mar.]. $n3urious effects of
fruits, esp. more "atery ones. 2ives Fuiet and ease to the last moments of life
"hen given in high potency. :ear, fright and "orry. 2reen discharges. $nfantile
Aala-aBar. [(r. +eatby.] Ars. should be thought of in ailments from alcoholism,
ptomaine poisoning, stings, dissecting "ounds, che"ing tobacco& ill effects from
decayed food or animal matter. )dour of discharges is putrid. Complaints that
return annually. Anaemia and chlorosis. (egenerative changes. 2radual loss of
"eight from impaired nutrition. 0educes the refractive inde% of blood serum [also
Chin. and :err-p.]. *aintains the system under the stress of malignancy regardless
of location. *alarial cache%ia. !eptic infections and lo" vitality. 2 (ischarges of
*/C)/! *#*'0A+#! are AC0$(, H$+ and !CA+@& coryBa, saliva, s"eat,
etc. 'lood is disorganised causing a pernicious type of anaemia and severe septic
conditions. Haemorrhages black, offensive. 9eakness and emaciation are rapid.
he prostration seems to be out of proportion to the rest of his illness. 4ains are
maddening& '/0+$+2 1$A# :$0#& hot needles or "ires, amel. heat. 4ains are
even felt during sleep& a"ake the patient. 4ains cause shortness of breath or
chilliness. 4ains alternating bet"een head, stomach or body. $nveterate neuralgias
and multiple neuritis, amel. heat. :reFuent fainting. rembling, 3erking, convulsions
and choreic t"itching. !udden intense effects& !/((#+ 20#A 9#AA+#!! from
trivial causes. ?#0@ 0#!1#!!& restless even in affected part& even stupor is
interrupted by fits of restlessness, , an%ious moaning. 4/0$( CA(A?#0)/!
)()/0!. (estructive processes - carbuncles, gangrene, cancer& malignancy.
(ropsy& pale, puffy, baggy, !9#11$+2. !pleen is enlarged in malarial fever. Child
amel. "hen carried Fuickly. 4rophylactic for yello" fever. Acute and chronic burns.
#pilepsy& suddenly becomes unconscious "ith convulsions& restlessness& then
becomes dro"sy. - 'ad effects from animal matter, "hether by inoculation,
olfaction or ingestion. E 2eneral agg. rest [esp. follo"ing e%ercise]. 5 he
restlessness of the limbs decreases, later merely rolling of the head, finally lies
Fuiet as prostration takes the place of the restlessness. )ld sinners "ho feel that
they must get up in the night and take a drink or they "ill not be able to get up in
the morning, "hen the first three or four drinks "ill not stay do"n. 7 !udden sinking
of strength& from slight pain or other causes. he paro%ysm of pain is freFuently
accompanied by other minor symptoms. )edema of head, face, eyes and neck.
:aint, an%ious and "eak, early in morning. 'urning pains, esp. in inner organs, skin
and ulcers. .8 2enerally 0$2H-!$(#( complaints& left-sided. .. Child lies as if
dead& pale but "arm& breathless for some time. 4ains agg. other people=s talking.
2reat anguish and restlessness& .. , trembling, cold s"eat, prostration. Changes
place continually. :ear& of death, of being left alone. 2reat fear, , cold s"eat.
hinks it useless to take medicine. Hallucinations of smell and sight. (espair drives
him from place to place. *iserly, malicious, selfish, lacks courage. 2eneral
sensibility increased [Hep.]. !ensitive to disorder and confusion. (elirium tremens&
cursing and raving& vicious. 2 )versensitive. :astidious. :ault finding. (espair of
recovery. #;AC$+2. A2)+$!$+2 :#A0 ): (#AH& yet tired of living, agg. night.
:ear of starvation& of financial loss. ?$)1#+C#& self torture, pulls her hair, bites her
nails, tears his o"n body& in3ures her o"n person& insanity. !uicidal& impulses&
mania& .. determined to commit suicide, he suffers so. Children are capricious,
"ant to be carried& "ant to go from father to mother, to nurse. !ees vermin& thro"s
a"ay bugs by handfuls. !uspicious. :ear of being left alone, lest he do himself
bodily harm. :ears he has murdered somebody& .. fear he "ill have to murder
some one. $rritable& increasingly. (otage. :i%ed ideas. $magines house is full of
thieves& 3umps and hides. Hasty. !ees ghosts day and night. 2roans, moans and
"eeps, during menses. Her desire e%ceeds her needs& 7 she eats and drinks too
much, "alks too far. (oesn=t "ant to meet his acFuaintances, thinks he has
offended them [.. though he kno"s not ho"]. E $nclined to complain of those about
her. 7 An%iety& at D a.m. , , hot feeling or nausea& after D a.m. & evening after lying
do"n. $deas cro"d upon mind, too "eak to repel them and d"ell upon one alone.
Carphologia. :ear of death, sudden, "hen alone or going to bed. J :ull of cares
about trifles. >oy at misfortune of others. *A+$A, 9A+! ) '# H#1(. An%iety on
"aking from frightful dreams. An%iety during headache. An%iety amel. motion.
An%iety from sedentary employment. An%iety about trifles. (esires to be carried
fast. Consolation agg.. Contemptuous. (elusions& body "ill putrefy& someone calls
on "aking& people are beside him& family "ill starve& HA !H# $! '#$+2
9ACH#(. $rritability and restlessness during headache. !udden impulse to kill.
0#40)ACH#! )H#0!& himself. 0estlessness during menses. !adness in girls
before puberty. !tarting& electric shocks through the body during sleep& "akening
her. houghts of disease& persistent thoughts& tormenting thoughts. .8 )bsessed
"ith )0(#0 A+( $($+#!!. A+;$#@ A')/ H#A1H& clinging to a doctor,
claiming reassurance, e%aggerating symptoms to assure attention. (#4#+(#+C@.
$**AC/1A# )/#0 A44#A0A+C#. An%iety "hen something is e%pected of
him. .. !elf-"illed and tearful. 9hen alone, he falls to thinking about disease and
other things, "hich he can scarcely keep out of his mind. 2loomy forebodings
"hile lying in bed, in evening, fears something may have happened to his relatives.
ormenting hallucination, as if there "as one by his side "ho did all that he "as
doing, eating, "ashing, etc. hinks she is "ell, in delirium. *ania& sees a man "ho
has hanged himself beckoning him to cut him loose, on failing to accomplish this,
he attempts to hang himself. alking and Fuarrelling in sleep. 2reat loFuacity "hile
a"ake and asleep. 9eeps and "hines, but speaks little. 1oud screaming& says it is
something "ithin him that screams. 0uns about house at night looking for thieves.
Hasty in all his motions. *elancholy after mental overe%ertion. *oaning and
groaning, "alks about "ringing hands. *elancholy, only at t"ilight. $ndecision&
merest trifle alters his resolve. $rritability < despondency. Angry "ith himself& thinks
he has not accomplished enough and reproaches himself bitterly. :urious "hen
something to eat "as offered her "hile complaining of loss of appetite. $nclined to
malice and satire. $nclination to commit suicide, as a conseFuence of fright.
1oFuacity during s"eat.
2 9ith loss of consciousness, during coughing fits& in asthmatics& before epilepsy.
7 As if he "ould fall& evening& , stupidity& heavy head& , humming in ears&
disappears in open air, but returns on re-entering room. .. )f malarial origin, ,
hyperaesthesia of hearing, or during pregnancy& lips and face bluish& 3ugular veins
undulate. 9hen closing eyes, as if he "ould fall& "hen "alking over an open
space. !ense of unusual lightness.
!# 7 As if brain moved and beat against skull during motion. .. 4ressure as from
a load on brain& agg. rising up in bed and motion& temporarily amel. cold "ashing,
permanently amel. "alking in open air. As if a hot "ire "ere thrust through
ramifications of fifth pair of nerves. As if brain "ere torn to pieces& as if cats "ere
tearing it to pieces. 4A Headaches [2 congestive] amel. cold, other symptoms agg.
cold. 4eriodical burning, , restlessness& , cold skin. Hemicrania, , icy feeling of
scalp and great "eakness. 2 Alternates bet"een head or stomach or body, agg.
talking of others. E 4ulsating in forehead, , nausea. 7 hrobbing& stupefying&
burning. $ntense, agg. light and noise& , vertigo& agg. l. side. (ra"ing pressive, in r.
side of forehead. 'ruised, sore, over nose and in forehead, rubbing amel.
temporarily. hrobbing over root of nose during motion. $n r. temple& in verte%.
Aching in occiput. .. $ntense, in forehead , vertigo. $n head and face, esp. severe
on l. side& can=t lean or rest on that side. !evere, e%hausting, over l. eye, amel.
"arm applications, or "rapping head up "arm. ensive, pressing, from forehead
and temples e%tending to occiput and nape& comes in violent attacks, as if head
"ould burst. 'oring in a small spot in temple. Alternating "ith colic or liver
complaint. (ull, on verte%. 4ressive, in occiput, bet"een epileptic attacks.
Constant, severe, , vomiting "hen raising head. !titches or heat in head "hen
coughing. 'efore chill. After fever. 9ith vomiting of bile. )' Head is in constant
motion& .8 restless tossing of head from side to side. !calp itches intolerably&
circular patches of bare spots& rough, dirty, sensitive and covered "ith dry scales&
nightly burning and itching& dandruff. !calp very sensitive& can=t brush hair. 2 Hair
becomes grey early& falling of hair. Chronic eruptions filled "ith pus. 9alks "ith
head thro"n back"ards. 5 (esires his head cold and his body "arm& desires head
in an ice bo% and body in a furnace [opp. of 4hos.]. 7 inea. .. #rysipelatous
burning and s"elling of head , great "eakness and coldness& agg. at night. 2reat
sensitiveness of head to open air& "raps up head "armly. *ust move head and
feet, during headache. Hard s"elling on frontal eminence, resembling a nut, agg.
evenings. 'urning itching on head, in evening, "hen undressing and gro"ing cold.
!cabs on hairy scalp. Head sensitive to air& in hemicrania. 1osing hair on front part
of head. Hot head during cough.
!# 7 )f sand& evenings. .. As if eyes "ere dra"ing into head [t"itching]. As if
eyes have no room in sockets. #dges of lids painful on motion, as if dry and
rubbing on ball. 4A Ciliary neuralgia, , fine burning pain. 'urning in eyes, , acrid
lachrymation. E 1eft-sided infraorbital pain. 7 4ulsative throbbing in eyes, "ith
every pulsation a stitch, after midnight. 'urning in margins of upper eyelids. .. $n r.
eyeball, agg. motion. !tinging, "hen trying to open lids. 'urning, agg. at night, after
midnight. )' 1ids red, ulcerated, scabby, scaly, granulated. )edema around eyes.
Corneal ulceration. #%ternal inflammation, , e%treme painfulness& burning, hot, and
e%coriating lachrymation. $ntense photophobia, amel. e%ternal "armth. 2 !unken or
protruding. Con3unctiva& in3ected& yello". !crofulous ophthalmia. :alling of lashes.
7 'lue spots in "hite of eye. $nflammation of eyes and lids, , severe burning pain,
lachrymation and photophobia. Con3unctiva looks like a piece of ra" beef.
Corrosive tears, making cheeks and eyelids sore. .. 4upils contracted or dilated.
Croupous con3unctivitis from ophthalmia neonatorum. Agglutination of lids.
rembling of upper eyelid, , lachrymation. )phthalmia of children, skin rough, dry
and dirty looking& photophobia and profuse, acrid lachrymation& amel. hot
applications. #%treme redness of inner surface of lids, "ith uneasy sensation rather
than pain. !ensitive to sunlight. Constant lateral motion of eyeballs. 'luish circle
around cornea. )pens eyes "ell in cool open air, but can=t in house, even in a dark
room. 4eriodic eye complaints, commencing every fall& often changing from one
eye to the other. 9hen eyes are amel., feet are s"ollen. #yelids s"ollen and
oedematous, first upper then lo"er [this s"elling is mostly non-inflammatory and
painless]& the oedematous lids are firmly and spasmodically closed, and look as if
filled "ith air. 4terygium, , dryness of lids. rembling of upper eyelid, ,
lachrymation. #yes half-closed in slumber.
2 #verything appears green. !ees as through a "hite gauBe. .. (im, during
headache. !no" daBBles, , lachrymation. :lickering. HoriBontal half-sight& only
ob3ects in lo"est part of field of vision could be seen.
!# 0oaring, "ith each paro%ysm of pain. .. 0inging. 'uBBing and singing, during
attacks of intermittent and during apyre%ia. Humming, amel. open air, agg. "arm
room. 4A 7 !titching, in l. meatus at night, from "ithin out"ard. )' !kin "ithin, ra"
and burning. hin, e%coriating, offensive otorrhoea. .. @ello" discharge from r. ear,
, dryness of nose& hearing not "eakened. (ischarges of cadaverous odour,
profuse, ichorous. 0ash and heat about ears.
Hearing - 2 (ifficult, for the human voice only. .. /nusual sensitiveness to sound.
$mpaired, , humming in ears, as if ears "ere stopped.
!# +ose feels stopped up& 2 , fluent coryBa. .. )ffensive smell before nose.
!mells of pitch and sulphur alternately, before nose. 4A 7 $n bone at root of nose.
)' Hay fever. hin, "atery, e%coriating discharge. !neeBing "ithout relief. Hay
fever and coryBa& agg. open air& amel. indoors. 'urning and bleeding. Acne on
nose. 1upus. 2 +ose colds e%tending to chest. Cold sores& in nose. Anotty s"elling
of nose. +ose pointed. #pista%is, after fit of passion or vomiting. (yspnoea felt in
nose. !neeBing, , biting "atery coryBa. 7 CoryBa& , hoarseness and
sleeplessness& agg. morning& burning and e%coriating& amel. open air& amel. hot
"eather. 'urning and dryness in nose. .8 0$2H-!$(#( C)0@IA. .. (ryness of
nasal cavity. (ischarge of burning mucus from r. nostril. :luent coryBa , freFuent
sneeBing& , hoarseness and sleeplessness& , s"ollen nose& < stoppage of nose.
(istressing stoppage at bridge of nose. Catarrh from being chilled "hile
overheated and perspiring. !cabs in nostrils, "hich, "hen torn a"ay, leave nostrils
ra" and bloody until other scabs are formed& agg. cold, amel. moderate "eather&
can=t breathe through nose "hen asleep. :rom each corner of nose, a deep "rinkle
do"n side of mouth to"ards chin.
!# E :ormication on lips. 4A earing, needle-like, burning. 7 1ancinating, along r.
inferior ma%illary nerve. 4ricking t"itching in one side of upper lip, agg. going to
sleep. .. earing in l. half of face. (ra"ing and stinging in face, here and there. )'
!"ollen, pale, yello", cachectic, sunken, cold and covered "ith s"eat [Acet-ac.].
#%pression of agony. 1ips black, livid& 7 s"ollen, black and cracked& ulcerated.
Angry, circumscribed flush of cheeks. 2 )ld look& in children. Haggard& distorted&
hippocratic. )edematous s"elling of face& E esp. about eyes. #ruptions on lips.
#pithelioma of lips. 'lack dots, acne. E /nnatural redness. :ace sunken, pinched
during abdominal symptoms. 7 "itching of facial muscles. .. #%pression an%ious,
but not "ild& distressed& of suffering& surly& "ild. :ace very pale& yello", "a%y& grey&
earthy& livid, bluish& flushed& red and s"ollen& greenish yello". 4imples and
vesicles, , acrid discharge& itching, burning& agg. at night, in cold air, amel.
"armth. Cancerous ulcers on face& scabbing& burning pain. !ore lips and ulcers in
mouth. 0ed circles around eyes and at root of nose. 'luish around eyes and
mouth. #ruption around eyes. *outh dra"n do"n"ard, bluish upper lip dra"n up.
!"elling of glands of lo"er 3a", , bruised pain. 1ips covered "ith bro"n slime.
Constant licking of dry, cracked lips.
!# *etallic taste. 2 aste& sour, foul, saltish, s"eet in morning. .. aste6 "oody,
dry& unpleasant& s"eetish in throat& putrid. ongue insensible as if burnt. 4A
!titching and burning, in tongue. 7 'urning in mouth, pharyn% and oesophagus. )'
/lceration of mouth , dryness and burning heat. ongue dry, clean, and red [.. ,
papillae considerably raised at tip]& ulcerated "ith blue colour. 'loody saliva. 2
#dge of tongue red, taking imprint of teeth. !"elling about root of tongue& ..
e%ternally and internally. ongue& trembling& stiff& bro"n, black& .. lead coloured.
Aphthae in mouth& .. they become livid or bluish. :oetor oris. !peech rapid,
lisping& .. loss of po"er of speech. 7 ongue& sides furred, red streaks in middle
and red tip. .. ongue thickly furred, edges red. ongue pale, doughy, takes imprint
of teeth. 2angrene of tongue& spots on tongue, burning like fire. ongue "hitish&
yello"ish-"hite& as if painted "hite. *uch saliva& must spit often. !aliva decreased.
4ainful blisters in mouth and on tongue. ongue so dry it is painful to move it& can=t
moisten the least bit of bread. !alivation during cough.
!# As if long and very sore& agg. after midnight& amel. "armth. .. 4ainless
throbbing in roots of teeth. 4A 7 >erking, at night, e%tending to temple& .. amel.
sitting up in bed and by e%ternal "armth. .. (uring menses. oothache amel. heat
of stove. !o severe as to drive to madness. Aching in first lo"er bicuspid, e%cited
by cold "eather, amel. pressing teeth together& pain G irritability of temper, and
aversion to sound of others talking, "hich agg.. )' /nhealthy [.. s"ollen], easily
bleeding gums& 2 painful to touch. 2 2rinding of teeth in sleep. 'ites tumbler "hile
drinking. 7 eeth become loose& are sensitive to pressure and cold "ater. .. eeth
become rapidly carious, , unbearable pain. 9hen teeth are dra"n, dark, blackish
blood sFuirts out. 2ums and teeth covered "ith bro"n or black slime. (entition ,
nightly restlessness, diarrhoea, "ith undigested food and emaciation.
!# #verything s"allo"ed seems to lodge in oesophagus, "hich seems as if
closed and nothing "ould pass. .. As if constricted. As if a hair had lodged in
throat. As if a ball of mucus had lodged in throat, , taste of blood. As from an
internal s"elling, "hen s"allo"ing. +ausea in throat. 4A 7 'urning "hen
s"allo"ing& food goes do"n to region of laryn%, "hen it is e3ected. 'urning in
oesophagus& E e%tending to stomach. .. !tinging in oesophagus, as from a
splinter, soon violent tearing [schrNnden] merging into heat and burning. )'
!"ollen, oedematous, constricted, burning, unable to s"allo". (iphtheritic
membrane, looks dry and "rinkled. 7 /lceration, E , s"ollen subma%illary glands.
(ryness& , soreness, scraping and burning. .. !"allo"ing very difficult and
painful. 4aralytic condition of pharyn% and oesophagus. Accumulation of greyish or
greenish mucus. *alignant sore throat. 'lueness of e%ternal throat from distension
of veins.
:ood , drink
Craves acids and coffee& milk& - pungent things, acid fruits& .8 fat, even lard or
olive oil& lemon& rye bread& alcohol, esp. "ine and brandy& "arm food. $ll-effects of
vegetable diet, melons, and "atery fruits generally. Can=t bear sight, smell or
thought of food. 2reat thirst& drinks much, but little at a time. +ausea, retching,
vomiting, after eating or drinking. 'urning pain in stomach, 2 amel. s"eet milk.
2astralgia from slightest food or drink. (yspepsia from vinegar, acids, ice cream,
ice "ater, tobacco [.. che"ing]. $rritable heart in smokers and tobacco-che"ers. 2
Aversion to s"eets, butter, fats, meat& .8 farinaceous food& beans and peas& ..
gruel. (0$+A! 1$1# A+( ):#+ [.. or may drink much and often], eats
seldom and much. C0A?#! $C# C)1( 9A#0, 9H$CH ($!0#!!#!
!)*ACH A+( $! ?)*$#( $**#($A#1@. 1oss of appetite& , thirst& , nausea.
'itter taste after eating and drinking. 1ienteria agg. cold drinks. Cough e%cited by
smoking. !ugar "ater amel. difficult respiration. Hives agg. shell fish. - Hears
voices and sees animals after taking alcohol. 2/021$+2 $+ )#!)4HA2/!
9H#+ (0$+A$+2. 5 hirstlessness in chronic diseases. 9ater tastes bitter [!abin.
milk tastes bitter& !ang. sugar& $od. plums& 4uls. bread& Acon. and !tann.
everything but "ater]. 7 (ryness in mouth , violent thirst. Hiccough after eating.
?omiting& of all nourishment as soon as it reaches stomach. 9eak digestion.
Couldn=t bear any "ine. 9eight in stomach, as of a stone, after eating. (iarrhoea
after chilling stomach by taking cold substances [esp. ice cream]& from fruit and
vegetables. .. *elancholy, sadness after dinner. #ats and drinks more than is
good for her. (esire for something refreshing, strengthening, stimulating, after
attack [of intermittent], as coffee, "ine, etc. 'etter on an empty stomach& agg. after
breakfast. !atisfying appetite G heat and nausea. (rinks hastily. #%cessive thirst,
drinking doesn=t refresh. 'urning thirst, "ithout especial desire to drink. $rresistible
longing for "ater freFuently disturbing sleep. hirst for "arm drinks during heat.
/+L/#+CHA'1# H$0! (/0$+2 '/0+$+2 H#A. *ost thirst during s"eat.
2reat desire for acids and acidulated drinks during heat. Coffee amel. difficult
respiration. Coffee amel. heat. :ood tastes too salty& not salty enough& insipid&
sour. 'eer tastes flat. !ense of fulness immediately after a reasonable Fuantity of
food. Heavy food G burning in stomach and bo"els. :ruit G coldness of stomach.
Cold "ater lies in stomach as a mass or a foreign substance for a long time. :at
food G pain in stomach. 1east Fuantity of "ine G pain in stomach. 2astrointestinal
symptoms agg. after ice cream& sour beer& alcoholic drinks& cheese& fruits. Colic
after spoiled sausages. Colic after rotten cheese, or mouldy #nglish cheese. #very
drink, be it ever so small, is follo"ed by a stool. Cough after drinking, if done
"ithout thirst. 4eculiar neuralgia in l. arm suddenly after meals. Chilliness and
shivering after drinking. #ating but little agg. chill. ?iolent rigor, after eating
something "hen cold. !"eats "hile eating. !"eats after eating or drinking.
#ruption caused by unsuitable food, salt fish, salt meat.
!# An%iety in pit& 7 at night on rising up. !tomach as if ra" or torn. 7 $nternal
chilliness in epigastric region. !oreness in pit "hen talking, dra"ing breath or
moving. .. Hungry, empty feeling. 'urning as from red-hot coals in stomach. )f
cra"ling in stomach. 4it as if torn out on ya"ning& presses hand on pit. 4A 7
$ntense burning, in stomach and pit, , thirst, an%iety and retching. (ra"ing, in pit,
in evening "hen sitting, e%tending to around to lo"er border of l. ribs. .. ?iolent,
tearing, boring, and cramp in stomach and intestines. $n pit arresting breathing.
?iolent burning in stomach and bo"els, agg. after vomiting. Cramp in stomach at 2
a.m. rembling in pit. )' 2ulping up of burning "ater. Heartburn& gulping up of
acid and bitter substances "hich seem to e%coriate throat. 1ong-lasting
eructations. ?omiting of blood, bile, green mucus or bro"n-black mi%ed "ith blood.
!tomach e%tremely irritable. *alignant symptoms. 2astralgia , terrible fear and
dyspnoea& also faintness, icy coldness, great e%haustion. 2 ?omiting , diarrhoea.
Hiccough& freFuent& also "hen fever ought to have come& , eructations. E he
distress in the stomach is not amel. vomiting, but the e%treme irritability, burning
and indescribable distress continue. 7 1ong-lasting nausea, anguish, , fainting
tremor& heat all over, and shuddering& at .. a.m. and D p.m. , must lie do"n. ..
?omit6 first "ater, then thick, glairy, or grass-green mucus, lastly blood. :reFuent
vomiting , apprehension of death. ?omiting on rising in bed. ?omiting of clear
"ater. Abortive eructations& fruitless retching& irregular, convulsive action of
stomach, instead of ordinary peristalsis. !tomach tender to pressure. 4it distended
and hard& umbilicus sensitive to touch. +ausea , s"eetish taste in mouth. +ausea
, heat and ebullitions. 1oosening clothes amel.. $nduration in stomach.
!# 4ain as from a "ound in abdomen on coughing. .. 0ight groin as if sprained,
"hen stooping. Coldness and chilliness in abdomen. As if abdomen "ould burst,
before stool. orturing, as if abdomen "ere being constricted, before stool. )f
"eakness in upper part of abdomen after urinating. 4A 2na"ing, burning pains like
coals of fire& amel. heat. 2 ?iolent, in abdomen , anguish& 7 amel. after stool. 7
Cutting. )ver region of liver, agg. pressure. About umbilicus, causing him to bend
for"ard, agg. touch, on attempting to raise himself or "hen lying on back. 4inching
in hypogastrium, increasing to cutting, in morning, before, during and after
diarrhoea. .. !titches in r. hypochondrium, e%tending to region of stomach, ending
as violent pressure over "hole abdomen. ensive, pressive pain in spleen.
(ra"ing, stitching, under l. hypochondrium. $n r. side of abdomen, near lumbar
region, e%tending to through abdomen to r. groin and same side of scrotum.
Contractive, in l. groin. (igging, burning in groins, like a boil. Crampy, in bo"els.
9ind colic, amel. lying do"n and gro"ing "arm in bed. ?iolent sFueeBing and
constricting, in umbilical region. 4eriodical colic. ?iolent tearing and cutting in
upper part of abdomen, lo"er part distended, soft, but painful to touch. !titches
from abdomen e%tending to vagina. "isting in abdomen before every stool. )'
1iver and spleen enlarged and painful. Ascites and anasarca. Abdomen s"ollen
and painful. 2 Has no rest any"here, rolls about on floor and despairs of life. /lcer
above navel. 4eritonitis. .. 4ainful bloatedness in r. hypochondrium , burning
pain. !"elling of inguinal glands. $nduration of liver. $ntussusception , pain in
abdomen, agg. motion& sensitive to pressure. 0umbling in bo"els. Abdomen dra"n
in, during colic. #%coriation about groins, e%tending to genitals.
!# .. 0ough pricking in rectum, as if she "as passing sand. 4A 'urning and
pressure in rectum and anus. 7 'urning in rectum after stool, , "eakness and
trembling in all limbs. .. !titching, in haemorrhoids, "hen "alking or sitting, not
"hen at stool. 'urning, in haemorrhoids, amel. heat. )' !mall, offensive, dark
stools, , much prostration. 4ainful, spasmodic protrusion of rectum. enesmus. 2
!tools& rice "ater, foul, small, involuntary, acrid, burning, black, mucus, , much
prostration. (ysentery, cholera, in children. Anus red and sore& burning, amel. hot
application. $tching and ecBematous eruptions about anus. - (iarrhoea of a
cadaverous smell, scenting "hole atmosphere of room. 7 $neffectual urging to
stool. 4rolapsus ani& haemorrhoids& burning pain. $nvoluntary stools and urine.
(iarrhoea , coldness of limbs and face& vomiting& prostration. Constipation, , pain
in bo"els. (iarrhoea agg. after midnight, also in morning after rising. .. (iarrhoea6
slimy, green mucus& of pieces of mucus, , tenesmus and cutting pain in anus&
stools small, , tenesmus, first dark green faeces, after"ards dark green mucus&
black mucus , persistent vomiting& black, acrid and putrid& yello" , tenesmus and
burning pain& like dirty "ater& of blood and "ater. (ark, offensive haemorrhages
from bo"els. :etid flatus. (iarrhoea < hard stool of a "hitish-clay colour. (iarrhoea
copious, smell of rotten eggs. 4ainless diarrhoea. (iarrhoea more freFuent than
!# 'ladder as if paralysed& 2 retention of urine. 4A 7 'urning in urethra during
micturition. .. !titches in renal region "hen breathing or sneeBing. earing deep in
urethra. 'urning, esp. at commencement of urinating. )' /rine scanty, burning,
involuntary. Albuminous. #pithelial cells& cylindrical clots of fibrin and globules of
pus and blood. 'right=s disease. (iabetes. 2 Atony of bladder, in old people.
/remia. /rine black, as if mi%ed "ith dung. (ysuria. - 0etention of urine after
confinement. E 2lycosuria. 7 Haematuria. .. :reFuent urging , profuse discharge.
/rine6 dark bro"n& dark yello"& turbid& sediment of red sand& mi%ed "ith pus and
blood. Acute cystitis, , coldness of face and limbs, great thirst and violent burning
in bladder. /raemia, anguish , thoughts of murder, esp. in drunkards. /raemia, ,
vomiting, colic, spells of suffocation. 2reat desire, but passes no urine. Abscesses
in kidneys. #nuresis nocturna. /rine like thick beer& rotten smell. :reFuent urination
during cold stage of intermittent.
4A .. Cramplike colic, darting through abdominal ring and perineum& testes
s"ollen& epididymitis. )' 2 !crotum oedematous. #missions during diarrhoeic
stools. #rysipelatous inflammation of scrotum. !yphilitic ulcers, , burning, stinging.
7 4ainful s"elling of genitals, , gangrene. 2lans blue, red, s"ollen and cracked.
.. Chronic herpes preputialis. $ncreased desire. !e%ual po"er lost. 0a"ness of
scrotum, "ith a bluish look& in little children. Hydrocele& in scrofulous infants.
!erpiginous ulcers on genitals.
!# 4ain as from red hot "ires& agg. least e%ertion& G great fatigue& amel. "arm
room. 4A 'urning in ovarian region. !titching [7 pressing] pain in pelvis [7 r. ovary]
e%tending to do"n thigh& 2 thigh feels numb and lame, agg. motion or bending& ..
agg. sitting bent. 2 'urning in mammae amel. motion. !titching in rectum during
menses& .. e%tending to anus and pubes. (ysmenorrhoea amel. heat. 7 'urning
or tensive, in region of r. ovary& .. some"hat amel. constantly moving feet. ..
'urning, throbbing, lancinating in uterine region. )' *enses too profuse and too
soon. 1eucorrhoea, acrid, burning, offensive, thin& 2 profuse, acrid, yello"ish, thick
agg. standing, passing flatus. *enorrhagia& 2 black blood& .. e%hausting. 2 Cancer
of uterus. $ncreased se%ual desire at menses. *enses suppressed in "eak, tired,
care"orn "omen. E (ark haemorrhages bet"een menses. 7 hin, "hitish,
offensive discharge instead of menses. )varitis. .. $ncreased se%ual desire ,
involuntary discharge of mucus. Haemorrhage , lancinating, burning pains&
sudden of profuse dark blood. Amenorrhoea. !canty pale menses. 4olypus on
cervi% uteri. (ischarge of bloody slime or stinking "atery discharge, after menses.
(ryness of vagina. $tching of genitals. 4romotes e%pulsion of moles.
!# .. )f dryness, , burning in laryn% and trachea. As if inhaling dust. Constriction
of laryn% during cough. )' 2 Aphonia. 7 ?oice "eak, trembling, uneven, hoarse. ..
?oice rough& hollo". !imulating membranous croup& caused by checked or non-
appearing eruptions, esp. by hives or urticaria. 1aryngeal lining dirty-red or
anaemic, , bluish-red patches& indolent or burning ulcers& laryngeal phthisis.
!pasm of glottis. !udden catarrh, threatening suffocation at night. 2angrenous
!uffocative attacks during sleep. Asthma agg. midnight. 9heeBing& 7 , cough and
frothy sputum. 2 ($::$C/1& unable to lie do"n& must sit up& agg. odours,
laughing, ascending, turning in bed, or receding eruptions, amel. coffee or s"eet
"ater. Asthma, agg. taking cold, in mid summer. 2reat dyspnoea& in nose& face
cyanotic, covered "ith cold s"eat, great an%iety. .. Asthmatic& must incline chest
for"ard& must spring out of bed at night. (yspnoea agg. after coughing, ,
sensation of constriction of chest or stomach. 1oss of breath immediately on lying
do"n, in evening, , "histling and constriction in trachea. 9histling e%piration.
Asthma , pale, cold face. :reFuent inclination to sigh, , childish crying mood.
+oise-less, hardly audible. (eep, Fuick inspiration, difficult, interrupted e%piration.
4anting. Hysterical asthma from every little e%citement. 9ant of breath in cold air.
Asthma "hen fatigued. Asthma from suppressed itch. Asthma about 2 a.m.
(yspnoea "hen ve%ed. (yspnoea agg. motion, can=t lie on back or sides, has to
bent for"ard. 9heeBing, , bruised pain bet"een scapulae.
agg. After midnight& agg. lying on back& 7 on going into cold air [G suffocative
cough]. (ry, as from sulphur fumes [2 in laryn%]& after drinking. 2 (ry < loose, dry at
night amel. sitting up, agg. drinking. E 9ith contractive pain in region of stomach
and perspiration. .. #%cited by smoky sensation or as of vapours of sulphur in
laryn%, or by constant titillation in laryn%. 4receded by 3erking in hips, "hich
seemed to e%cite cough. #venings, directly after lying do"n. At night& must sit up
as soon as cough begins& . a.m. , , gasping for breath. (eep, dry, unceasing.
Coughs dependent upon asthma, cyanosis, heart diseases& also , great
e%haustion, collapse, anaemia, nervous irritability. (ry, short and hacking, , sense
of e%coriation in chest, or soreness from pit of stomach up"ard, , short, difficult
breathing. After every mental emotion& spells preceded by great an%iety and
restlessness. 9ith pain as if something "as digging into throat from before
back"ard. #nding "ith s"eat.
:rothy, looking like beaten "hite of egg. !canty, frothy. 2 'loody. .. hick, yello".
2reen, bitter. !alty. *ucus streaked "ith blood. Haemoptysis after loss of blood&
burning heat all over, esp. , pain bet"een scapulae& in drunkards or from
suppressed menses. :rothy mucus in lumps. )nly during day. enacious mucus,
"hich is lodged in chest.
!# 2 Coldness in chest. 7 )ppression, agg. stormy "eather and heavy air,
"alking Fuickly, ascending, "arm and tight clothing, but esp. from changes of
"armth and cold. ightness of chest, , great an%iety and restlessness, evenings&
.. "hen going up hill. .8 As if chest "ere full of smoke or dust. .. Chest as if ra"
or e%coriated. Chest as if too narro". ightness of chest, as if bound "ith a hoop.
As of a load in upper part of lungs. 2reat heat in chest, e%tending to belo"
diaphragm. 4A 'urning in chest. 2 (arting, through upper third of r. lung& .. in l.
chest only during inspiration. 7 !titches in chest "hen coughing. !titches and
pressing in sternum. .. !titching, in sternum, from belo" up, "hen coughing. )'
Air-passages constricted. !uffocative catarrh. 2 #mphysema. 4ulmonary oedema.
2angrene of lungs& 7 , green ichorous sputum. @ello"ish spots on chest. 7 ?ery
tenacious mucus in chest. .. 4leurisy , tendency to syncope. 4neumonia from
taking cold during a fatiguing 3ourney. Hydrothora%. 4osterior lobes of lungs
affected& pneumonia. !oreness in a%illae.
4A .. Cramp in heart. )' 4alpitation, pain, dyspnoea, faintness. 4ulse more rapid
in morning [!ulph.]. (ilatation. Cyanosis. :atty degeneration. Angina pectoris, ,
pain e%tending to neck and occiput& 2 , an%iety, difficult breathing [.. least motion
makes him lose his breath], fainting spells& .. sits bent for"ard or "ith head thro"n
back& agg. at night, esp. from . to E a.m. 2 4alpitation, , anguish, agg. lying on
back, ascending stairs, from slight causes. Hydropericardium& .. , great irritability,
anguish and restlessness& esp. in uraemia, etc. 4alpitation , tremulous "eakness
after stools. 'eats audible. ?isible pulsations. E 4alpitation agg. night. 7 Angina
pectoris& sudden tightness above heart. .. 4alpitation6 after suppressed herpes or
foot-s"eat& , small, irregular pulse& strong, visible and audible, chiefly at night.
4alpitation after stool, , tremulous "eakness. 4alpitation as from a distance& in
anasarca. umultuous action of heart < feeble, irregular beating. ?alvular disease
, intermittent pulse, dyspnoea, anasarca, complaints more to"ards evening, or at
night, on going up stairs, after deep inspirations, or getting angry. 4ulse6
accelerated& Fuick and small& Fuick and "eak& rapid and "eak& threadlike& small,
very freFuent and irregular, sometimes imperceptible. 0ight ventricle
hypertrophied. 4ericarditis after suppressed measles or scarlatina. 4alpitation after
suppressed herpes circinatus.
!# 2 Cold creeps on back. As if "arm air streaming up spine to head& ..
preceding epileptic attacks. 7 +ape stiff, as if bruised or sprained. .. !acrum as if
broken. !mall of back as if broken, , haemorrhoids. 4A 4ain and burning in back
[)%-ac.]. E earing, agg. at night. (ra"ing, from nape e%tending to sacrum. ..
+euralgic, on l. side of neck. (ra"ing, bet"een scapulae, necessitating lying do"n&
from lumbar region e%tending to shoulders. $nsupportable, on rising from a seat.
'urning, in back, "hen lying Fuietly on it. )' (ra"ing in of shoulders. 9eakness
[2 bruised pain] in lumbar region. 2 !tiffness of back ascends from coccy% to nape.
.. Cervical glands enlarged, felt like a series of hard nodules under skin.
/lceration of sacrum after typhoid.
4A 'urning. 7 earing in arms and limbs, agg. lying on affected side, amel. motion
of affected parts. )' rembling, t"itching, spasms, "eakness, heaviness,
uneasiness. 4eripheral neuritis. (iabetic gangrene. 2 ?iolent starting during sleep.
9eariness of limbs. rembling of hands, of limbs. 4aralysis, , contraction of limbs.
7 #%cessive "eakness and e%haustion of limbs obliging him to lie do"n. .. ?iolent
starting on falling asleep& sometimes e%cited by pains felt in distant parts.
!# 2 ingling in fingers. .. 4aralytic feeling. )f s"elling and fulness in palms of
hands at night. 4A 2 (ra"ing, from elbo" e%tending to a%illa. 7 (ra"ing, 3erking
and tearing from tips of fingers e%tending to shoulders. $n arm on side lain on at
night. .. 0heumatic, from elbo" up shoulder, agg. at night. )' 2 :ingers can=t be
e%tended. +ails& blue& discoloured. /lcers on fingertips, , burning pain. 7 Hand
and lo"er half of forearm dark and livid. .. !mall reddish spot on l. elbo"-3oint,
soon forming a blister, becoming in a fe" hours as large as a haBelnut and turning
black& similar blisters appear on r. elbo" and ne%t day on l. leg. rembling of
hands. :le%ors of fingers retracted. !oreness bet"een fingers. ?esicles filled "ith
blood on fingertips& ulcers and scabs under nails. +ails at first red, then black& later
replaced by ne" nails, thin and transparent.
!# 2 9ooden feeling in soles. 'all of toes sore "hile "alking& 7 as if chafed. 7 As
if lo"er limbs "ould give "ay on going up stairs. .. Anee-3oint as if beaten. )f
boiling, in sciatic limb. Anees as if bandaged. Cold feeling in soles of feet. 4A
Cramps in calves& E agg. at night in bed. !ciatica& 2 amel. "alking and hot
applications& .. brought on by staying in damp, cold cellar. 7 earing, sticking
periosteal, along limb e%tending to big toe. (ra"ing, in legs, "hen resting feet upon
floor "hile sitting. .. ?iolent shooting tearing, in hip, thigh, groin and l. foot. 4ain
back of great trochanter, e%tending to do"n thigh, posteriorly, then e%tending to
knee, anteriorly, e%tending to around patella, do"n tibia to ankle& pain some"hat
amel. fle%ion of knee. Cramp in thighs, calves and toes in evening, in bed& follo"ed
by lassitude. earing in heels. ?iolent tearing, dra"ing, from ankle bones do"n
over heel e%tending to sole of foot, only amel. "hen leg is fle%ed on abdomen.
0ending, in soles. )' !"elling of feet& E , general e%haustion. /lcers on heel [All-
c.& 1am.]. 4aralysis , atrophy. 2 /lcers on soles and toes. /neasiness, must move
feet constantly or "alk about& 7 can=t lie still at night. oes bend do"n"ards.
0estless feet. E /nsteadiness "hen "alking. !"ollen veins in lo"er limbs, ,
oedema. 7 Coldness& .. esp. of knees and feet. !tiffness, esp. of knees and feet, <
tearing pain. .. Cracking of knee "hen "alking. !"elling and pain of knees.
$tching tetters in bend of knees. $ntolerable itching of feet and thighs. 2ressus
gallinaceous. 'uttocks sore to touch. )edematous s"elling of l. leg. Coldness of
knees , heat of head and ears. Hard blue red s"elling of feet. Hot and shining
s"elling of feet. (istension of veins of feet. $ntolerable itching of feet. $tching
s"elling of feet. Crumbling, misshapen toe nails. Coldness of feet "hile sitting, or
in bed. Cold feet , hot hands.
(isturbed, an%ious, restless. *ust have head raised by pillo"s. !leeps "ith hands
over head. (ro"sy, sleeping sickness. 2 !hocks on dropping to sleep. @a"ning, ,
stretching of limbs. alks in sleep& .. divulged a secret "hich other"ise "ould not
have passed his lips. A"akened by pains& .. agg. .2 p.m. E !leeplessness till D
a.m. , after"ards a disturbed sleep, , dreams and starting in fright. 9hen lying
a"ake at night, great restlessness and tossing about. 9hen "aking out of sleep
finds it difficult for a long time to fall asleep again. 7 :reFuent starting in and from
sleep. .. !leeplessness from nervous e%haustion. After sleep, feeling as if had not
slept enough& eyes "eary& can=t get out of bed. :reFuent attacks of somnolence in
daytime "hile sitting. :atigue seemingly increased by sleep. !leeps in a half-sitting
posture. !leeplessness from coryBa. !leeplessness agg. night before an attack of
intermittent. !leeplessness from climbing mountains or other muscular e%ertions.
:ull of cares and fears. 2 )f death, sorro". 7 hunderstorms, fire, black "ater,
darkness. .. *isfortunes& embarrassments and ve%ations. (ead persons.
4eriodicity marked , adynamia. !eptic fevers. $ntermittent. 4aro%ysms
incomplete, , marked e%haustion. yphoid, not too early& often after 0hus-t.
Complete e%haustion. (elirium& agg. after midnight. 2reat restlessness. !ordes. 2
@ello" fever. E :ebrile paro%ysm generally characterised by a short chilly stage,
prolonged fever and very little or no perspiration. 7 yphus fever , restlessness, <
stupor. .. /ndefined development of chill and heat& either in alternation or
simultaneously. 4aro%ysm [of intermittent] begins "ith stretching, ya"ning,
unpleasant feeling, greater "eariness and slight cra"ls over back after drinking.
Attacks of intermittent begin "ith vertigo, great prostration, gradually increasing
heat, ending in long-lasting s"eat. $ntermittent begins "ith chill or thirst, follo"ed
by heat sooner or later, "ith much thirst and no s"eat, or s"eat at a later hour,
"hereupon all earlier ailments are agg.. After heat commences, pains and other
complaints having commenced "ith cold stage lessen, or are replaced by ne"
symptoms. +ever clear of symptoms during apyre%ia. Luotidian. $ntermittent
relapsing after Fuinine.
2 #%ternally C)1(, , internal burning heat. C)1(+#!!& in spots. !ensitive to
cold, yet amel. open air. $rregular, shaking& craves hot drinks during chill& dyspnoea
during chill. 9aves of icy coldness in bloodvessels or intense boiling heat. 7
!huddering, "ithout thirst, agg. open air& after dinner& after drinking. Coldness of
body, dry skin, < cold s"eats. 'lue nails and lips during chill. .. #%ternal coldness
, cold, clammy s"eat. $nternal, , e%ternal heat and red cheeks. +ursing children
having no distinct chill must be covered& are very thirsty. :eels chilly and hovers
near stove& during headache. At night, only on face and feet. As from cold "ater
trickling do"n back. )n lo"er part of body. 9ith gooseflesh. Cold as ice. Chilly
to"ards sundo"n.
2reat, about D a.m. 2 As of hot "ater in veins& or they burn like lines of fire. 7
$nternal burning, dry, after midnight, , an%iety and inclination to uncover& "hile
vomiting, , thirst. 'eginning in stomach and precordial region, passing to rest of
body at 2 a.m. 9armth over "hole body, s"eat on face, feet. 9ith tension in
hypochondria and epigastrium, G colic and an%iety. 9ithout thirst or s"eat. At night,
, restlessness and pulsations in limbs, hindering sleep. 9ith diarrhoea and
enlarged spleen. .. As if blood in arteries "as boiling hot. 9ith an%iety after .2
p.m. 9ith restlessness and epista%is. *otion, talking, coughing, "alking agg..
Cold. 9ith great thirst, dyspnoea or e%haustion. E Cold, on face. 7 Cold, clammy&
or sour, offensive& copious. 9ith unFuenchable thirst. )n going to sleep, amel.
after a little sleep. $n bed, G faintness. About lo"er limbs at night, esp. about knees.
!"eat amel. pains [rheumatism]. $n morning "ithout relief. After stool. At end of
fever, , cessation of all previous symptoms. !taining bro"nish, yello". 9ith
aversion to uncover. !"eats too easily, or "hile sitting. 1essened by motion. )n
back parts, occiput, neck, etc. 9eakening, even to fainting.
$tching, burning, s"ellings. )edema& eruption, papular, dry, rough, scaly& agg. cold
and scratching. *alignant pustules. /lcers "ith offensive discharge. Anthra%.
4oisoned "ounds. /rticaria, , burning and restlessness. 4soriasis. !cirrhus. $cy
coldness of body. #pithelioma of skin. 2angrenous inflammations. 2 !kin looks
seared. #cBema. Acuminate eruptions. :ree desFuamation& 7 from head to feet.
/lcers& chronic& , cutting pain and bloody discharge. 4hagedena. Carbuncles.
!kin, like parchment. !kin symptoms < internal affections. !pots& blue, black,
"hite. 4imples, vesicles, burning violently& .. G almost unendurable anguish. E
2eneral tendency to pick at roughened places in skin until they bleed. 7 9hite,
pasty looking skin& .. later yello", scaly. *iliary eruptions. 4etechiae. .8 $ntense
itching of skin 9$H)/ #0/4$)+& after suppressed eruption. .. /rticaria, large
and very prominent. #ruption resembling red petechiae, from the siBe of a fleabite
to that of a lentil. #ruption delays or suddenly pales, becomes livid or intermi%ed
"ith petechiae& malignant sore throat& dropsy& or eruption "ell out, but ,
disproportionate "eakness, mild delirium, vomiting, etc. ?ariola, asthenic cases&
pustules sink, areolae gro" livid& also in haemorrhagic and septic forms. /lcers
"ith high edges& discharging black, coagulated blood. 4ainful sensitiveness of old
ulcers. $tchlike eruption in bend of knees. !ensation of coldness in ulcers.
)versensitiveness of skin. !kin peels off in large scales. 'ro"nish-"hite spots on
9orse6 4#0$)($CA11@& *$(+$2H, after& A:#0 2 A.*. & .- days& yearly. C)1(&
$C#!& (0$+A!& :))(& air& cold and damp. ?#2#A'1#!. 9atery fruits.
(0$+A$+2 1$L/$(!. A1C)H)1$!*. $nfections. 'ad meat, food. #ruptions
undeveloped or suppressed. Luinine. 1ying on affected part. obacco, che"ing.
!ea shore. #;#0$)+. - #ntering a cold place. 0apid "alking. *ilk. 1ying "ith the
head lo". 'etter6 #;#0+A1 H#A. H) A441$CA$)+! [dry]& :))(& drinks.
9arm "raps. *otion. 9alking about. 1@$+2& "ith head elevated. !itting erect.
Company. !"eating. )pen air.
H 'urning is another of the leading characteristics of Ars. +o other remedy has it in
a more pronounced degree. he peculiarity of the CburningsC of Ars. is that they are
amel. heat [herein comparing "ith Caps.]. 'urning in throat amel. eating or drinking
hot things. )n the other hand, cold food and cold drinks agg. stomach irritations&
hence Ars. is of signal use for effects of eating ices and drinking ice "ater. Ars. has
a great place in acute coryBa and hay fever. he fluent coryBa is corrosive,
reddening the upper lip, and has more burning than either All-c. or *erc. Also it is
agg. open air and amel. "armth, "hich distinguishes it from All-c. especially. Ars. is
predominantly 0$2H-!$(#(.
here is pronounced night aggravation, the pains are insupportable "ith
restlessness. agg. *idnight and after [Acon. is rather before midnight]& agg. D a.m.
Ars. loves "armth like +u%-v., 4sor., Hep., !il., *ag-m. and other hydrogenoids,
and herein is differentiated from !ulph., Ant-c., $od., Apis and 4uls.
.. Hydrogenoid constitution. @oung, anaemic people "ith scrofulous constitution.
!uits patients "ith liver spots, "hose skins have a bro"n, muddy, un"ashed
appearance on parts covered "ith clothes.
Compare6 Acon. [the fear of Ars. is not that of Acon., but is an an%iety and a feeling
that it is useless to take medicine as they "ill surely die, more like Agn.& .. fever,
paralysis, sudden chilling]& Apoc.& Arg-n.& 'ell.& 'ism. [.. vomiting]& 'ry. ['ry. drinks
much and seldom, Ars. little and often& 'ry. eats often and little, Ars. much at a
time]& Calc.& Cann-i.& Carb-v. [.. debility, "ant of reaction, sepsis, esp. ailments
from putrid meats, fish or "ater, etc.]& Chin. [.. debility, loss of fluids, ague,
gangrene ulcers, haemoptysis, diarrhoea, effects of putrid "ater, marsh-poisons,
etc.]& :err. [.. eruption, lienteric stools, dropsy, chlorosis, neuralgia, etc.]& Hyos.& $p.
[.. chills and fever& asthma& catarrh of nose or chest , suffocation& summer
complaint, esp. in fat children& diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.]& Areos.& 1ach. [.. sepsis,
etc.]& 1yc.& *ag-c. [restlessness& Ars. goes from room to room, from bed to bed&
*ag-c. must get out of bed and "alk the floor to relieve pain]& +u%-v. [.8 chilly&
fastidious& craves fat& .. better in neuralgia agg. mornings]& 4hos. [.8 fears&
desires company& chilly& thirsty& desires milk]& 4uls.& 0hus-t. [.8 restless& chilly&
desire for milk& .. mild delirium, erysipelas, ophthalmia, scarlatina, typhoid fever, ,
prostration and involuntary stool& skin symptoms, etc.]& !il.& ab.& ?erat. [..
coldness, cholera, cold s"eat]& 7 Ant-c.& Apis& Arn.& Camph. [.. collapse, coldness]&
Colch.& 2raph. [.. chronic eruptions]& Hell.& $od.& Aali-bi. [.. often superior in
lupus]& 4lb. [.. paralysis, colic, tremors]& !amb.& !ec. [.. cholera, diarrhoea,
ulcers, gangrene, etc.]& Iinc.& 2 !ul-ac.& . Arsenicum stibiatum [chest
inflammations of children& restlessness , thirst and prostration& loose mucous
cough& oppression& hurried respiration& crepitant rales& D%]& Ato%ylum [!odium
arseniate& sleeping sickness& commencing optic atrophy& D%]& Cench.& #pil.
[intractable diarrhoea of typhoid]& Hoang +an& 1evico aFua [containing arsenic, iron
and copper, from !outh yrol& chronic and dyscratic skin diseases& chorea minor
and spasms in scrofulous and anaemic children& favours assimilation and
increases nutrition& debility and skin diseases, esp. after the use of higher
potencies "here progress seems suspended& dose6 .8 drops in "ine glass of
"arm "ater D times a day during meals]& !arcol-ac. [influenBa , violent vomiting]&
.. Acet-ac. [dropsy]& Anthr. [carbuncle& anthra%& pyaemia, etc.]& 'apt. [sepsis&
typhoid]& 'or. [psoriasis]& Calc-ar. [epilepsy , heart symptoms]& Caps. [pain in
stomach]& Carb-an. [debility, glandular affections]& Crot-h. [blood poisoning]& Cupr.
[cholera, lack of reaction, paralysis, etc.]& Cupr-ar. [neuralgia of viscera]& Hydr.
[superior in lupus]& $ris [burning]& +it-ac. [typhoid states& great debility, ulcers easily
bleeding, diphtheria, etc.]& er. [metritis, stupor , dark, turbid urine, etc.]. :ollo"s
"ell6 Acon.& Agar.& Arn.& 'ell.& Cham.& Chin.& $p.& 1ach.& ?erat. :ollo"ed "ell by6
Aran.& $od.& +u%-v.& 0hus-t. [follo"s "ell in skin affections, esp. in cases treated
allopathically "ith large doses of arsenic]& !ulph. Complementary6 All-s.& Carb-v.&
4hos.& . 0hus-t.& !ec.& hu3.& 2 1ach.& +at-s.& 4uls.& !ulph.& - Anthr.& 4yrog.
Antidote to6 Carb-v.& Chin.& :err.& 2raph.& Hep.& $od.& $p.& 1ach.& *erc.& +u%-v.&
4hos.& !amb.& !try.& ab.& ?erat.& 7 lead poisoning& evil effects of alcohol. Antidoted
by6 Camph.& Chin.& Chin-s.& :err.& 2raph.& Hep.& $od.& $p.& +u%-v.& !amb.& ab.&
?erat.& . )p.
Chill in cold "ater. $ce cream. 4oor diet. :ruits [5 esp. "atery fruits and melons].
Alcohol& drunkenness. obacco. Luinine. $odine. !ea-bathing and sea-travelling.
Climbing mountains. !trains. :it of passion. 9orry. 2rief. :right.
Arsenicum bromatum
'romide of arsenic
Has proven a great anti-psoric and anti-syphilitic remedy. Herpetic eruptions,
syphilitic e%crescences, glandular tumours and indurations, carcinoma, locomotor
ata%ia, and obstinate intermittents, and diabetes are all greatly influenced by this
)' Acne rosacea, , violet papules on nose& agg. spring. Acne in young people.
Arsenicum hydrogenisatum
Arseniuretted hydrogen
he general action of Ars. more accentuated. Anaemia. An%iety& despair.
Haematuria, , general blood disorganisation. Haemorrhages from mucous
membranes. /rine suppressed, follo"ed by vomiting. 4repuce and glans covered
"ith pustules and round superficial ulcers. Collapse. Coldness& prostration. !udden
"eakness and nausea. !kin becomes dark bro"n. 5 1aBy& shirks "ork as it
displeases him& thinking of "ater irritates. 1ips colourless& s"eet things taste too
s"eet& appetite poor or lost& irritable stomach. /rine dark red, sometimes inky.
?oice "hispering and sometimes sFueaky. 4ain agg. motion. 4eculiar "eakness
every hour before clock strikes& during "eakness all pains cease. !leeplessness.
4leasant dreams. Chilly on undressing. Cough at night causes retching and
vomiting. .. :aintness , vertigo, follo"ed by shuddering. 9eakness "ithout any
J Ans"ers abruptly, shortly. #%citable&.. "ants to talk constantly. :ear of death
"hen alone. $mpatience. !tarting during sleep. .. 1oud complaining about
unbearable pains in spine. $mpeded in talking& ans"ers very slo"ly. :ull of care
and fear about complaint "hen getting a"ake at night. An%iety, restlessness ,
great prostration of strength. An%ious feeling before chill. $ndifference on hearing
most important ne"s& discouraged, changeable, mental activity much impaired.
hinking of "ater irritates, as if he "ould have to vomit& nauseates him.
?iolent, on going up stairs& .. staggers against sides of stairs& not noticed on
going do"n stairs or on a level floor. .. 9ith general "eakness. 9ith nausea and
vomiting. 9ith pressure in frontal sinuses. !"imming sensation in head and "hole
!# .. Head dull and benumbed , pressure in forehead. Heaviness. 4ressing,
stupefying sensation at night, like from a load, , tearing sensation& ,
sleeplessness. Above forehead to r., a giddy sensation, , inner t"itching, like a
painful Fuivering of muscles& soon after, same feeling in upper and lo"er 3a", going
do"n in a straight line& later, same in r. shoulder. 4ressure in r. frontal sinus, like
"ith point of a little finger& later, same of left. 4A .. 4ressure above eyebro"s ,
numbness. ?iolent pressive frontal, agg. at night, and , such e%cessive "eakness
that he "as obliged to lie in bed for several hours after eating. 4ressure in r. temple
, flabbiness in stomach& after t"o or three minutes same sensation in l. temple.
+o" and then a headache in t"o streaks, from behind to front, "ould be
unbearable if continuing, amel. "hen thinking about it. Head agg. "armth. $n upper
and back part of head "hen coughing. o"ards evening, on r. side, e%tending to
throat near laryn%. $n forehead during chill. )' .. All hair on CdeadenedC parts
become sno"y "hite, and "hite bro"s formed a strange contrast to dark bro"n
)' #yes sunken& broad, blue circles around. .. #yes sunken, lustreless.
Con3unctiva reddened during chill. heaviness of lids, have to be lifted up "ith
.. 'lue light before r. eye "hen falling asleep and again "hen "aking up at night.
!ensation as from a thread floating do"n before r. eye& later, a dimness.
!# .. $ndescribable sensation up in nose. +ose as if deadened. +ose feels as if
dried up. )' ?iolent sneeBing. +ose cold& must be "rapped up in "arm cloths. ..
ickling up in nose, r. side, G sneeBing. /npleasant cra"ling in nose G sneeBing.
'loody mucus from nose. +ose and lips some"hat e%coriated.
!# .. Chilly feeling in face, follo"ed by a glo". 4A .. $n ma%illary 3oints, "hen first
opening mouth, "hen pressed "ith finger, "hen putting tongue out. )' .. 4ainfully
distorted features. :ace copper-coloured, or dark red, body greenish-yello".
@ello"ish face at beginning of chill. :ace pale, discoloured, can hardly "alk. :ace
looks old and bears an e%pression of pain. Heat in face. :ace red in evening.
!"eat in large drops on face and "hole head. :ace oedematous, agg. evening.
:ace greatly changed. #%pression of e%treme an%iety. ?ery painful t"itching in
upper and lo"er 3a"& pain going above do"n"ard in a straight line. 1ips colourless.
/pper lip sore , chill.
!# .. 'itter taste& , great prostration. Contracting sensation of numbness, like a
cold feeling, in half the tongue in front, r. side, , salivation, "eakness in abdomen
and pinching. 4ricking on tip of tongue and tickling in nose, upper part, r. side, G
sneeBing. )' ongue enlarged& deep, irregular ulcer& nodular s"elling. *outh hot
and dry& little thirst. .. ongue slimy. ongue yello". @ello"ish furred tongue during
chill. 'ack part of tongue greyish-"hite.
$ncreased salivation. Ammoniacal odour of breath.
4A .. agg. 9armth.
4A .. 'urning and constriction in throat, follo"ed by irritability of stomach.
:ood , drink
.. 1ess appetite on account of slimy taste in mouth& eats "ithout relish. +o
appetite in evening& tongue slimy. 1oss of appetite. ?iolent thirst and a dry tongue.
*uch thirst& drinks much oatmeal gruel, milk and slimy drinks in large Fuantities.
*ore sensitive to tobacco. All s"eet things taste too s"eet. ?ery unpleasant sticky
aftertaste, lasting for hours after eating. ongue dry , violent thirst. Constant
retching and vomiting after taking the least thing to eat or drink. 0etching and
vomiting even after a single s"allo", even a little "ater is follo"ed by a return of
most painful retching and vomiting. ?omits everything taken into stomach& could
not retain slightest thing. Cough at first amel. eating ice cream, but after"ards agg..
!# .. 9eary feeling in stomach , pressure in temples. 4A .. ?iolent cutting, in
region of stomach and belo" it, , dead feeling in limbs& compels him to moan
constantly. 4ressure in epigastric region during chill. 4ressure of hand G dull pain in
pit. )' .. 'elching , taste of food eaten& slimy tongue and no appetite. Hiccough
follo"ing eructations. !pasmodic eructations of enormous Fuantities of tasteless
gas from stomach, "ithout amel. pain in abdomen. ormenting hiccough ,
oversensitiveness of pit. ?ery troublesome and annoying hiccough. $ncessant
retching and vomiting. ?omiting of green, bitter mucus during colic. ?omits large
masses. ?omiting , pain in loins. $rritability of stomach, vomiting liFuid, first bilious
and after"ards coffee-coloured, , burning pain.
!# .. As from a stone lying in abdomen, as if all had changed into a stone.
2lo"ing heat in abdomen , cold limbs. 4A .. ?iolent cutting in region of navel,
paro%ysmal. Colic , vomiting, before midnight. $n various parts of abdomen, agg. l.
side, follo"ed by great "eakness, most in lo"er limbs. 'urning, through "hole
alimentary canal. )' .. 1iver painful to pressure. !oftening of spleen. Abdomen
burning, outside& , cold feet. 2urgling noise in l. side of abdomen from
incarcerated flatus, G colicky pain, threatening to become severe& "ants to lie on
abdomen, or bent together, and "ants to be "ell covered& very sensitive to cold&
morning at D a.m. (istension of abdomen during chill.
!# .. 9eak sensation, as if rela%ed, and as if diarrhoea follo"ed, the "hole "ould
fall out, evening. 4A .. humping, knocking, in region of perineum, near anus.
:reFuent flying, in perineum, to anus, or, up"ard in anterior "all of rectum. )' ..
/rging as to diarrhoea. Copious passage of "ind and looseness. :reFuent bilious
stools. Constipation , feeling of heaviness and stiffness, like a "eight in abdomen.
!tool , vertigo, "eakness and cra"ling.
!# .. /npleasant sensation of pressure in region of kidneys, rapidly increasing,
e%tending to over back to bet"een scapulae, not violent until night& it continued
"ithout interruption, and increasing, , urging to urinate& urine dark red and a thick
coagulum of pure blood is formed. 4ressure in kidneys e%tending to scapulae, ,
pain in region of kidneys during desire to urinate. )' .. !canty, foaming urine in
morning. /rine very dark, orange-coloured. $nky urine. (ischarge at times of large
Fuantities of pale urine.
!# .. (eep in pelvis "hen crouching do"n, an unbearable sensation of
numbness, , "aving as if it "ould break, then a horrible feeling, but of short
duration. /nbearable pain in both groins, e%actly "here spermatic cords emerge,
as if everything "ould fall or slip out there& e%ceedingly painful on standing& amel.
sitting& still more "hen pressing on it "ith both hands. 4A .. $n symphysis pubis, no
redness there, but it is e%ceedingly sensitive to touch, also "hen coughing or
bending for"ard. $n l. side of penis. )' .. !e%ual irritation on glans penis, almost
irresistible "ith morning erection& continues after rising and passing "ater. 9hole
foreskin and glans covered "ith little blisters containing pus& they burst and form
very small round flat ulcers.
4A .. +ear laryn% "hen speaking, r. side. )' .. !Fueaking voice. 9hispering
voice. ?oice has lost its timbre, sounds as if broken, but not hoarse. 9ith a slight
hemming or ha"king he raises "ith great ease a soft, round and smooth lump of
phlegm siBe of a filbert, "hen a"aking at D a.m.
.. 0apid.
.. :reFuent, , pain in perineum. alking agg.. Coming from front upper part of
chest. Coughing G s"eating.
!# .. Constriction of chest , nausea& during chill. As if "hole thora% "ere laced
tightly, , rapid breathing, "ithout cough or rattling of phlegm. !ore, ra", over "hole
chest. Cra"ling, as if "arm drops running over chest, stopped by pressing "ith
finger. 2lo"ing sensation in chest after chilly feeling. 4A .. 4ressure in upper part
of chest, "here it commences to become sore to pressure, disappears "hen
perspiring. 4ressure over "hole chest , great an%iety& amel. ya"ning. $n middle of
sternum agg. "alking about.
4A .. Anocking, thumping, in heart, deep in chest, e%tending to r. side. )' ..
4ulse freFuent. 4ulse Fuite imperceptible. 4ulse intermits "hen a"aking at night, ,
an%iety and thoughts of death.
!# .. As if something "ere sticking belo" r. scapula& increased at first and
disappeared after three hours= sleep. 2lo" in back after chilliness. 4A .. 'ackache
causing loud lamentations& sitting amel. a little, but too "eak to sit long& amel.
application of cloths dipped in "arm milk. earing, in neck during chill. 4ressure
bet"een shoulders. ?iolent, in lumbar region. !ome pains in loins "hen Cfalling
asleepC of limbs passes a"ay. $n loins during vomiting. 'ehind and above r. hip, on
a small spot near spine& agg. "alking& has to sit do"n. $n lumbar region as after
having taken cold. ?iolent, in sacrum. (ull, on upper part of sacrum, on a place
siBe of a hand, interferes for one or t"o minutes "ith breathing& it s"ells and feels
as if something "as filled up& , increased pain. )' .. !tiffness of neck and
bet"een scapulae, begins in morning, amel. going out or moving about. Cra"ling
over shoulders and back. !huddering over single parts of back.
)' .. Coldness of limbs.
!# .. A "arm, almost burning cut, like "ith a small knife in r. upper arm, from near
shoulder do"n to"ards elbo". :eeling of deadness of hands e%tending to middle
of forearms. Arms and hands very tired, as if burning. 4A .. :rom tip of shoulder
do"n e%tending to point of elbo". :lying stitches in arms. earing, and stitches in
upper limbs during chill. 1aming, in both elbo"s. )' .. 4ainful t"itching in
shoulders. !"ollen veins on hands.
!# .. :eet get numb, as if dead, up to knees. As if a splinter "ere lodged under
nail of l. middle toe. 4A .. )n inner side of both thighs, most r. side, "hence it
e%tending to near anus. Above r. patella pain on pressure, also in bend of knee
agg. after lying still a good "hile. )n getting up and beginning to move, after lying
esp. in a some"hat fatiguing position, pain in l. knee, as if it "as in"ardly crushed,
but not in bones& increases to a kind of burning, and only disappears after
continuing to move. 0heumatic, gouty, tearing, in knee-3oints. $n knees during chill.
$n hollo" of l. knee "hen rising from a seat and in beginning of "alking. :lying
stitches in lo"er limbs. $n l. leg, after sitting& agg. going do"n stairs, , giving "ay of
knees. :lying pains in feet. $n l. foot, most on sole, pains prevent stepping on it&
agg. motion, amel. in bed& pains in middle, as if contracted length"ays& "hen
stepping on it a painful stretch. $n sole, heel and "hole foot e%tending to up"ard.
)' .. 4imple on nates, impeding "alking. 9eakness, most in lo"er limbs. Can=t
move foot, and is unable to get up. 0ed streak on ankle-3oint, "here pain "as day
before. ickling in hollo" of foot.
.. !o dro"sy that he can hardly open his eyes. !opor bet"een attacks of
vomiting. *oaning in sleep. !leep interrupted by headache. !leep interrupted by
slightest noise. !leep disturbed by "ind colic to"ards morning. :reFuent starting
"hile falling asleep. Can=t get to sleep for a long "hile& feels as if he had to move
about. otal sleeplessness.
.. ?ery pleasant, poetical. As if he "as praying in a public meeting, "ith great
applause. )f people going and arriving.
.. 9hile "alking. Chilly and "eak "hile attempting to rise.
.. 2lo"ing heat in abdomen and cold limbs all night, , pain in kidneys and
urinating blood. *uch heat and burning in different parts of body, esp. over renal
.. 2eneral, "arm, after midnight. Attacks of night s"eat& continually in morning
hours. )n falling asleep.
.. (ark bro"n skin all over.
5 9orse6 (ampness. 'efore thunderstorm. *otion.
Compare6 Ars.& .. Carb-v. [yello" fever and cholera]. Antidoted by6 Am-acet.
[breathing]& +u%-v. [fever]& sinapisms [breathing]& drinks containing sulphuretted
Arsenicum iodatum
$odide of arsenic
$s to be preferred for persistently irritating, corrosive discharges. he discharge
irritates the membrane from "hich it flo"s and over "hich it flo"s. he discharge
may be fetid, "atery, and the mucous membrane is al"ays red, angry, s"ollen&
itches and burns. $nfluenBa, hay fever, old nasal catarrh and catarrh of middle ear.
!"elling of tissue "ithin nose. Hypertrophied condition of eustachian tube and
deafness. !enile heart, myocarditis and fatty degeneration. 4ulse shotty. Chronic
aortitis. #pithelioma of lips. Cancer of breast after ulceration has set in. $t seems
probable that in Ars-i. "e have a remedy most closely allied to manifestations of
tuberculosis. $n the early stages of tuberculosis, even though there is an afternoon
rise in temperature, Ars-i. is very effective. $t "ill be indicated by a profound
prostration, rapid, irritable pulse, recurring fever and s"eats, emaciation& tendency
to diarrhoea. Chronic pneumonia, , abscess in lung. Hectic fever& debility& night
s"eats. his remedy is also to be remembered in phthisis , hoarse, racking cough
and profuse e%pectoration of a purulent nature, and attended "ith cardiac
"eakness, emaciation and general debility& in chronic, "atery diarrhoea in
phthisical sub3ects& in cases of emaciation "ith good appetite& in amenorrhoea, ,
anaemic palpitation and dyspnoea. $n chronic pneumonia, "hen abscess is about
to form. 2reat emaciation. Arteriosclerosis, myocardial degeneration and senile
hreatened pyaemia [4yrog.& *ethyl.]. 2 (ischarges of */C)/! *#*'0A+#!
persistently acrid, profuse, thick, gluey, yello" like honey, in chronic affections& and
thin in acute conditions. (ischarges cause '/0+$+2 of the part on "hich they
flo". $n chronic inflammatory state of the lungs and bronchial tubes, the
e%pectoration is greenish-yello", pus-like, , short breath, profound prostration,
emaciation, recurring fever and s"eats and tendency to diarrhoea. Heart
"eakened by chronic lung affections. !ensation of heaviness occurs in many parts.
A%illary tumours. #rethistic "eakness. 5 !ensitive to both summer heat and to
cold& craves open air, but not too cold. "itching of muscles "hen "alking too
rapidly. .8 ypical Ars. picture but H) and ?#0@ 0#!1#!! [may be cold].
2 /nable to study, study G headache. 5 Has highest use in cancerous affections
and in all stages of syphilis. J #%citable. Hurry. $mpatience. !udden impulse to kill.
0#!1#!!+#!!& at night& driving out of bed& "arm bed agg.. )versensitive to
noise& to sensual impressions. Averse to being spoken to. .8 H@4#0AC$?#
9ith tremulous feeling, esp. in the aged.
!# 2 4ain over root of nose, as if she "ould go silly. .. /npleasant feeling in
head, like a bad cold. As if enormously large and heavy, during pain. 4A 2 (ull,
heavy, across forehead or in occiput. 5 !tunning, above eyes and root of nose. ..
!evere, in forehead, , dulness of entire head during forenoon, , stiffness and
soreness of l. side of neck, agg. moving head. )' 5 Hyperaemia of brain, , cold
feeling in scalp. .. Head covered "ith an inflammatory scaly eruption.
!# 2 #yeballs as if heavy. 4A .. !marting about eyes& secretion of meibomian
glands. )' !crofulous ophthalmia. .. 9eakness of eyes, , burning pain& feeling
as if lachrymation "ould set in.
4A .. !harp, in ears and forehead "hen riding in a sharp cold "ind. )' )titis, ,
fetid, corrosive discharge. hickening of tympanum& 5 after scarlet fever. 2
Hypertrophy of eustachian tube& deafness from.
)' 'urning, acrid coryBa. hin, "atery, irritating, e%coriating [2 hot, green]
discharge from anterior and posterior nares& sneeBing. Hay fever. $rritation and
tingling of nose, constant desire to sneeBe [4ollanin.]. Chronic nasal catarrh&
s"ollen nose& profuse, thick, yello" discharge& ulcers& membrane sore and
e%coriated. !neeBing agg.. 2 4ersistent, but unsatisfactory sneeBing. CoryBa ,
dyspnoea. E ?aluable for violent, acute coryBa, , profuse, acrid discharge "hich is
"atery& , soreness in nostrils, heat and burning, e%tending to eyes, headache and
all symptoms of violent, acute influenBa. [A combination and aggravation of the
symptoms of Ars. and $od.]. .. :reFuent sneeBing.
4A 2 Aching in malar bones. )' 2 Cancer of lips. .. !allo" comple%ion. 4inched
cadaverous face& 7 purple, livid hue of skin.
)' .. ongue slightly furred.
4A 'urning in pharyn%. )' onsils s"ollen. hick membrane from fauces to lips.
'reath fetid, glandular involvement. (iphtheria. Chronic follicular pharyngitis. 2
2oitre. D 0a" throat. .. #nlargement and inflammation of tonsils and posterior part
of uvula& during coryBa.
:ood , drink
?omiting an hour after food. $ntense thirst& .. uncontrollable desire for cold "ater&
"ater is immediately e3ected. 2 Hunger during coryBa.
4A 4ain and pyrosis. $n pit. .. Considerable, in stomach, afternoons, , rising of
"ind and a greasy fluid similar to that after eating pork. $n stomach agg. rising after
sitting. )' +ausea distressing.
4A .. !evere cutting, in abdomen as if he "ould have a stool& he had no stool, but
large Fuantities of "ind escaped& pains partially amel. escape of flatus and by
application of "armth to abdomen. 'ellyache amel. after stools. )' 2 #nlarged
mesenteric glands. 4ainful s"elling in r. groin on e%tending leg. .. Abdomen hard
and distended "ith flatus, "hich is constantly discharged.
4A .. Continual aching in anus , seeming inability to keep sphincter closed. )' 2
(iarrhoea and dysentery& stools scalding, glass "hite. .. /rging commences in
morning after moving about& diarrhoea not at all at night. Almost constant "atery
discharges, distressing nausea and vomiting. Almost constant copious "atery
)' 2 1ump in mammae [.. , retracted nipples] agg. touch. +ipples retracted.
:oul, bloody, irritating, yello" leucorrhoea, , s"elling of labia. #maciation of
)' Aphonia. 2 Hoarseness.
2 !hortness of breath& air hunger. Asthma, in phthisis. .. 2eneral "heeBing on
first lying do"n. 'reathing too rapid, even "hen at rest, increasing in rapidity on
e%ertion, soon becoming an audible "heeBing. 2eneral feeble respiration.
)ccasional asthmatic attacks.
!light hacking, , dry and stopped-up nostrils. (ry, , little, difficult e%pectoration.
.. :reFuent, short, suppressed, often loose, , muco-purulent e%pectora-tion.
:reFuent, agg. e%ertion and at night.
2 @ello"-green, foul. .. After moving about a short time in morning he ha"ked up
Fuantities of thick mucus mi%ed "ith clotted blood, seemed to come from head,
relieved the pain very much. *uco-purulent and occasionally stringy. (ifficult,
during night and morning.
!#2 'urning heat in chest. 5 )ppression in "arm room, , an%iety in region of
heart. )' 4neumonia that fails to clear up. 'roncho-pneumonia after grippe.
4leuritis e%udativa. Chronic bronchitis. 4ulmonary tuberculosis& E , cavities in
lungs, hectic fever, etc. D 'eginning resolution. E Chronic catarrhal pneumonia, ,
muco-purulent e%pectoration, dyspnoea, night s"eat, etc. Acute catarrhal pneu-
monia, , caseous degeneration and fibrosis. .. 0ales and crepitation before and
after menses.
)' 4ulse rapid, feeble, "eak, irregular. 2 Heart "eak, irritable. D 9eak heart& ,
!# 2 'urning heat in lumbar region, as if clothes "ere on fire. .. !oreness of
back, esp. of nape, as if beaten.
!# 2 Clothes feel cold amel. "alking. .. Heaviness of limbs , "eariness of "hole
body. )' .. Cold limbs.
4A 2 $n humerus agg. "riting. )' .. $tching on back of l. hand, follo"ed by
stinging itching of back of r. hand.
!# .. 4eculiar chilliness of l. thigh beginning chiefly on posterior surface, follo"ed
by formication and "eight in l. foot, the latter e%tending later up l. leg, after"ards to
r. foot, partially amel. "alking& clothes "hen touching limb felt cold& chilliness
disappeared on application of "armth. ired, "eary feeling in calves of both legs
"hile kneeling. 4A .. (ull, heavy soreness of calf of l. leg. ?ery severe, laming, in
calf of l. leg, after"ards spreading into entire leg, disappearing during active
motion, returning "hen at rest. )' .. 4ricking itching on e%ternal l. ankle, follo"ed
by same on inner side of r. ankle.
.. Constant ya"ning. !leeplessness from headache.
0ecurrent fever and s"eats.
Can=t endure cold.
(renching at night& 2 , "eakness& 5 debilitating diseases.
(ry, scaly, itching. *arked e%foliation of skin in large scales, leaving a ra" e%uding
surface beneath. $chthyosis. #nlarged, scrofulous glands. ?enereal bubo. #cBema
of beard& "atery, ooBing, itching& agg. "ashing. #maciation. 4soriasis. Acne hard,
shotty, indurated base "ith pustule at ape%. 2 (ry, harsh, dusky.
9orse6 (ry "eather& cold "eather. 9indy "eather. :og. #%ertion. $n room. Apples.
obacco smoke. 5 9hen hungry. 1ying on the painful side. 9arm south "inds.
'etter6 )pen air. After eating.
H he conditions resemble more closely those of Ars. than those of $od.6 agg. cold
"ind& amel. "armth. agg. Any e%ertion.
5 Adapted to chlorotic and choreic girls and to "omen sub3ect to fainting. .8
Hyperactive children. .. !crofulous or psoric diathesis in con3unction "ith arsenic
Compare6 Ail., Arum-t., Ars., Ars-m. and its salts, +it-ac. [acrid discharges]& 'ac.& 2
Aali-bi.& . Aral., +aph., 0osa-d. and !ang-n. [hay fever]& Ant-i.& ub.
:ollo"s "ell6 Con. [sensitive lump in breast]& !ulph. [phthisis pulmonaris].
Antidoted by6 'ry. [relieved pain and pyrosis]. Complementary6 4hos.& 2 Aali-i.
!tudy [headache].
Arsenicum metallicum
*etallic arsenic
Arouses latent syphilis. 4eriodicity very marked& symptoms recur every t"o and
three "eeks. 9eakness. !"ollen feeling of parts.
H he symptoms of Ars-m. are very like those of Ars., but not entirely. he
follo"ing may be regarded as the most peculiar6 !ymptoms recur every .- days&
coryBa every 2. days. 4ains e%tend from one part to another& or leave one part and
appear in another. Attacks come suddenly and go slo"ly, or vice versa& .. esp.
coryBa. #nlarged or s"ollen feeling of brain, head, eyelids, hands and fingers.
Cutting, burning, stinging pains. $tching in many parts, skin peels off in small
scales. .. 2eneral agg. morning [as if head "ere s"ollen& dulness in forehead&
nose stopped up& nausea& pain in r. groin& pulse rises& pain in arm& throbbing
through body& hip-3oint agg.& pain in back of shoulder].
1o"-spirited. *emory "eak& .. esp. for "hat he has read& has to read everything
t"o or three times before he comprehends it. (esire to be alone& .. during
depression , e%haustion. Annoyed by visions, causing her to cry. J :ear of being
poisoned. .. :earful visions of spectres in bright daylight& she sees threatening
people after her, and screams horribly& is in greatest distress even "hen her
mother is "ith her. :eels as if she had to run a"ay, far a"ay, and as if she "ould
hardly touch ground. 9ould very much like to die, or fall asleep, never to a"aken.
!o laBy that she "ould rather sit up than have trouble of going to bed. !ad , tearful
eyes, but can=t "eep& even during most painful events. *oody, doesn=t "ish to see
anybody. :ear of being poisoned.
!# As if too large& .. and as if it "ould burst. .. As if "hisky fumes had gone to
head. Heavy, dull, in forehead, above frontal sinuses, in morning. :ulness "hen
a"aking at night& , coryBa. As if "ater "ere gushing for"ard, "hen stooping. !calp
feels sore even "hen pulling a single hair. As if s"ollen on "aking in night or
morning, as if he could not get his hat on head. +umbness on r. occiput, later on l.
verte%& in evening. !ensation "hen lifting head as if it "as dra"n do"n into
cushion, morning. As if head and face "ere s"ollen, during coryBa. 4A !tooping
and lying do"n agg.. .. 1aughing agg.. 9riting and thinking agg.. $n l. half of head,
e%tending to eyes, nose and ears, , nausea and throbbing in "hole body. )ver
eyes, , chilliness e%tending to occiput, neck and into chest. )' - )edematous
s"elling of forehead and face , itching, "hich can only be allayed by pinching skin.
.. :alling off of hair.
!# .. As if heavy. /pper lid sore and feels s"ollen. +umbness in region of
eyebro"s e%tending to nose. 2lo"ing sensation on a small spot over l. eyebro".
4A .. #yes pain, can=t read much& in morning. #yes painful after se"ing. #yes
painful from "alking in "ind. 4ain in eye e%tending to back part of ear. )' #yes
s"ollen and "atery, burn , coryBa. #yes "eak, day and gas light unpleasant& ..
can=t look into bright light. .. 1ids slightly inflamed and s"ollen during coryBa. #yes
reddened during coryBa. 4terygium, , enlarged bloodvessel, r. eye [after +u%-v.
and !pig. had failed]. Hot and corroding lachrymation during coryBa.
!# .. +umbness belo" ears.
!# .. +umbness from nose e%tending to forehead, and in a streak along verte%
back"ard, more to left. As if nose "ere beaten all over. )' .. )n rising in morning
he feels as if he "ould get a violent coryBa& nose stopped up& eyes burn& hoarse&
gone in evening. CoryBa , hot face, itching and hoarseness. CoryBa& burning hot
"ater runs from nose, e%coriating edges of nostrils& , greatest prostration. hick,
yello" discharge. ?iolent itching in tip of nose& evening, more to left.
!# .. :ine streaming like "arm air on l. side, , pain in cheekbones. As if skin
"ere immovable, tense and stretched tightly over bones. 4A .. $n cheek bones,
"hen touched it shoots into r. eye, into nose and belo" ear. $n lo"er 3a" on r. side
e%tending to throat and neck. )' .. :ace bloated, red and hot, during coryBa.
$tching burning, , s"elling, skin feels tense, agg. at night, amel. bathing "ith cold
"ater& later, follo"ed by peeling off in small scales. $tching not amel. scratching,
only by pressing and sFueeBing. !"elling of cheeks. $tching and burning of lo"er
half of face about lo"er 3a"s, as if an eruption "ould break out. 1ips dry and hot.
!tiffness in lo"er 3a"s "hen biting. "itching in l. lo"er 3a".
)' ongue coated "hite, and sho"s imprint of teeth. *outh sore and ulcerated.
.. (ry mouth , "hite, slimy, furred tongue. )n r. and l. lo"er lip a sore inside,
hurts "hen touched "ith tongue, also "hole inner edge of lo"er lip hurts, ne%t day
same on l. lip. Hot breath.
)' .. 2ums s"ollen and sore. 2ums s"ollen and feel as if scalded, , salivation.
2ums s"ollen, pain "hen touched, as if sore, , outer lips dry and hot, first day r.
then l. side.
)' .. !ore throat during coryBa. ?iolently inflamed throat, , pain "hen
s"allo"ing, agg. r. side, after coryBa. Angina , much heat in throat and several
little ulcers. $tching at e%ternal throat.
:ood , drink
.. +o appetite. 2reat desire for brandy or alcoholic drinks, most in forenoon ["ith
a lady "ho never used them]. Aversion to "ine and alcoholic drinks ["ith a man
"ho had not ob3ected to them]. Aggravation after drinking a small Fuantity of
brandy, for "hich he had not the slightest desire.
)' .. Hot eructations as of bile, , throbbing through "hole body. +ausea to"ards
morning. +ausea , headache, in morning. 4ressure in region of stomach, first
mucus, then bile& later empty retching and cutting in belly.
!# .. ension and as if s"ollen, , heaviness in head and threatened vertigo. 4A
!ore, in liver e%tending to shoulders and spine. $n spleen e%tending to groin. ..
!titch from region of liver e%tending to sternum. )n a"aking, tormenting, cutting,
shooting, follo"ed by a burning, "atery stool and cessation of pain. $n groins, in
morning the r., evening the l. $n l. groin "hen a"aking, e%tending to thigh. )' ..
$tching on a small spot, siBe of point of finger, one inch above navel, as if in liver.
'loated abdomen. 0ed rash on abdomen in night, follo"ing night red smooth
spots. 4ulsation6 in navel& in abdomen e%tending to l. groin and do"n to knee.
$tching in groin and do"n to knee. 4ainful s"elling in r. groin, pain e%tending to hip&
agg. stretching leg, amel. "alking& agg. sitting& leg falls asleep& had a bubo on
same spot.
)' (iarrhoea, burning "atery stools "ith relief of pain. .. $tching in anus, gets
sore after rubbing, intolerable during afternoon, e%tending to perineum and
scrotum, obliged to scratch violently& sore feeling amel. very hot "ater, not by cold
"ashing. $ntense itching at anus, follo"ed by cra"ling on end of back, mornings.
)' .. Hot urine in evening. 0ed, sandy sediment.
)' .. $tching on glans& prepuce s"ollen. Chancres "ith '/0+$+2 4A$+.
)ffensive s"eat on genitals. $tching on scrotum.
!# .. Heat in uterus and vagina& burning "hen touched. 4A .. $n uterus and
vagina during menses. )' .. *#+!#! )) #A01@ A+( )) 1)+2-1A!$+2
[or )) !CA+@]. $tching of mammae.
)' .. Hoarseness during coryBa.
.. 2reat difficulty in breathing, , sneeBing& coryBa& lachrymation& had to lie higher
"ith head& increasing from D p.m. till in night.
!# .. As if a heavy load "ere lying on chest all night& dreams of danger on the
"ater [such dreams indicate lung or heart symptoms]. 4A $n chest e%tending to hip
and spleen. .. $n sides of chest [e%tending to do"n"ard and up"ard], alternating
sides. $n muscles of l. chest. (ull, in l. pectoralis e%tending to muscles of shoulder
and point of scapula, and through lo"er inner part of arm do"n to elbo"& amel.
striking on it, thro"ing arm back and lifting shoulder. )' .. Chilliness e%tending
into chest. 4ulsation under sternum. !mall blisters filled "ith blood on l. side of
chest, "hich can be pressed out "ithout pain.
4A .. $n region of heart after mental disturbances. !titch in heart. )' .. Can lie
only on l. side& in heart disease. 4/1!# ACC#1#0A#( $+ *)0+$+2 [similar to
'ack -!# .. Cra"ling on back. :eeling as if a furuncle "ould form. Chilliness in
neck, during headache. +umbness and sensation of lameness in r. lumbar region,
from vertebrae e%tending to crest of ilium and inner side of thigh do"n to knee. 4A
.. $n spine bet"een scapulae, sore to touch and burning. !titch behind scapulae.
)' .. 9eakness of neck. $tching in neck during coryBa.
!# .. Arms and hands feel heavy, as if it reFuired more e%ertion to lift them. !ore
feeling in l. arm belo" elbo", goes through hand to thumb. Hands and fingers feel
s"ollen, can=t close hands. )' .. Cracking of all finger-3oints, agg. closing hands.
Cold hands during day, at other times in"ardly hot, or cold hands , hot body. (ry
heat in palms of hands. $nsensibility of forearms and hands. $tching on olecranon.
!# .. 1ame feeling in r. hip-3oint and do"n thigh, agg. after rising from a seat,
amel. continued "alking. +umbness from hip-3oint e%tending to pubic region. (ry
sensation in r. knee-3oint. 0ight hip painfully fatigued from lying on r. side, as if he
had been lying on a board. :eet as if stiff and s"ollen. )' .. 4ulsation in r. hip-
3oint agg. morning, amel. evening. :eet burning hot, feel as if bloated, ne%t day
same, "ithout least moisture. 'urning feet at night, has to hold them out of bed&
can=t bear least cover on them.
.. 2reat dro"siness in morning, after rising, not"ithstanding a good sleep all
night. :eels as if he should fall asleep "hile "alking in street& sleepy from .. a.m.
till evening. :alling asleep on sitting do"n& after diarrhoea. ?ery sleepy, but can=t
fall asleep. (uring sleep sensation as if he "ould have a headache "hen a"aking
in morning.
.. )f danger, esp. of danger on "ater, , burning of hands and feet.
.. Chilliness on occiput, neck and chest.
.. $tching no" here, then there, has to pinch spot. !kin peels off in small scales.
'luish-red eruption on abdomen& rash and red smooth spots. 0ed spots over "hole
body. !mall furuncles in face.
- 9orse6 !tooping. 1ying do"n. 1ight.
'etter6 (arkness. 4inching. !itting erect.
H Hot bathing agg. pain in hip. Heart amel. lying on l. side. 9ashing amel. itching
of anus. Cold bathing amel. itching of face. agg. )n "aking in morning. hinking of
symptoms agg.. *any symptoms appear on right side.
Compare6 Ars.& $od., *erc. and +at-c. [syphilis]& +u%-v. [dro"sy after sound sleep]&
+u%-v. and !pig. [useful in pterygium after failure of +u%-v. and !pig.]& 0hus-t. [pain
in back, hips, etc.].
Antidoted by6 'ell. [sore throat]& +at-c. [syphilitic symptoms].
1aughing [headache]. hinking [headache].
Arsenicum sulphuratum flavum
1eucoderma and sFuamous syphilides. 5 :aint after stool. !ensitive to drafts, yet
desire for open air. *ucus discharges e%coriate& offensive, thin and yello".
4erspiration after "aking. .. Children are slo" in learning to "alk. #maciated
children. 2eneral feeling of lameness, staggering, trembling& all strength is gone.
2eneral debility. 2eneral amel. steam or hot "ater.
5 ouchy, hasty, restless, apprehensive, esp. after a s"oon& discontented,
obstinate, aversion to being spoken to. .. ?anishing of thought. $ntense and
torturing an%iety and apprehension& greatest apprehension after a s"oon.
.. 9hen "alking sensation as if dancing up and do"n, as if he must fly.
!# .. 2reat "eakness in head. 4A .. hrobbing stitches in r. frontal region.
(ra"ing and stinging, in middle of forehead. (eep in, in l. forehead, situated back
of inner corner of eye and higher than eyebro"& e%tending to to"ards l. and deeper
in, like a curve or dra"n bo"string. +euralgic, about head "hen rising, , nausea&
amel. lying do"n. 9ith nausea and vomiting of a "hitish fluid& limbs covered "ith
cold s"eat. #%ternal needlelike stitches in r. frontal region. earing, parietal
e%tending to frontal region. )' .. Apople%y.
)' .. 2um in canthi.
!# .. ensive feeling behind r. ear, as if something stuck there and pressed it
for"ard, on stroking hair on occiput. 4A !ticking behind ear.
)' (ry nose& sneeBing.
)' .. :orehead cold.
!# .. 'itter taste. )' .. ongue6 furred, yello" "hite& stiff, immovable& s"ollen,
later dry, , disgust for all food. *outh and throat dry. 4ustules or herpetic ulcers, of
a phagadenic character.
:ood , drink
5 Aversion to fat, rich food and meat. (esires coffee, s"eets, "arm food and
drinks. #%tremely thirsty. .. 1oss of appetite. 4ain above occiput in both sides after
drinking beer. eeth pain as if loose, "hen che"ing food.
4A .. Cramp in stomach , fainting, colic, vomiting, diarrhoea. 'urning in stomach
, vomiting and diarrhoea. )' .. ?iolent, persistent vomiting. ?omiting of offensive
bile amel.. $ndigestion.
!# .. As if diarrhoea "ould set in. 4A .. ?iolent griping , convulsions. ?iolent
colic, as from a cold, morning on a"aking. )' .. !"elling of abdomen.
)' .. !tools like "ater, green and slimy, and terribly offensive. (iarrhoea daily at
J a.m. and several times during day, but not at night. (iarrhoea , colic, backache
and tenesmus.
)' !kin chafed about genitals& .. and behind ears, in children. .. 2onorrhoea ,
terrible pains& discharge copious, yello", constant& burning day and night, almost
entire urethra& , restlessness. !eminal emissions.
.. :rom tickling in throat& , pain in l. side& soreness on chest& , heat in l. chest
and face, circumscribed red cheeks. 9ith soreness in chest and bet"een
scapulae. Catarrhal, , pains in chest and rattling.
!# +eedle pricks from "ithin out"ards& [.. in r. side]. .. $ndescribably unpleasant
feeling "ith oppression& everything feels too tight, agg. about hypo-chondria&
ending in s"eat.
4A .. $n lumbar vertebrae "hen moving. )' 5 'ack constantly cold.
4A .. !evere, no" in toes, no" in shoulders& no" here, no" there, ending "ith
4A !ciatica , pain around knee. .. $n l. knee, , chronic asthma. Anees pain and
totter. Above l. ankle bone. )' 5 :eet cold, offensive s"eat. .. :eet burn.
.. !tarting in sleep, also in falling asleep& as if he "ould fall out of bed. 0estless
and e%cited at night& dreams , seminal emissions.
.. Chronic intermittent fever, agg. every afternoon and evening& terrible heat at
night. Hectic fever "ithout thirst.
.. !kin scaly, blackish. !kin itching, dry, cracked& rhagades& itch.
H he periodicity of both Ars. and !ulph. are marked6 agg. every afternoon and
evening. amel. !team or hot "ater. amel. 1ying do"n. 5 #sp. agg. after eating.
Compare6 Calc. [children slo" in learning to "alk]& !ulph.& . Ars-s-r.

Arsenicum sulphuratum rubrum
$nfluenBa , intense catarrhal symptoms, great prostration and high temperature,
purulent discharges. 4soriasis& acne. !ciatica. Chilly even before a fire. $tching in
various parts. 4ellagra.
H $ have found it useful in many cases of influenBa and its seFuelae, esp. sciatica.
'urning pains [as of coals of fire in stomach, agg. drinking cold "ater]. All
symptoms agg. night. agg. 9aking [headache]. 0estless sleep , very vivid
dreams. .. 2eneral heaviness of "hole body, sleeps longer, and is more difficult to
.. $ndisposed for mental or physical e%ertion after meals.
!# .. $ncreased heat of head and face , feeling of fulness and heavy, dull
sensation in head. 4A .. 9aking often "ith dull pain in forehead over eyes,
e%tending to over verte% nearly to cro"n. Heavy pain in forehead. !evere
continued pain e%tending to deep into brain in r. frontal region, also to r. ear& very
much agg. stooping and e%ercise& amel. application of cold. (ull, in r. frontal region,
"hich increased in severity and became a sharp throbbing and shooting pain,
e%tending to r. side of occiput& agg. motion and stooping. Commencing in back of
head e%tending to around sides of head& sometimes dull and sometimes sharp.
!# .. )f fulness and pressing out"ard in r. ear. !napping sound in ear
corresponding to pulsation of temporal artery. #ar feels hot [ob3ectively and
sub3ectively]. )' .. !carlet redness and burning of upper half of l. ear, , tingling
similar to that produced by a frost-bite.
!# .. As if coryBa "as about to set in& sneeBing , tingling in r. nostril. )' ..
!neeBing occasionally , thin "hite discharge from both nostrils.
4A .. 4ainful pulsation of arteries of r. side of face and head.
!# .. 'itter taste on "aking.
)' .. $nflammation of throat , deep redness, occasional pains and a ra" feeling.
$ntolerable itching in throat, G short, dry, e%plosive cough. #nlargement of r. tonsil.
:ood , drink
.. $ndisposed for mental or physical e%ertion after meals. #%cessive thirst.
:ulness and "eight at pit, lo" spirited, no disposition to talk all day, an hour after
breakfast. 'urning in stomach agg. cold drinks. !harp cutting pains in l. abdominal
region after each meal, agg. "alking, amel. firm pressure "ith hand upon affected
!# .. 'urning sensation in stomach so intense as to almost deprive him of his
breath, amel. in no position& , coldness of hands and feet, trembling of "hole body,
t"itching and 3erking of lo"er limbs& an%iety, fear of death& stomach feels as if he
has coals of fire in it& pain e%tending to l. hypochondrium& face pale and livid& can
not bear least pressure on region of stomach. Heavy sensation and gna"ing in
region of stomach. 4A .. (ull, heavy, from pit e%tending to back, , sensation of a
"eight in stomach. )' .. ?ery "eak, much soreness over "hole e%tent of
4A .. (ull, in bo"els, during afternoon, , feeling of fulness e%tending to across
into hypogastric region. ?iolent colic , terrible vomiting. )' .. 1arge bluish spots
over epigastric region, abdomen and thighs.
)' .. (ischarge of pure bile& urine saffron coloured. @ello", mushy stools in early
morning, after getting up, and in evening before going to bed& , constant tenesmus
in anus.
4A .. !light dra"ing, for a short time in l. spermatic cord.
)' .. Hoarseness , accumulation of tough, tenacious mucus in throat.
4A .. A"akes at E a.m. "ith a sharp cutting pain, commencing bet"een
cartilages of fifth and si%th ribs, e%tending to in"ard and up"ard deep into chest&
pain so sharp that it did not admit of slightest motion& obliged to suspend
respiration as much as possible.
4A .. )ccasional sharp pains, "hich appear to affect base of heart, impeding
4A .. After rising in morning, a heavy pressing pain, from point of coccy%
e%tending to anus& soreness of coccy%& pain in anus agg. efforts to evacuate
bo"els and "hen urinating& bearing do"n "ould produce a heavy, sickening
!# .. !light numbness of forearms and hands, , heaviness& drops things. 4A ..
0heumatic, from r. shoulder do"n arm, as if in bone. $n bones of l. upper arm, agg.
to"ards morning, "hen a"aking. )' .. Cold hands.
!# .. +umbness and prickling affecting inner side of calf of r. leg, heel, outer side
of foot and little toe. 4A .. Considerable pain in r. hip , lameness in leg. !evere
pain affecting inferior third of tibia of l. leg& commencing at lo"er point of malleolus
internus, e%tending to up"ards in shaft of bone& momentarily amel. changing
position of foot and rubbing "ith hand.
Compare6 Ars-s-f.& Caps.
Artemisia vulgaris
Has some reputation as a remedy for epileptic conditions and convulsive diseases
of childhood and girls at puberty. 1ocally and internally is in3urious to eyes. 4etit
mal. #pilepsy "ithout aura& after fright and other violent emotions and after
masturbation& 2 after a blo" on head [.. epilepsy commencing three years later]& ,
menstrual disturbances. !everal convulsions close together. !omnambulism. 2ets
up at night and "orks, remembers nothing in the morning [Aali-p.]. 2 he patient is
irritable and e%citable before the attack of epilepsy. Attacks are accompanied or
follo"ed by profuse offensive s"eat of garlicky odour& and seminal emissions.
0ight side convulsed, left paralysed& 5 convulsions of l. side, r. side paralysed.
Chorea, , inability to s"allo". 9alks in the street, suddenly stops, stares into
space, often mumbles a fe" "ords, becomes normal and remembers nothing.
$nclination to steal. 5 #clampsia of sucklings and teething infants. Catalepsy,
remains in one position, eyes fi%ed and stares straight ahead. Chorea amel. night.
.. !pasms lasting ten minutes or longer, ending in perfect rela%ation resembling
paralysis, follo"ed by a sound sleep of half an hour or more. Hysterical fits.
:reFuent nocturnal epileptic attacks after suffering great grief. #4$1#4$C
!4A!*! A:#0 C))1$+2 ):: 9H$1# )?#0H#A#( :0)* (A+C$+2.
#pileptic attack conseFuent upon a drunken tumble into "ater.
J #%citement before epilepsy. Complaints from fright& .. fright and other emotions
are follo"ed by epilepsy. Aleptomania. !omnambulism& .. gets up every night and
does her daily "ork as a house servant, "ith closed eyes, lies do"n again and
can=t remember anything ne%t morning. .. !udden "hining. 4iercing shrieks, turns
eyes, , violent clonic spasms of all limbs. 4icking of bedcovers, making a fold of
skin on back of her mother=s hand, saying that it "ill not come off, "ants a knife to
cut it off. 4eevish and inclined to "eep. ?ery much ve%ed, irritable, depressed
during day before an [epileptic] attack at night. 9eak-minded "ith epileptic fits.
Attacks brought on particularly by physical e%ertion or by alluding to disease&
catalepsy. !tupor after convulsions.
Caused by coloured light [.. but not by "hite light]. .. #pileptic.
!# .. 2reat heaviness in head on moving it. 2reat heaviness and pressure&
mornings. 4A .. !harp, shooting, through head. )' Head bent back"ard [.. and
side"ard] by spasmodic t"itching. .. Congestion of brain. Can=t hold up head after
spasms. ?ery copious s"eat on occiput during recovery& hydrocephalus.
4A 4ain and blurring of vision& amel. rubbing& agg. using eyes. )' .. !taring at
ceiling& hydrocephalus. !taring straight for"ard "ith immovable eyes& catalepsy.
!taring, , dilated pupils. 1eft pupil dilated more than right& epilepsy. #yes turned
up"ard, half open& epilepsy. urning up eyes, only a trace of cornea can be seen&
before spasms. 1achrymation during attack [of catalepsy].
.. 1etters run together "hile studying or reading. (iplopia& eye fatigue from study,
sight dims.
)' *outh dra"n to left. .. "itchings in face. :ace pale, looks oldish. 1o"er 3a"
pressed for"ard& hydrocephalus. *outh can=t be opened e%cept "ith great
difficulty. Che"ing motion of 3a"s& grinding teeth.
)' .. 2rinding of teeth, froth at mouth, thumbs dra"n into fist, eyes half open,
dra"n up"ard. ongue bitten in morning. (ry tongue. 'ites tongue in spasms.
!peech unintelligible& can utter but single "ords, and these only "ith great
)' .. !"allo"ing difficult& food escapes from mouth.
:ood , drink
.. Can=t get food do"n, in spite of hunger.
4A .. Cramp. )' .. +ausea and vomiting.
4A .. ?$)1#+ C0A*4!& (/0$+2 $00#2/1A0, $+!/::$C$#+ *#+!#!. )'
.. Abdomen sunk in or s"ollen.
)' .. 2reenish diarrhoea. :aeces and urine pass involuntary during spasms.
)' .. /rine increased, yello"ish& in epilepsy. )bstinate strangury.
)' .. +ightly pollutions. !eminal e3aculations during spasms.
)' 4rofuse menses. ?iolent uterine contractions& .. during pregnancy. !pasms
during [.. irregular or deficient] menses. .. !uppressed menses or amenorrhoea.
0etained afterbirth. !pasms in childbed from fright. #clampsia of sucklings.
.. 0attling, during spasms. 'reathing checked& suddenly a deep inhalation ends
the attack& catalepsy.
.. Half dry, painless, disturbing sleep.
)' .. rembling hands, spasmodically affected, are lifted and put near head&
hydrocephalus. Clenched thumbs.
)' .. )?#0:A$2/# A+( 9#AA+#!! ): :## A:#0 1)+2 9A1A!, )0
A:#0 1)+2 $11+#!!. !pasms of hands and feet. ormenting stretching of
.. 1ong and deep sleep after attacks.
.. )f sno". )f strange people in room.
.. Chilly& generally un"ell and dra"ing in limbs before an attack. Coldness of
4rofuse, smelling like garlic& .. during epileptic attacks& s"eat is a sign of relief. ..
9arm s"eat all over, most on occiput.
.. Convulsions in a child after mother had suffered much from grief during
pregnancy. !trong, full-blooded, "ell-fed children, during dentition.
Compare6 Abrot., Absin. [nearest relative], Arn., Cham., Cina and *ill. [botanical]&
Apis& 'ry. [che"ing motion of 3a"]& 'ufo [irritable before fit]& Caust.& Cham.& Cic.
[staring, 3erking head, etc.]& Cina [eyes]& Hell.& 0uta& !ec. Compatible6 Aur., 4uls.,
!tram. [in alternation]. :ollo"s "ell6 Acon.& 'ell.& 'ry.& Cina& Hell.& $od. :ollo"ed
"ell by6 Caust. Acts better "hen given "ith "ine rather than "ater.
'lo" on head. :right or grief or bad ne"s.
Arum dracontium
2reen dragon
A remedy for pharyngitis "ith sore, ra" and tender throat. H he symptoms move
about and from side to side, esp. r. to l. !"allo"ing develops and agg. throat
.. 2reat languor and depression of spirits, , asthma at night.
!# .. Heavy feeling in head and slight aching in occiput and r. parietal region&
ne%t morning follo"ed by dull, heavy aching in head and chest, , asthma at night.
4A .. ransient aching pain over l. eye& , highly in3ected con3unctiva. Commencing
in l. occipital region, gradually amel., reappearing successively in l. temporal and l.
frontal regions.
)' .. #yelids dry, stiff and slightly agglutinated at edges, "hich burn and smart.
Heat, dryness and smarting of lids.
!# .. )f "armth and fulness in ears, one or other side, seldom in both at once&
s"allo"ing rene"s it temporarily. 4A Aching, behind r. ear. .. !hooting, in r. ear at
J a.m. , half an hour after breakfast, transient, but freFuent, leaving a feeling of
fulness and slight aching in middle ear& ne%t day changed to l. ear. 4ressure belo"
ears, behind lo"er 3a"s. )' .. *ucus in l. eustachian tube.
)' .. !neeBing. 4imples.
)' .. :lushing of face and hands.
!# .. 'ad taste in morning. Acrid sensation in mouth and throat. )' .. Aphthous
ulcer on tongue& ne%t day mouth and throat very sore. ongue and mouth coated
"ith a foul, slimy mucus, having a putrid taste.
)' (ry, sore, agg. s"allo"ing. 0a" and tender. Continued disposition to clear
throat [.. by s"allo"ing and coughing]& .. disposition to s"allo" from an e%cess of
mucus. !ore throat , croupy, hoarse cough. .. Accumulation of mucus in throat.
(ryness and smarting in throat, ra"ness and fulness, not painful, but annoying,
attracting constant attention. 0a"ness of throat , purulent sputa. 0a"ness of
throat on retiring, disappears "hen asthmatic attack begins.
!# .. !inking in pit.
4A .. $n bo"els from incarcerated flatus. )' .. 0umbling.
)' .. :latus , eructations. Copious, semiliFuid stool , much flatus. 'ilious stools
, aching in abdomen and burning in rectum& rumbling and much flatus.
4A .. enderness and slight smarting or burning at orifice of urethra, esp. during
micturition. )' $rresistible desire to pass urine, burns and smarts. .. :reFuent,
copious emissions of "atery urine. /rine increased to four or five times normal
4A 5 :ine shooting, through spermatic cords. )' 5 9eak se%ual po"ers& penis
flaccid and rela%ed. H Chronic pruritus scroti. .. 2reat diminution, mostly an entire
absence of se%ual desire.
!# .. As if laryn% "ere partly obstructed. )' Hoarseness& e%cess of mucus in
laryn%& .. e%pectorates thick mucus. 5 1aryngismus around .2 to 2 a.m.
Hoarseness in morning. .. 0attling of mucus in laryn% during e%pectoration, amel.
rising. 0attling of mucus in laryn% at every full e%piration, "hich disappears in
0espiration- Asthmatic, at night& H from cold. .. About midnight great oppression
of breathing, soon passing off, leaving considerable rattling of mucus in laryn% and
upper part of trachea. 4aro%ysms of dyspnoea , considerable secretion of mucus
in laryn% and trachea.
.. 1oose, , dry soreness of throat, like catarrh& agg. at night lying do"n. :rom
laryngeal irritation, agg. at night and "hen lying do"n. Hoarse, croupy, , sore
throat, rattling in laryn% and s"elling of air passages, threatening suffocation.
hick, heavy& .. yello"ish-"hite.
4A .. !hooting, in l. anterior and inferior triangle of neck, near clavicle.
)' .. Heart beats so violently as to shake "alls of chest. $ncreased heart=s action
, aching in precordial region and do"n l. arm, flushing of hands and face.
!# .. 2reat "eakness across loins& as of e%treme prostration continuing to
increase& had to retire early. 4A .. Aching along spine, most bet"een scapulae and
in lumbar region.
!# .. :ine pricking or tingling sensation in feet and hands, beginning in r. foot,
after"ards attacking in regular succession r. hand, l. foot and l. hand.
!# .. ingling, or slight stinging sensation in fingers and toes, as if circulation
"ere impeded. :ine tingling sensation all over r. hand, "hich is "armer and redder
than l., and appears some"hat s"ollen. 4A .. !hooting and aching, in l. brachial
ple%us of nerves. !harp, shooting, at styloid process of r. ulna. )' .. Heat in
palms of hands.
4A .. !hooting, do"n r. thigh. Aching, along outer aspect of l. foot, immediately
follo"ed by a similar pain in corresponding part of l. hand. )' .. 'urning of soles
of feet.
.. /rticaria and other eruptions, probably neurotic.
Compare6 Arum-t.& Calad. [skin affections]& . Arum-i. [brain fag , headache in
occipital region]& Arum-m. [inflammation and ulceration of mucous membranes&
nasal irritation , polypus].
:ollo"s "ell6 Ant-t. and Colch. [laryngismus& .. asthma].
Arum maculatum
Cuckoo-pint. lords and ladies. kings and Fueens. parson and clerk.
H $nflammation and ulceration of mucous membranes. ?iolent irritation of nose and
eyes. 4ain l. side of nose. +asal polypus. 'leeding from mucous membranes and
cavities. ongue s"ollen, pricking, stinging, burning, e%coriated. 'urning, stinging
pains in mouth and lips Cas "ith a hundred needles.C ickling and burning in throat.
!ensation of a s"elling in l. side above laryn%. Hoarseness. )ppression ascending
from abdomen over "hole chest, , hot breath& it then arose into throat. 'urning,
constricting pain in stomach. Ascarides have been cured by it& also prolapsus ani.
.. 2reat general lassitude. 4rostration& unable to speak, raises hands to mouth,
uttering at intervals a sharp cry, and starting up as if suffocating. Attacks of pain
irregular and intermitting.
.. An%iety and fear. *elancholy, depressed, hypochondriacal, taciturn.
4A .. !light pressure in l. temple. *igraine. $n l. temple and forehead e%tending to
occiput, , stiffness of hands. 9ith dyspepsia.
4A .. Aching in [inflamed] l. eye.
4A .. 4ressure belo" ears back of lo"er 3a".
)' .. ?iolent irritation of nose and eyes.
!# .. As of slight e%coriation of tongue. As if a hundred little needles had been
run into tongue and lips. 1ancinations in tongue as from pin-pricks. 4A .. $ntense
pricking, stinging, in tongue and mucous membrane of lips and throat, , flo" of
saliva, "hich seemed to amel. pain a little. 4ains in tongue and lips agg. pressure
"ith teeth. 'urning, in mouth and lips. )' .. ongue s"ollen& papillae congested
and raised. !"ollen tongue fills up buccal cavity and makes s"allo"ing impossible.
Aphasia. !"elling of tongue and throat in scarlatina.
)' .. 2ums bleed readily.
!# .. !"allo"ing difficult, as if Cpalate "as do"n.C 4ressure, G s"allo"ing, throat
as if too narro"& s"allo"ing difficult, as if there "as a s"elling on l. side above
laryn%. 4A .. !tinging, in tongue, throat and oesophagus. 'urning, constricting, in
throat. )' .. !truma& goitre.
:ood , drink
.. 1oss of appetite. Considerable thirst. After eating6 taciturn, sleepy, eyes close
readily& emptiness. #mptiness in abdomen, as after vomiting, mornings after
4A .. $n stomach on pressing it. 'urning, constricting, in stomach. )' .. ?omiting
of blood.
!# .. )ppression in abdomen as in great an%iety and fear, "ithout palpitation,
after"ards e%tending to chest. 4A .. $n abdomen agg. standing, lying, e%panding
chest or stretching abdominal muscles. $ntense colic , intense an%iety felt in
)' .. (iarrhoea. Ascarides. 4rolapsus ani.
)' .. #mission of blood from urethra. $ncreased secretion of urine. /rine "atery,
light-coloured, smelling almost like burnt horn, "ith a cloud in middle after standing.
)' .. 4rofuse menses.
!# .. Constriction and burning in laryn%. )' .. Hoarseness. 4ressure on throat, l.
side, under laryn%, near trachea, is painful.
.. 'lood-spitting. After a long paro%ysm of cough, he raises mucus streaked "ith
yello" threads.
!# .. )ppression , hot breath. )' .. Chronic catarrh.
.. Almost uncontrollable sleepiness, esp. an hour after dinner. 0edness of face
during sleep.
.. !light "armth, commencing above stomach, after"ards in remote parts.
.. 0edness and erosions of skin& also blisters. #cBema solare.
Compare6 Arum-t. Antidoted by6 !"eet oil& milk& butter.
Arum triphyllum
$ndian turnip& 3ack in the pulpit
Arum maculatum, italicum and dracontium have the same action as the triphyllum.
hey all contain an irritant poison, causing inflammation of mucous surfaces and
destruction of tissue. Acridity is the keynote of the kind of action characteristic of
Arum. 2 Causes e%citability of mind and irritability of body. *ucous membranes of
mouth, H0)A and laryn% are affected prominently. ($!CHA02#! A0# AC0$(,
causing 4A$+:/1, !)0#, 0A9+#!! and '/0+$+2 of parts. 0a"ness, , itching.
>erking shooting pain. Children lose their appetite& do not "ant to play, lose flesh&
have headaches. #%cellent remedy in malignant forms of scarlatina and diphtheria,
characterised by acrid ichorous discharges, the patient continually boring the nose
and picking the lips. 5 4ainful prickling and tingling, impossible to let it alone, in
spite of the pain, bleeding, ra"ness and smarting it causes. $ncrease of urine is a
sign of favourable action of the remedy. .. Convulsions during dentition, right side
lame, Fuivering of l. upper eyelid.
2 #%cessively cross and stubborn. +ervous. 4#0!$!#+1@ ')0$+2 $+)
+)!#& or picking at [.. dry] lips, fingers, at one spot until it is sore or bleeds, esp.
children. - 'ites nails until fingers bleed. E (elirium, , picking at lips or nose. J
0estlessness& tossing about in bed. !tarting during sleep. .. :orgetful. Absence of
mind, giddy.
.. ?ertigo and fulness, , absence of mind. 1ight-headed, sleepy.
!# .. /pper part feels cold as if open and "ithout covering. 4A :rom too "arm
clothing, from hot coffee. E (ull aching in forehead or through head, , heaviness. 7
?iolent. .. 4ressing, on r. or both sides, agg. hot coffee. earing in r. forehead and
temple. !titches over l. eye. !udden shooting over l. eye and occiput. earing,
darting or stitches in temples. 'oring in r. side, morning on a"aking. !hooting in
occiput, on turning eyes up"ard in morning. )' 'ores head in pillo". 2 Child puts
hand on back of head and cries during headache. .. !calp on verte% sore to touch.
!# .. ension in lo"er lids, as if s"ollen. #yes feel as after shedding many tears.
)' Luivering of upper eyelids, esp. l. 2 Heavy, sleepy& .. during headache. ..
Aversion to light. !"elling of edges of lids. 9ater in eyes all day, most at outer
canthi. Catarrh of lachrymal sac, , desire to bore into side of nose.
.. )bscured, as from a veil.
!# E +ose and lips feel as if chapped by cold "ind. )' !oreness of nostrils. Acrid,
e%coriating discharge, producing ra" sores [7 nostrils and upper lip]& in scarlet
fever. +ose obstructed [.. agg. l. side]& must breathe through mouth& .. agg.
mornings. 'oring in nose. CoryBa& discharge blood-streaked, "atery. +ose
completely stopped, , fluent, acrid discharge. Hay fever, , pain over root of nose&
5 , violent coryBa, throat ra" and sore, constant ha"king. 1arge scabs high up on
r. side of nose. Constant picking at nose until it bleeds. 2 )bstruction , fetid
discharge, sneeBing agg. night. - !neeBing, agg. night& .. , constriction of throat.
7 :luent coryBa in afternoon , heat in head and face. Continual discharge from l.
nostril. CoryBa in morning , streaks of blood and hardened mucus& yello" and
thick during day& "atery, and at the same time obstruction, agg. morning. (rink
passes up through nose. .. !neeBing as from taking cold, , repeated chills over
"hole body, beginning in verte%.
!# :ace feels chapped, as if from cold "ind& feels hot. 7 !calded feeling in face in
morning. 1eft 3oint of 3a" as if sprained, on s"allo"ing. .. 1ips as if scalded,
mornings. )' 1ips and soft palate sore and burning. 1ips chapped and burning.
Corners of mouth sore and cracked& 7 and bleeding. 2 1ips dry, s"ollen. 7 2reat
heat of face and head in afternoon, , fluent coryBa. 4icks lips until they bleed. .8
Cracks of lips , hoarseness. .. !"ollen, bloated face& scarlatina. !"elling of
subma%illary and parotid glands, l. side.
!# 0a" feeling at roof and palate. 7 )f s"elling in soft palate "hen s"allo"ing& ..
, discharge of nasal mucus. .. Astringent, as strong as after eating persimmons.
As if mouth "ould crack, has to get up at night to drink. 4A .. )n l. margin of
tongue. )' ongue red, sore& "hole mouth ra". !aliva profuse, acrid, corroding. 2
Aphthae. ongue cracked and bleeding. !tra"berry tongue. - Has relieved cases
of stomatitis, "hen there are burning pains and e%cessive salivation& mucous
surfaces ra" and sore& tongue red like a beetroot and papillae prominent. 4utrid
odour from mouth. 7 *outh burns and is so sore that the child refuses to drink, and
cries "hen anything is offered. (ryness of mouth. .. !udden glossitis. Can hardly
talk on account of mucus in back part of nose& ha"king difficult. 0ound spots on
tongue as if scalded.
.. Convulsions during dentition& r. side lame& Fuivering of l. upper eyelid.
!# 7 Constriction in throat , sneeBing. .. As if tied together, as if too narro". As of
something hot in throat, esp. on inspiration. 4A 2 hroat painful on clearing or
coughing, yet grasps and "ants to scratch it. .. Constant burning and scratching in
throat, , desire to s"allo". 'urning, in morning "hile in bed, amel. after rising. )'
!"ollen and constricted& burns& ra". Constant ha"king. E he throat and nose
symptoms are freFuently associated, in violent influenBas or in diphtheria. ..
!"elling in throat e%tending to nose. (esire to s"allo", , stitching in throat, "hich
is painful to pressure. 'urning dryness, before midnight& after midnight and to"ards
morning, much mucus in throat, "hich goes deeper and deeper do"n by
s"allo"ing, and is perceived no more in morning after rising. hroat livid, studded
"ith deep angry looking ulcers having a fetid discharge. Aphthous sore throat. !ore
throat goes from r. e%tending to l.
:ood , drink
Headache from hot coffee. E All soft parts of mouth and palate are sore and
burning, painful "hen eating or drinking. .. Has to get up at night to drink, from
dryness of mouth. 0efuses food and drink on account of soreness of throat. +o
appetite& doesn=t "ant to play& loses flesh& headache& scanty urine. (esires to drink
a little at a time. Headache amel. after breakfast or dinner. #ructations of food after
dinner. Hoarseness agg. eating.
4A .. Cramps.
4A .. $n liver, front then back. /nder l. short ribs. Cutting, agg. about noon. )' ..
0umbling in bo"els& flatulence& , cutting pains. !ore moist places bet"een
abdomen and legs& same on coccy%.
4A .. 'urning in anus. )' 2 (iarrhoea. !tools like cornmeal. hin stools escaping
from anus and keeping parts ra" and burning. 7 9atery, bro"n diarrhoea, ,
eructations of food. .. 4ainful urging , rumbling& tenesmus to"ards evening.
:issura ani , retention of urine. !oft stool , tenesmus. !tools at night during sleep.
)' 2 ?ery scanty secretion of urine& 7 in scarlatina. /raemia. 7 /rine copious and
pale. .. As soon as urine increases after it is given in scarlatina, the patient gets
4A .. !marting at end of penis. earing, in r. testicle during morning& comes
suddenly and disappears suddenly.
4A .. Cutting, in ovaries. )' .. *enstrual blood darker. 1umps deep in l.
mamma, , aching pain.
4A .. Constant, in laryn%. )' Hoarseness& .. from overuse of voice. ?oice
uncertain, uncontrollable [.. changing continually]& agg. talking, singing.
Clergyman=s sore throat& 7 laryngitis, occurring in public speakers, auctioneers and
singers& great hoarseness and loss of voice, constant ha"king and clearing voice.
2 ?oice hoarse, sFueaky or breaks. 7 Accumulation of mucus in trachea& .. "hen
coughing. .. )edema glottidis. 1oss of voice after e%posure to +.9. "ind& "hen
singing. *ust ha"k in morning& hoarseness more before talking, amel. after"ards.
2 Hay asthma. .. Asthmatic, , chronic catarrh.
- (ry& the patient cringes under it, it hurts so. .. :reFuent, , much mucus and
much spitting. ickling, from mucus in trachea& at night after lying do"n inability to
sleep& hoarseness.
Copious& 7 tough mucus.
!# 1ungs feel sore. 2 0a" feeling in chest. .. Chest and head feel obstructed, full
of mucus, "ithout e%pectoration. 4A E 'urning pain and soreness, esp. in l. lung
[.. , soreness in l. upper arm and pressing in forehead]. .. 'urning, in lungs "hen
coughing. !titching in r. lung and under r. scapula.
4A .. $n region of atlas and a%is, e%tending to r. side. )' .. !tiffness of neck ,
intolerable pressing headache. 2lands of neck, or throat, s"ollen.
!# .. Heaviness in all limbs, most in lo"er.
)' .. Hands stiff and s"ollen. !pasms of arms and hands& thumbs dra"n in.
!# .. 1eft foot as if dislocated, most under ball of big toe, painful& can hardly "alk.
4A .. Cramp in r. leg on getting a"ake in morning. $n r. hip under trochanter.
!tinging, pricking or bruised, in soles. :eet hurt her so that she can=t stand& pain
even "hen dra"ing on stockings& hurts her so that it makes her sick at stomach.
)' .. ickling itching in centre of r. sole.
.. !leepy, ya"ning and sneeBing at .. a.m. (ro"siness in evening& immediately
after sunset. !leeplessness from soreness of mouth and throat, or from itching of
skin. )n falling asleep sensation as if smothering, starting as if frightened. 0estless
tossing about in bed& desire to escape.
.. +ightmare.
E 4articularly adapted to lo" types of fever, esp. of the eruptive varieties.
E Creeping chills. .. 0epeated chill spreading from verte%, , sneeBing like after
taking a cold, afternoons. 0unning over body, preceded by much ya"ning.
E :lushes, esp. in face. .. ?ery intense fever heat. (ry heat. :lushes at night.
!carlet rash& ra", bloody surface any"here. $mpetigo contagiosa. 2 $tching of
fingers and toes. #ruption leaves a brilliant red stain. 4emphigus. 5 Acrid moisture
over coccy% and arms. 7 #%anthema, like scarlet rash, , itching& skin peels off
after"ards. .. 1ittle round, red, hard pimples all over body, legs, arms and face.
(esFuamation a second or third time, in large flakes& scarlatina. !carlet rash more
in patches than uniform.
9orse6 )veruse of voice& A1A$+2& singing. Cold, "et& cold "ind [. north"est
"ind]. Heat. 1ying do"n. 'etter6 - 9armth.
Compare6 he other Arums and Calad.& Ail. [scarlatina& depressing, stupid, dro"sy
sleep]& All-c. [.. nasal discharge]& Am-c. [acrid discharge from nose in scarlatina,
but r. parotid gland more decidedly affected in Am-c., and dro"siness is marked]&
Am-m. [scarlatina& .. discharge from nose thicker, making nose sore inside, nose
being stuffed up only at night or only on one side]& Arg-n. [scarlatina& painful red
blotches l. side of tongue& .. tongue in scarlatina has erect, prominent papilla&
feels sore, tip red and very painful]& Ars. [.. e%coriating nasal discharge& blueness
of rash& restlessness after midnight]& Canth.& Caps. [.. throat]& Cast. [nasal
discharge "atery and acrid but , violent tearing pain at root of nose]& Caust. [..
hoarseness]& Cina [boring in nose]& Croc. [elevated papillae, but tongue "hite]&
Hep.& Hydr-ac.& $od.& Aali-i. [.. discharge from nose in scarlatina very similar, but
soreness of mouth differs in that tongue and mouth are ulcerated, , soreness but
no salivation& food and drink are refused on account of great pain caused by
ulcerated condition& after abuse of *erc., freFuently recurring attacks of fluent
coryBa, , burning in nose and sensation of a ligature, preventing passage of air]&
1ach.& 1yc. [.. similar discharge from nose in scarlatina& concomitant symptoms
are headache, , much thirst at night, burning blisters on tip of tongue, breathing
impeded by stuffed nose discharging burning ichor& child cross on a"aking]& *erc.
[.. salivation& lips and corners of mouth]& *eB. [.. discharge from nose in
scarlatina, slightly streaked or tinged "ith blood]& *ur-ac.& +it-ac. [.. similar nasal
discharge in scarlatina& stinging, pricking ulcers in throat, almost al"ays , cough
and hoarseness]& 4hyt.& !ang.& !il. [.. nasal discharge in scarlatina similar, but
nose bleeds readily from soreness]& !ulph.& 2 *erc-c.& - 'or.& 7 'apt.& Camph.&
Aali-bi.& +at-ar.& 0hus-t.& !tram.& .. 'ry. [lips and corners of mouth]& Calad. and +it-
ac. [typhus]& Cond. [Arum has in high degree, soreness and cracks in corners of
mouth, but Condurango must not be neglected for the same site& esp. if there is
also superficial ulceration of the cornea]& :err-p. [hoarseness]& ?erat. [salivation].
:ollo"s "ell6 Caust. and Hep. [- morning hoarseness and deafness, and
scarlatina]& Hep. and +it-ac. [- dry, hoarse, croupy cough]& !eneg. [.. soreness
and redness of throat].
$ncompatible6 Calad. [.. "hich is too similar]. Complementary6 2 +it-ac.
Antidoted by6 Acet-ac.& 1ac-c.& 4uls.& buttermilk [.. "hich contains 1actic acid].
Arundo mauritanica
0eed - an italian grass
A remedy for catarrhal states. Hay fever. H Has cured a case of hay fever, the
symptoms beginning "ith Cburning and itching of palate and con3unctiva.C ..
!ensation of burning heat , numerous prickings, rising from loins, passing over
shoulders and then invading middle of head and face, preceded by perspiration, in
"omen. Constant sensation of heat& is burnt in sun and froBen in shade. Acts most
on left side. 'urning pains, formication, pricking pain. 4ain and pricking in glands.
J 1ascivious fancies. An%iety amel. open air& an%iety from coughing [.. an%iety
from accumulation of mucus in bronchi]. .. 1aughs easily, a stupid hilarity. (ulness
of mind and indifference to painful sensations. Absence of ideas.
.. )n getting out of bed.
4A $n occiput, e%tending to r. ciliary region. (eep seated, in sides of head [.. and
to"ards frontal lobes]. .. 4ainful undulation in frontal region. 'urning, in interior
head& pain and heat in forehead. $n r. temple e%tending to verte%, G sleepiness.
!udden formicating pains through temples. :ormication and stupefying pain on
verte%, e%tending to neck. 4ain to"ards and in occiput. Hysterical. )' $tching&
falling out of hair [.. hair falls off entirely in children]& roots of hair painful. 4ustules&
.. "ith red areola, suppurate and form crusts& in children. .. :ormication and
pricking in forehead& itching on different parts. !curf on head.
4A .. 4ricking in orbit "hen looking steadily. 4ricking, in vault of orbit& G heaviness
and sleepiness. 4ricking, itching and burning in eyes, agg. l. eye. !udden burning
in orbit. )' .. )phthalmia in children. 'lepharitis. 4hotophobia at noon and
evenings. Can=t look up"ard. (ilated pupils. $tching of con3unctiva& burning pain in
sclerotica. #%crescence on sclerotica. 1ids t"itch, are heavy, red, burning, itching,
s"ollen. 1achrymation. $ntolerable itching in bro" and l. eye. Catarrhal, rheumatic
and scrofulous ophthalmia.
.. 1uminous ob3ects flutter& undulating, luminous openings appear "herever he
looks. (im vision, things veiled.
!# .. +oise in ears, sounds as of little bells. 4A .. 'urning, itching in auditory
canals , pain in sublingual glands. )' #cBema behind ears. .. :ormication in l.
e%ternal ear. 9hile children complain they keep fingers in ears. $nflammation of
ears commencing "ith shooting pains, beginning in concha, e%tending to e%ternal
meatus& finally, "ith itching a discharge of blood. 4urulent discharge from ears.
4A .8 At root of nose or bet"een eyes. .. 'urning inside nose. )' Hay fever
begins "ith burning and itching of palate and con3unctiva. Annoying itching of
nostrils and roof of mouth [9ye.]. CoryBa& loss of smell [+at-m.]. !neeBing& itching
of nostrils. .. $n beginning "ater runs from nose, later green mucus and thick,
"hite, slimy masses& discharge of pieces of indurated greenish mucus "ith
sneeBing. 4utrid nasal mucus. /lcer beneath reddened nose.
!# .. 9eight on l. side of face. 4A .. $n masseter muscles. 4ain and burning in r.
cheek. 4ricking on point of chin. !tarting from l. side of 3a", running along l.
eyebro", thence e%tending to shoulders and loins, finally settling on pubis, burning
there like fire& in females. )' /lcers and e%foliation in corners of mouth. .. 4allor.
$tching, pricking all over& formication. #rysipelas on r. cheek.
!# .. !"eetish taste. 'itter taste on "aking in morning. 4A 'urning and itching.
.. $n sublingual glands. 'urning, itching and irritation of palate. )' :issures in
tongue. .8 40):/!# !A1$?A$)+ (/0$+2 C)0@IA. .. #ruption of red points
on palate in children. Aphthae.
)' 'leeding of gums. .. 2ums red, sensitive, s"ollen, bleeding.
!# .. 2lobus hystericus. 4it of throat as if bruised after e%pectoration. 4A ..
'urning in oesophagus, , redness. 'urning and pain on s"allo"ing. )' ..
!toppage of air [from stomachO] in oesophagus. )bstruction prevents s"allo"ing.
:ood , drink
Craving for acids. .. 9ant of appetite. Constant thirst in children& after "aking in
morning. hirst during heat. :ood tastes insipid. 9ater has a bad taste.
!# Coldness in stomach. 4A .. Acute, in pit& agg. pressure. All around pit& pricking
through it. )' .. 9ants to belch but can=t. #mpty belching. Hiccough. Attacks of
very painful nausea. +ausea on getting up in morning. ?omiting of frothy, viscid
matter after cough.
!# *ovement as from something alive& .. as of a "orm cra"ling on r. side. 4A
:latulent, at pubic region. .. Acute, at umbilicus. $n colon, r. and l.& pricking in it.
9andering, through bo"els. 'o"els painful "hen pressed by hand. !titches in
groin. 4ricking and burning heat. 'urning in hypogastrium after coughing. !titches
in loins "hen sneeBing. 4ain, burning and formication in loins. 4ricking, in loins,
corresponds to similar pains in pit. )' .. Abundant flatus. $ntestinal catarrh.
4A 'urning at anus. .. 'urning piles. 4ricking in anus. )' (iarrhoea of nursing
children [Calc-p.& Cham.]. !tool greenish. .. !tools at first hard, soon become
loose. Constant diarrhoea of nursing or ##H$+2 children. 1iFuid diarrhoea in
children, "ith red blood. 'lood-streaked loose stools. (iarrhoea , bearing do"n.
2reenish diarrhoea. Hard, greenish stools. 4rotrusion of haemorrhoids before
stool. !tools follo"ed by burning at anus. Haemorrhoids , prolapsus recti.
4A 'urning. .. $n kidneys. 4ricking in bladder. 'eginning in kidneys, passing on to
lumbar region and e%tending to pubis. 'urning, from kidneys passing through l.
ileum e%tending to pubis. )' 0ed sediment [1yc.]. .. 0ed urine "ith sandy
sediment. After urinating, "eight& burning, itching in urethra.
4A $n spermatic cords after coition. )' .. !e%ual desire& lascivious thoughts&
freFuent erections.
!# .. Heat , formication, beginning in loins, rising to shoulders, and e%tending to
hands. 4A 'urning and pain in nipples. .. 4ricking, in uterus. 4ricking, in vulva. $n
uterus , meteorism before menses. $n loins before first menses. Constrictive, in
pubis and loins, preventing "alking. $n l. mamma from e%cessive secretion of milk.
'urning and pain in nipples. 4ricking, under l. mamma. )' *enses too early and
profuse. ?aginal pruritus , se%ual desire. .. ?iolent desire for coition, or aversion
to it. 1ong-lasting menses. Haemorrhage of black, clotted blood. 1eucorrhoea.
)' .. )bstruction of laryn% after coughing& preventing "ind and sputa from
coming up, causing after"ards vomiting of frothy, viscid matter. Hoarseness on
"aking in morning. !udden loss of voice.
.. (ifficult, during coition. 9histling. !hort, difficult, on "alking or going up stairs.
!uffocative attacks. Attacks of dyspnoea , diffuse s"eat. 0attling during cough.
.. Catarrhal. (ry, in evening, , pain in pit of stomach, and viscid vomiting&
follo"ed by burning at pit of throat. 9ith desire for open air.
$n beginning bluish, then "hite, and so alternately. 9hitish& round, ash-coloured
4A .. $n chest& pricking in chest& under clavicles. $n r. chest, to"ards midnight.
4ricking in a%illa. )' .. ickling in chest. Accumulation of mucus in bronchi, G
an%iety, and "histling.
4A .. 4ricking in arteries. )' .. Abnormal movements of heart& oppression of
!# .. As of a "orm cra"ling on neck. 4A .. !hocks in neck& formicating pain on l.
side of it. Acute, under l. scapulae. $n scapulae. 1umbago.
!# .. 1imbs as if tightly bandaged. 4A .. 'urning, in elbo"s& r. thumb& knees&
heels. 'eginning in elbo", ending in ring finger. $n r. "rist, and burning heat in one
or the other. :ormicative, , heaviness in l. "rist. 4ricking in fingertips& in heels. )'
$tching& burning& oedema of hands and feet. .. )edema of hands and feet, esp. in
!# .. Coldness in shoulders, in both arms& heat and heaviness in l. arm. Hands
as if plunged in boiling "ater. 4A .. 'urning, from arm e%tending to "rist, from
there to forefinger, and then to thumb. )' .. !tiffness of hands. 9eakness of
arms, acute pain& formication. :ormication in hands.
4A .. :rom hip e%tending to heel, like sciatica. Cramps in knees, often ,
sensation of heat. !titches in knees. $n l. calf, most "hen standing up or "hen
"alking. Cramps in legs. 'eating and burning heat in soles. 'urning stitches in
thighs& in toes. )' !"elling and burning of soles& .. as after a long 3ourney.
Copious and offensive s"eat of feet. 2eneral redness of legs [from eruption of very
small points] , violent itching. 9eakness of thighs and legs& of knees. !"elling of
knees. )edema of feet and ankles agg. motion.
.. $nclination to ya"n. !leepiness in daytime. !leeps by day& sleepless at night.
!leepiness , burning in eyes. !leeplessness and "eeping at night, in children&
e%cessive heat.
.. :ever preceded by coldness, , thirst. :ever ends "ith s"eat, most on
shoulders and chest, sometimes , vertigo.
.. #%cessive heat at night. :everish paro%ysm , burning pain and formication all
over body. :ebrile paro%ysm , nausea, coldness, thirst, pain in bo"els and
.. endency to s"eat& motion G profuse s"eat.
#cBema& itching and cra"ling, esp. of chest, upper limbs. :issures in fingers and
heels. .. :eeling as of an insect cra"ling over loins, shoulders and sometimes
entire surface of body. 0edness of skin, like a birth mark. !kin in children turns
blue at height of fever. $tching papular eruption in children. #rysipelas on various
parts of body. $tching miliary eruption on loins. 4ustules like of scabies , intolerable
itching, discharge "hen opened by friction a "atery fluid.
.. (iseases of "omen and children.
Compare6 Anan., 1olium and other 2ramineae& All-c.& Calc.& 1yc.& 4sor.& !abad.&
!ulph.& . Antho. [!"eet ?ernal 2rass& a popular medicine for hay fever and
coryBa]& !il.
Asa foetida
+arthe% asafoetida& devil=s dung
he flatulence and spasmodic contraction of stomach and oesophagus "ith
reverse peristalsis are the most marked symptoms. $n its selection, its relation to
the hysterical and hypochondriacal patients, must be borne in mind. 'esides these
superficial symptoms, it has been found to affect favourably deep ulcerations,
caries of bones, esp. in the syphilitic organism& here the e%treme sensitiveness and
terrible throbbing, nightly pains, guide to its use. 2 :ull habit and stout aspect, but
intolerably nervous and )?#0!#+!$$?#. $n the digestive tract it produces
flatulence and spasmodic contractions of stomach and oesophagus, "ith reverse
peristalsis, everything comes up, nothing goes do"n. :its of hard, violent
throbbing. 4ains are pressive, sharp, stitching, e%tending out"ards& , numbness&
they change place and are amel. touch. Aching, boring in bones. #asy relapses.
'lueness. :oul, thin, acrid secretions. As of a nail or plug driven in. "itching and
3erking in muscles. :istulae "ith foul pus. 2lands all over the body are hot and
throb. 4ains 3erk and shoot. Clumsy children. 1eft-sided symptoms. +euralgia of
stump, after operations. $ll-effects of checked skin eruptions or suppressed
discharges& G nervous disorders. - Hysteria, "here the throat symptoms
predominate, "ith all kinds of spasms and nervous irritability, such as fits of great
3oy and laughter, or an%ious sadness& constant change of position& flushes in face,
etc. 7 Hysteria, , much trouble about throat or oesophagus& "ell marked globus
Chiefly used in hysteria "hen the globus hystericus is "ell marked, difficult
breathing, sensation as if peristaltic motions "ere reversed, etc., esp. after the
suppression of any habitual discharge. .. !oft enlargement of bones, also
curvature. :eeling of general heaviness& "eak "hen standing or lying& dry mouth.
9orse in bed and after sleep& amel. after getting out of bed. Could not remain in-
doors, must "alk about in open air. )besity& seldom of use in bone diseases
unless body is heavy, bloated. 2lands hard, s"ollen, hot and throbbing, ,
shooting, 3erking pains& scrofulous complaints. $n3uries suppurate. 9ounds appear
bright red, ra", covered "ith crust of tenacious lymph. /lceration from burns or
scalds or other causes, , great sensitiveness to suffering& child screams on seeing
dressing prepared, dreads and shrinks from the approach of any one likely to touch
(ark red, hot s"ellings. Cold gangrene.
$rritable& complains of her troubles& sensitive. 2 :ickle and unsteady, can=t
persevere in anything& "ants no" one thing, then another& "alks hither and thither.
*agnifies her symptoms. Craves sympathy. :ainting during pain. :aints "hen he
thinks that he has taken medicine. :aints& almost "ithout cause, in a closed room,
e%citement or disturbance, after emission& .. during height of paro%ysm of colic.
Clutches throat. (issatisfied "ith oneself. Changing moods& fits of 3oy "ith burst of
laughter. E 2reat e%citability and sensitiveness, yet , complete indifference to
everything& .. all perception of senses lessened, but not consciousness.
Hypochondriac or hysterical restlessness and an%iety. 7 $ll-humour& irritable&
apprehensive. J :ear arising from abdomen& from stomach. $rritability during
menses& < indifference.
H@!#0$A A:#0 !/((#+ !/440#!!$)+ ): ($!CHA02#. .. Apprehension
of dying. Hysterical restlessness and an%iety. )versensitiveness, either mental or
physical. :ears paralysis or softening of brain. :aintness from noise or from being
in cro"ded streets.
.. 9ith violent pressing in head, vanishing of sight in evening and after"ards cold
s"eat on forehead and limbs& colic& flatulence& portal congestion.
!# .. As of s"ashing and gurgling behind upper part of frontal bone. :ulness of
head "hen riding in a carriage. Aching and pressing, as if "hole brain "ere
compressed, , diBBiness, increased heat of skin and some Fuickness of pulse. As
if a nail or plug "as driven into brain. 'rain as if tense. Cold sensation in head.
!tupefying tension in head, mostly l. side& agg. afternoon or evening& sitting bent
for"ard& after going to bed& amel. sitting up. 4A 'oring above eyebro"s. 4ressive,
from "ithin out"ard. 2 Aching in occipital region amel. stool. 7 !ingle deep
penetrating stitches in l. frontal eminence. (ra"ing pressive, like a plug, in sides of
head or temples& most on l. side& .. as from a dull stick, amel. touch. (ra"ing
above r. ear, "hich changes into stitching. 4inching dra"ing across supraorbital
region. .. :lying stitch from "ithin out"ard, in forehead, temples and sides of
head. Congestive. 0eading and "riting agg.. All headaches agg. to"ards evening&
in room, "hile at rest, sitting or lying& amel. rising up or moving about in open air.
)' E 2eneral rush of blood to head and throbbing& .. , "armth of face. .. Cold
s"eat on forehead.
!# 2 +umbness about eyes. 4A )rbital neuralgia amel. pressure and rest. 'oring,
in and around eyes. 7 'urning in eyeballs. 4eriodic burning in eyes and pressing
together of lids, as if overcome by sleep. .. !harp, e%tending through eye into
head, upon touching. (ull pressure at e%ternal border of l. orbit. 'urning in l.
eyeball as from "ithin out"ard. )' $ritis and intraocular inflammations, , boring,
throbbing pains at night. !uperficial corneal ulcer , digging pains, agg. at night& 7
, burning, sticking or pressive pain from "ithin out"ard& amel. rest and pressure. 2
#yelids stick to balls. 7 $tching of r. eye. #yes dry, burning.
.. :oggy. (im& letters become darker on "riting& disappear after blinking. *uscae
)' )ffensive otorrhoea, , boring pains in mastoid bone& 2 , hardness of hearing.
*astoid disease , pain in temporal region "ith pushing out sensation. )ffensive,
purulent discharge.
Hearing - .. $mpaired, , thin, purulent discharge of e%tremely offensive odour.
!# 2 ension over nasal bones, , numbness. E 4ressure as if nose "ould burst.
)' !yphilitic oBaena, , very offensive purulent discharge. Caries of nasal bones
[Aur.]. 5 )bstruction of nose high up "hen riding in a carriage. .. 1ittle pimple on
tip of nose.
!# E )ppressive, numb feeling in chin. 7 :acial bones as if numb. )' 2 4uffy,
purple, as if heated. !mall tubercles in cheeks. !"elling of lo"er [7 and upper] lip
[.. and l. angle]. .. :lushes in face. Caries of lo"er 3a" , dra"ing pain, salivation.
!# 2 2reasy, rancid taste& .. and of phlegm coughed up. .. *outh and throat as
if dry, even "hen moist, "ithout thirst. )' Constant che"ing, , frothy saliva from
mouth& chorea. E #%treme dryness of mouth, and burning, e%tending to throat. ..
!aliva predominantly decreased, e%cept in mercurial caries, "hen acrid salivation
4A .. !evere dra"ing in lo"er incisors. )' .. 'luntness of teeth. !oreness of
gums. 2rinding of teeth at night.
!# 2lobus hystericus. 'all rises in throat& 7 ball rises from stomach to throat&
obliging freFuent s"allo"ing to keep it do"n [E s"allo"ing temporarily amel.] and
at times G difficult breathing. !ensation as if peristaltic motion "ere reversed, and
oesophagus "ere driven from stomach to throat. - 'ursting feeling up"ards, as if
everything in abdomen "as coming out of mouth. .. !uffocative feeling in throat on
taking a full inspiration. )' 2 !pasms of gullet and stomach. 7 (ryness of mouth,
throat and oesophagus. .. (ryness and burning in oesophagus. !"allo"ing G
tenderness of throat.
:ood , drink
2 (isgust for all food& .. in chorea. Asthmatic attacks agg. satisfying meals. E :at
food G indigestion. .. 0avenous hunger, , pain in upper abdomen, as from a cold,
and as if diarrhoea "ould set in. Hunger "ith desire for strong, cooling food. (esire
for "ine. Aversion to beer& beer tastes slimy. After eating6 pressure in stomach,
stitches about lo"er ribs, tension in abdomen& sFuirming and t"isting in bo"els&
great difficulty in breathing& febrile state. :aintness on beginning to eat, esp. at
dinner, , full and freFuent beating of heart. After dinner, pressure from interior of
liver, e%tending to chest, , laboured breathing and violent pulsations. 9ant of
thirst, esp. heat "ithout thirst. After drinking6 diarrhoea& heaviness and cold feeling
in intestines. :latulent distension of abdomen after meals. !our things G griping
pains in region of umbilicus. :lushes and heat of one cheek after eating.
!# )f emptiness and "eakness, , distension and beating in stomach and
abdomen. - #mpty gone feeling at .. a.m. & .. preceded by pulsations in pit. 4A
?iolent gastralgia& cutting and burning in stomach and region of diaphragm. ..
4ressing, cutting, stitching, in spells, not regular. ?iolent pressure in pit, to"ards
liver, "hile sitting. )' 2reat difficulty in bringing up "ind. :latulence and
regurgitation of liFuid. Hysterical flatulence. 2reat distension. :orcible eructation of
gas& 5 like air from a pop-gun. 4ulsation in pit& .. perceptible to sight and touch.
2urgling and rolling of "ind, "hich escapes after"ards "ith loud and difficult
eructation. 2 #%plosive eructations, smelling like garlic [- or like faeces] and rancid
[7 sharp or putrid] in taste. :latus passing up"ards, none do"n"ards. .. 9oke at
night "ith distension of stomach, pain across chest and feeble heart.
!# 2 'o"els seem knotted. Heat in spleen and abdomen. E Abdominal muscles
as if contracted into a ball. 7 )f fulness, as if beaten, in epigastrium and "hole
abdomen, , fulness in former and eructations. .. Heaviness and cold feeling in
intestines after drinking. 'ellyache, as if intestines "ere torn or cut& places in side
sore as if ra", , feeling as of something rising from chest to throat& amel. pressure.
0egion belo" navel as if contracted into a ball "hen standing. As if bo"els "ere
shaking, during attack of faintness. 4A E 4ressing, in region of liver. !ticking, from
"ithin out"ard in sides of abdomen. 7 Aching in flanks on dra"ing abdominal
muscles. 2riping, , emission of flatus. .. 9ind colic , abdominal pulsations& very
painful distension of abdomen, rumbling& amel. passing "ind. !titches in r.
hypochondrium, e%tending to diaphragm. )' (istension of abdomen, griping pain,
, hunger. 2 :latulence& sudden, pushing up"ards, hysterical. .. Hiccough-like
contractions of diaphragm.
!# 4ain in perineum, as if something dull pressed out. )' )bstinate constipation&
.. , abdominal and haemorrhoidal cramps. (iarrhoea, e%tremely offensive, ,
meteorism and regurgitation of food. 2 )nly mucus is passed. 7 !tool profuse,
"atery, or thick, papescent, bro"n and e%ceedingly offensive, relieving symptoms.
.. (ischarge of fetid flatus.
!# .. Aidneys as if sore. )' 2 /rine bro"n and of pungent odour. !pasms in
bladder during and after urination. 7 /rine "arm and of pungent ammoniacal smell.
4A 2 +eedlelike stitches in penis. .. (ra"ing in glans, agg. afternoon. /rging
to"ards genitals& aching of testicles, agg. touch and after motion. )' 2 :ainting
after seminal emissions. .. 2enitals irritated.
4A 2 'earing do"n in genitals, esp. "hile riding in a carriage. 7 1abour-like pains
in uterine region, , cutting and bearing do"n. )' *ammae turgid "ith milk [.. like
in the ninth month], "hen not pregnant. 2 *enses& too early, too scanty, last but a
short time. 1eucorrhoea& profuse, greenish, thin& offensive. (eficient milk, ,
oversensitiveness& - is employed as a galactagogue, in sensitive, hysterical
"omen. 7 !"elling and inflammation of [E e%ternal] genitals. .. #%cited se%ual
desire. /terine ulcer, sensitive and painful. *iscarriages. $s said to kill foetus and
dries up milk.
2 Asthmatic attacks at least once a day, agg. bodily e%ertion, coition, satisfying
meals. E )ppressed, rapid, , small pulse. .. )ppressed, temporarily amel.
eructations. :reFuent, rattling& restless tossing before attack, an%iety during it.
.. $rritation to dry cough. )n ya"ning. 9hooping cough, even of sucklings,
sounding like croup& rattling breathing, an%ious and restless, chest and abdomen
hot, urine pale. Hoarse, ringing, short, e%cited by tickling in trachea, , asthmatic
feeling in trachea& spasmodic constriction of thora% and accumulation of stringy
mucus. 9ith pressure and burning under sternum. 9ith accumulation of stringy
mucus in trachea.
.. 2reasy taste. #%pectoration agg. during day.
!# !pasmodic tightness, as if lungs could not be fully e%panded. .. Constriction
of chest e%tending to throat& , hurried breathing. Compression of chest, as from a
heavy "eight. )ppression, increasing to agony, can=t breathe, restless moving
about. As if one pressed very sharply "ith point of finger on %iphoid cartilage& also
"hen s"allo"ing. 4A 7 )ppressive, pressing, aching in chest. 4ressure in chest [r.
side], from "ithin out"ard. .. (arting stitches from chest e%tending to oesophagus.
4ressing stitches in chest. 'urning in chest e%tending to both arms, and through
lo"er limbs do"n into toes. !ingle violent stitches from "ithin out"ards, at short
intervals& rene"ed "hen chest is touched. 4ressure on sternum, "hen stooping,
"riting& amel. deep breathing. 4ressing, in l. intercostal muscles, from "ithin
out"ard, agg. during inspiration and e%pectoration. !hooting from 3ust belo" l.
nipple e%tending to back on "alking.
!# 2 Heart seems full, distended. .. As if heart "ould burst. As if heart "ere
bound tightly together, as if it could not beat& after"ards only on e%ertion or
"alking. As if heart "as s"ollen, preventing a deep inspiration. 4A .. Continual,
about region of heart. )' 4alpitation more like a tremor& 7 "hen sitting, , small,
Fuick, irregular pulse. 2 0efle% heart symptoms of nervous origin. .. +ervous
palpitation , small pulse& from overe%ertion or suppression of discharges [in
"omen]. Heart becomes very feeble if he holds breath. ?iolent palpitation, ,
e%citement of mind. 4alpitation, , faintness, rush of blood to head, flushing of face
and slo" breathing, from e%citement. Congestion to"ards heart. At night, "hen
lying on back, palpitation and suffocative feeling, as if heart "ould burst, he must
sit up, "hich amel..
4A 7 :ine burning stitches behind r. scapula, e%tending to ribs. .. (ra"ing
do"n"ards, in l. side of neck, on motion. !titches in muscles of back. (ull, or
dra"ing and cutting belo" scapulae. 'urning along vertebrae, to l. side. Aching
in"ardly, along last dorsal and first lumbar vertebrae. 'oring sticking in l. loin, from
"ithin out"ard, amel. inspiration. 1ancinations from r. loin e%tending to ribs. $n
sacrum, "hile sitting. !titches along sacrum e%tending to anus. )' 2 Can=t "ork on
account of backache. .. Chilliness over back. !"eat on lumbar region during
4A (arting pains and caries of bones. .. *ostly on fle%or sides of limbs. ?iolent,
through l. half of body, about midnight. )' 4eriosteum painful, s"ollen, enlarged.
/lcers affecting bones& thin, ichorous pus. 2 Convulsive tremors amel. being held.
- 4ains on inside of 3oints and limbs. 7 "itching of muscles of arms& of legs. ..
Arthritic and cold s"ellings.
!# .. !craping sensation on styloid process of ulna. 'ones of "rist painful as if
beaten. 4A 7 earing stitches in upper arm and forearm, e%tending to fingertips.
:ine sticking pains in elbo". .. $n forearm "hen moving fingers. Aching, dra"ing in
"rist-3oints. )' 7 Cramplike t"itching in metacarpal bone of l. hand. .. Luivering
in shoulder-3oint& in deltoid muscle.
!# .. As if a splinter of bone "as sticking in r. fibula 3ust above outer malleolus&
after a sprain. ingling in legs after much "alking. Heat in toes. 4A 2 4ain and
tenderness in tibia& intolerable agg. night. 7 4ainful throbbing in tip of great toe& ..
sticking sensation in ball of great toe "hen putting foot to ground. .. Aching, in
lo"er limbs, agg. "arm feather bed. +euralgia of stump after amputation of thigh.
'urning in roots of toe nails, prevents sleep. !titches and pulsation in tip of great
toe. )' 2 Cold s"elling around ankles. .. !"elling or caries of bones of feet.
4soitis if suppuration seems impending& also if pelvic bones are involved.
9eakness of lo"er limbs. Luivering of portions of muscles on thighs.
.. $nclined to sleep. !leeplessness after midnight [Conium before midnight].
(ro"sy , s"eat.
7 0uns over body from time to time. .. 9ith coldness and dryness of skin. #very
day bet"een D and - p.m. , coldness and trembling, , unbearable stitches in head.
Chill < heat, during faintness.
7 )f face after dinner, , an%iety and sleepiness, "ithout thirst. .. )ne-sided. $n
toes. )f face, , cold hands and feet, and chills of back.
.. 9anting& only occasionally cold, moist skin& cold s"eat on limbs& during vertigo.
9ith dro"siness.
$tching, amel. scratching. [2 'luish] ulcers painful on edges& 7 edges high and
hard. !uppressed skin symptoms G nervous disorders. 2 #ruption of air vesicles.
)ld cicatrices turn purple and ulcerate& .. old scars break open and turn black.
:oul burro"ing pus. 7 /lcers sensitive to touch, easily bleeding& .. , transparent
and thin, very offensive and ichorous pus. .. )ccasional cold, moist skin.
$ntermittent pinching pain in ulcers. !hooting pain around ulcers. /lcers gro"
9orse6 +ight. $n room. 0est. #ating. !uppressions. *ercury. +oise. !itting. 9arm
"raps. . ouch. 1eft side.
'etter6 *otion in open air. 4ressure& touch. !cratching.
H !inking sensation at pit agg. .. a.m. #yes inflamed, dry sensation, amel. open
air. he fetid smell of the drug [(evil=s dung] may be regarded as one of its
CsignaturesC. 4ressing pains in various parts, esp. pressure from "ithin out"ards,
agg. "arm room, amel. open air. *any symptoms come on or are agg. after eating
or drinking. Heat in face after eating. (iarrhoea after eating. !ensitiveness to
contact is a leading characteristic. *ost pains are accompanied by numbness in
affected parts. *any symptoms appear "hile sitting and are amel. open air. ouch
amel. pain in head& on touch pains cease or change place.
7 4articularly adapted to nervous, hysterical, scrofulous individuals, "ith venous,
haemorrhoidal constitution. o scrofulous, bloated, clumsy children. o syphilitic
patients "ho have taken much mercury. .. 4hlegmatic temperament. ?ery "eak or
delicate persons suffering from very great sensitiveness.
Compare6 Ammc., Cic. and Con. [botanical]& Arg-n. [amel. open air]& Aur. [bone
disease& iritis]& Cast., Caust., Chin. and Crot-t. ["hooping cough]& Hep.
[sensitiveness round ulcers& faints from pains]& Aali-i. and *ang. [nodes& *ang.
bluish, Aali-i. pink& pain unbearable& in Asaf. the nodes are multiple and
discoloured]& $gn. [.. hysteria]& *erc.& *osch. [.. hysteria, spasms of lungs,
fainting, etc.]& 4hos.& 4uls.& hu3.& ?aler.& 2 1ach.& !umb.& 7 Ambr.& Ars.& 'ell.& 'ry.&
Calc.& Carb-v.& Coff.& Croc.& 1yc.& *eB.& +it-ac.& !ep.& !il.
Complementary6 2 Caust.& 4uls. Antidote to6 *erc.& 4uls.& alcohol.
Antidoted by6 Camph.& Caust.& Chin.& *erc.& 4uls.& ?aler.
Checked skin affections. !uppressed discharges.
Asarum europaeum
#uropean snake root
A remedy for nervous affections, loss of energy, , e%cessive erethism. !cratching
on silk or linen or paper unbearable. 4ains and spasmodic muscular actions.
+ervous deafness and asthenopia. Cold shivers from any emotion. :eels as if
parts [2 or "hole body] "ere pressed together. ension and contractive sensations.
Al"ays feels cold. 2 )?#0!#+!$$?#+#!! ): +#0?#!. $t is suitable to literary
men of sedentary habits "ho shrink from cold or al"ays feel cold. */C)/!
discharges are glairy. (runkards. E 2eneral feeling of lightness of limbs& "hen
"alking seems to be floating in the air. *any troubles seem to be relieved by
"ashing the face in cold "ater. 7 #%cessive sensibility of all nerves& "hen merely
thinking [and this he must do continually] that someone might, "ith the fingertip or
nail scratch even lightly on linen or similar material, a most disagreeable sensation
thrills through him, arresting momentarily all his thoughts and actions. 9eakness
every afternoon , constant ya"ning. !lo" and laBy. 9eariness, sometimes as if
bruised all over. .. !o "eak and nauseated to"ard evening, that "hen he rises to
sitting posture he feels as if he "ould instantly sink do"n and die& he must lie in
bed. 0heumatism agg. cold, dry "eather.
houghts vanish [2 gradually& 7 as "hen falling asleep], , dra"ing pressure in
forehead. !ensibility increased, even from mere imagination. E $nability to think. $ll-
humour. !adness, , "eeping. 5 +ervous, e%alted, irritable. J (elusion he is
hovering in air like a spirit& floating in air "hile "alking. (eficiency of ideas amel.
vomiting. ?acant feeling on attempting to concentrate mind. )?#0!#+!$$?# )
!1$2H#! +)$!#. .8 #;C#!!$?# +#0?)/! !#+!$'$1$@. +#0?#! )+
#(2#. Aversion to C)$$)+, kissing and embracing. 9rings hands. ?ery sensitive
to violence. Children "ho are pushed to achieve. .. +o desire to do anything, from
stupid feeling in head. 2reat merriness < occasional momentary Fuiet or
gloominess. Cold shivers from any emotion.
2 :eeling of lightness as if floating, "hen "alking in open air. .. 9ith an%iety.
Confusion of head less perceptible "hen "alking than "hen sitting, , pressure in
eyes as "ith a dull point from "ithin out"ard, esp. belo" r. eyelid. #arly in morning,
"hen rising, diBBiness and dro"siness of head, , pain in l. side of forehead.
!# ension of scalp& hair painful [Chin.]& 2 can=t bear combing. 2 !tupid feeling in
head amel. retching. .. As if temple "ould be dra"n in [at noon], amel. open air
and "hen lying do"n. )f coldness at a small spot on l. side of head, above ear. 4A
Compressive& .. above root of nose& in temples, esp. l. E 4ressing out"ard, pain in
forehead, , nausea, e%cited by every effort of mind. Attacks of one-sided pain at E
every afternoon. 7 ?ery sensitive, compressing headache, esp. in l. temple and
behind ears& .. agg. "alking or shaking head, amel. sitting. .. 4ressure over
greater part of brain, from "ithout in"ards. earing, pulsating, in forehead, e%cited
by stooping. ?iolent pressure in forehead, do"n"ard upon eyes. :rontal, ,
nausea. Contractive, in forehead, temples and behind ears, , lachrymation and
burning of eyes, agg. afternoon [E p.m. ], amel. sitting and "ashing, but not by
"iping. hrobbing, in early morning, "hen rising. 'efore and after menses. )' ..
$tching, beginning "ith fine stitches, belo" l. temple. Head symptoms amel. after
!# :eel stiff& burn& feel cold. .. As if eyes "ould be pressed asunder, "hen
reading. 4A (arting, in eyes after operations. E 'urning as from brandy in eyes in
evening in house, , constant lachrymation. )' Asthenopia& .. , congestive
headaches. 2 9atering and burning of eyes. E Con3unctivitis , stitches in corners
of eyes. $nflammation of eyes feels amel. cold air or "ater, but sunlight and "ind
can=t be tolerated. 7 4ainful dryness of interior of eyes& E painful dryness and
burning of inner surface of lids. !"elling of upper lids , inability to endure much
reading. .. !taring. $n3ected con3unctivae, , stinging in canthi.
!# As if plugged up& 2 , coryBa. 2 As if skin "ere stretched over e%ternal ear [r.]&
.. agg. cold air. .. (ull roaring of l. ear, like a distant tornado& in r. ear distinct
singing. 4A 7 4ressure and tension in region of meatus. )' Heat of e%ternal ear.
.. 0ight auricle hot to touch.
Hearing - (eafness during catarrh. 2 4ainfully sensitive. E (iminished& .. l. ear.
4A .. !harp aching above root of nose. )' CoryBa, , sneeBing. .. 'loody mucus
from nose. (ry coryBa& l. nostril stopped up. ickling in nose, causing, after
unsuccessful efforts, a sneeBe, and discharge of clear fluid. ?iolent sneeBing.
!# 2 9arm feeling in face [7 cheeks] amel. cold "ashing. 4A .. :ine stinging on r.
cheek. 'urning-stinging, on l. cheek. Cutting , cramp at 3oint of lo"er 3a". )' ..
(ryness of inner side of lo"er lip.
!# 2 (isgusting taste& .. at first sour, later bitter. .. 'urning sensation across
tongue. 4A .. 'iting on tongue. )' Clean tongue. Accumulation of cold "atery
saliva in mouth& 2 , nausea. 5 ongue "hitish and thickly furred. .. !"eetish,
insipid mucus in mouth. Aphthae.
!# .. eeth of l. side feel as if hollo". Cold feeling in upper incisors like from a
cold breath. !marting sensation in gums. eeth as if loose.
!# .. !craping. 2lands of throat as if s"ollen, , difficult s"allo"ing. )' ..
(ryness of throat , stitches. ough mucus in throat& unable to raise it or to ha"k it
:ood , drink
1oss of appetite. (esire [.. unconFuerable] for alcoholic drinks& .8 nuts& milk&
tobacco. obacco tastes bitter "hen smoking. 2 !tools agg. after eating and
drinking. E 4otatoes G diarrhoea. 7 9ant of appetite, even nauseated by food. .8
Cold "ater amel.& vinegar amel.. .. 1oathing of food "ithout any gastric
derangement. Hunger in early morning. hirst in early morning. 'read tastes bitter.
Attacks of nausea, agg. after eating& , clean tongue. )ppression around navel,
three or four hours after each meal, lasting one hour. Chilliness and cold feeling
after eating and drinking.
!# 2reat faintness. 2 Horrible feeling at pit on "aking in morning& drunkards. 4A
.. 4ressure in stomach, pit and abdomen. 4ressing, digging in pit. )' :latulence,
eructations and vomiting. 2 ?iolent empty retching "hich agg. all symptoms [7
e%cept stupid feeling in head, "hich amel.]. ?iolent vomiting , diarrhoea and
violent colic. E Heartburn, , sour eructations, seem to set teeth on edge. ?omiting,
, an%iety and great nervous tension. 7 +ausea and inclination to vomit. ..
:reFuent empty eructations. $mperfect eructations reaching only to upper part of
chest. Continuous nausea and retching [in fauces]. ?omiting of only a small
Fuantity of greenish, some"hat sour fluid& , great straining and sensation about
ears as if head "ould split. Hiccough. 4utrid eructations. +ausea , shuddering.
!# .. )f constriction in region of diaphragm. 4A E 2riping, in l. side, e%tending to
back. !ore, over region of spleen. ?iolent colic, , vomiting. .. Cutting, in upper
abdomen amel. passing flatus. Cutting in abdomen and sharp stitches in rectum,
from above do"n-"ards, before stool. $n region of descending colon, , discharge
of stringy mucus. earing, from crest of one ilium to the other. )' .. 0umbling and
gurgling in abdomen.
4A .. Cutting in rectum and abdomen before and during stool. !harp stitches in
rectum, from above do"n"ard, before stool. 4ressing and straining after stool. )'
!trings of odourless, yello" mucus pass from bo"els. /ndigested stools. 4rolapse
of rectum& E during stool. 2 2elatinous or shreddy mucus in stools& mucous colitis.
E !oft evacuations, , strings of reddish mucus. !limy diarrhoea, tenacious, "ith
blood. (iarrhoea of undigested food, esp. of potatoes. !tool follo"ed by pressure,
, discharge of "hite, tenacious, bloody mucus. .. !tools "hitish-grey or ash-
coloured. (iarrhoea6 in chilly, nervous persons& from debility& during hectic or slo"
fever. Constipation , headache. 4asses thick, black blood during stool.
4A .. 4ressure on bladder during and after micturition. )' .. Constant desire to
4A .. ?iolent, in l. groin, darting through urethra e%tending to glans, in "hich a
violent smarting, contracted pain remains for a long time.
)' enacious, yello" leucorrhoea. *enses too early, long lasting, black. 2
hreatened abortion from e%cessive sensibility of nerves. .. +A/!#A A+(
?)*$$+2 (/0$+2 40#2+A+C@. #%cessive sickness during first months of
pregnancy, stomach re3ecting everything. ?aginal fistula.
!# E )f constriction in trachea, , short, 3erking breathing& amel. cough. 4A 2
!titches in laryn% amel. cough.
2 Asthmatic, agg. odours or cold. E (ifficult, , stitches in lungs, or "ith a feeling as
if one "ere breathing in a sack. .. ?ery short breath at night. 9histling, at
beginning of coughing.
+ervous, hacking. E :rom irritation in trachea, , free e%pectoration of mucus. ..
:reFuent, on account of mucus in chest& mucus rises to throat, G difficult breathing,
and finally cough, , e%pectoration. $nhalation G irritation to cough in throat.
!# 2 'oth lungs as if constricted by [.. a thin] "ire. .. 'urning sensation, r. chest,
more e%ternal than internal. 4A 7 !titches in lungs during inspiration. .. !harp
pressure in region of last ribs, as "ith back of a knife. $n sides. )' .. !our
smelling s"eat in a%illae.
!# E As if neck band "ere too tight& .. sensation in muscles of neck like from a
tight cravat, or as if pressed upon by a dull edge. 7 4ain in l. side of nape as if a
bundle of muscular fibres had been displaced by violent e%ertion, after"ards
e%tending to over head and shoulders. 4A ?iolent, in lumbar region& 2 at
appearance of menses, scarcely permitting her to breathe, agg. motion. 4aralytic,
in muscles of nape& 7 as if bruised, agg. moving, standing or sitting, amel. lying. E
Cramp in neck. .. 'urning, , stitches in lumbar region, "hile sitting. 'ruised
backache. (ull stitches under scapulae. !ore, along inner border of r. scapula. )'
9eakness, , staggering. .. !tiffness of neck in morning.
!# 2 1ightness of all limbs& .. doesn=t perceive he has a body. 4A E (ra"ing, in
3oints, "rists and fingers. .. )ccasional darting and tearing, in upper and lo"er
limbs. )' .. 0heumatism agg. dry, cold "eather.
4A .. ?iolent stitch in both shoulders during motion or rest. Contractive tensive, in
deltoid muscle, "hen laying hand on table, and "hile it lies there. (ra"ing laming,
in l. "rist. !udden dra"ing burning, from "rist through thumb and inde% finger.
!# 2 2urgling sensation in patella. .. 'ruised feeling in l. tibia. 1ittle toes pain as
if froBen. 4A E 4ersistent pressing do"n in hip, agg. stepping. Cramps in thighs. 7
(ull pressure in r. hip. .. !evere, in hip-3oint and in middle of thigh, "hen stepping&
foot feels as if paralyBed, he can=t step properly thereon. !evere rheumatic tearing
stitches in knees during motion and rest. (ra"ing in hamstrings, evenings "hen
lying in bed. !titches in sole of foot. )' 7 9eakness of knees, staggering if not
2 :reFuent ya"ning& great dro"siness [.. by day]. E :alls asleep late in evening
on account of surging of blood. J !leeplessness from slight noises. .. 2reat
dro"siness by day.
.. +ightly ve%atious dreams about humiliations.
.. !lo" fevers, no reaction from spinal enervation. yphus.
Chilliness, single parts get icy cold. 2 Cold feeling not amel. covering or heat of
room. E Chilliness and shivering, "ithout thirst. .. Chill and cold feeling in
forenoon, after eating and drinking, and in open air, generally , heat of head. Cold
hands, feet, knees or abdomen& even hottest "eather doesn=t amel.& timid, nervous
persons. 2reat "ant of vital heat& feels cold continually.
E :lushes of burning heat < coldness. .. After lying do"n in evening, heat esp. in
face and palms of hands.
!"eats easily& .. esp. on upper body. 2 !our, [.. agg. at night]& E esp. in a%illae.
.. After lying do"n in evening.
9orse6 4#+#0A$+2 !)/+(!. Cold dry "eather. #motions. 0etching [e%cept
head]. - #vening. H Clear, fine "eather.
'etter6 Cold bathing& of face. (amp, "et "eather. H 9etting affected part.
2 !uitable to literary men of sedentary habits "ho shrink from cold or al"ays feel
cold. 7 $n nervous, e%citable temperament. (runkards. H Chilly persons "ho are
al"ays shrinking from the cold.
Compare6 Acon.& Aloe [stringy stools]& Asaf. [oversensitiveness]& Calc., Cann-i.,
2els., !tict., hu3. and )l-3. [sensation of levitation]& Camph., Cupr., Hep. and $p.
[cholerine]& *erc., +u%-v., 4hos., 4odo., 4uls. and !ul-ac. [stringy stools]& *eph.,
*osch., arent. and Iinc. [fidgety feet]& !ep., !tram., ab. and ?erat. [cholerine]& 2
Arg-n.& Cast.& - Caust. [similar in modalities]& 7 +u%-m.& 4ip-m.& . Asar-c. [colds,
follo"ed by amenorrhoea and gastroenteritis& suppressed colds]& Chin.& $p. [esp. in
diarrhoea]& !il. :ollo"ed "ell by6 'ism. Antidoted by6 Camph.& vinegar and
vegetable acids.

Asclepias cornuti
Asclepias syriaca& silk"eed
!eems to act esp. on the nervous system and urinary organs. A remedy for
dropsy, hepatic, renal or cardiac and post-scarlatinal& causes diaphoresis and
augments the urinary secretion. Acute rheumatic inflammation of large 3oints.
$ntermittent, pressing-do"n uterine pains. 7 Anasarca from sudden check of
perspiration. /raemia of pregnant "omen. .. Headache and rela%ed feeling after
vomiting. Hay fever. Acute rheumatism, confined to large 3oints, , much pain and
.. ?ertigo, dulness and stupidity, , headache.
!# As if a sharp instrument "ere thrust through from temple to temple& 7 after
vomiting& .. , feeble pulse, cool skin, also vomiting. 4A Constriction across
forehead& .. violent headache bet"een eyes. +ervous [.. congestive], after
suppressed perspiration [.. or urine], follo"ed by increased urine, "ith increase of
specific gravity. :rom retention of effete matters in system. +ervous, [.. , dry skin,
scanty urine, cool skin and feeble pulse], follo"ed by s"eating or profuse urination.
4A .. !hooting, in l. ear.
)' .. (ull and stupid appearance.
)' 7 ongue coated "ith a "hite fur.
!# 7 ickling [.. and burning] in fauces& .. , nausea and headache.
:ood , drink
5 1oss of appetite, , constipation. .. 2reat appetite even a fe" hours after a
meal. $ncreased appetite, not"ithstanding vomiting and headache, , constipation.
!oft yello" stool , increase of appetite.
)' 7 #%cessive nausea& violent vomiting and retching. .. #ructations "ith taste of
ingesta. !evere and long continued vomiting, leaving behind a sensation of
ra"ness in stomach and a slight pain.
4A .. 4ain and soreness in abdomen, "ith or "ithout distension. !titching and
aching, in l. side of abdomen. 9ind colic. )' .. 0umbling in superior fle%ure of
colon or in all parts of abdomen, as if diarrhoea "ould set in.
)' 5 Constipation, , pain in r. side and lo"er limbs, loss of appetite. 7 $ncreased
secretion of bile. !light inclination to evacuate bo"els& .. , nausea and diuresis.
(iarrhoea , [.. persistent] nausea and vomiting, , e%coriation of anus. Copious
stools of soft, fluid consistence, yello"ish in colour, , some griping pain.
4A 7 'urning in urethra during micturition. )' 7 $ncreased flo" of urine. 4ale
urine, , light specific gravity. $ncrease of solid matters in urine. .. !canty urine
during headache, profuse urine after.
!# 7 ickling sensation at end of penis. 4A .. 4ressing and pain in groins and at
abdominal ring.
4A 7 $ntermittent, bearing-do"n, labour-like pains [during dropsy or pregnancy]. ..
(ysmenorrhoea , diuresis. )' !uppression of menses, , dropsy.
4A .. $n l. side of chest on deep inspiration. )' 7 $ncrease of bronchial secretions.
)' 7 Action of heart lessened [.. increased]& pulse slo". :eeble pulse after
4A .. Cutting and aching, about lo"est dorsal vertebrae. )' Chilliness in back,
"hen pain there began to abate.
!# .. Heavy feeling in upper limbs, , pain.
4A .. 'oring, in l. tibia.
7 (ro"sy& sleepiness& deep sleep during night.
7 Coldness of surface after vomiting.
7 (iaphoresis& profuse s"eat.
Compare6 Asc-t.& 'ry.& Cimic.& Colch.& . ?ince. [a gastrointestinal irritant, producing
vomiting and diarrhoea& useful in dropsy, diabetes, great thirst, profuse urination].
Asclepias tuberosa
4leurisy root& butterfly "eed
$ts action on the chest muscles is most marked and has been verified. !ick
headache, , flatulence in stomach and bo"els. (yspepsia. 'ronchitis and pleurisy
come "ithin its range. Catarrhal complaints from cold and damp "eather& .. ,
sharp, stitching pains, agg. motion. $rritation of laryn% , huskiness& grippe, ,
pleuritic pain. A general eliminative remedy, acting esp. on the sudoriparous
glands. 2 $ncreases the !#C0#$)+! of !A$+& serous and mucous membranes&
G profuse perspiration in pleuro-pneumonia, diarrhoea or rheumatic conditions&
colliFuative states. !harp, stitching, pricking pains, agg. motion. +umbness of
"hole body. #%cessive "eakness, "alking seems impossible& .. e%cessive
"eakness in morning in bed. !ensitive to odour of tobacco. 9eak and languid as if
he had been sick a long time. /nfit for business from pain in bo"els and freFuent
stools. 7 2reat emaciation and debility. .. !ensation of "eakness after smoking a
little, "hile "alking in morning, before and after rising, esp. in legs. Aching in bones
and rheumatic pains in limbs, most in 3oints& almost al"ays upper l. and lo"er r. or
opposite. *uscular and articulate rheumatism , stitching pains, dark red urine and
hot perspiring skin.
2 *emory "eak. .. #%cessive de3ection. (ifficulty in thinking collectedly. /nusual
elevation of spirits to"ards evening& at H p.m. the cheerful mood changed, and
"ithout any cause he became fretful and peevish. 1anguid and dull all day both in
body and mind.
E 9ith convulsion, general debility and dim vision. .. 9ith dulness behind
!# 7 Confusion, dulness and heaviness of head& s"imming feeling in head. ..
4ricking as if "ith nails in head and at same time in other parts. 4A 7 (ull, in
forehead and verte%, agg. motion, amel. lying do"n. $n forehead "hen coughing.
.. $n forehead , heavy feeling in side. Almost daily, generally most severe early in
morning. $n morning "hile rising, , "eakness, so that he must lie do"n again,
continued all day and night, some"hat amel. "arm foot bath. 2astric or rheumatic.
4ressing, deep on base of skull. $n scalp, l. side of occiput, like touching a pustule.
)' .. :alling out of hair.
!# .. As from sand in eyes. 4A .. 'y gaslight. /lcerative, in lo"er lids. )' ..
$tching in canthi and lids of r. eye. #yes look languid and fatigued.
.. 'road, dark spots, , very slo" pulse.
)' 2 Catarrh , sticky, yello" nasal discharge and frontal headache. !nuffles of
children. 7 :luent coryBa [.. at first dry], , much sneeBing. 'lo"ing of blood from l.
nostril. $tching of nose. .. 4ustules on nostrils.
)' .. @ello"ness of face. Hippocratic face after violent diarrhoea. ?esicles on
lips. $tching of lips. 1ips inflamed and covered "ith herpetic vesicles.
!# 2 aste& putrid& of blood. )' 2 ough yello" coating on tongue. .. 'reath
smells like pepper.
)' .. @ello" coating on teeth. 2ums very pale and almost yello"& bleed easily
and repeatedly.
!# 7 !light constriction of throat and pricking in laryn%. 4A .. 4ain and soreness
in throat.
:ood , drink
!ensitive to smell of tobacco. :latulence after meals. .. (eficient appetite, esp. in
morning. $nsatiable hunger. !ensation of "eakness after smoking a little, "hile
"alking in morning, before and after rising, esp. in legs. :eeling as if drunk ,
"eakness of sight, after smoking a very little. Abdominal colic after eating. 9ant of
breath, like asthma, often very great, esp. after eating and after smoking a little.
!# :ulness, pressure, "eight. .. As if stomach "ould burst, "hile laughing. 4A E
'urning pains. .. 4ressing, in stomach , rumbling in bo"els. :lying, in stomach.
)' 7 +ausea and efforts to vomit. .. +ausea in morning on rising. +ausea ,
constipation& bilious vomiting. ?omiting , diarrhoea and great prostration. 'ilious
vomiting, "ith or "ithout diarrhoea& but , pains in limbs, cramp in feet, etc.
!# 2 As if stream of fire "ere passing through abdomen, during stool. ..
Hypogastrium as if ulcerated, , tenderness to pressure. 9hen "alking, as if belly
"ould drop, , flatulence. 4A 7 Colicky, from flatulence. (ull, in bo"els on pressure.
.. 'urning in r. hypochondrium and stomach , pain in intestines. hrobbing in l.
hypochondrium. 4ains and fulness in r. side, , flying pain in stomach and feeling
as if something "ould pass bo"els, , slight nausea. Colic6 "hile going up stairs&
"hile "alking& after eating& most violent at night after . a.m. , and also in morning
during each stool. 4ressing, in bo"els , emission of fetid flatus. )' 5 (iarrhoea& of
children& in "arm "eather "hen nights are cold and damp. 7 0umbling in bo"els,
, uneasiness or sharp, cutting pains. .. !ubacute mucous enteritis. 0umbling and
uneasiness in bo"els , feeling of heat in umbilical region.
)' Catarrhal dysentery, , rheumatic pains all over. !tool smells like rotten eggs& 2
or burn like fire. E #vacuations containing flakes of mucus, as if intestines had
been scraped. 7 #mission of fetid flatus. !oft and fetid stool at .. a.m. , preceded
by rumbling in bo"els. !tool dysenteric& like "hite of egg& yello"& green& clammy.
.. (ysentery& chiefly catarrhal and autumnal. 4ainful, copious stools , violent colic
and sensation as if bo"els "ould come out. Constipation after diarrhoea. :aeces
enveloped in froth. :latulence , pains in abdomen and freFuent stools. 'ilious and
painful diarrhoea. (iarrhoea agg. "inter.
4A .. 4ainful stitches in urethra, repeatedly. )' 7 (ark red, saturated urine,
readily decomposing. .. /rine remains more red than normal during "hole of
proving. /rine rather scanty and high-coloured& in subacute pericarditis. :reFuent
passing of clear urine.
4A .. 4ainful stitches in penis. )' 2 :labby genitals. .. Copious s"eat of
genitals. /lcerous e%coriations on glans, resembling chancre "ith a puslike
secretion, disappearing in a fe" days& from "ashing "ith urine. #rections "ithout
se%ual desire, esp. in morning. !yphilis& constitutional syphilis.
)' .. 4rofuse menses , violent pressing do"n pain.
!# .. )f constriction of laryn%. 4A .. $n laryn%.
4ainful, esp. at base of l. lung. 2 !hortness of breath and "eakness on "alking. 7
)ppression and difficulty of breathing& in paro%ysms, like asthma. .. +ecessity to
inspire hurriedly& follo"ed by sensation of oppression. Humid asthma& dyspnoea in
bronchial affections.
(ry& throat constricted& .. G pain in forehead and abdomen.
.. (ry hard, agg. at night and morning. (ry and hacking, , great effort in raising a
little mucus. Catarrhal, hard, spasmodic, from irritation of laryn% or bronchia.
.. (ifficult. :rothy or yello".
!# .. 9arm feeling in chest. Chest feels "eak and sore, "ithout cough, though
no pain is felt on dra"ing a long breath. 4A $n chest& shooting do"n"ard from l.
nipple& 7 , stiffness of l. side of neck. Chest pains amel. bending for"ard& 2 agg.
lying, breathing& .. singing or loud speaking. 2 4leurodynia. 'eneath l. nipple, ,
palpitation. 7 !harp, cutting, behind sternum, agg. breathing deep, or moving arms.
Acute pleuritic, in r. side, , dry, hacking cough and scanty mucous e%pectoration.
.. !ore, in lo"er part of chest. !titches in l. side, shooting over to r. and up to l.
shoulder. )' !paces bet"een ribs close to sternum tender& 7 sensitive to
pressure, and the pain, "hich is acute, Fuick and darting, shoots over r. side. 2
4leurisy. .. Capillary bronchitis in children. AC/# )0 CH0)+$C '0)+CH$$!.
!# .. 4ricking as of a needle in region of heart. 4A 7 Constrictive, in heart.
1ancinating, in cardiac region. )' D 4ericardial effusion. 7 !lightly accelerated
pulse. .. Acute rheumatic pericarditis. enderness on pressure over region of
heart. Hard, heavy, forcible beating of heart, , dyspnoea.
4A 1ancinating [.. stinging, transitory stitches], bet"een scapulae. .. $n loins like
lumbago. )' .. $tching and red blotches on back.
!# 0heumatic 3oints give sensation as if adhesions being broken up on bending.
4A E !hooting, in shoulders, thighs and knees [esp. l. knee]. 7 0heumatic, in all
3oints& E esp. in large 3oints.
!# .. +umbness of r. hand. 4A !harp, shooting, in r. shoulder. $n l. shoulder,
shooting from l. chest. .. 0heumatic, in forearm e%tending to fingers. )' .. 4ock-
like pustules on arms. ?iolent itching on hand and fingers.
!# .. !prained feeling in ankle. 4ain as from corns, bedcover seems too heavy.
4A .. 0ending, in knees and up to hips, esp. "hile "alking, and also in morning
"hen rising. (ra"ing, in thighs. (ra"ing, in soles and toes. )' .. ?iolent itching
on legs, esp. knees. $tching of thighs and nates, "ithout eruption.
(ro"sy, uneasy, restless sleep. .. 9aking at night from rumbling in bo"els [,
sharp cutting pains or soreness of peritoneum]. (ifficult and late sleep at night, ,
great sleepiness in morning and during day, amel. open air. 0estless and sleepless
at night. /neasy sleep during first part of night, , frightful dreams, a"aking him at
D a.m.
roublesome. .8 )f flying [fleeing]. .. Confused and an%ious dreams. :rightful,
a"akening at D a.m.
.. 'ilious marsh fever on rice plantations.
7 9ith cold feet.
7 High fever, , hot s"eat.
.. +ight s"eats and emaciation.
?esicles, pimples, and pustules all over body, esp. on arms, legs and face& ..
itching e%cessively and very painful.
9orse6 *otion. (eep breathing. 1ying. obacco. 0ising. Coughing.
H (iarrhoea is agg. "inter. !ymptoms agg. morning& rising& motion& coughing&
tobacco. Chest pains agg. - a.m. and - p.m. 4ain in lungs amel. bending for"ard.
Compare6 Agar. [diagonal pains]& 'ry.& (ulc. [agg. cold and damp]& ?erat. [relieved
pains "ith stool at night]& 7 Acon.& Arn.& Asc-c.& Cimic.& Coloc.& . Asc-i. [chronic
gastric catarrh and leucorrhoea& dropsy , dyspnoea]& 4eri. [cardiac tonic, acts on
circulation and respiratory centre, accelerating respiration in a ratio
disproportionate to pulse].

Asimina triloba
4a" pa"& custard apple
4roduces a series of symptoms much like scarlet fever& sore throat, fever,
vomiting, scarlet eruption& tonsils and subma%illary glands enlarged, , diarrhoea.
:auces red and s"ollen, face s"ollen [5 and blue]. (esire for ice-cold things.
Hoarseness& 5 talks "ith difficulty. 1anguid, dro"sy, irritable. Acne. $tching in
evening on undressing. 5 hick, yello" nasal discharge in morning, or hard, flaky,
dark grey and often offensive. Cramps in chest.
.. (id not care to hold conversation "ith any one, even his best friends& , aching
in lung. Could not dismiss from his mind "hat occurred through the day previous&
at night& did not rest "ell, kept turning and moving all night.
4A .. :rontal, , pain in chest& , nausea. 9ith chill, nausea and belching. $n l.
temporal region, involving eye, "ith an occasional sharp pain over it& agg.
)' .. (ischarge from nose altered in character from yello", thick, and at times,
esp. in morning, hard, flakey, dark grey consistency, at times offensive, to a natural
mucous secretion.
)' .. :ace turns blue from spasmodic interruption of breathing.
!# .. Corroding sensation in mouth. )' .. Aphthae of children.
:ood , drink
.. hirst, , heat& drinks much& desire for ice cold things. (iarrhoea after eating.
!# .. As if increased in siBe, during headache. As if sore, on pressure. )' ..
+ausea and belching. Constant belching. ?omiting.
!# .. As if sore, on pressure& slight pain resembling colic. As of distension by
"ind. )' .. 0umbling and pain.
!# .. !udden urging to stool , sensation as if a stick, thickness of a thumb,
passed do"n rectum& follo"ed by a sudden diarrhoeic stool, repeating every ten to
fifteen minutes, , chilliness, dro"siness and "eakness of voice. 4A .. !oreness of
anus "hen "iping it. )' .. $nsufficiency of stool& inactivity of bo"els and rectum.
4ainful rumbling in abdomen , desire for stool, resulting in passage of a soft,
pappy, insufficient stool, in evening.
)' .. /rine clear as "ater. /rging to urinate , burning "hen urinating.
)' .. H)A0!#+#!!, 0#L/$0$+2 */CH #::)0 ) A1A, A+( !##*$+2
A! $: */C)/! *#*'0A+# 9A! H$CA#+#( A+( )02A+! !1)9 )
0#!4)+( ) #::)0 ): !4##CH& throat not so sore as hoarseness seemed
to indicate.
.. !light, dry.
!# .. 1o"er end of sternum as if sore, on pressure. 4A .. Cramp in chest, lasting
three hours, , blueness of face.
.. )ver "hole back.
.. 9ith thirst, for something ice cold.
4A .. $n l. shoulder, seeming to involve pectoral muscles.
4A .. !harp, in l. hip-3oint. )' .. #ruption in front, belo" knee, like nettles& itching
"hen undressing.
.. !leepiness during heat. (ro"siness < sleeplessness.
.. $tching red pimples. #ruption first on l. then on r. side. +ettle-rash.
Compare6 Anis. [colic]& 'ell.& Caps.

Asparagus officinalis
$ts marked and immediate action on the urinary secretion is "ell kno"n. $t causes
"eakness and cardiac depression , dropsy. 0heumatic pains& esp. about l.
shoulder and heart. E $t depresses the heart and increases the nasal and bronchial
secretions. 5 Child constantly desires to be carried about. 7 2reat languor and
disinclination to physical or mental e%ertion. 4roved useful in functional cardiac
troubles, rheumatism, dropsy and other ailments dependent upon kidney disease.
An e%cellent article of diet in rheumatism and in renal dropsy. .. *ost pains agg.
motion. 4ains [in loins and else"here] amel. thro"ing chest for"ard and head
.. :retful and peevish& disturbed by trifles& constant an%iety and apprehension.
.. $n forehead , staggering& follo"ed by aching in temples, esp. l.
4A Aching in forehead and root of nose& .. , confusion. *igrainous morning
headache , scotoma. 7 4ressing, in forehead& .. presses to"ards eyes. 4ressive,
aching, in temples, agg. pressure. .. Aching of brain near eyes. (ra"ing, over
eyebro"s all across.
4A 7 !titching and tickling in eyes. .. $n eyeballs.
.. *ore acute.
)' CoryBa, profuse, thin fluid. 7 :reFuent sneeBing. .. CoryBa , slight dryness
and s"elling inside, then stoppage& gets violent , freFuent discharge of thin, "hite
fluid from l. nostril& irritation to sneeBe and freFuent sneeBing& later "ith catarrh a
pressing pain from root of nose e%tending to forehead& ne%t day dry coryBa& later
running& "ant of smell& violent sneeBing& Drd day discharge of mucus from r. nostril.
)' 4ale, bloated, "a%y& e%pression of an%iety and distress. .. $ncreased heat of
face. 'urning heat of cheeks.
!# .. aste6 s"eetish, insipid& coppery& bitter-s"eetish on tongue. !marting
feeling on tongue. )' .. $ncreased saliva& s"eetish, as if mi%ed "ith blood&
diminished saliva, later more copious.
!# As if rough, , ha"king of copious, tenacious mucus from throat. 4A .. 'urning
in throat. )' .. !"allo"ing difficult.
:ood , drink
.. $ncreased thirst. :eeble appetite. :ulness and oppression after eating and
drinking. ?omiting of food taken evening before. 4alpitation after eating.
4A .. $n region of cardiac end of stomach e%tending to l. shoulder. )' .. 'elching
of "ind. +ausea E a.m. on a"aking& vomited food taken evening before, "ith bile
and much mucus, follo"ed by a bilious diarrhoea& after .E minutes another attack
of difficult vomiting. 0etching G lachrymation, "hen attempting to cough. +ausea
after each e%ertion.
!# .. )f fulness in abdomen. 4A .. 2riping in region of navel, "hich is painful
"hen touched. (ra"ing, in both groins.
4A .. 'urning and soreness at anus. )' .. *uch flatus. 'ilious stool after
vomiting. 'ilious diarrhoea , colic.
!# .. As if something "ere sticking in urethra, follo"ed by freFuent scanty
discharge , slight burning. As if some urine "ere still passing, , burning in urethra,
after urination. 4A 7 Cutting and burning in urethra. )' :reFuent urination , fine
stitches in orifice of urethra& burning& of peculiar odour. Cystitis, , pus, mucus and
tenesmus. 1ithiasis. E /rine at first increased in Fuantity, after"ards diminished.
#%pulsive po"er of bladder "eak, retained urine almost ammoniacal. 5 2reasy
sediment on sides of vessel. 7 :reFuent urging, , increased secretion. /rine
stra"-coloured& turbid, containing "hite, flocky sediment& reddish sediment. /rine
scanty& loaded "ith phosphates and urate of ammonia [in renal dropsy]. 2ravel
passes, in small Fuantities, "ith urine. .. !trangury. /rine increased, bro"n like
beer, "ithout sediment. /rine smells like cat=s urine.
4A .. !titching on r. side of glans. )' .. !e%ual e%citement. !"elling of penis ,
erection and urging to urinate.
)' .. 4romotes flo" of menses.
)' .. Continual ha"king and hemming , rough sensation in throat. alks in a
nasal voice during coryBa.
2reat oppression& .. breathing rapid, difficult, increased after being in bed some
time. 7 (ifficult, "hen moving, or on going up stairs& has to sit up in bed. .. 0apid,
laboured, sighing.
7 ickling and inclination to cough. (istressing, , copious mucous e%pectoration.
.. 9ith inclination to vomit.
7 Copious, mucous. .. *ucus not readily loosened, brought up only after
paro%ysms of cough. Haemoptysis.
!# .. ension agg. breathing deeply. As if hollo", , e%ternal heaviness. 4A 7
Constriction, and stitching, in chest. .. !udden darting through r. side of chest.
0heumatic, in region of r. a%illa. )' .. Hydrothora%, often , heart disease or gouty
diathesis of old people.
4A .. 0heumatic constrictive, in cardiac region, forcing him to cry out& turns blue
in face, "hen urinating, esp. "hen voiding last drops, dropsy of chest. )'
4alpitation, , oppression of chest. 4ulse intermittent, "eak& pain about l. shoulder
and heart, , bladder disturbances. 5 Heart throbs strongly, and it e%tends over a
large area. 7 $rregular heart=s action. 4ulse slightly accelerated& feeble& ..
accelerated "hen sitting. .. ?isible palpitation at night& throbbing of carotids. Heart
beat t"ofold. 4alpitation6 "hile sitting leaves of book in his hand tremble& , an%ious
restlessness, agg. motion or ascending& after eating.
!# .. As if something "ere darting through lumbar region to"ards sacral
vertebrae, "hen sitting. 4A .. !titches, esp. about l. scapula, "hen inspiring.
0heumatic, bet"een scapulae. $n fifth and si%th vertebrae. At acromion process of
l. scapula, also under clavicle and do"n arm, , e%ceeding feebleness of pulse.
)' 7 Concretions of lithic acid in 3oints.
4A .. $n region of shoulder on touching it. )n tip of l. shoulder.
!# .. +eck of r. thigh bone as if dislocated, "hen "alking. 'ruised feeling in
muscles of middle of thigh, agg. ascending& sore pain on touching it. 4A .. Cramps
in l. calf on a"aking and stretching, amel. rubbing. )' .. 0ight leg and foot are the
.. !leepiness , ya"ning. /neasy sleep, disturbed by oppressed breathing.
.. !light chilliness , some sleepiness.
.. $ncreased "armth.
.. !uppressed.
Compare6 Arn.& Aur-m.& Cann-s.& Conv.& (ig.& !ars.& !pig.& 7 Apoc.& 4aris& !Fuil.& .
Alth. [contains asparagin& irritable bladder, throat and bronchi]& 4hysal. Antidote to6
Antidoted by6 Acon. [prostration& feeble pulse& pain in shoulders]& Apis.

Astacus fluviatilis
Cancer fluviatilis& cra"fish
!kin symptoms most important. /rticaria. 2 $t markedly affects the liver and
lymphatic glands. $tching in various parts. #nlarged glands of neck in children and
old people. !tinging pains& 5 in kidneys, agg. night. +ervous cra"ls over body. 5
(iarrhoea and vomiting, , colicky pains. .. !ensitive to air, no matter ho" great
the feeling of heat. $+#0+A1 CH$11$+#!!, A+( !#+!$$?#+#!! ) A$0& agg.
/+C)?#0$+2. umours, if not too old. 2out of drinking people.
.. *elancholic mood. Apprehensiveness , an%iety in chest. !light delirium during
4A .. 4ressing and throbbing on small spots, esp. on r. temple. 4ressing dulness
in frontal region. 9ith pressure to"ards eyes. !tinging, in temples. 4ressing
stinging, e%tending to occiput, but most in r. temple and about ear. #%cessive, from
violent spasmodic sneeBing. )' .. )n head, neck and chest inflammation, "ith
red spots filled "ith serum, amel. after s"eating. hick, crusty eruption on scalp,,
enlarged lymphatic glands.
4A .. *otion of eyes painful. 4ainful to turn eyes& giddy& nervous& cra"ls all over
body. 4ressure in upper part of r. eye. )' .. (ilated pupils. 1achrymation.
Con3unctival vessels in3ected. @ello" con3unctiva.
.. Coloured spots, "hen reading. (im.
!# .. As if a foreign body obstructed passage of r. ear, G slight deafness. 4A ..
)ut"ard pressing and stinging, esp. in r. ear. )' .. Heat and redness of ears.
)' .. !neeBing , ya"ning and belching. #pista%is amel. attacks. !light coryBa.
4A .. At intervals darting like lightning from temple e%tending to cheek. )' ..
:AC# 21)9$+2 A+( 0#( 9$H :#?#0. #rysipelas , nettle-rash. 'urning heat
of face.
!# .. !"eetish pappy taste after cough. :ishy taste in roof of mouth, later farther
back and lo"er do"n& after smelling tincture. :ishy taste, follo"ed by nausea,
spreading through chest. 4A .. 4ressing, in tongue and pharyn%. )' .. CA+A#0
!4)!& !C)0'//!.
!# .. At intervals pain as if tooth "as being torn out. 4A .. (ull, dra"ing,
returning at intervals. $n "hole r. lo"er 3a", , cold feeling in an eyetooth.
!# .. 0oughness and scraping in throat& must ha"k.
:ood , drink
.. Colicky pain belo" navel after eating& must bend double.
!# .. 4ressure and fulness in stomach. 4A .. 'urning in pit. )' .. +ausea ,
vomiting. #mpty eructations.
!# .. 4ressure in region of spleen. 4A 2 Cramps in liver region, liver inflamed,
agg. pressure& it constricts and may completely close both the duodenum and esp.
the opening of the gall duct into the duodenum. .. Colicky, , tenesmus and
prostration, agg. "alking, amel. sitting. Colicky, around umbilicus , distension. )'
.. Hepatitis follo"ed by 3aundice& hepatic region painful on pressure. >aundice of
little children.
)' .. !tools colour of pipe-clay& pain in liver. (iarrhoea , vomiting and colicky
pain. !oft mucous stool , scraping in rectum.
!# .. 4ressure and heavy feeling in bladder. 4A .. $n kidneys& stinging at night&
agg. "hen inhaling. earing stitching, in region of r. kidney& dra"ing in ureter. )'
.. :ishy smelling urine. /rging , scanty discharge, burning during and after
urination& reddish sediment. 4ale urine "ith acid reaction, containing a large
Fuantity of albumen.
)' .. Aversion to coition& diminished se%ual po"er& scrotum rela%ed.
)' .. ickling in chink of glottis or deeper, G cough& tenacious mucus in laryn%
and trachea.
.. (yspnoea , an%iety and rattling of mucus. )ppressed breathing and pressure
in bronchia.
.. :rom tickling in laryn%, agg. during day. +ot troubled by cough "hile "alking, in
evening, but cough returned as soon as he sat do"n.
.. !"eetish. 1ight yello".
!# .. 4ressure on "hole sternum. 4ressure and tension in a%illae and deltoid
muscles. 4A .. 4ricking under left nipple. )' .. Congestion of lungs , dyspnoea
and haemoptysis.
4A .. >erking under left kidney. )' .. $tching in nape , flushed face. !9#11$+2
): C#0?$CA1 21A+(! $+ CH$1(0#+ A+( )1( 4#)41#.
!# .. 1assitude in arms& painful "hen touched. 4ressure and heaviness in bend
of elbo"s. 4A .. 0heumatic, in l. arm. >erking and dra"ing in l. forearm. ransitory
tearing and stinging, in l. thumb, in morning. )' .. rembling in arms "hen
leaning on them. Chilliness and trembling of arms.
!# .. !light tension from knee do"n to foot. 4A .. 'urning on anterior surface of
l. thigh.
.. 0estless sleep from strong se%ual e%citement [in males]. 0estless sleep,
an%ious or le"d dreams, skin hot, "akes in perspiration, esp. on lo"er part of body.
.. An%ious or le"d.
?iolent fever, , headache& 2 red glo"ing face.
.. +ervous cra"ls all over body. Chill over "hole body, esp. sensible in a%illae& in
.. $ncrease of temperature in evening and slight e%citement of sensorium.
+ettle-rash over "hole body. $tching. Crusta lactea, , enlarged lymphatic glands.
#rysipelas, , liver affections "ith nettle-rash. >aundice. D /0$CA0$A& , hepatic
symptoms, 3aundice, etc.& , cramps in liver region& on r. side only. .. #rysipelas ,
fever, headache and increased s"eat. Crusta lactea.
9orse6 Cold air. /ncovering.
Compare6 Apis [.. urinary symptoms& stinging pains, etc.]& Chlol.& Hom.& +at-m.&
0hus-t. [.. urticaria]& . 'omb-pr. [Caterpillar& itching of "hole body& urticaria]& 2
Calc. Antidoted by6 Acon.
Asterias rubens
A remedy for the sycotic diathesis& flabby, lymphatic constitution, flabby "ith red
face. 1ancinating pains. +ervous disturbances, neuralgias, chorea, and hysteria
come "ithin the range of this remedy. Has been used for cancer of the breast, and
has an unFuestioned influence over cancer disease. #%citement in both se%es. 2
(isturbances of circulation, "ith pulsations and congestion, in head, "omb, chest,
etc. (ecided action on female organs. #pilepsy preceded by t"itching over "hole
body [- four or five days before attack]. (ra"n back feeling in eyes, nipples, etc.
Chorea, Fuiet only "hen hands are in pockets& 5 at other times arms and legs
tremble and impede "alking. 1eft-sided symptoms. D *entally and physically
flabby. 5 #pilepsy, t"itching over body before the attack& "eak, pale, sudden
falling, livid face, convulsive motion of 3a", froth at mouth, shocks in limbs& great
debility and a sense of distress [an%iety] in pit after attack. .. 2eneral malaise and
flatulence after eating. 2reat desire to "ash in cold "ater. Complaints agg. cold,
damp "eather.
Can=t bear contradiction. 2 #asily e%cited by any emotion, esp. contradiction&
epilepsy. 9eeps from least emotion. Hallucinations& of hearing voices [.. to "hich
he replies]& a"ay from home& among strangers. !ense of impending misfortune&
fears bad ne"s& .. amel. "eeping. - $rritable temperament& .. necessity of
Fuarrelling "ith somebody& slightest cause moves her to tears. 5 $mpatient& ..
became very impatient, precursor of apople%y. J :ear of apople%y at night, ,
feeling as if head "ould burst. $mpatience in house. An%iety during sleep after
menses. $nsanity during climacteric period. (elusion he is under control of
strangers. $rritability before convulsion. .. 1oss of consciousness& in epilepsy.
/n"illing to think, to "ork& indifference& dull headache& insensible, doesn=t kno" if
he has taken his dinner& returns in morning on getting up. /nusual gayety in
evening. !adness& desire to "eep. *elancholy < cerebral e%citement, inclined to
give herself up to mental or bodily "ork. :eeling of e%treme an%iety from noon to D
p.m. :ear of fainting , sensation of fulness in chest. +ervous agitation , erotic
thoughts and se%ual desire. Clearness of mind "hen headache disappears.
.. ransitory& "hen "alking, , insensibility of lo"er limbs. !udden attacks, like
shocks in head& precursor of apople%y.
!# !hocks in brain& throbbing& .. at night, a"akening one, head seems empty,
almost deprived of consciousness& on recovering consciousness, pulse hard, very
Fuick and violent throbbing of r. carotid& , apprehension of apople%y. Heat in head&
D congestion to head& it feels as if surrounded by hot air& .. as if head "ould split.
.. 0estless, tired, in upper brain from mental e%ertion, like that in limbs after
muscular e%ertion. Heaviness and throbbing of head& agg. ascending or "alking.
4ain in verte% as if skull "ould break. "itches in brain "hen blo"ing nose& during
first half of night. 4A .. ?iolent pressure upon anterior lobes of brain, e%tending to
beneath eyes& so severe that "hile seated at table she fell for"ard. 4ressive, in r.
side of occiput, making it difficult to "alk. 'oring, above l. eye, coming and going
suddenly, G contraction of eyebro"s& , sensation as if looking through mist. Acute
transitory lancinations in forehead and temples, also in occiput. (ull, in occiput,
coming and going suddenly. 'urning in head& precursor of apople%y. !oreness of
"hole scalp during severe pains [in head]. $n bones of forehead. )' 2 Congestion
to head, , throbbing. - A4)41#;@& :AC# 0#(& 4/1!# HA0(, :/11,
:0#L/#+. .. Congestion to head, obstinate constipation.
!# 2 As if dra"n back"ard& .. or sunken in. 4A .. $n eyes from "ithin out"ard.
)' 2 9inking& .. or t"itching of lids, edges of lids reddened. .. 1ight fatigues
eyes. 4hotophobia.
!# .. ?iolent reports in ears. +oise of rushing "ater. 4A .. ransitory lancinating,
in meatus, e%tending to occiput and then ceasing.
Hearing - .. (ulness, more marked on r. side&
)' .. #pista%is in morning on a"aking. !neeBing and coryBa in morning on
a"aking. 4imples on sides of nose and chin.
4A .. +euralgia opposite l. molar teeth, lo"er 3a"& sharp piercing, like a needle.
)' 0edness of face& .. precursor of apople%y. (isposition to pimples in
adolescence. 2 Acne& 5 black tips "ith small red bases. D 4imples about mouth. ..
:ace flushed and s"ollen. !hivering < flushes of face, , abdominal colic. 4aleness
of face& in epilepsy. #arthy appearance of face& in cancer of mammae. 1ivid
discolouration of face, during epileptic attack "ith falling. !tupid look, also stupid
e%pression in attitude. (ry, hard, e%ceedingly painful pimples on lo"er lip.
4A .. !hooting, in tongue, dra"ing or pulling, , s"elling of tongue. )' .. 1oss of
taste. (ifficulty to move tongue, aversion to speak. alking difficult& , profuse
4A .. (ull, e%tending to "hole length of oesophagus. )' .. (ryness and heat in
throat. !ore throat , constriction in morning on a"aking.
:ood , drink
.. Capricious appetite, desires highly seasoned food, strong cheese, liFuors,
coffee, tea, etc. 9ant of appetite, no taste. (esires cold drinks. 2eneral malaise
and flatulence after eating. Aversion to meat. :latulence after every meal, "ind
can=t be e%pelled either up"ard or do"n"ard. !tarting in upper and lo"er limbs& ,
hot skin, agg. after supper.
4A .. (ull or contracting, in pit. (ull, in muscles of precordial region. )' ..
:reFuent forcible eructations in morning. +ausea. (istress in pit , great debility& in
!# .. )f pressure on lo"er abdominal organs, impeding "alking& in uterine
displacement. 4A .. 4aro%ysmal dull, in r. side of abdomen, near navel. earing,
dra"ing, in abdominal "alls. )' .. $ncarcerated flatus. !"elling < decrease of
abdomen [in 2- hours].
!# .. Heat in rectum. )' $neffectual urging. !tool like olives& - hard, round balls.
(iarrhoea, "atery bro"n, gushing out in 3et. .. (iarrhoea preceded by colic.
'leeding piles. )bstinate constipation& t"elve to fifteen days elapsed "ithout an
evacuation, "hich consisted, "hen it occurred, of very hard, round substances
about the siBe of an olive& precursor of apople%y.
!# .. Heat in urethra during micturition. )' .. :reFuent urination , copious, clear
urine. hick, viscid urine.
)' 2 !e%ual desire increased. .. :reFuent erections during sleep and in morning.
!# 1eft breast as if pulled in"ard, and pain e%tending to over inner arm to tip of
little finger. H 4ushing sensation in uterus. .. As if something "ere passing out of
uterus. As if something protruded behind uterus. 4A +euralgia of l. breast and arm
['rom.]. Acute, lancinating, .. or smarting, in mammary tumour, entirely depriving
her of rest, esp. at night. 2 >erking or distress in uterus. )' Colic and other
sufferings amel. appearance of flo". *ammae s"ell and pain in breasts& agg. l.
/lceration [of mamma] , sharp, piercing pain, e%tending to scapula. +odes and
indurations of mammary gland, dull aching, neuralgic pain in this region [Con.].
Cancer of mammae even in ulcerative stage. 2 ?iolent and constant se%ual desire,
not amel. coition, , nervous agitation, , disposition to "eep& H apprehension of not
being able to support these painful sensations. +ipples retracted. ?agina moist ,
feeling of ease. H "itching of uterus. !light eruption bet"een breasts. 0ash or
furfuraceous eruption bet"een breasts. .. !e%ual desire increased, agg. mornings
in bed. $mportunate se%ual desire resembling an irresistible po"er, giving rise to
ideas of violence, despair, etc.
!# .. 0ough sensation in laryn% G cough.
.. !hort breath , pain in chest "hen inhaling& feeling in all limbs as if beaten,
most in arms, "hen "alking in open air.
.. 9ith e%pectoration, morning in bed.
.. #asy ha"king of greyish-black mucus during forenoon.
!# .. :ull feeling in chest , fear of fainting. 4A /nder sternum and in muscles of
precordial region. .. 1ancinating, in anterior inferior portion of chest e%tending to r.
and l. of sternum, amel. carrying upper part of body and shoulders back"ards. $n
upper chest amel. thro"ing chest back. )' A%illary glands s"ollen, hard and
knotted& .. agg. night and damp "eather. .. /ndulating pulsation in chest at night,
G an%iety. $tching in r. a%illa. ?iolent itching spot upon chest.
!# .. As if heart had ceased to beat, , dull, prolonged heartbeats. )' .. !trong
and violent palpitation& leaping. 4alpitation e%tending to epigastrium, , sensation of
con-striction. Hard, freFuent and contracted pulse. ?iolent beating in r. carotid
4A .. (ra"ing, in back& in sacrum.
4A .. 1aming, in "hole r. side at night. !titches in l. "rist , stitches in l. calf. 9ith
pain in r. hip, pain of "hole l. side up to scapula. )' .. 0estlessness in limbs agg.
covered or in "arm room. !tarting in upper and lo"er limbs& , hot skin, agg. after
!# +umbness of hand and fingers of l. side& .. e%tending to into arm. .. Arms as
if beaten. Coldness in l. arm, as if cold "ind "ere blo"ing on it. +umbness and
stiffness of hands , coldness of arms. 4A (o"n l. arm to fingers, agg. motion. .. $n
r. shoulder. !tinging, in l. elbo". :rom thumb-3oint e%tending to shoulder. $n fle%or
tendons of l. thumb. )' .. 0estlessness in limbs, esp. in bends of arms& it is
scarcely endurable to have arm covered. !evere itching around l. thumb nail.
!# .. (ra"ing in r. hip, as if leg "as too long and dra"n up"ard. 4ainfully tired
feeling in lo"er limbs. Cra"ling like ants on lo"er limbs. 4ainful pulling sensation in
soles. (ra"ing in soles and toes. 4A .. $n l. knee& crampy pain above l. knee&
cracking in l. knee-3oint. $n bone, above l. ankle. (ra"ing, in outer side of l. thigh.
'urning lancinations in great trochanter and l. hip-3oint, lightning-like e%tending to
outer side of bend of knee and buttocks. (ull, in l. hip-3oint in morning. (eep
lancination in anterior part of thigh. $n ankles. 2outy, in metatarsal 3oint of l. big toe,
, redness and heat& can=t endure ordinary covering& agg. after sunset, heat of bed
and in "arm room, amel. cold air and cold "ater. $n ball of great toe, agg. motion.
!hooting, in instep of r. foot. ?iolent cramps in l. toes, later in r. )' 2ait unsteady&
muscles refuse to obey the "ill. .. $tching belo" l. knee, evening in bed. $tching on
r. tibia. ormenting itching on thighs and legs agg. 5 p.m. and in open air.
4ermanent contractions of muscles of lo"er limbs, during day& great agitation and
little sleep at night& precursor of apople%y. 9eakness of legs "hen standing.
Cracking in l. ankle. 'urning heat in feet. !ensitiveness of l. sole and toes.
.. (isposition to sleep after reading a moment. 1ate falling asleep and late getting
up. Agitated sleep, tossing about. !leep Fuiet but not refreshing.
.. *any, about persons and events& images vivid and lifelike& sees and hears
people as if she "as a"ake& not unpleasant.
.. !hivering , sleepiness, follo"ed by hot skin and restless night.
.. :ollo"ed by coldness. ?iolent, in head, then over "hole body. $ncreased
general heat& increased "armth of body during "hole proving. Heat < cold.
(estitute of pliability and elasticity. $tching spots. /lcers [.. or chronic skin
eruptions], , fetid ichor. Acne. 4soriasis and herpes Boster, agg. l. arm and chest. 2
Acne& black-tipped puncta, small red base. .. #ruption on thighs and insteps of
small itching vesicles "hich tear easily and form superficial ulcers.
9orse6 Heat. *enses. Contradiction. Cold "et "eather. Coffee. +ight. . 1eft side.
'etter6 - Appearance of menses.
H !ymptoms agg. night& motion and cold, damp "eather. ears amel. mental state.
este says the malaise is agg. heat. 2reat desire for cold drinks. Coffee agg. all the
symptoms, and e%cites them ane" several days after they have disappeared.
Compare6 Astac.& 'ell. [.. pains come and go suddenly]& Crot-t.& #ryth.& 2amb.&
2rat.& Hom.& 1il-t. [.. increased se%ual desire in "omen]& *ur%.& !ep.& hu3.& - Ars.,
Ars-i., Carb-an., Con., Cund. and !il. [mammary cancer]& 'ell., Calc. and !ulph.
[epilepsy]. :ollo"s "ell6 'ell, Calc. and !ulph. [epilepsy]& 'ell., Carb-an., Con. and
!il. [breast cancer]. $ncompatible6 +u%-v. [$p. relieved after +u%-v. aggravated]&
coffee. Antidoted by6 4lb.& Iinc.

Astragalus menziesii
4urple or "oolly loco-"eed
Affects animals like effects of alcohol, tobacco and morphine in man. :irst stage,
period of hallucination or mania , defective eye sight during "hich the animal
performs all sorts of antics. After acFuiring a taste for the plant it refuses every
other kind of food. !econd stage brings emaciation, sunken eyeballs, lustreless
hair and feeble movements - after a fe" months dies as from starvation. [/.!.
(ept. Agriculture].
$rregularities in gait - paralytic affections. 1oss of muscular co-ordination. (iBBy.
!# :ulness in r. temple and upper 3a". 4A )ver l. eyebro". 4ressive, in temples.
4A 4ainful facial bones. 4ain and pressure in ma%illae.
!# #mptiness and "eakness. 4A 'urning in oesophagus and stomach.
!# 4urring sensation in r. foot, outer side from heel to toe. )' $cy coldness of l.
Compare6 . Arag.& 'ar-c.& )%yt.
Athamanta oreoselinum
Athamanta oreoselinum& peucedanum oreoselinum
Confused head& vertigo amel. lying do"n. 'itter taste and saliva. 5 !tupefaction
and confusion rises like a vapour from lo"er part of occiput& on motion and
"alking. H 4ressure on one eyeball from belo" up"ard.
Compare6 /mbelliferae, esp. Aeth.

Atriplex hortensis
2arden orache
/terine symptoms& amenorrhoea. Hysteria. Coldness bet"een shoulders. (islike
of "arm food. Craves strange foods. 4alpitation. !leepless.

Atropinum sulphuricum
Atropine - an alkaloid of belladonna.
Covers more the neurotic sphere of the 'elladonna action. 2reat dryness of
throat, s"allo"ing almost impossible. Chronic stomach affections, , great pain and
vomiting of all food. 4eritonitis. All kind of illusions of sight. #verything appears
large [opposite 4lat.]. Hypochlorhydria& pyrosis. *otes over everything. )n reading,
"ords run together& double vision, all ob3ects seem to be elongated. #ustachian
tube and tympanic congestion. Affinity for the pancreas. Hyperacidity of stomach.
4aro%ysms of gastric pain. )varian neuralgia. 5 Acute rheumatism from sleeping
on a damp bed& limbs painful, s"ollen, red& sleeplessness, fever and profuse
s"eat. +euralgia under knee, amel. "arm "raps. 1eft knee and leg and r. big toe
stiff. #pilepsy& before attack6 pain begins in occiput, passes over r. side of head
and locates over r. eye, increasing until the attack sets in& morose, prefers solitude
and a dark room& after the attack headache. $ris prolapsed after in3ury to the
cornea. umour in region of pyloris close to navel, sensitive to touch and easily
movable. Chronic neuralgia of peritoneum. :ailure of the heart=s action after
chloroform and other heart paralysers. .. As it is, "e have to regard all the
symptoms, provings, poisonings and cures, as very uncertain. he only
thrust"orthy preparation is the Atropinum sulphuricum.
J :rightful delirium. Ans"ers to imaginary Fuestions. (elusions& sees frightful
images& sees people in room at bedside& familiar things seem strange. :ear of her
condition being observed. *eddlesome. *istakes in localities& in time. !peech
embarrassed& loud& slo"& unintelligible in sleep. 9andering thoughts. .. 0ambling
speech. *irthful. !ad and morose, prefering solitude and a dark room to society of
friends. (uring evening eyes of an attending lady seemed to her very large, and
she could not avoid looking at them. ?ision of great numbers of "hite flies on "hite
door& reFuested that they "ould be brushed off& continued on closing eyes.
Appearance of a large black bug, "ith veritable legs, belo" a black door-knob.
(elusion of a Cthousand-leggedC bro"n "orm on predominantly bro"n carpet&
sprang out of bed and "as found trying to find it& kept her busy before fully satisfied
of the fallacy. 1arge figures on carpet appear to constantly and successively rise up
to one=s face. 1ooking into a mirror she observed a strange appearance of her
eyes, as if they pro3ected from their sockets. 0efuses obstinately to s"allo"
anything or to ans"er Fuestions in any "ay than by a grunt.
.. )n rising in morning& H on turning head suddenly.
!# .. As if head "ere scre"ed up& agg. "alking& agg. to"ards .. a.m. & amel.
to"ards evening. 4A .. :ine dra"ing, very sensitive stitches across forehead and
temples, recurring every fe" minutes, lasting some seconds. (ull, in temples, at
intervals and transitory. ?ery painful sticking in l. temporal region on "aking in
morning, e%tending to ear and eye& amel. moving in open air. !ticking, in back of
skull and over eyes, agg. every motion, stepping. !evere, beginning in occiput,
passing over r. side, locating over eyes and in balls, follo"ed by an epileptic attack
, unconsciousness. 9ith flushing of face and head& , rush of blood to head.
4eriodical, coming on suddenly, increasing rapidly, until intensely severe, making
blind and delirious. Headache of epileptics. 9ith great "eakness.
4A .. !harp neuralgic, in and about eyes. +euralgic, commencing under l. orbit
and e%tending to ear. )' .. #yelids heavy and difficult to keep open. C)0+#A1
/1C#0! , blepharospasmus [spasmodic "inking] and irritability of eye.
Con3unctivitis , lachrymation.
.. (im, , dilated pupils. ?ertical diplopia, apparent ob3ect belo" real one.
Hearing - .. *orbid sensitiveness to sounds and ob3ects& , symptoms akin to
early stages of meningitis.
)' .. (eep red distorted face. (eathly pallor.
!# .. 4appy taste. )' .. (ryness of mouth and throat. ongue seems partially
paralyBed& speech indistinct, rapid and chattering. /nability to speak from dryness
of mouth& tongue nearly adherent to roof of mouth. ongue hard, parched and
cracked. ongue coated "hite. (ryness of mouth after t"o hours suddenly gave
"ay to a viscid, acrid secretion of a peculiar and very highly offensive odour.
)' .. 2rinding of teeth.
4A H 'urning from coughing. )' .. (ark red, husky hue. (ifficult s"allo"ing from
great dryness.
:ood , drink
.. Appetite often considerable, sometimes absent, , vomiting of ingesta. hirst
after vomiting. +ausea , pressure at stomach, constant retching and empty
eructations, immediately after eating [appetite good]& follo"ed by vomiting of food
taken& pain amel. "hen stomach is empty.
!# .. :luttering, in region of stomach. /neasy, in stomach , freFuent empty
eructations, affording no amel.. )' .. ?omiting seldom , nausea, it came after a
short e%acerbation of pain Fuite suddenly, often e%tremely violent, never follo"ed
by retching& pain amel. after"ards& in diseased pancreas. 0egion of stomach very
sensitive to pressure.
)' .. (iarrhoea , constipation. (uring stool, felt badly "eak, terribly nervous, ,
general s"eat.
)' .. Congestive states of kidneys and liver, , disturbance of r. heart& , nausea,
vomiting, sopor. $nvoluntary, but scanty discharge of urine. CH0)+$C
4A .. !evere cutting or dra"ing, in l. ovary, e%torting screams, must bend [amel.]&
l. ovary s"ollen and tender during menses. )' .. 4uerperal convulsions.
)' .. ?oice husky from dryness, e%tending to laryn%. (ryness of laryn% G dry
cough and difficult s"allo"ing.
4A .. Constant burning, in back, under sternum and in region of stomach. )' ..
1arge portion of spine so sensitive that she cried out on pressure, turned pale, and
"as seiBed "ith nausea, belching and retching. 4ainful affections from spinal
)' .. hro"ing about limbs. !pasms agg. "hen disturbed.
)' .. 2outy affection of r. "rist, , stiffness and "ant of feeling of fingers.
Clenching of thumbs. $nvoluntary movements of hands to"ards head.
)' .. 1ocomotor ata%ia. )edema of legs. !ays her Climbs feel like sticks,C and
thought she could not use them to "alk across room to sofa, but "ith aid she did
so "ith considerable difficulty. Could not rise, felt no bottom under his feet,
staggered against mirror.
.. 4rolonged ya"ning "hen sitting still in a dull apathetic or dro"sy condition.
0estless sleep, sleeps only to"ards morning. !leep much disturbed by gastric
pains, "hich often occurred "ith great violence each night, esp. "hen turning in
bed. !tarting as if frightened on falling asleep. (ro"siness , tendency to Fuiet
dreams and delirium. !omnolence , nervous startings.
.. +ervous, but not hysterical temperaments.
Compare6 'ell. [right-sided affections& .. Atro. is to be preferred in cases in "hich
'ell. doesn=t act effectually and permanently].
Antidote to6 muscarine and opium. Antidoted by6 )p.& 4hys.

Aurum arsenicum
Arseniate of gold
Chronic aortitis. Anaemia and chlorosis. !yphilitic headaches. 4hthisis. 1upus.
Causes rapid increase of appetite. 5 9eary of life, "ants to 3ump out of "indo".
Al"ays in a hurry and e%cited& neglects his family and children& fault-finding and
critical& averse to being spoken to& impatient and restless. 4upils contracted& face
hot "ith suffering e%pression& breath offensive and putrid& grinding of teeth at night.
'itter eructations. Aversion to food and meat& desire for alcoholic stimulants, cold
drinks and milk. (esire for open air.
5 9orse6 )pen air. Cold, "et "eather. *ental and physical e%ertion. 'etter6 Heat.
9arm bed. !ummer.

Aurum bromatum
'romide of gold
Headaches , neurasthenia. *igraine. +ight terrors. ?alvular diseases. H Has been
recommended by (r. #.*. Hale as being superior to other preparations of gold,
esp. in certain nervous affections of an epileptiform character, as migraine, night
terrors, somnambulism. Also in valvular diseases of the heart and hypertrophy,
attacks of faintness , coldness and feeble pulse < attacks of congestion and red
face , palpitation.

Aurum iodatum
$odide of gold
Chronic pericarditis& valvular diseases& arteriosclerosis. )Baena. 1upus. )steitis.
)varian cysts& myomata uteri. !enile paresis. 5 !trong desire for and feels amel. in
open air. #%cited& aversion to company& restless& sensitive to noise. )bstruction of
nose& thick, yello", purulent, offensive discharge& nostrils ulcerated. 0avenous
appetite& e%treme thirst. Constipation. Aching in testes. $nduration of uterus and
ovaries, , thick, yello" leucorrhoea. Constriction of chest& tumultuous palpitation.
hyroid enlarged, esp. r. side& pulse rapid& eyes protrude. H !uccessful in cases
"here symptoms of the components are present.

Aurum metallicum
2iven full play, Aur. develops in the organism by attacking the blood, glands and
bone, conditions bearing striking resemblance to mercurial and syphilitic infections&
and it is 3ust for such deteriorations of the bodily fluids and alterations in the tissue
that Aur. assumes great importance as a remedy. 1ike the victim of syphilis, mental
states of great depression are produced by it. Hopeless, despondent and great
desire to commit suicide. #very opportunity is sought for self-destruction.
#%ostosis, caries, nightly bone-pains, esp. cranial, nasal and palatine& 2 mastoid.
4alpitation and congestions. 2lands s"ollen in scrofulous sub3ects. Ascites often ,
heart affections. #nnui. )Baena. :reFuently indicated in secondary syphilis and
effects of mercury. his use of gold as an anti-venereal and anti-scrofulous remedy
is very old, but has been "ell-nigh forgotten by the old school until rediscovered
and placed on its scientific basis by homoeopathy, and no" it can never be lost
again. 9hen syphilis is implanted on the scrofulous constitution, "e have one of
the most intractable morbid conditions, and gold seems to be esp. suited to the vile
combination. Arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure. !e%ual hyperaesthesia. +ightly
paro%ysm of pain behind sternum. !clerosis of liver, arterial system, brain& 2
coronary. 4ining boys& lo"-spirited, lifeless, "eak memory. 2 ($!/0'#(
C$0C/1A$)+& all the blood seems to rush from head to lo"er limbs. )rgasms, as
if blood "ere boiling in all veins. #rratic ebullitions. ?enous congestion& more to
head and chest. 4ains "ander, impelling motion, finally attack heart. 'one pains
are boring and cutting. $ndurations and glandular s"ellings. #%tremely violent
symptoms. Chronicity of complaints. Heart feels loose on "alking. As of air blo"ing
on part. )steitis. $ll-effects of grief, fright, anger, disappointed love, contradiction,
reserved displeasure& prolonged an%iety& unusual responsibility& loss of property.
Hopeless "ith heart disease, hopeful "ith lung disease. Cancerous ulcers.
+ecrosis. (ropsy. 5 #rethism and vascular fulness characterise nearly all the
complaints of Aur. 0anks "ith 4uls. as to temperature, but is obstinate and
irascible. 7 )versensitive to cold air. 2reat nervous "eakness& tremulous agitation.
Craving for and amel. open air. 4ains agg. night [headache, heart, bone pains etc.].
.8 2eneral amel. evening. .. Complete e%haustion in morning, as if one had not
slept at all. remulous agitation, as in 3oyous hope. !ensation of internal emptiness
and "eakness of "hole body. 2enerally amel. getting "arm. *any symptoms
disappear after "ashing. @ello" pus , cheesy flocculi. #%ternal parts become
black. Corpulency , fatty degeneration of heart. 4atient pines a"ay on account of
bodily and mental an%iety.
4rofound despondency, , increased blood pressure, thorough disgust of life and
thoughts of suicide. alks of committing suicide. :eeling of self-condemnation and
utter "orthlessness. 2reat fear of death. 4eevish and vehement at least
contradiction& 2 or < cheerfulness. Anthrophobia. *ental derangements. Constant
rapid Fuestioning "ithout "aiting for reply. )versensitiveness to noise& G
e%citement, confusion. Can=t do things fast enough. 2 'rooding melancholy& <
irritability and moroseness. 9eeping, praying and self-reproach from heart
disease. :ears least noise& 7 a mere noise at the door makes him an%ious& E fear
of persons intruding. 9eak memory. ?e%ed mood& D enraged by least contradiction.
?iolent hysteria& , desperate actions& thrashes oneself about, etc. !elf-reproach,
self-criticism. Changing moods. !he does everything "rong& thinks has neglected
something& her friends& her duty. $ndisposed to talk. Hateful and Fuarrelsome.
:uture looks dark. 2rumbling. - 1ongs for death, "hich he contemplates "ith
delight& .8 amel. H$+A$+2 ): !/$C$(#. :#A0 #?#+ ): !/$C$(#. 9eeping,
because he imagines he has lost the affection of his friends. )versensitive to pain,
to smell, taste, hearing and touch. 2reat melancholy, agg. during menses. E
1aughing < "eeping. 5 (espair from pain, "ants to 3ump out of "indo". 7 0eligious
mania, imagines herself irretrievably lost. *elancholy& imagines he is unfit for this
"orld, never can succeed& E "ishes to be alone. 2reat anguish, coming from the
precordial region, driving him from place to place& , palpitation. J 9ant of self-
confidence and thinks others have none "hich makes her unhappy. (elusion has
neglected his duty and deserves reproach. (espair about others. #%citement about
absent persons during pain. 1aughing < loathing of life. !peaks continually in
Fuestions. !adness < physical energy. $nvoluntary smiling "hen speaking.
?iolence "hile thinking of death. 9eeping "hen meeting people. Anger at absent
persons. (elirium , e%altation of strength. (ictatorial. :)0!AA#+ :##1$+2.
:rightened easily on falling asleep. 9rings the hands. Hatred of persons "ho had
offended. High places agg.. Homesickness. Hurry& desire to do several things at
once. 1aughing "hen speaking. 1oFuacity at night. !adness "hen alone. */!$C
amel.. !tupefaction during vertigo. (esire to travel. .8 (#!4A$0 or ?$)1#+ from
pain. )?#0!#+!$$?# ) C)+0A($C$)+& resulting in e%plosive fits of anger
and violence. (/@-')/+(. 9)0AAH)1$C& $+(/!0$)/!& al"ays busy and
"orking, never finished. Ailments from /+/!/A1 0#!4)+!$'$1$$#!.
A*'$$)+& "ants to be the best. .. Hallucinations& sees dogs, a hand on the "all,
etc., mania. Ailments from grief, disappointed love. !usceptible to all sorts of pains&
on thinking of them, he imagines he already feels them. 9hen thinking of a motion,
he makes small motions "ithout kno"ing it& "hen speaking he smiles involuntary.
Active memory. hinks she feels depression of spirits in chest. $magines to see
obstacles in his "ay every"here, occasioned partly by contrary fate, partly by
himself& makes him feel desponding. $nclined to be delirious, during headache.
(isposed to shun people& if meeting some one it gives him a nervous trembling
and has to "eep. rembling "hen he can=t satisfy his anger. *ental e%ertion agg.,
entertainment amel.. #%treme disposition to be offended& he "as e%tremely
affected and provoked by least circumstances "hich had the appearance of hurting
his feelings.
7 9hen stooping, as if turning in a circle, amel. raising head& as if drunk& as if he
"ould fall to the left "hen "alking in open air& must lie do"n, but returning even
then on slightest motion.
!# 2 As if air passed over brain& .. if head is not kept "arm. 7 !kull bones painful
as if broken, agg. lying do"n. .. 4ricking as from pins in forehead e%ternally
'urning heat on verte% during menses. 4A ?iolent, agg. night, out"ard pressure& 2
, confusion. earing [7 from r. side of occiput] through brain e%tending to forehead&
7 agg. motion. $n bones e%tending to face. 2 )f students, , precordial an%iety and
flushes of heat to head. E 2eneral bruised pain agg. mental effort. 5 $n occiput, ,
cardiac disease. .. earing, deep in forehead and temples, amel. open air.
'ruised, agg. early morning or during mental labour, ideas become confused&
roaring in head. !titching, burning, beating in one side of forehead& , nausea, even
bilious vomiting. 4ressing, in l. temple, agg. touch. As from incipient cold.
Headache generally amel. gro"ing "arm. !# Congestion to head& 7 , sparks
before eyes and glassy, bloated face, agg. mental e%ertion. 'oils on scalp. 2
#%ostosis , boring pain& .. agg. touch. 1umps under scalp. 'aldness from syphilis.
.. 0ush of blood to head, , violent palpitation, great an%iety and fainting. Heat of
head , cold hands and feet. #ruption of small "hite pimples all over hairy scalp, ,
heat and itching.
!# :eel tense& 7 making vision difficult& E amel. closing eyes. 7 :eeling of sand.
Heat in eye "hen looking, as if blood pressed upon optic nerve. )f "eakness and
pressure in eyes. 4ressing as from acrid dust. 4A 2reat soreness all about eyes
and into eyeballs. ?iolent, in bones around eye [Asaf.]. 4ain from "ithout in"ard.
!ticking, in"ard. 7 4ressive, in eyeball from above do"n"ard& in"ard& r. eye& agg.
motion. .. Cutting, through eyes. 'urning, stitching, dra"ing and itching at inner
canthus. 'urning or dull, compelling one to close eyes& agg. mornings, amel.
application of cold "ater. )' #%treme photophobia& .. profuse scalding tears on
opening eyes, eyes very sensitive to touch. $nterstitial keratitis. ?ascular cornea.
rachoma , pannus. 2 2laucoma. 4upils irregular& .. most freFuently contracted.
7 Constant lachrymation. Agglutination in morning& burning in lids& burning in inner
canthi, , stitching, dra"ing and itching. 1ittle blisters turning into crusts on edges of
lids. #yes amel. moonlight and after active muscular e%ercise. Central portion of
retinal vessels strongly pulsating. 4rotruding eyes, during headache. "itching in
upper eyelid. !tyes.
(iplopia. :iery ob3ects. 2 @ello" crescent bodies floating obliFuely up"ard. 'lack
spots, flames, sparks. #verything looks blue. D Hemiopia& upper half of ob3ects
invisible. 5 Hemiopia of l. eye, occasional sho"ers of bright starlike bodies in upper
dark section of field of vision. .. !ees a little better on looking intensely and
steadily on an ob3ect, though he sees no trace of upper half of it. )ptical illusions in
bright colours. :og or smoke before eyes& can only see upper half of ob3ects, their
lo"er half seems to be covered by a black veil. Hemiopia from straining eyes.
!# .. 0oaring. Humming, buBBing and rushing. 4A .. 'urning, prickling, itching&
boring, behind l. ear. )' Caries of ossicula and of mastoid. )bstinate fetid
otorrhoea after scarlatina. #%ternal meatus bathed in pus. 1abyrinthian disease
[*eniPre=s disease] from syphilis. .. Annoying dryness in ears and nose, , difficult
hearing. Congestion to ears.
Hearing - Chronic nerve deafness& 2 , embarrassed speech. 2 )versensitive to
noise, but amel. music.
!# !ensitive smell [Carb-ac.]& .. everything smells too strong. 7 +ose feels
obstructed as in dry coryBa, yet air passes through freely. :eeling of soreness in
nose, esp. "hen touched. 4A 'oring, agg. night. 7 'urning, itching, stitching and
smarting in nose. 'oring, in l. side of nasal bone, e%tending to ma%illa. )'
/lcerated, painful, s"ollen, obstructed. $nflammation of nose& caries& fetid
discharge, purulent, bloody& .. , severe frontal headache. 4utrid smell from nose&
7 "hen blo"ing nose. Horrible odour from nose and mouth. Anobby [D red] tip of
nose. 2 !nubbed. 7 /lcerated, agglutinated, painful nostrils& can=t breathe through
nose& crusts in nose. 0edness and s"elling of r. nostril and beneath it. ..
Complaints from strong odours. CoryBa, thick discharge, like "hite of egg& ,
freFuent sneeBing. +ose red and s"ollen. #pista%is. *ucous discharge from
posterior nares in morning. 'ro"n red spots on nose. !"elling of nose in room,
after "alking in open air.
4A earing [.. boring, burning stitches] in Bygoma& .. "hen "alking. 7 (ra"ing
tearing on l. side of face. .. ensive, in lo"er 3a". )' *astoid and other facial
bones inflamed. 2 Congested, bluish-red. 4arotids s"ollen, painful to touch& .. as
if pressed or contused. :ine eruptions on lips, face or forehead. 7 !"elling of one
cheek, , dra"ing and tearing in 3a"s& .. teeth feel too long. .. 4ainful s"elling of
ma%illary glands. An%ious e%pression. 'lue about nose and lips. :ace bloated,
glossy, agg. mental e%ertion. :ace glo"ing red, during headache. 0ed eruption on
forehead and nose, often peeling.
!# aste putrid or bitter. 2 *ilky or s"eetish taste, foul even to "ater. .. :labby
taste , clean tongue. *etallic taste. 'itter taste, , sensation of dryness. )' :oul
breath in girls at puberty& 7 putrid, as from old cheese. Caries of palate. 2 9arts on
tongue. /lcers on palate& .. on tongue. .. 1oss of taste , complete immovability
of tongue, "hich is hard as leather. Aphthae on tongue and mouth. Copious saliva&
saliva s"eetish. $nside of mouth blistered. ongue trembling and dry. ongue dry
and coated. ongue coated at back.
!# .. As if too long. 4A 7 :rom dra"ing air into mouth. .. !udden dull, in one of
upper molar teeth, "hen che"ing. :rom congestion to head. At night. ?iolent
tearing, affecting the heart. )' /lceration of gums& E , toothache and heat in
head. 2 Caries of teeth. 2ums s"ollen, dark red, bleeding& .. sore "hen touched
or "hen eating.
4A !titches "hen s"allo"ing& pain in glands. 7 (ull pressive, "ith or "ithout
s"allo"ing, in a gland belo" angle of lo"er 3a". .. 'oring in hard palate& caries of
roof, palate and nose. !tinging soreness in throat only during s"allo"ing. )' ..
0ed and s"ollen tonsils. (ifficult raising of mucus.
:ood , drink
Appetite and thirst increased, , Fualmishness. 2 (esire for milk and coffee& .8
alcohol ["ine]& bread& delicacies such as pastries. 1oss of appetite in pining boys.
9ater tastes foul. (rinks come through nose. D 'ulimia. - Craves nothing but sour
things. J An%iety amel. eating. .8 Aversion to meat. .. $mmoderate hunger&
relishes meal, but appetite not appeased. After dinner6 discomfort in abdomen&
sleep. 9orse "hen hungry& pain in stomach, etc. After eating6 colic& inclination to
vomit& pressure in hypochondria& sense of suffocation. Alcoholic drinks are easily
borne. 9orse after drinking& after "ine. 4utrid taste in mouth, as of spoiled meat,
bet"een meals. 2ums sore "hen eating. Colic even after simplest food. 4asses
more urine than corresponds to Fuantity of "ater drunk.
4A 'urning at stomach , hot eructations. 7 4ressure on l. side, near pit, at noon&
.. agg. e%piration. .. !tinging, "hen touching stomach. )' !"elling of pit. ..
+ausea from mental labour. !our eructations.
!# .. 4ressure in hypochondria, as from flatulence& agg. after food or drink and
motion. ensive, as if laced together. Heaviness in abdomen , icy coldness of
hands and feet. 4A E :latulent colic at night. 7 Cutting pain and burning heat in r.
hypochondrium. )' $ncarcerated flatus& E in l. ribs, , lancinating pain& 7 rumbling.
!"elling and suppuration of inguinal glands. 2 Hepatitis. >aundice& of pregnancy.
1iver , heart symptoms. Ascites, , heart affections. $nguinal hernia of children. -
Cirrhosis of liver. !"elling of liver follo"ing cardiac disease. .. !pasmodic
contraction of abdomen , great anguish& inclined to suicide.
)' Constipation, stools hard and knotty& 2 large. +octurnal diarrhoea, , burning in
rectum. 2 Constipation amel. during menses. [5 0ing of] "arts around anus. ..
:etid flatus. !tools offensive, painful& greyish, ashy. Constipation agg. during
menses& , prolapsus uteri. 4rolapse of rectum during menses. 4iles , rectal
catarrh& constipation& e%ternal piles bleed during stool. Copious stool. )ffensive
stool during pregnancy. (iarrhoea < constipation.
)' urbid, like buttermilk, , thick [7 mucous] sediment. 4ainful retention& 2
paralytic& E , dragging pressure in bladder. E /rine increased, pale. 5 +ephritis ,
cardiac and hepatic diseases. .. Constant urging. /rine scanty, greenish-bro"n, in
3aundice& clear, gold-coloured, in dropsy. /rine ammoniacal, decomposes rapidly,
smells like the otorrhoea. :reFuent urination, , painful retention& prolapsus uteri.
!# .. As if a knife "ere dra"n through s"ollen testicle. 4A 4ain and s"elling of
testicles. )' Chronic induration of testicles. ?iolent erections. Atrophy of testicles
in boys. Hydrocele& 2 of children. D Chronic orchitis& 5 esp. of r. side. !"eat about
genitals. 2 !arcocele. #pididymitis. E $ncreased se%ual desire. 7 0ight testicle
s"ollen& pressive tensive pains "hen touching or rubbing, as from contusion. ..
/lcers on scrotum& , cutting and stinging in perineum. (ischarge of prostatic fluid
from rela%ed penis& settled melancholia , suicidal mania. /ndeveloped testes.
$tching of scrotum. +ightly erections and pollutions, "ithout subseFuent "eakness.
Chancres. !econdary syphilis& also infantile. Condylomata around corona glandis.
4A .. 'ruised, in uterus, , shooting or dra"ing. (ra"ing, at pubes& prolapsus
uteri. )' 2reat sensitiveness of vagina. /terus enlarged and prolapsed. !terility&
vaginismus& E , hysterical symptoms& 5 mental depression from "ant of children. 2
!yphilitic sterility& also of those "omen "ho are mentally depressed on account of
their barrenness. Constant ooBing from vulva. (espair from labour pains& .. "ould
like to 3ump from "indo" or dash herself do"n, often , congestion to head and
chest& palpitation. /terine troubles, agg. reaching high "ith arms. $nduration and
ulceration of uterus from repeated abortions. 1eucorrhoea agg. "alking.
Amenorrhoea , great sadness& .. , prolapsus uteri. *enses late, scanty& ..
preceded by s"elling of a%illary glands& , colic, prolapse of rectum. .. 4rolapsus
uteri , heaviness in abdomen& after lifting a heavy load& agg. time of menses. hick
"hite leucorrhoea& burning-smarting of vulva& labia ma3ora red, s"ollen
!uppressed milk. (elayed menarche. 4rolapsus uteri, , backache, agg. during
)' .. ?oice nasal& husky, as if he had a cold. *ucus deep in laryn%, not easily
ha"ked up.
(yspnoea at night& 2 agg. laughing. :reFuent, deep breathing& stitches in sternum.
2 Al"ays takes a deep breath, and can=t get enough air& 7 at night. 7 (yspnoea, ,
dull stitches in chest "hen inspiring& .. can=t be relieved in any position.
!uffocative attacks, , spasmodic constriction of chest& asthma, from congestion to
chest& great oppression at night and "hen "alking in open air& face bluish red&
palpitation& falls do"n unconscious& .. suffocative fits , spasmodic constriction of
chest. .. *orning asthma, , cyanotic face& in light-haired persons& agg. "et
"eather and "arm air. Cardiac asthma , "eak pulse, mental depression and great
debility. Asthma agg. open air.
2 (ry, nervous spasmodic, peculiar to "omen, from sunset to sunrise. .. 9ith
tough yello" sputa on a"aking in morning. :rom "ant of breath, at night.
.. ough yello", on a"aking in morning. $nfreFuent, morning and evening.
!# 2 Crushing "eight on sternum, agg. ascending. .. )ppression of chest ,
faceache. As of a bladder hanging in l. chest, bet"een attacks of palpitation. 4A ..
!hooting, in chest after attacks of palpitation. (ull stitches in both sides of chest, ,
heat in chest and dyspnoea& agg. inspiration. )' .. 4ersistent dry catarrh on
chest, early in morning, on "aking& "ith great difficulty he raises a "hite phlegm,
and this only after rising from bed. $nflammatory s"elling of a%illary glands.
!# As if heart stopped beating for t"o or three seconds, immediately follo"ed by
one hard thump, , sinking at pit& .. after "andering pains from 3oint to 3oint, finally
becoming fi%ed in heart. 2 Heart feels loose on "alking. Heart as if bruised, sore,
agg. suppressed foot s"eat. E Attacks of anguish in region of heart, driving one
from place to place. .. As if heart "ere turning around. ?iolent orgasm, as if blood
"ere boiling. 4A .. $n region of heart, e%tending to l. arm to fingers. >umping
feeling of heart. )' 4alpitation& .8 agg. night, emotions, an%iety, e%ertion& .. amel.
empty eructations. 4ulse rapid, feeble, irregular. Hypertrophy. High blood pressure.
?alvular lesions of arteriosclerotic nature [Aur. D8]. 2 ?iolent palpitation& at puberty&
7 , an%iety and tremulous fearfulness. Angina pectoris. Aortic disease. Carotids
and temporal arteries throb visibly. 4alpitation compels him to stop [.. "hen riding
or "alking]. - :atty degeneration of heart. E 4alpitation , rush of blood to chest. 7
4ulse small but accelerated. 9eak pulse, cardiac asthma& mental depression&
great debility. .. 4alpitation follo"ing metrorrhagia after a mole or in childbed, after
!# 2 As if lo"er spine bulged back"ards. .. ension in neck, as if muscles "ere
too short, even at rest, mostly "hen stooping. 4ain in lumbar region as from
fatigue. 4A .. At lo"er part of spine. )' 2 !"ollen cervical glands& like knotted
cord. 1umbar muscles painfully stiff, thigh can=t be raised& .. thighs feel paralyBed.
4ott=s disease. .. !pine disease , gressus gallinaceous.
!# )rgasm, as if blood "ere boiling in all veins. .. 1imbs go to sleep, numb,
insensible on a"aking& agg. lying, amel. motion. 4A !oreness of affected bones,
amel. open air, agg. night. 4aralytic, tearing, in 3oints. - 4aralytic dra"ing in limbs
in morning, "hen a"aking and on getting cold. .. 'ruised, in head and limbs, early
morning in bed, mostly at rest& amel. after rising. )' (estruction of bones, like
secondary syphilis. .. !"elling of periosteum of forearm and thigh bones. Cold
hands and feet, sometimes lasting all night. >erking of arms.
!# .. (ifficult motion of arms& they feel fatigued& forearms feel heavy. 4A ..
'oring in l. shoulder. !evere bone pains in r. elbo". 'oring in r. forearm. Cramplike
tearing in bones of both "rists. 'oring in finger-3oints. )' 2 Holds l. arm during
attacks of palpitation. +ails turn blue. .. :lesh of hands puffy& in endo-carditis.
$tching of palms& herpes of palms.
!# All the blood seems to rush from head to lo"er limbs& 7 they feel paralysed&
has to sit do"n. 2 Anees as if tightly bandaged& 7 "hen sitting& .. tottering of
knees "hen "alking. Hot bruised soles, at night. 4A 2 +ightly leg pains. .. 9eary,
in r. tarsal bones, shooting e%tending to knee, early morning in bed. )' Anees
"eak& .. most in hollo" of knees. 2 rembling feet. Cold foul foot s"eat. 5 (ropsy
of lo"er limbs, painful, pits on pressure, agg. night, amel. morning. .. 0ight knee
becomes "eak from "alking& dra"ing "hen "alking or setting foot on floor.
!"elling of legs and feet "hen getting up in morning, amel. after "alking. 0edness
of toes. $tching on soles.
!leeplessness& .. after midnight. !obs aloud in sleep& .8 *)A+$+2 A+(
C0@$+2 )/ $+ !1##4. 2 !leep disturbed by se%ual e%citement. 7 A"ake all
night& no pain& no lassitude or sleepiness in morning. A"akened by bone pains&
suffering so great he despairs& doesn=t "ant to live. .. 1ooks and feels ill, and
although "eary, no inclination for either rest or sleep. !leeplessness from
headache. /nrefreshing sleep.
:rightful. 7 ?ivid, frightful, about thieves& .. , loud screams. .. )f dead, death
and corpses. (reams to"ards morning.
2 4ainfully sensitive to cold air. !hivering in bed& E "ithout thirst and "ithout
subseFuent heat. Cold and damp all over. E Coldness of "hole body, , nausea
and blue nails. .. After getting out of bed amel.& shivering in bed& legs cold as far
as knees. Chill predominating. he severer the pains, the colder she becomes.
.. )nly in face& , aversion to uncovering& , cold hands and feet. Heat < chill.
E #arly in morning& .. mostly on and around genitals. .. 4rofuse& in endocarditis.
2 1ipoma. 9arts. Acne. 7 (eep ulcers& affecting the bones& after abuse of mercury.
.. ?iolent itching, first in soles of feet and then over "hole body, from evening till
midnight. :ine papular eruption on face. !mall and large blotches, stinging,
burning, feeling like hard knots, of a dirty yello" colour& amel. indoors than in open
9orse6 #motions. (epressing& disordered affections. *ental e%ertion. Cold& cold
"eather. +ight& sunset to sunrise. *ercury. Alcohol. Cloudy "eather. 9inter. .
2etting cold. - $n the morning. 9hile reposing. 5 $n the house or "arm room.
'etter6 Cool open air. Cold bathing. 'ecoming "arm. *usic. 9alking. *oonlight. -
9arm air. *otion. 5 Cold, "et "eather.
2 +ervous, hysterical "omen. 2irls at puberty. 4ining boys. 4ersons "ho are lo"-
spirited, lifeless, "eak memory, yet sensitive to pain, "hich drives them to despair.
7 !crofulous sub3ects "ith light hair, sanguine temperament and ruddy comple%ion.
Corpulent old people& .. , "eak vision and heart disease. H !uited to sanguine
people "ith black hair and dark eyes, olive-bro"n comple%ion& 2 disposed to
headache and constipation.
Compare6 Am-c. [.. chest, heart]& Arg-m.& Arg-n.& Ars.& Asaf. [pains about eyes& but
Asaf. has amel. pressure& mercurial caries]& 'ell.& Caps. [caries of mastoid&
corpulency]& Calc. [night terrors& leucophlegmatic& Aur. has more oversensitiveness
and erethism]& Calc-p.& Chin. and Coff. [hyper-e%citation]& Cocc. [empty feeling]&
Cupr. [asthma]& (ig. [.. heart& inclined to activity]& :err. [.. hyperaemia]& 2lon.
[hyperaemia of lung from heart]& Hep.& $od.& Aali-bi. [deep ulcers& scrofulous
ophthalmia& oBaena& syphilis]& Aali-br. [anguish at heart and desire to move about]&
Aali-c.& Aali-i. [syphilis]& 1ach.& 1yc.& *erc.& +it-ac.& +u%-v. [hernia& prolapsed
uterus]& 4all. [.. uterine symptoms]& 4lat. [.. uterine symptoms]& 4uls.& !ep.& !il.&
!ol-n.& !pig.& !ulph.& !yph.& arent. [heart as if turned round& hysteria]& hu3. [..
condylomata]& ?erat-v. [.. heart]& 7 $gn.& *eB.& 4hos.& 0hod.& - Calc-f.& . Aur-ar.&
Aur-br.& Aur-i.& Aur-m-k. [uterine induration and haemorrhage]& Aur-s.& .. Caps.
[caries of mastoid& corpulency]& Cupr. [asthma]. Antidote to6 *erc.& !pig.& chronic
effects of alcohol& kaliumiodide.
Antidoted by6 'ell.& Chin.& Cocc.& Coff.& Cupr.& *erc.& 4uls.& !ol-n.& !pig.& 7 Camph.
- :ollo"s "ell6 !yph. :ollo"ed "ell by6 !yph.
*ercury. Alcohol. $odide of 4otassium. 2rief. :right. Anger. (isappointed love.
Contradiction. 0eserved displeasure. 2 4rolonged an%iety. /nusual responsibility.
1oss of property.

Aurum muriaticum
Chloride of gold
Aur-m. is a sycotic remedy, causing suppressed discharges to reappear. ?aluable
in climacteric haemorrhages from uterus. (iseases of frontal sinus. !titching pain
in l. side of forehead. 9eariness, aversion to all "ork. (ra"ing feeling in stomach.
Cancer, tongue as hard as leather& induration after glossitis. 'urning, yello", acrid
leucorrhoea. Heart symptoms. 2landular affections. 9arts on tongue and genitals.
!clerotic and e%udative degeneration of the nervous system. *ultiple sclerosis.
*orvan=s disease. 2 (esires company, if left alone thinks of nothing but one=s
ailments and becomes more out of humour. Hypertrophy of all the fingers. 5
$nclination to suicide& depressed, melancholy& desires company. 9eeping& aversion
to "ork& restlessness. Head hot, limbs cold. :ace pale, "ith single red spots& lips
deep red. /rine increased and turbid "ith a peculiar odour and sediment& pain in
region of kidneys. 0espiration an%ious and abdominal& crushing "eight on chest.
4alpitation "hen thinking of his ailments. Constriction of chest "hen "alking up hill,
feels as if he must stop "alking. !leeplessness from e%citement or palpitation.
Cold, copious s"eat. (ry and shrunken skin. 1iver troubles , heart disease,
albuminuria and dropsy of the limbs. .. 9et cold "inter amel.. Can=t bear "armth
of bedclothes, thro"s off covers. H@4#0A#*$A :0)* )?#0AC$)+ ): H#A0&
C)+!#L/#+ C)+2#!$)+ ): 1$?#0, A$(+#@!, 2#+$A1!. 0heumatic
fever , painful s"elling of 3oints& leaving 3oints and attacking heart. !"ellings,
characteriBed by heat, hardness, tension, etc.& sensitiveness to touch& agg. at
night, disturbing sleep. 2na"ing, boring pains deep in carious 3oints. *orbid
secretions are at once re-established.
J Anger "hen thinking of his ailments. (elusion that he has every disease& .. if
left alone he thinks about nothing but his ailments, and gets more and more out of
humour& desires company. Ailments after mortification. 0estlessness, nervousness
amel. open air& .. has to spend hours in street and in open air from
insurmountable mental or physical restlessness& in angina pectoris. !tarting from
sleep& on "aking as if suffocated. !/$C$(A1 ($!4)!$$)+& .. , freFuent
"eeping, and aversion to "eeping. .. 2reat depression of mind. #verything is
disagreeable, dreary, even nature around. 2reat an%iety , palpitation. !adness, as
"hen homesick& sad, as if a great misfortune impended. :ull of "hims and notions.
$rritable "ithout cause& tired of life.
.. As if "alking in air.
!# .. Cold sensation on verte%. 4A .. (ulness. (ra"ing, in forehead& in l. half of
head. Constant burning in "hole head, agg. l. side& , stinging in occiput& burning in
forehead. 4enetrating, from forehead e%tending to nose. hrobbing, , heavy
dreams& throbbing in l. temple after rising& amel. application of cold "ater. (ra"ing,
tearing in bones of skull& head feels insensible. 4ressure on brain, along sagittal
suture. )' .. Congestion increasing to delirium. ickling itching on forehead.
:alling out of hair, eyebro"s and beard. Head hot, limbs cool& in albuminuria.
!# .. As if eyes "ere dra"n deep into head. 4A .. +euralgic, in l. eye. 'urning,
pricking, itching and tickling in eyes and lids. )' .. 0ed sclerotics, sensation of
burning heat and prickling. 1achrymation. (ifficulty in keeping eyes shut. 1ids
agglutinated in morning. Chronic inflammation of edges of eyelids. :istula
.. !lo" accommodation for near or far ob3ects. !udden blindness in childbed.
!udden complete blindness after scarlatina, , cold s"eat& rapid, scarcely
perceptible pulse& respiration rapid and uneFual& abdomen burning hot& limbs cold
and covered "ith s"eat& pupils don=t react to light. 1etters disappear in evening
"hen reading at candlelight& paper seems "hite, as if not printed upon.
!# .. 'uBBing in l. ear and sensitiveness. 0inging and roaring in ears, follo"ed by
deafness, , sensation as if ears "ere "ide and hollo" inside, could not hear
distinctly. 4A .. 'urning and itching behind ears, esp. at night. )' .. *usic amel..
0edness of ears& in angina pectoris. !curf behind ears.
!# .. Cra"ling in cavities, as if a coryBa "as breaking out& stinging itching on
small places& r. to l. 4A .. 4ressing, in nose. 'urning and itching in nose& in upper
part of e%ternal nose. )' .. 'lo"ing of blood from nose. !nuffles. )ffensive,
"atery discharge, irritating upper lip. )IA#+A !C0):/1)!A, , /+'#A0A'1#
)()/0. !udden running of pus from nose. +ostrils stuffed up "ith hard crusts.
+asal bones sensitive& also upper middle of forehead. +ose red and s"ollen.
Hardness around corners of nose and lips. (eep cracks in alae nasi& in old cases
of oBaena. 1upus attacking alae nasi.
4A .. 'urning in face, agg. after shaving, , dark redness of cheeks. (igging,
gna"ing, stitching, on different parts of face. 'urning like pepper on lips. )' ..
0ed face& in angina pectoris. 4ale face "ith red spots. $tching as from tickling of a
feather, on various parts of face. Acne rosacea. Caries of upper 3a" after typhoid
fever& pain in bones and teeth. $nfants look old. $nduration of lips. 1ips s"ollen,
burning and itching. Cancerous ulcers on lips. 1ips deep red& in angina pectoris.
4ainful s"elling of ma%illary glands.
!# .. :lat, bad taste. 4A .. 'urning itching and biting in mouth. )' .. aste
entirely lost. ongue hard as leather, hardly movable. $nduration remaining after
glossitis. 0edness, dryness and e%coriation of tongue. @ello" coated tongue. 9arts
on tongue. Cancer of tongue. (ryness of mouth. $ncreased saliva, freFuent desire
to s"allo"& metallic taste. *outh filled "ith aphthae.
4A .. >erking. )' .. 1ooseness of teeth. :ront teeth sensitive& metallic taste.
2reat tenderness of gums , salivation. 2ums inflamed or "hite, bluish& painful in
spots, even ulcerated. (ental fistula.
!# .. !craping and pricking in throat. As of a plug in throat, , freFuent desire to
s"allo"& , increased saliva "ith metallic taste. )' .. *ucus from posterior nares
into throat in morning. $nflammation of throat , hoarseness. !uppurating ulcer on
tonsil "ith loss of substance. 4ainful redness of fauces and pharyn%. (ifficult
s"allo"ing from dryness of throat.
:ood , drink
.. Appetite increased or lost. hirst. (isgust for s"eetened coffee. +ausea,
distension and fulness of stomach, and freFuent ya"ning, after eating. +ausea,
agg. fasting, amel. after breakfast. 4ainful dra"ing in pit agg. eating, drinking. !lo"
digestion. (iarrhoea after eating. Coffee, tea, "ine agg.. @a"ning after eating.
!# .. :ull sensation in stomach. Hot feeling in stomach. 4ainful dra"ing in pit
e%tending to middle of sternum& as if a hard body "ere pressed into cavity& agg.
stooping, eating, drinking& paro%ysmal. 4A .. 4ressure in pit. 'urning, cutting,
stitching. Cramps. )' .. 4utrid eructations and nausea. ?omiting of a green fluid.
!# .. Constant tensive sensation in r. hypochondrium. !training, tensive pain, as
if laced. ension in loins. !tiffness in region of groins. 4A .. 'urning in r.
hypochondrium, , heat and pricking in abdomen. 4ressure in hypochondria.
!titches in l. hypochondrium, as after running. Constrictive colic G doubling up&
amel. in bed. (ull, in abdomen. $n bo"els& , albuminuria. (ra"ing, in abdomen.
4ressing around "aist, from hyperaemia of kidneys& , increased urine. )' ..
$nduration of liver , dropsy. !pleen enlarged. (istension of abdomen. 0edness,
heat, itching and biting at umbilicus. (istension of single places in abdomen. !mall
red nodules above pubes. Abdomen sensitive to touch. !"elling of inguinal glands.
)' .. :reFuent fluid stools. (iarrhoea agg. at night& after eating& , pain in bo"els.
!tools6 greyish-"hite, yello", "atery. )bstinate constipation. 'leeding of piles
during stool. Condylomata at anus& , copious serous discharge. #%coriation at
anus and bet"een thighs.
4A .. 'urning on urinating& urine feels as if too hot& tenesmus of bladder. $n region
of kidneys , pale, clear urine. 'urning, tickling and heat in urethra. )' .. !canty
urine. urbid urine "ith brick-red sediment. :reFuent urging agg. at night.
$ncontinence of urine agg. at night. $ncreased discharge of urine& urine has a
peculiar odour and sediment. !@4H$1$$C 2)+)00H)#A.
)' .. !trong erections, but no se%ual desire, "hen bladder is full in morning.
!e%ual desire diminished or increased. #%hausting erections. esticles s"ollen,
tense& , dra"ing along cords. 2leet, agg. mornings. 9arts on prepuce. Chancre-
like ulcers. Condylomata on prepuce, anus and tongue. :lat ulcers on scrotum,
discharging fetid ichor. CHA+C0#! )+ 40#4/C# A+( !C0)/*. '/') $+ 1.
20)$+. #%crescences on scrotum.
)' .. 4ainful induration of os uteri. *etritis. *enses too early and profuse& blood
acrid, e%coriating. 1eucorrhoea and red pustules on labia before menses.
!uppressed menses. Amenorrhoea. 1eucorrhoea, light yello", agg. mornings.
4udenda oversensitive. 'urning, itching of vulva. Heat and itching in vagina.
?aginitis. 2onorrhoeal discharge , s"elling of both groins. (ropsical symptoms
during pregnancy and after childbed. $nfiltration of cellular tissue of legs in
)' .. ?oice rough or screeching. !peaking is difficult. Hoarseness , violent fever
and pleuritic symptoms.
.. $mpeded, from pressure on chest& agg. standing. (ifficult, from stagnation of
blood& heartbeats increased, too strong. !uffocation at night. An%ious, abdominal&
.. !hort, dry, in paro%ysms, esp. at night, follo"ed by heat in throat. :reFuent
hard, , "hite sputa mingled "ith threads of blood. :reFuent, loud sounding cough.
:reFuent at night. 1oose, , thick yello" sputum.
.. 9hite, mingled "ith threads of blood. hick yello".
!# .. )ppression as soon as clothes are fastened. )ppression compelling deep
breathing, "hich amel.. 4ressure under sternum& palpitation agg. every step, as if
chest "ould burst. 4A .. !titches under ribs and other signs of pleurisy. $n l. side of
chest, as in pleurisy& pains change place and sometimes leave. )' .. Chronic
irritation of air passages. 4ulmonary catarrh.
!# .. )f heaviness and stiffness in heart, , sudden arrest of breathing. Cardiac
anguish. 4A .. !ore aching in cardiac region& burning, pricking. (ra"ing and
cutting in cardiac region. 4ressure in cardiac region , gna"ing in abdomen.
!titches directly above heart. A"akened by a sticking, boring at point "here
impulse of ape% is felt& feels as if he could not have endured it longer& deep
breathing doesn=t alter it& hand pressed lightly amel.& immediately after"ards
lancinating streaming pain, e%tending to l. hypochondrium. )' .. A+2$+A
4#C)0$! [ne%t to Arn. indispensable]. 4alpitation "hen thinking about his
disease& angina pectoris. 4alpitation, "hich he can feel and hear, after fright or
ve%ation. 0heumatic endocarditis. Heart disease , carious affections of bones.
'eating of heart G an%iety and sleeplessness, can=t rest until heart is Fuiet.
$rregular heartbeats , severe constriction of chest. 4alpitation , an%iety, agg.
emotions. Heartbeats sharp and metallic. ?iolent, irregular palpitation, , great
oppression of heart. hrobbing in carotid and temporal arteries.
!# .. ension in dorsal vertebrae. 4A .. (ull dra"ing in neck "hile sitting.
'urning, pricking, cutting and stiffness in back. ?ery severe backache.
4A .. (ra"ing in shoulders, agg. in bed. earing in l. shoulder& in r. arm, from
elbo" e%tending to tip of little finger. 'urning, lancinating in arms and forearms. )'
.. $nvoluntary concussive shocks in arms. !pasmodic motion of arms. !"elling in
"rist, no pain if left alone& tensive only "hen bending hand back& stitches on
seiBing anything. rembling of hands in morning. !tiffness of arms and finger-
3oints. 4ainful s"elling of r. hand& endocarditis. 'urning and itching of hands.
Aur-m-n. !leep - .. !leepy by day, even at "ork. Comatose sleep. !leeplessness
from e%citement& from palpitation. :reFuent starting.
.. (reams6 "ith sadness, tormenting.
.. ?iolent chill and fever. Hectic fever, , dropsy, after scarlatina.
.. Copious, offensive smell. Copious, cold. 4romotes s"eat in smallpo%.
9orse6 Ascending stairs. 9armth. 5 At night. *usic.
'etter6 Cold "ashing. Cold "eather. 5 2entle motion.
H !uited to lymphatic, scrofulous constitutions.
Compare6 Acon.& Am-c. [.. hyperaemia of chest from heart disease]& Arg-m.& Arg-
n.& Ars. [.. dropsy, albuminuria, heart]& 'ell.& Cinnb. [.. syphilis]& :err.& 2lon. [..
intermediate remedy in neurosis cordis]& Hecl.& 1yc.& *erc.& +it-ac.& 4hos.& 4lat.&
!il.& !ulph. Antidoted by6 'ell.& Cinnb.& *erc. $ncompatible6 !ulphur springs.
Chagrin. :right. ?e%ation.

Aurum muriaticum kalinatum
(ouble chloride of potassium and gold
According to 'urnett and others the best preparation of gold in cases of uterine
haemorrhage and induration.
Compare6 Aur-m-n.& Hydrin-m.
Aurum muriaticum natronatum
(ouble Chloride of !odium and 2old
his remedy has a most pronounced effect on the female organs, and most of its
clinical application has been based thereon. Has more po"er over uterine tumours
than any other remedy ['urnett]& 5 than any other gold preparation. 4soriasis
syphilitica. 4eriosteal s"elling on lo"er 3a". !"elling of testicle. High blood
pressure due to disturbed functions of nervous mechanism. Arteriosclerosis.
!yphilitic ata%ia. )ld cases of rheumatism and gouty pains. Hepatic cirrhosis.
$nterstitial nephritis. 4alpitation of young girls. Coldness in abdomen. 5 !uicidal
impulses. ?e%ed& irritable. 4ressure over eyes. @ello" sclera. (ischarge from nose
yello", bloody, ichorous and fetid. 4ale comple%ion. :etid breath. 9hite tongue,
dirty looking teeth that get loose& receding gums. !tools like "hite clay. Copious
s"eat. @ello" skin. #rysipelatous symptoms on catching cold. Hysterical spasms
starting from abdomen, often , pulsations in occiput. .. (ropsy from induration of
abdominal organs. Chronic suppuration of glands and bones. $+(/0A$)+.
.. :eeling of unrest and impatience.
!# .. Continual humming in head , beating of carotids, almost causing delirium.
4A .. ?iolent, in "hole l. side of head, mostly over eye. #very morning pressure
over eyes, pains in forehead, dulness in head, lasting until afternoon& amel.
evening& nasal discharge bloody, fetid, ichorous. )' .. :alling out of hair.
.. !C0):/1)/! )4HHA1*$A. Chronic ophthalmia& malignant, cance-rous& ,
scurfy nose.
.. Amaurosis.
)' .. (estruction of nasal bones. /1C#0! $+ +)!#. +ose s"ollen, hard,
shining& if he takes cold, erysipelas sets in. !curfy, ooBing tetter on nose.
)' .. /lcers in cavities of upper 3a". 4allor of face. /lcer in r. corner of mouth.
)pening mouth difficult& after cynanche cellularis.
4A 'urning& stitches and induration of tongue. )' .. ongue coated& bitter taste.
ongue "hite& in 3aundice. 9arts on tongue. :etid odour from mouth& ,
)' .. eeth look dirty, get loose and gums recede.
)' .. !"elling and inflammation of fauces , small blisters on fauces.
:ood , drink
.. +o appetite& in 3aundice.
4A .. 4ressure in r. hypochondrium& in 3aundice. )' .. (ropsy "ithout fever but
threatening suffocation. >aundice after ve%ation.
)' .. !tools harder. :aeces like "hitish clay& in 3aundice.
)' .. (ark urine& in 3aundice. urbid urine.
)' .. Chancre on internal surface of prepuce. 'ubo in fold of groin. /lcers on
foreskin& "arts around them& ulcers on glans eating deeply.
)' $ndurated cervi%. Chronic metritis and prolapsus. /terus fills up "hole pelvis& 5
interfering "ith action of bladder and bo"els. /lceration of neck of "omb and
vagina. 1eucorrhoea [.. corroding parts], , spasmodic contraction of vagina.
)varies indurated. )varian dropsy. !ubinvolution. )ssified uterus. .. $nduration of
one part and softening of another part of uterus. +eoplasmata. 4ustules on
genitals& , leucorrhoea. Abortion from uterine indurations. !cirrhus of uterus.
Carcinoma of mammae and uterus.
)' .. 4ustular eruption on back& , leucorrhoea.
)' .. )1( CA!#! ): 0H#/*A$!* )0 2)/@ 4A$+!.
.. )nly on r. side, l. [affected] side of head remains dry. #;C#!!$?#.
.. (eep-spreading syphilitic ulcers on skin. $ntolerable itching all over body& soon
follo"ed by eruption of little lumps, several of "hich become covered "ith dark-
looking scabs& the little lumps increased and became as hard as horn.
H !ymptoms agg. cold "et "eather& from )ctober to spring [headache]. All
symptoms agg. rest.
!uited to carbo-nitrogenoid and mercurio-syphilitic constitutions. 5 $rritable, bilious,
sanguine persons are more susceptible to its effects than the phlegmatic.
Compare6 Arg-n.& Ars.& 'ad.& 'ry.& Con.& Crot.& 2raph.& Hep.& $od.& Aali-bi.& Aali-i.&
1yc.& *erc.& +it-ac.& 4hos.& !ulph.& hu3.
?e%ation [3aundice].

Aurum sulphuratum
!ulphide of gold
4aralysis agitans& constant nodding of the head. Affections of mammae& s"elling,
pain, cracked nipples , lancinating pains [H in point of nipples]. 5 (espair of
recovery& desire for death& an%ious& e%citable& aversion to company. (esire for
open air. #yes agg. e%ertion of vision. hick, yello", purulent nasal discharge.
Cracked lips& H nipples. 4utrid, offensive breath. Aversion to food and meat& desire
for stimulants, cold drinks, coffee and milk. 1arge, knotty stools& scanty urine. Cold
legs, hands and feet. ?ivid dreams& H frightful dreams of thieves& of assassins.
!ensitiveness to touch. 9alking amel.. H hick yello"ish leucorrhoea, agg.
morning. Aurum cases "ith some !ulphur indications. !"elling of thyroid. $tching of
scalp agg. night. :reFuent erections , desire for coition, but ceasing immediately.

Avena sativa
Has a selective action on brain and nervous system, favourably influencing their
nutritive function. +ervous e%haustion, se%ual debility and the morphine habit call
for this remedy in rather material dosage. 'est tonic for debility after e%hausting
diseases. +erve tremors of the aged& chorea, paralysis agitans, epilepsy. 4ost-
diphtheritic paralysis. 0heumatism of heart. Colds. Acute coryBa [28 drop doses in
hot "ater hourly for a fe" doses]. Alcoholism. !leeplessness, esp. of alcoholics.
'ad effects of *orphine habit. +ervous states of many female troubles. 7 $t has
proved of great value in alcoholics "ho are nervous and sleepless and seem to be
on the verge of delirium tremens. #sp. useful in the treatment of the morphine and
opium habit, and to a lesser e%tent that of tobacco.
$nability to keep mind on any one sub3ect& esp. "hen due to masturbation. 7
+ervous e%haustion in brain "orkers [brain fag], or from "orry and an%iety.
4A +ervous, at menstrual period, , burning at verte%. )ccipital, , phosphatic
)' !permatorrhoea& impotency& after too much indulgence.
)' Amenorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea, , "eak circulation.
!# +umbness of limbs, as if paralysed.
)' !trength of hands diminished.
Compare6 . Alf. [general tonic similar to Avena& also in scanty and suppressed
urine]& 7 Agn.& Con.& 2els.& +u%-v.& 4h-ac.& 4hos.& 4ic-ac.
uberculinum avis
[see tuberculinum aviaire]

Azadirachta indica
*argosa bark
An afternoon fever and rheumatic pains in various parts are caused by this
remedy. 4ain in sternum and ribs, in back and shoulders and limbs& heat, pricking
and aching in hands, esp. palms, fingers, also toes.
)n rising.
4A Aching& scalp sensitive.
4A 'urning. $n r. eyeball.
$n afternoon& glo"ing heat in face, hands and feet.
Copious, on upper part of body.
Compare6 Ars.& Cedr.& Chin.& 2uarea [belongs to the same botanical order]& +at-m.

Bacillinum burnett
*aceration of tuberculous lung tissue
Has been employed successfully in the treatment of tuberculosis& its good effects
are seen in the change of the sputum, "hich becomes decreased, more aerated
and less purulent. *any forms of chronic non-tubercular disease are influenced
favourably by 'ac., esp. "hen bronchorrhoea and dyspnoea are present.
0espiratory pyorrhoea. he patient e%pectorates less. 'ac. is esp. indicated for
lungs of old people, "ith chronic catarrhal condition and enfeebled pulmonary
circulation, attacks of suffocation at night "ith difficult cough. !uffocative catarrh.
ubercular meningitis. :avours falling off of tartar from teeth. Constant disposition
to take cold. H $ have found an ecBematous condition of the margins of the eyelids
a strong indication for it.
$rritable, depressed. 5 :ear of dogs. aciturn, sulky, snappish, fretful, morose.
*elancholic to the point of insanity.
4A !evere, deep-in, also as of a tight hoop.
)' #cBema of eyelids.
)' !tra"berry tongue.
)' Abdominal pains, enlarged glands in groins& tabes mesenterica.
)' !udden diarrhoea before breakfast. )bstinate constipation, , offensive flatus.
Catarrhal dyspnoea. Humid asthma.
5 !haking, at night, yet "ithout "aking.
'ubbling rales and muco-purulent e%pectoration. [+ote6 his muco-purulent
e%pectoration of bronchitis patients is eFually poly-bacillary& it is a mi%ture of
diverse species and hence 'ac. is truly indicated.]
!# )ppression. )' )ften relieves congestion of lungs, thus paving "ay for other
remedies in tuberculosis.
4A 5 !harp, in heart, arresting respiration. Also sharp pain in l. scapula.
!# 5 As of a damp cloth on spine.
5 (ro"sy during day, sleepless at night. alking in sleep.
5 Copious.
0ing"orm. 4ityriasis. 2lands of neck enlarged and tender.
9orse6 . +ight and early morning. Cold air. 'etter6 5 Heat.
Compare6 Calc-p.& Aali-c.& 1ach.& . Ant-i.& Ars-i.& 'ac-t. [acts esp. on lo"er half of
body]& 1ev. [E-.8 drops, follo"s as an intercurrent "here much debility is present]&
*yos-a. . Complementary6 Calc-p.& Aali-c.
. $ts effects seem to be identical to that of Aoch=s uberculinum. 'oth are useful in
the tubercular diathesis before phthisis has developed. $n the early stages of
tubercular disease of glands, 3oints, skin and bones. 4sor. seems to be its chronic
he dose is important. !hould not be given belo" the thirtieth, and not repeated
freFuently. $t is rapid in action, and good results ought to be seen soon, other"ise
there is no need of repetition.

!pongilla fluviatilis& fresh-"ater sponge
!oreness of muscles and skin& agg. motion and friction of clothes, , sensitiveness
to cold. 2lands s"ollen. 2eneral paresis. 'asedo"=s disease. !yphilis, bubo,
roseola. $nfluenBa. 2 Chancres. Carcinoma, of breast. $nfantile syphilis. 7
Hahnemann considered 'ad. an anti-psoric, "hich might "ell be e%pected from the
character of its constituents - lime, silica and alumina. E 4arts become bluish or
purplish, , great soreness of the flesh& E even of the clothes.
2 4alpitation after pleasurable emotions. 5 *ind al"ays clear and active under all
circumstances& .. in spite of headache. J (esire for mental "ork. .. *istakes the
(ull, diBBy feeling.
!# )f enlargement and fulness. 4A $n forehead and temple, e%tending to eyeballs,
agg. afternoon. 7 Headache from 2 p.m. , , aching pains in posterior portions of
both eyeballs, and in temples& .. agg. moving or turning eyes. (uring the day more
or less headache, , pains in eyeballs& agg. left& agg. . p.m. to 7 p.m. $n temples
and eyeballs& from eyeballs e%tending to temples. .. !evere, on verte%& agg. night,
after sleeping and in morning& returning violently after breakfast. H#A(ACH# ,
$+:1A*#( #@#!. )' (andruff& scalp sore, dry, tetter-like. 7 !calp sore to touch,
, tetter-like eruption on forehead& .. e%cess of dandruff, dryness of hair, itching of
scalp. etter-like eruptions on forehead.
4A $ntermittent, sore, in eyeball, coming on at D p.m. E $n eyeballs, e%tending to
temples, agg. turning eyes in either direction. 7 !evere, in l. eyeball and temple.
1eft eyeball Fuite sore, even "hen closing it tightly. !evere, intermittent, in
posterior portion of r. eyeball. )' "itching of l. upper lid& eyeballs tender& aching
in eyeballs. 7 'luish-purple margin of eyelids and blue under eyes. !crofulous
inflammation of eyes, , hardening of *eibomian glands.
Hearing - !light sounds are greatly accentuated. 7 !light shocks heard in ear, as if
very distant artillery& afternoon.
)' CoryBa& sneeBing, "atery discharge, , asthmatic breathing and suffocative
cough. Hay fever, , asthmatic breathing. 7 4rofuse coryBa [.. fluent, or thick and
yello"], mostly from l. nostril& agg. afternoon and evening& , sneeBing. .. $tching of
l. "ing of nose.
)' 7 4ale, ashy or lead colour of face& .. in pertussis. !tiffness in ma%illary 3oints.
5 :ace turns dark during suffocative cough. .. 0edness of face& during catarrh.
!# .. *outh and tongue feel scalded. )' Hot. 2 'reath hot. 7 *outh and breath
hot and feverish, , thirst for large Fuantities of "ater at a time.
)' 2 onsils inflamed, red, s"ollen, agg. s"allo"ing solids. 7 Ha"king up a viscid,
solid lump of bloody mucus in morning. .. CAA00HA1 A::#C$)+! ):
:ood , drink
*uch thirst& 5 for large Fuantities at a time. 2 4ain in tonsils agg. s"allo"ing
solids. Cough e%cited by s"eets, candy, etc. .. hirst during fever. Headache
returns violently after breakfast.
4A 1ancinating, in pit, e%tending to vertebrae and scapula. .. 4ressure in pit& ,
nausea and rumbling.
4A .. 1ancinating, , bounding movement in region of liver. )' 7 $ndurated
inguinal glands.
)' .. Catarrh of bo"els. Constipation. Haemorrhoids.
4A .. !harp, in r. kidney& in afternoon. !evere, sharp, lancinating, in and near
orifice of urethra. )' .. /rine high-coloured, reddish.
)' 2 !yphilis of infants& .. "hole convolutes of hard glandular s"ellings, buboes.
Chancres. 'uboes.
)' *etrorrhagia agg. night, , feeling of enlargement of head [Arg-n.]. 'reast
cancer [Aster.& Carb-an.& Con.& 4lb-i.].
.. 9hile lying in bed on r. side, "hen 3ust falling asleep, severe oppressive
suffocative attacks from suspended respiration& Fuick effort to prevent suffocation
by changing position.
agg. Afternoon, amel. "arm room. 9hooping, , thick yello" e%pectoration& flies
out [5 half "ay across room]& .. all symptoms agg. afternoon and evening. E
!pasmodic, sometimes , sneeBing and symptoms of hay fever. 7 )ccasional
severe paro%ysms of spasmodic cough, e3ecting viscid mucus from bronchial
tubes, "hich at times comes forcibly out of mouth, caused by tickling in laryn% [..
as if sugar "ere dissolving]& amel. "arm room. .. Cough G sneeBing& profuse
coryBa. Catarrhal inflammation of air passages, , fever, thirst, red face, sneeBing,
lachrymation and spasmodic cough& during each paro%ysm of coughing, crying,
pressing hands to head, sometimes strangling, face turning dark and thick yello"
mucus flying out of mouth and nostrils& cough loose in morning, tight in afternoon
and evening.
*ucus flies out of mouth and nostrils.
!# .. 1ungs as if sinking do"n& sensation as if lo"er lobe of l. lung settled do"n D
or - inches, "hen lying on r. side, amel. changing position. 4A 4leuritic stitches in
chest, neck and back. 7 !evere sharp lancinating, in r. supra-clavicular region. ..
$n upper part of r. chest. !harp, lancinating, in chest, agg. motion and deep
inspiration, , soreness of chest& agg. afternoon and evening& in "hooping cough.
!evere stitches in sides, esp. r., from 7th to Jth rib& agg. least motion. )' ..
yphoid pneumonia.
!# $ndescribable bad feeling about heart , soreness and pain, flying stitches all
over. )' 2 remulous palpitation& 7 "hile sitting or lying, esp. upon any sudden
elating thought, or emotion of mind. Heartbeats are felt from chest to neck, agg.
lying on r. side.
!# *uscles and skin sore, as if beaten. 4A !titches in nape, scapulae& 7 ,
soreness and lameness, agg. bending head back and forth. $n lumbar region, hips
and lo"er limbs. 7 !evere lancinating pains and stitches in posterior r. side, belo"
scapula [or scapulae], agg. thro"ing shoulders back and chest for"ard, or on any
contortion of body& pain e%torting at times a moan or shriek. .. !evere, in or near
head of r. shoulder. 4ainful dra"ing near spine to l., do"n"ard from scapula. )'
?ery stiff neck. 7 !crofulous s"elling of glands of l. side of face, throat and neck&
nearly all of the siBe of a hen=s egg& some hard, some suppurating.
)' 5 Chronic rheumatism, agg. cold and esp. cold air, stormy "eather and
afternoon& amel. "arm room.
4A .. $n front of upper part of r. shoulder, after"ards in l. shoulder and arm. )' ..
4alms hot and dry.
4A .. $n hips. $ntermitting, in muscles of lo"er posterior third part of leg, , sore,
clumsy, contracted, bruised feeling in anterior muscles of lo"er third, agg. fle%ing
foot and going up stairs, "hen toes tend to drop do"n& must step higher "ith r.
foot& amel. remaining Fuiet at home. !harp stinging in posterior of r. heel& agg.
least pressure. )' .. Chilblains. Checked foot s"eat [e%ternally]. oes bend "hile
"alking as if e%tensors "ere paralyBed.
.. 0estless sleep& must freFuently change position from soreness of body.
.. A"aking "ith frightful dreams.
!ore to touch. :reckles. 0hagades. 2 0aised and discoloured cicatrices. .. 'ro"n
and blue spots in skin after concussions.
9orse6 . Cold. 'etter6 . Heat.
H !evere headache in verte% amel. night, returning severely after breakfast.
remulous vibrative palpitation agg. lying on r. side. 4alpitation after pleasurable
emotions. !harp stinging back of r. heel agg. least pressure. Chronic rheumatism,
agg. cold, esp. cold air. agg. !tormy "eather. amel. 9arm room& agg. afternoon.
agg. 4ressure and touch& there is general soreness, even to touch of clothes.
.. 2eneral cachectic appearance. !crofulous constitutions. :at children ["ith
"hooping cough].
Compare6 Calc-s. [indurations]& Carb-an. [indurations, buboes]& Cist. [scrofula]&
Clem.& Con.& 2rin. [respiration ceases on falling asleep]& Hep.& $od.& Aali-c. [phlegm
flies from mouth]& Aali-i.& 1ach.& *erc. [. similar but opposite modalities]& *erc-i.&
+it-ac.& !eneg. [cough caused by sneeBing& opposite of 'ad.]& !il.& !pong. [cough
, much sneeBing]& !ulph.& 7 'ar-c.& 4hyt.& !pig. Complementary to6 $od.& *erc.&
!ulph. :ollo"ed "ell by6 1ach.

Balsamum peruvianum
'alsam of peru
/seful in bronchial catarrh, , copious, purulent e%pectoration. (ebility& hectic
)' 4rofuse, thick discharge. Chronic, fetid nasal catarrh. #cBema, , ulceration.
)' ?omiting of food and mucus. Catarrh of stomach.
)' !canty& much mucous sediment. Catarrh of bladder [Chim.].
?ery loose.
)' 'ronchitis and phthisis, , muco-purulent, thick, creamy sputum. 1oud rales in
chest [Aali-s.& Ant-t.].
Hectic& night s"eats, , irritating, short cough and scanty e%pectoration.
Compare6 . 'als-t. [chronic bronchitis , profuse e%pectoration]& )l-car. [oil of
cloves& profuse septic e%pectoration& D to E minims in milk or capsules].
#%tra homKopathic uses locally6 As a stimulant to ra" surfaces in indolent ulcers,
scabies, cracked nipples, rhagades, itch. 4romotes granulation, removes foetor. A
.Q solution in alcohol or ether may be used "ith the atomiser in respiratory
affections. $nternally, as an e%pectorant, in chronic bronchitis.

Baptisia confusa
Australian baptisia
4ain in r. 3a" and oppression in l. hypochondrium, producing dyspnoea and
necessity to assume an erect position. 5 Hectic flush after tea.

Baptisia tinctoria
9ild indigo
he symptoms of this drug are of an asthenic type, simulating lo" fevers, septic
conditions of the blood, malarial poisoning and e%treme prostration. $ndescribable
sick feeling. 2reat muscular soreness and putrid phenomena are al"ays present.
All secretions are offensive& breath, stool, urine, s"eat, etc. #pidemic influenBa.
Chronic intestinal to%aemias of children, , fetid stools and eructations. 'apt. in lo"
dilutions produces a form of antibodies to the bac. typhosus, viB. the agglutinins.
hus it raises the natural body resistance to the invasion of the bacillary
into%ication, "hich produces the typhoid syndrome. yphoid carriers. After
inoculation "ith anti-typhoid serum. $ntermittent pulse, esp. in the aged. 2 :eeling
of !)0#+#!!, H#A?$+#!! and ACH$+2 ): */!C1#! [D gall bladder, heart,
etc.] is very marked. 40)!0A$)+ $! 0A4$(& bed feels too hard on account of
soreness of muscles, yet he feels too "eak to move. (ischarges& stools,
haemorrhages, etc. are dark in colour. (ark spots appear on body. *ucus
membranes become dark. 'ro"n& sordes, stools, menses. 'ed sores. 1ifeless
body but restless mind. $nsensitive to pain. 4arts feel numb or too large. 0estless,
al"ays rubs the hands, hysterical. E 2eneral intolerance of pressure every"here&
can=t continue leaning against a chair, the feet even become painful "hen resting
on the floor, obliged to change position often. 5 'apt. brings on septic states more
rapidly than other remedies. 'lood poisons that are highly septic, as found in being
in a mine, in the mud, in a se"er or inhaling foul gas. 7 2reat languor, "ants to lie
do"n. 9eak and tremulous, as if recovering from a severe illness, and as yet
incapable of vigorous mental or physical e%ertion. 4rostration, , disposition of
fluids to decompose. +umbness, prickling and paralytic feeling over body, esp. l.
side. .. *entally restless, but too lifeless to move. !lides do"n in bed& feels as if
sinking a"ay. $ntolerance of pressure& hence must often change position& feels as if
bedsores "ould form.
9ild, "andering feeling. $nability to think. *ental confusion& ideas confused.
$llusion of divided personality. hinks he is broken or double, and tosses about the
bed trying to get pieces together [Ca3.]& 7 can=t sleep because he can=t get pieces
together. (elirium, "andering, muttering. 4erfect indifference& - doesn=t care to do
anything& inability to fi% the mind or "ork. :alls asleep "hile being spoken to& 2
"hile ans"ering or doesn=t complete his sentence. *elancholia, , stupor. 2
Aversion to mental and bodily e%ertion. 4A0! :##1 !#4A0A#(. Hopeless of
recovery& and certain of death. $magines his limbs are talking to each other. -
C)+:/!$)+, A! $: $+);$CA#(. E 'rain fag, , heaviness of head, aversion to
mental effort and inability to think. .. !ensation as if there "as a second self
outside of him. *ind "anders as soon as eyes are closed. Aversion to hear
conversation about sickness or in3uries. !ensation as if some person touched him
gently "hile doBing. 9orse "hen thinking of pains in various parts of body.
Confused, s"imming feeling. 9ith pressure at root of nose. 2 9ith "eak feeling,
esp. of lo"er limbs and knees. .. 9ith paralysis of eyelids. 9ith severe nausea.
As if he had taken liFuor, agg. "alking.
!# !kin of forehead feels tight& seems dra"n to back of head. Head feels too
large, heavy, numb& .. , numb feeling of face. 'rain feels sore& E agg. stooping. 2
As of a blo" or heavy pain on occiput. ?erte% feels as it "ould fly off. 7 (ull,
bruised feeling in occiput. .. !calp feels sore. Head feels heavy as if he could not
sit up, day and night, causing a "ild feeling, agg. noise. As if a band "ere around
forehead& as if had been drunk and "as 3ust recovering from its effects. As if
temples "ere pressed by thumbs. :luctuation "hen "alking. As if forehead "ould
be pressed in, , sharp pain in both temples, agg. motion. As if head "ere slo"ly
gro"ing larger and larger. 4A 7 :rontal, , pressure at root of nose. .. (ull, in
anterior lobes of brain and r. frontal sinus. :reFuent, in r. temple, sharp pains by
spells in both. !titches or shocks in various parts of head. Heavy, at base of brain&
pain in base of brain , lameness and dra"ing in cervical muscles. (ull, heavy,
amel. pressure on nasal bones, agg. mental e%ertion. !ore, belo" occipital
protuberances, follo"ed by hot stitches in temples. !evere, passing from insertion
of r. sterno-mastoid muscle through head into orbit, causing a dull, heavy feeling in
head, esp. forehead, amel. pressing belo" mastoid process. !ore, in forehead,
"hen moving eyes or turning them up"ard. )' - #%citement of brain [.. such as
precedes delirium], esp. at night. .. :ulness of e%ternal vessels of head and face.
!# #yeballs feel sore& 7 agg. motion of eyes. 2 !"ollen sensation& .. , slight
lachrymation and burning. - As if eyes "ould be pressed into head. 4A .. !evere,
"hile reading, compelling to stop. !evere, in l. eye, agg. pressing on verte%& , dull
headache. !titches in r. eye& also in l. as from needles. !harp, over r. eye, then
over left. $n region of supraorbital nerve, amel. pressure. )' #yelids heavy. 2 Half
closed. .. ?essels congested, eyes look red, inflamed. 4hotophobia, eyes burn,
but don=t "ater& chronic ophthalmia.
.. #verything appears to move.
!# .. 0oaring, , mental confusion. #ars feel hot and burn, yet cold to touch. 4A
.. !oreness in r. ear, running do"n neck.
Hearing - #arly deafness in typhoid conditions. .. (ull hearing.
!# 2 $llusion of smell as of burnt feathers. .. /npleasant sensation at root of nose
[esp. l.], as if "ater had passed through posterior nares "hile drinking. )f great
fulness, oedematous s"elling of affected parts, esp. in choanae. 4A At root of
nose& .. crampy. )' 2 #pista%is of dark blood. .. hick mucus from nose.
!neeBing and feeling as after taking cold. 0ight nostril stopped up.
!# .. :ace and "hole head feel numb. 4A .. 'urning, prickling of l. side of face
and head. $n 3oint of lo"er 3a". )' 'esotted look. (ark red. *uscles of 3a" rigid. 2
(/!A@, !)((#+, '#!)#(, stupid. 1o"er 3a" drops. Cracked, bleeding lips. 5
Appearance of a drunkard& the darker the face, the more it is 'apt. 7 Heat and
redness of face. .. Cheeks yello", "ith central deep flush. Cheeks burn. An%ious,
frightened look. Critical s"eat on face and forehead.
!# aste flat, bitter. ongue feels burned. 2 ongue feels thick. .. :ilthy taste ,
salivation. :oul or bitter nauseous taste. ongue feels dry on rubbing against roof
of mouth. 0oot of tongue feels numb. As if tongue had been scraped, sensation
e%tending to fauces. 4A .. 'urning at root of tongue. )' 'reath fetid. ongue
yello"ish-bro"n& edges red and shining. ongue dry and bro"n in centre, , dry
and glistening edges& surface cracked and sore. 2 hick speech. ongue& cracked,
bleeds& heavily coated. !aliva viscid. !ore mouth of sucklings& 5 ulcers in mouth
"ith red areola, breath and saliva fetid. D (ark red, tumid mouth and throat. 7
!ordes on lips. ongue yello"& along centre& first "hite, , reddish papillae, follo"ed
by yello"-bro"n coating in centre. ongue dry on "aking. 4utrid ulcers ,
salivation. *outh and tongue very dry in fevers& offensive& faecal breath. ..
Copious salivation.
)' eeth and gums sore, ulcerated& .. ooBing of large Fuantities of blood on
pressure "ith finger. 7 !ordes on teeth.
!# Constriction, contraction of oesophagus [Ca3.]& 7 constrictive feeling in throat, G
freFuent efforts at s"allo"ing. Constriction of oesophagus at cardiac orifice& ..
constricted feeling from above do"n to stomach. 2 +umb inside but sensitive
outside. .. #longated feeling in uvula. Hot feeling in fauces, passing up into ears&
as if he had eaten peppers or as from heartburn& agg. belching. !craping, burning,
ra" sensation in pharyn%. 4A .. !titches in r. tonsil. )' (ark redness of tonsils
and soft palate. 4ainless sore throat, and offensive discharge. 2 0agged ulcers in
throat. !pasm of gullet. 7 0edness of tonsils , freFuent inclination to s"allo",
"hich G pain at root of tongue. .. *ucus copious and viscid, can neither s"allo" it
nor bring it up. *ucus rattles in throat.
:ood , drink
+o appetite. Constant desire for "ater. 2reat difficulty in s"allo"ing solid food.
Can s"allo" liFuids only& least solid food gags. All symptoms agg. beer. ..
(ulness after breakfast. Headache and pain behind r. ear, amel. after dinner.
)ffensive diarrhoea day and night& child can drink nothing but milk.
!# !inking at stomach& 7 after typhus& .. , pain in shoulder. As of hard substance
[Abies-n.]. .. As if he "ould vomit, but no nausea, , severe shooting in l. kidney
and to l. of umbilicus. :eeling as if it "ould be a relief to vomit. )f fulness. )f
burning heat rising up to"ards throat. )f "eight and oppression in precordial
region, , feeling of unsatisfied breathing. 4A .. 4ressure at stomach , belching of
large Fuantities of "ind. Constant burning, in pit. Cramp in stomach, evening.
:reFuent, at night, in pit, agg. turning over, "hich he had to do all the time. )'
2astric fever. Cardiac orifice contracted convulsively , ulcerative inflammation of
stomach and bo"els. 2 #asy vomiting. !udden attacks of vomiting and diarrhoea,
, fever. .. +ausea , eructations, follo"ed by painful vomiting.
4A !ore, over region of gall bladder, , diarrhoea. 7 $n liver& can scarcely "alk due
to agg. of pain. Abdominal muscles sore on pressure. .. !evere colicky, in
umbilical and esp. in hypogastric region. )ver gall bladder& must stir about, yet
motion is painful. !harp, shooting, in bo"els. (ull aching, in bo"els. $n region of
liver, on going up stairs. $n region of spleen, , darts of pain in body. 2riping in
bo"els during stool. Cutting in bo"els, temporarily amel. passage of flatus, "hich G
burning at anus. $n abdomen on pressure, , dull aching in lumbar region on going
to bed. !harp rheumatic stitches in r. groin. )' 0ight side markedly affected& 2
right iliac region sensitive& 7 typhus. (istended and rumbling& .. fulness, flatulence,
feels as if vomiting "ould relief, , mushy stools. .. 2lands of l. groin s"ollen&
painful on "alking.
)' !tools very offensive, thin, dark, bloody& 2 mushy, painless, slaty. (ysentery of
old people& 2 , pain in limbs, lumbar region and rigors& .. stools small, all blood,
not very dark, but thick& tenesmus& great prostration, bro"n tongue, lo" fever& in
autumn or in hot "eather. 2 4ainless dysentery , fever. $ntestinal to%emia of
children, , fetid stools and eructations. !tricture from piles. 7 ?ery fetid e%hausting
diarrhoea. !tool papescent, , large Fuantities of mucus& no pain. (iarrhoea in
morning. Constipation, , fulness of abdomen. .. )ffensive diarrhoea day and
night& child can s"allo" nothing but milk. Aphthous diarrhoea. !tool like sheep
dung, dry and crumbling& pain before stool, "eakness after stool.
4A 7 'urning "hen urinating. .. !hooting, in region of l. kidney. !titches in region
of r. kidney. )' 2 /rine& scanty, dark red, alkaline& fetid, light green. /raemia. ..
$ncreased secretion of urine at night.
!# 4ressing in testes as if sFueeBed. 4A .. (ull, in r. groin and testicle& also in
legs and knee-3oints. )' 2 )rchitis.
)' hreatened miscarriage from mental depression, shock, "atching, lo" fevers.
*enses too early, too profuse. 1ochia acrid, fetid. 4uerperal fever& .. , typhoid
4A .. ?ery sore to touch, s"allo"ing or speaking. )' .. Hoarseness& aphonia.
!"elling of epiglottis, mornings.
2 (ifficult, from "eakness of chest, agg. "aking, amel. standing. .. A"oke "ith
great difficulty of breathing& lungs feel tight, compressed& could not get a full breath&
must open "indo" and get his face to the fresh air& , burning heat of skin, dry
tongue and accelerated pulse. )n lying do"n difficult breathing, but no constriction
of chest, must rise& afraid to go to sleep, fears suffocation. Asthmatic oppression of
chest, , freFuent ya"ning& agg. motion, amel. after rest. !noring.
.. :rom tickling in throat.
!# 7 Constriction and oppression. 4A 7 !oreness of r. lung& E , increased
bronchial secretions. .. !titches in sternum on inhalation. !harp, "hen taking a
long breath.
)' 7 4ulse at first accelerated, after"ard slo" and faint. .. Heartbeats seem to fill
the chest. Audible palpitation.
!# 2 As if lying on a board& .. changes position often, bed feels so hard, "orst
part is region of sacrum. 4A (ull, in sacrum [.. as from pressure, fatigue, long
stooping], e%tending to around hips and legs [7 do"n r. leg]. !ore and bruised. ..
(ull lumbar backache agg. "alking. /nder r. scapula, amel. motion. 0heumatic, in
muscles of back, follo"ed by burning. $n r. subscapular muscle, agg. motion of
arm, amel. pressing part against something hard. )' +eck tired& 2 can=t hold it
easy in any position. (ecubitus. D !ymptoms radiate from lumbar region. .. 'ack
and hips stiff, ache severely.
!# .. !tiffness in all 3oints, as if strained. 4A !tiffness and pain, aching and
dra"ing in arms and legs. !ore and bruised.
!# 7 +umbness of l. hand and forearm, , prickling [.. agg. motion& sharp, darting
pains through fingers]& also of l. foot [E or knee]. .. !ore and stiff feeling about
shoulders and chest. Hands feel large, tremulous. 9eak, languid feeling in arms,
e%tending to hands and fingers. Arms feel sore on going do"n stairs. 4A .. $n l.
shoulder e%tending to arm. $n r. elbo", causing a "eakness in arm and hand,
scarcely able to hold pencil "hile noting this symptom. !evere rheumatic stitches
in metacarpal bones of l. inde% finger. earing, in carpal bones of r. hand, lasting
but a short time, follo"ed by several sharp pains in phalanges of l. hand. !harp
dart of pain in first phalan% "hile "riting. earing, in palm of l. hand. !harp stitches
under l. thumb nail.
!# .. 1o"er limbs feel "eak and vacillating "hen "alking. 1eft foot numb,
pricking. 4ain in first phalan% of r. great toe, as if hair on it "as steadily and
continually pulled& agg. at rest, amel. motion& after moving a little "hile toe feels
hot, and then pain leaves, but "hen at rest heat leaves and pain returns. Calves of
legs feel sore on going do"n stairs. 4A .. !ore, in anterior portion of thighs, agg.
after sitting a"hile. (ra"ing in hips and calves. Cramp in calves "henever he
moves them. 'urning on top of r. foot, from toes to back of foot. 0heumatic, on
inner side of r. os calcis.
!leepless and restless. Can=t get herself together, feels scattered about bed. :alls
asleep "hen ans"ering a Fuestion. :ears going to sleep on account of nightmare
and sense of suffocation. 2 (ro"sy, stupid and languid& slides do"n in bed. 1ies
curled up like a dog on one side. 7 !leeps "ell till 2 or D a.m. , then restless till
morning. (isposition to half close eyes. .. (ro"siness, can only keep a"ake by
great effort. :eels sleepy and dro"sy& lay do"n to doBe, but soon lo"er limbs
suddenly start as if he had been frightened. 9ants to get up and yet doesn=t "ant
to. !leeplessness , "andering of mind. 9eary, as if he had not slept enough.
+ightmare and frightful dreams. - (reams that he is chained to the bed, or that he
is s"imming in a river, or undergoing some such ordeal as makes a great demand
on his strength. .. roubled "ith dreams, but inability to remember them.
Adynamic. yphus fever. !hipboard fever [7 fever originating from confinement on
shipboard, "ithout good care or food]. 2 2astric influenBa. E yphoid type of fever
, great sensitiveness of r. iliac region, general soreness of abdomen, restlessness,
muttering delirium, offensive odour from mouth and body. 7 Cerebral forms.
'eginning of typhus "hen the so-called nervous symptoms predominate& causes
s"eat to break out and relieve& critical s"eat on forehead and face.
9ith rheumatic pains and soreness all over body. About .. a.m. 7 )n going into
open air& chills over back and lo"er limbs. .. )ver back, "hile sitting by a fire.
4receded by sense of "eakness. Chill < heat.
All over, , occasional chills& 7 mostly up and do"n back. 2 Hyperpyre%ia. .. 1imbs
feel hot, e%cept feet, "hich are cold. :lushes, from lumbar region in all directions.
:lushes on a"aking at D a.m. , , feeling as if s"eat "ould break out. )f face,
flushes over face. 'urning, pungent, over "hole body, esp. in face. At night&
burning in legs preventing sleep.
2 !"eat amel.. .. :etid. 4rofuse, from congestion of blood to surface.
1ivid spots all over body and limbs [.. not elevated& of irregular shape]& 7 thickest
on body. 'urning and heat in skin [Ars.]. 4utrid ulcers , stupor, lo" delirium and
prostration. 7 #ruption like measles or urticaria.
9orse6 Humid heat. :ogs. $n closed room. 4ressure. )n "aking. 9alking. )pen
air. Cold "ind. Autumn. Hot "eather. - *ental e%ertion. !"allo"ing solids. (uring
sleep. 'etter6 - (rinking liFuids. )pen air. *otion.
Compare6 Arn.& Ars.& 'ry.& #chi. [perhaps its nearest analogue]& 2els. [malaise&
nervousness& flushed face& dro"siness& muscular soreness]& Hyos., Aali-m., 1ach.,
*ur-ac. and +it-ac. [typhoid]& +u%-v.& )p.& 0hus-t.& !il. [!il. has, like 'apt., ability to
s"allo" only liFuids, such as milk& but unlike 'apt., !il. has aversion to milk]& . Ail.
[more painful, 'apt. more painless]& 'apt-c.& Crot-h.& 4yrog.& - Aali-p.& 7 4hyt.
:ollo"s "ell6 Ars. [- it should be thought of in cases of typhoid "here Ars. has
been improperly given, or too often repeated].
:ollo"ed "ell by6 Ham.& +it-ac.& er.& - Crot-h.& 4hos. [haemorrhages of typhoid or
typhus]. Complementary6 . Ars.& 'ry.

Barosma crenulatum
*arked specific effects on genito-urinary system& muco-purulent discharges.
$rritable bladder, , vesical catarrh& prostatic disorders. 2ravel. 1eucorrhoea.
Compare6 . Chim.& Cop.& 4op.& hu3. !ee (iosma.
Baryta acetica
Acetate of barium
4roduces "ard. paralysis beginning at limbs and spreading up 4ruritus of aged. ..
$ncreased "eakness& alarming& general. 1ies on his back in bed& deprived of
voluntary motion.
:orgetful& "avering long bet"een opposite resolutions. 1ack of self-confidence. ..
As if absent& absentmindedness. Has no clear perception. Childish and stupid.
!# .. ?ery disagreeable formication and pricking under skin of head and face.
)' .. $mmovable pupils.
!# As of cob"eb on face. )' .. Cadaverous pallor. 4ale face& dra"n features&
eyebro"s rather drooping. Circumscribed dark redness of cheeks. *outh dra"n to
one side.
)' .. Cold tongue, some"hat black.
)' .. 0etching. +ausea follo"ed by sudden and very copious vomiting of bile
and a bro"nish substance [consisting no doubt of chocolate taken that morning].
?omiting almost regularly every hour for t"enty-four hours. !evere attacks of very
copious vomiting.
!# .. As of a ball in liver. 0egion of liver as if s"ollen and cold. )' .. 0umbling in
)' .. (iarrhoea. !emiliFuid stool after t"o hours, follo"ed by constipation.
$nvoluntary stools.
)' .. :reFuent urination& no stool. 9hen appetite improved and thirst lessened,
urinary secretions became very considerable. Clear and abundant urine. Almost
complete incontinence of urine and faeces.
)' .. Aphonia.
.. 0espiratorion gradually more and more embarrassed. $mperfect and very
freFuent& respiratory sound almost inaudible.
.. $nability to cough, to e%pectorate, to articulate "ords of more than t"o syllables
[o"ing to failure in e%piration] or to lift head from pillo".
)' .. #ruption of acne pimples on chest, disappearing in a fe" days.
)' .. (ull, deep sounds of heart. 4ulse very small and freFuent.
4A 1umbago. .. :ine stitches in neck, follo"ed by suppurating pimples. )' ..
!pine disease , tinea capitis.
4A 'urning stitches, , cra"ling. 0heumatic, in muscles and 3oints. )' 4aralysis.
!# .. Heaviness of l. arm, it is moved "ith difficulty, shoulder alone seems to act&
hand and forearm paralyBed.
4A (ra"ing, do"n "hole l. leg. )' .. 2iving "ay of r. leg, then of l.
.. 9ants to sleep all the time, but in his sleep an in"ard restlessness& moaning
and muttering.
.. !kin cool and rather moist& or covered "ith profuse s"eat.