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I am deeply inclined to be part of the consulting track and to be trained to apply to top tier consulting
firms. I have the required skills and motivation and will put in the required effort for getting into a top
tier consulting firm.
I have worked for over 3 years as a maintenance engineer in a continuous process based plant. During
this period I had to solve complex problems everyday within the stipulated amount of time. I have led a
multi-disciplined team to successfully deliver the assigned target equipment availability under highly
challenging circumstances. I was responsible for the safe execution of the tasks performed during this
project and ensured zero incident during this period. I was awarded the excellent performer for
reducing the maintenance costs by 23% by changing the spare procurement strategy with out of box
thinking. I frequently provided inputs which brought radical improvement in the prevailing maintenance
procedures. Working in a metal manufacturing plant I already have the experience of working under
challenging conditions for over 10 hours a day.
I developed a strong desire to work for a top consulting firm after meeting the McKinsey team hired to
improve the operational efficiency by the organisation I worked for. I started following the consulting
industry and started reading about McKinsey and other top tier consulting firms. After gaining an
understanding of what is expected of a Business Consultant, the skills required and the life of a
consultant in general, I was convinced that I want to work with a consulting firm. This is the field where I
can use my skills of analysis and problem solving to the maximum. This started my journey in quest to
work at a top consulting firm which led to MSc Strategy and Organisational Consulting at EDHEC.
Coming from an engineering background, I have strong quantitative and analytic skills. During my
undergraduate degree I excelled in subjects which required a high degree of quantitative skills. I also
took up a project which required intensive quantitative analysis and was awarded an outstanding grade
for my detailed analysis of the topic.
I clearly understand the rigours involved in applying to and getting selected by a top tier consulting firm.
I have already started gathering the necessary resources and training myself on case based interviews. I
am determined to give all efforts needed to enter a top-tier management consulting firm.
Joining this track would give me the specialised guidance to submit the right kind of application for a top
tier firm. The intensive track will enable me to train for case based interviews. It will also help me better
identify my shortcomings and work on improving upon them with the relevant guidance.
I would request you to consider my past achievements and experience, my strong analytical skills and
my commitment to the goal of getting selected by a top tier consulting firm and give me the opportunity
to be part of the consulting track.

PS: Please find attached my CV and GMAT Score Report for your consideration.