When you’re a vampire part 2

Sorry the first bit was a little confusing but hopefully this next bit explains more XD KPOV (Kerstin) Now we had lots of plans, and Alice knew all of them, “so how about we go shopping first, and Alice knows who’s car we’re taking” I chirped, “yay I love shopping and I’ve seen your idea and it works fine soooo…. TO THE VOLVO” Alice yelled, at vampire speed we were waiting by the Volvo, “good thing I have a spare key” Alice chirped, the plan was we would go shopping then when we come back Megan would make me and her look like Tanya and Kate, and obviously Edward would be there when we got back, and when we get back he will think they were hiding there thoughts from him because Tanya and Kate were having a surprise visit. All in all it’s a good plan and we get to go shopping, and then Alice will help us pick clothes they would wear and do our make-up like them, “Megan you know when you do the whole shape shifting thing could you make your eyes and Kerstin’s turn red, it would be a good prank” Alice said, “OME that’s such a great idea” I chirped, “did you just say o.m.e” Alice asked, “yep, and you do know Bella doesn’t know us but we know her and her dirty little secrets, you see I think you had someone called Stephenie Meyer here sometime and she found Bella’s diary and published it, she keeps sneaking back to find her diary, but she cant any more without anyone getting suspicious, you should read it, it’s called Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and it explains your life and your secret that’s why I say Bella told us” I casually explained, “well that explains a lot, but Megan

I’ve smelled your scent before, have you come here with a different I.D” Alice asked, “yes I came here when I was on my own I used the name Charlie, short for Charlotte, I looked a lot different and I looked the age of a 21 year old, this is me normally, I also have a younger brother Seth, I was thinking I would pretend to be called Leah as a bit of a joke” Megan explained, “now it all makes sense thanks guys, and I know we will be BFF literally, and if you have no coven then your welcome to join us, and is Seth a vampire, and who the hell is Sofia.” Alice asked, “Seth is a vampire, and Sofia? Isn’t that your sister Kerstin?” Megan asked, “yeah Sofia is my sister, why?” I asked hesitantly “well I think Seth just bit her” Alice explained, “Megan does your brother fancy my sister or something?” I asked, “yeah he said her blood calls to him, yeesh that sounds corny” Megan said, “I know what you mean” Alice and I said in unison then we all giggled, “so how long till we get to the mall?” I asked, “well we’re going to new York one of the four fashion centres” Alice chirped, “OME I love new York, and all the fashion centres, and I think we will join you and your family Alice, as long as I can give you make over’s as well” I chirped, “yay and yes you can, finally someone who can relate to me” Alice chirped (more chirping XD). Once we arrived there we went into every store and bought everything that we liked and looked good on us, then me and Megan had to go and ‘change’ into Tanya and Kate. After we came out, Alice took us shopping again and then did our make-up and we headed back to the Cullen

house, Alice quickly called Carlisle to make sure it would be ok for me and Megan to stay and he said yes, I knew if I could cry I would be and Alice knew it too. We were almost back, but still out of hearing and mind reading range, “ok you two have to get into act, Kerstin start thinking about Edward and how your so much better for hi than Bella and picture him with barely any clothes on and in little outfits, where as you Megan think of Garrett, you know who he is, so just keep your mind wandering to how he is” Alice informed us, “ok” we said in unison and giggled, we would be in mind reading range first and I knew I only had seconds, OME I would be so much better for Edward I cant believe he married that hag, “Alice how long till we get there I want to see my Eddie-kins” I said mocking her nasally voice knowing that we were in hearing range now. As soon as Alice parked the car in the garage a furious Edward came in, “why did you take MY car, Alice?” he asked, awww he’s so cute when he’s angry, he would look even cuter in a little cowboy outfit, “nice to see you too Tanya” Edward said, I giggled and twirled my hair “awww I'm so glad you find it nice to see me, I missed you soooo much Eddie-kins” I said, “don’t call me that” he replied clenching his teeth, “awww but Eddie-kins suits you” I replied, just then I was being pinned down to the ground by none other than Bella, “oooh feisty” I said calmly, why would Edward want someone soooo boring and short tempered, I mean seriously, I know they had a kid and everything but I could always be his mistress, “Tanya please, your giving me a head ache” Edward snarled, while rubbing his temples, Bella lifted me up

and pinned me against the wall, “what you gunna do, bite me?” I asked, “maybe I will” Bella snarled, “oooh I'm so scared, Kate save me” I said sarcastically, I then pinched a bit of Bella’s shoulder making her drop me and have an arm spasm, “now you cant” I said slyly and touched Edward’s arse as I went into the living room, “hello everyone, I'm home” I said and everyone had a fake smile on there face, “Alice, what happened to Kerstin and Megan, they were much nicer than Tanya and Kate” Emmett wined, “oh thanks” I replied sarcastically, “I’m sorry I left them at the mall they’re even more obsessed with clothes than me, and they’re going to have Edward’s old room and the spare room, both of which are on the third floor” Alice replied casually, “what do you mean old room?” I asked playing good old dumb blonde Tanya, “oh haven’t you heard, me and Edward have our own cottage” Bella replied, “shoot, oh well I have to umm…. Go to the toilet” I lamely said, “you don’t go to the toilet” Edward smirked, “you do if you have to powder your nose, you coming Kate, and you as well Alice” I said as we left the room you could hear Edward complaining and saying why didn’t they warn them, once we got to Alice’s room Megan changed us back, “do they seriously wear this, I mean ewww it’s not even designer” I asked Alice, “I know that’s what I said” Alice replied, “now I'm going to burn these clothes and get into my own” me and Megan said in unison, we did that a lot now. Once we came out Alice gave us a big hug “you truly are my real sisters” Alice dry sobbed, “awww thanks, I always knew I had a secret sister out there, speaking of sisters, will Sofia come looking for me, and does she kill

any humans?” I asked, “she’s like you, she can control herself not to eat, well drink the humans blood, and yes she is coming after you” Alice said casually, “lets go down stairs, we’ll say we crept into your room and threw Tanya and Kate out, I thought Emmett ruined it for a moment, and do you know how hard it is to think like her, she really is obsessed” I said. We went down stairs and Emmett gave us a big bear hug, “Megan, Kerstin my two favourite sister’s” Emmett boomed, “one of your two favourites” Megan corrected and we all laughed apart from a confused Bella and Edward, “who are you and where are Tanya and Kate” Bella asked, “I'm Kerstin and this is Megan, and Tanya and Kate, well we threw them out” I chirped excited, “ok well I'm Bella and this is Edward” Bella said, “state the obvious much” I said sarcastically, and gave them an innocent smile, “want to see something cool?” I asked, they both shrugged “show some enthusiasm guys” I giggled, “HELL YEAH” Emmett boomed, “that’s like it, now can I have a volunteer, maybe Bella, just to see if my gift works on her” I grinned at her, “it’ll be fine, trust me” Alice said with the same grin plastered on her face that was on mine, “ummm… ok then” Bella replied and stepped forward as soon as she did that I lifted her a little and she didn’t realise she was walking on air, because I only lifted her a little bit, when she got here she still didn’t realise she was floating but everyone else did “yeesh you reek of Edward, not that that’s a bad thing, but now we all know what you were up to” Megan complained, “I bet if you could blush you would beat a fire truck in a who’s the reddest competition” I giggled, “any way it seems you were the only one who missed

Kerstin’s gift maybe Nessie would like to come here” Alice chirped, Nessie had a huge grin on her face as she walked up you could see Bella’s mouth hang open, “don’t want to catch flies now do we” Megan said looking at Bella who quickly closed her mouth, I sped Nessie up and put her right in her mothers arms, “well how about we go get our stuff out the car and in our rooms” I suggested, and Alice gladly obliged, leaving a confused Edward, cos he had no idea we knew where our rooms were, and he was lost when he realised our clothes were in the back of his Volvo which Tanya and Kate had arrived in. Hope that explained a bit more and if you want me to write more on this one then just ask XD

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