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Sun - Identity, authentic self

Moon- How you get your needs met, how you comfort yourself and others
Mercury - how you think, process info
Venus - how you love, creativity and talents
Mars - passion, physical vitality
Jupiter - Education, morality, ethics
Saturn - Boundaries, responsibility, working hard
Uranus - Independence, individuality
Neptune - Compassion, out of focus/confusion/denial
Pluto - Powerful endings and new beginnings
All of the signs are related to the 4 elements - Earth, Fire, Air, Water
Earth - Pragmatic, Responsible, Serious, Dependable, Solid as the Earth
Fire - Fiery, Inspirational, Impatient, Excitable
Water- Caring , Sensitive, Emotional
Air - Mental, Lots of Variety/Stimulation, Lots of Space
Separating them into the 4 elements makes it easier to remember as youll see the
general characteristics apply to each of them to some degree
Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Each element is also broken into Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. These are
Cardinal Signs are leaders, motivators, need to move forward. Strongest of each of the
The Cardinal Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Fixed Signs want to keep the status quo, fxed, stubborn.
The Fixed Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Mutable Signs are fexible, adaptable and thrive on change, follower.
The Mutable Signs are Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo.
Keywords Associated With Each Signs
Aries - I Am, Independence, Egotistical
Taurus - I Have, Wealth, Possessive
Gemini - I Think, Intelligent, Designer, Heated, Rash, Negative
Cancer - I Feel, Nurturing, Caring, Domestic, Overly Emotional, Moody
Leo - I Will, Charismatic, Strive to Accomplish Goals (and succeed), Arrogant, Prideful
Virgo - I Analyze, Detail-oriented, Pragmatic, Logical, Good Business Sense,
Worrisome, Stressed Out, Nervous
Libra - I Balance, Need a Relationship, Mediators, Peacekeepers, Diplomats,
Charming, Social, They will say yes when they want to say no (to keep peace),
Explosive, Indecisive (really they just weigh possibilities)
Scorpio - I Desire, Passionate, Driven, Ambitious, Sexual, All-consuming, Powerful,
Controlling, Manipulative, Secretive
Sagittarius - I Perceive, See the Big Picture, Visionaries, Teachers, Expressive,
Wisdom, Too Focused on Bigger Picture, Dogmatic
Capricorn - I Use, Utilization of Resources, Can Live on Any Budget, Good Survival
Instinct, Greedy, Users
Aquarius - I Know, Know Everything, Avant-garde, Groundbreaking, Original, Friendly,
Not Overly Emotional, Prideful
Pisces - I Believe, Spiritual, Religious, Faithful, Dreamers, Visionaries, Escapists,
Fantasy Prone, Lost, Unfocused
The Planets can infuence Positively or Negatively each of these signs.
The Zodiac starts with Aries because of the Spring Equinox. It is based around
the Northern Hemisphere because Astrology began in the North.
Meaning of Planets + Ascendant
Sun - Life Force, Our Identity, True Self, The Body, Father, Authority Figures
Moon - Self-Concept, Relation to Others, Mother, Family, Women, Feelings
Mercury - Communicator, Processing Information, Our Mindset
Venus - Love, Relation Socially to Others, Creative Talents, Females, Lovers, Beauty,
Mars - Courage, Aggression, Ambition, Vitality, Warrior, Brace, Assertive, Athlete
Jupiter - Knowledge, Expansive, Traveller, Eternal Student, Philosophical, Religious,
Saturn - Boundaries, Limitations, Responsibilities
Uranus - Uniqueness, Unconventional, Unorthodox, Rebellious, Revolutionary, Insightful
Neptune - Mysticism, Spirituality, Empathy, Compassion, Sacrifcing, Charity,
Inspirational, Visionary, Psychic, Intuitive, Healer
Pluto - Transformation, Death, Endings, Secrets, Psychology, Underworld, Death,
Rebirth, Power, Life-Changing
Ascendant/Rising Sign - Based on Time of Birth. Tropical Constellation Sign that was
rising on the Eastern Horizon at the moment of birth. - Personality, Physical
Characteristics, Self-Concept during Developmental Years
The Sun is what we identify with and what is important to us. Confdence,
Independence, Trust, Leadership, Self-Promoter. Arrogant, Self-Involved, Proud, Lack of
Confdence, Domineering
The Moon how we set our needs met and how we relate emotionally. Sociable,
Nurturing, Sensitive, Caring, Empathetic, Psychic. Moody, Overly Emotional, Overly
Attached, Unhappy, Lazy
Mercury is the communicator and processes information. Merchant, Negotiations,
Business, Writing, Speaking, Learning, Detailed, Witty, Fickle, Nervous, Distracted, Liar,
Gossip, Trickster
Venus is the planet of love. Love, Marriage, Pleasant, Harmonious, Kind, Fair, Attractive,
Indulgent, Lazy, Flirtatious, Jealous, Materialistic
Mars is the planet of courage, bravery, independence, vitality, sexuality. Energetic,
Sexual, Willful, Independent, Strong, Aggressive, Impulsive, Rash, Rude, Anxious,
Jupiter is about education. Learning, Teaching, Higher Education, Traveller, Justice,
Ethical, Honesty, Righteous, Dogmatic, Wasteful, Negative, Untruthful, Unethical,
Saturn is the planet of boundaries, perseverance and fear. Dependable, Responsible,
Committed, Dedicated, Serious, Hard Working, Restriction, Hardships, Blocks, Endings,
Separations, Cold, Detached
Uranus is about change and uniqueness. Inventions, Technology, Experimental, Future-
Oriented, Alternatives, Unpredictable, Eccentric, Demanding, Shocking, Rebellious
Neptune is mystical, spiritual, religious, compassion, healing. Dreamer, Idealistic,
Imagination, Artist, Escapist, Delusional, Denial, Confused, Foggy, Evasive
Pluto is about transformation and dealing with loss, fears and death. It is about rebirth,
letting go and reinventing ourselves. Power, Profound, Investigative, Unraveling,
Mysteries, Controlling, Manipulative, Secretive, Abusive, Power-Struggles
Ascendant/Rising Sign is based on the exact time of birth. It describes the persona,
personality, physical characteristics. It describes our environment and relationships, how
we project ourselves to the world, how we see ourselves the frst part of our life. Ruling
Planet begins to describe life purpose. The Ruling Planet is whatever planet rules the
Rising Sign.
Planetary Rulers of the Signs
Aries - Ruled by Mars
Taurus - Ruled by Venus
Gemini - Ruled by Mercury
Cancer - Ruled by Moon
Leo - Ruled by the Sun
Virgo - Ruled by Mercury
Libra - Ruled by Venus
Scorpio - Ruled by Pluto and Mars
Sagittarius - Ruled by Jupiter
Capricorn - Ruled by Saturn
Aquarius - Ruled by Uranus
Pisces - Ruled by Neptune
Each House is associated and similar to each of the 12 Signs.
First House - Self
Second House - Person, Money
Third House - Communication
Fourth House - Home
Fifth House - Children
Sixth House - Work (Ethic), Health, Maintenance
Seventh House - Others
Eighth House - Other Peoples Monies, Inheritance
Ninth House - Spreading Info
Tenth House - Career, Reputation, Fame
Eleventh House - Goals
Twelfth House - Shadow