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... through Bertha Dudde

New wonders of creation on the new earth....
Brittle matter....
hroughout e!er" single #hase of de!elo#ment the s#iritual
su$stance is %e#t in a constrained state until it has ac&uired the
necessar" maturit" for its final em$odiment as a human $eing'
hence.... if it failed its #re!ious #hase of de!elo#ment as a human
$eing it has to start in the confines of hard matter again and co!er
the #ath through the mineral' #lant and animal world until it can
$ecome a human $eing once more.
(owe!er' s#iritual su$stance which has not reached the final stage
in this #eriod' $ut is ne!ertheless released $" God due to the last
destruction of earth' will $e $ound in outer forms which corres#ond
to its maturit" again'
i.e. the interru#ted #rocess of de!elo#ment of the #ast #eriod will
continue in the new #hase of de!elo#ment.... on the new earth....
For this reason the new earth will contain the most di!erse
creations again' howe!er' the" will $e entirel" new and different
forms from those on the old earth. )nd thus new wonders of
creation will come into $eing which the first #eo#le li!ing on the
new earth will undenia$l" ac%nowledge as miraculous' as a
testimon" of God*s glor"' as e!idence of (is lo!e' omni#otence and
+eo#le will $e e,tremel" ama-ed at what the new earth has to offer
and in admiration will #raise God' lo!e (im and gi!e than%s to (im
with all their heart.
)nd the souls will continue with their de!elo#ment....
But the su$stance constrained in solid matter is tormented $" its
restriction and tries to esca#e. De#ending on the resistance of its
will it shall either succeed or fail' $ut God ta%es the will of the
su$stance into account and thus the material of the new earth is of
utmost solidit" and sta$ilit" in order to soften the inherent s#irit*s
will that it should finall" surrender its resistance.
.onse&uentl"' the slightest change of will shall loosen the form....
in earthl" terms this means that although the solid matter of the
new earth is indeed e,ce#tionall" hard it is also !er" $rittle and
thus can easil" $rea% or shatter as soon as God*s will intends a
release from this ca#ti!it".
/imilarl"' other creations will also ha!e a shorter lifes#an' $ecause
the transformation of the s#irit su$stance shall #roceed at a faster
rate' which can indeed $e #ossi$le $ut ne!ertheless de#ends on the
s#irits* willingness to ser!e. he s#iritual su$stance is merel"
intended to achie!e its final em$odiment as a human $eing faster
than in #re!ious #hases of de!elo#ment as long as its will is not
entirel" o##osed to God.
For this reason the first human $eings on the new earth shall
e,#erience miracles u#on miracles' the" will $e so affected $" them
that their lo!e for God and their unit" with (im will grow e!er more
and the" will li!e in (is grace' $ut the" will also understand these
miracles' the" %now that the" are onl" the e,#ression of God*s
infinite lo!e Who wants to retrie!e all s#irit and offers it e!er"
o##ortunit" to change its will.
)nd this shall continue for a long time until the initiall" constrained
s#irit su$stance within the #lant and animal world has reached the
stage of em$odiment as a human $eing.... hen #eo#le*s
understanding for the wonders of di!ine creation will graduall" fade'
the inclination towards matter will $e awa%ened again and' due to
their own longing for #ossessions which still contain immature
s#iritual su$stances' /atan*s influence on #eo#le $ecomes stronger
again. /u$se&uentl"' the unit" with God will diminish and the $attle
$etween light and dar%ness' which in the $eginning had
disa##eared $ecause e!er"thing li!ing on earth of its own free will
was enlightened' will increase again....
For the e!olutionar" #rocess of the s#iritual su$stance is alwa"s the
same during e!er" #eriod.... the s#irit has to li!e within the hard
form until it is willing to wal% the #ath of ser!ice through the
creations' which amounts to less constraint' and then it has to
ser!e until it has achie!ed a certain degree of maturit" which
results in a condition where it should ser!e of its own free will $ut'
unli%e during the #re!ious stages' it is no longer forced to do so.
)nd at this stage it should not fail otherwise the whole
earlier process of development has been in vain.
The human being's volition determines whether this will be
his last earthly embodiment or whether he has to repeat the
evolutionary process, whether he will turn towards the light in
the last stage or allow himself to $e ca#tured $" dar% forces and
has to $e $anished again into hard matter for ages to come....
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