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Table of Contents

1. Company Information
2. Journey of
3. Introduction
4. Vision
5. Aim, Mission and Core Values
6. Demographics, Key Growth Drivers and Advantages
7. Services Offered
8. Marketing Tools

Company Information
Product /
Online Book Retailing with aggregate of nearly 10 billion book
titles from leading publishers in India.
I-2/16, 2
Floor, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi-110002

SR E-commerce Factory Pvt. Ltd.
The Journey of

Founded by two Innovative Scholars, thought to earn some extra
income in between their studies to support the cost of Education and
the Livelihood, keeping in mind the vision and growth of the company.

Er. Ritesh Sinha (An Engineering Graduate in IT stream from DAVIET,
Chandigarh and MBA, from Cranfield School of Management, UK).

Mr. Shubham Jain (An Economics (Hons.), from Delhi University and
MBA from Amity International Business School, Noida and went on an
exchange program for 6 Months to Birkbeck University of London).

The idea of starting this innovative company came to Er. Ritesh
Sinha after going to UK.

Founded in 2011.


Er. Ritesh Sinha noticed that students in UK are very reluctant to go
far for books and stationary, every student was dependent on either
one for shopping books and buys for others as well. He thought this as
an opportunity to earn some extra money by going to the market and
bringing loads of books to sell in the campus everyday for which he
started getting appreciation from the college faculty and the students.
He met another scholar Mr. Shubham Jain in London, another young
dynamic, enthusiastic willing to become Entrepreneur.

They both started working together for the benefit of students and
moving from places to places for tie-ups and eventually got an
opportunity to work for Oxford University Press in the Business
Development Department. But once an Entrepreneur will always be an
Entrepreneur, they both left the job and came back to India to start

Since than company has maintained prospective growth.
SWOT Analysis of the Company.
Management of the Company.

Vision, a subsidiary of SR E-commerce Factory
Pvt. Ltd., is a one stop bookshop for all your reading needs.
Being Indias one of the premier upcoming online store for
books and stationary products (Media products). aims at providing a hassle free and
enjoyable shopping as well as customer experience all across
the country. One of the major highlight is to extend the
customer satisfaction by catering easy user-friendly search
engine, quick and user-friendly payment options and quicker
delivery systems.

Furthermore, is striving to provide exciting
offers and pleasant discounts to our clients.
Our Aim, Mission & Core Values
Core Values

Value Innovation
Customer Satisfaction
Passion for Excellence
Team Work

To work towards emerging as the one-stop shop for Online Book
retailing by ensuring customer convenience, availability and cost

To emerge as the number 1 retailer for Online Books in India in a
span of next 5 years.
the Online Book Retailing
Growing Market promises
tremendous growth opportunities
but absence of players fulfilling the
need profitably !!
Book Retailing
Traditional Book Sellers

Rs. 10,000 Cr market*
Accounts for 80% market share
Online Book Retailing has traditionally been viewed as a Capital
Intensive Volume based business where Margins are minimal
Online Book Sellers
Demographics, Key Growth Drivers and Advantages for
What Sells online ?
Demographics 2013 Estimates in India
Key Growth Drivers
Key Advantages
As per industry research, on an average 10,000-12,000 people
shop for books every day.
Most are men within age-group of 25-35
Almost 50 per cent of the orders come from the top eight cities
and the remaining come from B & C class towns
While the current lot of service providers have managed to achieve Top line growth however they have not been
able to achieve sustained profitability due to their inability to address the key challenges

Potentially infinite shelf space
Minimal real estate costs
Absence of the personnel and infrastructure
expenses involved with running a physical store
Lower prices
No inter-state taxes

Increasing Internet penetration
Consumer confidence in online retail as a
Convenience of shopping online
Attractive prices
Our Service Offering


Receive Request from Customer
Packaging (After procuring from Publisher)
Delivery (to the customer)





Publisher Publisher Publisher Publisher
Marketing Tools & Initiatives
Some of the tools which we will leverage
A Few Initiatives which we will undertake
Offering the lowest price amongst all competitors on a particular day of the week to facilitate sales
Cater to Non English speaking population of the country by stocking books in the local languages
Offering discount coupons for repeat customers
Linking a proportion of discounts to Liking the page on the website in numbers
1. 2 Countries
2. 3 Offices
3. 55 Employees
4. 750 Publishers
5. 1250 Internships
6. 4 Years of Experience
7. 92000 subscriptions
8. 49000 members

Way Forward for the business
Web Services
Logistic Services
OnLine Book Retailing
(Single Location)
OnLine Book Retailing
(Expansion to Multiple
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