By Irene McGough
Our eternal home,
The New 1erusalem,
Where we`ll behold the Lamb,
Seated on the throne.
The glory shining forth,
From the throne the river flows,
Encircling the throne is an emerald rainbow,
Praise from the four living creatures flows.
~Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God almighty,
Who was and is and is to come.¨
Praise that will resound throughout eternity,
The twenty four elders join in laying down their crowns.
Behold the glory of the Lamb,
He is the Lamb who was slain,
For all eternity we shall be with Him,
When we as the saints in glory reign.
Reigning with the King how wonderful,
Eternally we will be so grateful.
The blood that purchased our redemption,
And brought forth our salvation,
Has washed us and cleansed us,
So now our eternal home will be with 1esus.
The streets are golden,
The Lord has prepared for us eternal mansions,
Beauty beyond compare,
Will surround us everywhere.
The Lion will lay down with the Lamb,
All are healed in the New 1erusalem,
We`ll be dressed in white garments,
As we walk through the New 1erusalem.
Without blemish and without stain,
Free from all disease and pain,
Blood purchased saints will gather,
Where prayers of incense fill the air.
What a glorious wonderful day it will be,
When we the New 1erusalem will see,
Eternally we`ll behold the Lord in all His glory,
Giving Him all the praise and all the glory.
So for now let us fix our eyes on Him,
Our wonderful Saviour, Lord and King,
Remembering always it`s for Him we`re living,
All to 1esus we are now surrendering.
Lord, you take my breath away,
One moment in your presence and I`m undone,
Awestruck in wonder as upon you I gaze,
It`s like I can visualize your glory shining like the sun.
I have sought so long to see your face,
The one who has saved me by grace,
And you meet me here revealing more to me,
As I come to you and earnestly seek.
You have said you will not hide your face,
From those who are under your grace,
Who come earnestly seeking to see,
You in the wonder of your glory.
With a grateful and thankful heart I come,
Praising your precious name,
1esus, precious 1esus I fall down at your feet,
You`re telling me that in the heavenly places with you I`m seated.
I`m seated in the Heavenly Places with 1esus my Lord,
This is something I find hard to get my head around,
But God`s Word tells me it is true,
And Lord I have heard you echoing this too.
Lord you show me the immeasurable riches of your grace,
And I come surrendering to you all of my days,
I just can`t live for myself any longer,
Through your blood you have forever and ever brought me near.
We are lost in wonder considering your mercy and grace,
Awestruck as we catch a glimpse of your beautiful face,
And we long to see you much more clearly,
For you are the one we love so dearly.
We want to know the innermost thoughts of your heart,
Let us be for you totally set apart,
We are running after you in hot pursuit,
In and through you we have planted our roots.
We are a people destined for greater things,
For we have been forgiven of all of our sins,
And you have a plan and purpose for each of us,
For we are dying to self and living for 1esus.
How can it be that you the King of Glory can love us like you do?
We are amazed at your grace, compassion and mercy too,
To the cross you went, shedding your blood for us,
Nothing else could wash away our sins, except the blood of 1esus.
And we gaze upon you now, offering thanks and praise,
1esus, King of glory to you our hands we raise,
There is no-one, absolutely no-one like you Lord,
With thankful hearts in praise together we gather in one accord.
There is no love quite like that God kind of love,
But we who know 1esus can show that 'agape' love,
For we have the Holy Spirit within,
To help us achieve real godly living.
Now we know that God's love knows no bounds,
Forgiveness of all our sins we have found,
By accepting the free gift of salvation,
So wonderfully and freely given.
Now that we have been forgiven,
And we know we're on our way to heaven,
We should love the Lord more than anything,
Putting Him first in everything.
If we want to love like He loves,
We have to be ready to love even our enemies,
And forgive even those who have hurt us,
For we though undeserving have forgiveness.
So Lord we pray, won`t you help us this way,
For we desire to love like you love today,
We want to care like you care,
And with the people around us your love share.
Lord, purify our hearts,
Set us apart,
To live lives of purity,
In you we have our identity.
Help us to flee from sin,
We have Christ living within,
In all we do let us be a reflection,
Of the One who has given us salvation.
Guard our tongues,
Don`t let us speak words that sting,
May our words instead bring healing,
And let them be encouraging.
Pure hearts love and care,
And are prepared to share,
Being prepared to give till it hurts,
Because we cannot bear to see others hurt.
Pure hearts do not exalt themselves,
But see others as greater than themselves,
Pure hearts humble themselves,
And they have a Godly focus.
Pure hearts commune with God,
Because only there can such purity be found,
Help us to watch and pray,
Humbly we submit ourselves to you today.
For on this day you were born,
A day defined in God`s plan,
But the main heavenly celebration,
Was on the day you were reborn.
Before you were conceived,
The Lord had the days of your life planned,
Today on this your birthday,
He wants you to know he`ll be with you along life`s journey.
Better days are yet to come,
This is the time for acceleration,
New heights you are about to climb,
As you for him keep shining.
Rejoicing takes place when a sinner is reborn,
Now take the message of salvation,
Share with others the hope that is in you,
That they might discover real joy too.
And there will be rejoicing in heaven,
When another sinner is reborn,
Because you have a witness borne,
For 1esus you are now living.
Your mercies astound me,
Your loving kindness amazes me,
Amazing is the grace shown to me,
I`m so blessed your wonders to see.
The loving compassion from your heart,
Will never from me depart,
Your mercies are new every morning,
For you Lord my heart is longing.
Lord, I am so grateful,
Because you are always faithful,
Your mercy and grace abounds for me daily,
Great and marvellous One, I praise you joyfully.
When I am low you pick me up,
You invite me to with you sup,
To come into your sweet presence,
Experiencing your love and mercies.
Irene McGough © 2013
Lamentations 3:22-23 (ESV)
The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
The Lord our God knows everything,
From him there is nothing hidden,
Do we think we can hide from him?
Do we imagine that last hasty word we spoke was unseen?
Yet he does not place us under condemnation,
When we confess our sins we are forgiven,
What he sees now is the blood of 1esus,
For our Saviour has made atonement for us.
Remarkable in every way that he who knew no sin,
Became sin for us, paying the price for our sin,
Now here we are the guilty ones,
Before our Father seen as righteous and clean.
Only the blood of 1esus could set us free,
We had to come to 1esus and bow the knee,
Confessing before him that we are guilty of sin,
Asking in prayer that we might be forgiven.
But we should now flee from sin.
Being forgiven does not give us a license to sin,
The habits and ways of the past are ungodly,
We ought to turn from sin and seek to be holy.
We cannot live holy lives on our own,
When 1esus ascended into heaven he did not leave us alone,
We have been given the Holy Spirit to lead us into righteousness,
From his heavenly throne our Lord for us intercedes.
He is praying for you and I to stay on the right path,
Not veering to the right or the left and going astray,
So we need not worry as to how we can keep on course,
He will help us walk in the light today and every day.
Don`t stress believing you have failed him,
If we say we have no sin we are lying,
But we confess our sins, seeking to sin no more,
Praying that we`ll not make the same mistakes we`ve made before.
Remember now the name of 1esus has power to break every chain,
Abba Father loves us and wants us to know inner healing,
1esus our Saviour is rooting for all of us big time,
And the Holy Spirit is there leading, guiding us and giving us direction.
Sin no longer has dominion over us,
The victory over sin has been won by the Lord 1esus,
Today praise the Lord if you are a believer you are under grace,
Let`s give him all the praise and all the glory as we run the race of faith.
Hebrews 4:13 (NIV)

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God`s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid
bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.
Have you the heart of a shepherd?
Do you care for the sheep?
For the sheep who have wandered,
Do you pray and weep?
Many of God's sheep have wandered away,
They have ventured far gong astray,
The Lord is the Chief Shepherd,
But he is looking for under shepherds.
Is there a sheep in need of shepherding,
Could you be involved in pastoring?
It's not just platform preachers who are called,
By God as his shepherds.
He can use us to show his love and care,
To help others find their way,
Being prepared your testimony to share,
And helping them find their way back to 1esus today.
Many are prodigals who have gone their own way,
Things of this world have led them astray,
Now they are lost sheep in need of a shepherd,
And they have wandered so far from the Chief Shepherd.
Others are lost sheep who know not the Chief Shepherd,
They need yet to our Saviour to be introduced,
Have you thought of discipling new believers?
They need someone to help them go forward.
Sheep with shepherds go in the right direction,
And they are less likely to go off on their own,
So even if it's only a friend or two for now,
Will you rise to the challenge of discipling now?
I will praise you Lord each and every day,
Indeed I will boast in you alone,
Keep me humble Lord, joy in my heart resounding,
I bring thanks and praise unto you today.
Come and magnify the Lord with me,
Let us exalt him for his name is holy,
We sought the Lord and he answered our prayers,
Delivering us from all of our fears.
With radiant faces we now gaze upon him,
We are no longer ashamed, we are forgiven,
We cried out to God and now we are saved,
From our fears we have been delivered.
We have tasted and seen that the Lord is good,
He sends his angels to protect us,
We are so blessed because we find our refuge in 1esus,
God has promised us who believe that we shall not suffer lack.
Even young lions suffer want and lack,
But those who seek him will no good thing lack,
So let us pay attention to God`s precious Word,
Reverently worshipping and trusting the Lord.
Help us to walk in the paths of righteousness we pray,
Controlling our tongues, speaking words of life,
For deceitful tongues speaking negative words are not your way,
From evil deeds, and wrong thinking we turn away.
We will seek peace and pursue it, walking in righteousness
Your eyes are on us Lord for you count us among the righteous,
We thank you that you hear us when we cry out to you in prayer,
People who walk in evil ways you will not reward.
When we called out to you for help you delivered us from troubles,
For you draw close to the broken hearted, we were crushed but not forsaken,
For you turned things around, now we triumph in victory overcoming,
You have redeemed us Lord and we are no longer in condemnation.
If you don't want to be radical don't pray,
Go to church only on a Sunday,
If you don't want to be radical don't listen,
To the word that God is giving.
If you don't want to be radical don't open the Bible,
The Spirit might speak to you as you read,
So keep your Bibles shut if you don't want to be radical,
If you open it do your duty but pay no heed.
If you don't want to be radical avoid on fire Christians,
At all cost you must avoid those who are sold out for God,
After all it's in the real world you are living,
You don't want to be boring like them, always doing good.
If you don't want to be radical ignore the Holy Spirit,
He will try to get through to you and of sin convict,
If you don't want to be radical listen to worldly music,
Something might touch you in Worship music.
If you don't want to be radical go to a dead church,
You won't walk into a live and vibrant church,
If you don't want to be radical keep your eyes closed,
If you don't want to be radical keep your ears closed.
If you don't want to be a radical Christian,
Don't get involved and start participating,
All you really want is to know that you have salvation,
And you were looking for a ticket to heaven.
Friend if you are scared of being radical are you sure you are saved?
It's not just fans that the Lord seeks, he wants doers of the Word,
He wants radical believers sold out for Him,
Being followers of 1esus is what it's all about, obeying Him.
All I want is to be a sold out radical believer,
Obeying His voice, as a follower,
Not only listening and reading , but to be a doer,
Led by the Holy Spirit carrying the fire.
In my weakness,
You are my strength,
Tiredness and fatigue,
Will try to downwards drag,
Me till I want to curl up,
In a little heap.
But I look to you,
Knowing that in you,
I gain strength,
To rise,
To do what I cannot do,
I can do all things through you.
Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
God does not lie,
But why?
Do we not believe,
That we will receive,
Answers to every prayer.
Our God cares,
His promises are yes and amen,
It's time to thank Him for blessings,
Even those we do not yet see,
Through 1esus He has set us free,
God is good all the time,
He is the Divine,
God is not a man that he should lie,
He hears our every cry,
In all His ways He is faithful,
Our God is merciful,
He meets our every need,
He is righteous indeed.
It's time to give Him praise,
And come by faith,
Believing for that we don't yet see,
And that it will be,
As promised in His Word,
For He is our Lord.
We give him praise,
And we want to gaze,
Upon His face,
Thankful for His mercy and grace.
Life without you,
Would be empty,
In and through you,
I'm complete.
I was lost,
But now I'm found,
At the cross,
Salvation I found.
My sins were washed away,
You came into my heart to stay,
A gift freely given,
Now I'm on my way to heaven.
And I can rejoice,
To my praise I give voice,
I'd be lost without my 1esus,
The One who died to save us.
There is salvation in no other,
Only one Saviour,
I'm so glad I know you,
Today is the time for all to find you.
I am who I am because of you,
You are changing me,
I could not imagine life without you,
Thank you Lord for being so real to me.
Acts 4:12 And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by
which we must be saved."
I could manage to step out of a rowing boat,
Like the one in the picture,
In shallow waters,
Could I in the middle of a stormy sea step out of a boat?
Could I believe that my Lord would help me walk on water?
Have I faith to believe that he'll help me walk on water?
It is time for me to step out of the boat,
My Lord will help me to walk on water,
When I seek him as I ought to,
That's it I've stepped out of the boat,
No thoughts of drowning,
For with my Saviour I'm walking.
He took me to my knees,
And had me shed some tears,
I saw no joy on the peoples faces,
In the streets, in supermarkets and other places.
Sadness overcame me,
For the people were lacking in hope,
And they seemed all at sea,
My thoughts went to where they could find that hope.
"Oh Lord I see so much emptiness,
The people Lord so many enveloped in stress,
And I know where they can find answers,
In you my dear Lord and Saviour.
Lord I have a burden for the lost,
You did this in my heart implant,
My heart breaks knowing that you care,
With the lost and the hurting you want me your love to share.
By your Spirit I need to be led,
Sharing the full Gospel,
My 1esus saves, heals and delivers,
They too can know you as Lord and Saviour.
Lord help me to shine like a bright light,
Dispelling even the darkness of the darkest night,
I desire for my face to so shine with your glory,
That people might be anxious to hear my story.
And I will testify to them of your goodness,
I will speak to them of your loving kindness,
And how they too can find your forgiveness,
When they lay their burdens down at the foot of the cross.
The people who are lost and weary will find hope,
They will find that they too can have joy,
For in and through you Lord they find real joy,
And discover what it is to have eternal hope.
I'm believing that I will see many more come to you,
Many souls won for the Kingdom,
Heaven touching earth is what I long to see,
Holy Spirit use me for the glory of the Kingdom." AMEN
For all who are hurting and feeling alone.
My darling one,
Feel my sweet caress,
Into my arms I beckon you to come,
I will wash away your tears.
You are significant,
You make a difference,
You are relevant,
In me you gain strength.
How I love you,
I am always here for you,
I want to shower you with my love,
There is healing in that love.
It is okay for you to cry,
It is okay to express your feelings,
My promise to you is no lie,
My embrace brings wonderful healing.
Rest in my embrace,
1ust rest in that place,
It`s you and me time,
You are basking in the arms of the Divine.
Love from 1esus
We tend to forget,
Life here is 80- 100 years at best,
For us as believers,
We ought to have eternity in view,
Living as 1esus followers,
Walking in obedience to,
The One who has saved us,
Our Lord and Saviour 1esus.
Some day we will be at the Bema Seat,
Crowns of rewards will be handed out,
But those rewards are given for obedience,
With eternity in view we should live our lives,
Remembering 1esus is coming soon,
And proclaiming to the lost the message of salvation.
In word or deed,
Reaching those in need,
Demonstrating the Kingdom and it's power,
For we do not know the day or the hour,
Of His returning and the people need to know,
That they too can have eternal hope.
We ought to have a sense of urgency,
We need to really care,
About those heading for a lost eternity,
They need to know that 1esus their sins did bare,
And that they too can have eternal life,
Through 1esus who is the way, the truth and the life.
The Lord said to me ~Are you a God pleaser?
Or are you a people pleaser?
I answered ~Lord you know it is you I want to please,
My love for you Lord will never cease.¨
He said ~You need to humble yourself and bow the knee,
A proud and arrogant spirit has no part of me.¨
I said ~ Lord, break me, melt me, mould me,
Help me Lord to truly bend the knee.¨
He said ~Are you prepared to give me your all?
When you hold back from me you bring about another fall.¨
I answered ~ Lord take all of me,
Take every part of me.¨
He said ~It was for you that I died,
To yourself you must surely die.¨
I answered ~I will take up my cross and follow you,
I so want to die to my flesh now. ~
He said ~Will you love me with your whole heart?
In all things will you put me first.¨
I said ~Lord I love you I give you my heart,
For you dear Lord I hunger and thirst.¨
He said ~Are you willing to do my bidding?
Are you prepared to do whatsoever I ask?¨
I answered ~Lord I am willing,
I choose to whatever you give me as a task.¨
He said ~So you will go wherever I send you,
Even if it means going to the uttermost parts of the earth?¨
I said ~Lord where you send me I will go,
Even if it means most certain death.¨
He said¨ Are you really sure about that?
Are you ready to withstand severe persecution?
I said ~Lord all I know is I must be in the centre of your will,
I cannot pursue my own way any longer.
He said ~Daily you must seek my face, spend time in the Word,
The Holy Spirit will empower you to do all that I ask of you.¨
I said ~I want to know you so much more Lord,
I will praise your Name, thank you for giving me your Spirit¨
He said ~I am so pleased that your heart is surrendered,
In heaven there was rejoicing when you surrendered all.¨
I answered ~Lord you have done so much for me, your name be praised,
How can I respond any other way but to answer my life`s call.¨
He said ~You have chosen the better path beloved,
Do you really know how much you are loved?¨
I said ~Lord I do have some understanding,
But I will spend my life at your feet learning.¨
He said ~Come closer I have so much I want to impart,
To you dear one, for you are for me set apart.¨
I said ~Thank you Lord I am not worthy of such grace,
I am so thankful that you see me as righteous in your eyes.¨
He said ~Now my dear one go and tell others,
Share with them the love of my Father.¨
I said ~Yes Lord I want the world to know of your love,
Your grace and mercy, and the cleansing power of your blood.¨
He said ~I want you also to help others in their journey with me,
Let your life be a living example of how to live for me.¨
I said. ~Lord I know I cannot do this in my own strength,
Keep filling me up afresh with the Holy Spirit I pray.¨
He said ~I need you to keep your mind pure,
Whatever is good, pure and holy fill your mind with those things.¨
I said ~Lord create in me a pure heart,
Set me ablaze with your fire, desiring only you, keep me from sin.¨
He said ~Be like Solomon and seek my kind of wisdom,
Come to me seeking revelatory knowledge.¨
I answered ~Oh yes Lord, I want your kind of wisdom
Yes indeed Lord I want more revelation knowledge.¨
He said ~Take the full gospel out to the lost, set the captives free,
Heal the sick in my name and you will see even demons flee.¨
I said ~Lord I am going to walk in faith,
For I know you will fulfil the promises as your Word saith.¨
He said ~You have been given faith beyond measure,
Because you count me as your greatest treasure.¨
I said ~Thank you, thank you Lord, forever I will give you praise,
I will serve you dear Lord 1esus the length of my days.¨
I desire to love like
you love,
To be so impacted
by your love,
That I might the
Father's heart,
To others impart.
The more I understand,
Of your wonderful love,
Being transformed by your dove,
I can help others understand,
The wonder of you.
In all I do I want to honour you,
I want to show your love more freely,
And see others encounter you're reality.
Transform and renew my mind,
From my own selfish ways I resign,
I want to bear your reflection,
Looking more like you in every action.
Thank you for loving me,
Thank you for the Holy Spirit changing me,
I'm a work in progress drawing closer,
Like an eagle I desire to soar.
So many lessons I`ve had to learn,
From the university of life,
Lessons that couldn`t be learned,
In the study of my degree,
Lessons not understood in Bible School,
On how 1esus sets us free.
I still could let fear overtake me,
When troubles I did see.
The one who breathes life into me,
Is now the teacher at my University.
Strangely I`ve been learning for such a long time,
Learning lessons that can only be taught by the Divine.
Today I am a middle age student,
Sitting at 1esus feet,
For it is there that I learn the greatest lessons,
The Holy Spirit is giving me direction.
I`m going to keep on learning from my teacher,
Because I am a 1esus follower.
I`m staying enrolled at this University,
In preparation for eternity.
My teacher is my closest friend,
He is with me wherever I go,
He`ll be with me beyond life`s journey`s end,
He has a wisdom that is beyond this world,
That wisdom is being parted to me by the Lord.
So here I am studying for life,
Under the instruction of the one who has given me a new life.
Not one iota,
Absolutely nothing,
Can separate us from Abba,
And his love,
Agape love,
Seen in 1esus,
The One who died for us.
Amazing, extraordinary love,
The kind that only comes from above,
Is ours forevermore,
It is time to appreciate,
The magnitude,
Of the One who our sins bore.
We exalt lift up on high,
The Name of 1esus,
He sits at the Father's right hand on high,
Our risen glorified Lord and Saviour 1esus,
Knowing nothing can separate us,
Not one iota can keep us apart from 1esus.
Deu 33:27 The eternal God is your refuge and dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms; He
drove the enemy before you and thrust them out, saying, Destroy!
When we go to sleep at night we can be assured that we are resting in the everlasting arms.
Psa 1:2 But his delight and desire are in the law of the Lord, and on His law (the precepts, the instructions,
the teachings of God) he habitually meditates (ponders and studies) by day and by night.
We can delight in the Lord and the wonders of His Word and His sweet presence day and night. God`s Word
is precious and we not only need to read it , but we need to meditate upon it and study it, that the words of
Scripture end up being written in our hearts.
Psa 74:16 The day is Yours, the night also is Yours; You have established the ¡starry] light and the sun.
Day and night we can praise the one who created it all. Even in our dreams we can offer Him praise, for
surely when we make Him central in our lives, He becomes central in our dreams. We dream dreams and
have visions from our God.
Psa 91:5 You shall not be afraid of the terror of the night, nor of the arrow (the evil plots and slanders of the
wicked) that flies by day,
We need not fear what the enemy brings against us, the eternal God is our refuge. Day and night 24/7 we
have that confidence. God even sends His angels to protect us. Fear has no place in us, we trust in God. His
favour is with those who walk in righteousness. He delivers them from all their troubles (see Psalm 34).
Psa 17:15As for me, I will continue beholding Your face in righteousness (rightness, justice, and right
standing with You); I shall be fully satisfied, when I awake¡to find myself] beholding Your form ¡and having
sweet communion with You]. AMP
Isn't it wonderful to wake up in the morning and turn our eyes to gaze at the Lord? He is so good to us. Our
first wakening thoughts in the morning should be of the Lord. I have often said ~Good morning Lord, Good
morning Father , Good morning Holy Spirit have your way with me today.¨
Day turns to night,
Now it's moon light,
Darkness is coming down,
But it needn't bring a frown.
The light shines in the darkness,
And the darkness is dispelled,
Day and night we can praise our creator,
We need not be afraid of night terrors.
When I go to bed I rest in my daddy's arms,
Knowing that I will come to no harm,
He sends his angels to protect me,
And in my dreams visions I see.
In the morning hour I will awake,
His praises I will declare,
And I will seek his face,
Upon my dear Lord to gaze.
1ames 5:17-18 Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and
for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth. Then he prayed again, and heaven gave rain, and
the earth bore its fruit.
Fervent prayers from a Godly man,
Brought a stop to the rain,
For our God Elijah`s prayers,
Did answer.
Three years and six months,
There was no rain upon the earth,
There was famine in the land,
Ahab had lost sight of God`s ways.
Once again when Elijah did pray,
The people were in dismay,
The heavens did rain,
And the earth was fruit bearing.
We want to see the heavens rain,
Raining down heavenly blessings,
That we the people of God might stand,
Bearing fruit in this our land.
Healing rain come and fall down,
Upon us in this city or town,
Refresh and revive your people today,
Hear us Lord as we fervently pray.
10,000 hallelujah's, cannot express my gratitude,
This can be no brief interlude,
For now and throughout eternity I will praise your Name,
Praise, glory, and honour to your Holy Name.
Worthy, worthy, is the Lamb, who was slain,
The one who for my sake suffered such pain,
Now words can express my love for you,
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord and Saviour; shining in Infinite Glory.
I write poetry to try and put something into words,
But words cannot express the depth of this love,
My love is a poor reflection of the love you have for me Lord,
Hallelujah, to the One who sits at the Father's right hand above.
Oh, 10,000,000,000 hallelujah's, could not express my gratitude,
For you saved, me, healed me and made me whole,
This can be no brief moment in time, no interlude,
I say thanks praise, honour and glory, be unto the One who saved my soul.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah,
And again I say Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! ................
Sunday morning,
You we are adoring,
In you we are trusting,
You are guiding,
Giving us direction,
By the Sirit's !eading"
In the coming wee#,
It's you we see#,
We $ord are wea#,
You give strength to the wea#,
We need you $ord,
%eign within our !ives $ord"
&ore !i#e you $ord,
'ere we are in one accord,
Gathering in your resence,
Awa#en our siritua! senses,
To see what you see,
To hear what you hear"
Your Kingdom come,
Your wi!! (e done,
Truimhant over dar#ness,
Wa!#ing in righteousness,
Your eo!e going )orth to the nations,
To reach out in this generation"
New wine we have (een drin#ing,
As your Sirit is re)reshing,
'e! us to give away what we have (een given,
This wonder)u! g!orious river o) hea!ing,
*eo!e out there need to #now our King,
&ay the !ove o) +esus )rom us (e over,owing"
"Oh that you would bless us and enlarge our borders, and that your hand might be with us, and that you
would keep us from harm so that it might not bring us pain!" AMEN
Extend us Lord,
Enlarge our territories,
Taking us deeper,
All for the Kingdom, Lord.
And you are with us,
Your hand constantly on us,
Giving us guidance,
Enlarge now our visions.
Lord protect us from evil,
That we may heal,
By the power of the Holy Spirit,
As we go out in your might.
We believe we will be blessed,
That we will see your Kingdom extend,
As we go in your Name,
And Lord may we never cause others pain.
Flowers in a beautiful array,
So colourful they take my breath away,
The scent so sweet,
Appears to be heaven sent.
Life and vitality,
In this floral display,
Bring some cheer my way,
Flowers bring joy.
Flowers here are beautiful,
I believe we will see flowers even more graceful,
With a beauty beyond what we have yet seen,
When we look upon the floral display in heaven.
I believe heaven will be a place of great beauty,
But even our surroundings will not have us sway,
From the awestruck wonder of His presence,
His glory shining forth everywhere, how marvellous!
We will gaze upon the lamb slain for our sakes,
The Lion of 1udah truimphantly taking His place,
For we shall behold our glorious King,
Amidst heaven's beauty nothing will take our eyes off of Him.
Do you know you are saved? Do you hear His voice and follow Him?
Dear friend do you know for sure that you are saved?
Do doubts flood through your mind as to whether you are saved?
Do you know the wonder working power of your salvation?
Or do you find yourself merely going through the motions?
Do you know that if you died today you are going to heaven?
Do you have the knowledge and peace knowing your sins are forgiven?
Did you say the sinner`s prayer looking for a ticket to heaven?
Or have you now with your Father in heaven found reconciliation?
Do you find that there is much in you that is pure emotion?
Emotion that can be turned on and off like a tap,
Or have you given yourself over to a life of devotion,
To the one who shed His blood for you and me?
He wants us to come to Him in true repentance,
Each and every one of has been given the chance,
We have been asked to take up our cross and follow Him,
To die to all that is self living now and forever only for Him.
1esus said ~My sheep hear my voice and follow me.¨
How He longs for us His heart and His face to seek,
So friend the Spirit of the Lord is asking you today,
~Do you really know 1esus Christ, He is the only way?¨
Do you have other things you place before the Lord 1esus?
Does your mouth pronounce words of blessings or curses?
This is a serious topic for a poem for sure,
But we must remember that 1esus is sin`s only cure.
Do you really know the Perfect Spotless Son of God?
The one who reveals Himself to us in His Word?
All scripture is breathed on by the Spirit of the Lord,
Do you feed yourself and live by the truth of the Word?
Are there things you need to bring before the Lord?
Things hindering you in your walk with your Father, God;
1ust as the Lord is dealing with me as He gives me this poem,
He says to all who are afar off ~Today is the time to come home.¨
I can hear the Spirit speaking to me about my own selfish ways,
And yet I have promised to serve 1esus the rest of my days,
Oh I am a wretched woman, who can take my eyes off of 1esus,
And find myself about silly things making such a fuss.
So I`ve not got it all together, I am a work in progress,
But I know that in 1esus I can find perfect rest,
And I find it so amazing that 1esus for me intercedes,
In Him I have now found a wonderful joy and peace.
The Lord says¨ I long for you my people to draw close to Me,
To walk in harmony, to forgive one another and love as I love,
Hurts of the past I want to heal, but I want you to submit to Me,
I have given you My Spirit that you might be empowered from above.
Get to know My voice, it`s time for discernment and recognition,
As I speak afresh to you, giving you words bearing new revelation,
For I speak with clarity, every detail, you so often are not listening,
Open your ears My bride, hear what I am saying and do My bidding.
Are you ready to obey my voice when I tell you what to do?
If you are truly one of My Sheep you need to follow Me,
Listen to what I am saying specifically as I speak to you,
An obedient and contrite heart will be blessed by Me.
From that place you will see the wonders of my Kingdom,
I long to see you to move in full might and power by my Spirit,
That lives of people around about you might find freedom,
Many, many captives set free in the knowledge of Me by My Spirit.
Remember now that I have given you a commission,
I asked you to go outside your church walls and preach the Gospel,
The message you have to take is the Gospel of the Kingdom
For I want to see towns, cities and nations saved if you the people will tell?¨
R~efiner`s fire cleanses
E~xpecting great things
V~oice of God I hear more clearly
I~ntimacy with the Lord is for me
V~aster than the oceans are His thoughts towards me
A~ccepted by Father
L~oved by God
F~ire burning within my heart,
I~ntimacy I must have,
R~evive my heart again
E~vermore I will serve You.
B~e my everything
U~nder your protection I dwell
R~evival of a personal nature has taken place
N~o longer will I go my own way
I~ declare that Christ is Lord of my life
N~ow returning fully to my first love
G~od now reigns supremely in my life
A displaced people not at home in their homeland,
Why can't they feel at home in the country of their birth?
Not accepted by the majority from the moment of their birth,
The Roma are a people without a land.
Yet God loves the Roma people and He has a place for them,
Although man may shun them, by God they are not forgotten,
For He welcomes them into His loving arms, welcoming them home,
A land He prepares for them when through 1esus they come.
A people rejected by men, can be forgiven,
A people without a steady fixed abode can find a home in heaven,
Because God loves the Roma people and wants to heal their hurts,
He sets the captives free, and He comes to dwell within their hearts.
"Is your lampstand burning dimly?
Have you lost sight of your first love?
I'm speaking also to your member's individually?
Are you beloved reflecting my love?
Return to me, your first love,
Alight the fire within your lampstands,
I will empower you with my dove,
It is time for you my people to take your lands.
I have seen your efforts to reach the lost,
But it's not going to happen by self effort,
It's not by your might or power but by my Spirit,
It is time for you my people to be led by the Holy Spirit.
I need to come like a fresh bloom cleansing,
My people you must flee from sin,
Listen to my voice and follow me,
Do you really want my Kingdom to see?
You sing songs of worship saying you give me your all,
Yet there are elements you hold back and you're heading for a fall,
Stat allowing the Holy Spirit full sway in your lives,
It won't do for men in the church to lust after other men's wives.
This message I know is not for thee whole church,
There are pockets here and there where my fire has been burning,
But for you my friends I send a warning,
Don't allow spiritual pride in to dim the light in your church..
You can learn from the persecuted church,
Learn from the poor churches in India and Africa,
They stand strong in me, they know the heart of Abba,
And they have not lost sight of their first love, even unto death.
Today, I am looking for lampstands burning brightly,
Churches whose lampstands are out are unsightly,
I feel such anguish in my heart when I see empty churches,
That once had bright lampstands burning within
Many say they would like to see revival,
But beloved it starts with individual renewal,
Are you prepared to take up your crosses and follow me?
Will you live in full obedience to me?
Is pursuit of 1esus and his Kingdom first on your agenda,
It's your heart's I'm looking for, hearts broken and restored by me,
I long to see the church in the west on fire,
Lampstands burning brightly, my people reflecting me."
I love you and I have always loved you,
Daily my Son 1esus intercedes for you,
The Holy Spirit ignites the fire,
I will clothe you with my glorious attire.
Burn for me, shine brightly my beloved children,
May the church be filled with godly men and women,
Reaching upwards, reaching outwards and ready to humble themselves,
Living for me, obeying me and dying now to selves.
And my Kingdom will come in power in the Western church,
Signs, wonders and miracles like never before,
Souls being saved daily and people are added to my church,
For I have shaken the western church at it's core."
Love from the Father who has always loved you,
From 1esus your Saviour,
And from the Holy Spirit who empowers you
- The three in one God.
(Praying through Hebrews 5 in poetry)
We exalt you oh Lord, our Great High Priest.
After the order of Melchesidek forever you are a Priest.
Thank you Lord 1esus for you intercede for us,
God the Son, to your Father, you were always obedient Lord 1esus.
That obedience took through a path of suffering,
Sinless and perfect you took our sins giving us salvation,
Lord don't let your church of today remain hard of hearing,
Open our ears to hear your voice, and may we keep maturing.
Many among us by now ought to be teachers,
But they still need to be taught basic Biblical principles,
Lord we repent on behalf of the church, forgive us for wanting to live on milk,
Take us deeper into the solid meat of your precious Word
It would seem that down through the ages the church has not changed,
It is time for us to move beyond childish things and move into maturity,
When we feed on your Word we are in righteousness and discernment trained,
And we learn who we are in you Lord and can move on into our destiny.
So we pray, take us deeper,
To you we want to draw closer,
Putting away childish things,
Moving on and maturing,
With our Great High Priest's help,
We are dying now to self.
Thank you Lord
Most of us believe God is bigger than our problems,
But do we really believe this and take hold of it?
We need to get our perspective right,
Start to realize that God is so much bigger than every problem.
Faith needs to rise up within us in crisis moments,
We have someone who will carry us through,
And he will never ever let us down,
He sees our every need and they are already from heaven sent.
So we need not start throwing wobblies,
Because we have all those worries,
The Lord knows our every worry and concern,
Has he ever in the past withheld a blessing?
Every need he will meet,
When we bow the knee at his feet,
Every hurt he wants to heal,
He has placed upon us his seal.
So we need to trust him when problems we face,
He has told us we can remove even mountains by faith,
Our God is so much bigger than our problems,
It`s time for us to be by faith believing.
Believing and trusting in his goodness,
Believing that for us he wants to do good things,
Bringing healing and provision for us in our hour of need,
He will never ever neglect us to feed.
It's not always easy to forgive,
Sometimes we find it very hard,
Let's not forget how we are the forgiven,
We have been cleansed by the blood.
So matter how heinous the crime,
Our Father in heaven wants us to forgive,
The offender who has committed this sin,
In releasing forgiveness we find freedom.
We can find the hurt goes so deep,
And we don't want to carry a spirit of offense,
But those hurts in our hearts we keep,
Inner healing begins at the foot of the cross.
The Lord wants to help us to forgive,
He can reach into the deepest hurts,
Every spiritual dagger placed in you he can remove,
As you the perpetrators forgive.
Song of Solomon 2:1 I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.
1esus is the rose of Sharon and a lily of the valleys.
In the New Testament 1esus is never actually referred to as the rose of Sharon. However, we can see here
though how 1esus is symbolically I believe referred to as the rose of Sharon. For the bride as she grows more
like her groom as she draws closer to Him should reflect something of Him as we the bride of Christ should.
The person saying she is the "rose of Sharon" in the above verse was the Shulamite woman who apparently
was Solomon`s bride.
Sharon is a plain - it is one of the largest valley-plains in all of Palestine. Back at the time of Solomon, it was
considered a wild, fertile plain that had a lot of beautiful flowers in it. Sharon was supposed to have been
known for its beauty and majesty at that time. Throughout the Song of Solomon we can see that God is
using the "lover" analogy to describe the relationship that He wants us the bride of Christ to have with the
Lord 1esus and Himself.
The rose of Sharon is supposed to be considered the most "perfect" of all flowers. 1esus is the perfect one,
the one without blemish, the one who came as a man and sinned not for He was and is and always has been
God and is so infinitely perfect.
~I am . the lily of the valleys.¨ This may be a reference to the valley of Esdraelon. This valley has beautiful
flowers in it, too. Actually, there is a profusion of flowers in all the valleys-along the coast south of 1oppa,
in the 1ordan valley, around the Sea of Galilee. What is the lily of the valleys? There have been questions as
to which flower is meant. It was quite possibly an iris, they grow wild there.
We need to know who we are in Christ, can people look at us and see the rose of Sharon, the Christ living in
and through us? Oh to be like Him, to reflect something of His glory to the people around me, that`s my
desire.The bride the Shulamite woman was pleasing to her lover, she was reflecting a beauty such as that of
a lily among thorns. We should reflect the beauty and character of our dear bridegroom. 1esus is the lily of
the valleys - He is pure, He is lovely, He is beautiful, so His bride is a lily also, should bears the image of His
loveliness and reflect it to men. This is what we as the church are to do today. We are to reveal to a world
that is filled with thorns, briars, and thistles, the beauty of Christ.
1esus you are the rose of sharon,
In you we see perfection,
Your beauty astounds us,
We long for you to shine through us.
You are the lily of the valley,
Let us today shine with your glory,
Your purity, your loveliness shining through,
As we your bride start to reflect you.
Days of rejoicing in the now,
Hope of a wonderful tomorrow,
There will be tears no more,
Sickness and death will be gone.
All the former things will pass away,
Eternity we will spend in the glory,
When we see Him,
We shall be like him.
Rejoicing forever more,
We who heard the Lion's roar,
With the Lord will in eternity reign,
In the presence of our King.
"These children are mine,
How I love them,
I will not leave them,
As orphans starving.
They are precious in my sight,
For them I will provide,
They belong to my family,
Loved in totality.
Be assured,
I see every need,
I hear every prayer
And I will answer.
Hard times strengthen,
Don't worry, keep believing,
Keep on trusting,
For healing and provision.
I am the perfect Father,
If a man provides for his kids,
How much more,
Will I provide for my kids.
Those children I love,
'Agape' love from above,
No good gift will I withhold,
I know every need.
I am the God of the exceedingly,
The God of the abundantly,
Far and beyond all you can ask,
Far and beyond all you seek.
I am the God of the more than enough,
So don't stress when the going get's tough,
I am in control of everything,
They are not orphans to me they belong."
Love from Father.
People seek to be loved,
Sometimes people indulge,
In one night stands,
When real relationships they can build.
Sexual attraction and love are not the same,
Many people seek love in all the wrong places,
Then they suffer hurt and pain,
When relationships break.
God has designed the marriage relationship,
For a man and woman in love,
To promise themselves to the one they love,
For a lifetime relationship.
Sadly many marriages end in divorce,
For Christians this should not be the course,
But people get it wrong,
And relationships break down.
Boy meets girl and they go out on a date,
It is not good to become too intimate,
God wants us to seek purity,
It is hard to control urges, the Lord can help with purity.
Even friendships don't always last,
When we care one for another,
Friendships can last,
But we need to be able to forgive one another.
A relationship with the Lord 1esus Christ,
Is one which will last,
When you enter into a relationship with 1esus,
You enter a relationship that for all eternity will last.
He will never leave you nor forsake you,
Have you any idea how much he loves you,
His love took him to the cross to die,
Now he's preparing a place for all who love him to dwell with him on high.
Oh, there is no relationship like the one we can have with God,
God our Father desires for all of us to him to be reconciled,
So he sent 1esus so that we might have sins forgiven,
And forevermore, for all eternity we shall live with him.
So seek first the most important relationship,
I love my husband but 1esus comes first,
He loves me but for him 1esus comes first,
Their is only one eternal relationship.
Friends, most importantly we need a relationship with God,
Real love, real joy, real hope is found in knowing God,
Turn away from the ways of the world,
Lust and impurity does not satisfy nor prepare you for life's end.
1esus is the answer to the world today,
Give yourself over entirely to him today,
He will keep you walking in the right way,
And the Holy Spirit will help you not to go astray.
God speaks,
I listen,
He listens,
When I speak,
To him in prayer,
And he answers.
My petitions,
He never ignores,
He hears me speak,
And I hear him speak.
I love his voice,
I long to hear his voice,
I obey his voice,
In him I rejoice.
He directs my path,
The Word is a light to my path,
He opens doors,
And he closes doors,
When in communication with him,
I am seeking his direction.
I'm so thankful,
Ever so grateful,
That when I speak,
My God speaks.
11ohn 4:4 Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he
who is in the world.
Everything that is necessary,
For us to overcome,
Is living within,
For us to walk in victory.
We have 1esus living on the inside,
He is so much greater,
Than he who is in the world,
We have our Saviour.
We shall overcome,
By the blood of the Lamb,
And our testimony,
Defeat becoming history.
Through the Lord we gain strength,
We have the Holy Spirit within us,
So it's not by our might or power,
But the Spirit does empower.
1esus has placed satan under his feet,
So now satan is under our feet,
The battle has been won so it's victory time,
Now we shall see His Kingdom come.
When God`s people engage in prayer,
The Lord sends forth his armies,
They protect all who will inherit salvation,
During crisis God sends his angels into our situation.
His angels bring God`s promises to pass,
As we worship angels are present,
There are angels that bring his healing presence,
His angels go to battle defeating enemies,
Angels are not to be worshipped,
They are servants of the Most High God,
I need not be stressed or worried.
As we God`s people go forward,
We can have faith and be confident,
That the angels are there to protect,
And the Lord sends them forward into the battle,
With their help we`ll win every battle.
~My fishermen are falling asleep,
While they sleep,
So many fish are getting away,
They can`t be caught if you sleep all day.
Awake, awake my fishermen,
I have called you to be fisher`s of men,
But you are all sleeping,
While the people are perishing.
Let me show you where to cast your rod,
For there a catch will be found,
Keep your eyes open,
I will guide you in the right direction.
Now you can reach out to men,
They need to know that I love them,
That I want to save them,
Heal them and deliver them,
So my fishermen follow me,
The glory of my Kingdom you will see,
The people around you need to know that I live,
They need to know I can give them a new life.
So waken up fishermen,
Know that I am soon returning,
This is an hour of urgency,
It is not time for you to play.
I have prepared a way for you,
I`ve given you my Spirit to empower you,
As you cast your nets and rod`s,
Men, women and children will salvation find.¨
Love from the Master,
The Lord 1esus.
My only experience of camels,
Is camels in zoos or beaches,
But I was thinking of camels,
Who wander in desert places.
I was thinking of thirst,
Surely desert camels must thirst,
Circumstance could not evolve them so,
Camels can for weeks without food go.
Camels mouths are thick enough to eat thorns,
They don't chew their food before swallowing,
Stomachs with three compartments,
One holds food which they return to mouth then digest
Nobody can tell me a camel just evolved,
Those camels were by our God created,
A camel can go without a drink for weeks,
Then they can in 1 day drink 200 litres.
I find it amazing intelligent design,
Foolishness has men believing evolution,
Friends science can't give a reason,
For the wonders of God's creation
Paul's first priority was to have a close relationship with the Lord, his focus was directed
totally on serving the Lord. This is the reason God used Paul so mightily.
Phil 3:10. that I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His
sufferings, being conformed to His death
Phil3:10. (For my determined purpose is) that I may know Him (that I may progressively
become more intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding
the Wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly) and that I may so share in his
sufferings as to be continually transformed (in spirit unto His likeness even) to His death. (in
the hope.) (AMP)
The truth is we are as close to God as we choose to be.
Have you lost your first love?
Sometimes God allows us to go through certain experiences in life to give us a wake up call. If
you desire to have a closer relationship with the lord ask the Lord to give it to you, but
remember to be right with the Lord we have to bring unconfessed sin to the foot of the cross,
we need to be prepared to give Him our all.
Lord we want more,
We are thirsty and hungry,
It is you we desire,
In our lives we make you our priority.
We want to know you,
And the power of your resurrection,
Even fellowshipping with you in suffering,
For we have to have more of you.
Draw us close to you,
Make us more like you,
Transform and renew our minds,
From now on we are totally surrendered.
He is the Lord above all Lords,
He is the King of Kings,
He is our Messiah and Lord,
His praises we will sing.
All glory, majesty and honour,
Be unto the one above all others,
Let's raise his Name High,
Exalt our King, Messiah.
We give him all the praise,
He is the light that shines in the darkness,
The one whom darkness dispels,
And the light is alive in us.
So we declare in the heavens,
That our God reigns,
Through Him we have the victory,
And satan , he is history.
1esus is king,
1esus will reign,
Forever and ever,
We come to Him in prayer.
We bring before Him the safety,
Of all kids venturing out today,
We pray that your protection,
Will be upon them.
We pray for wisdom,
Especially for Christians,
This is not just a fun time,
Occult forces are at work this evening.
Prayer changes the atmosphere,
Praise changes the atmosphere,
Demons are powerless,
When we are strong in prayer.
At the Name of King 1esus demons must flee,
And He has given us authority,
So we join in agreement and speak words of liberty,
Praying that tonight even Satanists will bow the knee.
Breakthrough we pray for, for all occultists,
Turning away from all the darkness,
Repenting and asking for forgiveness,
Eyes open to the Son of righteousness.
So this evening we pray,
For the wonder of your glory,
To shine in the darkest places,
As we your Name praise.
Holy Spirit we would see 1esus,
We long to see Him face to face,
We give all the glory to our King,
His precious Name we are exalting.
All hail the Lamb enthroned on high,
He is the King, our Messiah,
Hallowed be His wonderful Name,
Leaving heaven's glory for us He came.
11ohn 5:4 For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory
that has overcome the world-our faith.
It may just be 60 seconds,
But every single moment,
Is surely significant,
We can get excited,
Because every minute,
Is a minute to live for 1esus.
We were never meant to separate,
Time for the world and time for 1esus.
Every moment that we live belongs to Him,
He wants our all surrendered to Him.
Their is joy in that surrender,
Giving Him our all we become overcomers.
Every word written,
Is from God's inspiration,
Every promise made,
Is fulfilled.
He promises never to leave us,
He never will,
He promises not to forsake us,
He never will.
He promises to provide for us,
He always will,
He promises to bless us,
And bless us He will.
He promises to protect us,
And He gives that protection,
He sent His Son to die for us,
Now we have salvation.
1esus scourging,
Was for our healing,
Now it's time for believing,
Every promise made by Him.
He has promised greater works we will do,
But we ask who?
For we find it hard to believe,
That this promise is for all who believe.
He will never stop loving us,
There is no greater love than this,
1esus laid down his life for us,
For our sins He paid the price.
His promises are yes and amen,
So he will never fail to meet them.
Let'sbelieve the Word,
Dig deep in the Word,
It is a sword of ammunition,
On the Word we need to be standing.
The Word is life unto our bones,
It is alive, every word within,
The B-I-B-L-E is the book for me,
Within it's pages greater revelation we see.
Christ, Himself is the Loving Word,
He comes alive in the Word,
Eat the Word,
Live by the Word,
Streams of living waters will flow,
Out from us as we go,
When we take the meat from the Word,
Drinking from the living waters, being refreshed.
Every chapter, every word is there for a reason,
How dare we think parts of the Word boring,
Yet I admit I have skimmed through genealogies,
And the lists in Numbers.
All scripture is by God inspired,
It is God Breathed,
How can we neglect the Word,
It is time for us to take up our Swords.
He says "Come follow me,
And I will make you a fisher of men,
Heed the commission,
Signs, wonders and salvation you'll see.
So heed my call,
And give me your all,
Be a witness in the world of men,
I have called my people to be fishermen."
I believe he wants us all to be witnesses,
To declare his goodness,
To share the hope that is in us,
A hope only found in 1esus.
Ascribe to the Lord all glory due to His Name,
He is the Lord of glory and strength,
Let`s worship Him in the splendour of His Holiness,
Can you hear the Lord calling your name?
His voice thunders over the waters,
His voice is a powerful voice,
So powerful it breaks the cedars,
His voice shakes the wilderness.
Give unto the Lord the praise worthy of His Majesty,
Our God spoke and the earth came into being,
Out of the overflow of our hearts we now cry ~Glory,¨
The Lord of Glory is enthroned as King.
Lord you are in control of all things,
Through you we gain our strength,
In you we find peace and rest,
You oh Lord, are worthy to be praised.
God will never stop loving you,
Even when you think you are a failure,
Again you have messed up once more,
He seen His Son's blood covering you.
Because you have been forgiven,
And now you are a child of the King,
Repent and He will forgive your sin,
The blood of 1esus has purchased your redemption.
You feel so ashamed and your hurting,
You believe you have failed the Lord again,
You cannot forgive yourself and you are in pain,
The Lord sees you there and wants to bring healing,
The Holy Spirit will help you to flee from sin,
He will help you resist temptation,
Child of God you have a Father who loves you,
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are rooting for you.
Come now and feel that healing balm of love,
Love flowing down from God above,
You need not live in shame,
1esus on the cross took your blame,
You have repented and you are forgiven,
You should not condemn one whom God has forgiven,
And that includes yourself, lift your head high,
You are the children of the Most High.
Rejoice in the Lord today,
As we worship and pray,
In the Word he comes alive,
He breathes into us life.
This is the day to honour him,
Every moment belongs to him,
Today is your day 1esus,
Overwhelm us with your sweet presence.
In all we do let us do it as unto you,
We have so much to be thankful for,
And we give praise to you,
You have the Name above any other.
We love you 1esus.....
Let our spirits soar,
New heights to explore,
We're seeking more,
Because the Lion does roar.
More Lord we want to see,
To behold your glory,
Gaining greater understanding,
As your praises we bring.
God you are high in the heavens,
And you look down upon man,
Desiring for all men upon earth,
To come and upon you gaze.
We are so blessed,
Because in you we abide,
Let us like eagles soar high,
For us it's time to fly,
Closer and closer,
To you our dear Saviour,
Going from glory to glory,
Sharing with other's testimony.
He calms the raging storms,
This is the norm,
This storm in the UK will not bring harm,
Our Lord will bring calm.
Let's trust him in the midst of all storms,
He is the God who brings peace and calm.
We need to have faith,
That he hears all prayers.
Matthew 8:24 Suddenly a fierce storm hit the lake, and the boat was in danger of sinking. But 1esus was
Matthew 8:26 "Why are you so frightened?" 1esus answered. "What little faith you have!" Then he got up
and ordered the winds and the waves to stop, and there was a great calm.
Look at this promise,
It is marvellous,
He promises never to leave us,
He promises never to forsake us.
For all we have we give him thanks,
With what we have we are contented,
Every need he has promised to provide,
He will not have his people suffer lack.
Money cannot be made an idol,
He will provide all that is necessary,
For us to fulfil our call,
So let's give him all the glory.
Hebrews 13:5 Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, "I
will never leave you nor forsake you."
The same power that raised 1esus from the dead,
Lives in you and lives in me dear Christian friends,
The problem is that we are only scratching the surface of that power,
What would happen if we the body of Christ were really proclaiming that Pentecostal power?
And I'm not talking about the Pentecostal Denomination,
Because this is something we should all be recognising.
In my Name 1esus said "Greater works you will do."
The Lord has not changed He is the God of miracles,
It's time for our expectations to arise and for Him go,
Be Spirit led and see signs and wonders and miracles.
1esus is the baptizer with the Holy Spirit,
Yet many are prepared just in a pew to sit.
1esus has many fans, but He wants followers,
We love the fact that he gives us new life,
We love the fact that He leads us into truth,
He is the way and He wants us His way to follow.
It is time for us the body of Christ to awaken,
Let us walk in the might and power of the Spirit today,
Following the Lord 1esus and seeking the Spirit's direction.
May the fire of Pentecost fall upon us, baptism of fire,
And may we the people of God go out as a people of power.
Hebrews 4:1 Therefore, while the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us fear lest any of you should
seem to have failed to reach it.
2Corinthians 1:20 For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we
utter our Amen to God for his glory.
The promises of God are yes and amen,
He keeps all His promises,
Through 1esus we see God's faithfulness,
To God be the glory, AMEN
Behold the Lord clothed in splendour and majesty,
His glory stretches across the heavens,
The springs gush forth in the valleys,
Having flown down from the hills and mountains.
The birds of the heavens dwell in the trees by their sides,
They build their nests and sing in the branches,
The Lord supplies for them their every need,
Surely we can see our needs and our thirst he quenches.
The birds of the air have somewhere to build their nests,
But the Son of Man had nowhere to lay his head,
And today he wants us to follow his lead,
He is looking for us to be modern day disciples.
Give thanks to the Lord for his wondrous grace,
His mercy and love poured out for our sakes,
Love that took him to the cross,
And there he died in our place.
So why should we question whether he cares for us,
Can we perceive the wonder of his sacrifice?
Let`s give him thanks, he shelters us under his wings,
Praise be to God who comes with healing in his wings.
The birds of the air sing his praises,
He is worthy of all of our praise,
Let us give him praise and thanks for everything,
See him now in the splendour of his majesty, behold his glorious countenance.
This is our King,
His praises sing,
He loves us,
Our Saviour and Lord 1esus.
Winter is fast approaching,
In the UK this weekend our clocks go back,
Daylight hours are shortening,
And we will have longer in the dark.
As the days get colder,
When snow is lying on the ground,
Will we become discontented?
Bills in this season become heavier.
Look at the beauty of the snow,
Our sins have been washed as white as snow,
During those colder days let the fire burn in us,
And the light shine through us.
So we will not enter depression,
We will keep our eyes on the One,
Who was born as a babe in Bethlehem,
Coming into this world to bring us salvation.
1oy and celebration can be ours,
All through the coldest winter hours,
Because in every time and season,
We have a reason for living.
(Written at the end of October 2013)
The Apostle Paul has exhorted,
Us as the people of God,
To have kind compassionate hearts,
Being meek and humble with patience.
We are a people called to be holy,
Giving praise and honour to the Lord who is holy,
We should be ready to answer those who enquire about our faith,
Not forcefully but showing love, respect and gentleness.
Within the church we should bear one anothers burdens,
Being prepared to those who have hurt us release forgiveness,
For we have been forgiven and we were undeserving,
Harmony and love ought in the church to be seen.
May the peace of Christ our Saviour rule within our hearts,
May we as the people of God walk in harmony and unity,
What changes would take place if we all had thankful hearts,
And if we saw what God sees in others and offered encouragement?
We need to let the Word of God go deep within our being,
We will never gain wisdom if we the Word are neglecting,
Yet the Lord would have us to wisely teach and admonish one another,
Singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, giving thanks to God our Father.
In all we do let us do everything as unto the Lord 1esus,
Giving praise and thanks to the Lord in all things,
May we do all things in the Name of 1esus.
All glory, honour and praise being given unto Him.
1Peter 3:15 but in your hearts honour Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defence to
anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,
Colossians 3:12 Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness,
humility, meekness, and patience, 13 bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another,
forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. 14 And above all these put on
love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. 15 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,
to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. 16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly,
teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with
thankfulness in your hearts to God. 17 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of
the Lord 1esus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Do we really understand this?
This wonderful blessing we already have,
God our Father has already blessed us,
With every spritual blessing in high places.
It's not something we need to look for,
We need to give thanks to our Saviour,
For the blessings we have in the heavenly realms,
In Christ our Lord we already have every spiritual blessing.
I'm not ashamed of the Gospel
It's such wonderful good news,
I just have to tell,
Of his wonders anew.
I'm going to let my light shine,
For 1esus my Saviour is mine,
Sharing my testimony,
Of my salvation story.
My 1esus saves, heals and delivers,
Salvation to all men he offers,
It was for us that 1esus died
He wants us surely to testify.
The people out there are perishing,
For a lost eternity many are heading,
The church are not people gathering in a building,
The church are the people who need to be outwards reaching.
I long to see many won for the Kingdom,
For years we have prayed "Your Kingdom come,
I believe that this is harvest time,
By showing God's love we can be outwards reaching.
Mark 16:15- 18 And he said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the
whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe
will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will
cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands;
and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick,
and they will recover."
Search my heart oh Lord,
I ask you to search in the deepest places,
Lord will you my heart cleanse,
May I align myself with your Word.
Free me from all that is of self,
I want to live for you and not myself,
May I do the things you ask me to do,
Giving all glory unto you.
I want to walk in the ways of righteousness,
So Lord rid me of my mess,
I am well aware of my insufficiency,
But in you I have all sufficiency.
My strength is rising,
In you I'm abiding,
With you I am walking,
And in you I'm trusting.
You have cleansed me from all unrighteousness,
It is your blood that cleanses,
And you will enable me to walk in the path of the righteous,
Because your Spirit empowers me and gives me strength.
I ask you to give me purity of heart,
No selfish motives entertained in my heart,
You Lord are the object of my praise,
Help me to walk the walk of faith.
Pure hearts know how to love,
They reflect the nature of your dove,
The Holy Spirit shines through their eyes,
On you dear Lord they fix their eyes.
Irene McGough © 2013
Psalm 139:23 -24 Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And
see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!
1Timothy 1:5 The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience
and a sincere faith.
2Timothy 2:22 So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along
with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.
1eremiah 33:2-3 "Thus says the LORD who made the earth, the LORD who formed it to call to me and I
will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.
What a wonderful promise,
When we call upon God He will answer,
And look at the promises,
Our God changes never.
He has promised,
To show us great and mighty deeds,
Beyond our comprehension,
beyond our expectations.
We cannot put upon God limitations,
Things which we have not yet seen,
We will see as we increase in revelation,
When we start to see that which is yet unseen,
And we call God's promises into being.
Hallelujah! We`re forgiven,
But it`s no reason to keep on sinning,
From sin we should flee,
By grace we`ve been set free.
When you know 1esus,
You want to take up your cross,
And be a follower of 1esus,
Getting to know salvation`s source.
We need to lay down our selfish ways,
Commit all to him for the rest of our days,
His blood for us paid sin`s price,
He is and was our eternal sacrifice.
Grace is not cheap,
Responsibility comes with our salvation,
With the Holy Spirit`s help,
We will flee from temptation.
We`ll run the race well,
We have a story to tell,
Witnesses to the Good News,
Telling others ~Salvation can be yours.¨
Fresh revelation we seek,
Laying everything down at 1esus feet,
Lead us into all truth,
Fill us up till we overflow.
May we be Spirit led,
In all that we do,
As we share the Gospel truth,
Help us your sheep to feed.
To your voice we will listen,
With our ears wide open,
Spirit of the living God,
We seek to honour our God.
Let the fire of the Spirit fall,
Upon one and all,
As we gather in the Lord's Name,
The one through whom all blessings come.
Fire fall down,
Fall upon,
Your people,
Burn in us,
Your people,
Spirit saturate us.
May we carry the fire,
It's you we desire,
We desire to be holy,
For you are Holy.
We need the fire,
To be clothed in your attire,
Shining with your glory,
To be living testimonies,
For you Lord,
May we be steeped in the Word,
Penetrating the depth of our being,
Spirit reveal more of that yet unseen.
Fresh fire ignite us,
Spirit flow through us,
May we walk in revival,
Giving you our all.
Our bodies are the temple,
May the glory of God fill the temple,
God you are good,
You are always good,
The Lord will reign forever and ever,
His mercy endures forever.
Forever we will give him praise,
In adoration our arms we will raise.
Hallelujah to the Lord Most High,
He's raised up to the heavenly paces on high.
Unworthy as we are, we're brought nigh,
We'll exalt your Name on high.
When Solomon had finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the
sacrifices; and the glory of the LORD filled the temple. And the priests could not enter the house of the
LORD, because the glory of the LORD had filled the LORD`s house. When all the children of Israel saw
how the fire came down, and the glory of the LORD on the temple, they bowed their faces to the ground on
the pavement, and worshiped and praised the LORD, saying: ~For He is good, For His mercy endures
forever.¨ (2 Chronicles 7:1-3)
People may not understand me,
They may wonder why I can't stop writing abut 1esus,
But my Lord has placed a fire within me,
And I want the whole world to know the wonder of my 1esus.
So my friends if you find me strange,
Maybe think I'm a little bit strange,
You ought to know that I'm not likely to change,
For 1esus himself wrought in me this change.
I don't just love 1esus for the benefits,
He has placed within me his precious Holy Spirit,
I know him as the lover of my soul,
Through his precious blood I've been made whole.
So I'll shout it from the mountain tops "1esus is alive,
Through him I breathe, Through him I now live,
His blood rescued me, and set me free,
He will do for you, what he's done for me.
So if you wonder why 1esus seems to be my obsession,
Let me tell you that he died so we might have salvation,
I'm saved by his marvellous grace and mercy,
I was in the clutches of sin's pathway and 1esus rescued me.
He loves me so, and friend he loves you too,
The Son of God left heaven's glory to die for you,
It's because of his great love,
Showered down on us from above.
He died for the whole human race,
And he wants to save you by his grace,
If you don't yet know him I want you to know of his great love,
I know him and I can't be silent about the one I love."
"No matter how deep the wounds are,
I will heal them leaving no scars,
I see you hurting deep within,
Will you let me come and take your pain.
Many of my soldiers are battle wounded,
But my desire is that they be healed,
I'm lifting off of you all discouragement,
And replacing it with strength and contentment.
My love is being poured over you,
Bring your wounds to the foot of the cross,
Release forgiveness to those who have caused the hurts,
Bring all your cares to me, For I care for you.
I am applying the healing balm of Gilead to every wound,
Remember that by my stripes you are healed,
Reaching deep down into the deep places of your heart,
Rise up now soldier and adorn yourself in armour."
Love from 1esus
Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows ¡grief, pain, affliction]: yet we did esteem him
stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our
iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. Isaiah 53:4-5
Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7
There is no-one like my God,
Love is showered upon me by God,
His presence is always with me,
He lives inside of me.
He protects me under his wings,
His praises I will sing,
I cannot flee from his sweet presence,
Wherever I am God is.
He is the light that shines in the darkness,
God in three persons,
The one who is, and was,
And is yet to come, He is my God,
And I will praise His Name,
Not forgetting that for my sake,
My Saviour endured the cross,
The penalty for my sins to take.
He is the Father who adopted me,
My King who is coming back for me,
The Holy Spirit who indwells me,
He is the lover of my soul,
The one who has made me whole,
He washed my scarlet sins white as snow.
My life I offer up in sweet surrender,
Before my dear Lord and Saviour,
1esus I give you thanks and praise,
Holy Spirit thank you for your sweet presence.
Thank you Lord for being my refuge and my strength,,
I come now in pursuance,
Chasing after you in hot pursuit,
I am hungry and thirsty, come Holy Spirit.
I can hear the cry of the Lion of 1udah,
"Come and call upon me as you pray,
Hoy, be alert my bride,
It's a changing tide,
Keep your eyes wide open,
Ears opened too and listen,
This is the latter days, I'm coming back,
I need you my bride to be awake."
So I'm keeping my eyes wide open,
And my ears are listening,
I don't want to miss the trumpet call,
And meantime I'm giving Him my all.
Lord hear my plight,
It`s not always easy to do what is right
I want to walk aright,
I don`t want to veer to the left or the right,
I want to walk in the light,
Keeping you forever in sight,
So that I might win the good fight,
And soar with the eagles in flight.
We cannot perceive with our earthly minds,
The immeasurable, unmatchable greatness,
His power surpasses goes so far beyond our understanding,
This power which raised 1esus from the dead is alive in us.
Now we are seated with Christ 1esus in those heavenly places,
In earth but as in heaven we will see God`s Kingdom touch earth,
The Holy Spirit will enable us to overcome the greatest resistance,
Surely the Spirit helps us in our weakness.
For he gives us strength when we have no strength,
He is empowering us the people of God for service,
That we might now walk in Kingdom authority,
Overcoming the earth`s powers and principalities.
...Through the immeasurable greatness of His power.
I know that I am loved by God.
My bridegroom 1esus passionately pursues me,
He says that he delights in me,
By my Father I`ve been adopted.
I`m a child of the King,
His praises forever I will sing,
He showers me with his love,
Raining down on me from above.
I am in passionate pursuit of 1esus,
I have been saved by his grace,
I was lost but 1esus found me,
And now the wonders of his glory I see.
His love is so wonderful,
And I will be eternally grateful,
For he has made me a part of his bride,
Forever and ever I will with him abide.
Can you wonder why it is that I love him so?
And now I desire for the whole world to know,
That they too can know my wonderful Saviour,
He is the lover of my soul, my healer and deliverer.
My 1esus is my everything,
Eternally I`m going to be praising,
The wonder of his Holy Name,
I`m so thankful that into my life he came,
He took away my shame, and said I was forgiven,
And gave me a wonderful new destination,
Today I stand among the redeemed,
By the precious Holy Spirit I`ve been sealed.
All glory, honour and praise be unto him,
His praises forever I will sing,
He is Holy, Holy, Holy,
He is the Lord of Glory.
There are many dangers in Halloween,
We ought to avoid participating,
Druids worship was it`s origin,
It`s a night celebrated by every pagan.
It may seem like just fun for children,
To dress up in fancy clothing,
But Halloween is no innocent celebration,
There are so many Occult connotations.
So on the thirty- first of the year,
Let`s instead have worship celebrations,
Children may be sad and shed a tear,
But households celebrating 1esus will receive blessing.
So let us make this night a hallowed evening,
The name of 1esus be praising,
Hallowed be the Name of the Lord,
So let us celebrate 1esus this thirty-first October.
I was exposed to the sun too long,
Ended up with sun burn,
And a touch of heat stroke,
How foolish too stay out in the heat of the sun.
It`s been uncommonly hot this month here,
And it`s so easy to think if there is a sea breeze it`s cooler,
So it`s my own fault I currently suffer,
But this will pass very soon.
Aloe vera on my skin worked the trick,
So that cooled down very quick.
I am much better exposing myself to the SON,
And for Him let a fire within me burn.
Lord, give me wisdom during sunny days,
To be more careful under the sun`s rays,
Thank you for the sun shine,
I pray that the SON will in me shine.
Lord may I write as your scribe,
And all the glory to you I will ascribe,
Lord, give me the words you wish me to say,
To your precious people today.
Guide me in each word I type,
Help me to be an encouragement,
May I in all I do reflect your light,
Fill me afresh Holy Spirit.
May my writing carry the spirit of Revival,
Igniting a fire within my own and other`s hearts,
And may I reach other`s for you as the gospel I impart,
Lord, I come before you surrendering my all.
I cannot write about that, which I do not know,
Draw me closer, help me to precious seeds sow,
I`m seeking your face Lord, to know you more,
For with the eagles I want to soar.
Lord, make me a channel of your peace,
I know your love for me and others will never cease,
Help me to show the Father`s love,
May all I write be straight from above.
Lord forgive me if I have ever sought glory for myself,
It`s about you Lord, living for you not myself,
May all glory and honour in my writing be given to you,
Lord, I pray that my writings will bring many closer to you.
In your precious name Lord 1esus I pray,
Alphabet of 1esus Names (Not fully exhaustive)
He`s the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, (Revelation 1: 8 )
1esus is our Advocate with our Father in heaven, (11ohn 2:1)
And He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. (Hebrews 12: 2)
As believers we are accepted in 1esus the Beloved, (Ephesians 1: 6)
This same 1esus is the Bread of life, (1ohn 6: 8 )
He`s the Bright and Morning Star, our Bridegroom. (Matthew 9: 15)
1esus is the Christ, our Messiah, (Mark 14: 61)
And He`s the Captain of the Lord`s Army. (1oshua 5: 14)
1esus the Chief Shepherd will appear in Glory. (1 Peter 5: 4)
1esus is our Deliverer, (Romans 11: 26)
And He`s the Desire of Nations. (Haggai 2:7)
1esus is the Door by which His sheep come through. (1ohn 10:7)
1esus is the Elect of God the Father, (Isaiah 42:1)
He is the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, (Isaiah 9:6)
1esus is the true God and Eternal Life (11ohn 5:20)
1esus will come on a white horse, the Faithful and True, (Revelation 19::11)
And 1esus is the First Begotten into this world, (Hebrews 1:6)
The wonder of it all is that He is the Fiend of Sinners. (Matthew 11:19)
1esus in the Word of God is God with us. (1ohn 1:1; Mathew 1:23)
He is God Manifest in the Flesh who dwelt among us, (1Timothy 3:16)
1esus the Son of God is our Great Shepherd. (Colossians 1:13; Hebrews 13:20)
Our Lord and Saviour 1esus is the Heir of all things. (Hebrews 1:2)
1esus is the Head of His body the church, (Ephesians 1:22-23)
And He the Holy One; is our great High Priest. (Acts 3:14; Hebrews 4:14)
1esus is the Immanuel as promised in Isaiah, (Isaiah 7:14)
1esus said ~Before Abraham was, I AM.¨ (1ohn 8: 58 )
He is the express Image of God the Father. (Hebrews 1: 3)
His name is 1ESUS who saves His people from their sins, (Matthew 1:21)
1esus Christ is Lord of everything and He`s our Lord, (Romans 6: 11)
And 1esus is the 1udge of the quick and the dead. (Acts 10: 42)
Now 1esus we know as the King of Kings, (1 Timothy 6: 15)
He is also the King of Glory, the Lord of Hosts, (Psalm 24 7- 10)
And Zechariah tells us He is King over all the earth. (Zechariah 14: 9)
1esus is the precious Lamb of God who took away our sins, (1ohn 1: 29)
He`s the way, the truth and the Life, the Lion of 1udah (1ohn 14: 6; Revelation 5: 5)
And He is the Light that shines in the darkness, the Light of Life. (1ohn 8: 12)
1esus is the Man of Sorrows acquainted with grief, (Isaiah 53: 3)
And 1esus is the only Mediator that we have, (1 Timothy 2: 5)
He is the Righteous One who is Mighty to save. (Isaiah 63: 1)
He`s 1esus the Nazarene, the Offspring of David, (Matthew 2: 23; Revelation 22: 16)
And He is the Only Begotten Son of the Father, 1ohn 1: 14, 18 and 1ohn 3: 16)
Praise to the Only Wise God our Saviour now and forevermore. (1ude 1: 25)
1esus is the Prince of Peace our wonderful Counsellor, (Isaiah 9: 6)
He is the Power of God and the Precious Cornerstone, (1Corinth 1:24; Isaiah 28: 16)
1esus is also a Prophet in our midst, Propitiation for us. (Deut 18: 15,18; 11ohn 2: 2)
Mary called Him Rabboni, and Nathanial called Him Rabbi, ( 1ohn1:49 ; 20: 16)
He is 1esus our Redeemer, the Resurrection and the life, (1Corinth 1:30; 1ohn 11:25)
He`s the Lily of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon. (Song of Solomon 2: 1)
1esus is Son of Man, Son of David and God`s Son. (Matt 8:20; 9:27; Mark 1:1)
1esus was sent to be the Saviour of the world. (11ohn 4:14)
The Sun of Righteousness rises with healing in His wings. (Malachi 4: 2)
They knew 1esus as a Teacher sent from God, (1ohn 3:2)
This 1esus is the True God who gives eternal life. (11ohn 5:20)
1esus is the True Vine and His Father is the Husbandman. ( 1ohn 15: 1)
We give thanks to God for 1esus the Unspeakable Gift, (2 Corinth 9: 15)
Of the amazing One who Himself is the Very Christ. (Acts 9: 22)
He is the Victorious One who helps us overcome. (Proverbs 21: 31; 1Corinth 15:57)
1esus is the Word of God and the Word of Life, (Rev 19: 13; 11ohn 1: 1)
He is the Faithful Witness given for the people, (Isaiah 55 : 4; Rev 1: 5)
He`s the Which is, Which was and Which is to come. (Revelation 1: 4)
You are a believer,
So all things are possible,
You are now a receiver,
Of things thought impossible.
For our God is able,
To do that which men think impossible,
To us he has made promises,
Be assured he delivers.
Those promises are ~yes and amen,¨
For God is not withholding,
Good things from those who love him,
By faith believe that you are receiving.
Our God is the God of the impossible,
He turns things around and we are now able,
To see miraculous intervention in difficult situations,
Because of the prayers he is answering.
So you and I will keep on trusting,
And keep on believing,
That we are receiving,
For our God is not in the business of withholding.
Giving thanks and praise to the Lord,
Let us join in one accord,
Giving praise that he`s the God of the impossible,
For he turns things around making them possible.
That healing we need can be turned around,
That financial, need he`s got it in hand,
We trust in him,
Placing our faith in him.
He's an unchanging God,
Awesome in every way,
The God of the Bible is the same today,
Never, ever changing, He is indeed God.
Yesterday He was the healer,
Yesterday He was the provider,
Today and always He heals,
Today and always He provides.
He's an unchanging God,
He is always and always has been good,
He has always loved mankind,
Our God is merciful and kind.
Since the beginning He has sought relationship with man,
In the garden of Eden He walked with Adam,
Man sinned bringing division between us and God,
Reconciliation could only come through the shedding of blood.
And 1esus, God's Only Son gave His life for us,
The Saviour of mankind is also unchanging,
A true reflection of the Father can be seen in 1esus,
The Holy Spirit helps bring us to this understanding.
The promises in the Word were not just for yesterday,
For we are the children of Abraham and they are for us today,
In times past He gave strength to the weak,
Today He gives strength to those who God seek.
1abez prayed and God granted him his requests,
Today He hears our prayers and grants our requests,
During the wilderness years God provided for the Israelites,
Today He meets our needs for we are precious in His sight.
Yesterday He showed His miraculous working power,
Today the Holy Spirit does His people empower,
1esus said "Greater miracles you will do,"
And the hour for those miracles to be seen is now.
Old Testament heroes of the faith were an example for us today,
New Testament examples too show us how to live a Godly way,
Through 1esus we are reconciled to Father God,
Restoration allowing us to commune with God.
For as in the days of old man walked with God,
Today we can have a marvelous close walk with our God,
For 1esus His Son came from heaven above,
For God is and always has been a God of love.
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit were together in creation,
Today they continue to work together as the three in one,
Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever,
And throughout all eternity He will reign forever more.
Let the ancient gates be opened wide,
For the King of Glory to enter in,
The Lord of hosts, he is the King,
And he is strong and mighty.
The whole earth belongs to him.
He is the creator of all living things,
He established the seas and the rivers,
And he beckons us to come hither,
With clean hands and pure hearts,
Free from falsehood and deceit,
We now ascend the hill of the Lord,
Standing firm in that holy place with the Lord.
And we give him all the praise,
For he alone is worthy of our praise,
We give him thanks for our blessings,
And most of all our salvation.
Early in the morning we will seek the Lord,
As night falls we seek his face,
And we will pay attention to his precious Word,
Finding him in the secret place.
We give praise to the King of Glory,
Giving him all the Glory,
He is the Lord of Hosts, He is our God,
All praise honour and glory be unto our triune God.

A-Z of Renewed Christians

Christians commissioned by 1esus Himself
Defeat (the)
Forward (they are)
Healing the sick
Identifying with Christ
1esus reigning in them
Kingdom good news proclaimed
Love of God shining through them
Mercy being shown
New wineskins worn
Open heavens over them
Prayers of intercession precede them
Quickened by the Spirit
Revival fire within them, reaching out, reaching up, reaching down
Salvation as the gospel message is shared
Trusting God to lead them
Understanding their calling
Vanity and pride laid down
Word of God - swords yielded
Xtreme Christianity moving to a higher level
Young and old revitalised with strength from above
Z is not the end because the best is yet to come
For years I sought to impress,
And caused myself so much stress,
I so longed for approval,
For men to say you`ve done well.
I studied hard, on a number of subjects,
To be thought worthy was my object,
My dad had laid great store by qualifications,
So I sat numerous examinations.
Having letters after my name would surely impress,
I longed for men to see me as a success,
I lost sight of the fact that the one who said ~You`re accepted,
For by my Father you as a daughter have been adopted.¨
On that realization a new dawning came,
I knew that the one who knew me by name,
Approved of me so completely,
A sense of belonging, trusting in Abba Father entirely.
I no longer needed to seek man`s approval,
Obeying the Lord and doing what he asked,
Would always meet with God`s approval,
And that was what really mattered.
I heard a sound like a lion roar,
A sound that shook me to the core,
~Arise my daughter,
Come hither.
Come away with me,
Come fly with me,
Soar with the eagles,
Right into the Heavenly places.
Behold my glorious countenance,
As you gaze upon my face,
I`m beckoning you closer,
Soaring even higher.
Now what I`m saying to you,
Is for your brothers and sisters too,
I call you to intimacy,
Fellowshipping with me intimately.¨
Let it be your heart that beats in me,
I want to care like you care,
Show me Lord what you in others see,
For your love Lord is far beyond compare.
I am so privileged to know your love,
To know your grace, mercy and love,
Love poured into me every day,
In your sweet presence I love to stay.
Lord I need you to change my heart,
That I might to others your love impart,
Let my heart beat with your heartbeat,
Lord I desire for you to become my heartbeat.
Agape love shine through me,
I desire for others to see,
Something of how you love them,
Lord I want to be your reflection.
Lord, shine your love through me,
I need you Lord to transform me,
So that my heart beats with your heartbeat,
Lord I`m asking you to be my heartbeat.
Oh, Lord I want to love like you love,
I desire to care like you care,
Make me a channel of your sweet love,
Caring for others the way you care.
He sees us as beautiful,
He no longer sees our sins,
We have been cleansed by the blood,
Of the One who gave us life eternal.
Washed in the blood,
Cleansed by the blood,
No longer condemned,
We are the redeemed.
Sons and daughters of God,
By Father fully accepted,
Into His Family adopted,
By His Spirit renewed.
Father loves us,
Sees us as righteous,
His light shines through us,
When we reflect 1esus.
Beautiful adornment,
Clothed in new garments,
New creations in Christ,
Now living for 1esus Christ.
Time to lift our head's high,
Orphan spirits have no part of us,
For we belong to 1esus,
And our Father sees our beauty.
The blood of 1esus cleanses us from all sin,
And a deep purifying, cleansing work He continues within,
As for now this work of sanctification is only in part,
But He has chosen us as His bride to be set apart.
When we see Him we shall be like Him,
New eternal bodies, clothed in white robes,
All eternity will be spent praising our King,
And we shall behold His glory, sitting on His heavenly throne.
No more sadness, no more sorrow,
All sickness and pain gone forevermore,
What a wonderful bright tomorrow,
Listen now, can you hear the Lion`s roar.
Behold, He is coming soon!
Our Saviour and our King,
Can you feel a quickening?
As His praises you sing.
Let`s fix our eyes on Him,
Our soon returning King,
On earth we`ll herald in His Kingdom,
As in heaven, so in earth, Kingdom come.
.It`s going to be a wonderful day,
That day of His returning,
But for now let`s keep the fire burning,
Living for Him each and every day.
1oy builds up within us,
When 1esus is our focus,
Face to Face we long to see Him.
Far beyond even our greatest visions.
Risen and glorified we will behold Him,
As we gaze upon the Splendour of our King.
Glory, glory, glory what an amazing sight,
We can now gaze upon that dazzling light.
Even so come Lord 1esus.
I step beyond the veil to behold your glory,
And you Lord are transforming me by your glory,
To become more and more like you Lord,
By the power of the Spirit within me Lord.
Lord I love to be in your sweet presence,
I love to fellowship with like minded people,
But we do not need a church with a steeple,
We are the church, so may we carry your fragrance.
My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit,
I ask today that I be freshly anointed and filled,
You are with me Lord wherever I go,
And you will enable and equip me with seeds to sow.
My desire Lord is to leave my fleshly ways behind,
Becoming more and more like you in mind,
I can feel your sweet presence with me as I write,
Lord I pray that I will be counted among the upright.
Your glory inhabits the praises of your people,
Lord my body is the Holy Spirit's temple,
Give me wisdom in all I do,
Giving glory unto you.
All day long I will praise your glorious Name,
You left behind heaven's glory and for me you came,
But now you have seated me with you in the heavenly places,
All in accordance with your mercy and grace.
You are calling me to live in that glory realm,
With you dear Lord always at the helm,
Lord I want to play my part in seeing your Kingdom come,
May I glorify you in what I do, becoming your reflection.
Irene McGough © 2013
Psalm 26:8 O LORD, I love the habitation of yo! hose an" the #la$e %he!e yo! &lo!y "%ells'
2 (o!inthians ):*8 An" %e all, %ith nveile" fa$e, behol"in& the &lo!y of the Lo!", a!e bein& t!ansfo!me" into
the same ima&e f!om one "e&!ee of &lo!y to anothe!' +o! this $omes f!om the Lo!" %ho is the S#i!it'
,#hesians 2:6 an" !aise" s # %ith him an" seate" s %ith him in the heavenly #la$es in (h!ist -ess
Feeling tired and weary,
Stomach a bit sickly,
In my weakness,
You are my strength,
I lean on you Lord,
My eyes I fix on you.,
Knowing you`re my healer,
And by your stripes I am healed.
So what I don`t see yet in the natural,
I know that I will see as a reality,
That healing is mine,
Because of what you have done,
And to you I belong,
Believing for that healing,
And that I am receiving,
Healing from head to toe.
Thank you 1esus.
Fire fall down,
Fall upon,
Your people,
Burn in us,
Your people,
Spirit saturate us.
May we carry the fire,
It's you we desire,
We desire to be holy,
For you are Holy.
We need the fire,
To be clothed in your attire,
Shining with your glory,
To be living testimonies,
For you Lord,
May we be steeped in the Word,
Penetrating the depth of our being,
Spirit reveal more of that yet unseen.
Fresh fire ignite us,
Spirit flow through us,
May we walk in revival,
Giving you our all.
Our bodies are the temple,
May the glory of God fill the temple,
God you are good,
You are always good,
The Lord will reign forever and ever,
His mercy endures forever.
Forever we will give him praise,
In adoration our arms we will raise.
Hallelujah to the Lord Most High,
He's raised up to the heavenly paces on high.
Unworthy as we are, we're brought nigh,
We'll exalt your Name on high.
When Solomon had finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the
sacrifices; and the glory of the LORD filled the temple. And the priests could not enter the house of the
LORD, because the glory of the LORD had filled the LORD`s house. When all the children of Israel saw
how the fire came down, and the glory of the LORD on the temple, they bowed their faces to the ground on
the pavement, and worshiped and praised the LORD, saying: ~For He is good, For His mercy endures
forever.¨ (2 Chronicles 7:1-3) 1ohn Wesley used to pray daily, Lo!" set me on fi!e so that #eo#le %ol" $ome
f!om miles a!on" to %at$h me b!n. - and we know from the impact he had on England during his days on
earth that God answered this prayer.
I've taken up my cross,
To follow the one,
Who died for me upon the cross,
The one who has forgiven my sins.
And I'm not turning back,
No way,
It's 1esus and me every day,
I'm blessed, so blessed.
Blessed to know 1esus,
Privileged to be a follower,
Of the one who died for us,
My Lord and Saviour.
Where he leads me,
I will follow,
Wonders to see,
Today and tomorrow.
Shining for God,
In a world so dark,
And testifying,
That my God is good.
Telling the world,
That 1esus saves,
Read the Word,
Learn of God's love.
Can you see Him there upon that cross?
Have you thought about what it cost?
This was the darling of heaven,
Who had left behind the glory of heaven.
Come journey with 1esus to the cross,
Can you see Him hanging there?
Beaten, bruised, bleeding skin stripped bare,
Lash marks have left even his muscles exposed.
A crown of thorns overshadow His face,
As the life drains from the One dying in our place,
Marred but beautiful, compassion on His face,
Huge nails through His hands and feet are placed.
Even in this hour of extreme pain,
He thought about completing salvation's plan,
For only His blood could pay sin's sacrifice,
The once and forever sacrifice.
Can you see the love for you on His face?
Do you know that this is all of grace?
His face bruised, beaten and swollen,
Blood trickling down from the thorns.
He's thirsting so, that sun is hot,
He has already blood and fluids lost,
1esus, King of the 1ews is our King too,
And He's dying there for me and you.
And the bitter cup our dear Lord took,
As the wrath of His Father He endured for us,
In this moment of separation from His Father's love,
"My God, why have you forsaken me?" were the words of 1esus.
He could save Himself but He refuses to do so,
For love grace, mercy and compassion from Him flow,
In every drop of blood shed to cleanse us from sin,
How can it be that for this He left behind the glory of heaven?
A bitter sponge of vinegar is being given to Him,
Can you hear some of the words He has been uttering?
He looked at the soldiers and said"Father forgive them,"
He forgave the thief on the other cross and now He is dying.
His last words were "It is finished,"
All that was necessary for our salvation was completed,
1esus our Saviour went through all this for you and me,
Darkness has come over the land, and the temple veil is rent in two.
Could you feel the earth shake beneath your feet?
The earth quaked, satan has entered a place of defeat,
For 1esus now laid in the tomb, will not be held by the grave,
He was crucified so that people like us He could save.
Can you see Him rising now, His bandages and wraps laid aside?
Wow, He is so white, He has the appearance of lightning,
The earth has moved once more and the tombstone has rolled aside,
And 1esus He is alive, oh thanks be to God He has risen.
Back to the present time, this same 1esus is alive today,
He ascended to His Father and sits at His right hand,
But some day soon He is coming back again,
And all those who follow Him will spend eternity with Him.
Praise, honour and glory be unto the one who died for us,
We stand in awe of you, our Lord and King 1esus.
The veil was rent in two to give us access to the Holy of Holies,
And we draw closer now, entering the realm of glory
Children made in your image should not suffer,
Children made in your image should not die of hunger,
In Africa and Asia children die from malaria,
We in the west feel distanced from Africa.
But Lord we too are made in your image,
And we as Christians should be on the same page,
We should not be indifferent to the plight of children,
Maybe we care but can`t afford to money send.
But one thing all can surely do is pray,
Interceding for those who are suffering every day,
Children barely alive, living on the streets,
They barely know what it is to eat, far less eat meat.
Lord, make us indignant; help us to care like you care,
I have heard believers excuse themselves saying,
That the poor will always be with us,
But I am sure that was not what you meant Lord 1esus.
So Lord we come together in prayer,
Because, deep down we care,
Lord heal the sick, eradicating the disease malaria,
Intervene for the dear children of Asia and Africa.
May dying from hunger become a thing of the past?
Work among their governments, give them compassion,
We ask Lord that they would start to act,
Giving help and assistance to those working in missions.
Lord you own the cattle of 1,000 hills,
Provision of all our needs is your will,
And these dear children you love,
Lord we pray that children might see provision from above.
We pray that the heavenly storehouses might open wide,
Let your love and compassion flow from us as we intercede,
Thank you Lord for you love for us and those dear children,
We know you are good; you are always good, always caring.
Thank you Lord that you are answering our prayers,
We give you thanks and praise,
Thank you Lord for those who work among the children,
We pray that they will be in health, and see abundant blessings.
It`s a beautiful thing to marry the person you love,
But it`s not something to be entered into lightly,
Be sure you seek Divine guidance from above,
And don`t rush into it if you doubt ever so slightly.
Young Christian friends keep yourself pure,
Sex outside of marriage is not for you,
Young couples don`t let things go to far,
Wait and you will find joy in the marriage bed too.
God`s way is best put him first,
As Christian`s you ought to for 1esus thirst,
He will guide you to the right marriage partner,
His sovereign plans for you really matter.
The Bible tells us a young couple should cleave together,
And this means they should become as one flesh,
A Christian couple should learn to pray together,
Not everything comes easy, but each other you are to love and cherish.
Husbands take your place as the Spiritual head of the household,
Wives love your husbands and pursue godly conduct,
There should be three in your marriage, you two and God,
When problems arise, take them to the throne room of God.
When we pray solutions to lives problems become much clearer,
And don`t allow arguments and unforgiveness to cause a void,
Letting the sun go down with your house divided,
I`ve been married over 30 years, and through it all we have grown closer.
There is a saying that couples that pray together, stay together,
Another thing that helps marriages to work is quality time alone,
Sometimes it is difficult to find much of that when kids come along,
It`s not a bad idea to go out for a picnic or a nice dinner.
Keep romance alive, I must admit last year we forgot our anniversary,
Here`s the deal, patience is not always easy but have patience with your partner,
If truth be told it could be that they need much more patience with you or me,
We need to guard our tongues, not let out angry words hastily.
In all marriages we get it wrong at times, forgive one another,
Sorry has to be a word in our vocabulary, and we need to move on from there,
Don`t put yourselves into compromising situations with other men or women,
What could seem perfectly innocent could be a route to temptation.
God has to be at the centre of our lives and our marriages,
It breaks my heart when I see divorce or separation in a Christian marriage,
When you embark in Christian marriage you are making a commitment,
Friends you are promised to one another in a marriage covenant.
If you are married love one another, placing God at the helm,
Be an example in the ways of righteousness to your children,
If you are contemplating marriage be sure you both share the same vision,
It won`t do if one wants to be a missionary and the other wants to stay at home.
Seek Godly wisdom and guidance, read God`s Word,
Listen to the voice of God and be Spirit led,
Marriage is an institution put in place by our God,
Even when we love one another it takes a degree of work.
I pray that married couples reading this will be encouraged,
For those contemplating marriage I hope those are helpful words,
I pray that 1esus will be at the centre of Christian marriages,
And that we along with you will be guided by God`s Word.
My first love is not my husband, and I am not his first love,
But both of us are united in having the same first love,
Our first love is 1esus Christ our dear lord and Saviour,
Without Him in our lives our marriage would probably not have survived.
So I pray a blessing over all Christian marriages
In 1esus Precious Name-----AMEN.
I've been given a coat of armour,
Every Christian has been given one,
So let's be sure we daily adorn,
And sport an intact coat of armour.
So I fasten my belt of truth,
And put on my breastplate of righteousness,
And I have those wonderful shoes of the gospel of peace,
Ready to testify to God's goodness with all readiness.
Now I take up my shield of faith,
This I cannot leave behind, for I place my trust in what God says,
With my shield I deflect the fiery darts of the evil one,
My head is protected by my helmet of salvation.
Now I need my weapon and I daily take up my sword,
The sword of the Spirit is God's Word,
It's not flesh and blood I wrestle with,
But against the principalities and powers of darkness.
This armour is so necessary for all of us,
For us to be strong in the Lord 1esus,
We need to be prayer warriors to come against evil,
Daily by the Holy Spirit we need to be filled.
We don't go into the battle alone,
For through 1esus we are more than conquerors,
Satan is already in defeat, because 1esus the battle has won,
We need to go forth into the battle in the strength of our Lord and Saviour.
So my friend's today make sure you have all your armour on,
And don't forget to take your sword with you,
Remember the Lord goes into the battle with you,
Going forth in his might and power the victory is won.
Come and join the angels singing,
All God`s praises bringing,
There is a praise party going on,
This is what you have longed for all along,
To be right there with 1esus,
Right there in his presence,
In an atmosphere of heaven,
Where his Spirit is outpouring.
And out of our bellies will flow rivers,
Can you hear the thunder of living waters?
They are flowing out from you and me,
Through 1esus we have been set free,
Come now and worship him,
Giving your whole self unto him,
Pray in the Spirit, praising the Lord,
Your natural man aligning with the Word.
Come by faith believing in what God has already done,
He has gone ahead of us and made the way,
The past is over a new day has come,
It is time for us to truly watch and pray,
Praying and praising is what we are about,
Being unafraid to raise a declaration shout,
For we belong to 1esus the Christ,
We will worship him in truth and spirit.
I will praise you Lord each and every day,
Indeed I will boast in you alone,
Keep me humble Lord, joy in my heart resounding,
I bring thanks and praise unto you today.
Come and magnify the Lord with me,
Let us exalt him for his name is holy,
We sought the Lord and he answered our prayers,
Delivering us from all of our fears.
With radiant faces we now gaze upon him,
We are no longer ashamed, we are forgiven,
We cried out to God and now we are saved,
From our fears we have been delivered.
We have tasted and seen that the Lord is good,
He sends his angels to protect us,
We are so blessed because we find our refuge in 1esus,
God has promised us who believe that we shall not suffer lack.
Even young lions suffer want and lack,
But those who seek him will no good thing lack,
So let us pay attention to God`s precious Word,
Reverently worshipping and trusting the Lord.
Help us to walk in the paths of righteousness we pray,
Controlling our tongues, speaking words of life,
For deceitful tongues speaking negative words are not your way,
From evil deeds, and wrong thinking we turn away.
We will seek peace and pursue it, walking in righteousness
Your eyes are on us Lord for you count us among the righteous,
We thank you that you hear us when we cry out to you in prayer,
People who walk in evil ways you will not reward.
When we called out to you for help you delivered us from troubles,
For you draw close to the broken hearted, we were crushed but not forsaken,
For you turned things around, now we triumph in victory overcoming,
You have redeemed us Lord and we are no longer in condemnation.
Come Holy Spirit,
My heart is stirred,
Have your way in me,
May I walk in purity,
Lead me in your ways,
Lord I will serve you all of my days.
Fire burning,
Changing me.
Come let us enter into your presence,
Lord of Lords and King of Kings,
Fill this place with your glorious presence,
And let us forever your praises sing.
And we cry out for more Lord,
With voices united in one accord,
Fill us up till our cups are overflowing,
As we come today to worship you alone.
Worthy; worthy; worthy Lord you are,
Lord of Glory, the bright and Morning Star,
And we behold the beauty of your splendour,
For you triumphed over the grave our dear Saviour.
Now we are coming up higher to be with you,
Drawing closer and closer as we desire to,
For it is you who planted that desire in our hearts,
When you cleansed us from sin giving us a new start,
So Lord come, fill this place with your glory,
For we Lord are coming thirsty and hungry,
And we are seeking after you alone,
For we know this world is not our home.
And we bring before you heartfelt praising,
As in unison our voices we are raising,
Singing holy, holy, holy aren`t you Lord,
Now our voices are united in one accord.
And the Spirit and the bride will say come,
We your bride long to see you Lord, face to face,
For you poured out on us love, mercy and grace,
And we long for the day we reach our heavenly home,
For all eternity we will be by your side,
You are the groom, who will call home His bride,
Hallelujah, Lord 1esus for you`re coming again,
There will be joy immeasurable, and no more pain..
So we thank you for the joy that you give us,
We thank you that you have made promises to us,
You send your warring angels to protect us each day,
And by our side forever more you have promised to stay.
And we sing, Hallelujah, thank you 1esus,
Thank you Lord for the joy that you give us,
Even through trials you give us such peace,
And our love for you will never cease.
I see you are hurting,
I see the longing,
To get back what you think you`ve lost,
But I have not left.
I`m right here with my arms open wide,
I have never left your side,
I`m alive on the inside of you,
How I love you.
I love the way that you`re looking for me,
Come closer darling one,
I want to blow all the cobwebs away,
And heal your heart deep down.
Daughter you are so precious to me,
You are adored by me,
My healing love I`m pouring over you,
Do not fret, I am restoring peace to you.
Love from your Heavenly Father
Conflicting voices here and there,
Sometimes it get`s just too much to bear,
Not so subtle advertising from the TV screen,
Billboards placed up high for all to see.
The message coming across is spend, spend, spend,
As if there is money forever without end,
Credit is made so easy and freely available,
When circumstances change finances become unstable.
We need wisdom when it comes to our spending,
All that we have has by the Lord been given,
It is so easy to get caught up in greed,
Yet the Lord has promised to provide for all our needs.
Fancy cars that cost a bomb,
Only get you from A to B,
Cars you get for a song,
Can also take you from A to B.
Fashion designers clothes may have your friends envious,
But the clothes bought off the peg provide the same purpose,
There is no point in buying that, which we can`t afford,
Maxing up credit cards, spending according to greed.
Oh Lord I must confess I do not give thanks enough,
For the many blessings you bestow upon me,
Yet daily you shower your love upon me,
And you provide for me more than enough.
I am blessed indeed,
Blessed to carry your precious Gospel seed,
I am blessed to know you,
So blessed for I belong to you.
Create in me a grateful heart,
You dear Lord are worthy of all my praise,
May your praises be the first thing on my lips as each new day starts,
Lord I am so be blessed to be the subject of your grace.
Through you I who am weak, gather my strength,
I will serve you until life`s journey`s end,
Help me to see beyond the troubles of this world,
For in you I am an overcomer Lord.
And I`m so grateful to have the Holy Spirit,
To empower me and lead me into all truth,
You Lord have power without limit,
And you live within me, in you I trust.
Lord I see your hand at work in my life,
You have brought me from darkness into your light,
Your guiding hand has led me along life`s way.
And you brought me back, when I tended to stray.
I am so thankful , I give you praise,
To you alone my arms I will raise,
You have saved me by your grace,
Now I like Moses long to see you face to face.
I give you thanks......
Attacks from fellow believers,
They surely do hurt,
Should we become our own defender?
Or let the Lord deal with the attack.
It is so easy to go on the defensive,
And who amongst us has not done this?
We so easily take offense,
Becoming rather pensive.
Then the enemy gets in,
And we fall into sin,
Finding it hard to forgive,
And the offender to love.
Would we not save ourselves hurt,
And guard our hearts,
If instead of by the critic being offended,
We turned it around and the critic blessed.
We have all so much to learn,
Sometimes that causes pain,
But we are to love one another,
With the love of our Saviour.
Discussion can be healthy,
As long as no offense is taken,
We are all on a journey,
Surely we can from each other learn.
Not saying we can learn from false teaching,
Except to learn what we should be avoiding,
Remember though none of us are the finished article,
We may be able to gently persuade of the truth and not be critical.
I`ve been hurt before,
Hurt to the core,
Because it came from another believer,
Forgive I had to for myself to be restored.
"You are so beautiful in my sight,
I see you're longing to do what is right,
Remember beloved I have experienced temptations,
I understand all of your frustrations.
My prayers are with you interceding with Father,
Your heart you will not give to another,
For as part of my bride,
You know that I am always by your side.
Keep seeking my face,
I will help you to run the race,
And you will run it well,
You are saved not destined for hell.
The Holy Spirit I have given you,
To encourage and equip you,
Along life's journey's way,
I dwell within your heart today.
I quench your thirst with living waters,
I am also your healer,
And I have promised to meet all your needs,
Keep your full armour on including your faith shield.
There is nothing you go through I don't understand,
I strengthen you and I am helping you stand,
Every prayer I have heard,
Be assured dear one your prayers are answered.
I have promised to never ever let you go,
My blessings and assurance I want you to know,
I have wonderful plans for you,
My love I am showering upon you.
I have promised to guide your every step,
I am the shepherd who cares for His sheep,
You can walk in my might and power,
And be my man or woman for this hour.
I saw you before you were born,
And I said that one is mine,
I knew the very day you would be reborn,
Your sins past and present are all forgiven.
When you face trials I am there for you,
Remember, I suffered bled and died for you,
I hurt when you hurt,
I am the healer of your deepest hurts.
It is not my will to have you suffering and in pain,
There is a day coming when you will have no more pain,
I have gone to prepare a place for you,
A heavenly mansion designed just for you.
I look forward to the day when you come home,
I long to show you my heavenly throne,
But for now your time is not yet,
There is much still to come, you have still to see the best.
Even in this lifetime there is so much more I want you to see,
Come closer dear one I want you to behold my glory,
Moses came face to face with me,
That was not only for him, come write your own story.
Talk to me, listen to my voice and follow me,
Come each day submitting yourself afresh to me,
Obey my voice telling others as you follow me,
Many are yet to be reached so they won't be lost for all eternity.
I am sending you out to see healing, deliverance and salvation,
Know the Spirit is with you as you reach out to the nations,
As you go know I am interceding for you,
Wherever you go I have gone before you.
I have called upon angels to protect and make a way for you,
The Comforter whom I left with you the Holy Spirit will help you,
You need not live in fear of man,
Don't say I cannot, with my help you can.
For you can do all things which I want you to do,
Because I have made the way straight for you,
Spend precious time in my sweet presence,
I long to have you draw closer than have yet experienced.
Daily you are on my thoughts,
For you the battle I fought,
And the victory I won,
Now you are a daughter or a son.
I am rooting for you,
I am interceding for you,
I go before you,
Beautiful bride I love all of you"
Love from Jesus
David the shepherd boy,
Tended his father`s sheep,
Thought of matter`s that were deep,
For God had anointed this boy
One little sling,
David did bring,
Goliath the giant to slay,
David was still a boy.
He alone was brave enough,
To contest against Goliath.
One young teenager,
Sent by his father,
To take food to his brothers,
Did not succumb to fear.
He knew God was with him,
He believed God would protect him,
The giant stood so very tall,
The Israelite army were fearful.
Goliath chided them,
He had no fear of the Israelite men,
He was three feet taller than any of them,
And he threatened the Israelite men.
Goliath believed he was the conqueror,
None of the Israelites would surely dare,
To even try to come against him,
Far less kill him,
He was laughing at them.
The Israelites would become their slaves,
David stepped out from behind the Israelite army,
Offering to take on the giant,
For David was indignant,
~How could this man defy God`s people Israel?¨
He wondered how the man who killed the giant would be rewarded by King Saul?
He declined the offer of a suit of heavy armour,
He took five little stones and his sling,
He knew that he had God`s anointing,
Goliath stood mighty in a thick coat of armour,
Laughing and jeering at the small figure,
~Did this mere boy hope to defeat him?¨
One little stone went through the sling,
And Goliath to the ground did fall,
Then David took Goliath`s own sword and killed him,
Cutting off the Philistines head conquering
Was then brought before King Saul.
What happened from then on is a tale for another day,
Like David whatever giants we have in our lives can be conquered today,
Because we do not go into any battle alone,
Christ our Lord has the victory won.
David the shepherd boy anointed by God,
Became King David a man known to have the heart of God.
Psalm 71:14 - 17 O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds.
But I will hope continually and will praise you yet more and more.
My mouth will tell of your righteous acts, of your deeds of salvation all the day, for their number is past my
knowledge. With the mighty deeds of the Lord GOD I will come; I will remind them of your righteousness,
yours alone.
Deeper and deeper,
Higher and higher,
This is what we long for,
We want to know you more,
To draw ever closer,
And in this moment we you implore,
For this is our prayer,
Take us deeper,
For it is you we desire.
Divided into denomination`s
We`ve not learned any lessons,
Today there is still division,
Among people who should be as one.
Caught up in our differences,
Sometimes they dull our senses,
And many say it`s all about theology,
Some get caught up in liturgy.
Arguments do thrive,
Because we lose sight of what we agree on,
Through the cross of 1esus we have salvation,
And we have heated discussions about beliefs.
And 1esus cries out to us,
~My church can you see I`m here?
It`s me your Lord and Saviour 1esus¨
What if together his voice we sought to hear?
But you say I`m reformed church,
And I say I belong to the Pentecostal church,
And another says I`m Methodist,
Then someone pipes up saying I`m Baptist.
And it seems the twain will never meet,
On perceived errors we concentrate,
Sometimes we may be right,
But is our attitude right?
Wherever someone mentions revival,
You find Christians who are critical,
Finding fault on so many levels,
Believing being a critic is their God ordained call.
1esus said ~Love one another as I have loved you,¨
Charging us to encourage one another in our faith,
How do we appear to those who have no faith,
Do they see the light is us shine through?
The Psalmist did write about unity,
Saying how pleasant it is when we join in unity,
If you like me know 1esus as your Saviour,
You are my brother or my sister.
We don`t have to even worship the same way,
What is important is that we follow 1esus today,
So let`s set aside our differences,
And concentrate on what is important and unites.
If you love 1esus you are a friend of mine,
We are united in the Divine,
On the things that matter we two agree,
Let`s love and encourage one another in a spirit of unity.
God has been speaking to me personally about why we see only a limited move of the miraculous in most of
the west, are we for instance afraid to lay hands on the dead that they shall live? Are we believing Him
regarding what He can do in and through us His people? Do we limit God even although we believe in the
full Gospel? It`s time to go up a level in faith. I have seen me pray for someone to be healed and niggling
doubts arise about my worthiness, for God to come through for me.. Yet I have laid hands upon the sick and
seen them healed, but when it happened even I was amazed. HELLO- It`s not who I am- IT IS ABOUT
Why are we crippled?
Are we afraid?
Do we have doubts?
That stop us stepping out.
What hinders the church?
Most of us,
From walking in the miraculous,
Like the New Testament Church.
Do we think God won`t come through for us?
If we step out in faith believing for miracles,
So we act tentatively,
Even Pentecostals behave rather conservatively.
Sometimes it`s all self doubt,
Surely I am not worthy for God to use me?
Have I really been given authority?
That is ok for the Apostles not me.
When did the Lord not respond to faith?
Do we doubt that He will do what He says?
Can God do creative miracles today?
Indeed he can and does do them today.
So why do we put limitations on God?
Are we not the children of God?
The same Spirit that raised 1esus from the dead,
Lives within us children of God.
Why are we surprised when we see Him come through?
Why are we so amazed when we see what he can do?
Then next time when someone needs a healing,
Why are there doubts that they are healing receiving?
Oh we expect to see occasional miracles?
When they don`t happen we put the onus on God or others,
Maybe he or she didn`t have enough faith?
Maybe we should be examining our own faith?
We are those who believe,
1esus made promises to those who believe,
He said we will do the miracles that He does,
Because he has gone to the Father we will do even greater works.
Not by our might, nor by our power,
But by the Holy Spirit`s power,
We will lay hands on the sick and see them recover,
Believing by faith we will see them healed in this hour.
The Lord never said it might be my will to heal,
It is time for us to get real,
And believe in the truth of Gods Holy Word,
Yesterday, today and forever he is an unchanging God.
God our God is the God of the breakthrough,
He is never limited in what he can do,
He has placed his Spirit in me and you,
Will we move faith up a level now?
In the name of 1esus we have authority,
In his name demons have to flee,
No more limiting what the Holy Spirit can do,
Time for expectancy to rise up in me and you.
Mark 16:15 And he said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. 16
Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. 17
And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will
speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly
poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover."
Time for us to the commission take heed,
Go wherever he leads,
Proclaiming the full Gospel truth,
That 1esus is the way, the life and the truth.
Then we will see people saved,
Also healed and delivered ,
In water being baptized,
And by the Holy Spirit baptized.
People of every nation,
Need to know the truth of salvation,
Will we say yes to the commission?
And go out in power in this generation?
I'm seeking your face in this morning hour,
The Lord who is my strong tower,
Take me this day as an offering,
For you I want to be for you living.
Rid me of every selfish way,
That i might honour you today,
Take my moments and my days,
Let them flow with ceaseless praise.
And i'm fixing my eyes on you Lord,
My feet are illuminated by your precious Word,
I seek to know you more,
Coming closer and closer.
The Lord is telling me to speak to the dry bones,
In my city where so many seem to have hearts of stone,
For the people have gone astray,
Seeking only to go their own way.
~Prophecy to the dry bones and these dry bones will live,
The people, need to know I`m alive,
I need watchmen on the wall to watch and pray,
And people who will take the message to your city,
You can play your part in doing both as I lead you,
Listen carefully now to what I want you to do.¨
These are his words to me today,
And what he says I must obey.
I will prophecy words of life and not death,
And dry bones will live, in response to the gospel.
The Lord is the One who breathes life into dry bones,
He will bring life even into hearts of stone.
Oh the wonder of an encounter,
With my dear Lord and Saviour,
1ust one touch from Him and I am made whole,
And inexpressible joy flooded through my soul.
For weeks I was enveloped in sickness,
I knew the Lord was not the author of diseases,
But this chest infection was stubborn,
And I was starting to feel a little forlorn.
Now I have previously experienced God's healing touch,
I know that by His stripes I am healed,
And here I was suffering much,
I gave praise for all He has done for me as I remembered.
The Lord is my Healer, my Saviour and Deliverer,
My healing was all accomplished at the cross,
His grace and mercy towards me abounds evermore,
And my healing starts to take place.
Now I am walking in fullness and joy,
Because I sought out the true life giver,
The one who has given me deep happiness and joy,
He is good al the time, He has an unchanging nature.
Yesterday, today and forever 1esus is the same,
He answers all who call upon his Name,
He wants us to believe by faith,
What His Word says.
He is the Lord that heals us,
This wonderful Lord and Saviour, 1esus,
Of that I have no doubt,
Today and always His praises I will shout.
~I need my people to engage in prayer,
Even among Christians effectual prayer is rare,
Prayer can truly change things,
It is time for you to mount up on wings.
Pray what I would have you pray,
I will teach you how to pray,
Come enter my throne room,
Closer and closer come.
When you talk to me,
I will talk to you,
Fresh revelation you will see,
The heavens will open wide too.
Come by faith believing,
That you are receiving,
Answers to prayer,
Before you even voice your prayer.
Every prayer I hear,
You need not fear,
That I am not listening,
Or that I am not caring.
There is nothing to trivial,
To bring to my attention,
My children today I still heal,
And bring to you restoration.
Come now, persevere in prayer,
You have to persist in prayer,
Sometimes you need to fast and pray,
Answers my children are coming our way.
All of my promises I keep,
But so much of the church is asleep,
Waken up my children, watch and pray,
Today we are living in the last days.
For I am coming soon,
The moment of my returning looms,
Many even in the church are not ready,
It is time to prepare and be ready.
A two way conversation is needed,
Remember from me nothing is concealed,
You can hide absolutely nothing from me,
Confess every sin unto me.
Come right in to the secret place,
Enter into the holy place,
I will be found by all who seek me,
And I will draw you close to me.¨
Lord we pray give us a zeal,
To share with others the Gospel,
Far and near we will proclaim,
Our Lord saves, delivers and heals.
Rom 10:15 And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of
those who preach the good news!"
We give you thanks and praise for every spiritual blessing,
Which we in the Heavenly places have already received,
The Apostle Paul did surely mean that we already have those blessings,
So what should be our understanding when we the scriptures read?
Surely this means that every spiritual blessing already belongs to us,
The Lord our God does not withhold any good thing from us,
How do we the body of Christ respond to this?
What revelation are we supposed to gain now we realize this?
I believe that we who now have access beyond the veil,
We now have the full resources of heaven to us made available,
We already have all that we need to live our lives to the praise of his glory,
We can by faith open our spiritual eyes to operate in the realm of glory.
We need to realize something of the height, depth, width and length of the love of Christ,
His love is unmatchable and indescribable, how wonderful it is to be in Christ,
Our risen glorified Savour did not leave us powerless when he to heaven ascended,
He gave us the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth, and by the Spirit we are empowered.
So how do we access those spiritual blessings that we already have?
In Ephesians Paul shows how he prayed for blessings of fellow believers,
We know that Paul the Apostle operated in the miraculous by faith,
The same power that raised 1esus from the dead lives in all of us.
Since we already have those spiritual blessings we too can operate in faith,
Fear has blinded the church for too long and it`s time for us to step up in faith,
Believing the full measure of faith is sufficient for us to move in the spiritual realm,
Eyes fixed on 1esus giving him praise and placing him at the helm.
We can move upwards and onwards being caught up in those heavenly places,
With all the spiritual blessings we have we by faith shall move in the miraculous,
There are no limits to what we will see as heaven touches earth,
We`ll be accessing all that`s been made available to us through those spiritual blessings.
Exalt lift up on High, the Name of 1esus,
There is no-one quite like my 1esus,
I don`t care if hardly anyone ever knows my name,
But I do want all to know my Saviour`s name.
All that I do, all that I am it`s got to be,
For me help others come to see,
The wonder of who my 1esus is,
And how He loves all of us.
Love that took Him to the cross,
To die for the people He loves,
That we through Him might be restored to Father God,
Through having sins forgiven, and cleansed by the blood.
I can`t help but get excited,
When I`m in the presence of the Lord,
With him communicating in prayer,
Sometimes silently receiving in soaking prayer.
1oy floods through my soul,
For he has made me whole,
Now I engage in two way communication,
With my Father in heaven.
Drawing closer now, into intimacy,
Into the Holy of Holies I come,
The blood of 1esus paved the way,
Beyond the veil I come.
Whether it be times of praise,
Times of deep intercession,
Times for me receiving,
I am with the Lord in those prayers.
I can talk to him at the kitchen sink,
It`s a 24/7 communing thing,
I talk to the Lord and he talks to me,
And he continues to reveal more to me.
Problems arise when I stop listening,
When I stop talking to him,
And I am generally unhappy in that state,
I`m in the process of learning from him every day.
So I fix my eyes on him,
Enjoying communicating with him,
For he is the one I adore,
Prayer is no longer a chore.
The Lord`s eyes are filled with love
As he gazes upon each of us,
With eyes as gentle as a dove,
The eyes of our Lord and Saviour 1esus.
Compassion flows from his eyes,
Remember for us he made a sacrifice,
As he hung on the cross dying,
So that our sins might be forgiven.
Right now he is looking upon us,
Nothing from him is hidden,
From his heavenly throne he intercedes,
Brothers and sisters he is rooting for us.
He sees when we have difficulties to face,
And he prays for us to have the faith,
To carry us through and in him find strength,
That we might always in him, have confidence.
He is gazing upon us now,
And he wants us to know,
That he interested in every part of our lives,
It is in and through him we live.
So friends remember as you go through your day,
The Lords eyes are upon you every step of the way,
He has gifted you with the Holy Spirit to equip you,
For whatever task the Lord has given you.
Gazing into the face of the one I love,
Deep longing in my heart,
This is the one I desire,
He is the very expression of love,
For me my blessed Saviour his life did give,
But that grave couldn`t hold him, today he is alive,
Beyond the veil he invited me to come,
His blood paved the way for me to gaze upon God`s Son.
1ust one glance at 1esus my King,
In my life has changed everything,
No longer having to worship from afar,
I am forever for him set apart.
He looks deep into my heart,
The one who has loved me from the start,
And he says ~I love the way you love me,¨
I say ~My Lord how can this be?
For my love is such a poor reflection,
Of the love that wrought my salvation,
Oh Lord, how do I express my gratitude?
I adore you, truly adore you my dear Lord.
Surely I am not worthy to come into your presence?¨
But he beckons me right into his heavenly chambers,
And he says ~I have given you a robe of righteousness,
In you I delight, my bride come up hither.¨
Song of Solomon 1:4 Draw me after you; let us run. The king has brought me into his chambers. Othe!s: We
will exult and rejoice in you; we will extol your love more than wine; rightly do they love you.
Faith is the assurance that we shall see what we have hoped for,
It is a belief and conviction that what is promised will be delivered,
By faith we believe God spoke and the earth came into being,
Believing that we will see the manifestation of things yet unseen.
The heroes of the faith in Hebrews chapter eleven,
All had one thing in common,
They believed in the faithfulness of their God,
And because of their faith they remained true to God.
Abel made a more acceptable sacrifice than Cain,
And God commended him as righteous,
Because he was the one who brought acceptable gifts,
The wrongful behaviour of his brother did not bring gain.
It is true that Cain did murder Abel.
But because of Abel`s faith,
Even today his voice still speaks,
Telling us today ~To God remain faithful.¨
Enoch must surely have been some man of God,
For he did not die, for God just took him,
We know that God was pleased and commended him,
How wonderful it must be to so please our God.
Now let`s picture Noah and his building of the ark,
He was obedient to God although the people mocked him,
No- one had ever seen rainfall and they thought it was a lark,
But Noah and his family were saved when the floods came.
Abraham too was a man who walked in obedience,
He moved out into the unknown when God promised his inheritance,
Trusting God to direct him to the land he had promised,
Isaac and 1acob too were heirs according to the same promise.
Abraham was prepared to live in tents,
Knowing he would some day live in a city with strong foundations,
And Sarah by miraculous intervention conceived,
In her old age because she believed what God promised.
Surely though one of the most amazing demonstrations of faith,
Was when Abraham took his precious son Isaac as an offering,
Prepared to give him up even to sacrificing,
Because he believed that God could raise Isaac, and had faith in his promises.
God provided though a sacrificial lamb to die in Isaac`s place,
But through this obedience, prepared to do whatever God asked,
Abraham stood out down through the ages as a strong man of faith,
In his old age because of faith he became the father of many nations as promised.
Now Isaac in turn passed blessings on to his sons 1acob and Esau,
1acob passed blessings on as he was dying to his own son`s and to 1oseph`s sons,
When 1oseph was close to death he by faith mentioned the future exodus,
And gave his family instructions regarding his bones.
God`s protection was over Moses from the moment of his birth,
Moses preferred to trust the God of his people rather than be an Egyptian prince,
He preferred to be like the rest of his people rejected and mistreated,
Rather than enjoying fleeting pleasures of wealth and sin in Egypt.
Moses considered that he would gain a far, far better reward,
For he considered even the reproach of Christ greater wealth,
Than placing his hope in nothing but worldly treasures,
By faith Moses was not worried about Pharoh`s wrath
By faith they obeyed God and sprinkled the blood,
The Passover came and the firstborn of Israel were not touched,
By faith Moses led the people out on the exodus,
And Moses the red sea did part when he put his hand out by faith.
But the Egyptians who knew not God,
Attempted to do the same and were drowned,
A lack of faith was the cause of so many wilderness years,
Trusting God and walking in his ways can save us many tears.
1oshua led the people around 1ericho obeying God,
Believing God, carefully following directions,
And on the seventh day the walls came tumbling down,
And the people gave a triumphant shout unto their God.
Rahab get`s her name into the halls of fame,
An unusual person the religious person might imagine,
Because it would seem she was a woman of ill repute,
But she was prepared to risk her own life for God`s people.
We can`t forget to mention Gideon, Barak and Samson,
1ephthah, David, Samuel and the prophets who conquered kingdoms,
Obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the power of fire,
Escaped the edge of the sword being made strong in weakness, and became mighty in war.
By faith women saw their dead resurrected ,
Believers have been tortured, persecuted, and killed,
Others suffering chains and imprisonment,
Too many to count could be counted among the faithful.
Today, the Lord is seeking heroes of the faith,
Those who will believe all his promises,
Prepared to step out in full obedience,
To the Lord`s instructions.
On reflection my faith has a long way to go,
To measure up to that faith of long ago,
Faith to see the even the dead raised,
Or to see the red sea be parted.
Dear Lord I pray, increase my faith,
In you alone I place my trust,
I know the yes and amen of your promises,
True believing faith for me is a must.
Tonight I pray,
At the end of another day,
That all will be blessed,
And that we will rest,
In the arms of 1esus,
And of him we will dream dreams.
All stress now put aside,
In him we abide,
All of our anxieties and cares,
Taken to the Master and left there,
Peace flowing through us,
Sleeping in the arms of 1esus.
1eremiah. 31:25-26 For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish." At this I
awoke and looked, and my sleep was pleasant to me.
Deuteronomy 33:27a The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.