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Interior Design BA (Hons) / MDes
Portfolio Advice
For UK and European Union applicants
Your portfolio
We believe that the quality of work in a portfolio is more important than the quantity, so we would only expect to see the work that you are
most pleased with and most proud of. Try to include about 15 20 pieces of work.
Your work should be laid out clearly so that it takes us through a visual journey and provides us with clear evidence of the logical progres-
sion of your ideas and creative ability. The development stage of a project is just as important as the nal idea. Exploring ideas and design
development can be shown through sheets in your portfolio, sketchbook or as models.
What are we looking for?
Our course focuses on interior architecture and spatial design so well be looking for the following:
Innovative thinking - evidence of unusual approaches to solving a problem.
Drawing skills demonstrating a range of techniques and styles.
Idea generation - quick initial doodles, sketches and thought processes.
Development of ideas - evidence of how you think!
An interest in contemporary interior design and the built environment.
Experimental approach in your 3D work to handling materials in unusual combinations.
Spatial awareness and an ability to think about things three dimensionally
Most importantly were looking for evidence of a passionate and inquisitive mind - feel free to bring us something unusual, something were
not expecting - something thats not on the list.
What should a portfolio contain?
Include examples of good analytical and observational drawing, preferably in three dimensions. Also ensure a range of approaches to draw-
ing are included, for example mark making, expressive etc. Include examples using a variety of media, whether that is paint, pencil, markers
ink etc.
What should a portfolio contain?
Interior Design involves exploration of space through solid modelling so it is important to demonstrate in your portfolio that you are interest-
ed in working in this way. This does not have to be highly nished models of buildings; it could be sculpture, jewellery, fashion etc.
However we are looking for people who show an interest in manipulating materials, so this is a very important aspect of the portfolio.
What should a portfolio contain?
3D Projects
These dont need to be highly complex projects, but as before
were looking for interesting, unusual and playful ideas completed
with care and skill.
What should a portfolio contain?
Digital Work
Include the best of any computer-aided design (CAD) or artwork that you have produced, as well as photography, or video/animation if
youve had experience. Whilst much of this is developed on the course, it would be useful to demonstrate an interest in design software
whether that is Google Sketchup, Photoshop or more advanced 3D modelling software.
What should a portfolio contain?
We would like to see how you investigate and analyse a project brief and how you have explored, experimented and documented your
thought process. We need to see that you are able to demonstrate where ideas come from and how they might transform through a pro-
cess of either thorough research or extended sketching around the problem.
Contextual Research
You need to show that you are aware of professionals working within the Interior Design eld, as well as contemporary artists and design-
ers, to ensure that there is a breadth to your knowledge. It is also important to understand what Interior Design is really about, so do some
Personal Work
We really like to see personal work that youve done just because you enjoy being creative; not driven by any brief or deadline. We dont
mind what you bring, but please do bring some personal work as you need to demonstrate that you are able to work independently.