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11/2/2014 "Globalization Is Turning In On Itself And It Is Each Man For Himself" | Zero Hedge 1/6
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A Kept Culture
Posted by : Cognitive Dissonance
Post date: 11/02/2014 - 13:41
The perks that come with being kept will not
survive the breaking of the keep.
WHeN MoNeY DiES...
Posted by: williambanzai7
Post date: 11/02/2014 - 12:48
They had no idea what was coming...
NEWSFLASH: The Fed Isn't Stopping QE!
Posted by: Sprout Money
Post date: 11/02/2014 - 07:55
The Federal Reserve is saying one thing, but is
actually doing the complete opposite...
"Globalization Is Turning In On Itself And It Is
Each Man For Himself"
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/02/2014 17:01 -0400
China ETC Group Think Israel

From Raoul Pal, author of the Global Macro Investor and creator
Of RealVisionTV
At The Margin
A few things are also appearing on my radar screen – future
visions if you like – that I want to share with you. These are not
conclusive, but rather a stream of unfiltered thoughts, which will
develop over time.
I virtually never use geopolitics to assess asset markets. I have
learned the hard way over time that it is the way to the poor
house. Economies run financial markets, not wars.
But I do note that at the margin, the world’s geopolitics is
changing. Gone are the fluffy days of Putin shaking hands with
George Bush agreeing to keep the world supplied with oil, gone
are the days of China helping US firms make profits using their
cheap labour, gone are open-for-business days of Europe, gone
is the Japanese military neutrality, gone are the Saudis as an
unshakeable ally, gone is Israel also a steadfast ally, etc.
What is happening is something deeply concerning.
Globalisation is turning in on itself and it is each man for
This was always going to be the outcome of an imbalanced,
debt-drowning world. Everyone wants a cheap currency and
since that doesn’t work then everyone wants to find some way to
get the upper hand on their own terms.
I have had recent conversations with a long-term strategy group
within the Pentagon about economic threats to the US and the
risk of global collapse, and the potential for it to turn into a
military outcome. It seems that the Department of Defence’s
deep thinkers are mulling over the kinds of issues we all are – is
the inevitable outcome a military one?
They don’t know either but they give it a probability and thus
need to understand it and plan for it.
My issue has been for a long time that the true threat to the
world is not the Muslim nations we so like to beat as a scapegoat
(gotta have an enemy, right?) but China.
The Pentagon’s think-tank also agrees.
If China has an economic collapse, which again is a high
probability event, then what are the odds of massive civil
unrest? And would a military conflict put the people back on the
side of the government (i.e. how the Nazis came to power)?
I agree. I think this is the risk somewhere down the road.
I also, along with this defence strategy group, think that there is
a risk that the Western powers meddling in the time of bad
economic crisis will form strong alliances between let’s say
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11/2/2014 "Globalization Is Turning In On Itself And It Is Each Man For Himself" | Zero Hedge 2/6
Russia and China.
In direct opposition to the government, many people inside the
Pentagon are saying, “Please don’t fuck with Russia, they are not
threatening us militarily but securing their own borders, we
cannot control the outcomes, and most of them are bad,
probably not militarily but economically, and economic instability
causes outcomes we can’t forecast – even seizing the assets of
powerful Russians has unintended consequences”.
Here, here. The law of unintended circumstances is a bitch.
Everyone is also looking carefully at the risk of Catalonia now
having a referendum that is deemed to be unconstitutional, and
then trying to enforce it in the streets.
Europe is trying to hold itself together yet the member states
themselves are in danger of splitting up. How does that manifest
itself? What are the risks? We just don’t know.
I think the trend of each nation for itself, a move away from
globalisation either in terms of global trade, or in terms of global
finance and a move towards military build-ups, is well under
way. I don’t know how far it will go but I do know that I am
uncomfortable with it, and that it poses some considerable risk
to the stable economic system that so many have enjoyed since
the late 1980s.
* * *
For some further observations on the role of globalization and
what its unwind would mean..
... Gordon T. Long's take on the "Globalization Trap" is a
worthwhile read.
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11/2/2014 "Globalization Is Turning In On Itself And It Is Each Man For Himself" | Zero Hedge 3/6
Sun, 11/02/2014 -
17:04 | 5404661
11/02/2014 -
17:14 |
- 17:19 |
- 17:37 |
11/02/2014 -
17:30 |
- 17:38 |
- 17:41 |
Oh. So,
Zerohedge is adopting my theories?
Gringo Viejo
thought you
was playin'
me, when I was
playin' you."
........Sweet Dick Willie
This has always been a world of looking
out for No. 1.
Yet, the world DOES look more unstable each
Hmm, what to do... Why, do what WE do at the
Central Bank of DoChenRollingBearing! Buy hard
assets, preferably round coins made of metals like
gold, platinum and silver Or even lead bullion.
Highly-engineered products made of 52100 steel
count as hard assets as well.
and some
the way
humanity always
thank you

I'm simply applying historical conclusions to current

wants to
by manipulating
symbols, or sharing their opinion.
Few want to produce. Can't say I blame them.
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11/2/2014 "Globalization Is Turning In On Itself And It Is Each Man For Himself" | Zero Hedge 4/6
Sun, 11/02/2014 -
17:08 | 5404666
Sun, 11/02/2014 -
17:15 | 5404673
Sun, 11/02/2014 -
17:14 | 5404675
11/02/2014 -
17:40 |
Sun, 11/02/2014 -
17:14 | 5404676
Sun, 11/02/2014 -
17:21 | 5404690
11/02/2014 -
17:24 |
Sun, 11/02/2014 -
17:22 | 5404694
Sun, 11/02/2014 -
Great graphics
WTF.. it was
alway every man for himself..
It's just that now the great satan is bankrupt, and the
repositioning is happening for the next phase which will be
called survival of the fittest..

Its a brave new "got resources"? world...
It has always has
been each man for himself unless you are a free shit
army recruit.
Just the other
day, I was
driving on the
publicly funded
interstate system on my way to a public airport after a
business meeting. I got lost, so I consulted my GPS that
relies on NASA satellites. Just as I looked up, I saw a
terrible accident and had to swerve to avoid some
firemen who were pulling a guy out of his vehicle. I then
turned on some Limbaugh and man, he had the best rant
about the free shit army.
Was there a point
to this article?
Workers in
HAZMAT suits at Cleveland address as NE Ohio
residents removed from Ebola monitoring
McCormick No. 9
Enough fake
Ebola nuuz.
Globalization will
fade because humans are getting less and less net
energy out of their activities. In that light,
financialization steps in -- for a while.
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11/2/2014 "Globalization Is Turning In On Itself And It Is Each Man For Himself" | Zero Hedge 5/6
17:30 | 5404703
11/02/2014 -
17:33 |
11/02/2014 -
17:40 |
you have it
Globalization is simply an EFFECT --not the CAUSE--of
the divide et impera tactic used by the corporations and elite.

How did the elite/corporations divide and rule america and
the West so that they could IMPLEMENT globalization?

First, structure of the nation and government. The
elite/corporations first used divide et impera when they
created the USA from the several states. They increased
factions with voting districts so that voter unity was
decreased. Less unified means the people are less able to
hold their politicians accountable. They increased factions
within districts by enlarging the districts. Larger districts
means more factions means less unity. That is why our
founding plutocrats discared the Articles of Confederation and
illegally installed the current federal constitution.

Then they created multiculturalism so as to increase
heterogeneity among the populace. A more "diverse"
populace is more divided.

So, increase the size of the nation and increase racial,
cultural and national diversity. That increases the number of
factions inside districts, which means less unity among
voters, which means the people have less control and the
corporations have more control.

THAT increased control over the government means the
corporations and plutocrats can implement globalization and
mass immigration.
Mass immigration increases factionalization further, thus
creating a positive feedback loop. Globalization decreases
wealth, giving the corporations more power.
Positive feedback again.
Well, there is more to it than just that, but you get the gist.

And so it goes...

global will
fade just
because of
one thing : costs.

at some points, make stuff homeland just as expensive as
chinese world factory. when this day comes, prey to be
already dead to not see what happen.
Monty Burns
That's correct
and goes to
show that the
capitalist elite and
the Cultural Marxists have circled only to meet up. Add in
the systematic destruction of fundamental institutions like
family, religion, traditional education etc.
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11/2/2014 "Globalization Is Turning In On Itself And It Is Each Man For Himself" | Zero Hedge 6/6
Sun, 11/02/2014 -
17:35 | 5404719
McCormick No. 9
Debt based
money creation works fine below a certain debt-to-
production capacity ratio. Don't ask me what that ratio is, I'm
not an economist. But intuitively, I am pretty damn sure we
passed it a long time ago. We are deep in the region of
diminishing returns. The only entties with a capacity for more
debt are governments. That capacity is based on a societal
debt tolerance, ie, how much collective pain are we willing to
suffer? (People will suffer a lot more if everyone around
them is suffering as well, ie London Blitz, etc)
But I think we are starting to approach a limit there as well.
Shit to hit! Soon!
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