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November - December 2014

27. Floods
An estimated 20 million people in south Asia
have been affected by devastating floods
triggered by monsoon rains the worst in 50
years. Across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh,
loved ones have been killed, homes and
livelihoods lost and vital infrastructure
destroyed. Tearfunds partners are battling
extreme weather conditions and extensive flood
damage to get emergency aid including food
and shelter to those most in need. (Tearfund)
28. Russia
Due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, many
refugees have entered Russia and are spread
out around the country. In Novosibirsk, Siberia,
where OM Russia is located, several summer
camp bases are now used temporarily to house
refugees forced to leave their homes with
nothing. Several OM Russia members, in
partnership with a local church, have visited a
few of these bases to offer practical help and
run a programme for the children. Relationships
have been established, and together with local
churches, they continue to help refugees rebuild
their lives. (Operation Mobilisation)
29. Pakistan
Fifty girls in Pakistan, aged 16 to 17, had their
faith strengthened through short Bible courses
at a women's training centre according to a
CMS mission partner who teaches at the
centre. At the end of one course, several girls
shared how they had made a personal
commitment to follow Jesus, had discovered
how to read the Bible with understanding, how
their prayer life had been renewed and how
they had learned to get along better with others,
forgiving and forbearing, rather than
quarrelling. Pray that these recent school-
leavers will continue to grow spiritually. Disciple
-ship is a key need in Pakistan, as Christians
are a small, often-pressured minority. (CMS)
30. Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan was one of Central Asias first
parliamentary democracies. Today, there is
violence, corruption, and criminal drug interests.
Laws govern religious activity and religious
extremism: Christians, Muslims and other
religious groups have suffered as a result.
Despite the laws, Kyrgyzstan still has more
religious freedom than many neighbouring
countries. The church in Kyrgyzstan grew
impressively after the country severed ties with
the former USSR in 1991. Growth has since
slowed, but the church is maturing. Kyrgyz-
speaking congregations continue to grow and
mature. Once a tiny minority in the national
church (which is predominantly Russian
Orthodox), Kyrgyz believers are now a
significant proportion of the nations Christians.
Effective Kyrgyz leaders have come to the fore,
and more services are now being held in
Kyrgyz. Pray that the Kyrgyz church will
continue to mature. (WEC International)
31. Afghanistan
Over the years many Christians have prayed for
the inaccessible land and people of
Afghanistan. Through many changes that have
taken place in the country over past years,
Afghans have remained deeply religious,
generous in hospitality, sharing what little they
have and loyal to their particular tribe. Piety has
caused many to question observed religious
practice, and in the last 15 years God has
spoken to many Afghans through dreams and
visions. Many have decided to follow Jesus
despite great opposition. Operation World
speaks of the existence of hundreds of
fellowships. Pray for those who truly put their
trust in Jesus. May they grow in faith, find
fellowship, and have boldness to witness to all
the Afghan tribes and tongues. Praise God that
He continues to build his church among the
Afghan people. (WEC International)
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The film, Lorenzos Oil, is a moving film based
on the true story of a boy called Lorenzo who
had a rare blood disease for which there was no
known cure. The film relates the story of how
his parents determined to discover as much as
they could about the disease, refusing to
believe that nothing could be done. It was they
themselves who eventually discovered the key
to it and came up with a formula for Lorenzos
Oil which has subsequently saved the lives of
many boys. What I found most amazing about
the story was that they refused to give up hope,
even when all the experts told them that
nothing could be done.
In Luke chapter 7, we find a woman who had
given up all hope and understandably so. Her
only son was dead. I imagine that until he was
actually dead, his mother never gave up hope.
She would have nursed him and cared for him;
she would have had the best doctors she could
afford; she would have done all in her power to
help him get better. And she would never have
given up hope that he would be restored to her.
All to no avail. Her only son died and hope was
lost. The only thing left was to bury him. She
and her supporting friends were on their way to
do just that, carrying the coffin to the burial
place. It was a hopeless situation.
But then this party of mourners had an
unexpected encounter with Jesus. No one else
had been able to give hope to this grieving
mother. But Jesus did. The Bible says that his
heart went out to her and he said, Dont cry.
Then he went up and touched the coffin.
I wonder if even in that moment a glimmer of
hope was raised in the heart of this mother. Did
she and those with her recognise that here was
someone who seemed by His very presence to
offer hope again? Jesus commanded the young
man to get up and he did just that. That funeral
procession must have turned into some street
party, celebrating the return of this son from the
clutches of death.
As we read or hear about various things going
on around the world, we can be tempted to give
up hope that anything will change. Situations
seem difficult at best, hopeless at worst. As we
bring our prayers to the Lord regarding those
things, we need to remind ourselves that Jesus
is the same yesterday, today and forever and
where He is involved, a situation is never
hopeless. It may be just the place where
something amazing is going to take place!
Bev Lindsay
Christian Vocations
Hope in a hopeless situation
22. China
Media reports have indicated that large
numbers of South Koreans have been arrested
in North East China over recent months. They
are thought to have been involved in ministry to
North Korean refugees escaping to China.
Some reports have suggested that more than
1,000 South Koreans have been detained or
deported over recent months as China
continues its crackdown along their border with
neighbouring North Korea. Some westerners
were also arrested in August 2014 and remain
in detention. Pray for the Lord to free those
detained. Ask Him to guard His people. Pray
that Chinas authorities would exercise justice
and mercy towards the many minority groups in
the country, including those from North Korea
who are frequently repatriated. (AsiaLink)
23. Australia
Three OM men arrived safely home after
walking 2,000 kilometres to raise awareness
that there are still 2,000 languages without the
Bible. The three left Cairns on 24th August and
arrived in Stanthorpe on 11th November, after
walking on average more than 30km a day.
Each kilometre represented a unique language
that doesnt yet have the Word of God. The
team held evening meetings at local churches
and town halls en route to share information
about the 350 million people who dont yet have
access to the Bible in their own language.
(Operation Mobilisation)
24. South Pacific
Student movements in the South Pacific region
face a wide range of challenges: from rampant
secularism in Australia and New Zealand to
economic and political instability in Fiji; from the
geographic isolation of Tonga to the challenge
of indigenous practices in parts of Papua New
Guinea. Particularly encouraging is the growth
in partnerships of Australia and New Zealand
with other IFES movements in the Pacific region
as well as with Africa. Please pray for small
island movements where there are very few or
no staff workers and for growth in the ministry to
international students, especially in Australia
and New Zealand. (IFES)
25. Burma (Myanmar)
The continued growth of the Burmese church
amid great suffering and repression is an
answer to prayer. While the majority of
believers come from certain ethnic minorities,
there is an increasing response from the
Buddhist majority, particularly monks. There is a
spiritual darkness in Buddhist countries that
must be lifted by prayer. One worker wrote:
Buddhists here are so tied to their beliefs since
childhood, and through so many generations,
that it is prayer alone that is going to open their
hearts to see the light. Lets pray: Your
kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth in
Myanmar as it is in heaven. (WEC
26. Taiwan
In August the Logos Hope visited the port of
Anping, Taiwan. This was the first time any of
OM's ships have opened the gangways in the
city. Vice Mayor of Tainan city, Mr Yan Chun
Zuo, was pleased to welcome Logos Hope and,
speaking on behalf of the Mayor during the
official opening, said It is [the Mayors] aim to
create an international city, that is more focused
on knowledge with a passion for
volunteering. So the ships visit to Anping is an
invaluable aid in promoting these things. Mr.
Yan Chun Zou added with a proud smile
and you havent really experienced Taiwan until
you have visited Anping! Pray for the continued
ministry of those aboard Logos Hope in this
region. (OM)
1. Iraq
A senior Christian cleric in Iraq says
that militants have been seen tagging Christian
houses with the letter 'N' for Nassarah, a term
used for Christians in the Koran. Other religious
minorities have also been brutally targeted by
Isis. People have fled from towns in north Iraq
into exposed rural and mountainous areas,
causing an humanitarian emergency and action
from the international community. Please pray
urgently for the safety of Christians who fled or
who, by choice or otherwise, stayed to face this
threat. Pray that the light of Christ will overcome
this present situation in a region where the
Church has been present for centuries and still
witnesses today. (Worldshare)
2. Syria
More than three years on, the civil war in Syria
shows no signs of ending. Sadly, nor does the
suffering of more than 9 million ordinary Syrians
who are in need, including 3 million refugees.
Many are homeless, have no income and no
certainty of what lies ahead. As people continue
to seek a safe place to escape from the fighting,
Tearfunds partners are providing food, help
with shelter, clothing, stoves and hygiene
goods. Eventually, we hope to help refugees
return to their homes. (Tearfund)
3. Lebanon
Lebanese TV presenters and musicians have
shared how Christians in the Middle East are
seeking to share the love of Christ to people
fleeing conflict and atrocities in Syria and Iraq.
Joyce Saddi and Rawad Daou - two hosts of a
weekly live youth show from Beirut broadcast
on Christian satellite channel shared that close
to 2 million refugees have come to Lebanon,
putting immense pressure on Lebanon's
services. This has resulted in power cuts and
water shortages, and has fuelled rocketing
rental charges. Some Lebanese fear or resent
the influx of refugees from a country that
occupied Lebanon for nearly three decades, but
many churches are welcoming them. Rawad
and Joyce's church currently assists over 120
families with food vouchers and welcomes
many to their services. (SAT-7)
4. Iran
The recently launched New Millennium Version
of the Bible has been eagerly anticipated by the
Iranian church ever since Elam began the
translation work in 1995. Prior to the publication
of the new translation, Persian Christians have
been reading the Old Testament in the old
standard version that is over 100 years old and
uses obscure, archaic words and phrases,
which render the text difficult to comprehend.
Praise the Lord the Iranian believers now have
an easily comprehensible, accurate and
beautiful translation of the full Bible. We believe
it will strengthen the rapidly growing Iranian
church for generations to come. Pray for the
distribution of this translation. (Elam Ministries)
5. Gaza
Destruction everywhere, thousands displaced,
and homeless with no means to earn money -
the plight of the people of Gaza, following the
recent 50-day conflict with Israel, is desperate.
Help is now starting to filter through to the
neediest of families. A relief grant given by BMS
World Mission to the European Baptist
Federation (EBF) is enabling Pastor Hanna and
Gaza Baptist Church (where he used to be
pastor) to provide food vouchers for families to
spend on groceries like rice, beans and cooking
oil at a nearby supermarket. So far over 200
needy families, both Christian and Muslim, have
received the vouchers, with plans to reach more
families in the coming weeks. (BMS World
17. Peru
Having quality materials is vital for engaging
and life-changing Sunday school teaching.
Buena Tierra (Good Soil) is a response to the
needs of both children and Sunday school
teachers, making available easy-to-use,
dynamic, Bible-based lessons and songs
specifically designed for different age groups
and culturally relevant to most Latin American
countries. The material is used not only in Peru,
but also Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico,
Colombia and Ecuador. It has opened teachers
to new styles of teaching resulting in children
across the region receiving exciting and life-
changing Sunday school lessons. (Latin Link)
18. Caribbean
There have been encouraging signs of Gods
power at work in the Caribbean over the past
year. The movement in St Vincent &
Grenadines has been strengthened. Across the
region non-Christian students are being saved,
while Christian students are making a
commitment to deeper study of Gods word as
they embrace various bible study methods. One
of the greatest strength of students in the region
is the zeal that many have to share their faith.
19. Honduras
Over the last decade Tearfunds partner
Comisin de Accin Social Menonita (CASM)
has been working with poverty-stricken
communities in Honduras to bring the hope of a
better future. CASM is improving education
levels, providing vocational training for young
people, reducing violence and helping the
residents lobby the government for
resettlement. Its an ongoing struggle, but there
are signs of progress. An agreement has been
signed to relocate 179 families out of a
riverbank slum community known as Los
Bordos although this is partly to make way for
a new highway, and is taking time to implement.
Pray that those in authority who are involved in
the negotiation process will have the best
interests of the residents at heart, and that
many families will soon have a safer, healthier
place to live. (Tearfund)
20. Guatemala
Latin Link Guatemala have held their first
commissioning service. Three Guatemalan
missionaries, Pamela, Emily and Elisa, have all
answered Gods call on their lives and have
taken the scary step of using their skills,
interests and professions to serve God in
another country and culture. They are preparing
to serve God in the UK and in Ecuador. They
have already overcome a number of obstacles
to get this far. Pray for them as they discover
more of what God has for them. (Latin Link)
21. Ecuador
Nearly four decades after the discovery of River
Blindness (onchocerciasis) in Ecuador, the
South American country has now been
recognised by the World Health Organization
for eliminating this tropical eye and skin
disease. First discovered in Ecuador in 1976 by
a Reach Beyond missionary doctor, the disease
is rated as the second-leading infectious cause
of blindness globally. Now the greatest need in
the global fight against river blindness is for a
new medication that kills not only the larvae but
also the adult worms which cause the disease.
Pray for those people working to discover this
medication. (Reach Beyond - formerly HCJB
12. Central African Republic (CAR)
Conflict has left thousands dead and driven
nearly a million people from their homes in the
CAR - the majority to poorly equipped camps.
More than half of the countrys 4.6 million
population are in urgent need of food, water,
sanitation and healthcare. The rainy season has
also brought the danger of water borne diseases
spreading. Tearfund has set up a new
programme in the CAR to help the most
vulnerable affected by the conflict. Theyve
already distributed food, drinking water and
everyday essentials to thousands of people who
have been displaced. But the need is great and
we want to help more in this desperately poor
country. (Tearfund)
13. Uganda
Eight tiny Ugandan towns have come alive at
night thanks to a solar power project carried out
by BMS World Mission team, turning the church
into a place to socialise, study, relax and, of
course, learn about God. Attendance and
outreach in these solar panelled churches has
grown by an average of about 88% in the last
year and new friends include Catholics,
Anglicans, Jehovahs Witnesses and those of
other or no faiths. Many go to charge their
phones or study and while there they are
introduced to Jesus Christ. (BMS World Mission)
14. Democratic Republic of Congo
Girls living on the streets of Lubumbashi have a
new place where they can go for safety,
education and a chance to be reunited with their
families. This is thanks to the Kimbilio project,
which opened a transit house this summer for
vulnerable girls. Kimbilio originally opened as a
refuge for street boys in 2009 and grew to
comprise a day centre, a boys transit house
and another house for boys who cannot return
to their families. In the last year, girls have been
turning up at the day centre to have breakfast,
wash their clothes and hear a message about
Jesus. So a plot of land was purchased to build
them a transit house, too. While at the transit
house, girls have the opportunity to improve
their literacy and take sewing classes. (CMS)
15. Malawi
About 50% Malawis population is less than 18
years old. The Zambezi Evangelical Church
(ZEC) recently held a national youth conference
in Central Malawi. It had a theme of Seek first
the Kingdom of God and His righteousness,
and was attended by over 2,500 young people
from ZEC churches across Malawi. One
commentator wrote that the conference was
timely for the fact that the life of the youth is
being challenged by strong winds of anti-Christ
and liberalism. The teaching was centred on the
word of God, holiness, discipleship, counselling
and countering peer influence. Please give
thanks for the way that God is using these
young Christians. Please pray for their plans to
launch a Bible-based discipleship programme
that will be studied at every local ZEC
Fellowship of Youth group. (Zambesi Mission)
16. Mozambique
Mozambique is highly unevangelised but many
from all faiths and regions are beginning to
follow Christ. The Mwani people group are
99.9% Muslim and very resistant to the gospel.
Committed to Islam, they are not afraid even to
give up their jobs for their faith. For example, a
group of bricklayers abandoned a construction
project when they discovered that they were
building a small church. The small team working
among the Mwani are doing language study
and learning the local culture. Despite freedom
of religion, granted by law, persecution is a real
threat for Christians. Pray that workers will have
wisdom in the face of this. Pray also for more
workers. (WEC International)

6. Hungary
Torch sends accessible Christian resources
people with vision impairment in 100 countries.
The aim is to ensure that people who are blind
or partially sighted have equality of access to
Christian resources, fellowship and pastoral
care, and equal opportunity to serve and grow
in their faith, including as leaders. Pray for
Torch partner, Pastor Tibor Mikls in Hungary,
who is bringing his own testimony and personal
experience of sight loss to engage churches in
reaching out to people with visual impairment .
(Torch Trust)
7. Sweden
Sweden is known as one of the most secular
countries of the world. Although much of the
population are members of the Lutheran
church, just a small percentage visits a church
regularly. Particularly in the north, the Christian
faith seems to have disappeared from society.
As ECM works with the Sami people, an
indigenous people with its own language and
parliament, their desire is that the gospel may
become relevant for these people. ECM also
focuses on Stockholm, one of the most
secularized cities in Europe. (European
Christian Mission Britain)
8. Spain
Inaxio, the pastor of a church in Hernani of the
Basque region of Spain, recognised that the
Basque people were unlikely to respond to the
gospel unless it was offered to them with songs
and dancing from their own cultural tradition.
For historical and aesthetic reasons, the
Spanish evangelical church style does not
touch the hearts of the Basque people. Inaxio
and his wife started to learn the txalaparta, a
Basque instrument. In 2012, the Resonance
team facilitated two song-writing workshops and
approximately 20 Basque Christians wrote 12
new songs in their unique style, some using
iconic Basque instruments. In 2013, eight
Basque musicians came to the Resonance
base at the WEC centre near Leeds to record
nine of these songs. Pray that the songs will be
widely distributed, that they will draw Basque
people to Jesus and for more Basque worship
songs to be written. (WEC International)
9. Romania
Praise God for the ongoing work of the Rock of
Ages project, celebrating 20 years of service to
God by taking the gospel message into the
prisons of Romania. Pray for the ongoing work
as the ministry continues and for the prisoners
who lives are being daily transformed.
(Transform Europe Now)
10. Poland
Poland is changing rapidly. Joining the EU in
2004 hasnt brought the economic benefits that
the Polish people expected. The unemployment
rate is high, so a lot of Poles try to find
prosperity in other countries. ECM notices in
these turbulent times a renewed interest in the
gospel. Through church planting and the project
Permanent Hope ECM wants to use this
opportunity to draw attention to the gospel in
new and refreshing ways. (ECM Britain)
11. United Kingdom
People with visual impairment are four times
more likely to experience difficulties with access
outside the home, a third more likely to face
restrictions with going on holiday, and twice as
likely to be unemployed and face economic
hardship. Unsupported, a diagnosis of sight loss
can mean isolation and loneliness. Pray for
services around the UK, such as Torchs
accessible Holiday and Retreat Centre in
Sussex, offering fellowship and pastoral care
through residential short breaks and holidays
for people at any stage of the sight loss journey.
(Torch Trust)