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Ahle Bait

1. Yazid bin Hayyan said: "Husain bin Sabrah, Umar bin Muslim and I set out and came
to Zaid bin Aram !ra". #hen $e sat $ith him, Husain said to him: %& Zaid, you ha'e
attained a (reat deal o) (ood. You sa$ the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" and heard his
Hadith, you )ou(ht alon(side him and *rayed behind him. & Zaid, you ha'e attained a
(reat deal o) (ood. +ell us, & Zaid, $hat you heard )rom the Messen(er o) Allah
!*buh".% He said: %& son o) my brother, by Allah I ha'e (ro$n old and it has been a lon(
time, and I ha'e )or(otten some o) that $hich I learned )rom the Messen(er o) Allah
!*buh". #hate'er I narrate to you, acce*t it, other$ise do not *ush me.% +hen he said:
%&ne day the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" stood and addressed us at a $aterin( *lace
called ,humm, bet$een Ma--ah and Al.Madinah. He *raised and (lori/ed Allah, and
he e0horted and reminded us, then he said: "& *eo*le, I am only human, and soon the
messen(er o) my 1ord $ill come to me and I $ill res*ond. I am lea'in( amon( you t$o
$ei(hty thin(s, the /rst o) $hich is the 2oo- o) Allah in $hich is (uidance and li(ht.
3ollo$ the 2oo- o) Allah and hold )ast to it." And he encoura(ed us to adhere to the
2oo- o) Allah, then he said: "And the *eo*le o) my household !Ahle 2ait", I remind you
o) Allah $ith re(ard to the *eo*le o) my household, I remind you o) Allah $ith re(ard
to the *eo*le o) my household, I remind you o) Allah $ith re(ard to the *eo*le o) my
Husain said to him: %#ho are the *eo*le o) his household, & Zaid4 Aren%t his $i'es
amon( the *eo*le o) his household4% He said: %His $i'es are amon( the *eo*le o) his
household, but the *eo*le o) his household are those to $hom Za-at is )orbidden a)ter
he is (one.% He said: %#ho are they4% He said: %+hey are the )amily o) %Ali, the )amily o)
%Ail, the )amily o) 5a%)ar, and the )amily o) %Abbas.% He said: %#as Za-at )orbidden to all
o) these4% He said: %Yes." [Sahih Muslim: 6225]
6. 7arrated 5abir bin Abdullah !ra": "I sa$ the Messen(er o) Allah durin( his Ha88, on the
9ay o) %Ara)ah. He $as u*on his camel :as$a, (i'in( a ,hutbah, so he said: %& *eo*le;
Indeed, I ha'e le)t amon( you, that $hich i) you hold )ast to it, you shall not (o astray:
+he 2oo- o) Allah and my )amily, the *eo*le o) my house.%" [Jami Tirmidhi: 3786;
Allama Albani said: Sahih]
<. It $as narrated that Sa/yyah hint Shaibah said: "Aishah !ra" said: %+he =ro*het
!*buh" $ent out one mornin( $earin( a stri*ed cloa- o) blac- camel hair. Al.Hasan bin
Ali came and he en)olded him in the cloa-, then Al.Husain came and he en)olded him
in it, then 3atimah came and he en)olded her in it, then Ali came and he en)olded him
in it, then he said: "Allah $ishes only to remo'e Ar.>i8s !e'il deeds and sins" )rom you,
& members o) the )amily, and to *uri)y you $ith a thorou(h *uri/cation. ?Surah al.
Ahzab: <<@" [Sahih Muslim: 6261]
A. 7arrated Ibn Umar !ra": Abu 2a-r !ra" used to say, "In order to *lease Muhammad
!*buh" do (ood to his Ahle 2ait !)amily"." [Sahih al-Bukhari: 3751]
B. Ibn Abbas narrated that the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" said: "...And i) a *erson stood
/rm and strai(ht, bet$een Hi8r.e.As$ad !the blac- stone" and Maam.e.Ibrahim, and
*rayed and )astedC but met Allah in such a state that he hated the Ahle 2ait o)
Muhammad, he $ill enter the /re." [Musadrak !aakim: "712; #$%lar$d Sahih b&
D. Abu Sa%eed al.,hudri !ra" narrated: +he Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" narrated: E2y
Him in $hose hands my soul is, $hoe'er hates us, the Ahle 2ait, Allah $ill enter
him into the 3ire.F [Sahih 'bn $ !ibban: 6(78) Musadrak !aakim: "717; Allama
Albani said: Sahih]
1. Abu Hurairah !ra" narrated that the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" said: EIndeed, this
is an an(el that ne'er descended to the earth e'er be)ore toni(ht. He sou(ht
*ermission )rom his 1ord to (reet me $ith *eace and to (i'e me (lad tidin(s that
3atimah is the chie) o) the $omen o) =aradise, and that Hasan and Husain are the
chie)s o) the youths o) the *eo*le o) =aradise." [Jami Tirmdhi: 3781; Allama Albani
said: Sahih]
1. It $as narrated that Zirr said: "Ali !ra" said: %2y the &ne #ho s*lit the seed and
created the soul, the ?unlettered@ =ro*het !*buh" aGrmed to me that no one lo'es
me e0ce*t a belie'er and no one hates me e0ce*t a hy*ocrite.% [Sahih Muslim:
6. Abu Sarihah, or Zaid bin Aram !ra". Shu%bah had doubt . narrated, )rom the =ro*het
!*buh": "3or $home'er I am his Ma$la !)riend and su**orter", then Ali is his Ma$la."
[Jami Tirmidhi: 3713; Allama Albani said: Sahih]
<. It $as narrated that Abdur >ahman bin Abi 1aila said: I sa$ Ali !ra" in ar.>ahbah,
ad8urin( the *eo*le, !sayin(": I ad8ure by Allah anyone $ho heard the Messen(er o)
Allah !*buh" say on the day o) Hhadeer ,humm: EI) I am a *erson%s Ma$la !)riend and
su**orter" then Ali is also his Ma$laF, to stand u* and testi)y. Abdur >ahman said: And
t$el'e men $ho had been at 2adr stood u*. It is as i) I can see one o) them. And they
said: #e bear $itness that $e heard the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" say on the day o)
Hhadeer ,humm: EAm I not closer to the belie'ers than their o$n sel'es and my $i'es
are their mothers4F #e said: %Yes indeed, & Messen(er o) Allah !*buh".% He said: EI) I
am a *erson%s Ma$la !)riend and su**orter" then Ali is also his Ma$laC & Allah ta-e as
)riends those $ho ta-e him as a )riend, and ta-e as enemies those $ho ta-e him as an
enemy.F [Musnad Ahmad bin !anbal: (61; Shu+aib al-Arna+,, said: !asan]
A. Salman !ra" narrated: I heard the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" say: "He $ho lo'es Ali,
lo'es me. And he $ho hates Ali, hates me." [Musadrak !aakim: "6"8; #$%lar$d
Sahih b& adh-#hahabi]
B. Umm Salamah !ra" narrated: I bear $itness that I heard the Messen(er o) Allah
!*buh" say: "He $ho lo'es Ali, lo'es meC and he $ho lo'es me, lo'es Allah. And he $ho
hates Ali, hates meC and he $ho hates me, hates Allah, the Mi(hty and Sublime."
[Silsilah as-Sah$$hah: 12((]
D. Imran bin Hosein narrated that the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" dis*atched an army
and he *ut Ali bin Abi +alib !ra" in char(e o) it. He le)t on the e0*edition and he entered
u*on a )emale sla'e. So )our o) the Iom*anions o) the Messen(er o) Allah scolded
him, and they made a *act sayin(: "?I)@ $e meet the Messen(er o) Allah, $e $ill in)orm
him o) $hat Ali did." #hen the Muslims returned )rom the 8ourney, they $ould be(in
$ith the Messen(er o) Allah and (i'e him Salam, then they $ould (o to their homes.
So $hen the e0*edition arri'ed, they (a'e Salam to the =ro*het , and one o) the )our
stood sayin(: "& Messen(er o) Allah; 9o you see that Ali bin Abi +alib did such and
such." +he Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" turned a$ay )rom him. +hen the second one
stood and said as he said, and he turned a$ay )rom him. +hen the third stood be)ore
him,and said as he said, and he turned a$ay )rom him. +hen the )ourth stood and said
as they had said. +he Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" )aced him, and the an(er $as 'isible
on his )ace, he said: "#hat do you $ant )rom Ali4; #hat do you $ant )rom Ali4; #hat
do you $ant )rom Ali4; Indeed Ali is )rom me, and I am )rom him, and he is the ally o)
e'ery belie'er a)ter me.F [Jami Tirmidhi: 3712 ; Allama Albani said: Sahih]
J. 7arrated Al.2ara !ra": #hen the =ro*het !*buh" intended to *er)orm Umrah in the
month o) 9hul.:ada, the *eo*le o) Mecca did not let him enter Mecca till he settled
the matter $ith them by *romisin( to stay in it )or three days only. #hen the
document o) treaty $as $ritten, the )ollo$in( $as mentioned: %+hese are the terms on
$hich Muhammad, Allah%s Messen(er a(reed !to ma-e *eace".% +hey said, "#e $ill not
a(ree to this, )or i) $e belie'ed that you are Allah%s Messen(er $e $ould not *re'ent
you, but you are Muhammad bin Abdullah." +he =ro*het said, "I am Allah%s Messen(er
and also Muhammad bin Abdullah." +hen he said to Ali, ">ub oK !the $ords" %Allah%s
Messen(er% ", but Ali said, "7o, by Allah, I $ill ne'er rub oK your name." So, Allah%s
Messen(er too- the document and $rote, %+his is $hat Muhammad bin Abdullah has
a(reed u*on: 7o arms $ill be brou(ht into Mecca e0ce*t in their cases, and nobody
)rom the *eo*le o) Mecca $ill be allo$ed to (o $ith him !i.e. the =ro*het " e'en i) he
$ished to )ollo$ him and he !the =ro*het" $ill not *re'ent any o) his com*anions )rom
stayin( in Mecca i) the latter $ants to stay.% #hen the =ro*het !*buh" entered Mecca
and the time limit *assed, the Meccans $ent to Ali and said, "+ell your 3riend !i.e. the
=ro*het" to (o out, as the *eriod !a(reed to" has *assed." So, the =ro*het !*buh" $ent
out o) Mecca. +he dau(hter o) Hamza ran a)ter them !i.e. the =ro*het and his
com*anions", callin(, "& Uncle; & Uncle;" Ali recei'ed her and led her by the hand and
said to 3atima, "+a-e your uncle%s dau(hter." Zaid and 5a%)ar uarrelled about her. Ali
said, "I ha'e more ri(ht to her as she is my uncle%s dau(hter." 5a%)ar said, "She is my
uncle%s dau(hter, and her aunt is my $i)e." Zaid said, "She is my brother%s dau(hter."
+he =ro*het !*buh" 8ud(ed that she should be (i'en to her aunt, and said that the
aunt $as li-e the mother. He then said to Ali, "You are )rom me and I am )rom you",
and said to 5a%)ar, "You resemble me both in character and a**earance", and said to
Zaid, "You are our brother !in )aith" and our )reed sla'e." [Sahih al-Bukhari: 26((]
L. Ibn Abbas narrated: "+he =ro*het !*buh" ordered that the (ates !leadin( to the
mosue" be closed, e0ce*t the (ate o) Ali." [Jami Tirmidhi: 3723) Allama Albani said:
M. It $as narrated )rom %Aamir bin Sa%d bin Abi #aas that his )ather said: "Mua$iyah
bin Abi Su)yan ordered Sa%d !to curse Ali but he re)rained" so Mua$iya said: %#hat -e*t
you )rom cursin( Abu At.+urab4% He said: %It is because o) three thin(s that I
remembered that the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" said that I $ill ne'er curse him,
because i) e'en one o) them $ere )or me that $ould be dearer to me than red camels.
I heard the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" say to him, $hen he a**ointed him in char(e
durin( his absence $hen he $ent on one o) his cam*ai(ns, and Ali said to him: "&
Messen(er o) Allah, are you lea'in( me behind $ith the $omen and children4" +he
Messen(er o) Allah said to him: "9oes it not *lease you to be to me as Harun $as to
Musa4 N0ce*t that there $ill be no =ro*het.hood a)ter me." And I heard him say on the
9ay o) ,haibar: "I shall (i'e the Oa( to a man $ho lo'es Allah and His Messen(er, and
Allah and His Messen(er lo'e him." #e $ere all ho*in( )or it, but he said: "Iall Ali )or
me." He $as brou(ht, and he $as suKerin( )rom an inOammation in the eyes. He *ut
some s*ittle in his eyes and (a'e the Oa( to him, and Allah (ranted him 'ictory. #hen
this 'erse $as re'ealed . "...1et us call our sons and your sons..?Surah Aale Imran:
D1@F. the Messen(er o) Allah called Ali, 3atimah, Hasan and Husain and said: "& Allah,
these are my )amily." [Sahih Muslim: 622*]
1P. Abdullah bin Zalim says: I heard Sa%eed bin Zaid !ra" say: #hen Mua$iyah came
to ,u)a, Mu(heerah bin Shu%bah a**ointed ,hutaba !s*ea-ers" that mentioned Ali in
bad $ords. Sa%eed bin Zaid too- me by the hand and said: E9o you not see this
$ron(doer $ho is orderin( to curse a man )rom the *eo*le o) =aradise4 I bear $itness
$ith re(ards to the nine that they are in =aradise, and i) I bore $itness $ith re(ards to
the tenth I $ill not be sin)ul.F I !Abdullah" said: #ho are those nine4 Sa%eed said: +he
Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" said !to the mountain" $hen he $as on Mount Hira%: E2e
still, )or there is no one on you e0ce*t a =ro*het or a Siddee or a martyr.F I said: #ho
are those nine4 Sa%eed said: E+he Messen(er o) Allah !*buh", Abu 2a-r, Umar, Usman,
Ali, +alha, Zubair, Sa%d and Abdur >ahman.F I said: #ho is the tenth4 Sa%eed said:
EMeF. [Sunan -asa+i al-.ubra: 82*8) Sunan Abu #a/ud: "6"8; #$%lar$d Sahih b&
Allama Albani]
Hasan and Husain
1. Abu Sa%eed al.,hudri !ra" re*orted that the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" said, EHasan
and Husain are the leaders o) the youn( *eo*le o) *aradise.F [Jami Tirmidhi: 3768;
Allama Albani said: Sahih]
6. Ibn Umar !ra" re*orted that the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" said, EHasan and Husain
are the leaders o) the youn( *eo*le o) *aradise, and their )ather is better than themF
[Sunan 'bn Ma0ah: 118; Allama Albani said: Sahih]
<. 7arrated Ibn Abi 7u%m: A *erson as-ed Abdullah bin Umar !ra" $hether a Muhrim
!a *erson in the state o) Ihram" could -ill Oies. I heard him sayin( !in re*ly". "+he
*eo*le o) Ira are as-in( about the -illin( o) Oies $hile they themsel'es murdered
the son o) the dau(hter o) Allah%s Messen(er !*buh". And the =ro*het !*buh" said:
E+hey !i.e. Hasan and Husain" are my t$o s$eet basils in this $orld." [Sahih
Bukhari: 3753]
A. Abu Hurairah !ra" narrated: "+he Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" said: %#hoe'er lo'es
Hasan and Husain, lo'es meC and $hoe'er hates them, hates me." [Sunan 'bn Ma0ah:
1"3; Allama Albani said: !asan]
B. It $as narrated )rom Abdullah bin Shaddad, that his )ather said: "+he Messen(er o)
Allah !*buh" came out to us )or one o) the ni(ht time *rayers, and he $as carryin(
Hasan or Husain. +he Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" came )or$ard and *ut him do$n, then
he said the +a-bir and started to *ray. He *rostrated durin( his *rayer, and made the
*rostration len(thy." My )ather said: "I raised my head and sa$ the child on the bac-
o) the Messen(er o) Allah $hile he $as *rostratin(, so I $ent bac- to my *rostration.
#hen the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" /nished *rayin(, the *eo*le said: %& Messen(er o)
Allah you *rostrated durin( the *rayer )or so lon( that $e thou(ht that somethin( had
ha**ened or that you $ere recei'in( >e'elation.% He said: %7o such thin( ha**ened.
2ut my son $as ridin( on my bac- and I did not li-e to disturb him until he had
enou(h."% [Sunan -asai: 11"2; ِAllama Albani said: Sahih]
D. Abdullah bin Mas%ud !ra" narrated: +he Messen(er o) Allah !*buh" $as *rayin(.
#hen he *er)ormed Sa8dah, Hasan and Husain 8um*ed onto his bac-. #hen the *eo*le
tried to sto* them, he (estured to them to lea'e the t$o alone. A)ter oKerin( his
*rayer, he *laced them in his la* and said: E#hoe'er lo'es me should lo'e these t$o.F
[Sahih 'bn .hu1aimah: 887; Allama Albani said: !asan]
J. Abu Hurairah narrated: E#e $ere *rayin( Isha $ith the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh".
#hen he *rostrated, Hasan and Husain 8um*ed on his bac-. #hen he raised his head
)rom *rostration, he mo'ed his hand bac-, held them slo$ly and lo$ered them to the
(round. +hrou(hout the $hole *rayer, Hasan and Husain continued to do the same
$hene'er the =ro*het !*buh" $ent in *rostration. Until he /nished the *rayer and sat
them on his le(s. I stood u* and said: E& Messen(er o) Allah !*buh", should I return
them !to their house"4F At that moment, a li(ht shone. +he Messen(er o) Allah !*buh"
said to them: EHo to your mother.F And that li(ht -e*t shinin( till they both had
entered their house.F [Musnad Ahmad: 1*66(; Shu+aib al-Arna+,, said: 's sanad
is !asan]
L. Ya%la ibn Murra !ra" said, "#e $ent out $ith the =ro*het !*buh" and $e $ere in'ited
to eat. Husain $as *layin( in the road and the =ro*het !*buh" raced the *eo*le and
then s*read out his arms. +he boy be(an to run this $ay and that and the =ro*het
made him lau(h until he cau(ht hold o) him. He *ut one o) his hands under his chin
and the other on his head and then embraced him. +hen the =ro*het !*buh" said:
"Husain is )rom me and I am )rom Husain. Allah lo'es anyone $ho lo'es al.Hasan and
al.Husain. +hey are t$o o) my distin(uished descendants.%" [Sahih al-Adab al-Mu2rad:
27(; Allama Albani said: !asan]
M. Abu Hurarira !ra" narrated: I $as $ith Allah%s Messen(er !*buh" in one o) the
Mar-ets o) Medina. He le)t !the mar-et" and so did I. +hen he as-ed thrice, "#here is
the small !child"4" +hen he said, "Iall Hasan bin Ali." So Hasan bin Ali (ot u* and
started $al-in( $ith a nec-lace !o) beads" around his nec-. +he =ro*het stretched his
hand out li-e this, and Hasan did the same. +he =ro*het !*buh" embraced him and
said, "& Allah; l lo'e him, so *lease lo'e him and lo'e those $ho lo'e him."
Abu Hurairah said: Since Allah%s Messen(er !*buh" said that, no one has been dearer
to me than Hasan. [Sahih al-Bukhari: 588") Sahih Muslim: 2"21]
1P. Anas !ra" said: E7o one resembled the the =ro*het !*buh" more than Hasan bin
Ali.F [Sahih Bukhari: 3752]
11. Ubah bin al.Harithah narrated: I $ent out $ith Abu 2a-r a)ter the Asr *rayer, a
)e$ days a)ter the death o) the Messen(er o) Allah !*buh". Ali $as $al-in( beside him.
Abu 2a-r *assed by Hasan bin Ali, $ho $as *layin( $ith some boys. He carried him on
his shoulder, sayin(: EMay my )ather be sacri/ced )or the one $ho resembles the
=ro*het !*buh" and does not resemble Ali.F And Ali $as lau(hin(. [Musnad Abu 3a+la:
38) !usain Sal$$m Asad said: 's sanad is Sahih]
16. 7arrated Ubah bin al.Harith: I sa$ Abu 2a-r carryin( Hasan and sayin(, "May my
)ather be sacri/ced )or youC you resemble the =ro*het !*buh" and not Ali", $hile Ali
$as lau(hin(. [Sahih Bukhari: 375*]
1<. Anas bin Mali- !ra" said: "+he head o) Husain $as brou(ht to Ubaidullah bin Ziyad
and $as *ut in a tray, and then Ibn Ziyad started *layin( $ith a stic- at the nose and
mouth o) Husain%s head and sayin( somethin( about his handsome )eatures." Anas
then said !to him", "Husain resembled the =ro*het the most." Anas added, "His !i.e.
Husain%s" hair $as dyed $ith #asma !i.e. a -ind o) *lant used as a dye"." [Sahih
Bukhari: 37"8) Jami Tirmdhi: 3778]