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Testing opt-out/refusal guide for: ALASKA
The following is a quick-reference guide for information on opting out or refusing tests in
a specific state. We thank our supporters for assisting us in collecting these necessary
details to encourage test refusals nationwide. If the reader feels that the information on
this form is incomplete or inaccurate, please email with
additional details or corrections. Feel free to download and use this form as you see fit.
Form completed by U !dmin
Contact information (email)
!"!#$!% # &'()*+*,#I -* #.#T*' F #TU/*,T
!##*##'*,T# 0 &##!1
!laska &omprehensi2e #ystem of #tudent !ssessments +omepage
Alaskas assessment system is composed of a seven statewide assessments including a
standards-based assessment to measure student attainment of the states standards; the
Kindergarten Developmental Profile; an Early iteracy !creener; an alternate
assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities; an assessment to identify
English language proficiency; a college and career readiness assessment; and biennial
participation in the "ational Assessment of Education Progress#
!laska 'easures of (rogress 0!'(1
!laska #cience #tandards 3ased !ssessment 0#cience #3!1
!lternate !ssessment 0!$-/"'1
&ollege 4 &areer )eadiness !ssessment 0!&T, #!T, 4 Work$eys1
!laska /e2elopmental (rofile 0/(1
*arly "iteracy #creeners
*nglish "anguage (roficiency !ssessment 0!&&*## for *nglish "earners1
!&T or #!T
,ational !ssessment of *ducational (rogress 0,!*(1
For 5678-5679 testing calendar see:
In <an 5678, !laska pulled out of the #marter 3alanced !ssessment &onsortium 0#3!&1
and replaced it with !ssessment 4 !chie2ement Institute 0!!I1 to create its *nglish
"anguage !rts and 'athematics assessments in grades =-76. !!I is tailored specifically
to its new state standards, which 2ary slightly from the &ommon &ore #tate #tandards on
which the consortium%s test is >ased. It will >e first administered in spring 5679. For more
!laska guide re2ised 76;=6;5678
State by state template created by UOO,
information see:.
The state legislature and /**/ ha2e replaced the high school e@it e@am 0+#AB*1 with
either !&T, #!T, or Work $eys assessments.
S%"CAL C!$S&"'AT!$S F!' T(" A)!*" ASS"SS#"$TS
/etail here important rules or regulations a>out assessments. For instance, specific
graduation and promotion requirements, entrance requirements for special programs,
and;or proportions of final grades. These should >e understood >efore an opt-out or
refusal is considered.
T+e former (S,-. /as listed as a re0uirement for graduation1 (o/e2er3 n
Alas4a3 students can decide /+et+er t+ey /ant to participate in t+e SAT or ACT
tests. http:;;;ew;articles;5678;76;5C;76satact.h=8.html
%'!C"&.'"S F!' !%T-!.T/'"F.SAL
This section includes information on specific laws, statutes, and procedures, including
loopholes, e@ceptions, alternati2es, and potential consequences.
,o specific opt out or refusal pro2ision can >e found for general students. !laska e@pects
all children to >e tested, >ut is 2ague as to the consequences for not completing all tests.
fficial e@emptions appear to >e 2ery limited. +owe2er, you may first attempt to see if
your child qualifies. If they do not, then you may ha2e to test the limits of refusal for the
2arious tests.
%arent 'efusal is listed as one of the num>er of items that may affect o2erall student
participation rate in a gi2en test. #ee
DTesting refusalD is also included in writing as an option on the #3! testing form 0code
E()FD1. +ttp://///1eed1state1a41us/tls/assessment/tec+reports/spring
.',"$C< F!' !%T-!.T/'"F.SAL
This section includes current issues and policies specific to this state, namely school
>udget issues, influence of outside groups, elections, and other issues affecting children.
(lease e@plain why opting out of high-stakes testing is important to sa2ing pu>lic
education in this state.
Is not scientifically->ased and fails to follow the U.#. Ao2ernment%s own data on
!laska guide re2ised 76;=6;5678
State by state template created by UOO,
Fosters test dri2en education that is not meeting the indi2idual;intellectual needs
of students.
(resents a racial and economic >ias that is >eneficial to white middle;upper class
students and detrimental to second language students, impo2erished students, and
students of color.
Is in opposition to the correcti2e action in gaps in opportunity and resources
sanctioned >y the Fiscal Fairness !ct.
#upports complicity of corporate interests rather than democracy >ased on pu>lic
Fosters coercion o2er cooperation with regards to federal funding for pu>lic
(romotes a culture of lying, cheating, and e@ploitation within the school
+as used the achie2ement gap to foster a Ede factoD segregation that has resulted
in separate and unequal education for minorities.

!dditionally, data collection of student%s pri2ate information cannot >e guaranteed
security or that it will not >e a>used in some way >y third party entities.

!s &ommon &ore is implemented, the num>er of tests and test-centric acti2ities will
increase dramatically. "ow;poor test scores, which are likely to occur with more
frequency with &ommon &ore, will >e used to fire teachers, replace human interaction
with the internet ;technology dri2en acti2ities 0e2en in elementary schools1, and close
community pu>lic schools and replace them with for-profit charter schools.
SA#%L" LA$,.A," T! $CL.&" $ !%T-!.T/'"F.SAL
This section includes sample phrases or language rele2ant to specific procedures in this
state and;or a complete sample opt-out;refusal letter.
/ear ???????:

I am writing on >ehalf of ????? to opt him;her out of the 0test name1. +e;she is neither
permitted to take the e@am during mandated testing days nor during designated make-up
sessions. !dditionally, I am requesting that the school make accommodations for
meaningful alternati2e acti2ities or assignments that will continue to promote his;her
academic and intellectual growth. 'y child will not >e in attendance if academically
!laska guide re2ised 76;=6;5678
State by state template created by UOO,
2ia>le alternati2es are not a2aila>le. Furthermore, I must >e guaranteed in writing that
whate2er option is taken, either alternati2e assignments or a>sence, my child will not face
any negati2e consequences to, for e@ample, course grades, social or >eha2ioral
e2aluations, workload, promotion, or future classroom assignments.

#trict adherence to state and federal high-stakes standardiFed testing, including the
e@tensi2e classroom preparation that occurs prior to test administration, pre2ents my
child from recei2ing a well-rounded and engaging educational e@perience. Until focus on
testa>le skills diminishes to a reasona>le e@tent, I will continue to withhold my child
from participation in the testing program, and I ask that you honor that decision.

I do apologiFe in ad2ance for the incon2enience or scrutiny that this decision may cause
the administration, the school, and staff.


'"S!.'C"S A$& !',A$=AT!$S
This section lists resources and organiFations helpful in this state in the form of names,
links, email contact information, or otherwise. This is an opportunity to >uild a grassroots
>ase in this state.
For more information on !ssessment, !ccounta>ility and #tudent Information:
Alas4a &ept1 of "ducation > "arly &e2elopment
G67 West 76th #treet, #uite 566
( 3o@ 776966
<uneau, !$ CCG77-6966
Telephone: 0C6H1 8I9-5G66
TT.;TT/: 0C6H1 8I9-5G79
Fa@: 0C6H1 8I9-879I
This final section contains a list of names, organiFations, or other entities to track or
otherwise know >y name when scanning local media. These are indi2iduals and
organiFations that potentially undermine pu>lic education in this state and can include
entities from outside the state that are influencing local affairs.
!laska guide re2ised 76;=6;5678
State by state template created by UOO,
,ote: 'uch of the *ducation )eform mo2ement in !laska is >eing spearheaded >y
organiFations with a >roader >usiness focus.
!laska (olicy Forum
'ake !laska &ompetiti2e &oalition
A&&T!$AL !' #SC"LLA$"!.S $F!'#AT!$
!nything else we should know a>out education reform in your stateJ
'ost recent educational protests ha2e focused on >udget reductions >ased on recent ta@
cuts granted to the oil industry. rganiFations such as 3ack>one ha2e Koined in the fight
to fully support pu>lic education, >ut ha2e a >roader focus.
!laska guide re2ised 76;=6;5678