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The Science of Natural Healing

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TTC Audio - The Science of Natural Healing by Professor Mimi Guarneri
Scripps Center for Integrative MedicineM.D., FACC The State University of New York Downstate Course No.1986
Publisher:TTC Audio 2012 | ISBN: n/a | Language English | Audio in MP3 | 530 MB

24 mp3 lectures @ 96kbs
Guidebook included


In the 21st century, the Western paradigm for healthcare is changing. Notwithstanding the great strengths of medical science,
many people now have concerns about key features of our health-care system—among them, the widespread use of medical
drugs and a relative deemphasis on preventive care. But traditional Western medicine is not the only healing system rooted in
science. Medical systems from other cultures, including those of India and China, have used natural treatments for centuries,
some of which are now directly influencing our own health-care professions. These approaches not only emphasize healing with
natural substances, but devote considerable attention to illness prevention and healthful living by considering the whole person
rather than just targeting a condition.

What is the most effective way to nurture your own optimal health? Are there sound alternatives to the drugs so common in
our health-care system, which can carry unwanted consequences and side effects? What about the range of natural methods,
such as herbal medications, micronutrients, and the use of food itself as medicine? Are these approaches valid? And, if so, can
we integrate the best of Western medicine with the best natural treatments to enjoy prime health and longevity?

In The Science of Natural Healing, board-certified cardiologist Dr. Mimi Guarneri, founder of the Scripps Center for Integrative
Medicine, leads you in a compelling and practical exploration of holistic approaches to healthcare, introducing you to the many
nature-based treatments and methods that are both clinically proven and readily available to you. In 24 incisive and revealing
lectures, you look deeply into the science behind natural treatments and preventive healthcare, including how medical
conditions ranging from high blood pressure to heart disease and diabetes can be treated naturally with remarkable

You also discover, perhaps surprisingly, that a large number of ailments and illnesses that we usually accept as part of life are in
fact directly linked to lifestyle factors—and that positive changes in lifestyle, diet, and physical activity can have a major effect
in both preventing and treating illness.

By probing the underlying causes for common medical conditions such as inflammation, high cholesterol, arthritis, and
migraines, and the range of natural ways to treat them—including the use of improved nutrition, plant substances,
supplements, and stress-reduction techniques—The Science of Natural Healing leaves you with a rich spectrum of choices and
possibilities for your own healthcare, as well as practical tools for creating a truly healthful lifestyle.

Healing the Whole Human Being

As a guiding context for your study of natural healing, you learn about a new paradigm for healthcare, as embodied in the field
of integrative holistic medicine. (“Holistic” simply means “whole.”) Integrative holistic medicine takes a large view, focusing on
the whole person—aiming to prevent and treat illness through a full-spectrum approach that looks deeply at the factors of your
genetic makeup, environment, lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity, and psychology.

Integrative holistic medicine is thoroughly grounded in traditional Western medical practice but also incorporates the use of
proven natural substances and healing methods, looking for the underlying causes of illness and dedicated to caring for body,
mind, and spirit.

The Promise of Nature-Based Healthcare

In this far-ranging inquiry, you delve into core subjects such as these:

•The power of food in healing: By studying fundamental principles of nutrition, food sensitivity, and the impact of foods on the
genome, discover the remarkable ways in which you can both prevent and treat numerous illnesses by what you eat.
•Micronutrients and natural supplements: Investigate the healing properties of natural substances, including probiotics,
selenium, and the hormone vitamin D, and their effectiveness in treating and preventing ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, and cancer.
•Clinically proven herbal medicines: Study the medicinal uses of aloe, ginger, and licorice for the GI tract, cranberry and saw
palmetto for urogenital conditions, and herbal treatments for migraines.
•Natural treatments for common medical conditions: Apply the integrative treatment model and its many tools to specific
conditions, including inflammation, cholesterol abnormalities, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
•The mind-body connection in healing: Review substantial research on the mind’s effect on the body, including an in-depth
study of stress, and learn about the use of guided imagery, yoga, meditation, and other mind-body modalities to treat physical
•Natural approaches to mental and spiritual health: Explore eye-opening data ranging from the effects of micronutrients and
herbs on depression to studies showing the correlation between spiritual practices and longevity. Learn practical techniques for
deepening an affirmative mental outlook and feeling state.

Teaching of Rare Scope and Vision

Revealing both an extraordinary depth of knowledge and a passionate investigative spirit, Dr. Guarneri points you to numerous
empowering avenues and alternatives for healthful living. You study the many benefits of the Mediterranean diet and how to
choose specific foods for your own optimal health. You observe the critical importance of exercise in both illness prevention
and treatment, and you learn a range of methods (including the use of your own breathing) to disarm stress and deepen the
experience of well-being.

Dr. Guarneri enlivens these lectures with unusual and often astonishing facts and stories, inviting you to challenge common
assumptions and habitual thinking about health. You learn that

•75 to 90 percent of all visits to health-care providers result from stress-related disorders;
•plant substances such as garlic and wakame seaweed substantially reduce systolic blood pressure; and
•debilitating conditions such as arthritis and migraines can be triggered by simple sensitivity to foods.

In a penetrating exploration of the mind-body connection, Dr. Guarneri makes it clear that the health of the body is intimately
related to the health of the mind and spirit.

•You review hard-nosed research demonstrating the role of healthy relationships in positive health outcomes.
•You learn why chronic anger increases the risk of heart attack by 230 percent.
•You track the medical consequences of depression and hopelessness, and studies linking positive emotions and strong social
bonds to markedly lower incidence of illness.
You’ll also see the integrative paradigm in action in real-life case studies, including the profile of a woman with diabetes, high
blood pressure, arthritis, and depression. Then, observe how an integrative treatment plan for her includes dietary changes,
specific micronutrients, exercise, stress-reduction techniques, and renewed social connection.

In presenting the case studies, Dr. Guarneri demonstrates, with great compassion and discernment, how the integrative
physician can guide patients through the emotional challenges of difficult illness and recovery so that they retain their spirit and

Your Health: A New Possibility

No matter what kind of life you’re living, optimal health is one of the greatest assets you can have. In The Science of Natural
Healing, Dr. Guarneri offers you the opportunity to take a highly proactive and informed role in your own healthcare—to make
use of the best of nature-based medicine, to live a truly nurturing lifestyle, and to care for your own well-being in the most
comprehensive and far-reaching way. In speaking deeply to a truly integrative approach to healing, these lectures can make a
profound difference in your health now and in the future and help you live your life to the absolute fullest.

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