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Akira Yang

The Fault In Our Stars Alternative Ending
I think he must have fallen asleep. I did, eventually, and woke up to the landing gear coming
down. I looked over at Augustus, who was staring out the window and I straightened my back.
We soon landed and just when the passengers were getting ready to get off the plane, a flight
attendant stopped us.
I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but all passengers must stay on the plane. She
said, It has been brought to our attention that a bomb has been found on the plane, so until
we find it, we request that all passengers stay in their seats and wait patiently for the security
check to finish.
Right as the attendant finished speaking, all the passengers started to panic. I rolled my eyes.
These people dont understand the futility of their actions. Panicking wont do them any good.
Augustus looked at me and I knew he was thinking the same thing as me. Its not that I dont
understand how they feel; there was a bomb on the plane, and if it goes off, theyre all going to
They need to stop panicking. Its not going to do them any good, though I understand how
they feel. Augustus said, sighing dramatically. I couldnt stop the smile that came up despite
the situation we were in.
You dont fear death? I asked, and Augustus shrugged.
Oh, I fear death. But, if Im going to die either way, I want to at least die a death in service of a
greater good, you know?
I sighed and shook my head.
What? he asked.
You fear oblivion, yet youre obsessed with dying for something and leaving behind a sign of
your heroism or whatever. Its weird.
I want to live an extraordinary life.
I can tell.
Augustus gave me a confident smirk and I rolled my eyes at him. It was hard to believe that he
confessed to me just a few hours ago. He just confessed that he loved me, and now were
sitting on the plane with our lives on the line.
Augustus, you said that you loved me. And although I cant give you an answer right away, I
will give you a response.
Augustus was surprised and a little dubious, I could tell, but he smiled and gave me that cloying
smile that I loved.
Excellent. No rush, of course, but I thought I would inform you that there is a very attractive
one legged sex-god here, and I wouldnt want you to miss him.
I laughed in spite of myself. Augustus Waters was, without a doubt, the most self-assured being
since Narcissus.
Well, Ill be sure to give you my answer soon.
And right after I said that, one of the passengers stood up, laughing maniacally.
Youll never find the bomb! Youre all going to die! The bomb in the restroom shall never be
I stared at him with a deadpan expression. He has got to be the most vacuous person Ive ever
seen. He just announced to the world that he was the one who planted the bomb and gave
away its location. Looking around, I saw that everyone was panicking even more now that they
knew the terrorist was on the plane with them.
I saw Augustus move from beside me and slowly creep towards the restrooms. Reaching out, I
quickly grabbed his arm.
What are you doing? You cant expect to disarm the bomb by yourself!
I want to live an extraordinary life, Hazel Grace, and now is the perfect time to show off my
heroism. The people are panicking and encumbered with the reality that they could die at any
I shook my head at him.
You cant go there without taking a preemptive action. You need to distract him first.
The passengers are panicking enough that the guy wont even notice me moving.
And with that, Augustus slowly and stealthily walked to the restrooms. I had a premonition that
he wouldnt be coming back. Right after Augustus went into the restrooms in search of the
bomb, the security officials came on the plane and ordered us all to get off the plane and
arrested the terrorist. I panicked, obviously. Augustus was still on the plane trying to disarm the
bomb. I shouted out to the officers, yelling to them that there was still someone on the plane,
but they didnt listen to me and led me off the plane.
A minute later, the plane blew up. Augustus never came back out and I knew that I would never
see him again. I could feel myself going numb as realization set in. Augustus was dead. I can
never see him again. I never even told him that I loved him and he died, just like that. A floating
sensation took over me and I felt myself falling to the ground. A woman ran over to me,
shouting in a vernacular I didnt understand. It was getting harder to breathe, and at that
moment, I realized that all our efforts have been for naught. Augustus used his wish for me,
and I wouldnt be able to fulfill it.
I slowly pushed myself up from the ground and held my head. There was a strange ringing in my
head, almost like the screeching of a car. People around me were shouting at me to move, and
when I looked forward, I saw the car that was speeding towards me. I felt strangely calm about
this though. I wouldnt be able to fulfill Augustus wish, but I could at lea

The characters voices are consistent because while theyre still teenagers, they sound much
wiser than they should be. Hazel has a twisted sense of humor in which she doesnt really care
if she dies, but she tries her best to live because she fears that shell hurt people around her if
she dies. Augustus is someone who wants to die heroically. He believes that he should live and
die for the sake of someone else. I decided not to include Peter Van Houten because I didnt
really know how to incorporate his voice into the ending and make it end nicely. The vocabulary
words I used were futility, vacuous, dubious, cloying, vernacular, preemptive, premonition,
naught, encumbered, and deadpan. The conflict was that Augustus confessed to Hazel. I
resolved this problem by killing them both off. The characteristics of a good story that I used
were the interesting plot and not rambling on about things people dont care about. And what
the flight attendant said made absolutely no sense at all, but it needed to happen if I wanted
the story to end the way I want it to.