Preface of monograph,Psichyatry under dictatorship Without some as us and without evidences like these kind on which we present

as in this book, in the Roumanian pschiatry would be a permanent silence, that,just as underlined a communist apologist,” the communist teachers from psychitry were so generoses and of an apodictic professionalism”, and in our psychiatry needn’t nothin to change”. Although it seems a paradox, our work mai be a true samizdat, because it appears in a psyhyatric conservative world, but which it no detached itself of the communist dogma, and who wish guarded ideological ”purity” and guard this today too, handling with big ability the communist tactics of the forms without backgrounds (using for instance DSM, but without adverting to the ideological bases of of american psychiatry). Our work is as a samizdat and for wherethrough a group of psychiatrists recusants, find out as and before on same pozitions( I no refer from just to hierarchy) and in an atmosphere of adversitaty and of the monopoly , try to compose a „White book” of the communis troumanian psychiatry and do this thing defying the management the job of the „teachers”, quotient and of some who carry requiring as belong to new democrats, but which” they bit already from power boun, thereto incite coveted as a matter of fact, the Roumanian retrogressive psychiatry, retrogressive scientifically and institutional, and it need still for many years carries gangrene of old nomenclatures, causing to use else that” ministry of the true” and organizing real institution of intellectuals coruption, whereat ally don’t except” the teacher”, but and all the profiteers, former executioner from old psichiatric organization. But to expound firstly on colleges from another medical specilitaties, carry look as on some bizarre the fight from the bosom of the psychiatry, although they are forgoten as decades in a row the psychiatry delivers the communist leaders and many communist propagandists , as if this thing the age a reserved area just for the psychiatry. Came really his weather we ask ourself,why? Very frecvently the doctors of another specialties ask for what in psychiatry arised a such the dispute, while in another medical specialties the problem is put were or not a good specialist( although the thing don’t stand throughout as such).

In psychiatry, only that, practise the profession presuppose don’t merely of a accumulation biologic or biochemical knowledges, how it is as a rule,the case of somatic medicine, but here need and a solid knowledges of psychology, sociology, religion and just of philosophy, carry added the biologic knowledges( the psychiatry remaining all the some uptown the medicine). From these reason, in psychiatry, just as we shall see on way of our work, synonymios of masters from the medical specialties here appeared as political activists whom the communist party traced the task to created a „socialist psychiatry”, opposed to the western psychiatry, which they nominated in witticism ” the bourgeois psychiatry”. Fancy a such absurdity among medically predicament, such as cardiology, surgery? From these reason, the communists considered the psychiatry as the one a logic battlefield, in which” the emanation” of marxist philosophy had to struggle and to gain the dispute with the bourgeois concepts: the psychology and the sociology unmarxist, which the occidental psychiatry has been adjudicated after a long road of development of many humanist sciences, don’t merely of logical essence or biochemistry. Today as the the psychiatry practicated in communist Romania maugre the ideological abuses and the scientifical return were a normal development , and this just kept error”of internal peace” or on behalf of a falsehood true fellowship to be as good as ... reason a monstrosity on just the sleep of reasoning can it tolerate. The „socialist psychiatry” be due to disappears unite with the waste psychiiatryc nomenclaturs which have based this and as much from reason of morality, quotient and from must. Prompt therefore tolerance of our mates of actually impervious to light of not transparent public health minister, can led to good this exhausted work, with and persuasively. But to look little around us. The young and romantic people of revolutionaries are died in December 1989 with the ferm conviction as in the Romania the communism shall be throwed to the ash-can of the history. The rejection became for those moments, the faculty of reasoning of national sacrifices. Only that, if in 1945 Stalin communists ,they knew as they cann’t change a politic regimes from to can communisied Romania keeping the old structures of the democratic state of the bourgeois, passing immediately to the administrativ defecation , the army, politce, magistrated and academical institutions revolutionaries

from 1989 had the simplicity believing just in the power of moral revolution, which sprinkled fulsomely with blood, believing naive in ”to become converted” of old nomenclatura. Don’t only that they deceived, but they deceived bitterly , reason for which of so many years Romania is floped still in the vane of criptocomunism as malignant as the oneself communism. If in 1945 in our country had been just about 800 of communist members, in 1989 the number of the real don’t seem to is much more, for how else can explain a pulverization of the repressive system and of a” party of 4 millions of peoples” in just some days. But, as and in 1945, the cohorts of profiteers and of devotees of a vulgar materialisms they have corupted without moral his ideological creed „they adapted” speedster, taking over toward their young advantage the frangible Roumanian society job. Became, clearly as its don’t else exist a process of a communism, the point 8-th from Timisoara proclamation, as and the spirit of Timisoara were refused and insulted just in actually new Roumanian Parlament , and foster poitical prisoners , as and foster bolters they carry away their martyrdom, while revolutionars from December 1989 appear always as the figures contested, puting in all back the current weights of a country. The old nomenclature puingt on the topt again in the former leding pozitions, passing froml communist fanaticism slogans, wherethrough they assured for theirself before, stray capacitance , to the all of a promotion ” a wild capitalism” and of the booth, in order to compromised the ideal of romanian revolution from 1989. But what he does the people, what is doing the majority, they carry burn must to do away with with these profiteers? The people, carrying rearwards the ”psychological cage” from which came out as any table themes of change, and below communists or politic which does it on his man is a being atrophied their sens of liberty, who knows for termagants weather. As like before, the people is encountered power in his existence (unemployment, undernourishment, pittances, permanences the inflations) and therefore, as before, to give way to any cheaply paternalism, to the nationaliste tirades, to propaganda of foster and prezent nomenclature, without no the uneasiness, launched successfully the slogans” rescue people of squirearchy and capitalists” feather to ridiculous diversions, such as culpabilization of foster political prisoners , like Ticu Dumitrescu or Corneliu Coposu. Is now really status of psychiatry changed? Not at all.

Be due to recognize, and the communists have confirmed with power, as the medicine never had the independence of the political power, among medically specialities,the psychiatry was most of all dependented. Due to its particular nature, the psychiatry has always of faced ethical problems of human essence , if I burn be just to think us it is only medical branch auhorizated to society institutionalize a person sometimes just constrainedly. But then, the psychiatry disposes of very vague frontiers, and the psychiatrist, involuntary or voluntary, may utilize his power in favour of freedom and of a autonomy of persons. The psychiatry gambles therefore and a political role” assets, if we take the term of politic in acceptiunea of the „polis life”. Thus, if in the democratic countries the rightful of extremists never may use the psychiatry, in communist Romania , as in SSSR, the practise involved psychiatric ideological factors and a part political opozition may be labeled as holding on the area of the psychiatry. Is known confussion concerning diagnosis criterion in psychiatry, and between simple symptoms psychopatologique or the nonconformist behaviors and for true clinical diagnosis exist a big discrepancy. Thus, many bolters, subdued persecutions and miscarriage of justice , living in a permanent stress, can present some real psychopatological symptoms, but they don’t may become therethrough real psychiatric pacients and just for political ration, of the nature of the politics potentiated this thing. As and in another strong communiste regims, in Romania, three particular structures of the dictatorship have constrained the limites of the psychiatry: 1. The totalitarian character of standed; 2. The busy place of to ideology in all areas; 3. The visceral fear of the regime of don’t misses the power and the privileges. Thus, on aside, the individual have no laws, and the party is only conceivably to arbitrate , inclusively considered a man as a mad, and but then science the age subdued - but that say the maidservant - of the ideology. From these reason,the psychiatry was indebted to participate through all specific middles to mentain of the power of the regime. Violence exercised against everyone who don’t can” frame” in community, just as this age had recognize of to party, and abnormal,” the invalid” therefore was defined through his character” asocial”, atypically, reason for which the socialism condemn on all one” excentric persons”, on all who think individual, all the minorities( even religious or rock groups). Against among these individuals is shall exercised a violences

”aseptisated”, a violences in” white gowns”, reasons for which” the normals” you show all more with a zoo, the individuals geting all more that” psychology cage” for which the natural his age vote 99% for party and the chief. But the psychiatrist who shut up a political disident under cover of the schizophrenia or the paranoia involved in the conscious way in the politics of totalitarian state whereof wait as a matter of fact certain which his attitudes brings advantages. The apologists” of socialist psychiatry” explained these” peculiarities” of their papers through the existence of a discrepancies” esentiof” against bourgeois psychiatry”, like western psychiatry practised in Western Europe. This underlay the rejection without discriminations scientific substantiation,and the psychological or sociologic concepts which out of practice in romanian psychiatry. To Honolulu( 1977), General Anssable of Psychiatric World Association consigned only that, in frank way, the utilization”of socialist psychiatry” as the weapon the politics, and adopting the following resolution:” General Anssable of Psychiatric World Association takes the note of the abusive utilization of the psychiatry in the politic aims and condemn these practices in all countries waves practised, inviting vocationally psychiatric organisations to gave up to these practices and of killed them. The Association disposes of numerous evidences concerning the systematic utilizations of the psychiatry in politic aims in SSRR. Our delegates to this were the communist and ideologist of the Roumanian psychiatry V. Predescu, politruc formed to Leningrad (studentship and the doctorate), beside his mate of studies in SSR. Milea which received for him to lead the departamentul of infantile psychiatry. For this reason,Roumanian authorities reactions were identical with those of SSSR. Thus, for the external pressures the invariable answers as they represent blends” in the internal problems, and concerning internal opozition or answers as the the attitude of condemn the socialist psychiatry ”don’t make up than” anticommunist agitation ”. Abuse were denied as much in SSSR like in Romania. Quotient and in Romania, and from unfortunately, just oficial Roumanian the maul denies today the psychiatric abuses from the time of communist regime. What happened only that now, after so many years from breaking down of the communism, with one across 1. 000 of Roumanian psychiatrists? Nothing, or so that we are onest, the psychiatrists are to unison with the country of feather in 1996, voting 99% for the communist nomenclature. Living in the fear and the terror from past, the Roumanian psychiatrists (an outside community partly effeminate),one live and today, in freedom, this the syndrome of” cage” below the management

of foster communist ” teacher”, seed of one what they were favorized just as the” generous and of an apodictic professionalism”, waiting as usually to don’t is happened the nought in psychiatry. The western psychiatry disposes of the thing where with a Roumanian psychiatrist formed to the communist school are absent, accomodated with this ( chiefly by reason of lack of psychological and sociological knowledges, as well as pursuant to new conquer biochemical). There are in Occident a new guy of institutions of treatment, carry burn perturb completely the asyilum system in which were treated mental patient in the coimmunist period,and which are presented now as the reform,and which in practice is rejected by western psychitry. How to adjudge the Roumanian all psychiarists these? Isn’t really better as, supporting on the old communist teachers (practicly the old nomenclature), to maintain the old organization and old vision, wherewith the Roumanian psychiatry,of wich they were accomodated already fishy 45 of years? Is seen just what outrages does the reform in any area in which is puted in question. And what if the roumanien psychiatry shall remain still decades in a row decrial . As to youth, he be rather asked emigratory in West, his implication is as voidness. Writing this book wherethrough I felt as our demarche learnt this time” in the sense of the history” from just as the five decades, when struggled just with the windmills. Do it and today even if still a psychiatric establishmentul is the same (communist and hostile). Paraphrasing a biblical stich, the true must shouted from house top. , and if we don’t do then shall it shout it the stones in our place. The author asserts as the whole theory concerning competence of the old nomenclature and the high level” of the Roumanian psychiatry” from the communist while is a fib, and the ethical abuses from pasts became a tragedy of which actuala psychiatry is due to purified. Doing from psychiatry the maidservant of repressive system, oficials of the today psychiatry did and do an hystorical error, don’t merely against of a medical branch, but also of a roumanian nation. Participating as official to the psychiatric repression , they were submissive instruments of a ” criminal organization” create of to the communist state, phenomenon on which the history don’t the maul known Their competence? To be seriosely. In what area else promoted the communism the competence? The folders of frames, more jobs on communist party, the studies from S.U. or to” Stefan Gheorghiu”, these werw the sources of competency” of so called generous teachers and of an apodictic professionalism.

Started to builded of this work in the beginning just an whole organisation –(Association of Free Psychiatrists from Romania (A.F.P.R.), but, because of a former politruc management , organization finished lamenabely. Can say all the some as the the work reflect the viewpoint of the true and at least of the spirit in which one was formed Psychiatric of Free Psychiatrists from Romania. Subdue the phenomenon of psychiatric abuse from Romania to a theoretical analyses and practically methods . Adversities of all the kind were his don’t solved, but most were of passed over the fear, the fear the permanence of persecutions, the hard responsability of the leaders of Association of Free Psychiatrists from Romania . Hundreds of cases of psychiatric abuses arrived at us, they were hidden with the care, as and the folders Political securitatea. Gradually, the enthusiasm disclosed cases of attenuate abuses and a „monstruos coalition” on building between foster and actually executioners ,and the profitors elite of now” realised”: with jobs professorial, visits abroad without pay( the old obsession of the Romanian comparabled just with the obsession for salami), in office access to,” esteem and consideratia” of the elite comuniste etc. Through these adversities we consider this worc as not completed, but and as a simple breack in thid marea of the fib and incompetency. Tartorii the psychiatry comuniste am still in force, holding and today all the trumps can. So what one several conducatori corrupted whereof spoke the by-path today singurii interlocutors have the ministry, have strainilor carry else come on to we and in chief have but their, singurii guests have the reunions internationof, waves begone without no penniless from propriul pockets and where, the faces, burn represent the Roumanian psychiatry. Like before, Occidentul swallows everything passive, from his laziness dezinteres, becoming thus very easy the victim of the offensive celor wagons took his power ţin afterwards in psychiatry. But, au fond, how he says and Pofr, wherefore I burn be due to wonder us? Really Ceausescu received from western most high titles from he walked to Londra with the calash gală? Whence to know he as these sincere(“ colleges” him, his big scientists state sefi have Occidentului). et al as the we shall be always the stone of poticneala these old the new si “profitori” have the psychiatry, have acelora carry opposed oricarui progress of our branchi. Pastraveni - Jud. Neamt, 20 the July 1993. P. S. Through the shifting of for to wording to publication, a succesion of events are today depasite( for instance the of a certain busyness finctii), and a succesion of tartori communists exemplificati left for”

Câmpurile Elizee”. Faptele them also situatiile described remain for history, reason for which this work don’t can them eclipse. The Piatra Neamt, 2005.