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As I close my eyes I see me in an elevator, on the tenth floor. {{Pause=2}}
I push the ground button and as it goes down, I feel more and more relaxed. {{P
Ninth floor. Feet. {{Pause=2}}
I can feel my left foot very relaxed.{{Pause=3}} I can see the blood circulation
in my left foot, flowing naturally. {{Pause=3}}
I can feel my right foot very relaxed.{{Pause=3}} I can see the blood circulatio
n in my right foot, flowing naturally. {{Pause=3}}
My feet are both relaxed. {{Pause=3}} Very relaxed. {{Pause=3}}
Eighth floor. Legs, knees and thighs.{{Pause=2}}
My legs,{{Pause=2}} knees {{Pause=2}}and thighs{{Pause=2}} are relaxed. {{Pause=
All the muscles in my legs, knees and thighs are very relaxed. {{Pause=4}} Total
ly relaxed. {{Pause=3}}
Seventh floor. Hips. {{Pause=2}}
Now, every muscle in my body, from the waist line down, becomes more and more re
laxed. {{Pause=3}}
I can feel a red energy point in my pubic area,{{Pause=2}} radiating a healing e
nergy in my adrenal glands and strengthening my bones,{{Pause=3}} nails{{Pause=3
}} and teeth. {{Pause=3}}
An energy that strengthens my power and my enjoyment of life.{{Pause=3}} Makes m
e believe that my inner can meet my needs and that my life is becoming increasin
gly prosperous.{{Pause=3}}
Sixth floor. Navel's area. {{Pause=2}}
All muscles are becoming more and more relaxed and I'm feeling pleasantly drowsy
.{{Pause=3}} I realize an orange energy point just below the navel,{{Pause=3}} r
adiating a comforting energy to my kidneys,{{Pause=3}} my reproductive system {{
Pause=3}} and regulating of my intestinal flora.{{Pause=3}} It is an energy that
expands my creative ability.{{Pause=3}} A imaginary furnace evaporates all my e
xcessive fat {{Pause=3}} and grease, keeping only the necessary for a slim {{Pa
use=3}} and healthy body.{{Pause=3}} I do know and accept my sexuality, making m
e strong and healthy. {{Pause=3}}
Fifth floor. Stomach.{{Pause=2}}
All the muscles in my stomach and back are loosening,{{Pause=3}} becoming full a
nd completely relaxed.{{Pause=3}} I can feel my internal organs working harmonio
usly.{{Pause=3}} I realize a radiating point energy, yellowish, at my solar plex
us.{{Pause=3}} It is an energy that invigorates my splen,{{Pause=3}} pancreas,{{
Pause=3}} liver,{{Pause=3}} my veins{{Pause=3}} and my entire digestive system.{
{Pause=4}} An energy that strengthens my personal power. {{Pause=3}}
Fourth floor. Thorax,{{Pause=2}} shoulders, {{Pause=2}}arms {{Pause=2}}and hands
. {{Pause=2}}
The muscles in my chest and arms are becoming more and more loose.{{Pause=3}} My
shoulders, arms and hands are relaxed.{{Pause=3}} Very relaxed. I can feel the
air I breathe through my lungs{{Pause=3}} and by bringing oxygen to all the cell
s becoming them vitalized. {{Pause=3}} My arms are extended, without any tension
.{{Pause=3}} I feel the energy flowing through them, through the arm, hands and
fingers. {{Pause=3}} I can feel my heart beating with confidence. {{Pause=3}}I
can see a greenish energy point in my breast,{{Pause=3}} a revitalizing energy e
manating from my lymphatic system {{Pause=3}} and immune system,{{Pause=3}} whi
ch increases my self esteem{{Pause=3}} and my physical and emotional balance.{{P
ause=3}} I feel my heart muscles functioning naturally,{{Pause=3}} pumping vital
energy to all parts of my body.{{Pause=3}} My spine, now, is properly aligned.
{{Pause=3}} I feel I can freely give and receive love.{{Pause=3}} I am forgiving
myself and others due to all the mistakes and past judgments.{{Pause=4}}
Third floor. Neck. {{Pause=2}}
The more I proceed in this exercise, the more I feel my relaxed. Comfortably rel
axed. {{Pause=3}}
All the muscles of my neck are relaxed.{{Pause=3}}A clear blue energetic point i
rradiates from my thyroid gland.{{Pause=4}} It is a communicator energy, balanci
ng my metabolism, which gives me wisdom.{{Pause=3}} All worries and anxieties di
sappear as I deepen myself in my relaxation.{{Pause=3}} I can easily and gracefu
lly express my deepest feelings and emotions.{{Pause=3}}
Second floor. Jaws,{{Pause=2}} face,{{Pause=2}} ears {{Pause=2}}and eyes.{{Pause
I feel my under jaw relaxed,{{Pause=3}} separating the teeth from above and belo
w.{{Pause=3}} I view each tooth in my gums being massaged.{{Pause=3}} My tongue
is softly resting inside my mouth.{{Pause=3}} Now, all my facial muscles are re
laxed.{{Pause=3}} I realize now that relaxation is spreading through my mouth an
d the jaw muscles.{{Pause=3}} My ears feel increasingly receptive to sound stimu
li.{{Pause=5}} I hear all the waves going through my eardrums vibrating the inte
rnal bones{{Pause=3}} toward the cochlea and reaching my brain.{{Pause=3}} My ch
eeks and eyes are relaxed.{{Pause=3}} I feel my eyelids utterly relaxed. {{Pause
=3}}Completely relaxed.{{Pause=3}}
First floor. Forehead.{{Pause=2}}
The muscles in my forehead are getting more and more relaxed.{{Pause=3}} I can i
magine them as rubber bands on my forehead,{{Pause=3}} becoming loose and disten
ded. {{Pause=3}}The more I proceed in this exercise, the more I feel my relaxed.
{{Pause=3}} I can see in my forehead, an indigo and dark blue.{{Pause=3}} It is
an energy point that reinforces my intuition, my tune with my higher self and se
lf-knowledge.{{Pause=3}} My inner vision is clear and strong. {{Pause=3}}I belie
ve in my intuition and inner vision. {{Pause=3}}
Ground. Head.{{Pause=2}}
From head to toe, I'm getting more and more relaxed.{{Pause=3}} I feel a point o
f radiant energy, a beautiful purple color in the center of my head.{{Pause=3}}
It borns in my pineal gland,{{Pause=3}} connected to my self-realization{{Pause=
3}} and spirituality.{{Pause=3}} There is a pleasant sensation in my body and in
my mind,{{Pause=3}} in peace and harmony with the Universe{{Pause=3}} and the C
reator. {{Pause=3}} I know and accept my spirituality.{{Pause=3}} And I am at pe
ace with myself. {{Pause=3}}
Then, I am ready to enter the stage of my self-suggestion. {{Pause=3}}
Y {{Pause=7}}
Y {{Pause=7}}
Y {{Pause=7}}
The suggestion I gave myself certainly will be realized, because it is good for
me. Whenever I practice self-hypnosis, I will be more apt to practice it. I will
be able to relax more and more deeply in less time with each new practice.{{Pau
se=3}} I give permission for the operation of my body in perfect health, all cel
ls become healthy. I have control of my body. {{Pause=3}}
Now, in that I count to three, I'll be slowly, gradually waking up pleasantly se
lf-confident and with great inner peace. I'll return to my normal state, with th
e benefits of the suggested change.
Then, starting now,{{Pause=2}}
One. {{Pause=3}}
Becoming me more alert. {{Pause=5}}
Two. {{Pause=3}}
Preparing me to wake up ... {{Pause=5}}
I woke up. {{Pause=3}}
Whenever I practice self-hypnosis I will be better. {{Pause=3}}

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