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Discovery Education
Kindergarten Teachers and First Grade Teachers:
Based on your Aspen Quarter plans, an order for
recommended books have been placed for both
kindergarten and first grades. Good news awaits primary grade
teachers. There is a large box of primary grade books here for preview in
the media center office. These titles are very well made and focus on
non-fiction materials for grades K-2 all aligned to core standards. Once
you have previewed these titles; let me know which you want me to
purchase and we will receive deep discounts on the lot.
Congrats to Linda Kurtz
While the Boston Children's Science Museum staff
came to film Linda this week, many of her classes
came to the media center for lessons on types of
rocks for third grade, the water cycle and how it
relates to weather for fourth grade. Third and fourth
grade classes will be followed up with a lesson on how to build a board
from the favorites list they created after being shown how to search for
media. If you happened to see a group of fourth grade students
humming a song about the water cycle, you can blame Dr. D for
introducing how to search for songs as a media type in Discovery
P.S.: Please remind your students they can access discovery education
from home and login just like they did at school! Go to The login is <student ID>@mcs and the
password is student.
Book Orders
This month, I took the recommended reading lists for
this quarter for kindergarten and grade one. I checked
for titles already here and added those recommended
titles to Follett. This coming month of November,
being shortened by a week's vacation; it is important
that those in third and fourth grade chairs meet with me to discuss their
orders. We have supplemental funds from both Scholastic and Capstone
Press from which we can choose titles aligned to your teaching needs.
Please come to the media center for a plan of when to meet this next
week (first week in November).

Dunleith Library Newsletter
1 of 2 11/2/2014 6:50 PM
Fall Festival
Thanks so much to Mr. Frisbee for his footage of Fall
Festival! For those who did not catch the video, I am
providing the link in this newsletter. Enjoy, it's almost

If I don't get a chance to tell you before we break for Thanksgiving,
Happy Holidays.


Emily Dunsker
Marietta City Schools
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Dunleith Library Newsletter
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