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 Complete next sentences using “There is” or “There are”

1. ______________five pens in the box.
2. ______________ a car in the garage.
3. ______________ some books on the table.
4. ______________ a telephone in the bedroom.
5. ______________ two tables in the kitchen.
6. ______________many birds in that tree.
7. ______________ a magazine on the floor.
8. ______________ four chairs in the room.
9. ______________ seven days in a week.
10. ______________ a drink in the fridge.
11. ______________ a fly in my soup.
12. ______________ many parks in New York.
13. ______________ any tigers in Africa.
14. ______________ lots of hotels in big cities.
15. ______________ a bank near here?
16. ______________ life on Mars?
17. ______________ a telephone I can use?
18. ______________ a football game tomorrow.
19. ______________ 8 students in my class.
20. ______________ many people my town.

 Complete next sentences with “is or “are”

1. There ______ a café in Elm Street.
2. There ______ three shops near here.
3. How many elephants ______ there in the zoo?
4. There______ any books in my bag.
5. ______ there a DVD player in your house?
6. ______ there any adults in the party?
7. There______ a supermarket near my school.
8. How many people______ there in your family?

 Choose the best answer for each sentence

1. When Joe was a child, he went to school in ____ Bristol .
A the B ____ C an D a
2. Charlie can't afford to go to another country on holiday this year. So he's going to have _
UK holiday this year.
A the B a C an D ____
3. We went to a cafe after the movie and had _ coffee.
A ____ B an C a D the
4. My brother is _ doctor in a hospital in Manchester.
A _____ B a C the D an
5. I need _____ new shoes. These ones are old and they have holes in them.
A the B an C a D _____
6. Could you pass me ___ pepper please?
A an B the C a D ____
7. I don't know why they are building _ hospital in the city centre. Bristol already has three
A a B ____ C some D an
8. Sally, Pete is on ___ telephone. He wants to ask you a question.
A an B a C _____ D the
9. When Obedan got home from school, he went into his room, put his bag on ___ floor and
sat down in his favourite armchair.
A an B _____ C a D the
10. I don't think people will ever live on ___ moon because there is no air up there.
A a B the C _____ D an
11. Guilherme wanted to visit _ European city so he decided to go to Paris.
A a B an C ____ D the
12. Every Monday, our teacher gives us __ MP3 player with all our listening for the week on it.
A. the B an C a D ____

 Complete sentences with “a”, “an” or “the” in the gaps.

13. Our department always meets on ______ last Friday of every month.
14. This month it falls on ______ 31st.
15. I have already reserved ______ conference room on the fifth floor.
16. There are three conference rooms on that floor, but we like ______ one overlooking the
17. It is ______ very popular room.
18. Last month ______ person from accounting had already reserved it when I called.
19. That was ______ disappointment, but we managed to get room across hall from it.
20. During our meetings one member of ______ group usually gives presentation.
21. Last month Janet told us about ______ advantages of employee referral program.
22. This month it is my turn to speak and I have already thought of ______ interesting topic
for ______ group.

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