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Leica Camera AG / Am Leitz-Park 5 / D-35578 Wetzlar / Phone !" #$% &!!1-2$8$-$ / 'elefa( !" #$% &!!1-2$8$-333 / )))*leica-camera*com

Improvements – Leica M (Typ 240) Firmware Version

• +m,ro-e. .e/cri,tion of the len/ t0,e in 1(if-Data
• Li-e -ie) i/ no) ,o//i2le )ith e-er0 len/ /cre) len/e/ -ia an a.a,ter% 3/ing
4man3al len/ .etection5
• A 46i.eo off5 o,tion i/ no) a-aila2le in the 7et men3 #/ee /32men3 item 46i.eo recor.ing5%
'he 8-93tton on the 'o,-co-er i/ .eacti-ate. )hen thi/ o,tion i/ cho/en*
• 'he :orizon #le-el% i/ no) -i/i2le in Li-e 6ie); o-erla0ing the li-e image* 'hi/ a..itional info-
/creen i/ ena2le. 3/ing the men3 item 4:orizon5
• <e) men3 item 41(,o/3re 7im3lation5
o 1(,o/3re /im3lation -= Permanent> Li-e 6ie) acc3ratel0 /ho)/ image 2rightne// to the /h3tter /,ee. an. a,ert3re /et in man3al e(,o/3re #a/ long a/ the
cho/en e(,o/3re time i/ /horter than 1/3$/%
o 1(,o/3re /im3lation -= ?elea/e 23tton half-,re//e.> +mage 2rightne// in li-e -ie) i/
a.@3/te. for 2e/t -i/i2ilit0; regar.le// of the act3al e(,o/3re*
:alf ,re//ing the /h3tter 23tton /ho)/ the act3al e(,o/3re*
• 1(ten.e. A3to +7A o,tion/
o All A3to +7A o,tion/ are no) -i/i2le 3/ing the +7A 23tton
o 1(tra o,tion/ for 48a(im3m 1(,o/3re 'ime5 - 1(; 2 (; or !( focal length - can 2e /electe.
to hel, a-oi. camera /hake )hen 3/ing a3to +7A an. long len/e/*
o 4A3to +7A in 8 mo.e5 i/ no) offere. a/ an o,tion* 'hi/ -arie/ +7A /en/iti-it0 for correct
e(,o/3re )hen /h3tter /,ee. an. a,ert3re are /et man3all0*
o Alternati-el0 the camera choo/e/ the ,re-io3/ man3all0 cho/en +7A /,ee.
• Cro, mark/
+n Li-e 6ie); ne) cro, mark/ for 3>! / &>7 / 1>1 / an. 1&>" a/,ect ratio/ can 2e .i/,la0e.* 90
,re//ing the 3,/.o)n ke0/; the cro, mark/ are /3,erim,o/e. on the li-e -ie) /creen #)itho3t
a..itional information%
• Borean lang3age
Borean i/ no) a-aila2le a/ a men3 lang3age
• D3ring -i.eo; 1/25/ i/ no) 3/e. in/tea. of 1/2!/* 'hi/ re.3ce/ flicker effect/ )ith
5$:z main/ -oltage
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Leica Camera AG / Am Leitz-Park 5 / D-35578 Wetzlar / Phone !" #$% &!!1-2$8$-$ / 'elefa( !" #$% &!!1-2$8$-333 / )))*leica-camera*com

• 1(,o/3re 2racketing /etting/ are no) /a-e. )hen the camera i/ /)itche. off
• Direct e(,o/3re correction
An 416 correction5 o,tion in the men3 ena2le/ .irect a.@3/tment*
7o 16 com,en/ation can 2e altere. 20 t3rning the th3m2 )heel; )itho3t ha-ing to ,re//
a..itional 23tton/*
• <e) Light 8etering 8o.e 4Cla//ic / L6 .i/a2le.5
+n thi/ mo.e; onl0 Cla//ic light-metering i/ ,o//i2leC the L6 23tton i/ .i/a2le. to a-oi. the
acti-ation of li-e -ie) 20 acci.ent*
• <e) men3 item 4Doc3/ Peaking5
Dor im,ro-e. -i/i2ilit0; the color of foc3/ ,eaking can no) 2e /et to re.; green or 2l3e*
• 9etter .i/,la0 of GP7 location .ata
Po/ition i/ no) /ho)n for EPG file/ in A.o2e LightroomF
Where the GP7 /ignal i/ )eak; the la/t ,o/ition i/ no) .elete. after 5min in/tea. of 2!h a/ in
,re-io3/ firm)are -er/ion/*
• 93gfi( in Li-e 6ie) at high tem,erat3re/
Acca/ional malf3nction of Li-e 6ie) at high tem,erat3re/ ha/ 2een fi(e.
• 93gfi( in light metering #Li-e -ie)%
• 93gfi( /en/or cleaning f3nction