About OLPC@Duke

The One Laptop per Child University Initiative at Duke (OLPC@Duke) is a student service organization aimed at helping to educate the children of low-income families in the Durham community and around the world.  Currently our group consists of about 20 active and committed members, diverse in age and academic pursuits. The organization was founded in October of 2007 by two Duke students who were following the progress of the XO laptop (formerly the One Hundred Dollar Laptop) for over a year.  Over time, we realized how we, as Duke students, could make a difference.  We found that the best way to help the cause was to become a local service organization.  Through our relationship with the national OLPC association, we hope to use the XO laptop to enrich children's lives and bridge the technological divide. Our work will have effects not only in the Durham community, but also nationwide and internationally. We want to make great things happen.

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Enriching Education and Bridging the Technological Divide

XO Laptops for Durham
About the XO Laptop
The OLPC XO laptop traces its roots back to the MIT Media Lab.  It was originally created with the education of children in developing countries in mind.  For this reason, the laptop has remained as cost effective and power efficient as possible.  It was not intended to be a means of bringing laptops into children's lives, but rather as a tool to aid in their education.  In OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte's words, "It's an education project, not a laptop project." The software running on the laptop is completely geared towards children, ranging from a word processor to an Internet browser, from a scientific calculator to a video recorder.  The possibilities in the classroom are endless. The best feature of the XO laptop, however, is its wireless connectivity.  Not only can students surf the Internet wherever wireless Internet is available, but they can even collaborate from within any application, even without a wireless connection.  By just being in proximity to each other, students can write reports together or play multiplayer educational games.

About the Pilot Program
This program is not only about the charitable donation of 30 laptops to a 4th grade class. Through the course of the program, we will also be offering the expertise of members of OLPC@Duke in many ways. • OLPC@Duke will work with the teacher in getting him/her up to speed with the laptop.  We will also suggest places in the teacher’s curriculum where the laptop would be applicable. • We will give tutorials to the students to get them up to speed on the XO laptop, and OLPC@Duke members will volunteer to come in weekly during school hours to provide help and support for activities involving the laptops. • OLPC@Duke is also planning to develop educational software for the laptop that the teacher deems useful for the class. Through “XO Laptops for Durham”, we hope to touch these students’ lives in a very positive way.  We will help open doors through technology while expanding horizons and enabling future opportunities for students.

Carter Community School
“Carter Community School is a public school of choice, approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education in July 1998, to provide education to students in grades K-12... In order to ensure that all children are making continuous progress, the school will focus on closing the gaps between and among Carter Community students, and their counterparts in other educational settings.” http://www.carterschool.org/ Carter is also a Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership affiliate school. With the full support of Principal Gail Taylor, OLPC@Duke is trying to help Carter in its vision to close the gaps in their students’ education through the “XO Laptops for Durham” pilot program. Right now, Carter students only have access to one computer lab which, due to size constraints, is underutilized. The large majority of students also do not have computer access at home. The proposed program would help ensure that a 4th grade class of students will have access to these innovative laptops throughout the school day and at home, thus enriching studies and bridging the technological divide.

How You Can Help
At the moment, the XO Laptops for Durham program is in need of your help. In order to fund this program in time for the 2008-2009 school year, we need to fulfill our goal of $10,000 by June 30, 2008. Donations of any size will help greatly. Feel free to contact OLPC@Duke if you have any questions about the organization or pilot program. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.