President McCauley called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with a pledge to the flag. The following members were in attendance: Mr. Durso, Mr. Happel, Mr. Kanuck, Ms. Kauffman, and Mr. McCauley. Also in attendance was Mayor Myers, Chief Roth, Solicitor Weiler, Pamela Stevens, representing SSM, and Manager-Secretary-Treasurer Miller. Mr. Arms was excused by President McCauley and Ms. Uhniat were absent. Having had an opportunity to review the minutes of the March 5, 2007 council meeting of the Borough of Birdsboro, on a motion by Ms. Kauffman, second by Mr. Kanuck, those minutes were approved and passed on a voice vote. Having had an opportunity to review the minutes of the March 12, 2007 council meeting of the Borough of Birdsboro, on a motion by Ms. Kauffman, second by Mr. Kanuck, those minutes were approved and passed on a voice vote. There were then questions in regard to the treasurer’s report, particularly A/C # 432, snow plowing and A/C # 429, PA SUI tax. These questions were answered by Manager Miller. President McCauley then called for public comments. Mr. Darius Reppert of Bird Street was the first resident to speak. Mr. Reppert asked about two properties on Hopewell Street and Bird Street, and also asked what was being done with Weaver’s back yard. It was stated that Mr. Templin would be contacted regarding these properties. However, it was discussed that a number of citations that had been sent over to the District Justice had been returned for further information. A lengthy discussion was then held concerning the issue with the District Justice Office. With nothing further on public comments, Engineer Stevens was called on for her report. The first item Engineer Stevens discussed was a meeting to be held tomorrow, April 9th, at 10:00 a.m. at the location of the Mansion Heights detention basin. Engineer Stevens and Manager Miller then discussed the revised plans that were submitted for the Cedar Hill Estates development. The next meeting for the Zoning and SALDO Committee will be held on Monday, June 11, 2007, at 5:30 p.m. Engineer Stevens stated that the F. M. Brown preliminary/final land development plan was moving forward and representatives from Mill Technology would be present at the May or June meeting. Engineer Stevens then made a recommendation to council to approve the Potash Subdivision. On a motion by Mr. Happel, second by Mr. Kanuck, it was passed on a voice vote that the Potash Subdivision be approved, with the stipulations as outlined in Engineer Stevens’ letter, items #1, 2, & 4; and that an easement be written into, and approved by Solicitor Weiler, for the crossing of the driveway across the Potash property.


The Birdsboro Pharmacy was briefly discussed; indicating that we knew plans had been submitted to Robeson Township and would make a request that they also be submitted to the Birdsboro Planning Commission for their review. All other items under Engineer Stevens reports are as submitted. Under Engineer Smith’s report there was discussion on the Water Treatment Plant Feasibility Study. President McCauley discussed this issue, with Manager Miller stating the meeting with DEP had been rescheduled for April 13, 2007. Questions were then raised about taking the Texas Ball field for the Water Treatment Plant. It was stated by President McCauley that there would be no affect to the Texas Ball field. Mr. Kanuck had spoken in regard to what the DEP may require and that the taking of the field would not be necessary because the foot print of the new plant could fit where the old plant currently resides. Ms. Kauffman briefly discussed other options for the location of the Water Treatment Plant. All other items on the Municipal Authority report were as submitted. The following was reported for the month of March 2007.

Current Year Real Estate Taxes Delinquent Taxes Current Year Per Capita Delinquent Per Capita Real Estate X-Fer Tax Earned Income Tax EMST Taxes

: $ 53,894.72 : $ : $ : $ : $ 1,625.81 222.50 352.00 2,816.46

: $ 123,251.79 : $ 19,309.96

Hearing no questions or additions to the department reports, they are as submitted. Wastewater Treatment Along with the normal maintenance and preventative maintenance performed during the month, the chlorine contact tanks were pumped down and cleaned. All fire extinguishers in the plant were certified. A new gas pressure gauge was installed in the digester heat exchanger. The motor for the grit blower was re-aligned and new coupling was installed. Maintenance work was done on the camera truck. A used piston pump was given to us by North Coventry; this will be used for back-up parts. A sewer blockage was checked at Brown’s Feed Mill, problem being on their side. Caps were repaired and marked along the West First Street sewer line. M&S performed a service call on the flowmatcher.


Street Department The street department did their normal maintenance and preventative maintenance work, along with the normal trash runs, pothole runs, catch basins runs, and sign work. Snow was hauled, spot cindering was done, and sidewalks were cleaned. Routine repair and maintenance work was done on the trucks and police vehicles. New stop signs were put up throughout the borough. The banners were changed. The gate at the tennis courts was fixed and the parking lot at Rustic Picnic area was leveled off. Personnel helped the water department with meter readings. The Optimist Field was worked on. The salt boxes were taken off and the trucks washed. The blades for the mowers were sharpened and maintenance work was done in preparation for the warm weather. Water Treatment Water department personnel did their normal maintenance and preventative maintenance work, along with the normal monthly water samples and monthly DEP reports. All outside filters were cleaned and maintenance work done on them. The pH meters and raw water turbidity meters were calibrated. Snow piles were moved and stones and debris were raked from the grassy areas. Maintenance work was done on the backhoe and mowing equipment. Quarterly meter readings were done during the month. The water was turned on at Rustic Picnic area and toilets were repaired. There was nothing to report for fire/fire police, or the fire marshal. The Planning Commission met on Tuesday, March 27, 2007, to look over the plans for the minor Subdivision at 1003 Cocalico Road. As previously discussed, a motion was passed to approve these plans. Code enforcement is as submitted on the monthly report, and on file at the borough hall. For recreation, Ms. Kauffman discussed the tennis courts and submitted copies of proposals for resurfacing the courts. On a motion made by Ms. Kauffman, second by Mr. Happel, it was approved to go ahead with the resurfacing of the courts, in an amount not to exceed $8,000. This motion passed on a voice vote. Ms. Kauffman then discussed the possibility of portable toilets for the Texas and Optimist Ball Fields, stating what the rates for these toilets would be. Council discussed this issue in great depth, and it was determined that Ms. Kauffman do further research in having portable toilets at these two locations. The next municipal authority meeting will be held on Monday, April 16, 2007, at 7:30 p.m. at the borough hall building. Chief Roth and Mayor Myers were then called on for their reports. Chief Roth stated we had received the grant reimbursement for the three bullet proof vests bought back in 2006. There were eight owners cited for failure to remove snow from their sidewalks. Chief Roth recognized Officer Craig Reinhart for being awarded the Police Officer of the Year by the Optimist Club. Chief Roth then gave an update on the burglary held at the Fire Company back in March. Chief Roth again commented on thefts that continue to occur from vehicles, most vehicles being unlocked.


President McCauley then called for council/committee reports. The first item was a request to appoint Jamie Lyles to the Library Board for a term to expire on 1/1/2010. This motion was made by Ms. Kauffman, second by Mr. Happel, and passed on a voice vote. Ms. Kauffman then discussed the upcoming Hopewell Big Woods Hike, stating that this would be a recreation economic stimulus for the borough. Mr. Kanuck discussed the Berks County 911 Advisory Report. Mr. Durso asked what the status of the funds for the Main Bid Grant was. This was discussed in length, with it being indicated that the funds had not been currently returned to the granting authority. It was also indicated that we had not received the full allocation of the funds, having received only a portion of the $75,000 up front. A brief discussion was then held by Mr. Happel on replacing personnel while Keith Karlson is out on medical leave. Solicitor Weiler was then called on for his report. Solicitor Weiler stated he is still working on the Rental, Renters, and Landlord Tenants Ordinance, and will meet with Chief Roth and Manager Miller for further discussion. The Ball Field Agreements have been drafted and we are waiting for final comments from the Recreation Department. A draft of the Birdsboro Municipal Authority Lease is also being worked on. Manager Miller then gave his report. The Zoning Hearing Board met on Wednesday, April 4, 2007 to look at plans for the Bird Street property. Another meeting is planned for Wednesday, May 9, 2007, at 7:00 p.m. at which time a final decision will be given. Manager Miller stated that the 2007 Financial Audit had been received from Reinsel. As stated previously, the Zoning and SALDO Committee is rescheduled to meet Monday, June 11, 2007, at 5:30 p.m. There was a request from Beacon Container that a change to their no-parking area along West First Street be considered. Manager Miller and Chief Roth will look into this. A motion was then made to award Aaron Bobb a proclamation for his attainment of his Eagle Scout rank. This motion was made by Mr. Kanuck, second by Ms. Kauffman, and passed on a voice vote. With nothing under new or old business, residents were called on for non-agenda items. Mr. John Barnes of West 1st Street spoke in regard to what he considered a dangerous situation at the Birdsboro Industrial site, indicating titanium shavings were being stored and this is a hazardous situation. Mr. Barnes also made a statement to the effect that council should consider dissolving the Municipal Authority and halting construction on the Waste Water Treatment Plant.


Questions were asked concerning the titanium storage, as well as emergency management issues that could be caused by this. Mr. Donovan Potts then spoke in regard to past issues he had brought up before council. In particular was the intersection of Hopewell and Union Street, where the buses make a wide turn out into traffic. He also stated that vehicles travel at an unsafe speed at that location. An executive session was then called for. Solicitor Weiler summarized the session, stating that Mr. David Blank should be considered for appointment as the Acting Foreman of the Street Department. On a motion by Ms. Kauffman, second by Mr. Happel, a motion was made to appoint David Blank as Acting Foreman of the Street Department, on a temporary basis. This motion passed on a roll call vote of 3-2, those in opposition were council members Kanuck and Durso. With nothing further before council, the meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted,

Randall P. Miller Borough Secretary