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Avidynes EX500

brings easy-to-use,
multifunction display
capability to the
flight deck of
general aviation
Multifunction Display
The Avidyne Advantage
Avidyne is committed to designing products that improve situational awareness and
safety. And just as important, Avidyne is uniquely focused on developing products
that are easy to use. With the FlightMax EX500, Avidyne offers the most pilot-friendly
multifunction displays available for general aviation.
The EX500s user interface dramatically improves your ability to access and display
critical flight data. This design philosophy keeps operation simple and consistent
by allowing you to select and display what you need on a single easy-to interpret
integrated moving map. As a radar display replacement, the EX500 provides easy
access to radar modes, tilt control, and bearing adjust.
With the EX500s map-centric operation, you can display a moving map of your
flight plan along with radar and datalink weather. And special-use airspace. And
traffic. And terrain. And lightning. All without ever leaving the map page. Its the
only MFD available that provides the complete picture. And its the easiest to use.
Avidyne leads the industry in datalink-capable multifunction
displays and the EX500 MFD is the most advanced and
easiest-to-use datalink system you can get.
Interfacing the EX500 with Avidynes MLB700 Broadcast
Datalink Receiver gives pilots comprehensive, graphical
information about weather conditions all across the
Continental United States (CONUS).
The NRST Page shows graphical and textual METARs at the
destination and surrounding airports, making it easy to
monitor weather ahead and select an alternate when needed.
Using the industry-leading WSI InFlight Weather Service via
the SIRIUS Satellite Network, the EX500 MFD displays
critical, real-time information for pilots, including WSIs
exclusive high-resolution NOWrad radar mosaic, overlaid
right on the moving map. The EX500 also displays Storm
Track Vectors, Hail Warnings, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, graphi-
cal and textual METARs, TAFs, Temperatures and Winds
Aloft, TFRs, and Lightning from the United States Precision
Lightning Network.
At a glance, the
EX500 shows Winds
& Temperatures
Aloft to help
determine best
cruising altitude.
SIRIUS Satellite Radio
With the MLB700, you also have access to over 130
channels of digital-quality music, sports, news, and
talk radio, right through your aircrafts audio system.
Audio content can be selected from anywhere in the
aircraft using the RC70 wireless RF remote control.
Satellite Datalink Weather &
The Best Map Available
The EX500 keeps you connected with the
complete weather picture, allowing you to
view datalink graphical weather information,
seamlessly integrated with your flight plan moving map,
lightning, traffic, and terrain display.
All special-use and class airspaces are color-keyed for added
clarity, and can be displayed at the same time as NEXRAD or
weather radar for a more complete picture. Comprehensive
Jeppesen NavData and an expansive North American obstacle
database provide an unparalleled view of your flight environ-
ment. Full overlay capability allows you to add or remove traffic,
lightning, and radar, with 180-degree forward view and
360-degree center view maps.
Curved Paths
When flying GPS approaches, the EX500s large display clearly
shows curved flight path segments when provided by the GPS,
including DME arcs, Holding Patterns and Procedure Turns, over-
laid with traffic, terrain, weather, airports and runway diagrams.
And with Avidynes CMax Electronic Charts, the EX500 really
takes the guess work out of shooting instrument approaches.
Ultra-Bright, High-Resolution Display
The EX500 features our industry-leading, high- resolution, active-
matrix liquid-crystal display (AMLCD), providing you with the
brightest, most versatile big-screen moving map available. With
nearly three times as many pixels as previous-generation displays,
and an incredibly wide viewing angle, the EX500 provides
clear and concise navigation and weather information over an
exceptional color-contoured terrain and water base map.
Trip Page
The EX500's versatile
Trip Page provides
information about your
route of flight including
a list of all remaining
waypoints in the
active flightplan, with
distances and times
for each leg. Graphical
METARs for all reporting airports are also listed, which can help
you in determining an alternate airport in the event of inclement
weather or an emergency situation. Textual METARs are also
available for each reporting airport. The EX500 translates the
METAR abbreviations into plain English for easy interpretation.
Terrain & Obstacles
With its complete terrain and water base map, and a North
American database containing towers and other obstacles greater
than 200 AGL, the EX500 provides a clear presentation of terrain
hazards. Obstacles can be displayed with MSL altitude labels, and
Avidynes exclusive terrain scale shows the altitude of the highest
terrain and obstacle height in the displayed area. The nearest
obstacle feature makes it easy to determine the height and
proximity of nearby towers as you descend into any unfamiliar
areas. The EX500 also interfaces with the popular EGPWS/TAWS
sensors for added safety, making it the most versatile
multi-function display available.
Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) areas are updated via datalink
to provide the most up-to-date information about your flight
environment. Having the complete picture gives you the ability
to avoid hazardous weather conditions and stay clear of restricted
airspaces, saving you time and fuel.
Avidynes CMax Electronic Charts option offers a
world-wide library of geo-referenced approach charts and
airport diagrams, helping you manage and access critical
flight information and reducing the amount of paper
required on board your aircraft.
Utilizing Jeppesens trusted JeppView Electronic Airway
Manual, CMax makes accessing an approach or viewing an
airport diagram a breeze. At startup, your departure airport
chart is automatically loaded for ease of orientation,
especially at unfamiliar fields.
Your destination airport diagram and the list of available
approaches are automatically loaded at the time your flight
plan is entered, and can be viewed easily using the Auto-fill
capability, or you can easily select and view any approach at
any airport in the database.
Simple & Intuitive Situational Awareness.
CMax Maximizing Your Approach
The EX500 presents navigation, radar, datalink weather, lightning, traffic, and
terrain data in an easy-to-interpret format, dramatically improving situational
awareness and enhancing safety through all phases of flight.
Avionics installations require special skills and test equipment.
Avidynes limited warranty is valid only for equipment installed
by an Authorized Avidyne Distributor. Avidyne reserves the right to
make changes to product specifications and design features without
notice. FlightMax, Ryan and Avidyne are trademarks of Avidyne
Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies.
Applicable TSO
TSO C63c Airborne Weather Radar
TSO C110a Airborne Passive
Thunderstorm Detection
TSO C113 Airborne Multipurpose
Electronic Display
TSO C118 Traffic Alert & Collision
Avoidance (TCAS)
TSO C147 Traffic Advisory System (TAS)
TSO C157 Flight Information System -
Broadcast (FIS-B)
5.5 Diagonal
616 x 350 pixels
65,535 colors
Ultrabright sunlight readable
Datalink Interface
Avidyne MLB700 Broadcast Datalink Receiver
Using WSI InFlight Aviation Weather
and SIRIUS Satellite Radio
Heads Up Technologies XMD-076/A
Using Baron Services weather and
XM Satellite Radio
Vector-Graphic Moving Map
Americas Jeppesen NavData
International Jeppesen NavData Optional
Portable Dataloader or
USB Flash Drive Optional
GPS/FMS Interface
ARINC 429 GAMA Graphics
Heading Interface
ARINC 407 Synchro XYZ
Electronic Approach Charts Optional
CMax Jeppesen Electronic Airway
Manual Charts
Lightning Interface
Avidyne TWX670 Tactical Lightning Detection
L3 WX-500 Stormscope Weather
Mapping Sensor
Traffic Interface
Avidyne TAS600/TAS610/TAS620 TAS
Ryan 9900B/9900BX TAS
Honeywell KTA870/KMH880 TAS/IHAS
L3 Skywatch 497 /Skywatch HP TAS
Garmin GTX330 TIS Transponder
L3 791 TCAS I
Honeywell CAS66A TCAS I
Terrain Awareness
Color-Contoured Terrain Base Map Built in
Americas Terrain & US Obstacle Data
International Terrain Data Optional
EGPWS/TAWS Interface Optional
Honeywell MK V, VI, VII, VIII
Honeywell KMH880 IHAS
Honeywell KGP560
Radar Interface Optional
Collins WXR250/270/300
Bendix RDR130/150/160
Bendix RDR1100/1200/1300
Bendix RDS81/82/82VP/84/84VP/86/86VP
Bendix/King RDR2000/2100
MHAS6000MultiHazard System
Physical Dimensions
4.35H x 6.25W x 10.75D
7.2 lbs (3.24 kg)
Power Requirements
Max 5.0A @ 28VDC
DO 160D
To 50,000 ft.
-20C to +55C Operating
+70C Short Term
Internal forced air cooling provided
2 Years parts & labor included
Extended warranty service available
As a safety enhancement
for the industry-leading
EX500 MFD, consider
the advantages of the
MHAS6000 Multi-Hazard
System. The MHAS6000
is a specially-priced safety
enhancement suite comprised of an EX500 MFD and any of Avidynes dual-
antenna TAS600-Series Traffic Avoidance Systems. The TAS600 Series provides
the most advanced collision avoidance protection available for whatever type of
aircraft you fly. MHAS packages are also available with Avidynes new MLB700
Broadcast Datalink Receiver and TWX670 Tactical Lightning Sensor. With the
MHAS6000, youll have the best situational awareness and safety system available
for general aviation at an even greater value.
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