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Brothers of Charity Services in England moves to Coldharbour

London, UK, 3
November: Coldharbour, part of the Civica Group and a specialist provider of
software applications and related services for the private and independent UK healthcare sector, has
entered into a five-year contract to supply an enterprise software solution for The Brothers of Charity
Services in England (BOCS) as part of a strategic review to modernise its systems and improve care
BOCS offer a range of supported living services including residential nursing care, specialist day
services and respite care to help people with learning disabilities to lead their lives as independently
as possible.
BOCS has three main centres of services in England based in Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater
Manchester. The organisation offers a range of person-centred care services to people in a number
of supported living environments and peoples own homes.
As part of the BOCS five-year national plan, the charity wanted to make improvements to its IT
systems to better manage limited government resources, simplify complex financial and commercial
environments and meet higher expectations from stakeholders. After an extensive selection process,
Coldharbour was selected for its expertise in the UK healthcare sector.
The core aims of the BOCS Enterprise Solution are:
Automation, scheduling and care management to reduce administrative overhead for care
staff, rota management and central staff;
e-Compliance solution to drive improved care outcomes and care management;
Provision of accurate time recording, to drive automation of payroll processing and
streamlining of current processes;
A new Income Processing solution to offer increased control of complex contracts and
commercial management;
To utilise mobile technology in a future phase, to provide improved services and automate
time sheet processing
The contract comprises a broad range of Coldharbour applications including:
Community Care scheduling
Mobile applications (for both scheduling and compliance)
Income Processing and Contract Billing Manager
Corporate system interfaces
e-Compliance solution
Dashboards and group reporting

Darron Grundy, Chief Executive Officer of Brothers of Charity Services in England, stated, The
new software solution is a key component in the delivery of our national strategy plan and the
significant investment in Coldharbour is aligned to our strategic vision for the Brothers of Charity
Services in England. Coldharbour has demonstrated an excellent understanding of our requirements.
By using this technology, and through the great support and engagement we have received
throughout the selection process, we are confident that we have chosen the ideal partner to help us
transform our services.
Mike Moreton, Sales Director, Coldharbour said, We are delighted to be working with such a
forward thinking charity. The selection process has been extremely collaborative and reflects the
investment that The Brothers of Charity Services in England has made in its solution for the