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About Red Networks

Established in 2006, Red Networks is a pioneering company with an established reputation for providing innovative, high quality
Geospatial service and solutions to public sector and its partners to all across the globe. The company continues to promote
delivery of the benefits of shared Geospatial service to a rapidly increasing network of public sector customers, its partners and

Our vision is to provide our customers with excellent service and high quality, geospatial solutions that will improve their business
and services to their customers. Key strengths of the company include an expert knowledge of public sector business, an
unparalleled team of GIS experts, a strong established presence and a collaborative style of working that always aims to provide
best value for money and excellent customer service.

Our Values

We believe in doing business differently, and our clients - who keep returning to us - prove us right over and over again. In all that
we do, we are guided by our basic values. We are proud to share these with you.

Fairness and integrity - we believe that true partnerships are built on complete trust and transparency. We strictly maintain
clarity of communications with our clients, present all costs while maintaining fair pricing, and present all risks associated with

Client focus - whether about our sector expertise or any one of our solution domains Red Networks is committed to truly
facing the issues of clients of all sizes. Our partnerships with all leading global technology providers ensures that we can offer the
most appropriate solution for each client, regardless of technology or vendor.

Business and sector know-how Red Networks brings years of experience working with different sectors and segments.
Our staff brings to the table business experience in relevant sectors, and are familiar with the special attributes of each segment.

Delivery excellence - our objective is to adhere to the project budget and schedule, without the slightest compromise on
quality. We employ advanced systems and methodologies, to ensure our commitment is fully delivered on.

Professional innovativeness - our experts are always up-to-date on the most recent technologies, and we do our mapping
using the latest software available in the market.

Our Motto

Our emphasis on creativity at all levels and innovative implementation of concepts have helped to promote Red Networks thereby
aiding in market penetration. These factors have made Red Networks a highly successful and promising entrepreneurial venture.

True to its spirit, the company offers an ownership stake to its key employees, and invests considerable time and financial
resources to develop its workforce.

Red Networks trains its consulting and technical service professionals in several fundamental areas. This enables them to work
with clients to design, build and implement customers requirement to effectively run their businesses. Red Networks substantial
investment in human capital is what sets them apart.

Also, on our continuing sprit of growth, we are constantly broadening our size, scope and geographic reach to achieve our ideals.

By combining the latest in technology with resourcefulness and time-tested GIS softwares, Red Networks does a lot more than
simply produce maps. Our ultimate goal is to provide reliable mapping data and effective solutions in geographic planning,
whether it is by recommending ways to achieve your goals, to reduce your costs, or to achieve the accuracy that best suits your

Our GIS resource specialists develop a partnering relationship with all our clients to assure their objectives are met. At Red
Networks, our objective is to help you meet your objective accurately, on schedule, and on budget.

Our Team

Our team consists of post graduate employees with core background and experience on stereo plotting. We have executed some
of the toughest projects with more than 300 Plan metric features and have completed 3D City Modeling projects which involve lot
of complex interpretations.

Our team also has the knowledge on various standards of mapping accuracies (Geospatial positioning Accuracy standards, NMAS,
ASPRS, FHA & ASCE) for delivering the best quality output and we can take up any kind of project related to 3D/2D mapping
irrespective of the complexity and quantity.


Anand Narayanasamy Sundararaju Managing Director
Ganesh Singaram Business and Technical Head
Suresh Raman Marketing Head


Geo spatial Services:
Aerial Mapping / Remote Sensing
Aerial Triangulation
Image Processing
Ortho Rectification

Lidar Services:
Digital Terrain model / Digital Elevation model

3D City Modeling:
Building and terrain with texturing

CAD/GIS/Remote Sensing:
Digital Map conversion using USGS Images and Atlas Maps
Data attachment for the vector entities using AutoCAD map
Preparation of index maps of the project entire area showing the control points and satellite features
Automated mapping of data and generation of maps on various scales incorporation of corrections /
Updations of field verification
Scanning of Revenue maps
Georeferencing of the scanned images
Sealing, wrapping and edge matching
Vectorisation of the geo referenced images
Generation of data for GIS
Attributes and Layerisation
Conversation to shape and geo database files
Quality Control and Finalization of map

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