Jamal Fatemi

Second Floor, No.34, St. No.25, Nasr Ave, Tehran, Iran +98-21- fatemi1341@yahoo.com

March 5, 2008 Attn: Re: I hold a bachelor’s degree in Metallurgy from Isfahan University, Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Sharif Technical University, completed Industrial Management Program from Tehran Industrial Management Center, and I also completed the R&D program from Ministry industry & Minerals in Iran. I currently consult businesses and industries for their products and services. I completed a number of manufacturing and Information Technology business plans and helped executing them from beginning. In the past, I worked as a project manager and completed a number of R&D projects. For the last 10 years I orchestrated management activities for the number of companies which you may review in my resume. Prior to the operation manager position I worked for six years as a Co. Executive Supervisor focusing on the management and system design. In my current profession as a consultant I help my clients with the followings: Critically analyze the framework of the business and create an effective solution to the existing problems, Critique and interpret market analysis and provide forecasts regarding the future and trend of the internal and external environment of the business, Prepare a strategy, business plan, and financial budget, Marketing and sales, and Operation and technology. I feel I would make an excellent candidate for the mentioned position. Having said that, I am confident that my training and skills would be useful assets to your organization. I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my experience may best meet your needs.

I look forward to meeting you. Sincerely yours,

Jamal Fatemi

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Jamal Fatemi
Second Floor, No.34, St. No.25, Nasr Ave, Tehran, Iran +98-21- fatemi1341@yahoo.com

Objective: A Management position in which acquired expertise, creative talents and commitment to
excellence will have valuable application.

Summary of Qualification
Highly experienced in manufacturing & production process. Highly experienced in managing & leading projects. Highly experienced in automotive vehicles industries. Fully understand tools manufacturing process design. Fully capable of tools cost estimation. Fully capable of tools manufacture planning & scheduling. Fully understand budget estimation and control with ABC method (Activity Base Cost) Highly experienced in stamping tools manufacturing System WBS of Project (Work break down System) /project team / master plan. Understanding of shop activity including die’s machining and bench work. Proven ability to work in a team environment and to direct complex projects from idea to fully operational status.

R&D Course - Ministry industry & Minerals, Industrial management course - Industrial management center MS in industrial, engineering - Sharif technical university, BSc. In metallurgy - Isfahan technical university, Tehran, Iran Tehran-Iran Tehran-Iran, Isfahan, Iran 2005 2001 1998 1991

Employment History
Self-employed Consultant Projects • • • • Afrashtehan Co 2004 -Present

Project planning & managing of mechanical test room of tender of petrochemical for Koosha Co. Technical consultant of ERP implementation Hamgam Khodro Asia Project manager (feasibility study of dies, checking fixture & assembling fixture ) Rasool Machine Company as L90 Industrial system consultant -For as (production system, installation, managing the project L90 project from Renault Co.) Ipco press (Aid Co. Press)

Project manager & R&D Manager Duties: • • • • •

Iran Khodrow industrial dies Co.

1996 -2004

Managing of on going Eng. projects, Design & manufacture of stamping dies, P/G (checking fixtures), Cost estimation / budget planning & managing the new development plan of the Company, Building & instillation of new machining & equipment.

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Jamal Fatemi
Second Floor, No.34, St. No.25, Nasr Ave, Tehran, Iran +98-21- fatemi1341@yahoo.com

Employment History Continues
Executive head of design & Manufacture Dies & Fixture Department Saipa Automotive Manufacturing 1991 -1996

Co. executive supervisor

Nasar Company

1984 -1990.

Skills and Experiences
Iran Related Experience
• • • • • X9 (Peugeot Persia) project managers, tools manufacturing in PCI (French Company). X41 project manager of die manufacturing from PCI Company. X7 project managers (Samand Vehicle) of die designing and manufacturing. 206 project manager of die designing & manufacturing. Iran Iran Iran Iran

Project manager of new press shop & manufacturing company installation, including building construction and insulation of equipments & machines. Iran

Outside of Iran Related Experience
• • • • • PCI Co. in France, project manager of die designing & manufacture that ordered from IKID Co. France Lapple Co. In Germany, negotiate of die designing and manufacturing. Germany

Itca Co. In Italy, control the project progress of die designing and manufacturing ordered from Iran (IKID Co.) Italy Miyazo Co. in Japan, control the project progress of die designing and manufacturing ordered from Iran (IKID Co.) Japan Similar projects for other companies in Korea & Taiwan. Korea & Taiwan

Interest and Activities
Swimming, Reading, Watching Sports, Walking, Taking Kids to Movies

Highly proficient in writing, reading, speaking, and understanding of English language, and of course Farsi is my native language.

Is available upon a request

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