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For most of us, losing our breath is a feeting discomfort. For Wanda McSpadden, the
terrifying episodes went on for minutes. Tanks to Wandas story and generous donors
Mary and Troy Rodriguez, Seton Williamson is home to a new treatment for severe asthma.
When it happened, I remember seeing my grandmother, whos deceased, Wanda recalled
her near-death ordeal that occurred in October 2012. I woke up at 3 a.m. gasping for air.
I turned blue.
Fighting for Air
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Donors make generous gift
after hearing Wandas story
Seton Williamson patient Wanda McSpadden
Special Insert:
Seton Highland Lakes
I like the commitment Seton Williamson has to the health of Round Rock and surrounding communities,
said Dr. Austin Hill, an orthopaedic surgeon with Austin Skeletal Trauma Specialists. Tats in line with the
goals of our practiceto provide the highest level of care in joint reconstruction and orthopaedic trauma
injuries 365 days a year.
Dr. Hill earned both a masters in public health and his medical degree from Te University of Texas
Medical School at Houston, following a home-grown education at Westlake High School and UT Austin.
He is trained to treat the most serious fractures, including pelvic and acetabular fractures which typically
occur in severe motor vehicle accidents. Tis expertise is invaluable to trauma patients at Seton Williamsons
Level II trauma center.
When hes not working, hes still hard at work writing scientifc papers for peer-reviewed journals. Tis year
alone, he has published seven papers. Im focused on advancing medicine through research and education.
He adds, Claims about quality of care often go unchecked. Tere has to be a value proposition in
medicine. As our processes improve, we become more efcient. More expensive doesnt always mean better quality. Doing it right is less
expensive and has better outcomes. Tis is the real innovation in medicine. As a doctor, this is one of my core values.
Dr. Hill and his wife Kristin live in Round Rock with their young daughter Lily. He is currently seeing new patients on Tursdays at the
Austin Skeletal Trauma Specialists ofce in Seton Williamson Medical Plaza. For appointments, call 512-391-1751.
Meet the Doctor
Austin Hill, MD, MPH Orthopaedic Surgery

Fighting for Air
Continued from Cover
Wandas husband Nathan, who kept his cool despite his fears, began
CPR and called 911. Over the next seven minutes, Wanda fought
for air. First responders rushed her to the emergency room.
I basically died. Tank goodness it wasnt my time, said Wanda, a
loving grandmother who developed severe asthma during her frst
Over the past few years, severe attacks sent her to the hospital every
couple of months despite medications. Wanda often had to be on
oxygen and felt more secure having someone with her at all times in
case of an emergency.
Te disease was taking everything from memy independence,
my job, my mobility. Nathan, who works at Seton Williamson, took
on more at home. We stopped going anywhere.
Pulmonary specialist Dr. Harsh Babbar told Wanda about his
colleague Dr. Said Soubra, who was newly certifed to perform
bronchial thermoplasty (BT). Te incision-free outpatient
procedure uses mild heat to remove excess smooth musclemuscle
that blocks airways in the lungs during an attack.
Wanda felt hopeful. In April, she began the three-part treatment at
Seton Williamson, which shared the portable BT device with other
Seton hospitals.
Te night before my frst procedure, we ordered Chinese food. I
opened my fortune to fnd, Te coming months will bring winds of
change in your life. I couldnt believe it!
Her fortune was right. After her second treatment, Wandas
pulmonary function score jumped 50 points. She could fnally take
a deep breath with ease.
Te diference is
night and day. A trip
to the splash pad with
my grandkids was out
of the question, but
now I can do it on my
own and without an
oxygen tank. Nathan
and I are fnally
planning our dream
trip to Key West.
Wandas severe, persistent asthma was one of the worst cases Ive
seen, described Dr. Soubra. Although BT doesnt cure asthma, it is
a promising new technique, and its greatly improved Wandas life.
Impressed by Wandas results, Dr. Soubra invited her to speak at
a Seton Williamson Foundation board meeting. After hearing
her story, long-time supporters Mary and Troy Rodriguez wrote
a generous check to fund Seton Williamsons own BT system,
eliminating the need to share with other Seton facilities.
It was an honor for us to provide a new bronchial thermoplasty
system to Seton Williamson, said Troy and Mary Rodriguez. Te
increased availability of this treatment means more people like
Wanda can live a full life again. We are confdent that Dr. Soubra
and Seton will help many patients live without the fear of a severe
asthmatic attack.
When I heard about the Rodriguezs gift, I cried happy tears. I was
overwhelmed by their generosity, Wanda said.
She has even been inspired to plan her own fundraiser for people
with severe asthma. As Wanda puts it, Everyone should breathe!
Austin Hill, MD, MPH
Wanda and her husband Nathan
With the end of 2014 just a few months away, are you starting to
think about end-of-year gifts and tax planning?
If the answer is yes, in addition to giving cash, there are two
alternative giving options to consider:
Appreciated asset gifts such as stocks or real estate. By giving
your appreciated asset to Seton (not selling it yourself ) you will
bypass capital gains tax, create a charitable tax deduction, and
avoid the tax on net investment income.
Charitable life income plans, such as a charitable gift annuity,
can be created with cash or, better yet, with a low-yielding asset
(e.g., a stock that pays a 1% dividend) to give you a higher
income stream while making a generous gift to Seton. Benefts
include income to you or a loved one, a current income tax
deduction, and a bypass of all or a portion of the capital gains.
Giving appreciated assets is one of the most tax efcient ways to
support Seton Williamson. For more information, please contact
Tim Aronson at or 512-324-4091.
End-of-Year Gifts
& Tax Planning
Project SEARCH Students Graduate 3
Your support helps graduates
nd rewarding jobs
Interns (L to R): Logan Fuqua, Domanique McKay, Forrest Wilson,
Brennan ODonnell, Rae Ann Firl, Erin Walsh, Jack Keefer, Danny Taylor,
Rachel Criddle, and David Jay
Tanks to your generous donations, 10 young adults bonded by
their determination to fnd competitive jobs, graduated from Project
SEARCH at Seton Williamson in May. Tey are excited, hopeful,
and ready to fnd meaningful employment that showcases their
strengths and abilities.
A lead gift of $10,000 from the Carl C. Anderson Sr. and Marie
Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation made at the Seton Womens
Development Boards gala last year, kicked of fundraising to expand
Project SEARCH to Seton Williamson. Following the Foundations
lead, Seton supporters gave $100,000 before the gala ended.
Project SEARCH at Seton Williamson provides real-world work
experience to students transitioning from high school special
education to adult life. Students complete internships in a variety
of departments at the hospital. Te end goal is competitive
New graduate Jack Keefer, who very quickly made an impression on
the sterile processing manager, has accepted a part-time job at Seton
Williamson. He assembles surgical sets and instruments, preparing
them for the hefty sterilization processa job that requires an
impeccable eye for detail.
When I was an intern with Project SEARCH, I had to learn all
about the hospital to fnd a job that is a good ft for me and one
I love coming to each day.
Amazing stories like Jacks showcase the power of Project
SEARCH, said Cate Sitton, grant manager, Carl C. Anderson Sr.
and Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation. We are proud to
support this program at Seton Williamson for the work it does to
enhance the quality of life for young people with developmental and
intellectual disabilities and encourage others in the community to
step forward and make a gift.
Since 2007, 54 students have graduated from Project SEARCH
across the Seton network, and 26 have been hired by Seton.
Another 20 have found competitive employment in the community.
To fnd out how you can support Project SEARCH, contact
Tim Aronson at or 512-324-4091.
Berry Creek Cancer Fund Hits
Hole in One to Improve Cancer Care
Williamson County
residents facing cancer can
rely on personalized help
in navigating their care,
thanks to the 2014 Berry
Creek Cancer Fund Golf
Tis 16th annual event
held June 7 at Berry Creek
Country Club in Georgetown raised more than $57,000 to fund
a cancer nurse navigator to improve cancer care in Williamson
County. Special thanks go to tournament chair Katy Quinn and the
entire committee who worked tirelessly to ensure a successful event.
Te nurse navigator, who is part of a team of cancer professionals,
serves as the single point of contact for patients, their families, and
all involved in their recovery. Tis nurse guides patients through
diagnosis, treatment and life after cancer.
I feel grateful that I can help patients eliminate barriers to care and
lead them to recovery, said Cynthia Fawver, RN, oncology nurse
navigator at Seton Williamson.
Hundreds of people throughout Georgetown stepped up to help
friends and family, and people they may never meet, said Quinn.
Every supporter of this event is part of the huge charity circle that
makes Georgetown special.
Seton Williamson Foundation thanks the Berry Creek Cancer Fund
Committee for its work to ensure cancer navigation services will

Save the date for the 2015 tournament: Saturday, June 6, 2015.
For more information, please visit
201 Seton Parkway Round Rock, TX 78665
P 512.324.4090 F 512.324.4657
The Beacon is published twice each year
for donors and friends of Seton Medical
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Donna Budak, executive director.
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Trough the generosity of the Seton Nurse
Scholarship Endowment, and in particular
endowment donors Kathy and R. Grifn
Lord, and Sharon and Mike Daggett,
two Seton Williamson nurse scholarship
recipients are closer to achieving their
educational goals.
Elizabeth Akinyemi is studying to earn a
masters of science in nursing, which she
needs to become a nurse practitioner.
Jessica Ward will use the money to earn
an associates degree in nursing, in hopes
of specializing in intensive care.
Its an honor for me and my wife Kathy, together with Sharon and Mike Daggett, to
support Jessica and Elizabeth in furthering their education, said R. Grifn Lord. Teir
care and expertise will have a positive efect on the health of our community. Both women
expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Lords, the Daggetts, and the Seton Nurse Scholarship
To fnd out how you can help Seton Williamson nurses further their education, contact
Tim Aronson at 512-324-4091 or
Want to Help a Great Nurse
Become Even Better?
Scholarships support nursing care
Jim Schwertner,
David Hays,
Troy Rodriguez,
John S. Avery, Jr.
Ty Barho
Cliff Blount
Nancy Crouse
Bob Eskridge
Bryan Farney
Dan Gattis, Jr.
Ken Graham
Randy Howry
Frank Krenek
Betty Lord
Nyle Maxwell
Jim Nyquist
Laura Robinson
Jeff Rusk
Bonnie Sells
David Singleton
What is
Seton recently launched a new public campaign called
Humancare that challenges the status quo of health care
and brings humanity back into focus.
Te campaign casts a wide net, appearing on TV, radio
and online media. You may have seen the eye-catching
billboard series which launched the campaign (pictured
Humancare is a recommitment to the people we serve and
a modern take on our mission to care for and improve the
health of everyone in Central Texas. Its a rallying cry to
continue our human touch in every interactiona step
that moves Seton closer to person-centered care.
Join the conversation on twitter, #humancare or visit
GAL A 201 5
February 21, 2015
Beneting building and
equipment needs at
Seton Medical Center
For sponsorship
information, visit
or contact Heather Parsons
at 512-324-4061 or
Elizabeth Akinyemi and Jessica Ward