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Serapis Bey Initiation

LightWorker Series

Channelling by Dr. Joshua David Stone
Manual by Joshua David Stone & Jens Seborg
Serapis Bey Initiation (LightWorker Series)
This initiation is one of the many, channelled by Dr. Joshua David Stone,
shown on the picture to the right. They are from a numbered list of 303
initiations. We have sorted them differently, but we have kept the
number as well, but skipped the "The" in front of all names. Dr. Stone
was giving them free as true gifts from our eternal and infinite Spirit,
coming directly from the Absolute Source of Divine Light and Divine

We will do simple manuals to them when we have time, mainly with
material from Wikipedia. And remember they are all free of any charge
and obligation. You are free to copy and pass on. If you translate, then
please pass a copy to:

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Reciving the Initiation
Start with Gassho (prayer posture). Meditate on the light and love energies around you, above
you and inside of you. Ask the help of your higher self and others of your helpers such as the
mighty I AM Presence, the angels and archangels, masters and mahatma guides of meditation,
ascension and initiation. Accept receiving the initiation from your teacher. Sense the energies!
Enjoy! Expand! Relax...

If you receive more than one initiation, then please remember to take deep breaths in-between

Passing on the Initiation
To Pass the Initiations to others do the same process as above. Just intend to pass them and
read them out loud waiting for a few moments in-between initiations sensing the energies
running and the spiritual shifts. Trust in the Higher Wisdom and Power. Enjoy! Expand! Relax...

Serapis Bey - Chohan of the Third Ray - Pink
Serapis Bey is Hierarch of the Ascension Temple; master
of the Resurrection Flames and Chohan of the Third Ray,
the pink ray. Some third ray qualities are purity,
discipline, joy, hope and excellence. Serapis works with
students to help them develop these qualities, gain
mastery in the base-of-the-spine chakra and gradually
and safely raise the kundalini fire that is stored in that
chakra. He is a great devotee of the Divine Mother and of
her light and fire within all souls.

Serapis Bey has golden hair and his eyes are amber color.
He is Chohan of the Third Ray of active, creative
intelligence. He is devoted to the perfection of the soul
through compassion, patience, understanding and self-
discipline. He assists all who call upon him in the
development of the intuitive and creative faculties of the
heart. Master Serapis Bey inspires artists, singers and
musicians, and can be called upon to open your eyes to
the beauty of God's creations. He assists all who call upon
him in expressing their most heart-felt creative aspects.

Sepapis Bey is sometimes called the disciplinarian because of his fierce determination to save
souls from self-indulgence and to move them along the most efficient path to their ascension;
Serapis can help people prepare to receive the Holy Spirits gift of the working of miracles. He is
the great disciplinarian known through the centuries for the action of strict discipline. Real
discipline is not stipulation over another which would thwart the innate progress, but instead it
is a holding in check the human qualities so that the inner or Real Self can have expression. This
is very essential to the attainment of the Ascension which is the culmination of all embodiments.

Serapis Bey is from the realm of Bey, hence the name, wherein is His dwelling
place. He may have come from Venus along with the Kumaras as obe of the
guardians to Earths evolutions, and took physical embodiment as many did.

Serapis was the priest in the Ascension Temple on Atlantis before its sinking, to
whom was delegated the task of taking a portion of the Ascension Flame to
safety. He with forty of the Brotherhood sailed in a boat to Egypt, according to
the directions they had been given. Just after their landing on the Nile River in
the locality of Luxor they were aware of the sinking of Atlantis by the rumble
and shaking of the Earth.

He established a Temple there for the Ascension Flame and has been the guardian of that Flame
ever since. Some trusted Brother in physical embodiment would stand guard when he was at
inner levels in between embodiments.

Since the sinking of Atlantis around 12,000 years ago he has had nearly all embodiments in
Egypt. He followed Thot (Thehuti) to Egypt and was here probably known as the Netjeru Ptah.

Serapis spent many lifetimes along the Nile, and in embodiment the
Egyptian pharaohs Akhenaton IV and Amenhotep III he constructed the
physical temple at Luxor and at Karnak. His most familiar incarnation
was Leonidas, the great warrior who led the Spartans in the famous
battle at Thermopylae, Greece.

As king Leonidas of Sparta he was well known for the discipline at that
time. He was in embodiment in Greece and had something to do with the
creating of the Colossus at Rhodes at that time. He was Phidias in one
embodiment, an Athenian archi-tect and sculptor. He brought forth the
design of the Parthenon and supervised the building of it about 438 B. C.

He made the Ascension around 400 B. C. and after that He became Chohan of the Fourth Ray
under which comes the action of the Ascension Flame. He is the Master in charge of the
Brotherhood in his etheric retreat located over at Luxor, Egypt. Master Serapis Bey works
closely with the Seraphim and the Devic Kingdom, and works closely will all those who would
work harmoniously with nature and the healing of the Earth's environment. He has volunteered
to assist the Spiritual Hierarchy, of which he is a long-standing member, in anchoring the
highest spiritual energies of love and wisdom into the individual bodies of Disciples and the
body of Planet Earth. He trains Disciples and Initiates on all levels in the sacred teachings.

The Composition of the Ascension Flame
The Ascension Flame is composed of the magnetic powers that
were drawn by Beings Who volunteered when the Earth first
came into being, to stay upon the Earth and to magnetize that
Light, as a ladder in the atmosphere upon which those Who were
ready might Ascend. It is composed then, of the powers of
Invocation and Magnetization by many Priesthoods in every
Golden Age that has been. That Ascension Flame is composed
also of the ascending energies of all the prayers and Decrees and
Fiats, all the Invocations and aspirations of every lifestream
upon this Planet Earth.

It is gathered up by the Brothers and Sisters of the Ascension Temple and by the Silent Watchers
of all the various nations upon the Planet. That energy is gathered up and becomes part of the
Ascension Flame.

The Ascension Flame is therefore, like all the Flames and Rays, dual in activity. It is the
descending, conscious stream of energy from the Godhead which is drawn and sustained upon
the surface of this Earth through the self-conscious cooperation of the Brotherhood at Luxor;
and it is also ascending energy of the mankind of Earth, the Angelic Host imprisoned here, and
all of Life that is aspiring upwards.

Within this Ascension Flame is the record of every Ascension that has taken place upon this
Planet Earth. That is why it is such a happy Flame. Every Ascension, the first and second Root
Races and all their sub-races went Home on that Flame. Then the lower activity came in with the
"laggards" from the other Systems, but yet from time to time, individuals did persevere in the
purification of their vehicles and utilized this Ascension Flame; and the gratitude of the
lifestream when it is caught up into the Infinite "I AM" Presence, knows eternal Freedom from
bondage, from limitation, from fear, from distress of any kind, can hardly be described to the
outer mind. This is the imprint in the Ascension Flame. Everyone who has become God Free,
who has utilized that - many of your loved ones who have passed through the change and have
Ascended - have utilized that and their energy is within it. This buoyant Flame is not to be
treated with a consciousness of fear and of negative feeling. . .

The keeper of the Ascension Acceleration Flame. The Master of
Active Intelligence and of Divine Service. The Divine dispensation
of the Ascension and Resurrection Activations which are
presently enlightening this planet.

Prayers for Dispensations
Mighty I AM PRESENCE under the grace of God I call forth to
Serapis Bey for the anchoring of active intelligence into my entire
being now.

SO BE IT - 3 times.

I call forth Serapis Bey for an anchoring of the ascension and
resurrection flames into my entire being now.

SO IT IS DONE - 3 times.

Beloved Serapis Bey please help me now to bilocate in a spiritual sense to the Ascended Masters
Retreat in Luxor and place within my spiritual body the keys of the Ascension Flame.

SO BE IT x 3.

I call forth Serapis Bey for the activation of the Highest Light of the Ascended Master Flame


Appendix - Dr. Joshua David Stone & the I AM University

The well known author of many books of spiritual nature Dr Joshua David Stone had a Ph.D. in
Transpersonal Psychology and was a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in
California. In November 2004 Dr Stone officially launched the "I AM University", which is an
actual university that Dr Stone runs on the inner plane and has been guided by Spirit and the
Ascended Masters to anchor and externalize on Earth. The "I AM
University" is the fast path to becoming a fully realized
"Integrated Ascended Master" on Earth in this lifetime!

In 2005 Dr Stone passed on to the Spirit world where he
continues to run the inner plane I AM University and Spiritually
supports the continued expansion of his work through the
platform and vehicle of the earthly/outer plane I AM University!
He is now in training with Lord Maitreya and the Spiritual
Hierarchy in preparation of serving as the future head of the
Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth when his training to do so is

Dr Stone will still be the leader of the I AM University on the spiritual plane, and on the earthly
plane his job is taken over by his helper Rev. Gloria Excelsias.

Gloria Excelsias is a Minister, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author,
who served as long-term personal assistant to Dr Joshua David Stone.
When Dr Stone passed on to the Spirit world, he made Gloria Excelsias
the new President and Director of the Earthly plane I AM University
which she now runs in co-creation with and being overlighted by Spirit,
the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, Elohim and Dr Stone!

As part of this whole transition and process, Gloria has been guided by
Spirit, the Masters and Joshua to relocate the I AM University to
Salzburg - the Heart of Europe! Having been born in Austria, this
location has crystallized itself as the perfect place on Planet Earth to
serve as new home for the I AM University Headquarters that allows
Gloria best to run and expand the I AM University according to Spirit
and the Masters Plan.

Do you want to know more about Joshua David Stone, Gloria Excelsias and the I AM University,
then you can look at
Web Site:
I AM University , Dr Joshua David Stone & Gloria Excelsias
Postfach 13, 4866 Unterach am Attersee, Austria - Europe