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Masthead – the masthead is place on the right, top third

of the page. It also has the cracks it like the front page
conforming to its house style and branding for the issue, it
also makes it look coordinated.
Underneath the masthead, there is a sub heading
reading “You me at page six” this is a play on word with
the well-known band ‘you me at six’, this engages the
audience as they’re popular in the rock genre; it also
indicates the page allowing the audience to indicate it
easily making it more value.
Main image – the main image of the magazine is placed
on the top right of the magazine and is the largest
feature on the page reflecting the code and conventions
of magazines. This grabs the attention of the readers to
look at the close up shot of the celebrity ‘Frank’. The
theme of the magazine is Halloween, and this is
portrayed with the blood presented on his face, this ties
the page together.
Page numbers – the page number are placed by
the side of each story, this makes it more valuable
to the audience as it makes it easier for them to
navigate their way through the magazine to their
preferred article.
Fonts and typography – the font used is simple and clear
for the audience. The main articles are presented in a
bolder font, to make it stand out.
Rule of thirds - The rule of thirds is used through the
layout of the page. The layout of the page is split up
into different sections/columns. This makes it look well
organised and easy to navigate making it pleasing for the readers.
Boarders around image - the white boarders around
the images separate the page making it pleasing for
the eye. It makes it easy to look at and fits in with the
house style theme of the magazine
Title - The title of the page “contents” holds the basic
function of notifying the audience about what the page is and
does. The white font used is also used for some of the other sub-
titles fitting the house style of the magazine.

Direct mode of address - The direct address is used in the main
image of the man looking directly at the camera,
making the reader feel like they’re looking straight at
House style – the house style for the issue has
changed for this magazine slightly as it is a special
Halloween edition. However, they have kept the basic
features the same for example the layout, and the
contrasting colours black and white which symbolises
the genre rock.
Colour scheme – the colour scheme uses the
contrasting colours black and white to conform to its
magazines house style and branding, however they
have used greens and reeds on this page to represent
the special edition (Halloween). All colours are bold and
dark colours reflecting the genre of the magazine as
that what rock music is stereotypically all about.
Columns – the magazine features 3 columns following
the rule of thirds rule which is a code and convention
typically used in magazines. This makes the page look
coordinated and organised so it’s a pleasure to read
for the audience.
Editorial/editors letter - The letter is from the editor
of the magazine, this makes the reader feel more
connected to them. The language used it casual and
informal making it more personal.