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I’m REALLY sorry for the long delay between chapters but I’ve been so busy lately and this weekend I got sick so I took some time and wrote two chapters [I’m sorry they’re short!] and I’m going to try to write the final chapters soon! I don’t feel that these chapters were as well written as the past few but it’s the best I could do right now. Let me know if you like them or what you think could change to make it better. Thanks!


It was decided we would only take one vehicle. Emmett’s Jeep. And he was riding on the roof, which meant I was driving. The human agreed to leave his sports car in the driveway and he and Kate came with us. Alice assured them it would be "“ore fun that way". I didn’t know how much more fun it would be for Jasper, but I didn’t say anything. I slid behind the wheel and ran my fingers over the silky leather of the dashboard as I reached for the keys Emmett had thrown there. “Emmett, could you act your age, please?” Rose sighed as she sat primly in the passenger’s seat. She was ignored while everyone else climbed in. A light thump on the roof told us Emmett was in place. “Of course not.” She stared boredly out the window at the dark, snowy countryside.

“Isn’t he going to be really cold?” The human asked, a confused frown on his face, his eyes warily on the roof over his head. I hid an amused smile as I revved the engine to life. It purred like a tightly leashed wildcat and I let it idle a moment to glance in the rearview mirror. Kate patted her date’s arm with the lightest of touches, “No worries. My cousin has always been strange like that.” He nodded but I could tell in his mind he wasn’t buying it. What kind of freaks are in this family? He’s gonna freeze out there! I shot Kate a raised eyebrow to let her know that the coast was not all clear and that my brother had raised suspicions. She barely nodded but it was enough to say she understood. I could see slight lines or worry crease her forehead. She wanted to kick Emmett. I didn’t need to be a mind reader to know that much. I sighed, “Everyone ready?” I was asking for their benefit, not mine. I knew they were ready. The tires crunched easily in four-wheel-drive over the snow drive and out to the main road. For the sake of the human en-cargo I left the headlights on and stayed only eleven point three miles over the speed limit the whole way to the night club. The outside of the club was darkened windows and cold purple neon lit. When we got inside it wasn’t much different. I glanced over at the human and his express was easy for all of us to read. Wary and narrowed eyed curiosity. I raised my eyebrow again at Kate but I wasn’t telling her anything she hadn’t already figured out. She shrugged and leaned close to my ears, “Well, I’m sure

he’ll be a good boy or he won’t know it in the morning.” She grinned evilly. I glared at her and she choked back the laughter, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” I didn’t get a chance to say anything before Tanya was at my elbow pulling me towards the middle of the party. She had ditched her dress and I kept my eyes straight-forward. It wasn’t that I was ever so attracted to her, in fact, I wasn’t attracted, but I was only – forgive the ironic thought – a man after all. ******************* ********************* ******************** It took one hour of ignoring everyone and everything before I was finally rewarded for my efforts. Tanya found a human to dance with and left me alone for the moment. It only lasted about two minutes before Alice had a horrifying vision. I was straight out of my chair and almost to the door before her tinkling laughter caught up with me. “Edward, wait!” She laughed, waving her hands at me dramaticly. “Look.” She demanded. I stopped with my hand on the doorknob to “look”. My shoulders relaxed and I turned my head enough for her to see me glaring at her. “I would never let her ambush you like that, would I?”

“I don’t know.” I said warily. “Edward! I’m ashamed to call you my brother.” Her voice was haughty. I rolled my eyes. Tanya glided to a stop beside me. She glanced between me and Alice. My hand on the doorknob, Alice five steps behind me. “Oh.” She sighed. “The little physicic caught wind of me, huh?” Her words would have been offending if she hadn’t been grinning ruefully. “I can’t surprise anyone in this family.” She pouted before flitting off again. “And you’d better not spring something like that on me again.” I warned Alice. She shook her head; “It was her, not me!” She defended herself. “You just caught the vision before I reacted, which changed the vision.” She explained, feigning deep patience. I glared at nothing in particular. Alice chuckled again and skipped back to Jasper who was watching me with an amused expression. This time I glared at something very much in particular. He was shaking his head as Alice whisked him away. Edward! Edward, help! I spun around at the sound of Kate’s mental anguish. I saw her across the dance floor, her usually perfectly smooth features were twisted worriedly. Her date was staring at her like she’d just grown horns. Uh oh.

I started casually in her direction, passing Alice and Jasper enroute. “Jazz, hurry. Kate messed up with her human.” Alice froze. I saw a series of disturbing visions run through her mind. The human hadn’t made up his mind about anything yet, so it was hard to tell what the outcome would be. “Why didn’t you see this coming?” I asked annoyed. She and Jasper were following me. I was dancing! Trying to have fun! Forgive me. Her mental voice yelled at me. I winced. Jasper glared at me and put his arm around Alice. I sighed. “I’m sorry, Alice. You’re right. Kate should have been more careful.” As we got closer I could hear what was going on. “Jace, really, it’s nothing. I was only guessing.” “You quoted her word for word – and she was all the way across the room!” He said incredulously. She looked over his shoulder at me and Alice and Jasper. Her glance was pleading. Jasper was the first to react. Within seconds the tension on the human’s face smoothed to calm serene. “It’s ok.” He shrugged. “Maybe you’re right. It was just a lucky guess.” He chuckled softly. I raised my eyebrows at Jasper. He shrugged; it’s been getting stronger at closer range. I don’t know why. Alice’s eyes blanked over for a few seconds and I had to jerk her out of the way as a couple danced drunkenly by. Her expression cleared again in a moment, “All clear. He’ll be fine for about ten

minutes once we get him back in his sports car and on his way home. We’ll leave for the States, Kate’s family will move to the other side of Denali and he’ll forget in about ten years.” She dusted her hands as if finishing a task. I nodded; right now his thoughts were certainly calm. “Get the others and we’ll leave now.” I was all for that. Tanya sent a few barbed glances at her sister most of the way back but Jasper kept everyone calm and the ride back was uneventful. Even Emmett stayed inside the Jeep. “What were you thinking!” Tanya lit into Kate as soon as the human was safely in his car and out of the driveway. Kate shrugged sheepishly. I don’t usually get jealous over mere human men, but she was coming on to him so strong that I over reacted.” She sighed. Tanya snorted, “Over reacted is stating it lightly.” Good grief, she doesn’t have to be so hard on me. Kate pouted mentally. “It’s not like we all haven’t messed up once or twice before.” Tanya said nothing but she stalked upstairs to change clothes. “Well, I guess it’s good we’re here. We can help you move. We still have three days before I’m suppose to start at the Forks Washington hospital.” “We’d appreciate the help, Carlisle.” Carmen accepted quietly, she watched Kate leave the room sullenly. No one else said much.

Esme looked around her finally and smiled, “We’ll get you in the new house in less then two hours. You don’t have all that much stuff. Emmett can carry the piano, and Jasper the couch and most of the other stuff will fit just fine in the Jeep. Unless do you want to take the rest of the furniture?” She asked Carmen. “No, just the couch, it was a gift from mother.” She said absently. “We’ll restock the furniture when tomorrow.” Carlisle nodded.


By midnight most of the house was empty, only a few last boxes and Emmett, Jasper and I had come back for them. Tanya tagged along. She was running beside me. Stride for stride.

You’re for real, aren’t you? Just because you were born a hundred years ago doesn’t mean you can’t catch up over time. She was trying to talk to me. I was trying to ignore her. Why don’t you like me? “I do like you, Tanya. Just not like that.” I said carefully, still running smoothly. But… why? “I don’t know.” I shrugged. She chuckled softly. I guess I’ve been kind of hard on you, huh? I only shrugged, trying to be polite. She laughed louder this time. Always the gentleman. She was clearly amused. I kept running. So, no go? I shook my head and smiled at her, “No go… but it’s not you, really, Tanya, I –“ She waved her hand to cut me off, spare me, spare me. I don’t need to hear the “it’s me, not you” speech right now. But then she sighed. I glanced over at her quizzically.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. I thought maybe… I could, you know, seduce you? Her laugh tinkled out like the music of icicles breaking. I grinned ruefully, “I can’t be seduced.” Oh, just you wait. I stiffened. The right girl will come along one day… and you’ll be seduced without her even trying. You’re just that type. You’re going to fall hard one of these days, Edward. And I hope for you sake it’s not with a human. They can be so complicated. I shrugged, “I doubt it but I’ll humor you.” She asked me to stop running. We both halted and she hugged me lightly. “You know, you really are an amazing guy, and I would have been lucky to win you. But I’ll always love you as a cousin, okay? You can trust me.” I nodded in agreement. “I love you too.” She smiled, “Last one to the house is a rotten egg.” She stuck her tongue out and shot off through the trees. ***************** ******************** ************** We didn’t leave for the States until the next day. Good byes were cut short by Rose’s impatience to get back to the state of

Washington. She remembered it from the last time we lived there and liked the idea of getting to stay in one place for several years. Alice and Jasper hadn’t been with our family at the time so they didn’t know what to look forward to. “Rain. Lots of rain. And clouds. We can go out almost every day.” Rose smiled to herself, “I like it in Forks.” I wonder if the werewolf lines have died out yet? That would be an interesting thought to pursue but too dangerous to check. Carlisle was thinking silently to himself. I raised an eyebrow, following his train of thought. He smiled slightly at me. If the wolves had become extinct we would have nothing to worry about in Forks, but if not then the boundary lines set up so long ago between our family and the Quileute tribe of werewolves in La Push would still be in effect. It was doubtful they would still be around after all these years, but never too soon to play it safe. I could tell by Carlisle’s thoughts that we would be careful……

More to come soon.

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