IAS OUR DREAM Nutritional Requirements

One of the major aspects of food intake is its complete oxidation in the presence of oxygen in the cels of the body to generate ENERGY. • 1881-Lunin recognized tat diet consisting of carbohydrates,proteins,fat n minerals wud nt sustain life in experimental animals. Wen this diet was supplemented wid NATURAL foods like milk,vegetable n fresh fruits, the GROWTH n WELL BEING of animal was restored. This NATURAL FOOD was called VITAMINs by J.FUNK(1912)

PROTEINS((1 gm ----5.6kcal)) 20 AMINO ACIDS Two types 1. Essential or Indispensible amino acid(First class proteins)----not synthesized in body n useful for body 2. Non Essential or Indispensible amino acids(2nd class proteins)-----synthesized in the body

CARBOHYDRATES(1 gm----4.2 kcals)

FEATURES • Basal framework of CELL • Described as STUFF OF LIFE • BUILDING BLOCK—Amino Acids required --To maintain struc. of cell To build new tissues during growth n pregnancy To provide milk proteins during lactation To provide raw materials for synthesis of certain ENZYMES and HARMONES • Requirement---average daily varies frm 55 – 70gms (conditions applied) • During preg. Or lactation--100gms • 50% of energy content of most DIETS • Utilized for prod. Of energy • End product after carboh. Digestion---GLUCOSE • Maintainence of blood glucose at 100mg /ml • Xtra glucose converted to GLYCOGEN in liver (during starvation GLYCOGEN broken to Glucose) used during starvation

• FATS (1 gm—9.0 kcals) • •


• • • • • • • •


• •

Requirements---normal—400-500 g carbohydrate) Major source of energy Absence of fats causes---deficiency diseases---due to absence of highly unsaturated fatty acids called ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS. Requirement---75 gm Play vitol role in preserving integrity of cells n tissues Maintaining good health Ca++ helps in blood coagulation Na+ &K+ aid in propagation of NERVE IMPULSE Fe++ formation of haemoglobin Iodine integral part of thyroid hormone,thyroxine Ca++ &PO4 ions form a major portion of teeth and bone Amount req is small compared to others Very necessary

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