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Launched in 1999, Kurkure soon became the perfect

Namkeen snack of the nation. Embodying the spirit of
our lovable country, this tedha shaped snack has found
a home in the hearts and minds of all. Inimitable taste
coupled with superior quality has made it the choice of
millions and an inevitable part of their families. Little
wonder that it is one of Indias most loved snack food
The strategies that lead to the success of the brand is :


It falls under branded snack food segment

Product based on competitive offering and taste-buds of Indian

Launching its product in indian flavours ,which differentiated
it from their competitor.
Building trust and connection by informing the consumers of
the authentic ingredients that go into the product.
Its Snack Smart initiative to cut out trans-fat from its products
by using rice bran oil which cuts saturated fat by 40 per cent.
Product Offerings
Large product portfolio which include:
masala munch, solid masti masala twist, Hyderabadi
hangama, green chatani in Rajasthani style, chili
chatka, desi beats diwana tamatar, desi beats dilbar
hangama, etc.

Competitive pricing Strategy
Introduction of smaller packs targeted
towards small quantity consumers and
middle/ low income customers.with pricing of
Rs 5,10 and 20
Available in three SKUs.
Fritolays made sure that the Product had High availability
at big and small retailers across the country.
Large distribution magic through efficient distribution
The Company distributed large racks, to display the brand
at all points of sale ensuring HIGH VISIBILITY.
Easy availability across the country.
Touched a chord with consumers through humor and
irreverent advertising.
Print campaign telling readers how Kurkure is made
from what can be found in any Indian kitchen which
gave them the idea that Kurkure isless about flavors
and more about ingredients.
Marketing on the basis of ingredients to help Kurkure
stave off competition from a growing tribe of roasted
It has used an innovative idea of keeping itself relevant to
Indian ethos and culture by associating itself with Indian
Promoting KURKURE as the healthy snacks.
Juhi chawalas as brand ambassador her chirpy personality
matches with the taste of the product
Association of the brand with ICC cricket world cup 2003.
Tie with south western railways to have a branded train under
which brand name would feature with the trains name in all

announcements, reserve tickets, on reservation charts and all

the informations related to the train.