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Marketing Research Project


A Study on Service Quality across Various Retail Store Formats
Research Proposal


Submitted by:
Prateek Singla
Puneet Garg
Pushpit Chhabra
Vasuneet Sharma


O2: To study the service quality in Multi Brand Retail Stores affecting consumer perception. O4: To rank the service quality factors affecting the consumer perception across various retail store formats.2 Need for the Study Many studies have been conducted on assessing the service quality of retail stores but there is a lack of studies highlighting the service quality across various retail store formats that might exist. a need was identified to segment the retail market into three based on the brands they had to offer i. Thus. These variables are:  Physical Aspects (PA)  Reliability (Rel)  Personal Interaction (PI)  Problem Solving (PS)  Policy (Pol) A Study on Service Quality across Various Retail Store Formats . multi brand retail store and local retail stores and study the perceived service quality mix these stores have to offer. Objectives of the Study O1: To study the service quality in Single Brand Retail Stores affecting consumer perception. Hypotheses The hypotheses proposed are: H0: Consumer perception does not vary across retail store formats Ha: Consumer perception varies across retail store formats Variables of the Study The study works with 5 independent variables that measure the perceived service quality of retail stores. Single brand retail store.e. O3: To study the service quality in Local Retail Stores affecting consumer perception.

Chandigarh • Local Retail Stores : In-sector shops Instrument to be used: RSQS Scale given by Dhabolkar et. Chandigarh • Multi Brand Retail Stores : Elante Mall. al (1996) A Study on Service Quality across Various Retail Store Formats .3 Conceptual Model Service Quality PA Rel PI PS Pol Research Methodology Sampling Plan: Cluster Sampling Sample Size: 100 Sample Frame: • Single Brand Retail Stores : Sector 17.

fitting rooms) The store layout at this store makes it easier for customers to find what they need The store layout at this store makes it easier for customers to move around in the store Reliability      When this store promises to do something (such as repairs. The store and its physical facilities (trial rooms and restrooms) are visually attractive Materials associated with this store’s service (such as shopping bags. Problem Solving    This store willingly handles returns and exchanges When a customer has a problem. it will do so This store provides its services at the time it promises to do so This store performs the service right the first time This store has merchandise available when the customers want it This store insists on error-free sales transactions and records Personal Interaction          Employees in the store have the knowledge to answer customers’ questions The behaviour of employees in this store instills confidence in customers Customers feel safe in their transactions with this store The employees in this store give prompt service to customers Employees in this store tell customers exactly when services will be performed Employees in this store are never too busy to respond to customer’s requests This store gives customers individual attention Employees in this store are consistently courteous with customers Employees in this store treat customers courteously on the telephone. this store shows a sincere interest in solving it Employees of this store are able to handle customer complaints directly and immediately. Policy      This store offers high quality merchandise This store provides plenty of convenient parking for customers This store has operating hours convenient to all their customers This store accepts all major credit cards The store has its own credit card A Study on Service Quality across Various Retail Store Formats . alterations) by a certain time.4 Appendix – RSQS Scale Physical Aspects       The store has modern-looking equipment and fixtures. attractive and convenient physical facilities (restrooms. loyalty cards and catalogs) are visually appealing The store has clean.

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