Scriptures According to A Woman

By Gay N. Blanchard


The texts which serve as the basis for Christian practice over the world were all written, translated and interpreted by men. This book offers a picture of how a woman might have told the same stories. It is a woman’s picture of God and of God’s relationship with us. Christianity’s story told from a woman’s point of view emphasizes spiritual history the history of feelings added to knowledge.



CHAPTER I In the very beginning of our world there was God a pure man and a pure woman in love. They danced across the sky together, exploring each other as they turned and leaped and lifted and ran with the wind. Cloud scarves were their coverings and stars spun from their hair. They were in love, immersed in the ecstasy of becoming One. One thought. One heart. One action. Wherever they danced the power of their joyful Oneness vibrated into energy – the ENERGY OF PURE LOVE! Love energy radiated quietly shimmering through space. God-Woman and God-Man had One vision: to create a world. And so they began.

They shaped and formed the Energy of their Love into a Home. Everything they created from Love was exquisitely beautiful. Finite words cannot describe the world they built. But if you look far enough back into your soul you will remember . . . just the edges of its glory . . . God was aware of pure intelligence in the vastness where They danced. Not a sea of mass-intelligence, but millions of separate brightnesses, each different, like stars in a night sky. God remembered their separate songs and thought on the meaning of each sound. God the Father and God the Mother looked into each other’s eyes and saw the Brightest Intelligence. Their One-Heart heard its cries to become more than intelligence. Their One-Mind knew its place and purpose in their creation. Their One-Love moved them slowly, tenderly, powerfully, into its birthing dance. Fingers touch with sensuous giving lips taste sweet the kiss of life hearts beat one compelling rhythm pulse of husband, breath of wife passion’s mystic fragrance melts two dancing bodies into one whirling, lifting ecstasy. The holy new creation is begun. Now the dancers turn, And reach out to the yearning intelligence. Gently, with infinite patience, they draw it into their dance and spin its unique profoundness into a clear melody which blends with their own harmonies.

They weave its rainbow lights into the very fabric of their love. They shape and form it into their own image. It is created of Love, by Love, into Love. God breathes the Energy of Pure Love into its veins. The dancers turn, turn, turn, in a golden circle. They sing a sacred birthing song, and feel the consummate glory of new life quickening, pulsing, shimmering into pure joy. And behold! When the dancers move apart the circle is four. God has created from that Bright Intelligence a boy and a girl. God calls him Jesus and calls her Joyous. The children dance together through the rainbow faceted gardens of Heaven a glad dance of fulfillment and discovery. The divine music of Love breathes around them.


Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother are still in love. They have danced the birthing dance many times. They danced it once for YOU. Once they spun your intelligence into a spirit person of Light with Pure Love the power that quickened your being. The core of you your center and heart IS

that offspring of God. Perhaps your Intelligence was born to God as two, a girl and a boy. But only if you wanted it that way. If you are a mind and heart and being who yearns for fulfillment with another then there is another half of you somewhere. If your true nature chooses commitment to one beloved there IS One. Or your Intelligence may have been born singly. God knew how you wanted it. They still know. And why did God make a spirit body for you? First of all, because you (your intelligence) yearned to progress. God sensed your need, and in the magnificence of Their Love, came to your rescue. And secondly, because God needed the specific light which your unique Intelligence could bring to Earth’s creation. Yes, you helped create the Earth. If you sometimes feel déjà vu when you rest in a quiet mountain glen, or exult with crashing ocean waves, or hold a rainbowed crystal in your hand, or smell a violet, commune with an oak tree, inhale a sunset leap across flowered meadows with a deer, run with a white wolf fly with the snow geese – You probably helped create that very thing.


The world God created, first had spiritual dimensions. All things are created spiritually before they are enhanced into physical form. When God danced US into being we too were made of spiritual matter. As creation evolved though, God said, Now. Let us bring the Earth into the dimension of physical reality. And so They began. We had a lot to learn about that. It took a few more than six days (as mortals measure time) but we had good teachers, who orchestrated pure music from our singular songs, and together we made a mysteriously wonderful beautifully complicated planet using the potent Energy of Love as our power of creation. When God (and we who helped) had finished creating the Earth, all of us agreed that it was very good and we rested for a while. Eden flourished.

CHAPTER IV Resting some of us began to think wonder question. Why were God-the-Mother and God-the-Father’s bodies different from ours, with more substance, like the new physical world we had helped create,

while ours were of mere spiritual substance? We had made the Earth physical . . . Could we make ourselves physical? Or could God? Could we become like God? God said You can choose to have physical bodies. But becoming like God? Well . . . that is a long, hard, challenging process. You may not want to risk it. Naively we argued Of course we want to! God said The law of free agency will still be in effect. Some of you may choose less than your full potential. No we won’t! we protested. We were pitifully innocent then. God said You will need a Savior – One who loves you enough to sacrifice everything in order to open doors you can’t open. We looked at each other. Sacrifice? It was a word we didn’t know. Jesus and Joyous said We love enough. God said Yes. You do. Lucifer and Lillith said We are strong! We will open the doors and make sure everybody gets through. God said

That’s good of you. But how? They said Force. Force. It was another new word. We shivered a little, at the way God said No! Undaunted, Lucifer gallantly flung his promise I will guarantee your salvation! You will only have to do what I say. Beautiful Lillith sensuously encouraged It will be easy, it will be fun, and of course you will want to give me the glory! Give ME the glory Lucifer contradicted. Men have called what happened next The War in Heaven because war is the usual method men employ to solve problems. It was really simply a matter of choice. Each of us separately had to decide whether we wanted to continue living in God’s environment under the laws of love and freedom or give our allegiance and our free agency to Lucifer and Lillith. Those who chose to give up choosing, left Heaven, because force can’t coexist with Love and Freedom. Many of God’s children, at that crucial juncture, chose to become less than their potential. God wept. The rest of us didn’t understand what was happening. We had never experienced sorrow before.


God honored our desire to risk the challenge of trying to become ALL that we could become And so They began. They built a home called Eden in Earth’s most beautiful garden and lived there, taking into themselves the elements of Earth. With tenderness and passion they danced the Dance of Love. Mother received Father’s physical seed into her physical womb and carried there physical bodies for a boy and a girl. In a journey of wrenching separations God brought Their first-born spirit children out of the realms of light down through many veils of forgetfulness into narrow darkness and finally left them innocent inside the tiny bodies. Quickened by the nourishing energy of Their perfect love, Mother God gave birth Father God received into His powerful hands the new life – pulsing heart, living breath, vulnerability humanness. God blessed the babies gave them new names Adam and Eve and watched them grow.

The children were full of questions, and curious about their surroundings, which they explored with zest. They named everything – laughing and making it a game of inventiveness. They ate the fruits of the garden drank from the clear streams, and made pets of the animals. They listened to many tales of Light and learned the workings of their new world, their new forms, their new powers. They skipped to the music of the days, and fell asleep to God’s sweetest lullabies. Father and Mother showed them eternal truths about how to create the indestructible and fragile environment called HOME. But, as children do, young Adam and Eve paid more attention to today’s adventures than to tomorrow’s paradoxes. They only half listened when God said there was a tree which could give them a knowledge of evil, as well as good, for a price!

Two-score years by Earth’s sun God stayed in the Garden loving, teaching, nurturing Their children. Then God blessed Adam and Eve with a sacred covenant of Eternal Unconditional Love, cast over their spirits one last blinding veil of forgetfulness, and moved from the visibility of mortals back into Heaven’s dimension.


After God left Adam and Eve opened their eyes

to a different world. They were on their own. They had not forgotten language so they could speak to one another and the first thing they talked about was God. They remembered Mother and Father God with a fierce, joyous faith! And yearned for Their energy-giving presence. Consequently prayer was their first invention. They called upon God for guidance and listened whole-soul for answers. Sometimes God spoke to their ears, sometimes to their hearts. Adam and Eve were responsive to both. Gradually they recalled a few crucial clues God had given them. One was that they could multiply and replenish the earth if they chose to. But they didn’t know how to do that. Another was that if they ate fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil they would sooner or later die. They didn’t know what it meant to die. So instead of worrying about it they simply savored the joys of living. They tasted and touched and smelled and listened and looked and were happy together. They talked long into the night about many things and slept when they were tired on soft meadow grass. When they awoke they greeted each other with a holy kiss and a joyous song of thanks to God. They began to learn the Dance of Love.