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From: John Hall

Sent: 10/22/2014 2:54 PM

To: Tracy W Meyers
Subject: Mark Patrick George Email Disconnect
Ms. Meyers,
I have read some of your comments in an open face book account regarding George's email being
I am the one who complained about his use of VSU resources to Dr. McKinney. I am a 1982 graduate of
Valdosta State with a BBA in Finance.
I just wanted to give you a head's up on Dr. George and his email.
Dr. McKinney was going to respond to my initial complaint with an academic freedom email. This is what I
was expecting.
I was made aware of Dr. George's efforts regarding the governor and the legislature. I objected.
However, Dr. George's email was not cancelled due to contacting the State Government. His email was
canceled because Dr. George began communicating with me via the email address. His email
to me was not requested nor was it a welcome correspondence. Dr. George then went to the Georgia
Society of CPA's to file ethics charges against me, contacted our local Chamber of Commerce in Dublin,
attempted to friend me on face book and then somehow got into my face book account and gathered
private information about me.
Dr. McKinney had no choice but to defend an alumni.
So I just wanted you to get some facts about this. You are only hearing Dr. George's side. I have never
gotten an apology from him. And now since all this happened there is a Allison Leigh Touchton Parsons
continually calling me a white supremacist and attacking me online. All because I am a member of the
Sons of Confederate Veterans.
I hope you do not associate with Parsons. She was paid $100,000 by VSU because she sued the
university. Apparently she is just still angry at the university even after 12 years have gone by and just
likes to stir things up due to sour grapes.

John C. Hall, Jr. CPA

307 West Gaines Street
Dublin, Georgia 31021
Phone: 404-964-6896

From: Tracy W Meyers

Sent: 10/22/2014 3:52 PM
To: John Hall
Subject: RE: Mark Patrick George Email Disconnect
Hello John,
Thank you for your email. I go by Dr. Woodard, so please feel free to refer to me as that. I was privy to
the emails and conversations that took place between the president and others (via an open records
request) concerning the issue with Dr. George. You should be happy to know that none of it involved his
email getting closed because of his interactions with you. I had a two hour conversation with the
Provost and a one hour conversation with the President concerning these issues. I have also been made
aware of your blogs and have read some of the things that you have written about Dr. George. Trained
in forensic interviews and as a Marriage and Family therapist I am very aware that every story has
multiple realities. Thank you again for your email. Hope you have a very blessed day.
Tracy Woodard

From: John Hall

Sent: 10/25/2014 8:46 PM
To: Tracy W Meyers; Kimberly A Luse
Subject: Re: Mark Patrick George Email Disconnect
Dr. Woodward:

"You should be happy to know that none of it involved his email getting closed because of his
interactions with you."
I obtained the doc of the open records too. They clearly mention my name and were a main factor in Dr. George's
email being shut down. This first email is where the personal attacks on me by George began the process of his
email being shut down. Maybe you did not see the following in the open records?

This following email from George is the one that got his email shut down. Dr. George sent me this email. It came from
his address. This email was unsolicited and not welcomed. Dr. George was being a smart ass pretending
to help me with my book on my ancestor. He details the slaves that Hardy Smith Owned. Hardy Smith is not my
ancestor!...I own his historic home built in 1873 and which is on the national historic register. George stating that I
might have black ancestors is a clear attempt to throw something in my face in a contemptuous manner.
I immediately contacted Dr. McKinney about this unsolicited email and then Dr. George's email was shut down. To
say otherwise is a flat out lie!

My purpose in communicating this to you is to set the record straight. You should know the truth. Simply put
George's email being shut down is a simple case of him and Argumentum ad Hominem regarding my complaint
regarding his efforts with the Confederacy.

From: Tracy W Meyers

Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2014 9:19 PM
To: John Hall; Kimberly A Luse
Subject: RE: Mark Patrick George Email Disconnect
Mr. Hall
Your emails to me are unwelcome. Please do not contact me again regarding this matter.