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Manual Email Migration from

Mercury (old student email system) to Office

IT Services has migrated the majority of student mailboxes from the existing SquirrelMail\Mercury
system to Microsoft Office 365 over the summer break. However, there may be a small number of
students for whom this automatic migration did not happen, such as some students who only
decided later in the summer to continue their studies at QMUL as a postgraduate student.
If your mailbox was not migrated automatically, you can follow this procedure to use Microsoft
Outlook 2010 to manually copy your existing email from the SquirrelMail\Mercury system to
Microsoft Office 365.
If you need help following these instructions, please contact the ITS Service Desk on 020 7882

1. Detailed Description
The manual email migration process involves opening up both your Mercury mailbox and your
Office 365 mailbox within the same Outlook 2010 profile and manually copying emails between
the two.
This procedure and the example screenshots utilise Outlook 2010, but Outlook 2007 with Service
Pack 2 is also compatible with Office 365.

2. Requirements
This procedure requires knowledge of the passwords for both your Mercury and Office 365
mailboxes and Microsoft Outlook.

3. Implementation Plan
Before we can copy emails from Mercury to Office 365 we must configure Outlook 2010 to have
access to both accounts within the same Outlook profile.
Step 1: Open the Office 365 account in Outlook 2010.
Instructions for opening an Office 365 account in Outlook can be found here:

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Office 365 Help Sheet 12 October 2012

Step 2: Now that the Office 365 mailbox has been added to Outlook,
we can add the Mercury account as well. Within Outlook, go to File > Add Account

Step 3: Click the radio button for Manually configure server settings or
additional server types and then click on Next

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Office 365 Help Sheet 12 October 2012

Step 4: Leave the default selection of Internet E-Mail and click on

Next again

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Office 365 Help Sheet 12 October 2012

Step 5: Fill in the details for the Mercury account you wish to add.
After you have entered the settings, click on Next and Finish.
For students, the incoming server is

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Office 365 Help Sheet 12 October 2012

Step 6: Check back in Outlook to confirm you now have access to the
Mercury mailbox as well as the Office 365 mailbox

Step 7: Missing emails can now be manually copied from the Mercury mailbox to the Office 365
mailbox by dragging and dropping the items between mailboxes in Outlook.
Be sure to copy the email rather than moving it. Holding down the ctrl key while dragging and
dropping is an easy way to accomplish this
Copying an email between accounts first of all copies the email to the local Outlook OST file of
the computer you are using to perform the migration. It takes time for Outlook to then upload this
email to Office 365. Pay close attention to the status notifications in the lower-right hand corner of
While items are busy synchronising, an Updating message will be shown.

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Office 365 Help Sheet 12 October 2012

When all items have synchronised, this message will change to All folders are up to date

Step 8: When all emails have been copied to Office 365 and the All folders are up to date
message appears, remove the old Mercury account from your Outlook profile by right-clicking on
the account and selecting 'Remove'.

4. Test it!
Use Outlook to manually compare the Mercury and Office 365 mailboxes to ensure they match
and have an equal number of items in each folder.

5. Remove your Old Email Account


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Office 365 Help Sheet 12 October 2012