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Interview Orientation Session


Sudhakar Kakunuri



Tell me about yourself

The First Question
How to Answer
Life of Basics
Important Q&As
Why do interviewers ask questions which are not related to
that job
What qualities they expect
What questions you have to ask
Whats Next


Tell Me About Your Self

You have to tell about

Personal Details & Companies Worked

What you exactly know about

Roles & Responsibilities

Tool Concepts
Scripting Languages
Roles played in different projects
Responsibilities in each project

What else you know

Any other Tools, Languages & Concepts



The First Question

The questions will be generated

From your answers

From a style that interviewer have
From the requirement of the project

The usual first questions are about

What is the framework using in your project
Continue with Framework Related Questions
Explain your project
Continue with How did you Automated So and So Functionality of your project
Automation Life Cycle
Explain Test Automation Life Cycle
Continue with Process related questions
Object Identification
What is QTP Object Identification
Continue with OR, DP and Challenges


How to Answer
Your Choice
I know, I will answer
I am not sure, I will tell what ever I know
I dont know, But I have to answer

Follow this

Always Answer with an example

Take the examples from your project
Never relate the examples to generic functionalities like login or
Make sure your resume says the same
Use gestures when answering
Write/Draw If you can
Be confident on your mistakes. He is not a police to slap you


Life of Basics

You have to remember Basics for your Life Time

Many people forget about Basics while answering
Few of the Basic Questions like these

What is a Win Object

What will you do when object not found
How do you go to Debugging mode
How do you prepare a batch
Browser Identified as Window. Whats the problem?
Not able access a function which is there in a VBS file
I have declared a variable for two times. What will happen?
What is the difference between exist and WaitProperty
What is the difference between Reusable and Non Reusable Action
How to declare an integer variable


Important Q&As

Explain your Framework

Object Identification Techniques
Synchronization Types
DataDriving with Different file types
How do you Handle Test Run Errors?
Explain Debugging?
Explain Descriptive Programming, Where you have used it in your
Automate a scenario from Flipkart website
Develop a Verification Function
How do you Get data from webtable
Check a checkbox in a webtable cell based on other cell data
Questions related to Scripting Logics or Maths formulas


The Interviewers Mentality

Lot of interviewers doesnt ask questions based requirement or

They ask questions from what they know
Its you who need to drive the interview based on your answers
Some interviewers are very intelligent and ask questions by your
resume or requirement
Such interviewers will easily find you have good knowledge and
they will try to find level of your knowledge by asking some
advanced questions
Some interviewers will ask advanced questions only to reject you
Rejection is not only based on your knowledge. But also based on
your attitude
Sometimes your body language will also play an important role to
give a good impression


Required Qualities other than knowledge

You are very good at knowledge. And thats just not enough to get
Your attitude is very important.
Any company needs a good team member.
Continues Learner


What Questions You have To Ask

Everybody will get a chance to ask questions to interviewer

When you get the chance make sure you ask about

Frameworks used in their company

Their projects and Domains
No.of Team members in their projects
Duration of the projects
DP based or Object Repository based development
What test management tool are they using

Make sure you are not irritating him

Also ask these like your discussing with him
Feel like its a good information and can be used for next rounds



Whats Next

Its not how many questions you answered. But Its about how
many questions you unanswered and what level of answers you
You should not only remember the questions, But you should also
remember the answers what you gave
If possible use a voice recorder to record the interview. This will
be very helpful to correct your mistakes
Make sure the recorder is hidden and in safe place
Discuss with an expert about your interview
An expert not only answers the questions, But also finds the
mistake in your answers
Correct your mistakes and attend another interview.
In this way you can get the job in Four to Five attempts


Sudhakar Kakunuri
Freelance Test Automation Consultant/Trainer/Evaluator
Author: , Cracking the QTP Interview
Admin : QtpSudhakarBlog@Facebook