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Episode 1: Counting Crocs

Scene 1: Early morning, Kancil woke up and look for food (admire nature).

Scene 2: Walks along river bank and saw berries ahead (metal gear solid exclamation mark).

Scene 3: Proceed to the berry plant when suddenly, stones (hadoken sound) felled on to Kancils head from above.
Scene 4: Kancil looked left and right. Monkey emerges from tree (super Mario style) with evil laugh (Super Mario).

Scene 5: Kancil asked why threw stones at it.

Scene 6: Monkey replied that these berry bushes were his. Kancil should go to the berry on the other side of the river if
it wants some berry.

Scene 7: Zoom on river, full with crocs.

Scene 8: Kancil became sad walks away last glance at berries and suddenly got an idea. An idea to the berry and at
the same time avoid being eaten by the hungry crocodile.
Scene 9: Kancil called out to all the crocodiles. (corcodiles emerge and look at kancil). Kancil asked, wahai buaya yang
ada di sungai ini. Saya, kancil membawa titah daripada Tuanku Belang. Ayuh, lekas kumpul beramai ramai di depan saya!

Scene 10: (individual crocodile zoom in) Crocodile thought to itself and asked kancil whats does the King wants to do
with us?

Scene 11: kancil said to the crocodile, The King wants to know the population of crocs in this river. Thus, Im carrying
out a cencus.
Scene 12: Crocodile protested. Why must we follow what you said?
Scene 13: Kancil answered back. Im carrying out the Kings order. U dare defy the King?

Scene 14: Afraid, the crocodile line up and looked like a bridge for the Kancil to cross to the other side.

Scene 15: Quickly, kancil pick up a stick and began to hop from one croc to another. As it hop, it uses the stick to knock
on the head of the crocodile. Counting as it hits from one until ten. (stick knock onto crocodile sound similar to Tom and
Scene 16: after the tenth crocodile, kancil reaches the other river bank. It turned around and thank the crocodile for its
Scene 17: Just as the crocodile about to disperse, Monkey emerges from tree again (super Mario style) with evil laugh
(Super Mario). Monkey said The crocodile has been a fool. Fooled by the kancil into forming a bridge and helping the
kancil to reach the other side for the berries (Monkey continues laughing and disappears)
Scene 18: Crocodile became mad. Talks among crocodile to eat the Kancil. Turn around only to find out that Kancil is
Scene 19: Kancil happily having its berries for breakfast. Proud of what it has achieved. It told the audience hidup mesti
pandai cari peluang. Kancil smile and continue eating. (Close scene similar to looney tunes song).

Scene 20: End Credits rollinggggg THE END

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