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Sarah Reyner

Why I Would be Successful
Dear Admissions,
On the first day of kindergarden, I introduced my self as Sarah Reyner, future brain
surgeon. As years passed, my dreams of performing brain surgery evolved into more realistic
aspirations, that of becoming a registered nurse. My strong work ethic, communication abilities,
and passion for the nursing field have fueled my success as a college student thus far. I believe
that these qualities will continue to allow me to thrive in the nursing program as well as in the
Effective communication is an important aspect of nursing because nurses serve as the
advocate between doctors and patients. They must be able to listen and comprehend the doctors
orders and translate them to patients and families. Working as a waitress has enabled me to
develop many of these communication skills that are imperative in nursing. I have learned to
balance the needs of multiple guests while ensuring that they are met in a timely and accurate
manner. Furthermore, I remain level headed in a high stress and fast pace working environment.
I believe that I will be able to address difficult situations with composure and patience, ensure
that both the doctor and patient are clearly understood, and provide counsel during difficult times
or crises.
Passion is what distinguishes excellent nurses from the average. My passion for helping
others is what enticed my decision to pursue the nursing program. I understand the importance
of persistence when caring for patients. Every individual deserves the same care that I would
expect for myself or someone I love. Furthermore, I am excited to learn about everything to do

with this profession. I always seek ways for improvement and would be eager to learn new
techniques and strategies in the always evolving field of medicine.
One of the best advice that my mom gave to me as a child, is that I can do whatever with
my life, I just have to put my mind to it. Today, her words have grown into a determined work
ethic that I have applied to my classes, part-time job, and extra curricular activities. Academic
excellence is an expectation that I have placed on myself. My endeavors in meeting this goal
have depended on my mothers advice. The grades that I have received so far reflect the drive
and determination that will continue to allow me to succeed in nursing school.
Serving others as a nurse is an honor, and if granted the opportunity, I would do
everything in my power to uphold this high standard. I understand that nursing is a challenging
career, however, I look forward to facing its difficulties for the opportunity to serve others on a
daily basis.

Sarah Reyner