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1ST time pig iron was produced in the 1874 at Burnpur by Bengal iron wrks,(financial crunch led to shut down) 1st succesful attempt by J.N TATA (1907) At SAKCHI(now Jhamshedpur) In TATA Iron and Steel (TISCO), pig iron produced in 1911 & 1913

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Largest plant in private sector Enjoys facilties like the Raniganj n Jharia coal fields jus 60 kms away Iron ore frm Gua,Budu Buru,and

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Vishweswarya Iron n Steel Works Setup in 1923 at Bhadrawati on bank of river BHADRA on DirurShimoga branch of southern

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Natu Buru in Singham district Limestone n dolomite from Gangapur Cheap electricity frm DVC The industrial area around Kolkata serves as a valuable outlet for disposal of finished prod.

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railway Raw materials avail within the radius 50 km Iron ore frm Kemmangudi mine of Bababuden hills Limestone obtained frm dist 20 kms Manganese frm Shimoga and Chittradrug Adjacent reserve fulfills the need of coal

Public sector company Rourkel a Steel Plant(e std 1954) Bhilai Steel Plant Lies south of Kolkata Estd with German tech(Krupps Demag) Largest integrated steel plant in INDIA Njoys Hirakud Project

Durgap ur Steel Plant Bokaro Plant Estd in Bokaro of Jharkhand

Water from Tandula and Gandhi canals Water from Durgapu r dam Supply of coal from local mines n frm Jharia

coalfield Vijayna gar Steel Plant Lies near Hospet district of Bellari district of Karnatka Water frm Tungabh adra dam, Cooking coal frm Kanhan valley

Salem Steel Plant

Lies in Salem dist of TamilNadu First shorebased steel plant in INDIA Receiev ed iron ore frm Bailadill a

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