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Bits from Batson

annual Ozark Upper Elementary Hillbilly Costume Contest for 2014 were Hayden Leavell and Kaci Hughes.

I hope everyone had a
great Halloween.
Carroll and Debbie
Sherrell had their grandson,
Ryan, spending part of last
week with them.
Craig and Logan
Harderson, Lauren Robinson, Katrina Bradley, Jake
Geisler and I had supper last
Friday with Laryn and Lakyn
Robinson at their house.
Later Lakyn, Logan, Katrina,
Laryn and Jake went to the
Haunted Jail at Knoxville.
Visitors at the DeLorn
Coopers’ last week were Eugene, Mary and Kevin
McGuire, Mike and Jennifer
Cooper, Judy Criss and
Sharon Cowell.
Eugene and Mary moved
hay on their farm on the
mountain on Saturday.


What’s Different Now?
by Clydene Overbey
Mama cut up chicken on
the counter of the little old
fashioned cabinet. She
washed it down good with
her dishrag, dried it off and
proceeded to roll out pie
crust or biscuits, no bleach,
but we didn’t seem to be
We all took gym class
and risked permanent injury
with a pair of high top tennis shoes instead of having
cross-training athletic shoes
with air cushion soles and
built in light reflectors that
cost as much as a small car. I
can’t recall any injuries, but
they must have happened
because they tell us how
much safer we are now.
We got the paddle for
doing something wrong at
school, then again at home.
They used to call it discipline, yet we all grew up to
accept the rules and to
honor and respect those
older than us.
We had two classes in
one room and we all learned
to read and write, do math
and spell almost all the
words needed to write a
grammatically correct letter,
funny that!
We all said prayers in
school and our teacher read
a passage out of the Bible,
and we sang the national
I thought that I was supposed to accomplish something before I was allowed
to be proud of myself.
I just can’t recall how
bored we were without com-

puters, Play Station,
Nintendo, X-box or 270 digital TV cable stations. We
Oh yeah, and where were
the sterilization kit and antibiotics when I stepped on a
nail. Daddy pulled it out of
my foot; Mama washed my
foot, dried it, and poured that
dreaded old Merthiolate in
it. Not even a Band-Aid.
Good grief, how did I ever
survive? I just don’t seem to
understand why that worked
then but doesn’t work now?
We played on piles of
gravel and when we got hurt,
Mama pulled out the bottle
of Merthiolate and then we
got our backside spanked
for being where we were
told not to be. Now it’s a
trip to the emergency room,
followed by a 10-day dose
of antibiotics.
Know what, not a single
person I knew had ever been
told that they were from a
dysfunctional family. So how
could we have known that?
We never needed to get
into group therapy and/or
anger management classes.
We carried those little tin
boxes of Anacin or Bayer to
school in case of headache
or some such thing and
weren’t searched for drugs.
The boys played “Cowboys
and Indians” without being
expelled from school for pretending they had guns and
bows and arrows.
What’s different now? I
don’t have a clue, but I’m
sure nuff glad I grew up
when I did.
Romans 12:1-2 - I be-

Sunday guests at the
Coopers’ were Robert, Joel
and Marlene Cooper and
Kelsey Hatchett.
I visited in Clarksville last
Friday with Kim Sparks and
Dwight and Peggy Stepp.
The Oark basketball
teams played ball last Monday and Thursday at Oark.
They all did a great job.
James, Reba, Darrell,
Donna, Jessica, Justin,
Vickie, Maddison, and Jordan Watts attended “The
Walk to Cure Diabetes” in
Tulsa for improving lives for
Type1 diabetes. They raised
about $83,000.
Happy birthday to Tresa
Yarbrough! Her birthday is
Saturday! We hope you
have a great day!

by Slim Randles
Dewey Decker, that accident-prone neighbor of ours,
is the undisputed Pharoah of
Fertilizer, the Monarch of
Manure. He has turned a
shovel-ready business into
a going concern, with the
help of the woman of his
dreams, Emily. But in the
quiet times, when it’s only
Dewey thinking to himself,
he really wants to raise
From the time he was a
kid, he wanted to raise cattle,
but Dewey’s proclivities toward disaster left that particular item off the agenda.
In helping out other cattlemen, you see, he accidentally let 17 steers escape
from the feedlot onto the interstate, and of course there
was the now-legendary time
he herded a cow off a bluff
into the top of a tree.
So he went into cow manure big time, supplying fertilizer for our yards and gardens, and then branching off
into compost, worm castings
and the worms themselves.
That’s what he was busy
with today, actually. Worms.
Not just any worms, but red
wigglers, approved by bass
and trout from sea to shining sea. And today he was
tucking them in for winter,
spreading straw thickly over
the top of their bins to wait
seech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God,
that ye present your bodies
a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which
is] your reasonable service.

Catttlemen to meet
Franklin County Cattlemen’s Association will meet
Nov. 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the
North Franklin County Fair
Members with last names
beginning with A-M are
asked to bring desserts and
members with N-Z are asked
to bring side dishes.
Members are also asked
to bring a door prize.
- - Gladys Young

out the cold until they came
back to warm-weather wiggling next spring.
Dewey picked up a flake
of straw and looked around.
There wasn’t anyone in
“Here you go, little
fellas,” he whispered. “You
stay warm and have a good
He looked around. Good.
Still no one.
The next bin… “You
guys stay warm in there this
winter, okay?”
It’s hard to take the husbandry out of the man, you
see. A guy has to feed something and watch it grow.
With worms, if he makes a
mistake … well?
Maybe someday his father tank will get topped off
when he and Emily have children.
Let’s hope, however, that
it’s Emily who teaches them
to swim.
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Country (the book). Check
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FOOD DONATIONS – Dr. Phil Ulmschneider and
employees Betsy Dickerson and Debra Sims are shown
with food collected by Ozark Chiropractic Clinic during
(Spectator photo)
its annual DHS Food Bank drive.

Denning News
By Crickett Pullen
Got cold, didn’t it? The
heat sure felt good the other
Linda Ballinger came by
Sunday and spent all afternoon. I enjoyed her company and the great big help
she was.
Sherry and Tim came Saturday and kidnapped me for
the day. We went to Tim’s
daughter’s house for a huge
breakfast, and then ran errands. Then we went to
Sherry’s for a movie and
popcorn. It was a very enjoyable day.
Paul, Collene and their
son, Rich, stopped by
Sonny’s for a few minutes
the other day. They are al-

ways on the run.
It looks like they have
almost got the new Walmart
store built in Coal Hill. I don’t
want to wish bad things, but
I wish it would have come to
Altus instead. The area
could have used the jobs it
would have created.
I had a good visit by
phone with Linda Pullen one
day last week. She has a new
Wanda and her bunch
are doing well. She keeps
busy trying to get her house
ready for winter.
Well, folks, it’s late and
I’m sleepy, so I’m gonna
shut up for this week.
Stay warm and have a
good one.

Jack’s Assay Office
204 W. River Street, Ozark
(Across from the courthouse on the square)

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Friday Night: Karaoke
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Throughout my campaign I have enjoyed
visiting with the residents of our city, and I
would like to thank all of you for visiting
with me and sharing your thoughts, concerns and ideas for our city. I join you in
looking forward to the future progress for
our city.
Thank you to all,

Veronica Post
Candidate for Altus Mayor
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