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*Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer: Walkthrough* by Arkhem

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Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer.
This is just a general walkthrough, it does not provide elaborate descriptions
of everything you need to do in a given place, nor does it give you extensive
strategies for bosses or other enemies. I will, however, say what I did to
defeat all bosses I encounter. I've played the game through twice, once as a
neutral evil Wizard/Red Wizard/Arcane Scholar, once as a neutral good
Wizard/Eldritch Knight/Rouge. Both arcane casters so the way I do something
may not apply to you, but it should be manageable since most party members you
get just happens to be some kind of caster.
All my directions refer to the map.
Chapter One:
The Bear God's Barrow
Shadow Mulsantir
Fight with the God of Bears
Chapter Two:
Mulsantir, part 2
Shadow Mulsantir, part 2
Wells of Lurue
The Slumbering Coven
Red Wizard Academy
Chapter Three:
The Founder's Sanctum
The City of Judgement
The Final Showdown
Contact Info and final words


--------------------------------------------------------------------:CHPT01:Chapter One
----------------------------------------------------------------------------:C1P001: > The Bear God's Barrow:
You wake up in a circle of stones, a girl comes forth, just do whatever, bring
her with you. Make sure you set up her spells to your preference, a couple I

can recommend for now is: Persistent Haste (level 9), Meteor Swarm (Level 9),
Polar Ray (level 8) Premonition (level 8), Delayed Blast Fireball (level 7),
Disintegrate (level 6), Stoneskin (level 4, if you can't cast a similar spell
Anyway, just move on up the slope and a conversation commences, just
compliment whatever Safiya does and place faith in her abilities and you gain
Influence with her. Influence is pretty critical in this game, it gives you
bonus feats that can do all kinds of stuff, immunity to mind spells, bonus
stats, that kind of things. Needless to say, it's very worthwhile and should
be encouraged unless you dont want to do it for some RP reasons.
Just press on forward, take the right turn, kill the stupid spirit and loot
whatever items there are in the room, should be a couple of scrolls if I
recall correctly. Go back to the intersection and take a left, kill the stupid
spirit and proceed to the Middle Barrow.
You'll be sent into a conversation with a wolf, you can just say whatever, the
wolf will end up dead to your mysterious powers anyway.
From where you are now, take a right and dispose of enemies as you go. You'll
end up in a room filled with snow and ice. An Orglash will approach you and
initiate a conversation. Just kill him and loot the room (Sacred Pouch).
Go back to where you killed the wolf and take a left. Kill any enemies you face
and, when possible, go down and into the Imaskari Forges.
Clear the upper room first
and make sure you get the Hellfire Power and the Imaskari Rod (greater dispel
3 times per day). If you can't unlock the chest yourself, Safiyas familiar can
do it for you. Go back into the corridor and take a right. Approach the golem
to initiate a conversation. I suggest you just leave everythign to Safiya,
have her mix the rejuvenating salve too then just talk to the golem.
Hurray, you have just gained a temporary ally. When done, just go back to the
Middle Barrow.
When back up just keep going up and stick to the left and you should get to
the entry to the Imaskari Library. All you need to do down here is pick upp
all the scrolls. If you don't need them yourself just have Safiya scribe
whatever she can. When you're finished down there, just get back up to the
Middle Barrow.
There's one room we havn't been in yet so that's where we're headed.
When you're there a conversation will begin. You can either use the Sacred
Pouch as and offering or just smash the skeleton and face the fury of the
spirits. I recommend the latter because it awards the most experience.
Whichever way you picked to do this just keep moving and kill everything in
your path and you shall arrive at the entrance to the Upper Barrow.
Just clear out the left and right sections of the map, there's nothing
important to miss here. When those to parts of this level is cleared just
proceed to the middle room. As you approach the room a conversation will start.
Remember, being kind to people usually gets their influence up.
When that is over you should rest up and rebless, there's a boss coming up.
This boss is very easy so don't be afraid! You get to talk to him a bit first
but it doesn't matter if you pass your diplomacy check, you'll still have to
fight him so you may as well be rude to him, just for the hell of it.

For this battle I just cast curse of impending blades (with the eldritch
knight build) and had Safiya nuke with Meteor Storm (Location) twice, all
enemies died very quickly and I emerged victorious. Loot everything and exit
the Barrows, we're of to the City!
:C1P002: > Mulsantir
As soon as you arrive a conversation with Safiya starts. Once done run around
and pick up some items from the dirt mounds and speak to the merchant just
outside the gate. If you pass the bluff check in the conversation with the
merchant you get extremely good prices, both for buying and selling. So don't
pass that chance up even if gold isn't rare in this campaign. If you didn't
pass the bluff check there is a merchant inside Mulsantir with slighly better
prices for you. So, once done with the merchant, enter Mulsantir.
Once inside, bring up the map and go to the Bazaar, check both merchants items
and buy whatever you need. Azim buys you items for slightly better prices than
the other merchant. You don't have to be cheap with the gold, it is readily
available in loot and you get a lot from selling various trinkets you find.
When you're done with the merchants go to the theater, rest outside and bless
up. When you're done with that, enter the theater.
Once inside a dialog with a red wizard commences, he isn't very friendly. You
can intimidate and use diplomacy to make him go away without a fight but then
you'd miss out on the items him and his gnoll henchmen carry. Just kill them
all, if you're using a mage you'll have to use breaching spells on the mage
before you kill him or you'll waste a lot of spells to pierce his mantle. When
they're dead relieve their corpses of the items they have and speak to Magda
to get a stone that allows you to enter the Shadow Plane, very nifty. Now, go
to the back room and kill the three tupid gnolls you find there, look in every
nook and cranny for items you may have a use for. Don't miss the mask laying
on the maskmaker's bench. Rest if you need to, then enter the Shadow Portal.
(It won't appear until you're close enough).
Kill the silly red wizard and his erinyes companion and go into the next room
after you've looted both of them. There's also two chests and some scrolls.
Here you'll fnd a bench which will initiate a dream sequence should you want
to do so. If you pass the constitution check you'll be awarded with a whopping
250 experience (note: sarcasm).
When you're finished with that just open the door and go onto the stage to
meet a couple of more red wizard. A conversation starts and it will inevitably
arrive at the point where you'll have to kill them. I just cast a Wail of the
Banshee and all the wizards died right away. Then I blasted the erinyes with
polar rays/finger of death. Easy fight. Loot them all then exit all the way
out of the theater.
Once outside you'll be greeted by three witches who are none to happy about
your or Safiya's presence. Either way this goes you'll have to fight Okku's
spirit army, but you will also be allowed to take any prisoners out of the
jail should they want to fight by you so I suggest we head over to the jail
right away. There'll be two half-celestials called Susah and Efram right
outside the theater too, accept their quest to find their sister.
Now, head for the jail and enter. Speak with the warden inside and head to the
end of the hall and open the door. Speak to Gann. Various checks here,
including diplomacy and spellcraft, will grant you influence with Gann, most
of them are centered around flattering him. Just have him join you and exit

the jail. He'll speak with the warden on the way out.
Back outside again, check your map for the Temple of the Three marker and go
there. Speak with Sheva and inquire about Shadow Mulsantir and she'll mark a
location on the map for you. There's a couple of more places to enter but that
one is as good as any and I won't have to go through the trouble of describing
the locations of the other ones.
Head to the marker at night, bless up and enter.
:C1P003: > Shadow Mulsantir
The main destination here is the Death God's Vault but you can enter a house
with an open door on your way there. Check all the scrolls and books on the
ground and go to the Corpse. You get a couple of choices here, either just
bash the corpse's head in, complete the ritual or free the soul. Freeing the
soul is the "good" choice, you also end up with an Amulet of Pure Good, which,
incidentally, isn't very good at all. If you complete the ritual you get into
a fight which earns you more experience than the good alternative does.
Whatever you chose exit the house when you're done and go to the Death God's
Vault, it's right where the Temple of Kelemvor is in the Material Plane.
There'll be a pair of Nightwalkers guarding the door but they're not that
hard. Once they're dead just enter the Vault.
Go a bit in and you'll meet Kaelyn, get her to join in whichever way pleases
you the most, then exit, we'll be back later but there's not a lot we can do
here right now so just head out and back into the Material Plane.
Note about Kaelyn:
You probably want to get the persistent spell feat on her (Req: Extend Spell)
because it allows you to cast persistent prayer and other useful things.
Speak with Susah or Efrem, release them from the promise to gain a bit of
influence with Kaelyn, the fight is easy enough anyway, you don't really need
them, influence is, as I've already stated, very useful.
:C1P004: > Fight with the God of Bears
This actually pretty easy. Once you're outside Gann will inform you that Okku
will be "a bit invincible" until you chop his minions into pieces. So with
Gann's advice in mind go face Okku and tell him he shall die because it does
not really matter what you say. Kill off everything using AoE spells such as
Meteor Swarm, Fire Storm, Firebrand, Wail of the Banshee (yup, works on
spirits), etc. Once Gann says you've killed enough of the pesky minions just
concentrate on killing Okku. When Okku is dead you're thrown into a convo.
Now, unless you're good aligned AND you need a warrior in the party I strongly
suggest you drain Okku's soul because it will be made into a nice +10 str belt
later on. Needless to say, I drained his soul and I suggest you do the same.
Also, if you don't drain his soul, you won't get the ability to drain humanoid
souls later on, and you probably want to be able to do that. You can get a
barbarian in your party a bit later.
After some additional conversation head back into the town.
---------------------------------------------------------------------:CHPT02:Chapter Two

:C2P001: > Mulsantir, part 2.

At any time once you're in the town now, a dirty child may come forward to you
and ask you to come to his village with him, make sure you get the directions
from him, we're going there in a bit.
Anyway, head for the Temple of the Three to speak with the witches. They won't
be very happy with you in case you devoured Okku's soul but it doesn't have
any real impact on the game anyway. Ask about the cure for your affliction and
they will mark a new location on your map, we're going there later too. Also,
ask about Magda and they'll say she's back at the Veil, so go there.
In the Veil talk to Magda and get a key to the Secret room and head to the
Shadow version of the Veil. In the first room there is a door that was
previously locked, you now have the key that grants entry so head inside that
Go forward and "talk" to the Golem, you get a little conversation about it.
Chose to see what is inside the golem and you'll get an item and the Spirit
Mold feat. Put the soul container and brilliant spirit essance (which you
should have gotten automatically in the barrow earlier) inside the enchanter's
satchel and use the Spirit Mold feat on it. You now get a new item so take
that and place it in your pack. If you did devour Okku's soul then place his
essence and a belt of your choice into the enchanter's satchel and use the
Spirit Mold feat on it again and you'll get a belt with +10 str, very good.
Wether you did that or not start a conversation with the golem again and put
the re-vitalized soul back into it to get it to work. Talk a bit with it and
have it open the first door. Speak with the gargoyles. This conversation can
end in a whole lot of ways but you should at least get in the information that
the slumbering coven has played a part in this so you'll get their location on
your world map too. Possible ways of this conversation ending includes the
gargoyles leaving peacefully, you killing the gargoyles or you tricking the
gargoyles into one of the other doors, which awards some experience and also
strikes me as the funniest of the endings.
Once the conversation with the gargoyles are over you should speak to the
golem again and have him open the second door. Doing this will cause a
defective imaskari golem to appear, kill it and loot it (shocking golem
arms). Then open door number three and fight a lesser primal fire elemental
for some experience. When that is done you can return to the Material Plane.
Now, get out of the Veil back into Mulsantir.
:C2P002: > Shadow Mulsantir, part 2.
Pick any entry into the Shadow Plane and then head for the Death God's Vault
again, this time we're going to clear as good as everything.
Once inside head forward into the main room and take a left. Kill off any
enemies you encounter and head up, over the brdige. There'll be three death
knights there. Talk to them and they will attack. They're not exactly hard,
I killed them all off with a couple of casts from Undeath to Death (UtD).
Grab the key they had and head back into the main room. This time, open the
door to the right with the new shiny key you found. Just press on forward
and you will eventually reach the furnace after killing some enemies.
Approach the furnace and a lot of spirits will spring forth, just kill them
all using some AoE spells, you know the drill.

When they're all dead speak to the Priest standing just in front of the
furmace. The conversation ends with him ignoring you, had you done this
the last time we were here you wouldn't have gotten and further than this.
Now, when your spirit-eater abilites have shown themselves however, we can go
further so just speak to the priest again.
In this conversation it is vitally important that you sympathize with him.
Basically you want this to end with you granting him eternal rest, not with
you devouring his spirit. Eternal Rest is the same as Devour Spirit except it
works on undead, very useful.
Once the priest has been put to rest you get to speak with the child again.
This will have to end with you somehow getting all the spirits out of the
furnace. Either they go into the spirit husk you got if you devoured Okku and
will, by doing that, become a new ally for you. This ally can be a Rouge to
start out with. If you gain enough influence it can be a Barbarian and later
on a Warlock through events in the game. If you didn't devour Okku you will
have to get them out by using Provoke Spirit though that will end in the
temple being crowded by cremated spirits, which could be regarded as beautiful
chunks of experience or something irritating.
When this conversation is over, however you chose to end it, go forth to the
furnace and sift through the ashes to recieve a replica of the Sword of Gith.
With that in hand go back to the main room and go on to the left into the
Scriptorium and ring the gong. Speak to the Chief Scribe and end the dialog by
granting all of the scribes Eternal Rest.
Head back to the main room and open the black door using the Sword as a key
and just proceed to the next level.
Down here, you should probably save before you try what I suggest now because
it could end fatally. Have one character open ALL of the offering runes in
this room. This will result in a lot of Shadows of the Void spawning. Don't
kill them one by one, it takes an awful amount of time. Instead, wait until
you've gotten them all out of their urns and drag them to the middle. Now,
just blast them with the most poweful AoE-spells you have in your arsenal. All
of my characters leveled up in this room by doing this, I even got half way to
the next level.
When they're all dead open the locked and trapped door in the bottom part of
the chamber. It's pretty likely that you'll use Kaji to pick all locks in this
place because there's a lot of doors where knock doesn't work. Cast Greater
Heroism and Cat's Grace on him to boost his chances of success. Now, with the
door open there's going to be like five Vampire Ancients spawning. These may
or may not be hard for casters, it depends on wether you are able to kill them
using the UtD spell. Once they're dead just proceed and clear out the Dungeon
Cells and the back room and head back to the main room. This time, pick and
disarm the door to the left.
Head down the corridor and into the first door you come across. In here just
kill everything and loot the chest. You can do the same thing in here as you
did in the main room so I suggest you do that for some great experience gains.
Once that room is cleared you can try to open the next locked door. Chances
are however that Kaji won't be able to open it, even with Greater Heroism and
Cat's Grace cast on him. It's no big deal really but there are more offering
urns with shadows in them so you miss out on that. Wether or not you got in
and cleared that room too head back into the main chamber.
This time, we're headed up, then to the right. Kill the enemies in the library
and swipe it clean of items and scrolls. Go back into the hall and follow it

to the end. Kill all enemies in here and loot everything. Once you've done
that you can examine the next black gate. That is unfortunately where this
incursion ends so you'll just ave to head back out.
Once you're outside there's one last thing you can do. Behind the Ice Troll
Lodge there'll be some Umbral Hulks, dispose of them and enter the Shadow
Portal. Back in the Material Plane there will be some rocks you can break, so
break them and loot the skeleton you'll find under the pile of rocks for an
amulet. Once you have that head back into the Shadow Plane and back into the
Material Plane using any other portal.
Now, if you want to try something, which happens to be pretty hard, you can
get One of Many into your active party and go to the Ice Troll Lodge and speak
with the chief guy in there. In the end he will ask for three brilliant spirit
essences to help you. If you give them to him everyone in the lodge will
attack you. I pretty much wiped all of them in two Wail of the Banshee but
anything with AoE will do excellent. When they're all dead the irritating
badger from outside will come in and attack you. This may sound like a joke
but the badger grows to be quite large and he does A LOT of damage, he can
also take a beating before dying. If you manage to kill him the rewards are
pretty good. Among all the other stuff you get there is a belt of storm giant
strength (+10 str) and a ring with permanent hase you can put to good use.
Ok, wether you did that or not you are now going to leave the town. There are
basically three places we can go to, the Sunken Temple with the Slumbering
Coven, the Ashenwood with the Wood Man and the Wells of Lurue with the Hill
Tribe. Im going to do the third location first so when outside Mulsantir just
head for an area transition and travel to the Wells of Lurue.
:C2P003: > Wells of Lurue
Ok, this is a pretty short section so I'll get right to it. From where you
enter you can just go forward and into the farm, talk to the guy standing
there to get a Quest (you need Gann for this). You can, however not, complete
this quest at this time so just leave the farm and go to the east. Follow the
kid you met in Mulsantir all the way until you get to U'juk. If you didn't
devour Okku like I suggested you do then U'juk and his tribe will attack you.
If you did what I said and devoured Okku then U'juk will offer to teach you a
new ability so accept the quest you get.
Now, make your way to the top left part of the map and kill all the Durthans.
Then go all the way to the top right. Here you will come across three spirit
bears. If you devoured Okku they will attack you. If you didn't then you have
to bring Okku to them. If you do so you will have to pass some diplomacy
checks and what not to not fight them.
When the bears have been taken care of loot them and activate one of the ponds
you're standing beside. This will trigger a dream sequence, if you have Gann
with you then he enters the dream with you. In the dream, just follow the
passage forward and speak to the man standing there. Keep going forward and
speak to the man again, then approach the child to have three shadows and a
shadow reaper spawn. Just dispose of them and talk to the child. You will get
a piece of a mask for doing this, we will have a use for that a long time from
Back from the land of the dreamers into reality, all that remains to do is to
leave this place. There is an area transition in the top right corner of the
map. Use that and travel back to Mulsantir gates.

At the norther exit of the Mulsantir Gates there will be a guy named Shou or
something like that, speak to him and accept his quest. Go into town and speak
to the Azim merchant. Pay for the wagon and go back outside to talk to the
Shou familiy again. Make sure to tell them to take the short-cut through the
Hill Tribes bellies :]
Now, return to the Wells of Lurue and go to the Hill Tribe village. Loot the
wagon as you pass through, it contains some goodies. Keep on going until you
reach U'juk and he will award you with a new feat, Devour Spirit. I suggest
you try it out on the Uthraki right away. Make sure to use Devour Soul on
U'juk when his status reads "Near Death" as this will reward you with "U'juk
Essence" that you can use for crafting. Once everything is dead we're headed
back for Mulsantir. Go to Azim and buy one bar of adamanitum. Place the
adamantium with U'juk's Essence in the Enchanter's Satchel and use Spirit
Mold on it. This will get you a ring that isn't all that shabby.
Ok, this time we're headed for Ashenwood so go to the docks. Before we're
leaving we're going to sort one last thing. Go into the Sloop and talk to the
pirates, then kill them. When they're dead go into the back rooms and into the
Shadow Portal that is in one of the rooms. Head to the end of the docks and
you get thrown into a conversation. You get a little experience for passing
the bluff check but you'll still have to fight. So kill them and loot all of
them. This should get you a message. Go back to the Material Plane and talk to
Shelvedar in the Sloop. Tell him you're going to kill him and follow up on the
threat. Then go to the witches and tell them about it, hurray for experience.
Ah well, that done head to the docks again and speak with Vaszil. Have him
tell you about the boat then use it to get to Ashenwood.
:C2P004: > Ashenwood
As soon as you arrive at Ashenwood you'll notice that the garrison is under
attack so help out the defenders right away. When the enemies are dead speak
to Nadaj, she should be right outside. She tells you to speak to Dalenka so go
to Dalenka's Dwelling right away as there is nothing else to do. Once instead
just speak with Dalenka, this can only end in one way so once done just head
outside and speak with Nadaj again and have her explain the situation, agree
to help out. Once you've spoken with her, just head into the Ashenwood.
When you arrive just make your way towards the middle killing whatever you may
come across. Once there go the north-west and speak with the berseker standing
by the trees and then head to the Frost Giants on the little island.
Talk to the Forst Giant Jarl and end the conversation by challenging him.
You'll now have to defend the crown for a while. Just keep spells such as
storm of vengeance and incendiary cloud running and kill the giants as they
come, it's not that hard really. Once you're done, make sure to demand tribute
from the Jarl because it will reward you with a set of pretty good gloves.
When you have the gloves you have no further need for the giants so you can
just tell them to sod off. Pick up the flask from the fountain thingy and put
a volatile spirit essence inside in it's place to restore the barrier
protecting the island. Oh, by the way, the reason we're challening the giant
for leadership instead of just killing them outright is because it gives you a
feat that grants a permanent bonus to charisma.
With that done head back to the middle and head for the south-western part of
the forest. In the very corner of the map you'll see two guys. If you're evil
don't side with the berseker, actually, I didn't side with the berserker any
of the times I went through the game so if you know what happens if you do let

me know. Anyway, when the berseker is dead the gal turns into a werewolf and
you'll have to kill that one too. When you've defeated it you can chose to
peel its hide off (very evil).
Whatever you do, head north and into the little cave that is there. Inside
just go through the cave killing everything. If you're having trouble with the
paragon creatures any kind of death-magic works reasonably well even if you're
not specialised in necromancy. Get the Legendary Blood from the Paragon Beast
of Malar and exit the cave.
Once out of the cave head to the south-east and enter the Burning Grove. The
least irritating way to deal with this is just to speak with the fire guy and
help him burn everything down then just speak to him and absorb his spirit.
Pick up the bark cinders and charred branch before you leave too.
Back into the Ashenwood, there's only one place we havn't been at so head for
the south-eastern part of the map. Clear the area of baddies and talk to the
treant laying on the ground. Ask about cleansing the blight and anointment
then leave him, he will give you some blighted leaves before you leave.
Now, head back to the garrison and towards the pier, just by the side of the
pier there will be a map transition so use that and travel to Immil Vale.
Once at Immil Vale just follow the trial downwards until you arrive at the
tree and speak with the witches that appear. Now, mix your anoinment, I was
only ever able to do this in the good way so information on how to do it in
the evil way would be appreciated. To do this the good way use the bark
cinders and blighted leaves on the flask you got from the frost giant island
and then use the resulting item on yourself and apporch the tree and pray to
Head for the middle of the map, there will be a big rock that triggers a
conversation with Gann when you approach it. Rest beside it and you will be
thrown into a dream sequence.
In the dream just head onwards following the path and you will arrive at a
small clearing. A conversation will be initiated and you will be forced to
fight four guys. Kill them off and speak to the red robed lady to recieve the
second part of the mask. When the conversation is over the dream ends and you
are back in Immil Vale.
That done head to the bottom right corner of the map and enter the snow cave.
In here just kill and loot everything and head back out and to the two witches
at the tree to grab a reward, then head back to Ashenwood using the area
transition right behind the tree.
Head into Ashenwood and go to where the blight is, speak to Gnarlthorn again
and use the bottle you got from the offering on one of the trees. This will
cause some blighted trees to pop up so just dispose of them and head back to
the garrison.
Once back at the Garrison speak with Nadaj and do what she says, speak to all
the guards, if you can convince four of them you get 1000 experience. You
can't convince all five so there's no point in trying. Once you've spoken to
all of them just head into Dalenka's Dwelling and tell her that she is a
filthy durathan spy and head back out again. Once outside kill Dalenka and her
stupid bodyguard. You will now be betrayed by Nadaj and you'll have to kill
whatever bersekeres you convienced earlier. When they're dead head back into
the Ashenwoods again.

Back in the woods head for the middle where you will find Nadaj standing by
the big tree. She goes on a bit and you will have to kill her and the tree.
I suggest putting up a storm of vengeance and summoning whatever things you
can summon and then proceed to kill all the saplings and then finally kill the
big tree in the middle. When it's dead the Wood Man comes forth and you will
get some more information on what is going on. You can either heal the Wood
Man, which will give you the Bestow Life Force feat, a feat I didn't use a
single time when I played through the game as a good aligned character. If you
devour the Wood Man instead you get Spirit Gorge which allows you to devour
multiple spirits at once, this one I used quite a lot on the other hand.
Whatever path you
witches. Depening
or happy. You get
the Sunken Temple

pick it's time to head back to Mulsantir and speak to the

on what you did to the Wood Man they'll be either outraged
experience either way so it's fine, now it's time to head to
to confront the Slumbering Coven.

:C2P005: > The Slumbering Coven

Head out of town and to one of the area transitions and travel to the Sunken
Temple. Once there comb the beach for some items and talk to Fentomy, after
that rest until night and enter the Shadow Portal to enter the Shadow Plan
once again.
Arriving at the Shadow Plane there will be a bridge over the water now.
Fentomy will be standing in front of the bridge so go speak to him and accept
the quest that he gives you and proceed to open the coffin by the side of the
bridge. You will be awarded 1000 experience for disturbing the rest of a
vampire and you'll have to fight the vampire, so just kill him, he is not a
match for the epicpowers you probably have reached by now, but to be honest
not a lot of things in the expansion are hard.
Anyways, loot the dusted vampire and his silly servant and start marching over
the bridge. On the other side there is a merchant who will speak to you. Sell
some junk you don't need and browse his goods for anything you might need at
this point.
Now, you can do two things, either talk to the guards and come to an agreement
about getting the others to leave or just follow the bridge to the right hand
side of the building and use the key you got from Fentomy, that's what I will
do. You don't miss out on anything and it is faster than dealing with all the
filth standing in line to get in the normal way.
You will now find yourself in what is called the Skein. Just move the only way
you can once in here and you will be assaulted by a couple of enemies. Keep on
walking until you get to a fresh corpse on the ground. You can't do anything
with it at this point but you will be able to do so a bit later so just keep
in mind where it is for now.
Once you get to the first intersection head for the left and the Earth dude
marker on the map. Once you get there, use the panel and take the lever, don't
let it free and don't break the panel. Killing it is the fastest way out but
it is also the least profitable. Pick up the golem part on the ground too.
With your new shiny rod in hand head to the right instead, past the
intersection where you took a left. Head for the intersection in the bottom
right of the map, once there take a left and into a room with a strange
device, if Safiya is in your party she will tell you how it works, if not you
will have to pass a lore check. Just grab the globe from the device and head
back to where the fresh corpse was and fill the globe with blood. Now, if you
have killed any air elementals in the Skein head for where you killed it and

fill the globe with the dust the elemental left (You have to fill the globe
with the blood first, then the dust, or it won't work.). If you havn't killed
one yet you'll have to find one.
Head back to the device and put the globe back, then pull the lever. When done
make sure to examine the device panel again to get some useful essences. Head
back out into the halls and make your way into a somewhat big square room, in
here is a new fresh corpse so remember where it is. Now, head to the very top
and to the right into the short corridor that seems to go off the edge off the
map. In that corridor there is a door which leads to the second device. Get
the globe from it and put the lever back in, then go fix the globe with some
blood and dust and power up the device again. Again, remember to get the
essences from the panel once you're done. Now we're going to the map marker
called the Sleeper, you'll have to go the long way around clockwise.
Once you're in the chamber of the sleeper you'll get into a conversation.
I found it very funny to just taunt them into attacking me by saying Gulk'aush
over and over. Loot everyone and make sure you get another lever which we will
need for the final device which is found in the top left corner, so head over
there and power that one up too. Leave the sleeper for now, we'll be back in
just a few minutes. There is a fresh corpse in the very room that the device
is in. And for the last time, don't forget to get the essences from the panel.
If you've repaired all three devices the water in the Skein will drain leaving
you free to loot all the bloated corpses that were previously floating around
in the water. I suggest you start with the one closes below you and clear all
of the in a clockwise fashion as that will make the last one lead to the
middle which is where we are headed anyway.
Enter the middle room to enter a conversation with Gulk'aush, smite her good
and then get into a conversation with her again. You can kill her if you
really want to but you'll lose a lot of influence with Gann and it's not
really worth it, the essence you get isn't really turned into something that
useful. You'll now get the Hags eye and with that in hand we're headed back
to the Sleeper.
At the sleeper One of Many will want to devour her, tell him you'll consider
it and enter her dreams instead. Talk to her about rescuing her and whatever
then return to the Skein again. You can now either kill her, which awards you
a tiny bit of experience, devour her and gain a pristine spirit essence or you
can let One of many devour her to gain the ability to turn into a Warlock
which I find to be the most useful of his class choices. He also gains the
ability to enter dreams with you. You get 500 experience no matter which way
you do it so you might as well let her be devoured in either way.
Head back to the room where you fought Gulk'aush and take the stairs down and
follow the path, pick up the golem parts on the ground and continue until you
get to the door that leads back to the Slumbering Coven.
Exit the room you are in to face off against some easy enemies. Kill them and
go up to where the Coven is and try to speak to one of them. Gann will speak
a little and you'll get to enter their dream.
You find yourself in the back stage part of the Veil, speak to Magda and then
head out on the stage. It doesn't really matter what yuo say, just fight and
talk to the actors again then head into the portal that opened and you will be
in the chamber of the coven again, though not in the waking world. You can
pick to enter either the bard's dream, the mindflayer's dream or the wizard's
dream. I'm going to clear the bard's dream first so just head over to where he
is and opt to enter his dream.

Once inside he wants to play a game called Hells with you, it's basically a
game of logic. Win three times in a row and you will have completed the bard's
dream sequence. You don't really have to win here but I don't think you can
get the dream dagger unless you do. Exit the bard's dream and enter the
dreamscape portal that has appeared in the chamber of the coven.
You find yourself in the lower levels of the death god's vault. Head over to
the guy standing in front of the Betrayer's Gate to start a conversation. Just
kill whomever you have to kill in the end and exit this dream.
This time we're going to enter the mindflayer's dream so run up to him and do
so. In this dream you can either help the mindflayer or just kill it. But then
again, I don't think you can get the dream dagger if you kill him. When you've
safely led him to the other end of the room just exit this place and you're
back in the chamber of the coven again. Enter the new dreamscape portal found
where the last one was.
In this

dream run up to the wall of the faithless and have a conversation with
In the end you'll have to kill two fiends so just dispose of them and
the wall where bishop was, select the option to pry the item free to
the third part of the mask then exit this dream through the portal.

Now, either enter the wizard's dreams or speak to the coven, if you want the
dream dagger you'll have to clear the wizard's dreams too so that's what I'm
going to do.
Once in the wizard's dream talk to Faras and agree to help him, then talk to
Enzibur and get a copy of the Infernal Contract. Read all of it through to the
end and then talk to Faras again. Talk about rules and if Enzibur may have
broken any of them. Talk to Enzibur again and inquire about the contract and
Baatezu law then return to Faras and go through all favors he has been
granted. Actually you only have to ask about the details of the third and
fifth part of the contract. I don't know if this part is possible to complete
for a "dumb" character but you're supposed to arrive at the conclusion that
Enzibur violated Baatezu law by forcing Faras to fulfill the last part of the
contract since Faras wanted his former master to "go away", not die. If you
successfully complete this dream and the former two you will be awarded with
the dream dagger, a weapon which can turn into any weapon YOU can use. Meaning
you can't give it to a companion and have them turn the dagger into a weapon
they can use but you cannot. Your main character needs to be able to use it
for it to appear in the list of weapons available. This dream is finished,
head back to the chamber of the coven.
Now, speak to the coven, ask a lot of questions. I'm now going to suggest
something, it doesn't really matter if you're good or evil, chaotic or lawful,
since this doesn't affect alignment. I suggest you chose to end the coven's
dream and kill them. We're not just going to kill them though, I suggest you
drain their souls. You don't have to drain all of their souls but you want at
the very least five of them. This allows you do craft a mask like this:
Eyes of the Coven
+9 Charisma
+9 Intelligence
+9 Wisdom
Spell: Premonition 1/day
Spell: True Seeing 1/day
Spell: Weird 1/day

It is argueably the best item in the game and well worth the time it can take
to get it provided you have Devour Soul and Spirit Gorge. It is possible to do
with only Devour Soul but it will take a very long time at best. My suggestion
is to have Gann cast Mass Drown right away, hoping to hit at least 3 of them
with it, then hit the same three with Spirit Gorge and retreat into the room
you arrived into when you got out of the Skein and wait for the timer to cool
down. When that is done get back out and do this to two more of the coven
hags. When you have five essences of the coven kill whatever is left of. Put
the five essences into the enchanter's satchel and use spirit mold on it to
create the eyes of the coven.
Now we're done here, just work your way out fighting the hagspawn and other
fiends you come across untill you reach the exit. Exit the building and kill
the enemies right outside and head over the bridge and return to the material
Talk to Fentomy but don't bother trying to find a peaceful solution, we want
to kill him because he drops a cloak that is pretty good and the experience
isn't all that shabby. When he's dead we're headed to tie up a loose end over
at the Well of Lurue.
Go into the farmers house and enter Anya's dream. Just proceed to the glade.
Ideally you want to pass the two diplomacy checks and start a contest of who
loves Anya the most. Then just exit the dream and talk to Anya, then talk to
her father to get the rewards for this quest. This section is over, head back
to Mulsantir again, the Academy of Shapers and Binders awaits.
:C2P006: > Red Wizard Academy
Enter the Shadow Plane using the portal in the Veil and go to the portal room.
Have the Keeper of Doors open the fourth door and direct it to the Academy of
Shapers and Binders. The passage will be sealed so just tell the golem to
break the seal. Now, enter the portal. I can't help but wonder why an instant
travel spell removes all buffs, it's stupid, what I'm trying to say here is
that you will be dispelled so rest before you enter the portal.
Once there just push forward, kill the guards to the first gate, enter the
gate and kill the guards in front of the second gate. Open the doors using
Kaji or your profiency for bashing things. Enter the Academy.
Inside you'll see Master Djafi, run over to him and talk to him. He'll give
you the current status of what's happening in the academy and then walk away.
The first place we're going to is the first room on the right hand side, in
the bottom right corner. Kill the enemies inside, they have very low fortitude
saves so you can just cast some spells like finger of death or wail of the
banshee... or just slap them over the face with the flat side of a very big
axe to send them into the afterlife. Loot the room to get a Mysterious Device,
use the device on a brilliant spirit essence to get the Malleate Spirit feat.
When you have the feat place the Wood Man essence and Charred Branch in the
stachel and use Spirit Mold on it (Yes, Spirit Mold, not Malleate Spirit, you
just need Malleate Spirit to do this for some reason) to get the Staff of
Ashenwood. Just head back out of the room and go into the next room on the
right hand side.
In this room there will be a class in session. A conversation starts and the
teacher wants you to demonstrate your soul eating abilities on one of his less
talented students. Either do as he says or tell him you'll only do it on an
undead creature, in which case he'll call forth an undead for you to devour.
For doing this you get his keyring which opens a few doors around the academy.

One of those doors are in the same room as you found the Mysterious Device so
go back there and relieve that room of any valuables you find.
Go back into the hall and enter the next room on the right hand side to find
yourself in the Golem workshop. There is a contest of sorts taking place here,
we will be back later so you can just grab all the items in here, don't forget
the room in the back.
Head back out and check the last two rooms on the right hand side of this
floor of the academy, one of them contains enemies and the other one doesn't
contain anything of interest to you. Time to check the rooms on the left hand
side. Starting from the bottom left one just empty the room in the back for an
item and head to the next room on the left hand side. In here, speak with
Selkhit and have her explain what she is up to. Then enter the mephit room and
solve the puzzle. The only tip I can give here is that if you speak to one of
the mephits over and over very quickly it won't move so you can lock it in
place until the one you want to switch it for comes close enough on the other
side. When the puzzle is solved grab the Fragmented Soul from the Soul Holder
in the previous room.
Back into the corridor kill the enemies in the top left room and loot the junk
in there, then head to the Headmistress' Tower.
Up here examine the book on the floor and pick the "Replication" option.
Passing the Lore check earns you nothing expect some extra text that you will
do splendidly without, pick up the key you find in the book though then head
over to the door and try to open it. This will give you a new quest that we
are to solve.
Head into the Instructors' Quarters now. If the room is dark and you can't
make your characters move into it use the WASD-keys to move yourself into the
room this will put it back to normal.

in the Instructors' Quarters head for the room in the very bottom left,
is the Soulless Ward. Speak to Bebtu and accept his quest to find his
so you can get the one in him. You could just kill him but this is an
quest and it awards more experience than killing him outright so bear
it. Also, examine Jerro laying on his bed in the corner.

Exit the room and head for the one across the hall instead. Open the door in
that room and turn the mirrors so a beam of light would get relfected out of
this room assuming it would fire on the first mirror from the contraption you
see. Go back into the previous room and turn that mirror so it would bounce
a beam coming from the bookshelf into the room with the contraption. Then blow
the bookshelf into smithereens and open the door behind it, turn the next
mirror in the same fashion as the last and follow the turn into the next room.
Turn the mirror in here so it would go out of the door we havn't opened yet.
I shouldn't have to say this but it is critically important that you don't
close any of the doors you've opened here, it will mess things up and you will
have to open them before we can proceed again later on. Open the door that
goes back into the corridor now.
Head into the big center room of the Instructors' Quarters. This big room has
doors to four smaller rooms. Go into the bottom right one of these four. The
chest in here is trapped, keep that in mind, get the soul housing out of it.
Blow the bookshelf up and go into the door. Keep going into the room and
Inarius will appear. He usually starts out with casting the insanely
irritating Etherealness Spell which makes him impervious to any attempts to
attack him, there is, however one way around this. He can still be hit with
Wail of the Banshee, exploit this to your hearts content. If you can't use

Wail of the Banshee you'll have to wait until he casts an offensive spell,
then kill him.
Head back into the center room and go into the bottom left one. There's a vase
which is trapped in here. In that vase there is a Soul Housing we want, make
sure you take that with you. The top right room is next, just kill and loot
the stuff in here.
Top left room now. In here there are two devils. Ask them about Jerros soul
and they'll make you a deal. If you pass an appraisal check they'll lower
their price to 20'000 gold and 2 souls. If you can manage that just make the
trade right away, otherwise we'll be back with a third soul in a little bit.
Next, ask them about souls with unique flaws and they'll make you yet another
deal, you have to give them a rich, poor, self-centered and selfless soul. Not
four of them, one with all those traits. That will require some special work
as you may be able to guess.
Now, that being done head into the room at the very top right of the Quarters.
This is Safiya's room, just pick up the golem parts from here and head into
the room across the hall. In this room all you can do is kill some enemies and
pick up some loot, something you should have had a lot of practice with.
Back into the halls and enter the very top room, not the stairs. In here you
will find a contraption looking like the one in the other end of the
Instructors' Quarters. There will also be an orb in this room, pick that up so
you can activate it from afar. Turn all the mirrors in this half of the
Quarters so the beam would be reflected from this device across the great hall
and, hopefully, into the device at the other end. When you've done that, place
yourself on the device in the same room as you go the orb, then activate the
orb. The related quest should be updated, if it isn't then you either were not
standing in the middle of the device or you didn't turn the mirrors like you
should have. If the quest does indeed get updated run to the other side and
speak to the image that will have appeared. This nets you the Incomplete Soul.
Head back into the Classrooms area using the stairs at the very top. Once
there go to the Golem Laboratory. Go to the golem making table and build your
golem. You'll need a pair of legs, arms, a torso and a head as well as a
spirit essence of any kind. You can get the spirit essence back later so don't
bother to be cheap with it. For the record I used these parts:
Galvanized Torso, Swift Legs, Shocking Arms, Scorching Gaze Head and a
Pristine Spirit Essence.
Just put the stuff on the table and use the hammer of golemcraft on it. Talk
to the Golem and have Safiya power it up further. Now, talk to Artesh and say
you have a golem and wish to compete. If you don't get the option to say so
ask him how to make a golem, then exit the conversation and talk to him again.
There are five enemy golems to defeat and you could probably kill all of them
without healing in between. If you need to heal the golem just speak to it in
between the battles and Safiya will fix it up for you. When you get to the
fifth fight you can opt to place a side bet, this can get you 100'000 gold or
Artesh's soul should you need or want it. (You need it if you didn't pass the
appraise check with the Devils, there is another way to get additional souls
but this is more fun.) When all battles are over head to the Golem and chose
to disassemble it. You can trash the golem parts, no futher need for them.
Head into the Soul depsoitory, it's the big greenish room in the middle of
this level. In here check the Soul Housings for Soul number 346. Take that
with you and head back to Bebtu in the Soulless ward. Give him the soul to get
the Surrogate Soul. Since you're here you can give Ammon Jerro his soul back

too. If you didn't get Jerro's soul yet do the trade now, you should have the
three souls you need if you didn't pass the appraise checks.
Head to the classroom area again and enter the room we havn't been in yet, in
here you will find Poruset, ask him about fusing souls and he should give you
a work order. Go to the Soul Depository again and show the Caretaker the two
notes you should have at this point, one from Bebtu, one from Poruset. You can
now take two souls with you so bring along Soul #127 and Soul #91 and go back
to Poruset and have him merge them. You'll get the fused soul. Bring that soul
to the Devils to get the final soul you need, the Marked Soul. The Devils do
actually run a shop, buy all the essences they have, you may have use for them
and there is money in ample supply as you should hve noticed.
Head into the Headmistress' Tower again and put all souls into the door. A lot
of wizards will appear and a conversation takes place. Kill all you have to
fight and head through the portal.
Push forward and up onto the Big skeleton, which happens to be Myrkul. A
pretty lenghty conversation takes place. It can end in a couple of different
ways. You can either leave Myrkul as he is, you can grant him eternal rest,
you can devour his soul yourself or you can let One of Many do it. I never
tried the first option, the second one give you Myrkul's Essence, which I've
found no use for. If you devour his soul you get the ravenous incarnation feat
as well as the essence. If you let One of Many devour his soul you gain
massive influence with One of Many.
Conversation is over, kill the guards at the end of the spine. If you speak to
One of Many he says he wants to speak to you alone, just tell him this is not
a good time and we'll do it later instead. For now, just head into the portal.
---------------------------------------------------------------------:CHPT03:Chapter Three
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------:C3P001: > The Founder's Sanctum
Kill the guys in this room and head into the next. Kill the enemies here as
well and turn into the room on the left. Step onto the teleporter and kill the
enemies in this new room. Step onto the teleporter again to get back to where
you were. Take the top door this time and kill the enemies in this room as
well and step onto the portal when you're done. Kill the Nightwalkers in this
room and grab the item in the chest. Step onto the portal and you're back
again. In the bottom wall of this room there is a semi-hidden door. Open that
and step onto the portal in there.
Enemies again, kill them and proceed into the next room. Talk to Araman, no
matter what you do you'll have to fight him. Just dispose of the enemies. I
got all of them with a single cast of Wail of the Banshee
Step into the next room to meet
you here. You can try to devour
that you can actually manage to
incarnation feat but I have yet
loot the room behind the portal
the Veil again.

the founder. A lot of things are explained for

her soul but it won't work. I have suspicions
devour her soul if you have the ravenous
to try this out. When the conversation is over
and step into the portal and you'll be back at

Exit to the Material Plane. Rest. Save. Leave

many behind. Talk to One of Many and speak to
be Myrkul, hardly surprising. You'll now have
reason that we waited until now to do this is

all party members except one of

the new voice, which happens to
to defeat him in combat. The
that you can get your members

back since they're here in the Veil, just talk to them. When One of Many is
defeated tell him you'll be watching him or you'll lose influence.
:C3P002: > The City of Judgement
Head into the Shadow Plane again and go to the Detah God's Vault. Make your
way to the lower level and then to the Betrayer's Gate. Open the Gate using
the Silver Sword of Gith.
I'm not totally sure about this but I think the game checks for influence with
all your members at this point. If you have too low influence they may not
follow you, that's what I'm guessing anyway but I always keep my influence as
high as possible. Anyway, just enter the Fugue Plane.
You'll be greeted by Zoab, one of your generals. He explains the situation to
you, go and parlay with the enemy forces. You can pick sides here, defending
the city awards you with more experience and better items, it's more fun too
because you get to face off against more powerful foes. Also, if you join the
defenders you can bring Araman with you. The only reason you may want to join
the attackers is because you want to try what you didn't do the last time,
also you get a very nice dagger if you stay with the attackers and do the gate
part first. It sports a +10 enhancement bonus and keen properties as well as
some minor junk. It also has a very cool description too.
I'll assume you join with the defenders anyway because it's more fun so that's
those are the forces I'm going to side with for this walktrhough. Both options
are very straigth forward anyway.
Kill Sey'ryu, he moves slowly and he sucks, he drops a very nice armor though.
Now you have to defend the city gates against hordes of demons, not that many
demons though. Ammon Jerro will come and help you if you got his soul back in
the Academy. Kill the demons and rest, then head to the Basilica of Lost Hope
or whatever it is called, I forgot.
You are plunged into a conversation with Zoab, you can bless after the convo
though because he doesn't attack until you get closer. Kill him and loot him,
there's also a sarcophagus that you could miss so I thougt I'd point it out.
Next, head to Eternity's End.
Once you get there you're told what Rammaq is up to, just search all the
vaults to find him. He was in the top left one when I did it but I suppose it
could vary from time to time. As for a strategy for him, I just cast Vampiric
Feast and he died, pretty lame if you ask me. You should now get a message
from the scrivener that you are invited to his place, which happens to be
located here at Eternity's End so head over to where he is at talk to him.
You now get the location of your spirit, head to an area transition and move
to where your spirit is. Once there you get to talk to Kelemvor, you can
pretty much say what you want, it will end in the same way anyway so head over
to the wall and start tearing your soul down. Once done it will appear on the
ground, it may be hard to see but it is there. Active the soul and you'll be
thrown into a dream again.
:C3P003: > The Final Showdown
You arrive at Crossroad Keep. Speak to the woman in red and lised to what she
has to say. Now you'll have to defend your former companions from the
manifestations of hunger. If one of your companions fall you'll lose Spirit

Energy so work as quickly as possible, time is of great importance here.

They are not immune to death spells but they don't die even if they fail their
saving throw for some obscure reason so rely on spells like Meteor Swarm,
Maximized/Empowered Firebrand or Delay Blast Fireball. Once all the
maniestations are dead the Faceless Man will appear. Kill him, rest, rebless
and enter the keep.
You'll now be in West Harbor, same deal here, same strategy. Once they're all
dead the Faceless Man appears again. Once defeated the Founder will appear,
speak to her and she will assemble the Mask of the Betrayer for you. It pretty
much renders you immune to the final boss so I suggest you only use it if fail
without it. Now, rest, save, rebless and enter the portal.
Ok, this is it, the final boss, such a shame he isn't that hard anyway.
Depends on how you do it I suppose. I had one of the characters fire spells at
him while the other one ran around hasted with the boss following him/her.
Very lame, but also very effective. If you can summon something, this is the
time to do so. The good thing about running around like this is that he can't
drain your spirit energy if you are too far away. If you don't want to employ
this strategy remember to drain the boss to maintain your own spirit energy.
There is no cooldown on your spirit-eater abilities in this fight.
Once the boss' health drops to zero he regains some of it and he spawns a
lesser version of himself that you'll ahve to kill. He does this three or four
times before he dies. You are thrown into a conversation of sorts where you
decide how the game shall end. When you have made your choice I suggest you
export your character before stepping through the final portal.
Enjoy the ending.

:THEEND: > Final words and contact information.

Hope this helped you somewhat, I had fun writing it, this is my first actual
submission to GameFAQs, have some other walkthroughs I never bothered to send
in because the game was already covered by others, so this is a premiere for
me and I think it turned out pretty well.
Suggestions, input and feedback can be sent to: or
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