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Dynamic product proposal in SAPSD

Introduction:Dynamic product proposal helps an order entry administrator to enter materials intelligently based on
the order history of a customer.
Other material entering techniques in SAP sales order processing:-

1. Item proposals
Item Proposals are stored independently of customers. If a customer frequently buys the same
product pallet, you can specify the item
proposal number in the customer master record
The materials of an item proposal can then be proposed by the SAP System as an entry tool during
order processing. You can then: Copy the materials as they are. Change the specifications and only
copy some materials or partial quantity

You can only include the products in a product proposal for which you created a material master
record. The master record stores a list of materials with quantities you find are repetitively ordered.
That makes the approach static.

2. Listing and Exclusion

Material listing and exclusion is used to list the products or services specific customers may or may
not purchase. That is, you may list products a specific customer may not buy or that are excluded
from the customer. Or conversely, you may list products the customer may only select from.
Material listing and exclusion uses the condition technique to determine its values and Procedure. It
applies to two partner functions
in Sales and Distribution: the Sold-to Party and the payer.
It works on the basis of condition technique where condition records are created based on certain
business parameters to block or
specifically list certain materials for a customer or customer group
Limitation:While its purpose is primarily to restrict, as an order entry tool this is a static technique where user
has to create condition records.
Product Proposal technique
A product proposal is a list of products for a specific customer that is automatically proposed during
sales document processing. (Dynamically calculated based on sources of data like order history, listed
materials, excluded materials etc)
When Product proposal is activated for an order type, customer & a sales area then you can see the
proposal at the right most columns in Order overview screen.

For the end user (Order entry administrator)

When you go to Va01 and enter customer:-

Above shows the quantity ordered by the sold to customer for each material per day.
The above display can be modified to have a summarized display week day wise like:-

Or even consolidated per week or per month.

Number of columns you get in the extreme right for product proposal can be controlled from 1 to 12.
If you enter 12 & month (in configuration) it will have last 12 months as columns if you enter 4, it will
have last 4 months. Lets say if we enter 2 months then we get consolidated data for the previous 2
months for which customer has placed orders.

Switching on & off the product proposal functionality can be done using the toggle switch (Second
one from bottom right of the screen)

If I switch off the product proposal, the items proposed are gone & you get the text Inactive Product
Proposal), if you toggle it again, the items would reappear

Proposal of the order quantity

There are multiple periods. SAP uses standard logic to propose the quantity for some items
out of the list proposed. If there is a single period then the quantities are copied as they are.
Above is the standard functionality & we can configure that for any client
The configuration part (setting it up)
The factors which can be used to control the Product proposal determination are:1) Product proposal procedure assigned to order type.
2) Product proposal procedure assigned to customer
3) Sales Area
Based on different requirements (weather the proposal should have daily quantities, weekly, what
should be the period) the proposals can differ based on above factors.

Dynamic Product Proposal Procedure

Note above:

12 is the number of periods/ columns

Column Headg can be Sales doc date/weekday/week/month/name of month

Procedure consists:-


SAP finds out the quantities from order history, however the source can also be changed
1) Listed materials for a customer (A Customer can order only from this list of materials)
2) Excluded materials for a customer ( A customer is not allowed to buy this list of materials)

Customer-specific data sources

Enhancements and customizations
If you want to access data sources that are not defined in the Standard system, you must
develop your own function module. A custom function module can be built for requirements not
in the standard system. Like if you want a popup then we can look at the feasibility of having that
by writing a function module.
Useful tips and benefits
1. User will have a selection of materials to choose from based on customers past order history.
2. User can remove all the items proposed at one go by clicking on the toggle button
3. If user wants to keep only few of the items proposed he can enter quantity in those selected
items & then switch off the PP functionality by the toggle button
4. Initially SAP proposes only material, description & UOM , however quantity can be added by
a button at the bottom near to the toggle button.
5. Easiest way to add or turn off the functionality is to add or remove the procedure from
customer master. That way once configuration is done, it can be controlled at the master
data level directly in production