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John Doe Vocal Studio (Sample)

Studio Policies






Trial Lessons
a. 1 Trial Lesson will be given at half price of a full lesson, lasting the same duration as a
regular lesson. After the first lesson subsequent lessons will be charged at full price.
Lesson Schedule
a. Lessons can be held weekly or bi-weekly.
b. Lessons will last either 30, 45, or 60 minutes
Expectations of the Student
a. You are expected to be on time for your lessons. After 15 minutes your absence will be
considered an unexcused cancellation and you will still be charged for the lesson. (see
below for cancellation policy)
b. Students will be expected to make three copies of the music to bring to lessons- one for
myself, one for the student, and one for the accompanist.
c. Translations are expected to be written in after receiving a new piece of music
d. Students are expected to keep a practice journal and should have specific questions
entering the lesson each week
e. Once every two months all students will be expected to participate in a studio recital for
their peers
Expectations of the Teacher
a. I promise to be professional and punctual.
b. I am open to feedback and welcome respectful, constructive criticism
c. It is my top priority in our time together to teach you to my full ability
d. No lesson will be cut short unless student is notified at least 24 hours ahead of time
e. Students will be invited to attend all recital and performance engagements of mine and
are encouraged to take notes and ask questions afterwards
Lesson Cancellations
a. Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of time
b. Exceptions will be made for extreme weather and emergencies (i.e. medical/death in
the family)
c. If a student is sick they still are required as adults to notify me 24 hours ahead of time
d. If a student fails to meet these conditions, or is tardy beyond fifteen minutes the lesson
will be considered an unexcused cancellation that must be paid for in full.
e. Make up lessons will be held during the same week or during the next week. If student
is gone for more than one week, the lessons must be made up within the two weeks
following the students return.
a. Students will be charged for lesson enrollment as follows: $20 for a half hour, $30 for 45
minutes, and $40 for one full hour lesson.

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John Doe Vocal Studio (Sample)

Studio Policies




b. Lessons can be paid for by cash or check at the beginning of each lesson or once a
c. Students failing to pay for two lessons in a row will be dismissed from the studio until
payment is made
d. A returned check will also result in suspension from the studio until balance is paid
Score Acquisition
a. Students will be responsible for acquiring their own scores or making their own copies.
b. Students will be provide with a list of resources of where to buy scores
a. Students are expected to bring an accompanist to all lessons unless otherwise noted
b. Accompanists will be expected to practice and learn the repertoire
c. If it is clear that the accompanist is not playing accurately/well I will help you to find a
new one
d. The accompanist is expected to come for the second half of each lesson.
e. Students are expected to work with the accompanist outside of lessons.
f. Accompanist fees are to be handled between accompanist and student
a. Parents are invited to attend lessons, but are not allowed to interject during the actual
lesson unless invited to participated
b. Students need to bring a pencil and water to a lesson
c. If a student feels like they are in pain or discomfort at any point during a lesson or
during practice they should stop immediately and approach me/contact me in order to
address the issue

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