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Physics Practical List (1st Semester)

General Physics Experiments
1. Measurement of wave length of He-Ne laser light using ruler.
2. Measurement of thickness of thin wire with laser.
3. Photoconductivity Experiment [(i) To plot the current-voltage characteristics of a CdS
photo-resistor at constant irradiance (ii) To measure the photo-current as a function
of irradiance at a constant voltage].
4. Determination of the Planks Constant by Photo cell.
5. Determination of e/m of electron by normal Zeeman effect using Febry Perot Etalon.
6. Determination of Half life of Ln.*
7. Determination of range of Beta-rays from Ra and Cs.*
8. X-ray Diffraction by Telexometer.*
9. Determination of Ionization potential of Lithium.*
10. To study the I-V characteristics of the supplied solar cell and find its spectral
Electronics Experiments
1. Design of a Regulated Power Supply.
2. Design of a Common Emitter Transistor Amplifier.
3. Zener Diode- Characteristics and voltage Regulation.
4. Astable, Monostable and Bistable Multivibrator.
5. Experiment of Bias Stability.*
6. Negative Feedback (Voltage series/ shunt and current series/ shunt).*
7. Network Analysis Thevenin and Nortons equivalent circuit.*
8. Basics of P-N Junction Diffusion current, Drift current, Junction width, Forward &
Reverse biasing, Significance of Fermi level in stabilizing the junction.*
9. Transistor Biasing and Stability.*
* New experiments proposed.

M.Sc. Physics Practical List (2nd Semester)

General Physics Experiments
1. Measurement of resistivity of a semiconductor by four-probe method at different
temperature and determination of band gap.
2. Determination of Landes factor of DPPH using ESR spectrometer.
3. Determination of Hall coefficient of a given semiconductor and estimation of charge
carrier concentration.
4. Study of Faraday effect using He-Ne Laser.
5. Determination of dislocation energy of Iodine molecule by photography the
absorption bands of I2 in the visible region.

6. Lattice Extinction in X-ray Diffraction.

7. Dead time efficiency, Counting Technique, Energy Resolution.*
8. Testing goodness of fit of Poisson distribution to cosmic ray bursts by chi-Sqare
9. Mechanism and Production of electrical pulse through Absorption of nuclear radiation
in medium.*
10. Atomic Scattering power and geometrical structure factor.*
Electronics Experiments
1. Experiments on FET and MOSFET characterization and application as an amplifier.
2. Experiments on Uni-junction Transistor and its application.
3. Solving Boolean Expressions.
4. Study of logic circuits TTL, NAND and NOR gates.*
5. Study of Combinational logic circuits.*
6. Study of flip-flops.*
7. Experiments based on operational amplifier (741).*
8. Differential Amplifiers.*
9. Weins Bridge and Phase shift.*
* New experiments proposed.