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Company Description and Location...


Strategic Plan and Focus.

Mission Statement..
Product Mission Statement.......
Corporate Goals.....
Corporate Values...........
Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage..


Situation Analysis..
SWOT Analysis...
Industry Analysis....
Competitor Analysis.......
Company Analysis..
Customer Analysis.....

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Marketing Product Focus....

Marketing and Product Objectives...
Target Markets....
Product Positioning....
Product Differentiation.......

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Marketing Program....
Product Strategy.....
Price Strategy..
Place Strategy.....
Promotion Strategy.

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Financial Data and Projections.


Implementation Plan


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Clinique Confidential

Page 1

Version 1.0

Company Description and Location

Clinique Laboratories, Inc. (Clinique) is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of
prestige skin care, makeup and fragrance products for women and men, first introduced
by the Este Lauder Companies, Inc. in 1968. Clinique products are created with the
assistance of dermatologists and extensive research, insuring that they are allergy
tested, 100 percent fragrance free and designed to address individual skin types and
needs. The companys signature 3-step system of cleansing, exfoliating and
moisturizing is the basis of all Cliniques skin care products. In 1996 Clinique became
the first brand in the cosmetics industry to launch a company website, and in 1998 it
became the first prestige brand to offer an e-commerce site. Clinique is sold in more
than 9,000 doors in more than 80 countries and territories.
Successful Clinique product launches include: Stop Signs Visible Anti-Aging Serum,
Acne Solutions, Superfit Makeup, Super City Block SPF 25 and Body Clinique.
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, launched as part of the original system in
1968, remains the number one selling moisturizer in the world, selling one bottle every
four seconds. Another successful Clinique product is the Clinique Happy fragrance line.
Clinique Happy for women was launched in 1997 and is now the number one prestige
fragrance in the country. Following its success, Clinique Happy for men was introduced
in 1999 with rapidly escalating sales. Being an innovative leader in the cosmetics
industry, Clinique launches several new products each year, including the 2001
projected number one seller Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream.
One of Cliniques focuses is to maintain long-term, loyal relationships with its
customers. Clinique was the first member within the cosmetic industry to devote
significant times and resources to consultant training. Also, Clinique was the first brand
to support the need for everyday sun protection.

Cliniques parent company, Este Lauder Companies, Inc., was founded in 1948 by
Este and Joseph Lauder. The Lauders chose New York City for its corporate
headquarters and it remains there today. Over the years, Este Lauder has built a
family of brands with a unique balance, owning numerous brands that appeal to
different consumer groups. The companys products are sold in over 120 countries and
its portfolio of brand names include Este Lauder, Aramis, Clinique, Prescriptives,
Origins Natural Resources, MAC, La Mer, Bobbi Brown essentials, Tommy Hilfiger
Toiletries, jane, Donna Karen Cosmetics, Aveda, Stila, Jo Malone, and Bumble and
bumble. Currently, Este Lauder employs approximately 17,000 full-time employees

Clinique Confidential

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Version 1.0

The company has been at the forefront of technology by investing millions of dollars in
Research and Development each year. In general, approximately one third of Este
Lauders sales volume in a year comes from products developed internally within the
previous three years. Approximately 300 skilled chemists, biologists, microbiologists
and physicist are currently on staff. These research facilities are located in New York,
Minnesota, Ontario, Belgium, and Japan.
Financially Este Launder Companies Inc. has had much success. For fiscal year
2000, net sales were $4.4 billion and net earnings were $341.1 million. The company
has recorded more than 45 years or consecutive annual sales increases. The Class A
Common Stock of the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the
symbol EL.

Este Lauder Company Inc. Corporate Timeline


Joseph and Este Lauder found Este

Lauder in New York City.


The first department store account is

established with Saks Fifth Avenue.


International operations begin, launching

products in the United Kingdom.


Aramis, a line of prestige fragrance and

grooming products, is launched.


Mrs. Este Lauder is named one of ten

Outstanding Women in Business in the
United States.


Clinique Laboratories, Inc. is founded.


Prescriptives is founded.


Mrs. Este Lauder 's autobiography, ESTE:

A SUCCESS STORY, is published.


Clinique Confidential

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Version 1.0


Origins is founded.


Aramis Inc. signs a licensing agreement with

Tommy Hilfiger. This marks the company's
first licensing venture.


Este Lauder Companies Inc. acquires a

majority interest in MAC Cosmetics.


The Este Lauder Companies Inc. acquires

Crme de la Mer and Bobbi Brown


Clinique launches Website on the Internet,


Clinique launches a new fragrance, Clinique

Happy. Este Lauder Companies Inc.
acquires 100% of Sassaby, Inc., owner of the
color cosmetics brand jane, as well as Donna
Karen and Aveda beauty products.


Clinique launches interactive e-commerce

site at, becoming the first
prestige cosmetic brand to sell its entire line
of cosmetics over the Internet.


The Este Lauder Companies Inc. acquires

Stila Cosmetics, Inc. and Jo Malone Limited.


Este Lauder Companies Inc., Chanel and

Clarins announce the development of a
relaunched with brands of all
three companies to be represented on the
site in 2001. Acquires Bumble and bumble.


Clinique Confidential

Page 4

Version 1.0

Strategic Plan and Focus

The following five sections describe in detail the corporate strategy used in designing
this marketing plan: (1) the corporate mission statement, (2) the product mission
statement, (3) the corporate goals, (4) the corporate values, and (5) the core
competencies and competitive advantages.

Corporate Mission Statement

Our mission at Clinique is to be the worlds leading manufacturer and marketer of
prestige skin care, makeup and fragrance products. Clinique strives to always meet
individual skin care needs through innovative products that are allergy tested, 100
percent fragrance free, and designed under the guidance of dermatologists and
research. Clinique products are never tested on animals.

Product Mission Statement

Cliniques Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream produces firmer, less lined, brighter skin
all around the eyes. Its patent pending formula renews the skins elasticity by boosting
natural collagen, building a supple cushion back into time-thinned skin and reducing the
signs of aging.

Corporate Goals
For the subsequent three years, Clinique will recognize the following goals:
Non-Financial Goals
Continue to develop innovative products in accordance with our mission
statement, adding three new products each year.


Clinique Confidential

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Version 1.0

Establish a presence in Latin American countries.

Launch website with Chanel and Clarins by December 2001.
Develop e-commerce websites for Aramis, Prescriptives, La Mer, Tommy Hilfiger
Toiletries, and Stila brands.
Explore entering a new product line, possibly in nail care or deodorant, that
would further enhance Cliniques position as a prestige cosmetic company.
Financial Goals
Increase sales by at least 15% per year for the next three consecutive years.
Increase revenue growth by at least 15% per year for the next 3 years.
Increase Return on Investment by 20% per year for the next 3 years.
Budget $10 million for Research and Development of new products and product
lines each year for the next three years.

Corporate Values

At Clinique, we develop and create high-quality prestige products with individual

consumer needs in mind. All our products are 100% fragrance free and allergy tested,
as we understand the importance to maintaining healthy skin and everlasting beauty.
We believe that understanding and aiding consumers is fundamental in maintaining
positive relationships and thus sales growth.
We also believe in the need to help people who are less fortunate then ourselves and
have incorporated this belief into our corporate values. Clinique Laboratories, Inc. is
dedicated to the idea of Bringing the Best to Everyone We Touch. We have joined
forces with our parent company, Este Lauder Companies Inc., to initiate a philanthropy
program that supports the growth of numerous organizations dedicated to health and
human services, education, the environment and the arts. We strive to be responsible
business people and citizens in every community that we serve. Our corporate fund
drives help sustain local public school and charities. We work to preserve the
environment through recycling programs and we strongly endorse employee


Clinique Confidential

Page 6

Version 1.0

Some of our community involvement projects include:

The Este Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Awareness Program introduced
in October 1992 this program aims at drawing public attention to breast cancer
and helps spread the message that early detection saves lives.
First Step Job Readiness Program an intensive, sixteen-week job readiness
program that helps homeless and low-income woman gain the skills and
confidence needed to obtain economic independence.
Dear Santa Holiday Program each year, Clinique volunteers adopt many
hundreds of childrens letters written to Santa and fulfill their wishes.
Partnerships with School, including:
The Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers.
P.S. 20, a New York City public elementary school.
Roberto Clemente High School Clinique supports this school through
donations of computer equipment and office supplies.
P.S. 811X, a Bronx school that offers a unique environment for disabled

Core Competencies and Competitive Advantage

Clinique Laboratories, Inc. has established a reputation as one of the worlds leading
manufacturers and marketers of prestige skin care, makeup and fragrance products. As
we realize no two people have the same beauty needs, we provide high quality products
that are tailored to meet individual preferences. We receive moderate to premium
prices for our products, as trained scientists and dermatologists extensively researched
to produce them. We have incorporated a product differentiation strategy, in order to
distinguish ourselves from competitors who do not spend as much of their revenue on
developing products that are the safest for consumers and that meet their individual
Cliniques Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream will benefit from these highly developed
core competencies. We can position this product as a premium product and market
accordingly, as this product holds true to the idea of creating products for individual
customer needs and is free of harmful chemicals.
Clinique has achieved a sustainable competitive advantage in the cosmetic industry by
creating an expectation in the minds of consumers that products are free of fragrances
and chemicals causing allergies are of superior quality to the less-researched option

Clinique Confidential

Page 7

Version 1.0

from our competitors. Our limited distribution channels complement the premium image
associated with our brand. These upscale department stores and specialty retailers
offer a limited amount of space on their floor to what they deem to be respected
cosmetic manufacturers. After distributing in these stores for over 30 years, it would be
difficult for our competitors to take over our position. An important advantage of the
Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream is that it has a unique, innovative formula, with U.S
and International Patents pending. We will use a penetration pricing strategy, as the
products by our competitors are currently overpriced and of lesser quality. By doing
this, we believe we will be able to gain a considerable amount of market share.


Clinique Confidential

Page 8

Version 1.0

Situation Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Figure 1 below shows both the external and internal factors that influence the market
opportunities for Clinique. The SWOT analysis will summarize the strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats that Clinique is currently facing.
Figure 1. SWOT chart
Internal Factors



Over 30 years experience

overseeing the design and
initiation of new products and
product lines.

All members of Cliniques

Board of Directors are from its
parent company, Este Lauder
Companies, Inc.


High-quality, tailored products

that are free of harsh
chemicals. Our products are
never tested on animals.

Competitor products are

offered to public at a higher
price, making Cliniques
products appear to be of lesser


Aggressive, well-funded
marketing programs aimed at
building brand equity.

Products are rarely discounted.


Believe strongly in the quality of Employees at the customer

our products and in our
sales level are often
corporate philanthropy


Financial support from Este

Lauder Companies, Inc., who
have recorded more than 45
years of consecutive sales

Large portion of funds spent on

Research and Development of
new products and product


Numerous manufacturing
facilities in the United States,
Belgium, Switzerland, the
United Kingdom, Canada and

Suppliers of chemicals are

often late with shipments.

Research &

More than 300 chemists,

biologists, and microbiologists,
currently on staff.

Extremely costly to develop

products free of fragrance and
allergy inducing chemicals.


Clinique Confidential

Page 9

Version 1.0

Figure 1 continued
External Factors



Product is marketed toward

upper-middle class market
as a prestige product that
is extensively researched,
better for your skin, and
personalized to individual

Customers feel they are

paying too much for a
product that they feel they
can find a cheaper
alternative for at a discount


Anti-Gravity Firming Eye

Lift Cream has a unique,
new formula, with US and
International patents

Competitors are rapidly

developing similar products
with additional features and


Customers can buy

products online at and can
be delivered anywhere in
the United States.

High website start up and

maintenance costs.


Currently the United States

has just gone through a
period of rapid economic
growth, and thus
consumers are wealthier.

Economy is expected to
level off, making consumers
more conscious of their
purchase decisions and
less willing to purchase
premium products.


Clinique products are

extensively tested to
ensure that they meet all
safety and regulatory

Cliniques products are not

tested on animals and
therefore use more
expensive methods to
ensure they meet safety

Industry Analysis
The cosmetic industry is a $26 billion per year industry at the sales level in the United
States alone. Because of the opportunity for extensive sales and revenues, there are
numerous manufacturers throughout the world. As a result, no single supplier holds a
market share greater than 17%. Este Lauder Companies, Inc. holds an 8% market
share. Other leading manufacturers include: Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, Cosmair.
Colgate, Revlon, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. There are such a large number of
manufacturing firms tapping into this market that potential entrants would have
tremendous difficulty raising the revenues necessary to enter the market or to continue


Clinique Confidential

Page 10

Version 1.0

in Research and Development to gain any portion of the incredibly competitive market
Key societal trends that will impact cosmetic products sales throughout the world
An increase in the number of middle aged customers, as the Baby Boomer
generation has grown up.
A paradigm shift to an industry that is focused on relationship marketing.
Increased concern for consumer safety.
Popularity of buying from firms who are socially conscious.
Cliniques Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream will benefit from these trends. This product
will be targeted at middle-aged consumers worried about the signs of aging and thus, as
trends indicate, has an extremely large potential target market. Clinique is also a leader
in relationship marketing, as they were the first in the cosmetics industry to devote
significant time and resources to consultant training, and were the first to introduce
one-on-one consultations to consumers. We use natural chemicals that are free of
any harmful toxins and our products are never tested on animals. Finally, Cliniques
corporate values are well known.
Clinique also needs to analyze the outside forces affecting the cosmetics industry by
using Michael Porters Five Forces Model. Porter suggests that each industry analysis
should include the following: (1) potential entrants, (2) suppliers, (3) buyers, (4)
substitutes, and (5) industry competitors.
Potential Entrants
As mentioned earlier, entrance into the cosmetics industry is extremely difficult. This is
due to high start up costs in Research and Development and limited accessibility to
market share. Clinique has strong brand recognition and a very loyal customer
following. With the support of one of the countrys founding cosmetics corporations,
Este Lauder Companies, Inc., we do not perceive that any possible new entrants
would be of significant concern at this time, however, we will continue to regulate this.
Maintaining a positive relationship with our suppliers is crucial to Cliniques success.
Our products are created using specific chemicals that are proven to not be of harm to
the skin. There are a limited number of suppliers for these chemicals, giving them
significant bargaining power. The power of the suppliers, however, does not exceed the
power of Clinique and its parent company, Este Lauder Companies, Inc. Este

Clinique Confidential

Page 11

Version 1.0

Lauder Companies, Inc. has a large amount of financial backing and could feasibly
develop their own supply company if need be.
Clinique products are sold largely in upscale department stores and specialty retailers
and retain a prestige image and premium pricing. Buyers have a limit on the places
they can buy these products and substitutes are often of poor quality. Also, brand
preference for the Clinique name is very strong. As a result, buyer power of our
products is very limited. If one of the major stores in our distribution channel decided to
pull our products from their stores and replace them with another brand in which they
have more influence, buyer power would increase.
Our target market demands products that are of premium quality and not harmful to
their skin. Clinique is a brand name that has a strong consumer preference backing it.
There are no equivalent substitutes for our products that provide the same remarkable
results. Our products are patented and confidentially developed in our labs. Because
of these facts, it is reasonable to assume that the threat of substitutes is unsubstantial.
Industry Competitors
Our major competitor in the cosmetics industry is Lancme, a cosmetic retailer of
makeup, skin care, and fragrance products based in Paris, France. Our major
advantage over Lancme is that we have a greater distribution of our products
worldwide. Also, Clinique has the backing of its parent company, Este Lauder
Companies, Inc., a very strong and influential member of the industry. Lancme, on the
other hand, is its own corporation and has more limited financial resources. Lancme
does, however, have one major advantage over Clinique: it charges a slightly higher
price for its products, making Cliniques brand appear to be of a lesser quality.

Competitor Analysis
Our industry analysis described the cosmetics industrys major manufacturers. This
industry is very competitive, as there are currently several well-established firms in the
market. Because there is such a large market, products have been segmented into
smaller, specialized groups, such as makeup, skincare, sun and body care, and
fragrances. Many members of this industry produce products for both men and women,
further segmenting their product lines. There are also three main types of cosmetic
lines: professional products, used in the entertainment business or for reconstruction
purposes, salon products, manufactured by different salons, such as Aveda or Paul
Mitchell, and finally retail products, including both premium products, such as Clinique,
or products sold in discount stores, such as Revlon.


Clinique Confidential

Page 12

Version 1.0

Our leading competitor, as mentioned in the five forces analysis, is Lancme. The
products they market are also considered high quality and have strong brand
recognition. Lancme distributes their products in the same retailers and upscale
department stores as Clinique. Lancme currently has a product that is similar to
Cliniques Anti-Gravity Eye Lift Cream, however, this product is relatively outdated,
highly priced, and does not produce the same remarkable results that Cliniques AntiGravity Firming Eye Lift Cream produces. In this marketing plan we will also consider
our other sources of competition in the premium product cosmetic industry: Aveda and
Shiseido. Please note: Aveda is one of Cliniques main competitors, however, it is also
owned by Este Lauder Companies, Inc.
The following is a list of our product and our competitors leading products:
Cliniques Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream
Lancmes RNERGIE EYE Anti-Wrinkle And Firming Eye Cream
Shiseidos Eye Revitalizer
Avedas Pure Vital Moisture Eye Cream


Price (In Dollars)

Suggested Retail Price






At Clinique we are striving to be competitive in our pricing of our Anti-Gravity Firming

Eye Lift Cream, while at the same time offering a prestige product that is of extreme
quality and true to our mission. By offering our product at a lower price, we will be able
to penetrate the market quickly.

Company Analysis
Clinique has existed in United States for more than 30 years as a leader in quality,
prestige cosmetic products. Over the years, Clinique has expanded and is now a
competitor in the global market. Currently, Clinique is sold in over 83 countries and
territories. Clinique is a member of Este Lauder Companies, Inc., one of the worlds
leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair
care products. Clinique has been a very profitable branch for Este Lauder and will


Clinique Confidential

Page 13

Version 1.0

continue to be so in the future through the strength of existing brands and the
development of new products.
At Clinique we focus on quality products that are fragrance free and do not consist of
chemicals that would stimulate allergies. We have created many different versions of
our product lines to suit individual customer needs. We have over 300 chemists,
biologists, and microbiologists on staff to help create our patent-protected products.
At Clinique we have a strong corporate philosophy to help our communities. We donate
resources to several organizations, such as schools with underprivileged children. We
also volunteer to raise awareness of political issues, such as our Breast Cancer
Awareness Program. Over the years, we have supported numerous activities dedicated
to health, human services, education, the environment, and the arts. We are committed
to Bringing the Best to Everyone We Touch.

Customer Analysis
With a wide variety of product offerings and lines, we have a fairly large customer base.
Typical customers range between the age of 22 and 55. Our consumers are mainly
women, however we do offer male product lines. Clinique customers are professionals,
earning incomes that would distinguish them as members of the upper middle class.
They typically live in urban areas or suburbs, where fashion trends are more prevalent.
These customers are concerned about their skin, looking for a more natural approach to
beauty. Also, the majority of customers are loyal Clinique shoppers and seldom
purchase a different brand of cosmetics.
In accordance with the Value and Lifestyles (VALS) analysis, Clinique consumers would
typically fall into the actualizers grouping. Our customers typically have a large amount
of financial resources, a common trait of an actualizer. Also, they enjoy the finer
things in life and purchase premium products. Actualizers are receptive to new product


Clinique Confidential

Page 14

Version 1.0

Market-Product Focus
This section describes the three-year marketing and product objectives for Cliniques
Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream. It includes a description of our target markets and
our product positioning and differentiation strategies.

Marketing and Product Objectives

The following are the market objectives that Clinique Laboratories, Inc. hopes to
accomplish through the marketing of its Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream:

Non-Financial Goals
Launch product by March 2001, with distribution primarily in upscale department
stores, specialty retailers, upscale perfumeries and pharmacies, as well as online
Gain a 5% market share among existing anti-aging products, with a 10% market
share among prestige brands.
Sell a minimum of one million units in the first year, with at least a 25% increase
in sales in the next two consecutive years.
Continue our global marketing strategy by entering markets in Latin America.

Financial Goals
Generate at least $10 million in profits during the first year.
Increase revenue growth by at least 10% per year for the next 3 years.
Our specific market strategy will be that of market development. The cosmetics
industry is crowded with many different manufacturers all striving to make their products
successful. At Clinique we are determined to continue our growth in the marketplace
and believe that our development and distribution in Latin America will provide us with
the potential to substantially increase our earnings.
Due to the defining characteristics of our Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream, we have
developed a product differentiation marketing strategy. Our product is made from
ingredients that are allergy tested and fragrance free, designed to lift up and firm skin
around the eyes that have been affected by time and gravity. The Clinique difference is
that the Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream is made from a patent-pending formula that
renews elasticity by boosting natural collagen, thus building supple cushion back into
time thinned skin, a feature that can not be matched by our competitors.

Clinique Confidential

Page 15

Version 1.0

Figures 2, 3 and 4 show how Clinique is moving in the right direction for future growth
and development. Figures 2 and 3 show where we currently stand in the cosmetics
market and Figure 4 identifies the strategy we will take in the future.

Figure 2. Market Attractiveness

Overall Market Size
Attractiveness Market Growth Rate
Historical Profit Margin
Competitive Intensity
Technological Requirements
Environmental Impact


x Rating

= Value


x Rating

= Value




Figure 3. Business Strength



Market Share
Share Growth
Product Quality
Brand Reputation
Distribution Network
Promotional Expenses
Production Capacity
Production Efficiency
Unit Costs
Material Costs
R & D Performance
Managerial Experience

Rating Legend


Very Unattractive
Very Attractive

Clinique Confidential

Page 16

Version 1.0

Figure 4. Portfolio Classification

Market Attractiveness
Protect Position

Invest to Build

Build Selectively

Build Selectively

Manage Earnings

Ltd. Expansion
or Harvest

Manage for




Protect & Refocus






Figure 4 above shows us that we are in a protect position. Clinique has established
itself as a prestige cosmetics company and has been very successful as a result. The
cosmetics industry will always be open to potential entrants and competitors trying to
force us out of this position. Because of this Clinique must continue to grow through
Research and Development, and continue to promote our products competitive
advantages over the rest of those in the industry.

Target Markets
For our products, we focus on targeting the end user, as these consumers make the
decision to purchase. Our target market is professional people over the age of 35 and
will most likely be women. These women are concerned with the signs of aging and
trust Clinique, as they believe Clinique is devoted to quality skin care products. These
professionals earn middle to upper class incomes and live in urban and suburban areas.
They are buyers of fashionable clothing, premium products, and shop in upscale
department stores. Also, these customers are often socially and naturally conscious
and are drawn to Clinique.


Clinique Confidential

Page 17

Version 1.0

Product Positioning
Proper product positioning can either lead to the success or failure of a new product. At
Clinique, we understand this statement and are committed to finding the right niche for
each of our product lines. We have developed our products with the belief that each
person is different and as a result has different beauty needs. It is our mission to
provide these consumers with the products to fit those needs, ones that are allergy and
fragrance free, never tested on animals, and are backed by years of Research and
Development to prove that they are of exceptional quality, Bringing the Best to
Everyone We Touch.
Cliniques Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream is designed to provide for its users firmer,
less lined, brighter skin all around the eyes. This densely hydrating cream actually lifts
and firms skin, addressing the effects of time and gravity. Our product is positioned as
a cream that will combat the signs of aging through its patent pending formula that
renews elasticity by boosting the bodys natural collagen and thus building supple
cushion back into the skin. It provides results that go above and beyond.

Product Differentiation
Product differentiation is the significant other half of product positioning: the two must
work together to achieve success. Many manufacturers offer creams that are designed
to reduce the signs of aging around the eyes. Thus, it is detrimental to the success of a
product that it carries additional benefits and features that make it more attractive to the
consumers than the industry alternatives. Cliniques Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift
Cream differentiates itself from its competitors through the advantages listed below:
Patent-pending formula that renews elasticity by boosting natural collagen.


Clinique Confidential

Page 18

Version 1.0

A price that is considerably lower than its major competitors. We provide a highquality product with a price that is more suitable and desirable.
Allergy-tested and 100% fragrance free.
Never tested on animals.
Strong brand equity.
Backed by years of research from Cliniques notable Research and Development
Easy to obtain through upscale department stores and retailers, as well as on ecommerce website. Lancme is the only other major competitor that currently
has set up such a website.
Backing from strong parent company, Este Lauder Companies, Inc.


Clinique Confidential

Page 19

Version 1.0

Marketing Program
The section below will describe how Clinique plans to utilize the four components of the
marketing mix: (1) product strategy, (2) pricing strategy, (3) place strategy and finally (4)
promotional strategy.

Product Strategy
Our product strategy for Cliniques Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream is product
differentiation. Products designed by our competitors to reduce the signs of aging have
over and over proved to be ineffective and overly priced. At Clinique, we have changed
this notion. The Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream firms and brightens the skin
surrounding the eye, making your skin vibrant and more youthful. Our product uses a
well-researched, natural approach to do this: our formula boast collagen, a natural
ingredient in the skin that visibly reduces the signs of aging. The Anti-Gravity Firming
Eye Lift Cream is a revolutionary fountain of youth for your skin.

Price Strategy
In order to establish ourselves in this anti-aging products market, we are offering the
Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream at a moderate price point. The suggested retail
price for this product will be $28.50, a price that is slightly less than our major
competitors. We are currently trying to penetrate the market with a high quality product
at a moderate price, as shown in Figure 5. The perceived benefits of our product is high
with respect to the price, therefore Clinique is taking on a value-pricing strategy.

Figure 5. Price/Value Map for Cliniques Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream








Clinique Confidential


Page 20

Version 1.0

Place Strategy
Our customers can purchase our products through a couple of different channels.
These channels consist primarily of upscale department stores, specialty retailers and
perfumeries and pharmacies. Examples of these channels would include Sax Fifth
Avenue, Macys, Nordstroms, Neimann Marcus, Daytons, Hudsons, and Marshall
Fields. Clinique is sold to a lesser extent at freestanding company stores and spas,
stores on cruise ships, and in-flight and duty free shops in airports and cities. Our
products are sold in over 83 countries and territories.
The Anti-Gravity Skin Firming Eye Cream will also be available at,
Cliniques interactive online shop. Customers in the United States can order from this
site and have shipping timeline options, depending on their own personal preference.
Clinique uses a limited distribution channel to establish itself as a prestige cosmetic
company. Our company will distribute the Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream through
these sources beginning in March 2001. By doing so, Clinique can charge a premium
price for its high quality product.

Promotional Strategy
In order to gain market share for our product, we will have to implement a strong
promotional effort, advertising externally, in-store, as well as on our website. We will
implement a pull strategy for the Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream, directing the
promotional mix at ultimate customers to encourage them to ask the retailer for the
For our external strategy will be to launch an aggressive national ad campaign.
Magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Allure and Marthas Stewarts Living will
display a full-page advertisement with large colorful pictures of the cream. We will also
display an ad monthly in the Sunday edition of the New York Times. We will advertise
on billboards, such as the electronic billboard at Times Square, New York. Finally, the
Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream with be advertised via commercials on the Lifetime
television station, as well as during the Oprah show, hosted by Oprah Winfrey. This
external advertising initiative will be in effect for 3 years.
We will also launch an aggressive in-store marketing strategy to gain customer
exposure and demand for the Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream. In March 2001, we
will distribute smaller, sample size versions of the cream through our Clinique Bonus
program, which is designed to attract customers by giving them sample sizes of a few of
our products when they spend over $20.00. The Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream
will also be coupled with other Clinique skin care products and then sold as a bundle
package. We will send each of our distribution sites large color advertisements to
display in their stores, as well as small brochures explaining our product and its


Clinique Confidential

Page 21

Version 1.0

features. In addition, we will train our consultants to suggest the product to potential
customers when they are giving individual facials or selling behind the counter.
After launching our product in March 2001, we will display a specialty advertisement for
our product on the homepage of our website. In addition, we will purchase banners on
different well-traveled websites, such as or,
leading to our companys homepage.

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Clinique Confidential

Page 22

Version 1.0

Financial Data and Projections

This section provides an overview of our past sales data and our three-year projected
sales revenue.

Past Sales Data

Ever since Cliniques establishment in 1968 sales have increased between 15% - 20%
each year. The following are the financial statistics for 2001:
Total Gross Income From Sales
Less Cost of Goods Sold
Less Operating Expenses
Profit Before Taxes

$5.2 million
($1.0 million)
($2.6 million)
$1.6 million

Clinique should make approximately $1.2 million after tax expenses. This gives us a
profit margin is of about 23%.

Three Year Projected Sales Revenue

The projected sales will increase by 15% to 20% for the next three years. We will be
increasing our Research and Development in order to meet our goal of producing three
new products each year. Also, we will be spending large portions of our revenue on
advertising and further development of our website. As a result, net profits will go down.

Total Gross Income from Sales

Less Cost of Goods Sold
Less Operating Expenses
Profit Before Taxes




We believe that with the introduction of our Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream, our
expansion into Latin America, and our continual development of new products, Clinique
should be able increase its profits before tax from $1.0 million to $1.6 million in the next
three years.

All sales figures are in millions


Clinique Confidential

Page 23

Version 1.0

Implementation Plan
The implementation plan shows how Clinique plans to turn its marketing efforts into
results. The following Gantt Chart will show an overview for our projected plans.

Figure 6. Gantt Chart














Expand into New Markets

Latin America

****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

Build and Expand

Increase Number
of Retailers
Launch New

****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******
****** ******

****** ******

****** ******

Build Strong
Relationships with
Increase R & D
Develop Product


****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

****** ******

****** ******

****** ******

****** ******

****** ******

****** ******

****** ******

****** ******

Clinique Confidential

****** ******

Page 24

Version 1.0

Evaluation and Control

Through this marketing plan, Clinique has strategically defined its three-year marketing
outlook for both its company and for its new product launch, Cliniques Anti-Gravity
Firming Eye Lift Cream. Our corporate and product missions and goals have been
projected and our methods for achieving these goals defined. It is now our mission to
implement this plan. To guarantee success, Clinique will need to re-evaluate our
progress towards these goals each quarter to determine if our marketing mix is working
properly and profitably. To do so, we will assess both our Gantt Chart and our sales
figures. If it appears we are not meeting our goals each quarter, we will need to analyze
our marketing plan and make adjustments if we determine that we have set
unreasonable goals. The final authority for implementation and evaluation of this
marketing plan is the project Marketing Director.


Clinique Confidential

Page 25

Version 1.0


Este Lauder Companies, Inc. 2000 Annual Report


Clinique Confidential

Page 26