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Five-Step Lesson Plan

Subject: English
Date: Tuesday, 28th January 2014
PBS or Blooms-Level:

Form: 2A2
Class: English
Time: 4.30pm 5.30pm (60 mins)
LDO: Vincent
Pre-requisite Knowledge (i.e. what students must have already
mastered in order to be successful on this new objective):


Key Points

SWBAT write a short

poem about colours
and how it makes them

Theme: People
Topic: Colours
Skills: Reading poetry, Writing poetry, Literature
Poems - a piece of writing in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given
intensity by particular attention to diction (sometimes involving rhyme), rhythm,
and imagery.
Imagery use of words to create pictures in the mind of the reader.
Students will have a feel of poetry when they create their own.
- In Form 2, literature and poetry is a vital part of the syllabus. Therefore, it is
important that students get an introduction to poetry in the most creative
manner which is for them to try to write their own.

Character Strengths (Morals)

Which of the following traits are you focusing on for this lesson? Check all that apply:
Love of Learning
Social Intelligence
Respect and Humility
1. Opening TIME: 10 mins
Reinforce Arrival procedure and collect H/W (Informal letter) from students.
Tell students the objective of the day Today, I will write my own poem about colours.
Ask students to list out all the colours that they know.
2. Introduction to New Material (Activity 1) TIME: 25 mins
Teacher Actions:
Show them an example of a poem.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet and
So are you!
Explain the word association activity to them. The colour Red what do you think
of when someone says Red? For me, I think of strawberries. Ask for suggestions
from the class. Split this into the 5 senses.
Cold call Popcorn popsicles for suggestions.

Student Actions:
Students should be
able to understand
what a poem is.
Explain the
meaning Stanza
to them.

Next, do a word association activity with colours/ senses. First, get into groups of 4
students (10 groups in total). Rules: In every group, you must have minimum 1
Indian person. This is to foster working with people of other cultures.

In your groups, I
want you to write
down all that you
can think of about a
certain colour.

Assign roles
1 Writer
2 Writer
3 Writer
4 Writer
But EVERYONE is an ideas person. Everyone must give ideas. If someone doesnt
give ideas, then Ill punish the group.
3. Guided Practice (Activities 2) TIME: 3 mins
Teacher Actions:
Show an example of the poem Red.

Student Actions:
Students will listen
and get the general
idea about their

Red looks like . . .
Red tastes like . . .
Red feels like . . .
Red sounds like . . .
Red smells like . . .
Red looks like a burning fire at night.
Red tastes like plump, delicious strawberries.
Red feels like a hot and sweaty day.
Red sounds like someone eating a crunchy apple.
Red smells like a sweet, beautiful rose.
4. Independent Practice (Activity 3) TIME: 25 mins
Teacher Actions:
Ask students to create their own poem, in their groups about their own colour. Then
stick it on the huge mahjong paper and preview in the classroom.

Student Actions:
Students, in their
groups will write a
poem about the
colour they were

5. Closing TIME: 2 mins

Tell students that this is an introduction to poetry. As time goes by, students will have to learn poetry in
the classroom and they will have to get used to the format and feel.
Teachers Reflection