Field Analysis of a Text „International Standard Schools: Some Insight‟

Isuued in The Jakarta Post, December 2010 as a Source In Teaching
Grammar Meaning
Methodology of the research
Approach of the research
Basically, there are two kinds of research; they are qualitative research and
quantitaive research. This study uses descriptive qualitative research.
Role of the researcher
In this qualitative research, the researcher is the key isntrument. The
researcher determines the focus of the study, chooses the source of the data.
Collects the data, analysis the data, interprets the data and finds the conclusion
based on the findings. Moleong (2008: 168)

Object of the study
Population in this study is the sentences of the texts in the Jakarta Post
issued in December 2010. The sample of this study ia a text in the Jakarta Post
issued in December 12th 2010 entitled “International Standard Schools:Some

THE STUDENTS ABILITY IN USING SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE IN TEXT A CASE OF THE GRADE STUDENTS OF MTs.instruments. DARUSSALAM MIJEN DEMAK IN ACADEMIC YEAR 2009/2010 Statement of the problem To what extent is students ability in using simple present tense in descriptive text. .subject of the study. To identify the problems in mastering simple present tense. The discussion includes design of the research . technique of data analysis. METODELOGY OF THE RESEARCH This chapter discuss the reseach methods uses in this study. The advantages and disadventages it proposes technically the methods provide in the research. Objective of the study To find out the studen’s ability in mastering simple presen tense. It discusses theoritical concep of various methods. which aim to attain new coprehension and develope science and technology extents. Research design Margono (2000 : 1)states a research is all activity of the naturally explorations. Research methodology is a part of science that discusses the working procedure to find out truth. What are the problems faced by students.investigation and experiments in a particular field to again new factts or principles.variable technique of data collection.

Type of tests are WH Question. the researcher took mean of total score of students. It consist of 15 boys and 25 girls. Subject of study Subject of the the research is the Eight Grade Students of MTs. if the answer was wrong. The total are 40 students. Instrument The instrument used in in this research in the Eight Grade Students of MTs.Suitable with the titke of this research .Yes/no Question. It is consist of 50 questions. the researcher gave schore 1 for the right answer and 0 the wrong answer so the maximum score was 100. Darussalam Bermi Mijen Demak. . the researcher collact date from document. Darussalam Bermi Mijen Demak is test. After getting the scores. Mean is the of thescore average that is obtained by adding all the scores in a distribution and devided by number of scores. Method of Data Collection This research.many source from books. In this research the reseacher used mean. the researher corrected the student’s test and then gave them scores. On the other hand. Methods of data analysis In this section . this research uses descriptive quantitative design to describe the ability of the Eight Grade Students of MTs. Darussalam Bermi Mijen Demak in academic year 2009/2010 at mastering simple present tense in descriptive text. If the answer was correct the researcher gave 2 score.journal and websites.articles.

So in this research studied case about the literature and found the way to study it. In this research uses the qualitative research because this research does not use amount as in quantitative research. metaphors. Then I collected the source of the data from the short story entitled “The Ant and The Grasshopper” by William Somerset Maugham by analyzed the elements and moral values. characteristic. the kind of the data is qualitative because it does not use amount but it is analyzed only in words or sentences. It is method used in finding. Method of Data Collection In this researcher. definition. Data in this research is analyzed only in words or sentences. symbols and description things. Source of the Data In this research. A qualitative research refers to the meaning. Roles of the Researcher In this research. researcher is the instrument and the collector of the data. studying and selecting the books which are relevant to be . So.The Elements and Moral Values Found in Short Story Entitled “The Ant and The Grasshopper” by William Somerset Maugham and Its Contribution for Teaching Literature METHODOLOGY OF THE REASERACH Approach of the Research This study is aimed to describing the story of “The Ant and The Grasshopper” by William Somerset Maugham and Its Contribution for Teaching Literature. Object of the Study The object of this study of this research is identified all the elements and moral values of the short story entitled “The Ant and The Grasshopper” by William Somerset Maugham and Its Contribution for Teaching Literature. the researcher used the method of library research. so in this research the researcher as a complete participant. I used the data from the books and internet to collect as many as possible to analyze this short story and how it's contributing for teaching literature. the researcher collects the data include the methods that relevant to this research from the library or bookstore then studied it and found the points that needed for this research.

and classify the source. Secondary data found from some references and books. and no have his research the writer should write. The first step is reading this short story. the data collecting is able to be done through library study. Second steps is finding references from some books. short story and its elements. moral value and other to strengthen the subject mater This procedure involves several steps. The last steps is making some notes or listing about elements and moral values from the contents of the short story. articles from library and internet that discussed about a literature. They are primary data and secondary data. read. The primary data is the short story “The Ant and The Grasshopper” by William Somerset Maugham. fiction. which are related to be the literature. element. . There are two types’ data in this research.

Other opinion. it is used in naturally object condition. Qualitative research is conducted through an intense and/or pronolonged contact with a field or lie situation. sub clustered. dr. because there were no calculations in analyzing the data. Approach of the Research The research needed a precise research method to get a good result. They can be organized to permit the researcher to contrast. qualitative research. reflective of the everyday life of individuals.An Analysis of Spoken Expressions in Shopaholic Takes Manhattan Novel by Shophie Kinsela : as Source of Teaching Speaking A. These situasions are typically “banal” or normal ones. . broken into semiotic. analyze. societies. Boy S Sabarguna. In the research the researcher just described the meaning and function of some spoken expressions used by the characters stated in “Shopaholic Takes Manhattan” novel so there was just found the spoken expressions and identified in kinds of English spoken expressions. H. The words can be assembled. and bestow pattern upon them. compare. Dr. Prof. Two kinds of research were. groups. what are the kinds of spoken expressions found in the novel of “Shopaholic Takes Manhattan” Methodology of the Research A. The Statement of the Problem This study discusseded what are the spoken expressions by the characters found in the novel of “ Shopaholic Takes Manhattan”. Sugiono explain that Qualitative research is research method that based on postpositivisme philosopy. and organizations (Dr. MARS: 2005) Most analysis was done with words.

(Sheril. They are qualitative and quantitative research. AN ANALYSIS OF HEROISM AS REFLECTED IN THE MAIN CHARACTER OF ‘TROY’ FILM METODOLOGY OF RESEARCH Research Design The method is a means used to solve the problem to get a certain objective. Sutrisno Hadi (1987: 75) says that method is procedure in carrying out the research dealing with the technique of collecting data and analyzing the data. meaning. In this study. (Prof. The research has to choose a method of research that is suitable for the subject matter and the objectives of the study. 2009: 229).B. Sugiono. context. which researcher used prefabricated methods or reconstructed rules. the writer used the qualitative research. and procedures that try to make their research look clean and neat as in journal publication. In this research the object of the study was the statements of the characters in their conversations found in shopaholic takes manhatta novel. terms. . Object ot the Study Object: the physical things those are present. Christina 2005). Unreconstructed logic means that there were no step by step rule. There are two kinds of research. Qualitative research used unreconstructed logic to get at what is really real-the qualitative. or image of reality in what people actually do. Dr. This research focused on the conversation between each of character so it can be done with sorting what were the spoken or written expressions. In addition.

Or a set of observed scored from which the inference of the population is made. the analysis was done by breaking up the story into component parts. Actually. Source of Data This paper used one source of data that is the movie itself “Troy” movie. A qualitative research refers to the meaning. Sample is a subject of population. Troy movie told about Trojan War. and characterization. plot. and then we could take sample. setting. this movie serves the different atmosphere. The story began when Helen leaved her husband. a sample is a set of data of all items of interest to a drawn from the population. The components were. characteristics. Object of the Study The elements and the main character revelation of the movie “Troy” here became the object of the study. It was also showed many kinds of character.The data in the research were analyzed in the main character revelation and the elements of the movie “Troy”. and elements of the movie. Population characters in movie “Troy” had many kinds of character. As objective of the research. . A population is the group. Menelaus and run away and escape with a prince of troy named Paris. Population is complete actual/theoretical collection of numerical values (scores) of the character that was of interest to the researcher. definitions. Afterwards the writer uses the interpretation of the collecting data that consisted of the sentence to describe and classify the data.